Masturbation with dildo hot girl

Masturbation with dildo hot girl
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Increments Of Inches With Kari and I it was a gradual thing. Her mother, my wife, saw it at least unconsciously before we were either one aware of the attraction we had for each other. "Keep your hands on the steering wheel," She would call as I left to take Kari to gymnastics class or else, "I'm going to smell your breath Don, when you two get home." It was always some stupid remark. Our own marriage was a sort of unarmed truce by then.

She had cheated on me a few times, came back, promised to do better and then went out and cheated again. The waitress where I had lunch every day made office calls for me. I paid her rent and she gave me head every day just before I left the office for home. The rent got posted in the books as "Conference Hall." Finally the time came when Kari hurried out of practice and grabbed my hand.

She had not taken time to change out of her sweaty outfit. I saw her pussy bulge under the gymnastics outfit.

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I averted my eyes and felt a strong desire even though I turned my face away was not looking at it. This had happened a few times lately and it bothered me I wanted to have sex with my daughter.

She was developing though, perhaps a little too fast. I tried to force the image of her pussy bulge in that whisper thin outfit. I always sat in the same spot where I could watch her do her routines. She would never be competition material and we both were well aware of it. As usual she grabbed me and hugged me and turned toward the exit. I followed along just like always with my eyes glued on her ass. I even envisioned myself ploughing her butt too.

I saw the way her ass cheeks hung out and liked what I saw. Then, again I reminded myself this was my daughter. Twelve was too young and daughter was out of bounds. When I got into bed that night I closed my eyes and her tasty looking pussy bulge and her perfect ass were right there in front of me. I could even see the stress wrinkles where her pussy molded the thin fabric to it.

I guess it was a month later when we were on our way to practice and she said, "Daddy, I want to quit." "Why, Honey? I thought you liked gymnastics.' I turned my head sideways and glanced at her. "I do, but I'm still in the intermediate group and that is as far as I can ever go.

All the other kids are nine and ten years old and I am almost thirteen. It's embarrassing." "Okay," I told her. "Want to go get a milk shake or something?" "Uh huh, that would be nice." I reached over and patted her leg a little above the knee and it felt sexy.

I started to get an erection. She kind of flinched a little. I pulled my hand back and put it on the steering wheel. We went to a fast food place and got burgers and shakes and sat alone over in the corner. I called my wife and said, "We are going to have a snack here in town.

We'll be home about eight." I told her. "That means she will get ate before eight." That stupid bitch just could not hold a conversation without saying something stupid. "Give your stupid shit a rest, will you? Kari decided to quit gymnastics and she wants to talk it out with me." "Well, why can't she talk it out with me?

After all I am her mother." She sounded all wound up and ready to start a fight with me again. "If you had something to say where you weren't accusing her of having sex with half the guys in school, then she probably would. She does not like your stupid remarks any more than I do." She hung up on me. "I think she is getting ready to take off again with another guy," Kari said.

"Just hang on until next year. You were present when my lawyer told me once you hit thirteen the courts will let you decide.

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Before then, the mother almost always is granted custody." On that sad note we ate our meals and left. I patted her on the cheek of her ass like I had done many other times.

She had on her workouts and my hand slapped a lot of bare flesh. She drew in a sharp breath.

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I left my hand there for a couple of beats before I reluctantly removed it. My cock started to get more than a little hard. I raised my hand to her shoulder and hugged her, She hugged me back and we drove home. Lisa met us at the door. "Have fun tonight. I'm going out with the girls." She looked at Kari and said in an insinuating voice, "You make such a sexy looking couple." Then she was gone.

Kari ran to her room and started to cry. I stood in the middle of the living room and felt my guts cramp. "Jesus Christ, Won't that bitch ever give it a rest?" I knocked on Kari's door. "Kari honey, may I come in?" Her muffled voice answered, "Come in Daddy." She only had on her panties and bra.

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She was curled up in the middle of her bed crying. I sat down beside her and ran my fingers through her hair. "Sit up," I told her. She sat up and eased over to the side of the bed next to me.

"Daddy, why does she say things like that?" "I guess because she is very unhappy and wants to share her misery with the world. Hell, I don't know. All I know is that I. no, we have to be patient and wait for your next birthday. Thirteen is the magic number." She stood, threw her arms around my neck and hugged me.

My lips ended up pressing against her right breast while her left one rubbed my cheek through her bra. "In a ragged voice I whispered hoarsely, "Better let go, little one." She held my head in her grasp a little longer and then released me.

