Hadley tempts charles with her big tits

Hadley tempts charles with her big tits
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I guess I grew up in what most people would call a dysfunctional family. Open sexual contact between family members was encouraged. Our family consisted of mom and dad plus me and my brother. When my brother and I were younger we could only observe mom and dad but we weren't allowed to participate although masturbation by us siblings was allowed.

I was always very intrigued with my dad and my brother's penises. How they could go from limp little things to those huge stiff hard cocks.

And how they could stroke and massage them and get that gooey cum to shoot out. Of course when I first watched my brother jack off, nothing came out of his cock but as he got older, he could cum just like my dad.

I knew that it really felt good when they would shoot their cum and I was jealous. But then my mom taught me how to masturbate and I found that girls could get that great feeling of orgasm too.

At some point, our parents taught us about oral sex, which at first I thought was gross. The idea of taking my dad or my brother's cock in my mouth was disgusting.

They peed out of that thing.

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And I am supposed to suck it? I had seen mom suck dad's cock but thought it was disgusting. Especially when she had his gooey cum all over her mouth. But I had already become somewhat obsessed with cocks and so it didn't take a lot of encouragement by mom for me to give it a try. And, of course I loved it. It gave me a great feeling of power to suck my brother's cock, and especially my dad's cock. But unfortunately I had an aversion to taking cum in my mouth.

My brother shot off in my mouth once and I hated the taste and so I refused to let either one of them cum in my mouth after that.

My mom tried to convince me to try to get the cock as far in my mouth as possible so that the cum would shoot down my throat and I would barely taste it. But I didn't want to even try to do that. But one day I walked into the living room and mom and dad were watching tv and my brother Bob had his pants pulled down to his knees and was masturbating.

Something clicked in my brain and I had a sudden urge to get his cock in my mouth and start sucking it. So I sat next to him, leaned over and took his prick in my mouth.

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He told me "Sis, I am about to cum!" But for some reason, I didn't care. I just wanted to suck that beautiful cock. And my brother did have a great looking penis. Being young, he always got an extremely hard erection. As a result the velvet skin on the oversized head of his cock was stretched super tight which resulted in a very shiny and appealing appearance.

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I slid my lips down over the purple head and began to suck him as hard as I could. One hand cupped his balls and the other jacked his shaft. Within way too short of a time, he began to cry out "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" So loud that both my parents turned around to see what was transpiring.

What they saw was my head furiously bobbing up and down on his distended penis. Bob threw his head back and literally let out a scream as his ejaculation shot down my throat.

I felt shot after shot spurt out and I loved it. I didn't even notice the taste. My only regret was that it was over too soon.

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But I kept sucking even after he stopped cumming. I knew that after orgasm a man's cock was super sensitive and that he would push me away if I kept at it. Which I did and sure enough, he finally pushed me off his prick.

I straightened up with some cum dripping from my lips. I grabbed a couple of tissues from one of the many Kleeex boxes that mom kept scattered around the house. I quickly wiped the drops of cum from my mouth and then set about cleaning up Bob's penis. There was something very erotic to me about taking my brother's slowly deflating penis and carefully wiping all of the cum residue off of it.

Rolling his foreskin back to make sure I got it all. Mom said, "Well Heather, it looks like you have overcome your aversion to cum." I replied, "Yep, your idea of taking most of it right down my throat was good advice.

But the funny thing is, I did get a taste of some of it and despite the fact I am not crazy about it, I am eager to let it shoot into my mouth. I guess I am just a cum slut." I noticed that my dad had unzipped his pants and had his cock out. It was as hard as I had ever seen it and a dark red in color.

He said, "Heather, watching you giving that blowjob really turned me on." He started stroking his cock, gripping it very tightly. Of course sucking off Bob so quickly had left me wanting more and seeing my dad's stiff prick really turned me on. I jumped up off the sofa and ran over to where dad was sitting. I fell to my knees in front of him, grabbed his hard cock out of his hand and stuffed it in my mouth. I greedily started sucking his big prick, basically taking up right where I had left off on my brother Bob's cock.

I thought that what I was doing might piss off my mom but I didn't care. I wanted more cock no matter what. I was literally out of control. Without even thinking I slid my hand under my dad's balls and slid my finger right up his butthole.


I had seen mom do this to him when she gave him blowjobs. I had never done it before and told myself I never would because it was gross. But I was in such a crazy sexual frenzy that nothing was off limits. I plunged my finger in and out of his ass while I furiously sucked his cock. It took longer (thankfully) than it did with Bob, but before long Dad was spurting a huge load down my throat.

I knew that yanking my finger quickly out of his ass as he was cumming increased his pleasure. There was so much cum that I couldn't swallow fast enough and some of it shot out of both sides of my mouth. I kept on sucking his spurting cock even well past the last dribbles of cum.

Finally he couldn't take it any more and begged me to stop. And I finally did. I let his cock slip out of my mouth. It was still half hard with a few strings of semen drooling from the tip. I licked it up. I also took the finger that had been up his ass and sucked it. I got up and noticed that my brother Bob's cock was hard again. I guess watching me suck off his dad had turned him on. I still had not come down from my sexual high so I went over to my brother and grabbed his cock.

I was torn. I still had a strong desire to suck a cock but I also wanted to see him cum. So I decided I would jack him off. I gripped his penis tightly and started pumping his big cock, which once again was hard as a rock. Mom came over and sat besides us. I thought she was going to get on me about my shameful actions. But I guess watching me blow her son and her husband had turned her on.

She leaned over and licked the head of her son's penis while I jacked him off.

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Then she slipped the cockhead into her mouth and started sucking. I begged her to stop sucking when he would start to cum. I told her I wanted to see Bob spurt a cumload. She mumbled "ok" through her cock filled mouth. It took a while for Bob to reach an orgasm for a second time with not much recovery time but pretty soon he was saying, "I'm cumming." Mom removed her lips from his penis just as his cum started to spurt. I knew that Bob could easily get off two good sized cumloads in a row and I wasn't disappointed.

A virtual fountain of cum erupted from his cock as I furiously pumped the shaft. But the biggest surprise was when dad stepped up beside us and there was his hard cock jutting out while being jacked as fast as he could move his hand.

While Bob was still ejaculating, a stream of watery cum shot out of dad's cock covering my hand and Bob's penis.


Mom quickly moved over to dad and took his dripping cock in her mouth and sucked it clean. I did the same thing to Bob's penis licking up both his and dad's semen. Between the two of them there was a lot of cum on Bob's body. I greedily licked it all up. After our clean-up duties were finished, we all sheepishly looked at each other and laughed. Mom looked at dad and asked, "When do us girls get to cum?" ##############