Bold guy fucks her muff to orgasm

Bold guy fucks her muff to orgasm
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Kate was the hottest girl. At the age of 24, she was lusted after by every male. She was the head cheerleader and prom queen in her high school. Kate was just not pretty like the other cheerleaders, she was drop dead gorgeous. Her body put the centerfolds in the men's magazines to shame. Boys dreamed of wrapping their hands in her long honey brunette hair and staring into her huge green eyes.

She dated regularly but never stayed longer with a boy for more than 2 weeks. None of them were interesting to hold her attention she told me once. That was until I came along. What was so special about me you might ask? Kate was my sister, my elder sister. Kate her fair looks from our mother and I took after our dark haired father. We were inseparable when we were kids, even though she was a girl I considered her my best friend.

Everything changed though when I turned 16. Over the summer I shot up about 4 inches and gained 30 lbs. I guess you were just a late bloomer, my mom said. My father decided that I should start going with him to the gym with him.

I trained and lifted weights for about a year and by the start of my senior year I was 6'2" and 200 lbs. My dad insisted I try out for the football team and to my surprise I was picked. I knew that my dad was trying to relive his youth through me and I should have been pissed but it made him so happy and proud. As soon as I became a football player my social life changed too. Girls took notice of my new body and my letterman jacket. I was invited to all the cool parties along with Kate.

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Kate and I spent more time together than we did before. She would drive us home after my football practice and we'd talk about everything. She would tell me about her friends who thought I was hot, which was practically all of them. I noticed now too that my sister became very touchy feely with me. She'd kiss my cheek or gave me a hug for no real reason except for giving her a ride to the mall or lending her 5 bucks. She would sit close to me when were watching TV down in the basement and sometimes she would lay her incredibly long legs across my lap.

It seemed like every time we were alone together, her skirts would get shorter and her T-shirts got tighter.

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One week night she came downstairs wearing a short white T-shirt that ended just below her breasts and with no bra on. I could see the blush of her nipples and it seemed to me that see stretched her arms up a lot that night. If I didn't know better I would have guessed she was hitting on me, but that thought was so outrageous that I put it out of my mind.

When I turned 17 in April our parents gave us a huge party. We invited all our friends and we partied until three in the morning.

The party was great but I thought our parent's present to us was way better. They were giving us a trip to any place we wanted before we started college in the fall.

When the last of the guests were gone Kate and I went down to the basement to hang out. We were still pumped up from all the events of the night and didn't feel sleepy at all. "Where do you want to go Kyle?" she asked me. "I thought maybe a European tour," I told her.

"How about you?" "I want to go to an island resort, Hawaii or Bali," she said. "Well we still got time to decide," I said. "Oh!


I completely forgot," Kate suddenly exclaimed. She got onto the floor on her hands and knees and looked under the couch. The short dress she wore rode higher up her thighs and I got a good view of my sister's nice round ass.

She popped up again and had a colorfully wrapped present in her hand. "This is from me," she said. "I knew you wouldn't find it right under your nose." "Very clever," I told her.

I then produced a small jewelry box from my pocket and gave it to her. "From me." She told me to open mine first and I did. Inside the box was a fancy titanium watch, that I once mentioned to her I wanted. "Oh my god this must have cost you a lot," I told her. " I know you really wanted it," she replied. "Thanks," I said and gave her a hug. She didn't really let me go right away and pulled back slowly.

"Open yours," I told her. I had gotten her a necklace that she was eyeing at the same store I saw my watch. "It's the necklace!" she cried. "Oh it's so perfect." She quickly put it on and its pendent rested in the deep cleavage of her breasts. Kate had amazing tits; they were large, round, and perky. She had to wear at least a DDD bra. "Thank you so much! It's what I really wanted," Kate told me. She then leaned in and kissed me on the mouth. It was like being struck by lightning, her lips were so soft and she tasted so sweet.

Our kiss lingered longer than it was proper and I was the one who actually pulled back. Her tongue stuck out to lick her lips and I felt my cock twitch. I wanted to push her down on the sofa and stick my tongue down her throat. "I really love this necklace Kyle. It looks so nice between my breasts don't you think?" she asked. I stared at her enormous tits and watched her nipples harden under my gaze. I wanted to tear her dress off and squeeze her naked breasts and suck on her nipples.

Oh god this was insanity I wanted to fuck my own sister. "Yeah it looks real nice on you," I said. "I'm getting really sleepy I should head up now." "I guess I should too." We walked back upstairs and that night in bed I jacked off thinking of Kate's naked body. Images of fucking my sister plagued my sleep every night. I needed to do something to do something to stop it or I was going to go crazy. At the time though I didn't know an opportunity would present itself three weeks later.

It was a surprisingly warm on the last weekend of April. A bunch of us decided to have a party at the lake to cool off. Kate started to date a guy named Ted King. I didn't like the guy the moment I met him. His hands were all over my sister when he picked her up. We left for the lake at 11 am with Ted and Kate in his car and I followed behind in my truck. By the time we arrived the party was already in full swing. We ate when we got there and then Ted and Kate wandered off by themselves. I flirted with some of the girls there, admiring them in their tiny bikinis.