I patted her cheek and headed for the door. If I had stayed I would have started to paw her. I did not want that in any way, so I told myself. "Daddy?" she called to me in a little girl voice. I stopped and turned, "Yes Sweetheart?" "I love you.

She whispered through her tears. Then I made the move where there was no turning back. My heart was overloaded with all the emotions I experiences at that moment. I returned to her and knelt. I threw my arms around her and hugged her close. I kissed her bare belly just above her panties and said, "Oh Kari, I love you so much." I licked her belly once and she shuddered and hugged me closer. I got control of my raging emotions and left her bedroom, pausing just enough to touch her cheek lightly.

I headed out into the den and turned on the TV. The weight of the world was upon me. At ten I turned off the boob tube and went to bed. The next morning I woke up and found Kari plastered against me.

How she was able to get into bed and remain undetected was a mystery to me. She did and it felt good. I sleep raw and my cock became instantly hard. "Oh fuck," I muttered and eased away from her. I got up and took a cold shower. Right then I was so needful of sex I would have fucked my wife and I couldn't stand her. The shower helped. I dried off and got dressed for work. Then I woke Kari up.

"Up and at 'em my sweetheart." "Oh Daddy, I was having such a nice dream," she protested. I bent over and kissed her lips and stood back up in a hurry.

Jesus, I wanted to turn that kiss into a sex act. "Hurry up and get dressed. I will start breakfast while you shower and get dressed. The school bus will be here soon." Just like I did every morning I started our breakfast. There was a lot happening inside me I had to get a handle on.

While the bacon was nuking and the eggs were frying I set the table. Then I portioned out the bacon and eggs and popped four pieces of bread in the toaster. I sat and sipped my coffee. She came entered the kitchen wearing only her underwear just as she did many mornings. There was a difference.

I wanted her sexually this time. "Daddy, I don't want to go to school today. It's Friday and all my classes are electives. I want to go to your office with you. I want to be with you." It was obvious she was upset. I nodded. She sat and began to eat. "I love you so much, Daddy." "I love you too, sweetheart.

But I don't think you had better crawl in bed with me any more. You are maturing to the point that…" I searched for the words and finally blurted out, "It felt too good when you were hugged up against me. I sleep naked." She grinned and giggled, "I know. It got hard and I had to push it away." "Ah." I was speechless. "Daddy," she confessed in a small voice.

"I did not exactly push it away. I held it." She lowered her eyes a moment and looked back up at me.

"I liked to hold it." "Get dressed to go to the office with me. I think we better talk things over." She slipped into my bed while I was asleep and grabbed my cock and then admitted she liked to hold it? Perhaps that stupid bitch was right and I did want to fuck my daughter. Let's face it. I had already admitted I wanted to fuck my daughter last night when I kissed her firm, soft belly.

A part of me said she had just defined our new relationship. Or to be more accurate, I permitted her to put new boundaries on what we meant to each other. All of the butt pats and accidental brushings were just that when taken separately.

However, when taken in context with each other, we had a trail as plain as the breadcrumbs in Hansel and Gretel. Somehow we kept getting deeper into the woods. Then we had her mother with her sick mouth adding fuel to the flames of our passions. I am damned well aware that all of those smart remarks planted seeds of thought in both Kari's mind and my own. I was scared of getting found out. I was afraid for my daughter and I wanted her for my lover.

I called the school and got her excused from classes. I drank the last of my coffee when Kari rose from her chair and came around to me before I stood. She kissed me softly on the lips and said in an emotion-laden voice, "Daddy, I love you so very much." Without waiting for and answer she went into her room to get dressed.

When the school bus came by and honked I hurried out and told the driver Kari was going into town with me. He nodded and took off. I looked around our place.


We had fifteen acres of fertile land three miles from town. There was a small stream across the road where Kari and I sometimes fished.

Her mother even accused us of fucking on the bank of the stream. Still deep in thought I opened the garage and started the car.

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Just then Kari came out and hopped in beside me. I took off and looked over at her and smiled s sad smile as I thought of all the things she had been put through.

She looked up at me and smiled. She grabbed my leg like she had many times before. "Honey, I don't think you had better do that any more." My voice was shaky. I started to get an erection. Inside me I felt frustrated that my own daughter could not give me an innocent touch without I wanted to have sex with her. Then her next words made things worse. "I made it get hard again, didn't I, Daddy?" "Jesus Christ!

