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Keisha grey got shagged in her pussy
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A bright green light starts shooting from Winters fingertips, Sasha's flesh starts to meld back together and stops pouring blood. Gerald still holding her hand, starts running his fingers across her hand, marveling at how smooth her skin is even though she obviously worked hard and had a hard life.

The magic is taking a lot out of Winter, and suddenly the magic falters and stops. "I can't keep this up! I can't heal her. Her wounds are too deep." Winter says. As soon as the magic stops, Sasha's wounds start to reopen, blood starts to pour out of them and down her chest and side. Winter tries one more time, to get her magic flowing, but she isn't strong enough yet to continue.

With the two of them watching, Sasha dies from her wounds. Winter starts sobbing and screaming, her heart feels like it's being ripped out of her chest. Tears come to Gerald's eyes, and pour down his face, as one of the women he has come to care about dies in front of him. With Winter crying next to him, holding onto Sasha, he tells her " I have a revive potion, it only works on non npc players, but it will bring her back to life. She'll live again." Gerald grabs the potion and starts to pour some of it over Sasha's wounds, and opens her mouth and pours it down her throat.

He starts massaging her neck, trying to force the potion down her throat. After a few minutes of helpless waiting, they hear a groaning sound coming from the ground.

Sasha opens her eyes, and looks at Gerald, then Winter. "How am I alive?" she asks. "Well, you died from your wounds, and Gerald had a revive potion he used on you." Sasha tries to sit up, and Winter slowly helps her up, and gives her some food, even though it's not warm, it at least lets her have some of her energy back.

After the three of them finish whatever food they have in the packs, they start to slowly walk around the dungeon to see what else is in there besides the dead dragon. Gerald steps over to the body and grabs its head, stating "People will want to see proof that we actually killed the dragon." Winter and Sasha start walking opposite around the cave looking for anything special like jewels, gold, and anything else that might be special or unique. After a few minutes of looking and moving some little piles of bone, Winter finally shouts "I found something." She's in the far back of the cave, in a secluded corner and right in front of her is a treasure chest.

It's a plain brown chest, with silver inlaid in the seams, and a silver lock on the front. She starts hitting the lock on the treasure chest with her bow, after one final slam, the lock breaks free of the chest. Winter grasps the lid and slowly opens it.

The three of them gasp in shock, sitting before them is a plethora of different jewels. All kinds of emeralds, diamonds, sapphires and rubies. There was a small mountain of gold coins, rings, bracelets, and crowns. The three of them jump up and down in joy. Sasha kisses Winter, then kisses Gerald. She grabs their hands, and says "I'm so happy we made it out of here alive, and thank you Winter for saving my life." She says as she looks at Winter and Gerald.

Winter says "Of course, and I couldn't let you die. I told you I have feelings for you. I need you alive, for both of us." Gerald jumps in the middle of the conversation and says "I'm glad you're alive too. And I want to keep working with you guys, and getting to know you.

How about we get a celebratory drink at the inn. I want to continue off where I saw you guys earlier." He says, with a grin and he can feel his cock getting hard at the thought of a possible upcoming threesome. Gerald grabs the chest, the dragons head swinging off his belt, and says "Let's go." The three of them start walking out of the dungeon room and up the tunnel, and stepping over the stream, and out into the bright sunlight outside the cave.

Sasha and Winter stretch, and shout for joy because they're so excited, they found a chest of money, and the three of them survived. They start walking down the mountain, following the dirt path that will take them to the bottom to the road that will take them back into town. They follow it, and slowly walk, and get into town. They finally get to the inn, and turn in the notice to the innkeeper, as well as setting the dragon head on the bar.

He pulls out a big pouch of coins and sets it on the bar. "These are yours, for completing the quest. You can split it anyway you want to." He says. The innkeeper grabs the head, and holds it up for everyone in the inn to see and yells "We finally have someone who completed the dragon quest and killed the dragon!! She will no longer plague us! And they made it back alive, they get the pouch of money, and free beer for life!" The entire place lights up with cheering and yelling.

People are clanging beer glasses together, stomping their feet and making as much noise as possible in glee. The three of them are handed glasses of beer, and Sasha grabs two of them as Gerald still has the chest. They head up to the room Sasha and Winter shared, and set the chest and coin pouch on the bed. They clang their mugs together in joy, and start drinking the beer.

