Arrecha tiene sexo en el balcon

Arrecha tiene sexo en el balcon
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For the person that suggested that I use a spell check program, I do but found, after your suggesting, that I needed to check after I had written my work not just during the writing. Thank you for your remark. For those of you who ask that I continue my writing thank you and I will. And for those that are "niggers haters" you have your own problems and if you do not like what you are reading then go to another story as most of us do.

I assure you I do not read stories about beating women, for satisfaction or otherwise. Those that like my stories please read on as I do have several in process even one that includes a man from another planet sent here to spread their life form on earth.

Keep in touch. Now for part Four. Black Neighbor Baby Sitter Part Four She spent the night there and the next morning left early so that the kids would not catch her in bed with their dad.

Watching her dress made his pecker start to grow and he found he wanted her again. But there wasn't enough time for that as the girls would be out and about in short order and he didn't want them to see what was going on with him and their babysitter. They were a little young for that. Once dressed she went over to him on the bed, flipped back the covers and saw his hard pecker.

Without a word she bent over she took the head of it into her mouth and gave it a big suck then let it go and gave it a kiss right on the hole. There was some pre-cum on it and she sucked that in before standing up. "Sorry I don't have time for more but that will have to do for, now until later," she said. I'm sure you can take care if that this time, after all, that is how I found you last night ." "I will be thinking of you as I do so," he responded.

With that she bent over and gave him a deep kiss before leaving to get ready for her day at school. When she was gone he was already stroking his pecker with his eyes closed and seeing her naked in his mind. The sight of her sucking his cock deep into her mouth was what he dreamed of and it was also what brought him to the brink.

Cum shot out almost to his chin when he cum and there was a lot of it. Luckily there was towel by the bed so that he could clean up the mess.

"What you doing dad?", Was what he heard but he didn't really think he had heard it. He must still be dreaming. Opening his eyes he looked towards the door and saw his oldest standing there watching him as he was finishing squeezing out the last of his cum. Oh my God, he thought to himself. He was so shocked that she was standing there that he didn't even think to draw the sheet over him.

What good would that do anyway, she had seen what he was doing already and saw his stiff cock shoot off a large load of cum into the air and land on his chest. What could he say?? He set up onto his elbows and just looked at her for a time. Then he said, "Well honey I was relieving some pressure that had built up inside of me. You are a little young to understand but it's a sexual thing that people do now and then to make them feel good.

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How long were you standing there?" "Long enough to hear you say the baby sitters name just before you shot all that sperm out. ." "Oh really. So do you understand what I was saying about relieving built up pressure?" "Not really but I'll take your word for it." She came into the room and set on the edge of the bed.

Once there she reached over and touched the warm thick cum. "What is this stuff?" "That's sperm, it's what can get a women pregnant." "How does that happen?" "Well, when a man and women have sex he leaves it inside her and some of it works it's way deep into her and sort of wraps itself around her egg and fertilizes it and she becomes pregnant." "Oh, but how does he get it into her?" This was getting to be a little more then he wanted to get into right now but he didn't want to just shut her off like so many parents do.

So he went on. Come here and take off your panties and I'll show what I'm talking about." With no thought at all she did as she was tolled.

Once her panties were off he reached down and spread her legs apart and touched her young, soft, hairless pussy. The feel of it on his finger brought that feeling into his grown again.

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He really shouldn't be doing this but there was no turning back now. "Okay, this is where the man puts his penis into the women." He started rubbing her small lips and was surprised to find them a little damp and not with pee. This surprised him as he didn't think that she was old enough to have lubricant develop yet.

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She would turn eleven in just a month but that was still young for such things to happen sexually. Oh well maybe she was going to develop early, some girls do and he knew that.

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"I'm' going to press my finger into you and if it hurts let me know, Okay?" "Okay, but I don't think it will hurt. I've stuck my finger in there before." Now this really surprised him.

"Really? When did you start doing that?" "A couple months ago. I was washing in the tube and when I was washing there it felt good so I kept doing it until I got tired of it. And then one night when I was touching myself there I just pressed a finger in and it felt even better so I have been doing that ever since." He pressed his finger into her and felt the tightness of it but kept pressing in as the lubricant was aiding the entry into her small love canal.

"That feels better then when I do it dad." She just lay there and let him feel her young tight pussy.


He started to move in and out slowly to see how she would react. "Oh that feel good dad.

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Is that how a man does a women?" "Well sort of. He doesn't use his finger to get pregnant. He puts his cock into her and does this with it until he cum's inside her." "And that's how she gets pregnant?" "Yes but only some times. The women has be in the right time of the month in order to get pregnant." All the time they were talking he kept sliding his finger in and out of her and his pecker was growing harder.