You have no idea what you are doing to me!" I raged. "Honey I want to…" I could not finish the sentence. "You want to have sex with me, don't you Daddy?" she told me in a matter of fact voice. "I want to have sex with you too because I love you." "Honey, you have no idea what you are saying." I was horny, trying to do what was right and was frustrated in these attempts because I was horny.

Also, my daughter would not cooperate with my efforts to keep her pure. Then she said, "Oh yes I do to know what you are saying. Daddy, I have had sex before and I gave a boy head once. I only know of one virgin in our school. We have the fourth through the eighth grades. Christine Petersen is a fifth grader who swears she has never done anything.

But she is it. "Daddy, most kids start when they are nine years old according to our sex ed class. The teachers know we fool around and sort of look the other way.

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I only did it a few times and did not like it. I never could get excited like most of the girls do. When you licked my belly I loved it." She put her hand on my hard on. I did not stop her. Oh, I know all the arguments about I was the authority figure and I was the one in charge and I had a trust I must not betray.

However I had so many thrills shooting through me right then my cock was in charge. She squeezed and kneaded it all the way into town and into the parking lot. "Better let go, Honey. We are here." She grinned up at me. "Want to drive around the block again?" "You have a very dirty mind," I told her. "Aren't you glad?" She laughed as she let go. We walked together with our arms around each other and separated only when I opened the door.

"Good Morning, I see you brought Kari with you." Jane Waters had been my secretary for six years. She was aware of my home situation and just about everything about me. I hit on her when she first came to work. "Fucking is not in my job description." After she said it that plain I never tried again. We became good friends and I even met her husband a few times. He was a nice guy who seemed just right for her.

"Hi Jane," Kari told her and followed me into my office. I opened my wall safe and pulled out a set of folders. They were letters of incorporation for three Delaware accounts. Two were for the two apartment complexes I owned in partnership with the bank. The third was for the maintenance company that serviced the two gated apartment communities. A Swiss corporation that bore only my name owned them.

It is called hiding your assets from the wife. "Jane, come in here," I called through the open door. "It is time for plan B." "Start looking for a new office for the management company," I told her.

"Hire me a new receptionist and you run the new office. As of today this is a property maintenance company and nothing else." "What's going on, Dad?" Kari asked. "I am preparing for my impending divorce. Your mother emptied out the savings account last year so I only keep a hundred dollars in it. The company checking account only has operating expenses in it and my personal account is for household expenses." "Why the hurry up?" Jane asked.

"She has been getting worse and it is affecting my daughter. Next week I'll go for the brass ring called divorce. Find me an apartment in Golden Oaks. Two bedrooms two baths. We have families in there." Golden Oaks was one of my two apartment complexes. It was a gated community. "Lets go home, Kari." I walked out of the office and felt a hundred pounds lighter.

I was also scared something might happen to take Kari away from me. She sat like a little lady all the way home. I parked and she ran into the house. She stood on a chair and waited. "Kiss me, Dad," she said. The only time I became "Dad" was when we were talking about other than father-daughter things.

I figured sex was not a father-daughter thing. I pressed my lips to hers and slipped my tongue in her mouth. She rubbed my tongue with hers and whimpered. I slid my hand up under her skirt and grabbed her ass. My cock was so hard I hurt.

When we separated I lifted her down from the chair and said, "Let's go in your room." "Why my room, Dad?" "If your mother comes home unexpectedly I want to buy a little time to get our clothes back on." She nodded and led the way. We undressed and lay down side by side. She was on her back and I was on my belly. We kissed again and I eased down in bed and sucked on her little cup cake titties.

She squirmed and suddenly stopped moving as I moved my face down and licked her belly and her almost hairless pussy. I licked her clit and she moaned.

I buried my tongue in her and began to lick everywhere inside I could reach. My breath came in ragged gasps. "Put it in me Dad." I eased up in bed and got between her legs. As soon as my cock was positioned I began to slowly push it inside. "It hurts," she whispered.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked. "Yes please. We can try again later to get more in me." I got over on my side and sucked her nipples.

"Get on your back, Dad," she told me." I did and she scooted down and took me in her mouth. She sucked, licked and played with my balls. I had a see a bunch of stars orgasm. She gagged and tried to swallow and choked. I had my cum all over my belly and crotch. She got up and ran into her bathroom and washed her mouth out. "Yuck!" She yelled. I laughed and padded naked into my bathroom and showered.