The three of them head out into the hallway, and Sasha locks the door with the key. They head downstairs and start ordering more beer and some food, bread and meat. They start drinking, and eating to their hearts content.

The three of them start getting drunk, they started having a drinking contest and of course Gerald won. He could basically drink them under the table. Thoroughly drunk, they all stumbled upstairs, Sasha was having trouble putting the key in the lock.

After a couple tries she finally puts it in the lock and the door swings open.

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They stumble through the door and start laughing drunkenly. Winter starts stripping off her armor and drops it on the floor, not caring what goes where. She falls onto the bed in just her under clothes and lays there with a smile on her face. Sasha follows her lead and strips off her armor and puts it in the pile Winter's was in.

She stands there with just a bra and underwear on, and walks to Gerald and starts undoing his sash and the belt on his kilt.

His clothes fall off and he stands there naked. Winter sits up hearing the clothes falling to the floor, and stares at Sasha and Gerald in shock. "What are you guys doing? Can I join in?" she asks. "Well, I wanted to get my clothes off, and take a quick shower, and I'm super horny right now and I want to be fucked." Says Sasha. "I second that." Gerald says, his cock getting harder at the thought of fucking these two beautiful women.

Winter stares at his hardening cock, and reaches behind her and grabs her bra, undoing the clasps, and after yanking it off her breasts she throws it on the floor. Her big tits sitting there jiggling. Sasha and Gerald just stand there and watch her undressing.

She lifts her hips up and slowly shimmies out of her underwear. Her pussy was shaven smooth, and already glistening wet in the lanterns in the room. Sasha took off her bra and underwear, her cock getting nice and hard and started walking to the bathroom.

Gerald stared at Sasha, her ass jiggling as she walks to the bathroom. (Holy shit, she has a cock. That's definitely a turn on.) he thought to himself. Winter jumped up off the bed and stumbled, and she caught herself on the nightstand. She started following Sasha and looked behind her and told Gerald "You are coming, or not?" Sasha starts the shower and steps under the hot spray, it feels amazing after their ordeal in the cave.

Winter walks into the bathroom, the shower is a pretty good size. It takes up most of the bathroom, it's about 5ft by 6ft, and just has a partial rock wall, as an entrance. Sasha keeps standing under the spray, letting the hot water warm her body, she grabs the soap and starts washing her body, slowly running her hands over her body and teasing herself as she watches Winter and Gerald walk into the shower to join her. Sasha grabs her dick and starts stroking it, feeling the flesh getting harder as blood rushes to it, and her pussy getting wet.

Sasha walks to the back of the shower and lets Winter and Gerald have the spray. She leans up against the wall and continues to stroke herself, closing her eyes in pleasure. Winter starts cleaning herself off, and teases her pussy with her fingers. Gerald gets hard watching the two women slowly pleasure themselves. He starts cleaning himself off quickly, he washes his body and hair and rinses off and steps over to Sasha and asks if he can touch her. He slowly reaches out and grabs her cock.

It's just as smooth as his is, it's circumcised and about 6 inches long, and 3 inches thick. His hands are rough with callouses and blisters from wielding his double-bladed axe daily. Sasha spreads her legs open, and enjoys him touching her, he's getting used to holding a cock in his hand, that's not his own.

Winter comes up behind him and wraps her arms around him, holding him from behind as she slowly runs her hands over his back, and buttocks and around the front of his hips to his cock. She spins him around and pushes him against the same wall Sasha is leaning on, she drops to her knees and slowly starts to suck Gerald's cock into her mouth.

She reaches out and starts stroking Sasha's as she continues to lick and suck his cock. She starts swirling her tongue around his tip, as if it were an ice cream cone, as he grabs her hair and forces more of his cock into her mouth. She starts gagging and spit starts coming out of her mouth and mixing with the water on her face. Winter switches people, and starts sucking Sasha's hard cock, and stroking Gerald's. Sasha moans in pleasure and grabs Winter's face, forcibly fucking her mouth with her cock.

"Let's move this to the bedroom, as much as this feels good, I'd love to be able to actually pleasure both of you." "Let's push the beds together so we can make a bigger bed, and we don't have to struggle to fit the three of us on one bed." Gerald says as he grabs one bed and starts to push it in the middle of the room.

