Worthwhile casting for young beautiful bitches hardcore blowjob

Worthwhile casting for young beautiful bitches hardcore blowjob
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It was quite late when I awoke the next morning after the events of last night and, in fact, the last few days; so I anxiously checked on Cara and took her out into the garden for her usual ablutions.


When I returned, Margaret was still blissfully fast asleep so I gave Cara her breakfast and returned to the (temporary) marital bed. It would be far too late to catch John on his morning walk, so I thought I would attempt to catch up on some sleep but my mind was so busy mulling over recent events that this was nigh on impossible.

I tossed (not that, you naughty!) and turned without much sleep until Cara wanted to go out again about eleven o'clock. When I returned, Margaret was gradually waking up. She said to me "I thought I dosed off with a pussy full of your juice? I felt myself a couple of times during the night and I was quite dry." "I know, sorry," I replied "I couldn't resist tasting your juices along with mine but was unfortunately disappointed as mine seemed so thin after John's!" "Better stick to cleaning up nice thick black cock juice, then," she retorted "I just wish I was fifty years younger so that I could get John to impregnate me - I just know you would love to bring up yet another man's child and a black one this time - it would be a permanent reminder of your wife's black lover and your cockold status".

As my dick was rising to the occasion, still without the aid of viagra, M.

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said that I had better provide her with that internal cream she was after. Who was I to refuse that request - not that I could probably refuse any request from my darling wife: after the last few days I loved her more than ever. My relatively "little" dick easily slipped into M.s cavernous entrance, but I gained enough friction to create the desired effect. Just as we were about to reach planet orgasm together, I heard the front door open.


Glancing across, I noticed that Rita had helped herself and walked straight into our cottage crossing immediately into the bedroom to see the action. M. went straight over the orgasmic hill and I followed shortly.

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As we were both gently ambling down the return slope, M. said to Rita "thanks for coming in just then, it pushed me over the top nicely" who replied "yes, must have been more difficult with that little one - it was nothing like the last one I witnessed.

Was the one with John's black cock driving, your best ever?". Margaret's superbly large smile returned and she said, pointedly to both of us, "Yes is certainly was the best SO FAR - I intend to go on making them better until I eventually die in the throes of an orgasm". "Not yet" I quipped "as I'm hoping to enjoy many more thick & creamy chewable cream-pies etc." On sliding out from our sexual coupling, Rita told me to leave the room as she was cleaning this one up.

I told her she was welcome to that runny cream-pie.

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"Anything is better than nothing," she said "now clear off and let me tell M. about your excitement yesterday while we watched her first black cock induced orgasm".

I left the girls in the bedroom but craftily left the door open so that I could hear every word said. She gleefully told M. how she had watched her pleasure herself and me cleaning up afterwards, even being around to see the first self induced orgasm.

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As M. had been surging towards that selfy, she had been doing the same to herself and it wasn't until she had herself orgasmed that she noticed the old man watching.

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Later on, when she came across after seeing John arrive, she explained how seeing M.'s first black cock christening had turned her on so much she needed to go to obtain relief. She went on to explain how she had discovered, when reaching for my erect cock, that I had loved seeing Margaret's first orgasm riding a black thunder so much that I had ejaculated and she had enjoyed the taste. Hence her current desire for more!

When I heard the familiar sounds of M's impending orgasm, I crept to the door to watch with my stiff dick in hand. Rita cried out "Don't stand there, you lazy bugger, get in here and try me for size with that stiff dick".

"Come on, we all know you want to" added Margaret. So I did! Rita was very wet, but tight and when I had to push hard to enter she explained "Go on, force it in, I don't mind, it's not very well stretched by my husband's little pencil dick so even yours is feeling great".

Whilst enjoying the workings of my cock, Rita worked on M. so that we all three simultaneously arrived back at the plateau of success! With a wet and overflowing pussy, Rita said "Right now, let's get Margaret to clean this up".

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"Oh no, I don't do that" Margaret replied with dread in her voice. "Oh yes you do" Rita snapped back "you'll enjoy it after a bit and don't forget, it's your husbands spunk in there". With that she hoisted herself up the bed and quickly manoeuvred herself over M.'s face.

Rita was right, of course, as M. was soon happily lapping away and some time after Rita cried out with joy at another, this time female induced, orgasm.

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She added "I don't know about you paying to stay in this cottage, I think I should be paying you for this pleasure!". Having copious quantities of sperm swimming over her body ay both ends, Rita headed towards the shower to clean up but then remembered that it was not working properly. "How are you guys coping without the shower" she enquired of us to which M.

replied "I've got my own cleaner and he does a very good job, thank you". Rita then reminded us that the Plumber would be coming round about three o'clock to fix it. "There's no need to dress formally, naked as you are will do nicely," she said with a huge smirk "he's a big lad in all ways so when he has serviced the shower, let him know if there is anything else you want servicing. . ".