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Französisch MILF für harte anal mit Gruppensex
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Labyrinth Megan woke up without knowing where she was. It was dark and humid and the floor felt cold and wet against her back. There was a soft light coming from the ceiling but it was different from the normal radiance of a light bulb. She looked more carefully, realizing that the light was coming from some sort of worm attached to a stone wall. Megan was in a cave! What happened?

She thought, bringing one hand to her forehead. She wondered how she got here. The last thing she remembered was standing in the forest near her home. Then she heard a noise behind her and before she could turn around, somebody stung the back of her neck. After that, everything was a blur. Megan lifted her torso and felt heavy. She looked down to discover with horror that she was pregnant, or at least she appeared to be.

But it was impossible. How can this have happened in such a short time? How long had she been unconscious inside of this chamber? "What the fuck?!" she exclamed. Megan was in shock, desperately trying to make sense of what was happening to her. Then, she felt it. Something was moving within her belly, very subtle at first, then more insistently. The motions intensified particularly in the lower section. Megan felt a soft caress against her vaginal walls that sent a spark of unwanted pleasure across her body.

"Oh my God! Something is touching me down there!" She swiftly placed a hand on her crotch, blocking access to her pussy, but there was nothing there. Nothing was trying to penetrate her. Then she felt another soft caress and this time, she moaned.

She was so confused. After a moment, Megan was certain that something was crawling down her vaginal cavity! She was giving birth! There were no contractions nor she felt any pain whatsoever but something was definitely coming out of her pussy.

The astounded woman was very scared yet the pleasant sensation arising from her crotch was undeniable. "This can't be happening! Something is coming out of me!" A few minutes later, Megan moaned even louder as a slimy, slithering creature squeezed out of her lubricated pussy. It looked like a giant maggot with pinkish skin and a segmented, round body. For a moment, Megan's thought that all this was a nightmare; it had to be! But the feeling was too real; it was too staggering.

Her heart was racing in her chest and her pussy began to twitch while it was viciously stimulated. "Oh my God! What is this thing?!" Megan wanted that creature out of her but she was afraid to touch it, as it might try to get back inside of her pussy. She just looked at the maggot with dismay while it slowly slid between her pussy lips, squirming and stretching her widely.

Megan tried unsuccessfully to deny whatever sensation was rising between her legs. How did it get inside of me??! Megan wondered, desperately trying to remember what happened to her. When the maggot was almost out of her body, Megan's nipples were already hard and erect. The tail of the newborn creature touched the girl's clitoris as it slithered off, sending a wave of bliss across her body.

She closed her eyes letting another loud moan escape her lips. When the creature finally vacated her body, Megan gasped with relief. The maggot was about half the size of a human baby and because of this, the delivery process was easy and shamefully pleasurable.

Anyway, the astounded woman was very surprised to see that her belly was almost as big as before. Then she started to feel movement inside of her again. Why is my belly still bloated? Oh God! Something is still moving inside of me! There is another one coming out!

A couple of minutes later, a second maggot was sliding through her pussy lips. The soft, silky skin of the little creature felt wonderful as it rubbed against Megan's stretched vagina.

The new-sprung expanded and contracted its body while it moved, like a worm, further stimulating the woman's senses. Megan already knew what to do; nothing. She laid back, resting on her elbows while the maggot struggled to free itself. The dim light emanating from the bio-luminescent worm reflected on the skin of the maggots, dripping from lubricating slime and vaginal fluids. Megan was moaning louder now, unable to negate the pleasant sensations that this unexpected situation was bringing upon her.

It is stretching me so much. It feels so. strange. The second maggot got out. If Megan thought that the first one took too long to leave her body; the second one didn't take long enough.

She was totally aroused now but she was afraid of touching her pussy. It was evident that there were more maggots still inside and she didn't want to scare them. Megan wanted all of them out. She wanted them to slide slowly down her vaginal tunnel. Megan felt the third one squirming within her womb and her pussy twitched.

More of these things are still in me. I'll just lie here and let them get out. Megan thought, lying flat on the cold floor and spreading her legs wider.


She was clearly more relaxed now and she focused her attention on the sensations between her legs. As the third maggot struggled to liberate itself, the astounded woman was going insane.

Megan was not trying to pretend anymore that this didn't feel wonderful and she was certain that these little creatures were going to make her cum. And they did! Megan arched her back as her orgasm arrived, letting the squirming maggot hang from her uplifted pussy. Even as she shuddered in ecstasy, Megan felt ashamed of herself; she was climaxing from expelling critters from her pussy. But there was nothing she could do to stop it. All of this was not her fault anyway.

Unable to reach the ground, the newborn instinctively triggered a defense mechanism and started to retrieve back into Megan's body, which prolonged the girl's climax for almost two minutes.

Megan's orgasm subsided but the pleasure didn't stop. More maggots were still pending to travel down her birth canal. She rested on the ground, conflicted about how this whole situation made her feel. She should have been disgusted but truthfully, she was loving it. She was giving birth to slimy maggots and she was loving every second. She couldn't understand it. Megan came two more times before the last maggot squirmed out of her pussy. Her belly was flat again but she didn't realize it because her mind was stunned by pure bliss.

Her moans echoed against the walls of the cave and traveled far down the tunnels. She was not the only one listening to her sounds. Megan needed a few minutes to recover. Without the distraction of her unexplained pregnancy and the pleasurable birthing of maggots, Megan searched her memory for an explanation. Who attacked her in the forest and why he brought her here? How did she get pregnant with maggots? I need to get out of here before the one who attacked me comes back!

She tried to grab the bio-luminescent worm and used it as an improvised lamp but when she touched it, it prickled her hand which burned for a few seconds. "Ouch! This damned creature stung me!" She had no choice but to walk in the dark while searching for a way out.

**** As Megan moved away from the shining worm, the tunnel turned pitched black. The path curved to the left and there were openings on the stone walls big enough for her to pass through but she decided to walk as straight as possible.