Sasha and Winter grab the other one, and pushes it next to the other so they can all fit on one bed. Gerald sits down on the bed, and Sasha and Winter sit down as well. "So how do we do this?" asks Sasha.

"I've only ever been with a woman at one time, not two people at once." "Well, basically, I fuck either one of you, and the other goes down on the one who isn't getting fucked. I'd love to watch that." He says with a smile. "Well, you can just sit and watch for a little bit then." Says Winter with a smile as she lays down and grabs Sasha.

Winter opens her legs, and Sasha gets between them. Kissing her way up Winter's body, and grabbing and sucking on her nipples.


Sasha bites them hard, leaving bite marks. She starts making out with Winter, kissing her roughly, pushing her tongue into her mouth, and rubbing her cock on her pussy making it wet with need. Gerald sits at the end of the bed, and spreads his legs open and starts pulling on his balls, and stroking his cock while watching the two women play with each other. "Can you turn sideways, so I can see you guys better?" he asks. The girls turn sideways, and Sasha starts slowly entering her cock into Winter's tight, wet pussy.

Sasha grabs Winter's big breasts and roughly started massaging them as she slid her cock in and out of her pussy. Gerald starts really massaging his cock faster, watching Sasha fuck Winter. Gerald crawls over to Winter, and pushes his cock into her mouth, saying "Suck my cock, while you get fucked baby." Winter sucks his cock, with everything she has, as Sasha starts thrusting faster and faster, just pounding Winter's pussy with her cock.

Winter starts cumming hard and fast on the cock that's inside her. Gerald is about to cum, and pulls his cock out of her mouth and starts stroking it, and moaning "I'm cumming." As he shoots load after load of cum onto Winter's face and chest, coating Sasha's hands in cum because she's still gripping her big breasts.

Sasha, seeing Winter cumming, and Gerald cumming on her face and chest, she shot multiple loads of hot, sticky cum inside Winter's pussy. The three of them laid close together and started cuddling, Gerald was in the middle, as they started drifting off to sleep. After, a few hours, Gerald woke up, his cock hard again because he was sandwiched in the middle of two beautiful women.

He felt Sasha's hard cock in between his ass cheeks and he thought to himself, I've wanted to see what it was like to be with a she-male. Gerald rolls over and kisses Sasha awake. She moans and pushes her hips towards him, her cock touching his, even though they're not hard now. He moves his hand down to her breasts, and starts to squeeze them, lightly rolling her nipples in between his fingers.

She wakes up, and looks at him, her eyes bright. She smiles, and say's "That was a nice nap, now I'm ready to play again, evidently you are too." As she grabs his cock and starts stroking him. She leans close to him and kisses him, and says "Are you interested in dicks at all?" "I'm curious, about dicks, I've never been with a guy or a she-male." He says.

Sasha grabs his hand and puts it on her cock. She's not hard, though she will be soon. He starts stroking her, slowly at first, getting used to the feel of her flesh in his rough, calloused hand. He plays with her nipples with his other hand, and she starts stroking him too.

He moans in pleasure, and starts thrusting his hips so his cock slides in and out of her hand. She starts thrusting her hips as well, enjoying the feel of his hands on her. "Will you suck me, and I'll suck you?" she asks. Winter at this point and rolls over, and starts running her hands over his body. "I want to see you guys suck each other." Sasha lays on her back and spreads her legs, her cock jutting proudly from her body.

"Can I just go slow?" asks Gerald. "No, you have to do it fast. Of course, you can go as slow as you want. I don't want to run you off." Sasha says. Gerald starts touching Sasha, running his hands over her body, and kissing and sucking his way down her chest, and stomach and finally reaching the V between her legs. He opens his mouth and slowly starts to suck her, licking the tip of her cock and slowly pushing his fingers inside her pussy.

As she starts moaning, he starts sucking the entire length into his mouth. Winter starts sucking his cock and teasing his balls as she starts sucking his entire length in her mouth.

As she continues to deep throat his cock, Gerald gags on Sasha's, spit running down his chin. He pulls his mouth off her, and says "Can I fuck you now?" Sasha gets on her hands and knees, and starts stroking her cock, pre-cum leaking out of the tip.

Gerald grabs Winter's hair and starts to face fuck her. He suddenly stops, and tells Winter "Put your pussy in Sasha's mouth, while I fuck her." Winter obliges, and gets under Sasha, and she starts going to town on her pussy. Licking her clit, and sucking on it, and Sasha pushes two of her fingers inside Winter's pussy and stretches her open, feeling her tight pussy clamp down on her fingers.