All of a sudden while I was talking to Rachel Campbell an uneasy feeling overtook me. Somehow I knew that Kate was in trouble. I ran down the path I saw her go down earlier with Ted. The path led to a secluded part of the lake, far from where the party was.

I suddenly heard my sister scream.

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I ran like lightening and then I saw them on the beach. Ted was on top of Kate kissing her and pawing at her breasts and my sister was fighting him off. I grabbed Ted by the shoulders and pulled him away from her. He lost balance and fell. "The slut was begging me for it," he told me. A black rage filled me. I got on top of him and punched him in the face. He tried to fight back, but not before I got in another punch.

He cried out in pain. Not only did I sock him in the eye but I broke his nose. I pinned him to the ground with my knee in his gut and my arm on his throat. "Apologize to her you bastard," I demanded of him, my balled fist still aimed at him.

He turned to look at my sister and said, "I'm sorry Kate." I got off him and he scrambled to get up. "If I hear you going near her again I'll break every bone in your body," I threatened.

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Ted nodded and scampered off. When he was out of sight Kate threw her arms around me. "Are you okay?" I asked, softly stroking her hair. "I'm fine," she sniffed. "You were so great Kyle. If you hadn't come he might have." "Shhh," I crooned.

"He won't be bothering you again." "Can we go home?" "Sure." We walked back to the party, with Kate stuck tight beside me.

When we got back, there was a commotion about me attacking defenseless Ted who had to be driven to the hospital. Kate set everyone straight and told everyone what Ted tried to do. Everyone was shocked and I knew by Monday morning Ted would be a pariah at school. I had wanted to go to the police station to file a report, but Kate was shaking.

I drove us home and when we got there told our parents what happened. I had to stop my Dad from driving to the hospital to beat Ted up further. The police came by later and took a statement from Kate. She told them that they were just kissing and he wanted to do more, she told him no but he wouldn't stop. Then she said I suddenly was there and came to her rescue. She looked so adoringly at me when she said it. Although badly shaken Kate seemed fine, all except for the intense hero worship she was now showing me.

She wanted to do all my chores, which was quite amazing since she tried to get out of her own chores often. She wanted to spend all her free time with me now and wanted to tag along wherever I went. "What can I do for you Kyle?" she always asked me.

"Nothing. Please stop Kate. You're my sister and it's my job to take care of you," I told her. "I love you Kyle," she said and threw her arms around me. I felt her naked breasts under her shirt and her nipples poked against my chest. I instantly grew hard and I was pretty sure she felt it. I pulled away quickly and replied, "I love you too Kate." A week later after the incident with Ted, Kate and I found ourselves alone in the house. My parents went to a cousin's wedding three hours north of our town and planned to stay over night instead of driving home late.

I was making myself a sandwich for lunch when I heard Kate call me from the basement. "Yeah I'm coming," I called out. I went downstairs and found her sitting on the arm of the couch. Her eyes instantly brightened when she saw me. "What's up?" I asked. "I've been thinking of how to show my gratitude to you and I finally figured out what to give you," she told me. "You don't need to give me anything," I insisted. "I want to," she said. "Now sit down here and close your eyes." I did what she told me and sat.

"Why do I have to close my eyes?" I asked, but did it anyways. "Because I want it to be a surprise," she said. I heard her shift around a bit and then I felt her stand in front of me.

"Okay you can open them now," Kate said. Instead of a box I expected her to be holding out for me, Kate stood there wearing a tiny white bikini. Her top barely held her enormous breasts. The bikini cups were obviously meant to be worn by someone with much smaller breasts because only her nipples were covered while the rest of her flesh was exposed.

I gazed down her flat abdomen to her equally small bikini bottom and I could see a wisp of her trimmed blonde beaver. "Well what do you think?" she asked and then turned around for me. It was a thong bikini and exposed the firm round flesh of her ass.

"Kate I don't understand. That bikini is not for me is it?" I nervously said with a half hearted laugh, but I was dying inside and my cock wanted to break free of my pants. "No silly," she said and got onto her knees.

She ran her hands up my thighs and began to unzip my jeans. "The bikini was just something to get you ready." She leaned against my legs so that her breasts rested on my parted thighs. My sister then reached in my pants and pulled out my cock. I jumped when I felt her hand go around it. "This is my present to you," she said and then closed her mouth around my cock.

In shock, I watched her blonde head bob up and down my penis. She sucked and licked me with expertise. Amazingly she inhaled my entire 10 inch cock. I couldn't believe my sister was giving me a blow job. I knew I should've stopped her, but it felt so damn good. "I didn't know you were fucking huge," she said when she came up for air. She then began pumping it with her hand. Her big tits began to jiggle with her motions. "Kate we shouldn't be doing this," I said weakly.

