Cute 18 teen fuck older man

Cute 18 teen fuck older man
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Part 1 was mainly fiction with some truth to create an opening for the story. Part 2 is true and where our sex lives started to change completely. It was Friday and we had an uneventful journey to London and arrived at the hotel around half past two.

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We booked in and were shown to our suite. Wow as you entered the initial door there was a short hallway with four doors off it. The first on the right was a small cloakroom with toilet and wash hand basin.

The first on the left contained a small coat stand.

The second door on the right was a glass panelled door leading into a large sitting room with a large leather sofa, a couple of arm chairs, a writing table, large flat screen TV, a well stocked fridge (white wine, beer and spirits) and a large coffee table. The fourth door which was directly opposite the sitting room lead into the bedrooms.

There was a main bedroom with a door leading to a large bathroom, a walk in wardrobe and a door in the corner leading to a smaller bedroom with another double bed. I looked at my wife and she said, "I think I can cope with this." We unpacked our case and my wife left on her shopping trip and said she'd be back around six and I said that I should be finished at the meeting by then.

It was around half past six when my wife got back. "Successful shopping trip?" I asked. "Yep. You'll see later." "We've got plenty of time as we have a late dinner booking due to a big party eating earlier. We are meeting the guys in the bar around eight and the table is booked for nine. So we went and sat in the sitting room and watched the TV while having a slow drink. Around seven my wife said she was going to take a bath and I said, "I'll take a shower once you've finished." "Do you want me to come and scrub your back?" I said.

"You'd better not as we know where that will lead and we won't have time for that too. You can wait until later for that!" She had a long soak in the bath and while I showered she said she' get dressed.

Well, the sight that greeted me when I came out of the bathroom was fantastic. My wife was wearing her new dress, which like her lingerie was red. It snugly fitted her curves and was just tight enough around her ass to show that she must be wearing a thong. The hem came to just above the knee and there was a split up the middle of the front and back to allow her to walk with little restriction.

The low front and the low cut bra showed off her breasts beautifully. "You look absolutely stunning," I said. "Thank you. I thought you must like it seeing as your cock is reacting already." "I do and so does he. But I'll get dressed as we don't have time for anything else." We arrived in the bar just after eight and the guys we were meeting, Dave and Brian, were sat at the bar having a drink. As we approached they got down off their bar stools and I shook their hands and introduced each to my wife.

They both kissed her on the cheek and said they were really pleased to meet her and commented on her attire. My wife blushed slightly but I could tell she was really pleased that the meeting and greeting was out of the way. Brian pointed to a table over in the corner of the bar for us to take a seat and asked us what we wanted to drink.

Dave, my wife and I went and sat down as Brian ordered a round of drinks. We sat and chatted for the next forty minutes about nothing in particular and then Brian called over a waiter to let him know that we had a table booked for nine and could we see the menus. We had another round of drinks while we made our choices and were called to our table just after nine.

There were only a few tables occupied, most of which were well into their meals. We were shown to our table which was in a quiet corner at the back of the restaurant as requested.

My wife sat in the corner so that she could see out into the restaurant, I sat opposite her and Brain and Dave sat on her left and right respectively. Over our starters we chatted about some of the work currently underway in Japan which continued into the start of our main course.

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The restaurant was now getting very quiet as we were the last sitting of the evening so it was just us and one other table who were getting ready to have their coffees. We were about half way into our main course when I said that's enough chat about work now as I can see my wife is getting bored. "Tell me, are the teams still being taken to those sex clubs by the Japanese bosses?" Brian and Dave just looked at me with their mouths open.

I said, "don't worry my wife knows all about the sex shows we've been taken to and the sorts of things we've seen there. I've told her the details of some of the acts." My wife scoured and give me a little kick under the table.

Brian said, "yes, they still take us to them. " He looked at my wife and said, "has he really told you about them?" "Yes," she said slightly embarrassed, "he has got quite specific about them sometimes." "I remember", I said, "that seedy little place in Osaka. You know the one that seemed to have no holes barred if you'll excuse the pun!" "I remember seeing those two girls there take on a supposed football team.