Gerald gets behind Sasha and slowly pushes his cock into her pussy, feeling her cock bob up and down. He starts slowly thrusting, and is enjoying watching Sasha eat out Winter's pussy. Gerald can feel Sasha's pussy start cumming on his cock, and at the same time her cock erupts with cum and Winter yells out "You're making me cum!" Gerald grabs Sasha's hair and yanks it, making her cum again.

Sasha starts sucking on Winter's clit like it's candy, and is shoving her fingers in and out of her pussy.

Winter cums again, soaking Sasha's fingers in cum. "Let's switch, I want to see Winter suck your cock, and lick your pussy." Says Gerald. The ladies switch positions, and Sasha lays down on her back. Winter gets on her hands and knees and Gerald slowly enters her soaking wet pussy from behind.

She's tight as a glove and she stretches around his cock. Winter starts sucking gently on Sasha's cock, because she had just come quite a lot.

Instead, Winter just focuses on her pussy, teasing her and pushing her tongue in and out of Sasha's pussy. Tasting her sweet cum.

Sasha is very much enjoying seeing Winter get fucked, and having Winter go down on her. She's moaning as, Winter is moaning into her pussy. Gerald starts fucking Winter's pussy hard and fast, making her cum again, he continues to slam his cock into her, not caring if he's rough, and he shouts "I'm cumming." and he starts moaning in pleasure.

"Oh, fuck, that was amazing, ladies." Gerald says, as he rolls onto his back, and lays there trying to catch his breath. He starts to fall asleep, and Winter and Sasha roll over and start to cuddle and the three of them fall asleep until morning. The ladies wake up before Gerald and take a shower and start to get dressed. They grab their stuff, and head downstairs and sit at a table. Sasha heads up to the counter, and asks for some bread, cheese and meat.

The scent of spices and meat permeate the room, as Sasha's stomach growls in hunger. "That will be 4 coins, for the food and drink" says the innkeeper. She hands the innkeeper 4 coins for the food, and she gets the food on a tray.

She carries it back to the table and the two ladies start to dig in. Upstairs, Gerald finally wakes up and looks around the room, and see's its empty except him and his things. The chest is still there though. He quickly takes a shower and heads downstairs with his things. He steps into the room, and see Sasha and Winter sitting at a table eating breakfast.

"May I join you?" he asks. "Of course, we got enough for all three of us. Plus, there is something I wanted to talk to you about." Says Sasha. Gerald sits down and starts to dig into the food, after eating for a few minutes, he sets his drink down and asks, "What did you want to talk to me about?" Sasha says "Well, I still have to take Winter to her master, which is in the next town over. After she is returned to him, I'll be heading on and travelling new places by myself.

I wanted to know if you would like to come with us?" "I don't want her to be alone, and since I won't be able to be with her, it'd be nice if there was someone she knew and cared about to travel with her. Everyone need's companionship." Says Winter. "Well, let me think about it honestly. Because I submitted a request to join a local guild, that has a lot of hunters, and they do a lot of different quests I am interested in.

If they deny me, then of course I will join you, but I'm hoping I can get accepted. I've been wanting to join this particular guild for a while now." Gerald says. The three of them finish their food and drinks, and Sasha takes the tray and mugs up to the counter and hands them to the innkeeper.

"Thank you for being so hospitable. We really enjoyed staying here." She tells him. "Well thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed us, and hope to see you again if you're ever passing through Sacred Hills." He says as he shakes her hand. Sasha walks back to the table and stands there, and says "Ready to go Winter? Let's get you home." Winter stands up and grabs her stuff, and Sasha grabs hers.

"Well, if you're ever wanting to work with us again, or even just have some fun, we'd love to have you. Let me send you a friend request really quick." Sasha says, as she holds her hand out and Gerald grabs it and shakes it. A message pops up on his menu stating (Would you like to be friends with Sasha? YES or NO). He clicks (YES) friend request is accepted. "I'll definitely think about it, I had so much fun!" he says.

He continues to sit there, and starts looking through his pack. Sasha and Winter head out of the inn and down the road, heading towards the providence of Raynvalley.

