Same silky panties on wifeshe likes them

Same silky panties on wifeshe likes them
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I was probably just turned 15,when i first started to notice simons friendliness towards me was becoming slightly more than i was comfortable with.I had worked for him as a saturday boy and 2 nights a week for about 18mnths now and whilst i genuinely liked the guy and enjoyed working at the chain of garden centers he owned,he had on more than one occasion been suggestive about my appearance or my physique,in a positive way ,but none the less it was still suggestive."you are such a good looking guy I bet all the girls are climbing was over each other to get to you!!".and when i bent over to pick up stock he would always laugh and say I had an arse like a woman.a cute woman.I would laugh and say "yeah whatever simon".but after a while it was starting to bug me.

Now simon was a rich kid.the bussines was handed down to him from his family,he was an only child,aged late 30,s and married to the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen then,maybe even now.typical high maintenance convertible BMW very sexily dressed,and it was no secret that all of us young guys that worked there wanted to fuck the arse off her.and she knew it.and so did simon.Maybe he kind of liked that.However for all of her beauty and radiance,she spelt bitch.and simon had a hard time doing anything right as far as helen(the wife) was concerned.

Every 2-3mnths we would have to do a stock take at all 5 of his premises,it was tedious and all done with paper charts rather than computers,and it often involved working late.I was one of the more senior there in terms of time served,so I was always left to stay when everyone else had taken off,which was ok because i got paid a nice bonus for doing so.Simon was calling out numbers and i was checking things off accordingly."its getting late simon said,we can probably call it a day for now,and let the full timers finish off tomorrow","cool i said" "did you want to stay and have a quick beer?"simon asked Now although i was only 15 i had drunk before at work, it was no big deal,just a beer or 2 then home.

"yeah i'll have a beer" I said "ok,grab a couple of cans down there behind the counter" So i bent over,and reached down grabbed a couple of cold ones,was just about to get up,when he grabbed me around the waist,and started to play hump me from behind.I span round. " can save that for the wife" i said in a slightly pissed off voice "sorry" he replied "only messing with you,wheres that beer" So i passed him is can and gave him a uncomfortable glance,we stayed and chatted for a while,and he started to talk about girlfriends.I was with one girl about 6mnths now,fucked her most weeks,but she really wasnt all that.he asked if she was kinky.a said not really,i wanted to say yes but it wasnt true.

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"not like your wife," i replied.he just grunted.he looked a little sad,I almost felt sorry for him here was a guy fucking loaded,gorgeous wife,huge etc.he looked miserable. "you know what" he said,"women really aren't that great sometimes" "bullshit" i replied"i couldn't even imagine how good it would be to bang helen,she is fucking gorgeous" "yeah i suppose"he replied.

"do you need a ride home?"simon asked "yeah its getting late" "ok drink up,Well lock up and call it a night" "listen i didnt mean to offend you earlier,you know messing around like that" "im cool"i replied "I know that,"he looked at me straight in the eye,for what was a very uncomfortable time "lets go i said,i gotta get home" So we got in the car and headed back to my parents house,outside he again made me feel really uncomfortable.

"thanks,for staying late tonight mark,you helped us out big time.I really enjoy spending time with you, you make me feel very comfortable" "UH ok" i i was just about to get up he reached across and rubbed the inside of my leg.


My initial reaction was to tell him to fuck off,but i just kind of froze.his hand moved up and started to rub my crotch.I could not believe i was starting to get aroused.i didnt want to. "i gotta go" i said and shut the door and went inside.

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I was taking a shower about 15 mins later and started to rub my semi hard cock,as i always did.thinking about fucking my bosses wife.but thoughts kept coming into my head about simon,rubbing up against me from behind,I realized now i could feel his hard cock pressing me as i bent over the counter.STOP IT.I GOTTA STOP it. But before i knew it i was fully hard and fantasizing about how it would feel sucking his cock.i wanted it so bad it was freaking me out.i kept rubbing and rubbing till i shot my load.