Do you remember that?" They both nodded. I looked at my wife and said, "I think I remember telling you about that one. It was where the girls had all their holes filled at the same time and while the guys in the holes were cumming in them the other guys were jerking themselves off over them. There was cum every where. One of my favourites that one." "What about you Brian do you have a favourite show?" My wife looked at me a little shocked. Brian looked at me in surprise and I said, "don't worry, I'm sure my wife will have probably heard it from me anyway." "Well," he said, "I suppose my favourite has to be that show we saw with the one girl and the three big black guys.

You know the three BIG black guys." And he went on to explain in detail about these three black guys who had huge cocks, I think the smallest would have been about nine inches long (and that is not an exaggeration). Brian was looking at my wife at this point as if he was only explaining to her.

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It all started with the nine inch guy slipping his cock into her mouth. My wife looked at me quizzically and I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled. Brian continued that as this guy was easing his cock into her mouth one of the others was between her legs and giving her clit and pussy a lot of tongue attention. After a while the nine inch guy pulled out of her mouth and the third guy, whose cock must have been an inch or two bigger eased the head of his cock into her mouth.

Due to its size she couldn't get much more than the head inside. The waitress came and cleared up our dinner plates so we went quiet for a short while and she asked us if we were having desserts. We all nodded and she rattled off the only four options left and we all choose. It was then that I noticed that we were the only ones left in the place.


As she left the table Brian continued his story. He was well into it as the waitress returned with our desserts and he continued it in between mouthfuls. By the time he'd finished he continued his story by telling my wife how the guy with what was the biggest cock, which must have been about twelve or thirteen inches long and as thick as his wrist, lay on the floor and the others picked up the girl and slowly lowered her onto his cock.

As you would expect she was not able to take it all. It was then that the bigger of the remaining guys got behind her and started rub the tip of his cock around her asshole.

My wife was still eating her dessert but was sat listening intently. It was then that I noticed Brian's right hand slip under the table. It was as he was explaining how the head of this second guys cock was slowly opening up the girls asshole that I saw my wife's expression change. I assumed that Brian was now touching her leg under the table. He continued his story in intimate detail of how the guys cock slowly slid into her ass and once in how the third guy put his cock back in the girl's mouth and then the three of them started to slowly fuck her.

At this point I saw Brian signal to Dave and his left hand disappeared under the table to caress, I imagine, my wife's other leg. I should explain now that Brian and Dave are not work colleagues of mine at all.

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They are a couple of guys I'd hired to double fuck my wife. I knew that it was her ultimate fantasy so I was finally doing something about it hopefully she is going to go with it and enjoy it.

The fact that she hadn't made an attempt to move their hands yet made me think she was going to go with it. As Brian continued slowly with his story I could see the colour of my wife's face change to a rosy pink and if I wasn't mistaken she was moving in her chair. I could see Brian's and Dave's arms moving quite significantly now so assumed they were rubbing well up my wife's thighs under the table. My wife then took the last spoonful of her dessert, put down her spoon and leaned forward, put her elbows on the table and rested her chin in her hands.


I also saw her move forward in her chair, I assume to give the guys more access to her upper thighs. I could again only assume that the split in her dress was proving to be useful to them! I could see my wife's complexion getting a slight deeper red now and could see that her breath was fast and shallow and she was shifting quite a bit in her seat. I wondered if one, or both, of the guys had got a finger to her clit or pussy and that's what she was riding on?

It was just then that the waitress returned to clean up our plates and asked if we wanted coffee. I could see that she was looking at the situation and summing up something was going on under the table based on two hands and arms being under the table and my wife's demeanour. She asked again if we wanted coffee and I said, "I think not, but can you arrange for a bottle of champagne and four glasses to be brought up to my suite please?" She nodded and said that she would just finish in the restaurant and arrange for it to be brought up.

