Young skinny teen jumps rope and calls guy for fucking loud

Young skinny teen jumps rope and calls guy for fucking loud
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Note: i've posted this story on another account but the account got deleted so i am reposting it here. I am the original author of this story. This isn't a true story but i wish it was. Every morning on my way to school i would see this really gorgeous girl on the bus and i wish i had the chance to fuck her. My name is Judi, im 16 years old, 5'2, i have light brown hair and hazel eyes.

I have a pretty firm and round butt, and i wear a B cup. Guys find me quite attractive but unfortunately i'm a lesbian. I've been attracted to other females ever since i was younger.

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On the first day of my junior year in highschool I get on the bus. A few stops later I see the most beautiful girl ever get on and she sat down across from me.

I've never been in to those super hot chicks who look like models. But she was close. She had dark red hair, she kept it in a ponytail, she wore those sexy black glasses and she dressed up like a super sexy nerd. Well, to me. I was always attracted to the nerdy looking girls, not your avrage nerd who sits in the back of the class though, but the cute ones, you know. Her skin was pale white and she had those adorable bangs.

She wore buttoned up shirts and skin tight jeans or leggings. She was so innocent looking and shy. I could tell she was a virgin, but she could get it any day. I never knew her name though, and to this day I still don't, so let's call her Jane Doe. I would see Jane on the bus every morning and in the afternoon, I've wanted to approach her really badly but I never had the chance, or guts. Then one day, a few months into the school year, there was no room to sit on the bus, so i was standing, then Jane got on the bus and she stood right next to me.

I could smell her sexy perfume and god I wanted to fuck her right then and there. So I decided, I have to talk to her. So I ended up making myself "Accidentally" bump into her. I apologized right away. "Oh my god im sorry!" I said with a little giggle as I smiled at her. "Its okay." She responded with a smile back. And god oh god her voice. She sounded even more sexy and innocent and it was so hot. I decided to start a conversation with her so I went ahead and asked her where she got her hair done because the color looked really good, and we took off from there.

Then later on that day on the bus ride back, once she got on the bus she came and sat next to me. "Hey!" She said as she was getting seated. "Heeey, what's your name again?" "Oh im sorry I forgot to introduce myself this morning! Im Jane, what about you?" "Im Judi, it's nice to meet you" I responded with a little giggle.

"Wow, pretty name." "Thanks! You too." "So what school do you go to?" She asked. Then we started talking about school and what not then before her stop came up we exchanged numbers and decided we'd hangout sometime.

I was so excited about it. I texted her later and we made plans to hangout that weekend, and so we did. It was normal and innocent, we hungout two days in a row and we were hitting it off pretty well, but to my struggle I still couldn't tell weather she was straight or not.

But I mean that's completely normal, it's always hard to tell what someone's sexuality is. After we got done hanging out sunday night and said our goodbyes, halfway down the block I heard her call my name out.

"WAIT JUDI!" She yelled as she was running my way. "What's up?" "Sorry it's just I realized I have a little problem." "What is it?" I asked. "Well. My parents are out of town, and stupid lil me forgot my keys at home, and they dont get back untill tomorrow and im totaly fucked right now." She had the most innocent look on her face at that moment that I was so ready to take her home and fuck her, and since she had no where to go, I decided to do so.


"You know what, you could sleep over tonight and just leave to school from my house in the morning, my mom wouldn't mind." "Oh my god THANK YOU, you're a life saver!" Then we went ahead and went to my house. We hungout in the basement for a bit and all I could think about was how much I wanted to seduce her and fuck her.

I felt like it would be really hard to do so but she made it easy for me when she announced that she was getting tired and told me her back hurt too. So I offered to give her a massage claiming I was really good at those.

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She agreed to it and we went upstaires to my room. I was way too hyped, to be honest. I mean, I finally get to touch the girl i've been crushing on for months, and I was hoping she'd be easily seduced. But alot of thoughts were running through my mind though.

What if she was straight? I mean she didn't mention it but still you never know. Or even worse, what if she was a homophobe! What if she rejects me and reacts in a negative way and leaves? Oh god. I was scared. But I decided to go for it anyways.

I had her lay on her stomach on my bed as I sat on my knees next to her. I let her borrow my PJs so she was wearing blue boxer designed booty shorts and a white tanktop that showed off her nice round C cups. "You ready?" "Aha yeah" she responded with a cute little laugh.