I felt ashamed after i had come,but as i lay in bed again i felt myself stiffening,and before i knew it i was wanking about simon again,sucking him up and down his shaft,sucking his balls,and caressing his hard cock.

I fell asleep that night thinking about something i had never for one moment thought about before.but it was intriguingly good. Friday night I was back at work again and i didn't see simon,he was at one of the other shops,which was fine by me because i was still feeling a little sickened about what had happened two nights before.not at the shop or in the car.but in my head,and in my thoughts.I saw my girlfriend the previous night and banged the shit out of her,just to prove to myself that i was not turning queer or felt good but i couldnt help watching just how she sucked my cock,almost criticizing her in my head.stop it.snap out of it.

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Simon came in just as we were shutting up,"hey,hows it going" he said "yeah good weve been really busy tonight" "thats what i like to hear.gotta pay for the mrs to go shopping in new york this weekend.shes all pissed of with me and wants some retail therapy for her and a friend.if you ask me i think they planning to go out and get laid." "oh sorry" i said "no not at all, were at each others throats at the moment, a break even a few days will do us both good,listen have you got any plans this weekend, I mean after work on saturday?" "well" i replied feebly not really knowing what to say.

"i have paid for the boxing on pay per view.i gotta huge flat screen at the house,come over and have a few beers" "i dunno", I was thinking this is gonna be so awkward.

"come on,we could have a real good time".he looked at me again with that held look.fuck I was starting to feel aroused again.WTF is going on I thought.and before i realized what i was saying i said "ok I'll come over" We saw each other again on saturday,but he was busy with clients at around 4.30 he came over and said "pop round at about 7.30" I was hoping he would forget,but I said "ok","listen he said"don't mention it to any one else here,I don't want to get accused of favoritism".","ok".he smiled,and then for what reason I have no idea i felt myself glance down at his crotch.why I don't know,but I could see the outline of his cock,proud in his tight looked big,well bigger than mine.I tore my glance away and again he smiled.My heart was racing.and i really didn't want it too.

I got home showered,told my mum and dad i was going to a school friends house,and we were gonna be up late,maybe I would stay over,and I would call to let them know.they didnt really care less what I did.

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And about 25 mins later I was walking down the driveway of simons big grand house,it was well lit up,like one of those mock Georgian semi-mansions.I stood at the door,and thought this is cool we are gonna watch boxing,drink a beer or two,then i will make my excuses and take off. "Hey" he said as i rang the bell "you made it,come in.the fights just about to start" He went to the kitchen got me a beer and I sat down on the big leather couch in front of the TV,"really glad you came I was getting lonely all by myself" I looked around the house it was real nice.he came and sat next to me on the couch we chatted,then the main event boxing came on.It was nassem hamed.First round KO.

"well that was worth the money he laughed.fancy watching a DVD?" "yeah whatever".he put on the dvd.It was porn,good porn.he sat down next to me again.


"what do you think?" he asked "not bad i replied,fixated on this chick sucking this guy as he was laid on the bed,she was hot and his dick was nice and long.look at the chick I kept telling myself. Simon began to rub his crotch slowly,I kept looking out of the corner of my eye.

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He got up and closed all the curtains.again he sat down next to me.slowly again he started to rub his dick up and down through his trouser leg.fixated on the tv. "when was the last time you had your dick sucked like that mark" "last night" I laughed.