I suggested to Brian, Dave and my wife that we retire to the suite and enjoy the rest of the evening. We all got up and headed for the lifts. My wife was struggling to walk. I wasn't sure if it was from the drink, the story and touching up or a combination of it all but I had to help her along the corridor a little while she looked up at me through very inquisitive eyes.

I looked back into her eyes and smiled. We got into the suite and I ushered them into the sitting room and said, "make yourselves comfortable, there are plenty of drinks in the fridge, I've got to go to the loo". I left the sitting room, shut the door and headed straight across to bedroom. I wasn't going to the bathroom I just wanted to leave the three of them alone for a while to allow things to develop while I watched sneakily from the bedroom doorway. Well I didn't have to wait long as Brian disappeared and headed for the fridge.

I heard him open a couple of beers and ask my wife what she wanted a wine please I just heard her reply. While Brian was getting the drinks Dave sat on the sofa next to my wife and almost immediately put his hand on my wife's knee. She made no attempt to move it in fact I thought I saw her legs move slightly apart once his hand touched her skin. Dave started to rub her leg from her knee to the hem of her dress back and forth a few times.

Each time pushing the hem of her dress slightly higher until the tops of her stockings were plainly visible, all the while my wife's legs were moving slowly further and further apart. On his next upward stroke Dave's hand slipped under her dress and continued up toward the top of her legs and right over her pussy and I could see him rubbing and lightly fingering her mound and lips.

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My wife's head went back and she slid down the sofa a little. Her head ending up on the arm of the sofa and her legs now fully open and her right leg raised up and resting on Dave's lap giving him full access to her now sopping wet hole. Dave pulled the thong strap away from her cunt lips and slipped a couple of eager fingers into her hot hole.

My wife moaned and squirmed on the sofa. Brian now reappeared from around the corner and placed the drinks on the coffee table. He walk around to the sofa arm where my wife's head was resting and quickly undid his pants and slid them and his shorts off. His good sized cock sprang out and he leaned over and placed the head of it on my wife's lips. She slid her head further over the arm of the sofa giving Brian much easier access to her eager mouth.

He slid the head of his cock right in plus a few more inches and started to slowly fuck her face while Dave had now slipped three fingers into her sopping wet cunt which was now leaking juice like a tap.

This continued for a few more minutes during which Brian had slipped the whole length of his cock into her mouth and throat and was deep throating her for all he was worth.

It was then I heard a knock at the door and thought, "Ok fuck, the champagne." I opened the door and there stood the waitress from the restaurant with a tray containing the four glasses and an ice bucket with the champagne. "Hi," she said, "I'd just finished work so thought I'd bring it up rather than you have to wait for the porter." "Thank you." I said.

I knew I wasn't in a fit state to carry the tray after the drinks earlier but more importantly from the sights I had just been watching. So I stood back and signalled the waitress in and walked up the small corridor in front of her and suggested she place it on the dresser in the bedroom.

I stood in front of the sitting room door as she walked into the bedroom through the already open door. I followed her in as she placed the tray on the dresser just inside the door. I said, "just hold on a minute I need to get some change." I headed for the door into the smaller bedroom.

Once inside I turned to see the waitress already looking toward the sitting room as she could hear the noises coming from there. She stood there transfixed at the sight of my wife getting throat fucked and being fingered. She looked toward the room I was in but didn't see me as I pulled back behind the door and then she eased herself back toward the bedroom doorway for a better look at the action. I quietly left the room and crept across the bedroom.

As she was well into the doorway she didn't see or hear me getting closer. I stood behind her and said, "looks like she's enjoying herself?" The waitress jumped and turned around and started to apologise.

"Don't be sorry they're not taking any notice look." She turned around and watched as Brian's cock was slipping and sliding in and out of my wife's mouth from balls deep to almost completely out. I eased past her to get a closer look to see what Dave was doing and he was now head down licking, nibbling and sucking my wife's cunt and the way she was gyrating her hips she was enjoying it immensely.