Sasha asks her, "So, what did you think of the last couple days? I mean fighting the dragon, and the sex with me and Gerald? That wasn't too much was it?" Winter says "No it wasn't too much, I very much enjoyed it. It went exactly as I hoped it would, and I have never been happier or as excited. As for fighting the dragon, it was terrifying and amazing at the same time. There were so many parts where I was like holy shit! We're going to die! And others where I thought we were going to win.

But, I am so happy we won. I'm so happy the three of us made it, and to be honest, yours and Gerald's cock was amazing. I've never been with a woman before, much less one that also had a cock. But I don't think I can be with just a guy ever again. I'll always need a woman in my life from now on. I hope it will be you, but if not, I'm sure I'll find someone eventually." They continue walking at a brisk pace, able to keep up the small talk, as well as cut down on how far they had to go.

After about 17 minutes of brisk walking, they slowed down to a walk, Winter reaches out and grabs Sasha's hand holding it while they continued walking. Sasha looks over at Winter and smiles, squeezing her hand lightly.

Gerald is still sitting at the same table, after the ladies left. He went up to the innkeeper and asked for a beer as he was still waiting for an invite or rejection to show up on his menu, in his inbox. After waiting what feels like forever, his inbox finally chimes showing he has a new message. His excitement grows, as does the feeling of nervousness that overcomes him. He presses the menu button, and then the button for the mail, his inbox opens and sitting right at the top is a message from the guild (Raven's Talon).

It simply states (We are sorry, but right now we are not looking for any new members, try again in a few months. We might have some openings then. Sincerely, Leo Talon (Guild president). Gerald sits there in shock after reading the message, he was so sure he'd get into this guild! (Well, there is no point in just sitting here, if they're not going to accept me.

Might as well take Sasha and Winter up on their offer to join them.) he thinks to himself as he grabs his things, and the chest and takes off running out of the inn, and down the street. Hoping to find the ladies before they get too far, and he can't find them. He takes off at a dead run, trying to catch up to them. After running for almost 20 minutes, he finally sees them in the distance holding hands.

He finally catches up to them, and yells "Hey!! Can I still join you??!" The ladies turn around and smile when they see him. "What did you say?" Sasha asks. "Can I still join you? The guild rejected me, and I have no reason to stay here. So, I wanted to know if I could still join you guys on your next trip?" Sasha and Winter exchange a small glance and smile, and Winter says "Of course, we wouldn't rescind that offer.

Come with us." The three of them keep walking down the road, and after a few hours finally make it to the Providence of Raynvalley. They walk into town and see that everything looks ruined. There are broken windows, doors were hanging on their hinges. Furniture and glass was thrown in the street, weapons and armor were discarded here and there. It didn't look like there were any bandits still in town, but the three of them were still on their guard none the less.

They walked through the main road, and into the square, Winter gasped in shock, standing frozen looking at the Gallows that wasn't there before she had run away. Hanging from the gallows were a lot of people, their faces were red and swollen, from the nooses around their neck.

There were old men and women, political prisoners, or people who stood up to the bandits, kids with one of their hands cut off for trying to survive by stealing food, thieves who broke into people's houses during the chaos, and what looked like the mayor and his family.

The three of them walked through the square, looking at all the wreckage. Windows were blown out, glass scattered on the ground, doors off their hinges, bodies in the street, and blood sprayed and pooled all over, carts and merchant stalls were laying on their sides destroyed, the contents scattered around the area, rotting in the sun. The smell of the town was a mixture of blood and rotten food, fruit and bodies.

It was horrible smell and sight. There was a giant pile of bodies in the middle of the square next to the gallows. Townspeople they didn't hang, they murdered and piled up, their property, armor and weapons from the stores and other objects were piled with them, and set everything on fire. The bodies still smoldered a little, the black and white smoke filled the sky. After finally walking through the town, they get to this grand, stone and brick house.


They slowly work their way up the front path, weapons drawn just in case they get attacked. Winter knocks on the front door, and yells out "Master, it's Winter. I'm home!" the door slowly swings open on its hinges and bangs against the wall. They stand there for a few seconds in the doorway, waiting to see if someone will come and greet them.

"Let's start going through the rooms, I guess, and see if anyone is alive still. And, to make sure there isn't any more bandits still hiding in the house." Winter says.