I started off from the top and began massaging the back of her neck. Her skin was so white and soft. I told her that she should take her shirt off and stay in her bra so I could use lotion to massage her back with, and to my surprise she agreed. Maybe she wasn't a homophobe after all. I put a little lotion on her back and started spreading it all over as I massaged her. I started going lower untill i was focused on her waist.

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I wanted to let my hands have some fun and go lower but I stopped myself then I moved all the way down the bed and started massaging her ankles as I made my way up to her thigh. I focused on one thigh at a time, I massaged both her inner thighs really well as I was squeezing them. I was already getting horny but I was too nervous to move to her ass.

What if she didn't wanna be touched? What if this was all just a massage to her after all? But then I realized that earlier she said her back hurts, so if she wanted me to focus on her back, she would've said something when I was massaging her legs and inner thighs. Hey, maybe she did wanna be touched after all. So I slowly and very carefully started moving my hands up from her thighs to her ass, so far she didn't say anything or even move, I looked up at her and her eyes were closed and she looked super relaxed, then she let out a little sigh as she cleared her throat quitely.

Maybe she was getting turned on. So I kept moving my hands up on her shorts untill I completely cupped each one of her ass cheeks with both my hands.

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I started slowly feeling them up and down and side to side then i started gently squeezing them. She didn't say a word so I knew that was my que to keep going and take the next step. Then I removed both my hands from her ass cheeks and went up her waists from each side. Then with my left hand I started going up her back and with my right hand I went down her back till it reached her ass and I stayed in the middle of it cupping each half of her ass cheeks with that hand then I started slowly feeling her down, going down the middle untill my hand was between her closed legs feeling half her ass and half her pussy.

At this point I was getting pretty horny. I started to gently squeeze her. Then I got up and removed both hands off her body and I started to take off her shorts and as I was doing so she moved her legs around helping me out. Then I went back to the same routine I was doing, one hand going up and down her back, and one hand in between her legs from over her panties and I started to squeeze her ass and the ending of her pussy harder and harder.

I could notice her breathing getting louder than before and harder too. She then got up, without making any eye contact and removed her panties and went back to the same position.

Now with both hands I cupped her bare asscheeks and started squeezing them, and god oh god they were pretty squeezable, she had alot of meat on there. I slowly opened her legs apart and went back to the ending of her pussy moving further up her slit, feeling her soft pussy lips with my index and middle finger, I continued on rubbing her for a few minutes.

I then stopped and whispered "turn over." And so she did. She still didn't make any eye contact with me and kept them closed shut. She spread her legs open a little bit, leaving enough space for me to be able to fit my whole hand in between.

I started my way up from the begging of her slit, slowly touching her and rubbing her, making my way down with my index and middle finger.

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She was pretty wet and her breathing got heavier and her body got warmer. I then slid one finger into her hole. She was so tight and warm and it felt so good to finger her.

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I started going in and out at a faster and harder pace, teasing her Gspot with my middle finger inside her and rubbing around her clit with my thumb. I then cupped one of her breasts with my left hand and started feeling around her rock hard nipple with my thumb and squeezing her breast. She let out a moan, I could tell she was enjoying this as much as I was, so I leaned over and started sucking on her nipple, running my toung around it in circles, teasing her nipple with my toung ring as I continued to squeeze her breast with my hand as it was in my mouth, all while still fingering her and sliding a second finger in.

She spread her legs wide open and I guess that was my que to get in between them. I let her breast free as I started to slowly and gently kiss her body all the way down to her stomach making my way down to a little bit before her pussy, then with both my hands I picked up each one of her thigh around my neck and started slowly kissing her inner thighs and made my way down to her pussy.

I started to slide my toung down her slit and before you know it I was already toung fucking her as she was rocking her hips up in the air and moaning. I was rubbing her clit at the same time too and with the other hand I was cupping one of her breasts and squeezing her nipple.

I tasted her warm pussy juices as she started to cum in my mouth and she was shaking so hard. She goes "Oh my god!!!" Sounding like she was completely out of breath. I stopped and looked up at her. "That was great Judi.


I just had my first orgasm and it was amazing. Wow." I then got up and gave her a peck on the lip then turned off the lights and we cuddled untill we fell asleep. -To be continued- -------------------------------------- If you guys liked this and would like a part 2 then please say so in the comments. Thank you.

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