The waitress moved forward to see what I was looking at and we both stood side by side watching my wife getting well eaten and swallowing cock.

We stood there unspoken for what seemed like a couple of minutes and I could hear her breath getting quicker and shallower. "Looks like she's enjoying it?" I said. "Mmmmm" was all she replied. I took a sideways glance at her and she was licking her lips and I could see a slight movement of her hips. I took a bold step and moved my right arm behind her and laid my hand on the cheek of her ass. She stopped moving and took a quick sharp breath.

But then almost immediately pushed back against my hand so I started to rub her ass and her hips started to gyrate slightly as I massaged her cheeks. She put a hand out onto the wall to steady herself as I moved my hand up and down her ass crack through her skirt. She immediately started to move her ass up and down with my movements and started to give some slight moans.

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I started longer and longer strokes until I slipped my hand right down to the hem of her skirt and back up under it and got my middle finger rubbing up and down her ass crack through her panties. She spread her legs slightly and my finger took a longer journey down and over her wet crotch and I started to massage her cunt lips through the wet material. She was gyrating her hips and rubbing her cunt hard against my finger now so I moved behind her and with my free hand lifted up her skirt, grabbed the top her panties and slid them down only moving my hand from her cunt momentarily before sliding it back onto her naked pussy lips and slipping a finger into her wet hole.

She gave a little gasp and then started to slide herself up and down onto my hand as I finger fucked her.

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While she stood at the door and I was bent down beside her we both turned our eyes and part of our attention back to the room as we both continued to watch as Brian had his cock in my wife's mouth balls deep and Dave continued to pay a lot of attention to her clit and cunt. Brian was now throat fucking my wife only sliding his cock out a couple of inches so that it stayed at the back of her mouth before ramming it back in full length and my wife was loving it as she had her left arm raised up and wrapped around Brain's ass and was preventing him from moving too far back before pulling him back into her throat in time with his own thrusts.

Brian looked at me, smiled and winked as he continued his rhythm. He also removed his shirt while he continued to rock his hips, now standing at the end of the sofa naked with his pants around his ankles. I slowly stood up sliding my body up against the waitress as I continued to finger fuck her allowing my cock to rub up against the side of her thigh as I stood. Once alongside her she moved her arm so that she could play with my cock through my pants rubbing right along its length while we both continued to watch the action through the glass door.

I saw Brian give a nod in Dave's direction and Dave stopped eating my wife and stood up and began to get undressed while Brain removed his cock from my wife's mouth, helped her stand up, removed his shoes and pants and slowly but methodically undid the zip at the back of my wife's dress and slid it up and over her head. She was now stood in front of the sofa between the two naked guys in her very sexy lingerie, stockings and high heel shoes.

She looked toward the door, smiled at me before she turned to face Dave, bent over at the waist and started to swirl her tongue around the purple mushroom head of his cock. Brian immediately moved right up behind my wife's peach of an ass held the strap of her thong to one side and with no ceremony at all slid his cock the full length into her sopping wet cunt.

My wife emitted a gasp lifted her head and shouted "ram that fucking thing into me, fuck me……&hellip.fuck me………&hellip.harder……&hellip.harder," before she turned her head back and swallowed as much of Dave's cock as she could get into her mouth at that angle. She kept her head still and let Brian's hard thrusts push her mouth down onto Dave's cock.

It didn't take the guys long to get into each others rhythm and soon both off them were ramming into her at the same time so that she had a cock rammed all the way into her cunt and mouth as far as they would go.

It was an incredible sight and I started to finger fuck the waitress as hard as I could in time to their thrusts and she was moaning loudly beside me. I shortly removed my fingers, turned her to face me and kissed her. Her mouth opened wide and her tongue darted out to enter my mouth and our tongues met and did an exquisite dance around each others as our hands roamed over each others bodies. I undid her skirt and it fell to the floor as I unbutton her top and slid it off her shoulders along with her bra straps before reaching around her and unfastening it and she let it too fall to the floor.