Megan could hear creepy noises in the distance but she couldn't tell exactly where they were coming from or what was making them. She kept walking until she reached an opening on the right side that had a faint light. Maybe it was the sun. "There is light in this tunnel! This must be the way out!!" The woman eagerly followed the path but no more than fifty meters ahead, her excitement vanished completely.

The tunnel ended in some sort of pit harboring a formation with a hole in the center and this hole had teeth! To make things worse, there was another horrible creature trapped within this "mouth". The smaller creature was dead apparently. The whole scene was horrifying. "Holy crap! It is a monster eating another monster! What kind of place is this?" Megan was baffled to say the least.

She had never seen creatures like these two. She was forced to go back and search for another way. Megan retraced her steps and walked through a series of completely dark tunnels until she saw another source of light. This time she didn't get too excited. But as she got closer, she found a completely different scene. She found another woman!

This was great news! She was not going to face this terrible situation alone. A woman! Megan exclaimed within her head, then she said, "Hi there!" The woman was kneeling on top of a mushy surface that looked like moss and she didn't respond to Megan's greetings.

In fact, she didn't react at all. Megan got closer and knelt in front of her. She was definitely awake but her faraway stare indicated that she was under some kind of trance.

"Hey, can you hear me?" Megan asked, waving a hand in front of her face, then she thought, I think she is catatonic. Megan also noticed that there was a thick tube between the woman's legs and it was penetrating her pussy! She examined the tentacle with amazement. In fact, they were two. They protruded from the mushy ground all the way to her pussy and ass.

No wonder she is not talking. These tentacles are massive and she has two of them penetrating her body! Megan hesitantly touched the appendages. They felt had a semi-hard consistency, much like a male's phallus.

Then, out of morbid curiosity, Megan grazed the woman's belly, trying to find out how deep they were within her body. Such a slim figure. I wonder how far inside they are. And how the hell did she get penetrated in the first place? This thing seems to be anchored to the ground. It's not like they can chase her. Suddenly, the woman started whispering something. "Fungus is safe. Safe from monster.

Fungus loves Susan." As soon as she said that, Susan threw her head back, opening her eyes wide and making guttural noises. Obviously, something was happening but Megan couldn't see anything different. She just wanted the woman to explain herself. "What did you say?! What monster?. Is your name Susan?" Megan saw an inhuman motion within the woman's throat and suddenly the tip of a tentacle emerged from her mouth!

Megan screamed and jumped backwards, "Oh my God!!" The tentacle projected from the woman's face about fifteen centimeters and then it opened like a flower. Immediately after that, a white fluid started to leak from the tip and splashed on Susan's chest.

The sticky liquid had a strong coconut smell. How is this possible? That thing is passing through her entire body! Megan thought, staring wide-eyed at the tentacle projecting from the woman's mouth. Megan's bafflement was interrupted by a crackling sound coming from the darkness of the tunnel in front of her.

She heard quick footsteps splashing on the wet floor. Megan recalled one word that Susan had whispered.'monster'. "God! Someone is coming! Or something!!" As fast as she could, Megan hid behind a nearby rock and a few seconds later, something show up.

It was indeed a monster! A horrible creature that Megan had seen before, in the pit, trapped withing the other creature's jaws. God! I thought that monster was dead!!

The smell emanating from the fluid that covered Susan's chest was strong enough to disguise Megan's scent. Otherwise the creature would have found her easily. She was hiding way too close. This time, Megan was able to have a good look at the monster. It walked on two strong legs and instead of arms, it had two long proboscis, extending from each side of its head, ending with a long, sharp, blade-like nail.

Susan was completely unaware that she could die the next second. Her mind was focused on the bliss between her legs and how it reached through her entire body into her stunned brain. The monster approached Susan, analyzing if she was a suitable meal. The smell coming from the woman and the fluid on her chest was almost unbearable to the creature.

A moment later, the monster turned its head to the side and made a sound of disgust, like it was about to throw up. Megan observed with incredulity and terror, her heart beating almost out of her chest. Oh God!

Please don't kill her! Judging by the smell and the fact that she was not moving, the monster decided that the potential meal was rotten. The prey was not worthy of being carried back to the nest. It turned around and ran into the tunnel on the right side. It is going away, Megan thought, taking a deep breath. Susan remained for a moment in the same position, the tentacle still protruding from her mouth like an open flower and her ass twitching around the same appendage.

When Megan considered it was safe, she returned to Susan. By then, the tentacle had already retrieved from Susan's mouth back into her body. Megan was trying to understand what just happened. Thank God the monster didn't touch her. But why? Maybe it was this substance, Megan rationalized, smearing some of the fluid with her fingers. Megan was a smart girl and quickly began to put things together. The words that Susan whispered earlier started to make sense, "Fungus is safe.

Safe from monster." Her entire body smells, not only her chest. It is like she bathed in coconut cream or something. This is what she meant when she said that the fungus keeps her safe. This fluid is a monster repellent.

Megan wanted to go away in case the monster decided to come back but she couldn't leave Susan behind. In a way, Susan had just saved her life. She grabbed her arm tightly and pulled Susan away from the fungus.

The tentacles started slipping off her body. "Come on honey, dreaming time is over. It is time to get real and get out of here." With a loud, slurping sound, one of the fat tentacles vacated her pussy letting gobs of lubricating fluid flush from the tight opening. The other tentacle was still embedded in her ass.

It was buried so deep that Megan had to pull a lot farther to let it out. *** Considering that the monster went into the tunnel on the right, Megan helped Susan to stand up and they followed the tunnel on the left. Anything would be better than encounter that horrible creature again. "Come on. Let's go this way." "Fungus is safe," Susan whispered, clearly still unable to think coherently. After walking for a short time, Megan heard faint noises and it didn't sound too promising.