"Daddy, your getting big again, why?" "Because doing this to you gets me a little excited down there. It can't be helped. It just happens.


I think we better stop now. It isn't right for a man and his daughter to be doing this. I just wanted to answer your question was all and I think I have done that, right?" "Yes dad, but do you have to stop doing that, it really feels good, so much better then when I do it to myself." "No, as I said it isn't right for a dad to do this to his daughter." "Not even if she wants you to do it?" "Even if she wants him to do it." "If I don't tell anyone about it would you do it to me some other time?" "I'll have to think about that some.

I don't want to get into trouble with the law and end up in jail. You wouldn't want that would you?" "No, I want you to do this some time when we are alone so that you won't get into trouble, Okay?" "We'll see?

Now go get dressed for the day and I'm going to take a hot, or maybe a cold shower." "You going to do what you were doing when I came into the room to be with you for a while?" "Do you like her dad?" "Yes, in fact I do. But we will keep that between you and me, Okay?" "Okay, I'll keep it a secret.

But I think she is a really good babysitter and like her a lot." "I'm glade you do. How about your sister, does she like her too?" "Oh yes, I think she likes her even more then I do, but not by much. We both like her a whole lot." "That's good to hear because she may spend even more time here and it would make it a lot better knowing that you two really like her," "No problem there dad." She jumped up from the bed and gave him a hug before running off to get ready for the day.

What had happen here, he asked himself. He wasn't suppose to get sexually excited over his own daughter, a ten year old at that. Was he nuts or something? He would have to spend some time thinking about that. In the mean time he had to start thinking about the babysitters mother.

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He really wanted to fuck her in that nice ass of hers. Hopefully that would be this afternoon.

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Better clean up the bedroom. Wouldn't want her to think he was a slob now would he??

It was one that afternoon when he say her drive into her driveway. Time to see just how far he would be able to go with the babysitters mom.

The way she talked he had high hopes.


Walking across the street he hollered. "Need some help with that?" He caught her by surprise and when she looked around found him almost by her side.

"Okay, that would be nice, I have more in the car." "I'll get them while you unlock the door." "Fine, be careful with that one on the floor, it has a bottle soda in it as well as some gen. Can't have that broken now can we." It was more of a statement then a question. He bent down to retrieve what was there and found that there were two others on the seat as well so he got them.

No sense making two trips when one would do. Once inside he followed her into the kitchen and put everything on the counters. "So what brings you over here. I know it wasn't to help me with these, indicating the bags on the counter. Your baby sitter isn't here and you know that so what's on your mind." She was wearing shorts and halter top, both showing her good form.

He was looking at her legs as she had asked the question and when she saw this she added, "You like what you see?" "Very much so. In fact I like all that I see." "Well thank you for that. A women likes to hear such things once and a while even at my age." "Now you aren't all that old this I know, maybe a year or two older than myself." "Maybe so, how old are you?" "Twenty eight and you?" "Well your in for a surprise then.

I'm twenty six. Thanks for the complement." "Really, I thought that your daughter being 16 you would be older." "I know, it floors everyone I tell that to. I was raped when I was ten and for some reason that I have never really been able to figure out I was able to keep the baby. My folks raised her until I was able to do so on my own which was when I was 19 and I have had her with me ever since." "Wow, that is something. You two are closer to being sisters then motherdaughter." "Yah, but we don't let that get in the way of life together.

She knows that I am her mother, and how it happen that we are so close in age and she excepts that. I can't ask for anything more then that." "No, I don't suppose you can, or anyone else for that matter.

It's good to know you at last. I have been wanting to for some time but just didn't know how to approach you. I never know when a black women will be friendly and not and I didn't want to bring about hard feelings between us as neighbors." "Oh, I assure you, you needn't worry about that. I have had my eye on you as well and like you, wasn't sure how you would react." "So now what do we do?", He asked.


"Well we could really get to know each other", she said with a sparkle in her eyes. "Now why didn't I think of that?" "Some how I think you did but just didn't want to press your luck. I want you and I'm sure you want me, so lets let it happen." "Oh, I can see that I'm going to like you a lot.

Yes, lets let it happen." "First I want to shower after being shopping all morning. You can fix something to drink if you like and wait in the living room while I'm busy elsewhere." "Sounds good to me." He went to the counter and started going through cabinets looking for glass's and such while she walked off down the hall to prepare for an afternoon of fun.