"I know you want this Kyle and so do I," she replied. I really did want it and I didn't care if it was wrong. She closed her mouth over me again and began massaging my balls.

I lasted for about five minutes which seemed like a miracle. "I'm cumming," I told my sister. "Cum into my mouth Kyle," she told me as she licked the head of my cock. A few seconds later I felt my balls tighten and I shot my load deep down her throat.

Kate moaned in pleasure as she swallowed my cum. She amazingly took all of it, sucking me dry. "You taste so good Kyle," she said when she released me. "I can't believe you just did that," I said in awe. "Didn't you like it?" "I loved it, but you're my sister " I explained.

She got up and straddled my lap. "Yeah the person you should be closest too," she said. "And we can get so much closer." Kate leaned in and captured my mouth with hers. I moaned and slid my tongue between her lips.


Our tongues wildly intertwined. I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to me so I could feel every inch of her curvy body. She began pulling at my shirt and so I helped her and took it off. She ran her nails across my chest and abs admiringly.

"You're such a fucking stud," she told me. "I wanted you ever since I saw you with your shirt off during your first football practice." "Really?" "Yeah, I wanted you so bad," she revealed.

"My panties were soaked watching you run around half naked." "I want you too," I replied. I reached up and squeezed her large tits. "Suck on them Kyle," she pleaded and then pulled the cups aside. Her nipples were pink and hard, and her areolas were the size of half dollars. I teased one peak with the tip of my tongue and then the other. I took as much of her breast into my mouth, enjoying the feel of its soft flesh against my tongue. I couldn't believe I was sucking on my sister's tits.

She obviously loved it too by the way she was whimpering. "Stick your cock up my pussy Kyle. I can't wait anymore," Katecried desperately. I pulled off her bikini bottom and tossed it aside. I slipped my fingers between her pussy lips and found her wet and ready.

I took the head of my cock and slipped it in her sweet hole. She was so hot and tight.

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She moaned as she impaled herself further onto my cock and soon I was up in her to the hilt. She was tight but otherwise a perfect fit, it was as if we were made for each other. "Ride me Sarah Jane," I ordered her. She began bouncing on my cock and I felt like I was going to die of pure pleasure. "Oh yeah!

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Oh yeah!" she cried. Her jumping tits became too much of a temptation and I began sucking on them again. She began grunting and slammed herself down on me harder and harder. I flipped her over so that her back was on the couch. I pumped my cock into her over and over. "Yes Kyle! Yes! Fuck me hard," Kate moaned. I looked down at her and I knew it was a sight I would never forget. My gorgeous sister was writhing and moaning as my cock pleasured her.

Kate wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled my head down for another kiss. I ravaged her tender mouth as I did her body.

"Oh god! Oh god!" she screamed hysterically as her orgasm gripped her body. Nothing in the whole world felt as good as my sister's pussy tightening and squeezing my cock. I lost control and shot my cum in her. I couldn't stop cumming and kept thrusting my cock into her.

When I finally spent I collapsed on top of her with my head pillowed between her breasts. "Oh Kyle that was the best fuck I ever had," she told me breathlessly. "I never came so hard in my life." "Me too," I replied.

"We should have done this sooner," she said, twirling my hair with her fingers. "We can always make up for lost time," I said and slipped my tongue into her mouth. My parents wouldn't be home until tomorrow and I planned to fuck my hot sister all day and all night long. Barely a few minutes passed and I found myself hard for her again. "Get on the floor Kate. I want to give it to you doggy style," I told her.

Her eyes darkened with desire. "I want that too." I got off her and she scrambled onto the floor.


Soon she was on her hands and knees before me, offering herself to me without hesitation. Later I would go slow with her, probably even eat her pussy, but right now I couldn't think beyond wild and fast fucking.

Her pink and wet pussy was beckoning me so I thrust my cock deep inside her. "Oh yes Kyle!" she cried out. I watched the flesh of her amazing ass jiggle as I slammed my body into her. Kate liked being taken from behind I found out later. She also let me do things to her that she never dared asked anyone else, but that's another story. I fucked her to another wild orgasm and shot so much cum into her that it smeared her thighs and dripped down her legs.

I had her once more in the basement, right on top of the pool table, before we moved upstairs. We ordered a pizza for dinner because by this time we were starving. While I cleaned up in the kitchen she went upstairs to "get ready" for me she said. I found her in our parent's bedroom spread out wearing a sexy nightie.

We fucked each other on our parent's bed twice. The rest of the night we were in her bedroom. I spent most of the time eating her pussy and she gave me head once again. By the time my parents came back the next day we had fucked each other at least eight times already. Once we discovered our forbidden passions it was hard to stop.

The basement became the place we regularly had sex since our parents hardly ever ventured down there. Most nights Kate would sneak into my bedroom because it was furthest from our parent's room. We didn't want them to hear their children go at it like the horny teenagers we were.