When they got closer to the origin, her worst fears came true. Ahead of them, was a chamber full of two-legged monsters, identical to the one that threatened Susan's life. "Oh crap! Hide! There are more monsters ahead," Megan said with a hushed voice.

Luckily, the darkness of the tunnel helped the women to remain unnoticed. But instead of hiding, Susan started running back the way they came. Megan ran behind her. They didn't know if the monsters were following them because it was too dark, which made everything even more terrifying. If they were being followed, a painful death was certain!

Oh God! Oh God! I hope they didn't see us! Megan thought in panic, a couple of steps behind Susan. Susan went straight to the fungus. She stepped onto the mushy platform, straddled its lingering tentacle and began to lower her body. Megan saw this and told her to stop but Susan was too busy whispering her mantra. "Fungus is safe. Fungus is safe." "No! Wait! What are you doing?!" Megan asked, looking at Susan, then looking back at the dark tunnel.

Then, within the panic, Megan considered doing the same thing. The monsters could arrive at any second and the fungus would save her life. Then she remembered Susan's state of mind; the woman's brain was broken. Given these circumstances, Susan's behavior was understandable. Who knows how long she had been trapped in this cave, living in constant terror. She must have become overwhelmed by fear and this weird fungus was the only place where she felt safe.

But the price to pay was too high; the tentacles spared her body but took over her mind. Seeing that Susan was letting the tentacle penetrate her too deep, Megan told her to be careful, "Don't push it that much inside of you.

You are going to hurt yourself!" Susan was not listening. Megan hid behind the same rock as before and waited a couple of minutes. The monsters didn't come. At least, it was safe for now. When Susan moaned loudly and her eyes rolled up, Megan leaned down to confirm that another tentacle was entering the woman's ass. She began to suspect that this fungus had some sort of intelligence, which was not a good sign.

"It is penetrating Susan's ass again and without her help! How did it know that she had another opening to penetrate? This is very creepy." The fungus, like most of the other creatures in this cave, resembled a plant but it was an animal. It already knew Susan's body and extruded a second tentacle, aiming at her anal entry. Penetrating her pussy was useful for reproduction but penetrating her ass provided easier access to the woman's nervous system and from there, to Susan's brain.

This species had evolved for centuries using human females for reproduction, learning how to increase women libido and reduce their urge to run away. After a while, their human prey could only think about pleasure; feeling the blissful tentacles within their bodies was all that mattered. Megan heard a squishy sound right beside her and turned her head to see another tentacle emerging from a different section of the fungus.

Megan screamed and stepped back before the slimy appendage could touch her. "Crap! Another one!" From a safe distance, Megan analyzed the situation. The tentacle danced in front of her, inviting to enjoy its "safety". But Megan had seen the effect it caused on Susan. The woman's mind had been completely overpowered by those massive penetrations and Megan didn't want to end like that.

That thing wants me to sit on it like Susan did but the hell I will! I'd rather take my chances with the two-legged monsters until I find a way out of here. *** Megan decided to move on. She walked into the pathway on the right, leaving Susan behind. She was alone again and this was the same tunnel taken by the solitary monster that almost killed Susan. Megan's situation was getting worse by the minute.

Trying to ignore her increasing fear, Megan thoughts wandered into other things. The expression in Susan's face was indescribable. She was really enjoying that brutal penetration from both tentacles.

Maybe that is not such a bad way to spend your last days. Megan followed the main passage and investigated all the smaller tunnels but all of them led to nowhere, until she saw a wider chamber ahead. When she arrived, Megan led out a gasp from the bizarre scene displayed in front of her. "Oh God!

What is happening in here?!" There were several women lying on the chamber's wet floor and even more creatures around them.

These creatures were different. They consisted mostly of a huge sac and a large head, from which a long, fat tentacle projected forward. The head also had four small arms that ended with spikes. The woman closest to the room's entrance had one of these tentacles penetrating her body.

This poor woman is getting fucked too, like Susan, Megan thought. Then she tried to communicate with her, "Hi. Can you hear me?" The woman didn't answer and Megan realized that she was, like Susan, in a daze. She also noticed that the creature was injecting something into the woman's legs and her skin was turning slightly green around the puncture. Maybe that's why she is unresponsive.

She is being drugged. Megan couldn't prevent screaming out loud when she turned her eyes to the center of the chamber. There was another woman that she didn't notice before because she was completely green, almost like a decaying corpse. The woman was distended and wasn't moving at all. "Oh my God! Is that woman dead?!" Looking more carefully, Megan realized that the woman was alive and breathing.

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The reason for her bloatedness was an apparent pregnancy. These monsters have injected so much venom in her that she is all green now! And she looks so pregnant! The thought of being pregnant reminded Megan of herself before giving birth to the maggots. Her pussy stirred involuntarily. Then she cast-off the thought, feeling ashamed. A guttural sound coming from one of the creatures, returned Megan's attention back to the first woman.

There was something moving within the hollow tentacle and it was getting closer to the woman's pussy. Megan considered helping her but she was too afraid. That tentacle is bulging.

Something is sliding inside of it. As the large bulge reached the woman's crotch and pushed into her body, the woman woke up from her blissful reverie and lifted her upper body with a loud moan. Megan got scared by this and jumped back but she quickly returned to the same spot, observing the astonishing event without blinking.

From that angle, she couldn't see the girl's crotch but she could imagine that large object expanding her pussy lips and forcing its way in, stretching her vaginal cavity to the limit. Is pushing it inside of her! An instant later, the woman bent backwards and her entire body began to tremble.

She was having an orgasm! Her eyes rolled back as her belly bloated to accommodate the object that the creature was shoving into her. Only her legs remained immobile, seemingly paralyzed by the venom. She is having an orgasm! Probably the drug is also an aphrodisiac. That could explain it. Megan thought, still trying to find explanations to everything that was happening in the cave. The woman's climax lasted for a couple of minutes and Megan witnessed every twitch and jolt from the possessed body.