They step on broken glass, pottery and utensils, and they are checking all the bodies on the ground to see if anyone made it out alive. So far there isn't anyone. Winter heads upstairs, and starts walking slowly through the rooms.


Memories coming unheeded to her mind, of the first time she arrived at the house, her first sexual service to her Master, meeting and making friends with all the servants, and the first time they called her part of their family.

Tears come to her eyes, and she hastily wipes them away. Hoping that her Master was still alive. Sasha and Gerald start to check the rest of the rooms, there isn't anything in the rooms to salvage, since everything is destroyed, and no one is alive.

They get to the back of the house, and walk through the kitchen to the back patio. They step out into a once beautiful garden filled with different flowers and roses, the flower beds were trampled and broken, but their perfume was scenting the air, along with the scent of blood.

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Winter finally comes downstairs and meets them on the back patio they stand there looking at what once was a beautiful garden.

A massive fountain with broken, beautiful marble statues of horses rearing up in the middle of it, various parts were broken off, water cascading around them, stained red. Small stone benches were scattered around a gravel path leading down to a small creek, that slowly bubbled and gurgled along.

Scattered around the garden were dead bodies, most looked like they were cut down trying to run for their lives. Winter runs from body to body, trying to see if her Master is one of them. She sighs in relief, when she can't see him, until she sees the blood trail leading away from the gardens, and back to the house. The three of them follow the blood trail to the inside of the house, and it leads them to a small hidden cupboard like room, behind a painting next to the stairs.

Winter grabs the edges of the painting and yanks it open suddenly. Hiding inside of the small room that was behind the painting is an older looking servant, he looks frail, but was once strong, his once clean-shaven face has a full beard now, and his hair that used to be so clean cut was now a ragged, matted mess. He had bruises all over his body, and he was slowly scabbing over the cuts he had on his body. It looked like he got hurt bad while trying to avoid being killed by the bandits.

Winter yells out "Hudson! You're alive! What happened?" "Winter? Is that you? We thought you were killed when we heard those bandits captured you." Hudson says. "Yes, it's me Hudson. Sasha here saved me from the bandits and her and Gerald brought me back home like they promised.

Where is the Master? I need to tell him I'm home. And come out of there. You're safe now, there isn't any one here." Winter says as she holds her hand out to Hudson. He grabs it and clambers out of the hole, standing up and brushing himself off. Winter hugs him and starts crying in happiness that someone she knew and cared about was still alive. "So where is the Master?" she asks. "I'm not sure, I haven't seen him since the bandits broke into his study where he barricaded himself in there to escape them.

I think he might be there, but if not then they took him somewhere. Probably trying to find the money he has hidden around." Hudson says. He turns and looks at Gerald and Winter "I'm the Master's number one, right hand man Hudson. I take care of the house, and servants when the Master isn't here.

Nice to meet you." Winter takes off running to the stairs, and takes them two at a time until she reaches the top and she runs to the end of the hall, to the one room she didn't check because she's not allowed in there. Gerald, Sasha and Hudson chase after her.

She tries the door, and it swings open and stops just short of hitting the wall. That's a bad sign, considering the door was always locked, and the servants weren't allowed in there except the cleaning ladies. She stood in the doorway of the massive study, the carpet was cream colored, there were a couple leather chairs sitting overturned in front of a broken desk, there were deep bookshelves on the walls, but were now empty.

Oil paintings and country maps that used to take up most of the other walls, were now ripped and tossed around. A globe was spinning slowly on a side desk near the door. The main desk was broken in two, splinters of wood were strewn all over the room, desk drawers were broken and thrown about, books were torn in half, pieces of them, and loose pages were spread all over the room and the pages were fluttering in the wind from the broken windows.

The walls had holes punched in them, the room looked like it was ransacked, someone was looking for something and couldn't find it.

There was a sharp scent of blood in the room, the once cream-colored carpet was now stained cherry red in places. Winter falls to the floor and lands on her knees and starts crying, Sasha grabs her, holds her close and just lets her cry on her shoulder. After crying for what seems like forever, Winter rubs her hands over her face and looks at Sasha and Gerald and says "We need to find him.

Even if he's alive or dead, we need to find him. Will you help me" "Of course, we haven't found him yet, so our journey isn't done yet. "Sasha says. "Where would your Master go Hudson?" Sasha asks. "I'm not sure, he has a small cabin not far from here, where he has some of his most valuable items stored there for safe keeping just in case something happened to the house, like it just did a while ago." "I can take you there." Hudson says. "Let's go then. I'm curious about what happened to him as well." Says Sasha.

