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Jeune brunette francaise sodomisee et DP pour son casting porno amateur
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Lisa Simpson Lost found and finally fucked Part 2 By Adam M43,g16,size,penetration,cum swallowing, Synopsys: Lisa and Willie the next day Characters: Lisa, Willie, Chief Wiggum, Sgt Lou, Homer, Bart, Marge. In the early hours of the morning the Tornado dissipates into a rain storm while Lisa and Willie sleep.

A few hours Later Willie awakens still cuddled up to Lisa, He remembers the night before where he finally fucked Lisa Simpson, The girl he had been dreaming of fucking for the last 3 years as he secretly watched her maturing young body from his dilapidated Shack on the grounds of Springfield Elementary School. About 20 Minutes later Lisa slowly wakes up and remembers where she is and what happened and a big smile appears on her face as she thinks of the amazing sex she had last night with grounds keeper Willie.

Willie notices Lisa is awake now and leans down and kisses Lisa Deeply, Willie: Good Morning Lisa Lisa : Good Morning Willie Willie: How do you feel today? Lisa: A bit sore but not too bad thanks Willie: That's Good I am so happy last night happened Lisa: Me too Willie it was the best thing to ever happened to me and I am glad you were the one to take my virginity Willie: I am Proud to be ya First Lisa Lisa: smiles and says so can we continue to fuck Willie?

Willie: Och Aye Lisa I would be so happy to continue this with you Lisa: Where will we meet? In your Shack? Willie: Maybe but we will have to work out a way to get you in ma shack without you being seen Lisa; Yes I'm sure we can figure something out Willie: Yes I am sure we will and gives a little chuckle Police Chief Wiggum of the Springfield Police is out in his Patrol Car looking for people who have been stranded by the tornado. Meanwhile inside Ned's RV a very naked Lisa and Willie have just finished breakfast of toast and jam from Ned's fridge.

At least the fridge works Willie thought pity the gas bottles aren't connected I could have fucked Lisa in the shower, Oh Well.

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Willie: Lisa since it is still raining what would you like to do now? Lisa: I would like to suck your huge cock again and swallow your cum like last night Willie: Och Lisa that would be wonderful let's go back to bed.

Lisa and Willie get back into bed Willie lays on his back with his 12inch cock fully hard Lisa slowly licks the tip of Willie's cock making him shudder in pleasure, slowly Lisa takes 4 inches inside her mouth Willie: Och Lisa that feels as wonderful as last night, Lisa pulls off briefly Lisa: Yes it feels just as big as it did last night Lisa sucks another 4 inches into her mouth now she has 8 inches of Willie's 12 inch cock Lisa: Moans into Willie's cock sending a shiver down his spine Willie: Och Lisa where did you learn to do that Lisa slips his cock out of her mouth Lisa: I didn't learn it I just thought I would try it, I see you like it!

Willie: Och Aye Lisa very much so Lisa goes back to sucking Willie's cock and soon has all 12 inches deep down her throat as she moans again and again sending more shivers down Willie's spine Willie: If you keep that up Lisa I will come again soon Lisa nods her head and continues to moan. Willie: Och Lisa I am Cumming swallow my hot sticky cum Lisa gulps down his cum as he shoots 4 shots of cum then 6 shots of cum into her tummy.

Police Chief Wiggum is slowly driving along the highway closing in on Lisa and Willie in the RV. Lisa: WOW Willie I love swallowing your hot sticky cum you have a unique taste Willie: Och Tha's because I'm Scottish and I eat a lot of spicy foods. Lisa: Yes that must be it and I love it.

Police chief Wiggum has seen the RV Parked off the side of the road under the trees and slowly drives towards the RV. Willie: Lisa I can hear a car coming we must get dressed quickly Lisa: Where is my dress and panties? Willie: I hung them in the bathroom to dry last night they should be almost dry by now Lisa runs to the bathroom and closes the door just as Chief Wiggum stops his vehicle and gets out walking to the RV.

Willie hurriedly slips on his kilt and shirt just as Wiggum knocks on the door. Chief Wiggum: Hello anyone inside? Willie: Just a minute (quietly near the bathroom door Lisa Chief Wiggum is outside tha door are you dressed) Lisa: Yes Willie I am be right with you Willie walks to the door and opens it Chief Wiggum: Willie what are you doing here and who's RV is this?

Willie: Och Chief Wiggum tha belongs to Ned Flanders he lent it to me to go into town to get supplies for the school since my trook isn't big enough Lisa exits the bathroom and heads towards the door Chief Wiggum: Who is in there with you Willie?