God, but I felt great! There was absolutely no way I was going back to the way things were. My daughter was now my lover and I was glad. My chest expanded and I thought of a future with just we two in it. "Dad, I need to practice more. Gloria told me giving head is an art form. That's what her dad told her," Kari told me as I walked out into the living room.


She was there ahead of me, channel surfing and still naked. "I take it Gloria is one of your classmates?" This was an interesting twist. "Yes. They only go oral, though. He does not trust the pill and after a rubber broke he said oral or nothing." She found the channel she wanted, a porn channel. "How long have they been doing it?" Jesus, these kids seemed to have a regular sexual underground and I never heard a thing about it.

"Oh, since she was six or so. Her mom knows and thinks it's all right. Her mom is from Sweden." That explained a lot.

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"Is the whole school into sex with their families?" It was a smart assed question I really did not expect an answer. "No," she answered in a serious voice. I bet about fifteen of the kids I know are doing it with their dads, Moms or brothers and sisters. According to one of my study books, over eighty percent of the families in the US experience incest in one form or another.

Most of it is an occasional grope or a one-time thing. It is becoming more common every year. "Here, let me try again." She smiled as she watched my cock get hard again. She started to give me another super blowjob. Finally her mouth got tired.

"Let's watch the movie," she said. We sat side by side on the couch and watched people fuck and suck. Finally she climbed up on my lap and eased her pussy down on my erection.

She got it in the inch I had already made it and eased down a little more. Three inches was it. I rolled over on my side and slow fucked her in short strokes. When I cum I was maybe four inches in. "Oh!" she yelled. "Oh!" I shot three squirts and was empty. "Don't move, Dad. Keep it in there.

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Oh yes!" After a few minutes I slipped out and she rolled over. "Let's get cleaned up and get dressed," I told her. We barely got our clothes on when more bad news came.

The doorbell rang. Two beefy individuals who could only be cops said, "I have a warrant to search these premises." I took the search warrant and quickly scanned it. "Hold it right now. This warrant is to look in the bedroom only. Go look. I shall call my attorney and have him check the validity of the warrant. It is dated yesterday and has expired." "What are you trying to hide? You got your own little stash here?" He walked toward me trying to intimidate me.

Kari came into the living room and handed one detective the cordless. "This call is for you, flat foot." I almost lost it. The little stinker was quoting an old gangster movie out of the thirties.

He gave her a dirty look and took the phone. I still had the warrant in my hands. As I read it again I saw there was no judge's signature. I walked over to my gun cabinet and punched in the combination. I pulled out an unloaded forty-four caliber Navy Colt revolver. I collect antique firearms. I pointed it at the cop not holding the phone. "Let's see some ID, right now." The one with the phone threw it toward the couch.

Then he saw my gun. "Either I see ID or you both die," I said in my best John Wayne voice. "Daddy, they are city cops from Porterville. I looked out the window and saw they are driving a patrol car.

It says Porterville in the side." I eared back the hammer. It made an ominous click sound. "Talk or die." (Dirty Harry talking that time.) "Your wife was arrested on drug charges. She confessed there was a stash in your bedroom. She sold some crystal to a cop." I pulled the trigger and the hammer fell with a loud click. Both cops jumped. I put the gun back.

"Jesus, how did you two ever get to be cops?" She just set you up and you almost fell into a world of hurt. "Now you throw that phony warrant away and I'll voluntarily permit you to search our bedroom. Since I have now invited you to search, everything is legal." Two very sober looking cops walked into my bedroom, made for the closet and reached into a shoe.

He knew exactly where to search. Well, my wife just fucked herself. **** After she was booked and charged I got a call from a lawyer. The lawyer she called refused the case after I told him he would play hell getting more than five hundred dollars from me, even with a court order.

She ended up with a public defender that told her to cop a plea and he would plea-bargain it down to ten years and she would be out in three if she behaved. The joke was, without his help she would get ten and been out in three. She fell for it Kari and I live and sleep together. I touch bottom in her every night. She is almost fifteen and wants her first baby to be mine.

We both know she is going to want someone more her own age before much longer. Whenever she brings a boy home from school I sleep alone and listen to them carry on in her room. She makes the guys wear a rubber. Now and then she will bring a classmate home for the weekend and we will have a threesome.

The girls she brings home all come from situations similar to ours. Lately we have been talking about starting an incest club. It would be great to have inter-family get togethers. What do you think?