Hudson starts to walk out of the study, and down the stairs. He walks to the back door, near the kitchen and through the garden, over the bodies of his friends who were like family to him, trying not to step on anyone. The three of them follow him, also trying to not step on anyone, and after a few minutes of walking make it to the end of the garden. There was a gravel path leading into a small wooded area, after following Hudson for what seemed like quite a while, but couldn't have been more than 10 to 15 minutes they came upon a small cabin in a clearing that was next to a beautiful lake.

There were two bandits standing guard outside the door of the cabin on the deck. Winter takes out her bow and notches an arrow and aims for one of the bandits, she fires. She hits the first bandit right in the heart with pin point accuracy.

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Winter then notches another arrow and fires again aiming for the second bandit. The second bandit looks in shock as his partner hits the grounds and right as he is about to shout out the second arrow hit him right in the throat, silencing him. Quietly, Hudson said "Winter and I will walk around the back of the cabin and see if we can see the Master, can you (Sasha) and Gerald make some distraction out here in front?" "Sure, we'll make the most ruckus you've ever heard or seen." She said with a smile and a small laugh.

Gerald smiles at her and grabs his axe off his back, he walks up to the stairs and deck of the cabin and starts hitting the front door with it. With just a few swings the door frame crumbles under his blows. Sasha follows him, and they can hear panicked shouting from inside the house.

Evidently from the screams, the bandits didn't think anyone would be able to follow them. Gerald shoves the broken parts of the door aside and steps into the room, Sasha has her sword and shield and follows him. There are seven bandits standing with weapons drawn facing the door. There were multiple chests of gold, jewels and one single chest of different maps and papers that look important sitting on the table in the kitchen.

Gerald yells "Where is the Master of the house that you guys just destroyed?" "Heh, like we'd ever tell you!" one of the bandit's yell. "Well, since you don't want to tell us, we'll just have to beat it out of you." Sasha says. She rushes past Gerald and swings her sword towards one of the bandits standing in the living room, he blocks the attack with his shield and they start trading blows.

Gerald joins in the fray, and the two of them fight the bandits, the chests and furniture get knocked over, and whatever was inside them get knocked around the house in the battle, together they knock out six of the bandits in quick succession.

They avoided killing them, since they needed information from them. The last bandit Gerald had pinned against the wall with his axe. "Now, where is the Master of the house? Is he still alive?" Gerald asks. "I. I don't know. I think he is. We were just told to stay here and guard the bedroom in case someone came to the house by our leader, and we did." "What leader? What does he look like?" "Will you promise to spare me if I give you all the information you're asking of me?" "Yes, I'll spare you." Says Gerald.

"Alright, our leader is an older guy, we weren't told the whole plan since we're just grunts, but he managed to infiltrate the owners house a couple years ago, and has been planning this for a long time. He was just waiting for the right time to act. The Master of the house is horribly rich and very greedy and stingy with his money. So, our leader wanted to take it all from him and show him he couldn't be like that anymore. Plus, he was very abusive to his servants." "Where is your leader now?" "He said earlier he was on the way." Gerald lets the man down off the wall, and steps back.

He looks at Sasha, and says "Do you think Hudson could be their leader? He's the only one who supposedly knew where this place was." Through the back door comes Hudson, holding Winter in front of him like a shield, with his knife to her throat.

"I am the leader of the bandits, I have been infiltrating the house for the last 5 years. What are you doing to my men?" "We're trying to get information from them, don't worry they're not dead. Yet." Says Gerald. Winter struggles against Hudson, yelling "What did you do to the Master?" "Don't worry, he's in the bedroom." Hudson says with a sadistic smile and laugh.

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He lets Winter go as she runs to the bedroom and forces the door open. Laying on the bed is the body of the Master of the house.

It looks normal enough, except there is a grey pallor to the body, and it's decapitated. She screams so loud it hurts their ears. "Hah! So, you found him. I made him tell me where he kept all his money and then I killed him! He didn't resist much, after he learned his fate was sealed regardless of whether he gave me the money or not." "You were part of the family! He took you in! He made you his right-hand man.

Why did you do this?" Winter yells while tears stream down her face.