Megan thought it was kind of perverted to just sit there and watch the woman's orgasmic convulsions but truthfully it was so fascinating that she couldn't look away. I wonder what was pushed inside of her belly. Maybe it is a large egg, or an embryo. The creatures in this cave are so weird. When the woman finally settled down, Megan heard moans from a different section of the chamber. It was the greenish woman. She is awakening.

I feel sorry for her. She is probably in pain. The woman's moaning didn't sound like she was in pain. It was quite the opposite. Megan noted this when the woman grabbed her breast and waved her hips sensually. Wow! She is not in pain at all. She actually looks very excited! The woman jolted a couple of times and threw her head back.

Suddenly, a surge of greenish fluid gushed from her pussy. What? Is she peeing? Or. Then, her pussy lips parted and a slimy figure emerged from within. It was some sort of semi-transparent amniotic sac containing an exact tiny replica of the creatures that crowded the room. The woman moaned louder and spread her legs, facilitating the way for her offspring. Something is coming out of her! She is giving birth! The process was slow and the woman enjoyed it immensely.

She twitched, contorted and screamed in bliss. The woman's stomach appeared to have a life of its own as it churned and pulsated, trying to push the newborn into the world. It was difficult to discern if she was having an orgasm because her joyous spasms didn't stop the whole time.

Megan witnessed with astonishment as the small creature was expelled bit by bit and the woman's distended belly regained her flatness. At last, her offspring came completely free of her body and the amniotic sac broke.

The woman's climax finally receded and she rested on the wet floor, breathing heavily. Megan watched as the newborn moved, very slowly, contracting and expanding its body like a fat worm. "This is unbelievable." The offspring was not even one meter away from its mother when the large monster nearby waved its tentacle a couple of times above the woman's body and then shoved it forcefully into her pussy! Wow!

He is penetrating her! She just gave birth and he is already fucking her! I guess he is going to place another egg or something inside of her like the other creature did with this woman here. It was obvious that the woman was more than happy to oblige since she lifted her hips to allow an easier and deeper penetration. Megan remained in the same spot for a while, studying the situation.

She could go back and check for tunnels that she missed or she could take her chances running through this chamber and hoping to reach the tunnel at the other side.

These creatures seemed to move very slowly but this can be deceiving. There most be a reason why they were able to capture all these women.

Which makes me wonder, why are there so many women in this cave? Megan concluded that it was better to move forward. She stood up and prepared to run as fast as she could across the room. But at the last instant, she saw movement on the far side of the chamber. Megan lifted her eyes to see a woman approaching her. She moved between the creatures without a worry in her mind.

"Hey! Be careful! These monsters are dangerous!" Megan yelled, trying to warn the woman. Megan barely finished the sentence when one of the creatures moved its tentacle extremely fast and wrapped it around the woman's waist.

Strangely, the woman didn't flinch or screamed. She didn't do anything. She just stood there like a lifeless mannequin. "Oh God! They got her!! I have to do something!" Megan said out loud. Then she noticed something attached to the back of the woman's head. What is that on her hair? Another creature reached out and moved its tentacle around her body, exploring. It was already familiar with the human anatomy and focused its attention on the spot between her legs.

It quickly discovered that she was not a suitable breeder. Her womb was inaccessible. She also has something between her legs! It looks like a giant worm! Megan thought alarmed, looking at the woman's crotch. The creature released her shortly afterwards and the woman resumed her robotic walking with not a single gesture on her face. Megan saw this with incredulity and curiosity. Why did the monsters let her go? She hoped this woman could give her some answers. The woman didn't seem to notice her at all and Megan had to stand in her path to make her stop.

Her faraway, unblinking stare was a little unnerving. "Wait! Hi! What is your name? Where are you going?" Megan asked. Megan quickly realized with disappointment that the woman was even less responsive than Susan. She confirmed that the thing attached to the girl's head was a living creature as it seemed to be breathing.

Megan suspected that this creature was manipulating the woman like a puppet. She touched the mind-controlling parasite and carefully tried to pull it off but it was firmly attached and she didn't want to hurt the woman.

What is this thing? This is why she can't see me or hear me. Megan moved around the woman's body and found something else. She has another worm in her ass! Her entire body is invaded by parasitic creatures. She knelt in front of the woman and looked carefully at the creature in her pussy.

Both worms look identical to each other and they had teeth at the end, providing some kind of protection. Megan intuitive mind started to make sense of the woman's 'immunity' to the nearby tentacle-creatures. This is why the creatures with tentacles let her go.

They couldn't penetrate her. This is a clever defense but I am afraid she didn't come up with it by herself. Then Megan had an idea, Now that she has crossed the room safely, maybe I should remove the worms. Megan grabbed the spongy worm, making sure to avoid the teeth, and pulled.

She became truly amazed by the size of the creature as more and more of it slid out of the woman's body. "Oh my God! How did you fit all this inside of you?!" Megan couldn't know that the woman's body was hypersensitive because of the parasite's influence and the simple act of extracting the worm from her pussy made the woman reach a powerful orgasm.

Megan looked up at the girl's shivering body and it took her a moment to understand what was happening. The strong spasms within the woman's twitching pussy helped liberate the fat worm. What?! Is she having an orgasm? Wow! She must be super-horny to cum this fast. The woman's legs became like rubber after the blissful sensation and she crumbled to her knees. Megan moved back, letting the worm fall to the ground. When the woman regained her composure, she stayed still, staring at the worm twisting on the floor, waiting for instructions.

And the instructions came quickly. The woman grabbed the worm and pushed it back into her pussy. She made it look so easy. When the worm was all the way in, the woman turned her head looking at the path she would follow. She had a specific destination and she didn't want to delay her arrival any longer. Megan decided that it was better not to interfere anymore and see where she was going.

