Lange ungeschnittene cremige Ladyboy

Lange ungeschnittene cremige Ladyboy
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First time, all comments would be appreciated thank you. Enjoy (Left out some descriptions so you can imagine whoever you want) I had occasionally fantasized about my girlfriend's friend Lucy, but I never thought she felt the same way. My girlfriend Rebecca, Lucy and I all go to the same high school. Being a great guitar player I usually brought my guitar to school and played during lunch times, on occasion we would get a sing along to our favorite bands such as pearl jam and red-hot chili-peppers.

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Lucy would always sit next to me during these sessions and my guitar case on the other side, Rebecca seemed left out, I used to poke my tongue out, she knew Lucy and I were only teasing her, and after I always played her favorite song, Stair way to heaven and she would get the biggest smile One day after a sing along session, Lucy and I had double chemistry together; Lucy always sat next to me in chem.

We were like lab partners. During chemistry Lucy and I always talked about everything, we seemed to go off on so many tangents it eventually looped around, and we were back where we began.


Lucy mentioned her family had won tickets to a red-hot chili-peppers concert next weekend, and she had one spare one, and seeming so Rebecca wasn't into them and I was a diehard fan, Lucy offered it to me. I happily accepted, little did I know Lucy had something planned *Night of the concert* I was wearing my purple skinny jeans, accompanied by my red-hot chili-peppers t-shirt from a previous concert, some casual joggers and my necklace I never took off, I walked to Lucy's house.

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There older brother drove us in his shit-box of a car, he sat in the front with his friend pestering Lucy why she didn't invite Rebecca instead, but Lucy didn't care, we were practically best friends. At the concert in the mush pit, Lucy grabbed my hand and led me through the crowd away from her brother and his idiot friend.

Lucy offered me a drink but above the screaming crowd I couldn't hear so she pulled me outside so I could hear, I was getting a free tickets to my favorite band and free alcohol, I wasn't going to complain.


After Lucy got us both a drink she didn't feel like any so gave me hers as well, I was a little tipsy back in the crowd, but it was more cause of the heat and bodies shoving around, someone spilled a drink all over Lucy's shirt and you could see her nice firm 13 C-cup tits right through her soaked shirt, Lucy pulled me to the side, I could tell she was a bit upset but kept a smile on her face.

As the band left and the crowd screamed for an end-core, the lead singer Anthony popped his head out and emerged and everyone went wild, Lucy pulled me out and realized we could hear outside and we could just beat everyone to the car.

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We stood outside next to her brother's car, as thousands of happy people came out of the concert screaming and cheering, Lucy had amazing tits and I could barely take my eyes off them. She noticed this, and gave me a hug and whispered something in my ear, I couldn't tell, I just patted her back and reassured her she would be home soon and forget about it.

She leaned back still holding me, she starred into my eyes, and leaned in and planted her lips against mine, and I wasn't in control of this situation. I had always considered Rebecca and Lucy in a threesome, but until then never Lucy be herself.

I stared at her tits, awestruck at what happened, her brother caught us hugging and didn't let us hear the end of it in the car Lucy and I sat in the back, in almost silence, besides her brother's constant teasing her. My mind was all over the shop, crap what if Rebecca finds out, I will be screwed, I don't want to lose her, she is almost everything to me, but wow Lucy is a good kisser, I wonder what she is thinking, does she want to go further.

We got to Lucy's house about 1am, it was dark and cold, Lucy offered for me to sleep on the couch, I knew I wasn't going to make it home so I accepted; her brother then drove his friend home. Lucy's parents were staying at the city that night, so it was just her and I. Lucy put on a movie and sat next to me on the couch.

It was a horror movie, so by the end she was leaning up against me. After the movie was over the credits came on, and Lucy checked her phone, her brother had texted her to let her know he was staying with his mate that night and will be home before their parents do.