She had unbuttoned my shirt and I was removing it while she unbuckled my belt and started to unzip and remove my pants and shorts. As she bent down to slip them off along with my shoes and socks she slipped her mouth over the head of my cock and immediately started to bob her head up and down on it. I held her head in my hands and started to rock my hips fucking her mouth. She almost immediately knelt on the floor, extended her neck and push her head fully onto my cock.

The feeling on the head of my cock as it entered her throat and slid into her neck was absolutely incredible and then I experienced something I've never known before or since. With her mouth full of cock she was still able to open her mouth slightly and her tongue came out and started to lick my balls while she had my cock right the way in her throat! WOW, what a sensation and if I wasn't feeling it happen I wouldn't have believed it was possible. She kept pushing her head forward twisting slightly to get more of my cock into her throat and continued to lick my balls.

My mind was spinning with ecstasy as I'd never experienced a feeling such as this in my life. She pulled her head back and looked up at me with a sly grin. "I bet you've never experienced that before?" she quizzed.

"Fuck me, no&hellip.never." With that she slipped my cock straight down the back of her throat and proceeded to do it again. For the moment I had totally forgotten about what was happening on the other side of the door.

A few moments later the waitress slipped her head back and stood up and we embraced and did another tongue dance while our hands roamed around our bodies with me ending up with a hand massaging each ass cheek. As we broke off I grabbed the door handle and pushed open the door and led her into the room.

Brian turned and without missing a stroke said, "so you've decided to come and join us eh?" I turned to the waitress and said, "what is your name I forgot to ask in all the excitement?" "Lorraine" "Well, welcome Lorraine I hope you don't have to rush home?" "Not at all, my boyfriend is away all this weekend so I was only going home to an empty bed!" "Well you'll be lucky to make it to bed," Dave said smiling.

With that I bent Lorraine over and she leant on the arm of the sofa watching my wife getting filled with cock at each end as I got down behind her. As I positioned myself Lorraine parted her legs slightly and I got a great view of her ass and lovely puffy lips before I dived in and started to lick and tongue fuck her.

After working in the restaurant all night she tasted very sweet but also very salty, a combination I absolutely adore. I was in my element as I was doing the one thing I love to do to a woman and able to see out of the corner of my eye my wife getting two cocks at the same time, which is one of her absolute fantasies.

Although to be fair her biggest fantasy is to have a cock in her ass and cunt at the same time. I was sure though that before the night was out she would be getting that as it was part of the brief I had given Brian and Dave.

I continued to tongue fuck Lorraine while interspersing chewing her clit with rubbing it with my finger and now and again sliding my tongue up her ass crack to tickle her ass hole with my tongue. I had to admit that her ass look absolutely perfect and I just couldn't wait to fuck it which I was sure would happen before long. I slowly stood up behind Lorraine and positioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her cunt and rubbed it up and down her lips before sliding it in a few inches.

Lorraine gave a long low groan as I slid into her and then I started to gently rock my hips with only a couple of inches of me inside her on each stroke. Every few strokes I would slide a bit more in until finally I was in balls deep. I slowly and gently fucked her for a while before quickening my pace. All the while my wife was really enjoying her two cocks as I could tell from the moans and gasps emitting from her mouth around Dave's cock every time they both thrust inward.

While sliding in and out of Lorraine I leaned forward and massaged a tit in each hand gently tweaking her nipples every so often. After a while my wife pushed her head off Dave's cock and said, "I hope I'm going to get one of these up my ass soon otherwise I'm going to go crazy." With that Brian pulled out of her and lay on the sofa. I pulled out of Lorraine and we both watched as Dave helped my wife over to the sofa and up and onto Brian's cock.

She straddled Brian and with his cock positioned at the entrance to her cunt she slipped right the way down onto it. Dave slipped his hand between my wife's legs and wet his fingers from the juices running out of her and rubbed it onto her asshole, slipping first one then two fingers in and started to finger fuck her ass. After four or five strokes he extracted his fingers and climbed up on the sofa behind my wife.