There is no point trying to help her. I think I'll just follow her. Maybe she, or the creature controlling her, knows a way out of here. Megan followed the woman, sometimes in almost complete darkness, and entered a tunnel that she didn't see before. There was something moving in the distance and Megan got scared thinking that it was one of the dangerous two-legged monsters, but when she looked more carefully, she realized that it was something completely different.

What is that?! This creature was even more strange than the previous monsters. It had a thick ovoil-shaped body with three huge appendages supporting its weight. From the top section of the sac, two smaller tentacles projected forward, ending with something that resembled compounded eyes, like those of an insect. The monster had additional medium-size tentacles in the middle section of its body.

Megan counted at least four. Megan stopped walking at a safe distance while the mind-controlled woman approached the monster until she was only one meter away.

The creature aimed its compound eyes at her and they stared at each other for a minute. Megan saw the woman moving her right hand and then she heard moaning along with a squishy sound. She couldn't see exactly what was going on but it was pretty obvious that the woman was removing the large worm from her pussy. Now she is removing the worm herself. This is odd.

Then she did the same with the worm in her ass. This time, Megan had a clear view of the slimy creature slithering from the woman's anal entry. The worm was identical to the other one, both in shape and size. Megan wondered how was it possible for the woman to fit such large creatures inside of her.

I wonder if she even knows what she is doing. The second worm vacated the woman's body and she let it fall to the ground, like she did with the first one.

With both worms squirming around her feet, the woman took one step forward and spread her legs. She was offering her body to the large monster. After all she had seen in the cave during the past hours, this came as no surprise for Megan. Nonetheless, she was still amazed by the total control that the small creature had over the woman's mind.

She was indeed a puppet at the mercy of her controller. She is offering herself to the monster! As one of the tentacles explored between her legs and aimed at the woman's pussy, Megan wondered if the woman was even a little aware that she was about to be penetrated by this hideous creature.

The tentacle moved slowly until it touched the warmth of the woman's pussy lips, then it darted forward penetrating her to the bottom of her hypersensitive cavity.

The woman moaned out loud, which made Megan aware of the utter bliss that this provided. Megan watched a second tentacle circle around the slim body and aim at her ass. She held her breath and covered her own ass as an instinctive reaction.

God! It is going for her anus. She just pulled the worm out of there and now she will take a tentacle. This is crazy. Inside the woman's head, dozens of microscopic filaments snaked between the folds and crevices of her brain, suppressing every cognizant thought and augmenting the waves of pleasure that traveled from her crotch. When the tentacle started entering her ass, her orgasm was imminent. The tentacles penetrated deep into her body, squirming and vibrating, sending a message to the creature attached to the woman's head that she should remain in place and receptive.

The parasitic creature did its best to keep her at the brink of orgasm without letting her finish, so she wouldn't start thrashing again.

The monster's compound eyes detected an additional point of entry in her body and he moved a third tentacle accordingly. The appendage pressed against her lips and entered her mouth, reaching her throat and beyond. The woman gargled as her eyes rolled back. Megan was mesmerized by the woman's ordeal. She wouldn't dare to come any closer in an attempt to rescue her. At least she knew that the woman was not suffering.

Megan just observed as the creature fucked each of her holes for several minutes. It is fucking her in every hole at the same time. It must be so overwhelming. A light breeze blowing within the tunnel and between Megan's legs made it evident that her pussy was moistening.

She felt ashamed of herself.

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but kept watching. After a short time, the woman's legs started to tremble as a prelude of an unstoppable orgasm. At this moment, not even the mind-controlling parasite could prevent it. She grunted louder as her hips waved back and forth in a chaotic way, and then she exploded in bliss. Her body started shuddering violently while her pussy and anus twitched forcefully around the invading tentacles. She is coming again!

This orgasm is so much stronger than the previous one. During her orgasm, the parasite couldn't control the woman's body or brain. The same way as before, the woman's legs went weak and she fell limply to the ground. The small mind-controlling creature tried to stop her fall but it was impossible. After the orgasmic release diminished and slowly faded away, the woman opened her eyes revealing the same empty stare.

The small creature had regained control of her mind. With an almost mechanic move, the woman lifted her torso until she was sitting on the ground.

Her arms hung limply by her sides. She stared forward at the creature and waited. New instructions were pouring into her brain and she was doing her best to understand them. Meanwhile, her pussy twitched. To prevent subsequent falls, the mind-controlling creature kept the woman close to the ground and commanded her to turn onto her hands and knees. Megan, still at a safe distance, kept watching. She wondered how that little parasite was able to control a human female so utterly but she suspected that chemical induced arousal had something to do with it.

She is ready for another ravishing. How many orgasms can she endure? The monster saw the woman moving into position and he did the same, recoiling his tentacles and aiming them like snakes ready to strike.

Deep within her enthralled mind, the woman sensed that something was about to happen; something scary. and wonderful. The tentacles rammed forward, piercing the woman's pussy and ass once again. But this time it happened simultaneously and with more intensity. The woman screamed! This would have alarmed Megan if she didn't know already that they were screams of pleasure.

The woman's lack of thought allowed her entire brain to focus exclusively on the fantastic sensations that radiated from her crotch. One appendage competing with the other for deeper penetration within her tights cavities. The tentacles began to squirm and twist making it very hard for the woman to stay still but she did, as this was the command that filtered into her mind through her master's microscopic links.

Again, the monster fucked the woman for a while and Megan watched them engrossed. She knew she should be looking for a way out of the cave but she believed she should wait. Maybe this woman, after she was done 'mating', could lead her to the exit.

Wow! He is really giving it to her. I wonder how it feels. A few minutes later, the creature climaxed, and so did the woman. A squirting sound preceded the gushing white sperm that leaked forcefully from her pussy and ass.

Megan gasped and her heart jolted upon seeing this, then, inadvertently, her pussy jolted as well. Megan observed unblinking as large amounts of cum started to spill to the ground and accumulated under the slim shuddering body. The ravished woman's eyes were completely rolled back, displaying her absolute bliss. The monster's sperm was not only accumulating on the ground but also inside of the woman's body, invading every crevice within her guts until it started to spill from her mouth.

