Big Tits Slippery With Baby Oil

Big Tits Slippery With Baby Oil
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Mindy's Test for Me Hi my name is Curtis. My story begins with the love from afar thing which is just boring and silly. So I'll skip ahead a little. Mindy was considered the good girl in our school because she was a teachers kid but were they wrong. Now Mindy put up a nice front of being the perfect little angel and a cock tease at the same time.


She did not do this on purpose though any way. Mindy had the perfect hair it was the right mixture of red and blonde.

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Then her body was just as perfect her skin was fair and smooth as silk. Her breast were perfectly round and perky size b.

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She was thin but not to thin her butt was the perfect size and tight enough to bounce a quarter off of it. Her legs were long considering her height that was saying some thing 5ft.

they were gourges smooth and soft. Now your probally thinking what have I got to do with a 5ft goddess.


Me being average joe and all. She is best friends with my sister and was constantly over so we got to know each other. One night when she was over we were watching movies in my room b/c I have the dvd player and sound system.

Anyway I laying on my bed and trying to watch the movie but my eyes kept wondering to Mindy she was wearing a mini skirt with a low cut t-shirt which showed just enough cleavege to make you look and jump a little. She must have noticed I was looking b/c she waved a finger in the air and shook her head side to side.

I know she was looking at me b/c of what she did next she said, "Get me a drink out of the fridge." I have one in my room she knew that if I did that I would have to get up and my bulge would show in front of her and my sister and she knew that it would embaress me to no end. Our eyes locked and I gave her one of those go get it your self looks.

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She gave me one of those seductive looks girls give there boyfriends when they want something. So with a little work I situated my burden and got up and gave her her drink.

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We finished the movie and they left my room as they were leaving Mindy stayed behind for a second and did something I that caught me totally by suprise. As I went to close my door she turned around and stoped me pulled my head down by my shirt with one hand and whispered in my ear "2 A.M.

I'll nock three times." and put a hand down my pants and gave my still throbing cock a good squeeze. Needless to say I was stund and stood there for a second wondering what the hell had happened.

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Well I pondered for the next few hours what the hell I was going to do so I went to Wal-Mart and grabbed a box of Trogan Her Pleasure Condums b/c I love giving girls pleasure. I recalled all my ex-girlfriends, I know your probally wondering why I did such a thing but I have my reasons and that we really weren't boyfriend and girlfriend all we did was well all I did was eat there pussy's and thats about it, and asked them what I could have done to make there expirence more pleasurable and they all said don't change a thing.

At around 1:30 I really started to get nervious b/c I didn't know what to expect all the other girls I had been with just wanted to be eatin with Mindy I didn't know if she wanted to go all the way or if she just wanted me to use my talent or what.

At 2:00 there were three raps at my door I had to swollow a lump in my throat in order to say come in. When she opened the door I thought I had died and gone to heaven. There stood the girl of my dreams in a black nightie and a bra on under it. My jaw droped almost to the ground she gave a little giggle that gave her that innocent sound. She walked over to me and closed my mouth she bent down and kissed me on the lips she then said, "Now I got you a birthday present but forgot to give it to you and I know that you didn't get me so we can exchange our gifts right now." She was right I had forgotten her birthday present and after she just turned 17 literally she was born 2 AM and well it was 2 AM on her b-day.

Now my mind was really racing I started to breath heavier and more eradic. Mindy just kinda stood there for a second smiled then sat on the bed with me she then asked, "Are we going to start or not." So I leaned over and kissed her on the lips after that one move we started making out groping each other she kept putting her hands down my pants rubbing my balls and teasing my cock head I was about to cum in my pants.

To stop her I licked one of my fingers and grased her clit and caught her clit by suprise she inhaled sharply I took this as the go ahead signal.

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I started slowly moving down her neck nibbling and sucking her soft skin I removed her nightie and my shirt as I kept moving down. I stoped and started to suck and nibble her breast she let out a little moan of pleasure at this so I started to suck harder.

She came on the spot because of the sensitivity of her breast. As I moved down Mindy removed my pants and under wear she gazed at my fully erect cock for a moment and went to put her mouth on it I stoped her just before she did and said, "I'll get mine as soon as you get yours." She the laid back down and I went to work on her throbing pussy.


I started off teasing her by licking and kissing the inner parts of her thy and kissing hard on the skin that covered her clit after a few minuets of this she was begging me to suck her clit. I split her pussy's lips with my tounge and ran it in she shuddered and moaned with the heat of my tounge.

I then started to go to her clit her it was ready to be sucked throbing and raised out to meet me. I took it into my hot mouth with a powerful suck she screamed with the unexpected pleasure I began sucking softly she told me to suck harder I did so and started sucking harder and pushing my tounge in faster and faster she came two or three more times.

After the last time she pulled me up by my hair which hurt like hell and said now its your turn. She pushed me down onto my back and went down to my throbbing cock she said, "I am going to have to lub this up before I take it." At this point I was ready to have my cock sucked but I never excpeted to loose my virginity or take hers but thats what she had in mind.

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She started licking and sucking my cock I was more than ready to cum I was having to hold it back she stoped and then placed her self right above my head. "I don't know if I'll be able to hold it all." I was thinking the same thing at this point b/c of her size I didn't know if she would be able to hold my ten. Just as I was about to say something she slowly inserted my head into her hot wet pussy I was in a state of total bliss. Then she went down a little farther taking in half of it her pussy was tight then as she went on farther I felt her muscles tear and the little bit of blood trickle down my cock.

That didn't stop her though she just took the rest and let out a yell of pain and pleasure then she started to ride me and ride me hard. This was the best thing I had ever experienced I finally came and when she felt that I had she came off me and laid down beside me and said, "You pass." I didn't know what she was talking about for a while but thats another story we finished off the night with me eating her until my parents woke up and she left to get a shower.