There was a little repositioning going on between the three of them until Dave had open access to her asshole. He guided the head of his cock to the entrance of her hole and gently pushed the head slightly into her ass. Once the head was in he held it for a few seconds before he sank it as far in as he could and stopped.

My wife screamed with pleasure, "Fucking hell, that is fantastic. Don't stop………&hellip.fuck me, fuck me senseless." With that Dave began to pound her ass as she rode Brian's cock as if she were riding a horse. I got Lorraine to kneel down on the floor in front of the sofa so that we could both watch my wife's holes being pounded.

I got behind Lorraine and slid my aching cock back into her cunt and joined Dave's rhythm as he pounded my wife's ass. We all bucked, fucked, cursed and screamed for what seemed like ages.

The feel of fucking a sweet cunt while watching two cocks pound my wife was awesome. From the screams and incomprehensible words uttering from my wife I could tell that she was going to orgasm very soon and by the sound of it so were Dave and Brian.

I could feel the tension starting to build in my own balls but was holding on to see my wife's ecstasy. Fortunately I didn't have long to wait, she was just building up to a crescendo when Dave grunted and from his reactions started to shoot jet after jet of hot steamy cum deep into her ass. That was almost immediately followed by my wife going over the edge and screaming very loudly into her orgasm and then Brian started to shoot his load into her cunt as she stiffened her back and screamed again before fainting and slumping onto Brian.

That sent both Lorraine and I over the edge as I started to shoot load after load of my steaming hot sticky cum deep into her cunt which sent her into overdrive with us both finally slipping from our kneeling position and ending up a heap on the floor.

We all gathered our breath and my wife came around. It was the first time I'd known her faint during an orgasm so the experience (and the cost) was worth it. I slid off Lorraine and we both sat up facing the others on the sofa as Lorraine sat up and pulled her legs up toward her my cum started to ooze out of her and onto the floor. I love the sight of cum oozing out a hole, I find it such a turn on which is why I like licking my wife after I've fucked her.

Something my sister taught me all those years ago thank you sis! (and that's another story!) As we sat there Dave extracted his cock slowly from my wife's ass and immediately his cum trickled out of her gaping hole and ran down her cunt onto Brian's cock. Dave then helped my wife slowly up off Brian, as she certainly couldn't do it herself, and as his cock slipped out a huge amount of cum followed and covered his cock.

My wife slipped off the sofa ending up kneeling in front of it with her head very close to Brian's cock. Once she saw how much cum there was on it she couldn't resist and immediately started to lick and suck the mixture of juices from his cock.

My wife's ass was directly in front of me and Lorraine and cum was still oozing out of each of her holes. I was just about to move in and clean up but Lorraine was faster and she dived in and started to lick, suck and swallow every drop of cum she could find in each of my wife's holes. Dave sat on the arm of the sofa while I remained on the floor to catch our breath. As my wife and Lorraine finished their cleaning up they sat down on the floor. I looked at my wife, "I take it you fucking enjoyed that?

It's the first time I've known you faint during an orgasm." "You bet I enjoyed it. I just went so light headed with the feel of both holes filling and getting so hot and I just went right over the edge and just blacked out.

It was amazing, a little frightening but amazing all the same" With that I said, "anyone for champagne." A resounding yes was the single group answer. I got up and brought the tray that Lorraine had left in the bedroom into the sitting room and filled the four glasses and passed them around.

I found myself another glass and poured myself one too. We sat quietly drinking and continuing to get our breath and while our cocks recovered. After a little while my wife looked at me and said, "I see you managed to find yourself someone to fuck in all the excitement." "You bet." I said.

"I didn't want to be left out." Lorraine said, "I was wondering what was going on in the restaurant. When I came back after your main course I could tell something was up when I saw your face (looking at my wife) as you were very flushed and some hands seemed to be under the table.