Megan gasped again. God! She is so full of cum that the sperm if coming out of her mouth!

The monster didn't stop. He resumed his rhythmic fucking. The woman slipped forward but was able to keep her ass up and receptive. After watching this and resolving that this ravishing was not ending any time soon, Megan concluded that she had to move on. She looked at the wall behind the creature and confirmed that this tunnel was another dead end, leaving her only one option. The only path left is through the chamber with the tentacle monsters. She considered her next course of action while staring at the greenish worms.

Megan already knew what she had to do but her mind desperately searched for an alternative. There was none. She had to use the worms the same way the entranced woman did. I can't believe I am even considering this. Megan crawled closer to the woman and the monster. She moved very slowly, never taking her eyes off the tentacles, ready to jump back in case the monster tried to grab her.

Wow! The tentacles look so much bigger this close! Being so close, she was able to hear the squelching sounds of the tentacles squirming within the woman's pussy and her soft moans in response. In some way, Megan found this alluring but tried not the think about it.

Megan grabbed the first worm, careful to avoid its teeth and moved back a little. Then she proceeded to grab the other one. "Got you! Now let's get your brother and get out of here." **** Megan walked away from the large creature and his enthralled mate and found a spot in a nearby tunnel where two bio-luminescent creatures provided good light.

She was carrying a worm in each hand, squishing them slightly and feeling their bodies shift their consistency from hard to soft and vice-versa. When I pulled them from the woman's pussy they felt rubbery and hard but now they feel softer. Megan sat on the floor trying to convince herself that it was the only solution. She had to put those worms inside of her. Crossing the tentacle-creatures chamber was the only path left and she needed to protect her cavities.

I have to do this. It is the only way. Be brave Megan. At least they looked clean and well lubricated. Megan grabbed the first worm and spread her legs. When she pushed the slimy creature a few centimeters into her pussy, Megan gasped, realizing how excited she was. The images of all those women being ravished by so different creatures still lingered in her mind and more so, their indescribable orgasmic expressions as each of them climaxed over and over.

But even with this unexpected arousal, the size of the worm seemed just too big for her. "Uugh. You are huge. I'm afraid I won't be as accommodating is your previous host." Megan said to the worm, as if it could understand her. Sensing the warmth of Megan's cavity, the worm started to churn and twist, trying to anchor itself within the woman's vaginal walls in order to pull the rest of its body inside.

Megan moaned loudly from this delightful sensation and felt ashamed afterwards, reminding herself that she was only doing this because there was no other choice. The pleasurable feeling became too overwhelming and Megan stopped pushing for a moment, trying to calm down.

But the spongy creature already had some traction and was determined to pull its entire form inside of her. "Please be still. Don't go further in. Ahhh!" Megan could feel it pulsating, churning and extending its flexible body to occupy every space available. Part of her mind wanted the worm to stop and give her a break but her body wanted something very different.

The sensations were so alluring and exciting. She spread her legs wider apart. A few minutes later, Megan was unable to control herself. The worm was almost as deep as it was within the other woman. Somehow, it had managed to accommodate its large body inside of Megan's belly, making it bulge. At this moment, Megan had forgotten about the tunnels, the two-legged monsters and everything else. The bliss between her legs was too good to be denied. She knew she was going to cum soon.

She was going to reach an orgasm by having a worm inside of her pussy and she didn't care. She was almost there. Megan stood still for a second before an explosion of lights ignited behind her eyes. Her body jolted in the midst of orgasmic convulsions for the longest time in her life. Her pussy twitched over and over around the creature that provided this bliss, pulling it further in. Megan thought she was going to pass out from utter joy. But she didn't lose consciousness.

One minute later, she was lying on the ground, breathing heavily and trying to gather her thoughts. The shame was coming back. She had climaxed! She pushed a worm in her pussy and she had the strongest orgasm ever. It was incredible! I didn't know I could cum like that. She began to understand why all those women had surrendered to the monsters.

If their orgasms were as good as hers, it was easy to just give up and keep the pleasure coming. Megan knelt and looked between her legs. The worm was buried deep and only the segment with teeth was protruding. She thought about its size, knowing that all the rest was now stuffed inside of her. This is unbelievable. It fit inside of me. All of it! Then Megan looked at the other worm squirming on the ground nearby and her heart jolted, then her pussy twitched as she pictured that creature slipping into her ass.

This time, Megan didn't hesitate that much. She turned around and pushed the tip of the other worm in her anus. Megan felt a hint of pain, but she was too excited to stop. Will it fit inside of me? Is it possible that both huge worms will fit in my body? Soon after, she had pushed three segments of the worm inside of her ass and strangely enough, the initial pain started to subside.

The creature vibrated, massaging her inner walls, enticing her to keep going. All it needed was to get deep enough to do the work by itself.

When the fourth segment entered the tight embrace of her rectum, the worm found the anchoring it needed and quickly began to pulsate and squirm, submerging deeper into her body.

Megan felt her belly enlarging as the pleasure increased. She had seen the worm in her pussy working its way in and she knew that the worm in her ass was going to do the same. She felt the flexible creature shifting, enlarging, churning. The sensations were too intense, the pleasure was unbelievable. The bewildered woman reached another powerful orgasm while her body surrendered completely. From the worm's point of view, the symbiotic relationship was perfect.

Megan would provide a safe, warm environment for them and they would provide protection against any intruder trying to fertilize her. Megan's vaginal and anal muscles were squishing hard around the worms during her orgasmic spasms but this was no problem for the worm's adaptable and flexible bodies.

When her orgasm diminished, Megan looked at her crotch with amazement. She never thought that she could do it but she did; two large worms protruding from her pussy and ass like they belonged there.