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"Because I can! I'm a bandit! I'm greedy, and love money! Plus, he was abusive to you, and I fell in love with you! How many times did I ask you if you wanted to leave? Did you really want to stay there, and be his sexual slave? I would take better care of you than he ever would have!" Hudson yells.

Winter walks over to Hudson, and slaps him in the face. "I owed him after he gave me a place to stay, and a job. He never did anything I didn't allow. And even though I didn't always want to have sex with him, and do sexual favors, I never even looked at you in a sexual way.

I was never interested in you!" "Well, now he's dead. As his right-hand man, I now own the house, surrounding lands and all the servants. You're going to be my sexual slave now, whether you like it or not.

And especially since I know you don't like me like that, I'm going to enjoy every sick, twisted thing I'm going to do to you." "You can't do that! She doesn't belong to you! She's not property, she's a human being!" Sasha yells.

"You two can leave now, this is between a master and his servant. So, get out of here!" Hudson says as he turns and looks at Sasha and Gerald. Hudson roughly grabs Winter's arm and holds her close to him. Sasha is standing there angrily, staring at Hudson upset that Winter is crying, and she had just lost one of the only people she cares about, and who took her in. And the fact that he's touching her. She slowly walks up to him and stabs him through his throat, yanking the blade to the side, and slicing through his neck.

Blood pours down his neck, and sprays out of the wound, coating everything in red, sticky blood. Gerald steps around the body, and goes to Winter and hugs her, not caring that she's covered in blood.

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"It'll be okay, you found out what happened. Even though it's not what you wanted, at least you now know what happened." "Don't worry, we won't let anything happen to you. You're part of our family now." "Can we just leave now?

Let's get away from here, I can't stay here any longer. It's too painful. Everyone I cared about has died, and this asshole wanted to make me into a slave again." Winter says to Sasha and Gerald. She's finally done crying, she's cried enough tears today. Sasha grabs her hand and holds her close, the two women head towards the door of the cabin and walk outside and stand on the deck.

Gerald starts going through the papers and maps that were spread around the living area of the cabin, and grabs a bunch in his hands and puts them in a chest. He starts collecting gold and jewels and puts them in the same chest. After it's filled with papers and coins, he heads outside to the deck and the three of them face an uncertain future.

Each was wondering what would happen now, since they finally learned what happened to Winter's Master. "Let's go back to town really quick, we can get a bite to eat, then we can figure out what to do from there." Says Sasha.

The three of them walked slowly back to the town, each thinking to themselves about what had just transpired. After walking for a while they finally made it back to town, and stopped at the inn they were just at that morning.

They walked in and Sasha asked the innkeeper, for a room to shower in, and some food and drink when they were done. "You have room 12 again. As soon as you're done with the shower and come back down I'll have your food ready for you. Oh, that'll be 4 coins." Sasha hands him the money, and he turns and gets the room key and hands it to her. The three of them walk through the dining room, and up the stairs to the same room they had left not a few hours ago.

Sasha opens the door, and strips off her armor, and drops it on the ground where it clangs together. Winter drops hers on top of Sasha's, and Gerald just sits down on the bed, and says "I'll wait until you guys are done." The girls head to the bathroom, and turn the water on and step in.

Winter stands under the hot spray and starts cleaning off her body. Sasha leans up against the wall and watches her, her cock twitching. After a few minutes, Winter finishes and says, "The water is yours." As she steps out of the shower and grabs a towel to wrap herself in. She heads out of the bathroom and Gerald is laying back on the bed now, naked.

"You guys done now?" he asks Winter with a smile. "Well, I am. It's her turn in the shower now, if you want to join her." "Okay, I will." Gerald says, as he stands up and walks to the bathroom. After a very quick shower, both Gerald and Sasha return to the room and start getting dressed into their clothes.

The three of them grab their packs, and head back downstairs.

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Like the innkeeper promised, there was food and drink waiting on the counter for them. They grab the food and head to a table, as they sit down Sasha asks the group "What do you want to do next?" "Well, let's just look at the notice board again.

Maybe there is some exciting quest we can do." Says, Winter. The three of them finish eating their food, and drank the last of the beer in their mugs. They stand up and start gathering their packs and they take the dishes to the innkeeper, and set them on the counter. Gerald, Sasha and Winter start heading out the door to their new adventure. To be Continued.