That's why I took the opportunity to bring the tray up as I wanted to see what was going on" "And now that you know" said Brian, "are you glad you came up?" "You fucking bet" I looked at my wife, "You wait and see what Lorraine can do with a cock in her mouth. I'm sure one of the guys will find out shortly." With that, as Brian was still sat on the sofa and Lorraine on the floor, he moved his body forward and offered his semi stiff cock toward Lorraine who laid her empty glass on the floor and slipped her hand around the slowly stiffening member.

She leaned forward and slipped it into her mouth and started to use her very experienced tongue on his cock. She cupped his balls in her left hand and massaged them gently as she sucked and licked his cock back to full erection. My wife and Dave were watching intently waiting to see what Lorraine did when she pulled her head back and told Brian to stand up. He did so and she knelt in front of him and sank her head down the full length of his cock until his balls were on her chin.

She the moved her lower jaw further down (and now seeing it, it was even more unbelievable) and slid her tongue out and started to lick it around his balls. Almost in unison we all said, "Fuck me." Especially Brian, who was now feeling that unbelievable sensation that I experienced a short while ago.

It didn't take long for Dave's and my cocks to shoot to attention and my wife looked at them both with a gleam in her eye. I looked at my wife, "you can keep your eyes off mine. It's going to slip up that lovely ass there in front of me shortly." With that we all moved into similar postions as to that earlier.

Except this time it was Lorraine who straddled Brian and I moved in behind her. I did exactly the same as Dave earlier and slipped a couple of my fingers down to her cunt to get them nice and wet before playing with her asshole and slipping a couple of fingers in and slowly finger fucking her ass to make sure it was nice and ready for my cock. I then positioned myself with the tip of my cock at Lorraine's asshole and slowly eased it in. I watched as her little hole slowly opened up and enveloped the head of my cock.

I just love to see a cock slipping in and out of an ass, I don't know why it just looks wonderful. I then eased myself fully forward until it was as far in as it could possibly go and then I started to wind up the speed of my thrusts slowly. As I increased my speed I looked over my shoulder to see my wife kneeling on the floor with her face as close as she could get it to the writhing bodies on the sofa so that she was getting a close up view of both of Lorraine's holes being filled while Dave moved in behind her and slipped his erect cock into her.

From where I was I couldn't tell which hole he had slipped into but I know that wouldn't matter to my wife. This time of course we were all bucking and fucking for a good while due to our earlier exertions. The sounds of wet holes being fucked, groaning and moaning filled the room.

My cock was like a piston going in and out of Lorraine's ass and it felt fantastically tight with Brian's cock filling her cunt.

It was Lorraine who was groaning loudly first due to the double fucking she was getting and she somehow managed to get her hand between her and Brian and started to play with her clit while being fucked and it wasn't long before I felt her ass muscles clamp around my cock as she screamed through another orgasm.

My wife, not wanting to be left out slipped her hand between her legs and started to play with her clit as she warmed up to her next orgasm which followed very shortly as she groaned, arched her back and then screamed and moaned through it. We guys continued to fuck for all we were worth and then I slowed and suggested we all move onto the bed for more comfort. It took us a few minutes to disentangle ourselves especially as the girls had just come down from their orgasms.

We helped them both through to the bed and I suggested that they lie on their sides on the bed in a 69. They both looked at me in surprise and I said, "don't worry I'm sure you'll enjoy what I'm thinking of." My wife said, "I'm game." Not to be left out Lorraine shrugged her shoulders and said, "what the hell, I'm game for anything with you lot." The girls lay across the bed onto their sides and got into a 69.

They each stuck their heads between the others legs and started to lick and chew each others cunts. I spoke quietly to Brain and Dave and they both nodded and got behind each of the girls and lined their cocks up with their assholes. They each slid their cocks into their wet eager holes and slowly slid them all the way in and started to fuck. The girls certainly didn't mind the position I had got them into and were not only licking and chewing each other but also licking the length of each cock as it slid in and out of the others ass.