I turned the TV off and lie on the couch and slowly feel asleep. I woke up about 3am, when Lucy jumped on me, she was dressed in a tight black bra and matching black panties her hair hung down past her shoulders, my boner poked up in my jeans rubbing against her thigh trying to say hello, she leaned down and kissed me, I knew this was going somewhere but at that time, my dick was demanding attention and since it had been denied attention for a week from Rebecca or my hand, I wasn't going to say no now.

I leaned up to Lucy and hugged her, I started kissing her seductively she started gyrating on my dick; it was suffocated in my jeans. Our lips parted and a string of saliva linked them.

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Lucy grinded against my dick practically teasing me under neath her, I know this was wrong, but at the time it felt so right. She slid down the couch and pulled my jeans off, I lay back and she starred at my cock, she rubbed her face against it. She was very hesitant but grabbed it in one hand and started stroking, her tight grip was something different, Rebecca was always sexy and gentle, and Lucy was rough and wild that pure lust drive but still teased me when she got the chance.

I stared down at Lucy, she kissed the tip of my cock, opening her lips and sliding barely the tip in and teasing it with her tongue, my hands shot down to her breasts and squeezed them, she moaned and then shoved my entire dick in her mouth, she gagged on it and I was moaning so loudly I woke up the neighbors dog.

She looked up at me in a way that only meant be quiet but kept sucking my dick.

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Her spit was covering my dick. I pulled her off me. She was upset but when I pushed her back into the couch and leaned down to her pussy she stopped complaining.

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I moved her panties across the left and took in a whiff of her wet pussy it smelt so different, my dick demanded attention, so I tried to eat her out as quick as possible, I yanked her panties down to the floor, and kissed her pussy lips, and pulled her clit into my mouth with my tongue, I lightly bit down on it and its all that it took, her pussy flooded with her juice and I needed to be in it.

I quickly picked Lucy up, ran towards her room I dropped her on the bed, and positioned myself to fuck her brains out. I pressed the tip of my cock against her pussy, she looked into my eyes with pure lust, and grabbed my ass and pulled me into her, her pussy was tight, though her hymen wasn't intact I began thrusting hard and fast right away, she wrapped her arms around me and starred into my eyes, she thanked me for taking her virginity I questioned her hymen but she had broke it last month with a dildo anticipating having sex with me, once I heard it was a plan, I don't know why I couldn't stop, I needed to satisfy her and myself.

Lucy cried out as she came all over my dick the added lubrication made me go faster and it wasn't long till her next orgasm. She asked me if she could taste herself, so I removed my dick and laid back and she began to suck my dick once again.

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I moaned as she slurped up her juices off her dick, she pulled my dick out of her mouth, and started jacking my off with her hand as fast as she could, with her other hand she reached behind herself and un-clipped her bra. Her nipples were hard as and I couldn't take my eyes off them, she spat on her hand and wiped it between her tits, and began to titty fuck me, she encouraged me to fuck her tits and I couldn't help myself.

I thrust as much as I could; she positioned her mouth so she could lick the tip of my cock at the peak of my thrust. I knew I was about to cum, I warned Lucy and she let go of her tits, she stopped altogether, and looked at me. "Do you mind if I ask you something weird" "I think we crossed the line long ago, what it is" "Can you please cum in my ass, I want to feel it inside of me, but I don't want to get pregnant and I have swallowed cum before, I want the explosion in my ass" Without an answer she turned around and lowered her ass towards my dick, I positioned myself behind her, spat in my hand and lubricated my dick; I then spread her ass cheeks and spat onto her tight asshole, barely a hole at all.

I pushed my cock against her ass and she clenched her teeth while I opened her ass, I thrusted in and out and her tight ass got my cum in a couple of hard thrusts. Ropes of my white hot sperm shot into her ass, when I removed my cock, and she turned around it slowly seeped out onto her bed. I looked at what I had done, I had just slept with another girl, and I grabbed my stuff and got dressed and went home.

I didn't see Lucy at school for a week. She still talks to me in chemistry but she accepted that we were never to speak of that night again, I was just glad Rebecca wasn't going to find out