Willie : Lisa Simpson Wiggum: Lisa? Willie: Yes Lisa when I was in Capitol City I ran into her (Literally) she was lost in Little Haiti. Lisa: Chef Wiggum what are you doing here? Wiggum: Hello Lisa I was out driving looking for people who were stranded by the tornado to see if anyone needed help I have assisted 9 people so far then I saw this RV under the trees and came to see if someone needed help Lisa: We are ok thanks Chief this RV Kept us both safe from the tornado Wiggum: I am glad you are both safe I will let your parents know you are safe they came to see me this morning after you didn't come home last night, Lisa: Thankyou Chief Wiggum please tell them I will be home later I am going to help Willie unload the RV at school then I will get him to drop me home when he returns Ned's RV Wiggum: Ok Lisa I will let them know Chief Wiggum walks back to his patrol car gets in and drives away to look for more people to help, he radio's into the station Wiggum: This is Chief Wiggum do you copy me?

SGT Lou: Chief this is Sgt Lou I read you loud and clear Wiggum: Lou can you go to the Simpson's house and let them know I have found Lisa and she is with grounds keeper Willie and both are safe and that she will be home later as she is assisting Willie to unload Ned Flanders RV at the school then she will be home.

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Sgt Lou: Affirmative Chief I will send a car to the house now with the message Wiggum: Thanks Lou I am going to continue to look for other's that might be stranded after the tornado last night Sgt Lou: Copy that Chief stay safe on the road it's still wet out there Wiggum: Will do Lou Wiggum Out Back inside the RV: Willie: Och tha was close Lisa Lisa: Yes it was Willie we had better be going now Willie: Och yes we had better get a move on before he comes back and see us still here, Good thing the rain has stopped for now so we won't get wet again Lisa: Oh yes I will get wet again soaking wet Lisa laughs and Willie shakes his head Willie: Wha am I going to do with you Lisa: Fuck me and cum down my throat Willie: Och They both get out and close the door behind them and get into the front seats of the RV Willie starts the engine and slowly backs out from under the trees as they turn around they see the broken trees around them Lisa: Willie look at all the trees Willie: Och My God Lucky they didn't fall on the RV Lisa: Yes very lucky you chose some big trees that could stand up to the tornado last night Willie: Yes I have actually stayed here once before when the last storm hit us but thankfully it wasn't a tornado like last night or ma trook wouldn't have survived.

Lisa: I'm so happy that it didn't otherwise last night would not have happened.

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Meanwhile a police officer has arrived at the Simpson house. knocks on the door Homer opens the door Homer: Officer what can I do for you? Officer: I have just received word from Chief Wiggum that your daughter Lisa is safe and she is with grounds keeper Willie and she will be home soon after she helps him to unload Ned Flanders RV that they stayed in overnight.


Homer : MARGE Marge: Yes Homie Homer: Lisa is safe and she will be home soon Marge: Oh Homie that's great news I was so worried about Lisa Homer: Me too Marge but she was safe with grounds keeper Willie In Ned Flanders Last night Chief Wiggum found them today and she will be home later after she helps them him unload Ned's RV Bart: Lisa is safe? Marge: Yes Bart she is safe Bart: quietly Damn Meanwhile Lisa and Willie have arrived back in Springfield and can see the damage the tornado did to the town.

The town square has been destroyed the quickie mart is damaged; the town hall roof has collapsed.

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Lisa: Willie look at all the damage around the town Willie: Och Lisa it is bad Lisa: I hope the school is still ok and your Shack is still standing Willie: Me too Lisa A short while later they arrive at the school and see the damage the school received from the tornado, the kids play ground has gone (it was ripped from the ground and it smashed into the church car park), Willie's shack has been destroyed and is laying in a wreck on the ground.

All the windows in the school are smashed from the wind the sandpit is nothing but mud, Good thing Willie has picked up more sand just enough to refill the sandpit. Lisa: Oh my God Willie your shack is destroyed what are we going to do? Willie: Och Lisa I will have to go to the timber store in town to buy more wood and rebuild it Lisa: Let's go there now Willie and get the wood Willie: It will take me awhile to rebuild ma shack Lisa Lisa: Oh Willie how long will it take you to rebuild it Willie: About a month Lisa I'm Sorry Lisa: Oh Willie what are we going to do until you rebuild it?

Willie : Well we still have Ned's RV for now Lisa: Good now fuck me hard Willie no one is around to see us Willie: Quick lets strip and get into bed.

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Lisa and Willie quickly strip off their clothes and jump into bed. To be continued! Like this Story Then Give me feedback Kind regards Adam