"Both worms are inside of me! Now there is no way a tentacle-creature will penetrate me." Megan followed the tunnel that led her to the tentacle-creature's chamber. She had to walk somewhat akimbo, allowing some room for the creatures between her legs, but the friction caused by the motion on her thighs and ass-cheeks still felt incredibly arousing. She believed that she could reach another climax just by walking a little further.

Damned! It feels so weird. and so good. Megan arrived at the chamber to find everything pretty much as she left it. The "normal" woman was leaning against the wall near the entrance and had the same tentacle in her pussy.

The greenish woman was kneeling on the center of the room and was still being ravished by one of the other creatures.

Megan took a deep breath, gathering the nerve to cross the room. She was almost certain that this was going to work but there was always the possibility of failure. If one of the worms would slip from her body, she would be doomed. Ok Megan, quit stalling and just do it. Here we go. Megan walked across the chamber and as soon as she was in reach, a monster threw out his tentacle and grabbed her leg with a tight, strong grip. She wasn't going anywhere unless he decided otherwise.

Oh my God! Oh my God! He grabbed me! I have to stay still. Megan was terrified but she managed to remain immobile, pretending that she was calmed and relaxed, like the enthralled woman did earlier. A nearby monster retrieved its tentacle from the greenish woman, eliciting a moan of pleasure followed by a whimper of disapproval. Megan turned her head to see this new tentacle approaching her body and inspecting her crotch.

She clenched her pussy and ass, tightening her grip around the worms and securing them inside of her. The combination of fear and pleasure felt strangely exciting and confusing but Megan tried not to think about it. "You see? Both my holes are occupied so you will have to let me go," Megan said out loud. After circling her crotch for about a minute, the second tentacle moved away and almost immediately the other tentacle released its grip on Megan's leg.

Yes!! It worked! It is letting me go! When she reached the other side of the chamber, Megan looked back with a sense of triumph and satisfaction. At least she didn't feel as helpless as before, even if she had to do something that a few hours ago would have been unthinkable.

Megan saw the greenish woman leaning forward, letting the tentacle plunge back into her body. *** Megan continued walking through the unexplored tunnel with the worms still inside of her. She told herself that she was doing it in case she ran into more monsters but the real reason was that it just felt too good. She clenched her pussy and ass with every step and a couple of minutes later, her burning body exploded in another climax.

She had to lean on the wall to prevent falling on her knees. After coming back from heavenly bliss, Megan felt ashamed. She was giving in to her lowest desires in this wasn't right. She should focus her attention on finding a way out of the cave and not in seeking pleasure by keeping creatures in her body. I have to take the worms out.

I can think straight with them inside of me. Megan proceeded to remove the spongy creatures and as much as she tried, she couldn't avoid moaning loudly when they slipped out of her oversensitive body. She placed the worms on top of a flat rock, hoping that they would remain there in case she needed them later. "Don't go anywhere guys. Hopefully I won't come back, but who knows." The woman's pussy was still tingling while the remnants of lubricating fluid dripped down her thighs. Megan continued her search following the dark tunnels until she saw light ahead.

She had learned by now that the bio-luminescent worms attracted other creatures that used their light for mating purposes. This time was no exception. Megan found another very pregnant woman being ravished by a monster that looked very similar to the tentacle-creatures except this one had a long, wide neck that ended in some kind of mouth. The woman had her hips inside the open mouth with her legs to either side of it. Another one!

I don't think this monster is planning to eat her.

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He's got her pregnant too! Megan was getting used to this type of scenarios and she got closer with no hesitation. She discovered that there was another tinner tentacle coming from inside the creature's mouth and it was penetrating the woman's body. Megan also noted a few eggs lying on the ground and she quickly came to a conclusion. "This plant, or animal, must be filling her with eggs!" Giving in to her curiosity again, Megan touched the woman's pregnant abdomen and corroborated that there were several eggs accommodated inside.

Yes. This bumps have to be eggs, like the ones on the ground. Megan held one egg on her hand while she pictured them inside the young woman's belly.

It wasn't as heavy as she thought it would be, yet the egg had a firm consistency. A thin oily layer made it very slippery. She considered helping the woman but she suspected that it was pointless. She decided to move along and investigate further down the tunnel.

I won't even bother trying to talk to her. She looks just like the others. Her mind is completely gone. Not far ahead, Megan encountered another interesting situation.

A woman was standing in the middle of a small chamber holding some kind of rope that hung from the ceiling. There is another one. This cave is really filled with women. Yet I see no men around. Looking more carefully, Megan noticed that the 'rope' was really a tentacle, similar to the ones she had seen before, only this hung from a pod attached to the ceiling of the cave. There were many of them spread across the chamber.

She hid behind a rock and watched. The woman lifted the tip of the tentacle up to her face and held it there for a few seconds, like preparing herself. Then, the woman licked the tip of the tentacle briefly before shoving it in her mouth. She pulled it back and forth a few times as if she was sucking a man's cock. What is she doing? Megan wondered. Megan couldn't look directly at the woman's face from her location but she appeared to be more awake than the rest of the enthralled women she had encountered so far.

Yet seeing her suckling that tentacle was not promising. She has to be mind-controlled to do something like that but I can't see any parasite attached to the back of her head or anything in her pussy. The woman released her grip on the tentacle but kept it in her mouth. Surprisingly, it started to move on its own, slowly passing between her lips and sinking deeper down her throat.

The woman opened her eyes wide and her entire body jolted from to the gag reflex, but she stayed in place. Megan, still in her hiding spot, was able to hear a muffled moan of pleasure. She estimated that the tentacle was already half a meter deep inside the woman's body and yet it was still pushing through.

The woman's swelled nipples and her eyes rolling back made it obvious that she was extremely excited. Megan could hear the woman moaning increasingly louder but at the same time, she thought she heard a gurgling sound.

She noticed that the woman's belly was starting to bloat when a sudden gush of fluid erupted from her stuffed mouth. "Oh my God!" Megan exclaimed. The woman bent forward and quickly grabbed to tentacle with both hands. Then pulled at it forcefully, trying to remove it from her body. Megan was astounded by this.

