En cuatro con la vecina

En cuatro con la vecina
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The domination of women had to be complete but it was not as important as women learning to be subservient to men at all times. The Judicator position was creating to make sure men knew how to take the rightful ownership of women and their responsibilities. Further, the Judicator, stopped the wild ideas and rebellion of women by any means necessary by testing their reactions to the sexual desires of men.

As I woke up in my third year of being the Judicator for the region, I felt dick harden and the need for another release. The blonde in front of me, June, Julie, Jessica………who cares, her body was nice enough, soft C cups with slightly oversized nipples, fair long legs, an round firm ass, and a flat belly with a small innie belly button.

She was in the last year of her education problem meaning she would was expected to know my pleasure came first. Her blue eyes sleepy blinked as she recognized her surrounding curled up around my legs and saw my crotch growing.

Without a word, she slipped her mouth over the head of my cock, swirling her tongue for just a moment before going all the way down my shaft without a moan holding her head down with her nose resting against pelvis. Her hand fondles my balls as she knows to keep going even though my dick is her throat and she is not getting air. Slowly, she starts to pull back her head rolling her hand away from my balls she starts sliding up and down the shaft as she gently draws breathe into her lungs.

'Man she is good. I see why she is at the top of her class. What was that 60 seconds without breathing, the thought was the best compliment I could have given her but she had to continue show this determination. Her eyes remained locked, looking happy and hungry as she rolled her tongue and went back down to rest her nose against my pelvis.

Her small hand continued it massage my balls urging my cum into her mouth. I felt the load swell and she pulled her mouth back to the head of my dick and wraps her hand around my cock and starts stroking and increasing the pressure.

The first spurt exploded out of my dick to sound of a small swell of excitement as I looked down sound an actual smile come across her face. She passed the first phase of her final exam with her knowing if a man allowed his cum to enter her she was rewarded, I was almost disappointment, as the last of my load spilled out.

Smiling, she looked up from my crotch, cupping her hand just in case, "Thank you" she gargled with an almost innocence. No cum spilled as she held it in her mouth. With a wave of my hand I saw the disappointment as she slowly swallowed my load. She sees a small drop slowly drain from the tip of my cock, "Please sir, may I finish cleaning what I started?" Ahhh! A mistake!!! This is a good day indeed. "You did not need to speak.

I thought someone who had made it this far knew better. So much for top marks." The look in those blue eyes of fear, shock, disappointment and hungry was amazing, my dick twitched.

Maybe there was hope for her yet. God she wanted to please any man!

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Taking my finger, I wipe the cum off my dick, "Close your mouth and look up." The words barely left my mouth with her head tilted back and her lips pursed tightly.

"As you have passed remarkably well to this point, the last drop will not be granted inside you put I will not waste it." Her eyes shone a little brighter and her hands caressed her nipples making sure they were on point.

With my finger I wipe cum around her nose and upper lip. "I want you to smell my cum, the smell of failure." She smiled and gently licked her upper lip as if she wanted one final taste, as a tear rolled down her cheek.


It was almost time for me to begin my day of work and I would need to get ready. The blonde would go to school with the cum under her nose. She would have to explain the morning's test, failure, and the smell of cum to the younger females and how shameful not to have the last drop of cum from the head of a cock.

Sliding out of bed, she follows me slightly behind to the right. She is responsible for making sure anything needed by a man would be completed without hesitation. I was not even aware she was there really, barely a sound from her. The bathroom was well sized, tiled floor with a nice walk in shower.

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As I was about to relieve myself from the night and the recent ministrations of her mouth she gently took my cock in hand and directed toward the toilet. She is dedicated, this is not part of the training. As the stream started and her being inexperienced it splashed on the back out the toilet leaving a small yellow puddle there but was otherwise precise.

She then took her other hand to guard and shock the last drops out and into the toilet. I turned the water on and stepped in to the shower and she reached in front of me taking the soap and began washing my body.

She knew she could not be late herself and took great care to not get her hair wet while running her hands all over my body while making sure water ran and dripped over her own. She knows how to move to keep attention with only her sex, I thought. This was further confirming she was nearing the end of her training and she was there to make sure my pleasure was fulfilled. "Do not get your face wet.