I sat and watched as Lorraine ate my wife while Brian's cock slid in and out of her sweet ass with my cock twitching away in front of me. With a combination of the clit eating, cock licking and ass fucking it wasn't long before Dave was announcing that he was coming. I moved around to watch as at the last second Dave pulled his cock out of Lorraine's ass and shot stream after stream of hot cum straight onto Lorraine's cunt and my wife's face and mouth.

My wife groaned and Lorraine screamed as the feel of hot cum squirting onto her cunt and my wife's tongue on her clit sent her over the edge. I then had to move very quickly as Brian grunted, pulled his cock out of my wife's ass and proceeded to do exactly the same. Shooting jet after jet of hot sticky cum onto my wife's cunt and Lorraine's face which sent my wife right over the edge and they both squirmed as they continued to lap the cum off each others cunt.

As their orgasms subsided I suggested that they cleaned the cum off each others faces and without hesitation they turned to face each other and began to lick the sticky liquid. I stood up on the bed with cock in hand and started to jerk my cock while pointing it between their heads. They knew what was to come and quickly cleaned each other off in preparation for another face full. After the show I had just seen it wasn't long before my cum shot out with the first jet shooting up Lorraine's face and into her hair and as I felt the second jet about to unload I pointed my cock at my wife and did exactly the same to her.

Shot after shot in turn hit their faces until I was spent. My wife sucked the remnants of cum off the end of my cock before the girls turned their attentions on each other for one last clean up.

Absolutely exhausted I left my wife, Brian and Dave on the bed in the main bedroom while I took Lorraine off to the other bed for a well earned rest. It must have been several hours later when I awoke slowly to some noise in the distance.

It took me a few seconds to remember where I was and who was next to me in bed. Lorraine and I had spooned into each other (me tucked up behind her) last night and it seems we hadn't moved.

I listened to the noise and it didn't take me long to work out that it was that rhythmic sound of fucking. Someone had woken up in the other bed and had carried on where we left off last night. My cock twitched and started to stiffen. Of course it was stuck right up against Lorraine so I moved my hips backward until my cock stood up proud and when I moved back it rested right down Lorraine's ass crack.

Lorraine was still sound asleep. I moved myself back so that I could get my hand in between us and grabbed my cock and slid the tip down her ass crack forcing her ass cheeks apart with my cock until I could feel her asshole.

I placed the tip at the entrance to her still very wet hole and slid my hips back toward her. With almost no effort at all my cock head entered her.

I moved my hand and slid my cock in deeper and started to slowly fuck her ass. As my movements began to grow Lorraine started to come round groggily. She quickly realised what was happening and started to push back with my thrusts before saying, "good morning and is this the way you wake people up normally?" "Only if they have a very fuckable ass." I said.

Our thrusts gathered pace and I slipped my hand around her and started to rub and play with her clit which meant we gathered even more pace and our thrusts got harder. We kept humping away until I felt my balls tighten and I groaned as I shot my load deep into Lorraine's ass, rubbing her clit more frantically until she too moaned through a morning orgasm. We both lay there for a moment not moving until I realised something wasn't quite right and I turned over to see Brian, my wife and Dave standing in the doorway.

"Nice way to wake up in the morning isn't it?" Dave said. "You bet, it sounded as if you've had some more holes filled?" I said to my wife and she just smiled and said "whose first for the shower?" With that we all got up had showers and got dressed. We all said our goodbyes and then Lorraine, Dave and Brian left. My wife and I went and sat on the sofa in the sitting room.

"How did you like your surprise?" I said. "It certainly wasn't anything I was expecting. Well not until you started to talk about the sex clubs you went to in Japan over dinner.

Then I got suspicious and then when I felt Brian's hand start to rub my thigh I knew you were up to something." "I'm glad you didn't push his hand away and make a fuss in the restaurant?" "There was no worry there, as soon as Brian started talking about those big black cocks I was wet and eager and when I felt a hand on my leg I leaked loads and couldn't wait for it to reach my pussy lips.

"Let's go and have some breakfast before we go out for the day. We can recuperate and start again later!" "I can't wait to experience your next surprise for me," she said as we left the suite.

To be continued.