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"you lucky fucker.its been years for me."he looked over "what I need is a good looking guy like you to come and take care of me" I laughed embarrassed,my heart was pumping though.Simon started to undo his jeans,until he managed to pull his cock out and started working it back and forth whilst watching the porn,I tried not to look but found i was fixated on his cock it was amazing about 7-8inches with a slight upward curve,he moved closer to me and took hold of my hand,and wrapped my fingers around his rock hard shaft.I was hypnotized,instinctively I started to move up and down.eyes fixed.He sighed and closed his eyes slightly.i was starting to feel really horny.He moved across and started to kiss me gently at first,then our lips parted.I had kissed a lot of girls,and never,ever thought about kissing a guy,but as his tongue entered my mouth it felt very natural.we kissed and I constantly worked his thick shaft up and down.He then moved back in the sofa,put his arms back as if to beckon me down on to him.I never said a word,the only sound was the porno.I moved my head down towards his thick cock,my first instinct was to sniff it,then lick it slightly,there was i tiny bit of precum on the tip and that was my first taste,it was good.I opened my mouth and moved down on the bell end,up and down in a slow rythm,my hand was working him at the same time,deeper deeper i took him into my mouth,twisting my head from side to side,as i went up and down.I was loving was simon as he groaned,head back.I moved away and knelt on the floor in front of him so i could pull his jeans down some more.I was so hungry now for his cock i was back on it in a second,sucking him up and down,and caressing his balls now they were free.I came off the top of his shaft and started to lick him from the base to the tip then back down to his balls,and then sucked his balls hard.He began to groan."i wanna fuck you so bad,oh i will fuck you all night"This made me feel really dirty now,so i got to work picking up the pace,bobbing up and down side to side with as much of his cock as i could take in my mouth,then slowing down to work him with my hand.before long he was very close to coming.i kept him on edge for a few seconds then he let go fully all up the side of my face and in my hair.after he stopped shooting I went down again and sucked what was left out gripping his balls tightly.

"i,i never felt anything like that in my life" he said.i moved back then knelt forward to kiss him once again."I never thought i would ever do anything with another guy.but you and me are close"i said feebly.not really knowing what else to say He stood up and told me to take of my jeans and pants,which i did obligingly not really knowing what else to do,in the brief 2 days i had even thought about being with a man sucking them off was as far as i got.Now simon was beckoning me on to the sofa so he could fuck me.i wasnt sure.

"mark I'm not going to hurt you.Im just gonna fuck you.believe me you will come like you never came before,put your head forward and relax." with that he went into the kitchen and got a bottle of olive oil,came back and started to lube my puckered up hole,i guess it was only fitting i was going to get fucked with virgin oil.It felt good as he carressed my butt,then slowly started to ease the neck of the bottle into my arse,it kinda felt sore but at the same time it felt fucking good."you ok?" he said as he knelt down and kissed me again."just relax,I am going to fuck you really nice." He was working his dick hard again as he teased my ring piece by pushing the bottle in and out again,it was really making me hard,then I could see him rubbing the oil along the length of his lovely cock,just looking at it i knew I wanted it burred deep in me,I wanted to feel his balls slapping my arse.He began to push slowly at my newly stretched entrance,pushing in and letting off.It really wasn't hurting at all,i looked into the mirror above the fireplace and I could see he was already in me,gently pushing a little more each time.It felt so good i was hungry for him to pick up the tempo,his hands were clenching my hips hard as he moved deeper and deeper with a steady can fuck me like this all night long i thought.then eventually i could feel the fronts of his hairy legs pushing on my arse,and his balls were pressing me at every in stroke,I began to moan as i looked in the mirror to see myself being fully taken my another man.After a while he moved his hands forward onto my shoulders and gripped on hard as he ban to fuck me harder and harder,each thrust was beginning to send a wave of electricity through me that I had never imagined,even with the hottest chick.In and out,harder and harder it was getting,I could hear his balls slapping and slurping against my naked arse.I wanted to feel him fill me up so bad.not once did i feel pain just raw fucking sex.I was so desperate to suck his cock again,but there was no way i was going to let him pull out,not now.I was just about to fucking explode.and shortly i did,at the exact same moment he let out a big groan,fucked me deep 2-3 more times,then pulled out quickly so I could drain him fully with my mouth.

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It was funny seeing simon at work the following thursday.but we soon picked up where we left off.and the end of this story is far from over.