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I don't want your punishment to end." She smiled and gently nodded as she finished washing my feet with my cock resting on her face. I dried off and started to get dressed and watch her do the same. Taking her small thong inside out, she walks over the toilet and uses this to clean up the piss she mistakenly allow to hit the back of toilet.

"Why did you feel it needed to clean that up that way?" Softly, the words escaped her mouth, "I missed the toilet and needed to be punished for that. I wanted to feel another part of you on me." As she was explaining this she stepping into her piss soaked thong and drew it up into position continuing her explanation, "and I am here for your pleasure.

I want to feel dirty knowing your piss will rest against my slit. When I show the first years how to rub themselves to make their man horny with desire I will taste my fingers and with them, your piss. I will have told the first years about my mistake and how to properly atone for it." She is good. Maybe I should have learned her name after all. "Ask your headmaster before you do this, you wish to have the males from first and second year classes there." She slowly nods her head because males there meant every woman there will have to show off what she has learned, tasting their slit after playing with it.


This blonde just added a lesson plan for the next generation without being told to, my dick was rock hard and she knelt before me reaching out to undo my pants.

I had other places I wanted this load. Part of the job as a judicator was to make sure any female past the age of 16 knew they were objects. Most of the time, this was done at home throughout their growth knowing their place but needed to publicly displayed at all times.

It makes walking down the street to my office either very tedious or extremely pleasurable but today was a visit to the school. The blonde had proven herself enough to not need remedial training so my attention would not be focused on her this day unless a random encounter in the hallways needed it.

Walking into the school is met with hushed whispers and glances as my visits were random and meant to audit the educators. A small brunette with long thick hair, a third year by my guess, 5'4 B-cup in a spaghetti strap shirt, thin bra, small silky gym shorts caught my eye. Her hair and make up were flawless, her legs shown no scars from a razor mishap but were toned and tight. The bottoms of her ass checks exposed. The spaghetti strap top was short enough to see the V coming off her hips.

She met my gaze for only a moment and dropped her eyes over a small button nose to my crotch. Reaching out to her I pull her to me and kiss her lips. She remains on her tiptoes after the kiss for my ease to reach her lips again. Her eyes remain closed as I pull her over to a cushioned chair positioned around the school for the pleasure of male body. She eagerly watches as I sit down, her eyes never leaving my crotch. She waits as the hallway is slowly starts to empty from students going to classes but enough remain to watch.

Looking at her brown eyes, "I want to see you tits." With a slow single movement she unhooks her bra from the front, pushing her small but perky breasts together adding to the cleavage for a moment and pushing the tank top down with the bra. Her nipples were perfect nickel shaped sizes with no tan lines on her dark skin. She softly sat in my lap and a hand on my chest and her other running through my hair.

As I moved closer to her breasts, she gently pulls the back of my head to guide my mouth to her nipple. I eagerly take the nub into my mouth and taste this girl. Slight coconut from a body wash and just a hint of almond, her natural flavor. My tongue is in heaven my crotch is tightening and she would be a good receiver of my load this morning.

At that moment, a first year, in a moment of disgust walks by and snorts and with a side glance of arrogance caught my eye. My hand snaps out from over the other tit it was playing with and grabs this rebellious cunt by the arm. She now has my attention. My hand and my mouth were no longer pleased with touch of an obedient woman but on a harsh strong willed first year. The smile that crossed my face was unmistakable. The expression on her face indicated she just realized who I was.

My authority over her was absolute and unquestionable. She knew her place at that moment and fell to her knees at my side. Without a word the brunette slide off my lap and the pressure her ass on my cock was missed instantly and made my grip on the cunt's arm dig deeper.

"Do you know who I am?" the calm of my voice having an instant impact on her as she nods her head refusing to talk but still looking in directly into my eyes. "Everyone in the hall stop and gather around to witness." The crowd of mainly females stopped and moved closer to watch, their hands gently massaging the pussies to the girl's left if possible. Trained to torture each other if they witness another girl break rules as they could not cum without a man directing them so.

The men in the crowd smiled and took the opportunity if desired to have the females use their right hands slow jack them off. One boy watched in hopes his girl would take her left hand way for pussy it was working on, if it did he would be able punish her and cum where he so pleased. Taking my attention back to this cunt, I pull her slowly off her knees but not enough for her stand. "Do you think my actions to this girl was inappropriate?" "No sir" a timid response still looking into my eyes.

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"Do you think you are better than she because her tits were out?" "No sir" she finally realizes what she is doing and dropped her eyes to my crotch "I will be taking a personal interest with you for a while." This time seeing a tear of fear roll down her face I take a moment to look over this cunt to see if she is worth saving.

4'10 short blonde hair barely an A-cup, full pants, with a tight baby tee shirt. I release my grip with a stoned stare that she knew my intent was for her to remain still. I rip her top from the neck straight down exposing her bra. "Remove the shirt" and watch her slowly remove the ripped shirt from around her.

Her belly was small, round, and exposed tan lines. The look in her eyes had a touch of humiliation. Perfect!!! She is a first year and will be an example. Pulling the front of her bra it stretches and snaps in around shoulder straps folding over against her stomach exposing her milky white tits and red nipples to the crowd.

The movement caused her to fall forward for a moment and she snapped back. If she had tits worth anything they would have bounced nicely. Useless cunt "You will be like this the rest of the day. Men spread the word the exposed is to be used but only what is exposed." I knew this would led the males stop her in the halls playing with her tits. She would be late to each class, her teachers would punish her further. I wonder if this would lead to a bukkake session for her.

The other women would shame her for all the wasted cum. I was about to seek my brunette to come back when it happened. One of the males I had been hearing whisper to his female was about to cum and to slow down. He was actively trying to prevent his cumming as it was not his time that day in class, sex education was taught one on one, and I knew it was still a teaching a moment for a judicator.

Looking at the girl causing the issues, "Stop your right hand completely." She did so to the agony of the male student who looked at me with confusion. "Cunt!!" echoed loudly enough to make everyone jump at that moment.

"Kneel, facing him." Visibly shaking she moved from my chair and walked to over to the man in need. "Do you know how to stroke a cock or are you completely useless?" She nodded and reached her hand grasping his cock and slowly began stroking it. "You there, this cunt in front of you is a first year. I know you have a schedule to keep but I as a judicator need to train you and her today. Instruct her how to please your cock in her hand, how to milk you balls. Do not warn her, cum on her face.

Do you understand?" Smiling the male looked down at his target, "Look up at me while you stroke. More pressure, a little faster." His control is nice. He would be a good candidate for Judicator training.

The man moves her hand further down keeping his cock pointed at her face.

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He spurts the first rope a little high but hitting its mark from the top of her blonde hair to nose. She recoils in the shock and disgust. The cunt attempts to move her head before the second spurt but the man has her head in his hand and forces the next shots onto her face covering it with his juice. When he is finally spent the girl that started the problem, quietly drops to her knees and opens her mouth. The man looks down and guides her head and she cleans up the last drops from his cocks and she smiles.

I will recommend him for Judicator training indeed. The cunt, still on her knees recomposes herself, and begins to reach up for a glob of cum on her chin and catches my stare.

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She stops and allows the cum to dangle there waiting for her next instructions. "Leave the cum on your face. You are not to wash it off your face until tomorrow after school.

Report to your class president tomorrow to confirm you still have cum there." She slowly nods. Directed to the girl who's hand started this, "You there. Smear the cum on her face like a mask." Then I turned to the man who left his load there. "The rest of you may go to class but you. You will make sure the cum is coated to your satisfaction.

Once so, you may choice to reward the girl if you so choice or not." With the final instructions provided I gather Cunt's identification to make sure to pay attention to her and make sure staff knows she is to be exposed and played with all day and tomorrow she is to be checked for cum remaining on her face. My brunette had lingered for a moment, her top and bra still wrapped around her waist.

Her hand was still playing with her slit. Good kitten. I did need my release but I wanted something new to play with. I walked over to my brunette roughly pitched her nipple making her bite her lower lip.

"If you wish to cum, you may but only if you wish to be exposed the rest of the day." This meant she would have her pleasure but any man would play with her tits all day. She smiled at me, dug her fingers slightly harder into her clit and shuddered from the orgasm. I smiled and watched her remove her bra and top, placing them in her bag.

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