This woman definitely didn't move like she was entralled. The woman finally pulled to whole tentacle off her body and as expected, more fluid came out. Strangely enough, the woman quickly closed her lips and covered her mouth, like trying to keep all of it inside. Don't waste it!

The woman exclaimed in her mind. At the moment, Megan saw a shadow walking behind the woman. It was another creature! It had purple skin that blended perfectly with the darkness of the tunnels but Megan was able to see its shape. This one looked like a human. It made no sound and moved almost like a ghost. The humanoid grabbed something from the floor. It was an egg. Megan hadn't seen it before but it looked like one of the eggs she just held in her hand moments ago.

While the dark monster devoured the egg with avidity, the woman turned around to faced him. She didn't run or even got scared. She just stood there, looking at it. What is she doing just standing there?!

Run! Megan wanted to scream but she didn't. When the egg shell was empty, the creature discarded it and focused his attention on the woman. She responded by taking one step closer. The monster grabbed her rudely. It was then when Megan saw his phallus. He was definitely a male and his cock was getting erect fast. I think she wants him to fuck her. She can't be doing this willingly. She must enthralled too. The creature easily lifted the woman from the ground and shoved his phallus into her pussy with a single movement.

She threw her head back moaning sensually. It became obvious that she was expecting this; she had been waiting for this creature to fuck her. Once again, Megan was witnessing another ravishing of a young woman by a monster, although this creature looked less disgusting than all the others. Megan wondered how it would feel to have that purple cock being harshly shoved into her pussy and then she felt an involuntary stir between her legs. With that thought in her mind, she hid a little better, afraid of being seen and probably being ravished.

Her pussy fluttered again. The woman's slim body bounced up and down with each powerful stroke from the monster. Her moans mixed with the squelching sound of the dark, lubricated phallus pumping in and out of her pussy.

The minutes passed and Megan noticed something interesting. All the women she had seen in the cave before, reacted somewhat sluggishly and stiffened when stimulated, but this woman seemed more lively.

Her emotions reflected a higher level of awareness. If this was true, then it meant that she was willingly fucking the creature. There must be a powerful reason to do this and Megan got even more curious about the whole situation.

Suddenly, barely ten minutes after he first penetrated her, the creature climaxed. It made no sound but his body went rigid for a second and then his hips jutted forward in rapid spasms, pushing his cock as deep as possible into the woman's body. By the third convulsion, the excess of sperm gushed from between the phallus and the stretched cavity.

He is coming! I hope he goes away afterwards. After achieving his goal, the dark humanoid released his grip on the woman, letting her slip to the ground. She looked up at him with dreamy eyes and excited breathing. The woman hadn't reached an orgasm yet and she was still very aroused. The monster took one step back with his cock still dripping sperm. He was preparing to leave when the woman quickly stood up, turned around and bent forward, showing her behind to the humanoid.

He stared at her ass for a moment and then his phallus started to get hard again. Megan was still surprised at the woman's actions. She was the one making sexual advances, tempting him to fuck her one more time. The creature didn't wait for further invitation. He shoved his cock back into her pussy and began pounding her fast and hard. The ravishing lasted longer. Twenty minutes later, they were still mating. His pelvis smashed against her butt-cheeks every time, proving that his entire phallus was being pushed into her body.

The woman's moans started to get a higher pitch, heralding an impending orgasm. It only took a few more strokes and she began quivering from head to toe.

She is coming! Megan thought as she saw the woman orgasmic spasms. Regardless of her orgasm, the creature continued ramming his cock into her body without mercy and this stimulated the woman even further. Her weakened legs and wild spasms made it difficult for the humanoid to hold on and he started loosing his grip on her waist. Inevitably, the woman slipped forward landing on the ground. Her body was still shivering and the blissful spasms forced her to expel some of the precious water she had swallowed before.

Knowing that her job was not done yet, the woman recovered quickly from her climax and knelt in front of the creature. She delicately grabbed his phallus while leaning forward and licked it. Then the woman engulfed the tip of his cock between her lips and gently caressed it with her tongue. She looked up at him with loving and thankful eyes.

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Food was scarce inside of this cave and his sperm would provide a fine meal. The monster felt the warmth of her mouth and he liked it. He wanted more! Grabbing the back of her head, he pulled forcefully, shoving most of his long cock down her throat. The woman opened her eyes wide and gagged but at the same time her pussy started twitching from unbridled excitement. The humanoid fucked her face brutally until he couldn't hold it any longer and discharged his second load of cum directly into her belly.

Feeling his cock throbbing between her lips and the hot fluid gushing within her loins, the woman climaxed as well. At last, the monster pulled back and some of the sperm unavoidably came rushing from the woman's mouth. Everything had been perfect. Megan looked astonished at the entire scene. She didn't notice that she was breathing deeper than normal and her nipples were hard. She must be completely stuffed with sperm!

Both in her pussy and her stomach! Having climaxed twice, the creature had enough and calmly walked away into the darkness of the tunnel ahead. Good! The creature is leaving. Hopefully this woman will make more sense than the others. The woman stayed in the same place, cleaning the remnants of sperm from her face and licking her fingers clean.

She didn't see Megan until she was two meters away; when she looked up, she got scared and covered her breasts. This reaction was a good sign. "Hi!" Megan said, trying to appear as friendly as possible. "Oh my God!" the woman exclaimed scared. Megan confirmed with relief that this woman was fully aware of what was happening. Maybe she could finally get an explanation of how she ended up in this cave or how to get out of it.

After Megan explained what had happened to her so far, she asked the woman about her story. The woman's name was Kira. She had been inside the cave for a long time, surviving thanks to the water provided by the pod's tentacles and whatever food she could find, like creature's eggs or sperm. Kira was excited to explain her feeding process, like she was proud of doing it, "I bring eggs as a gift to the black protector.

The ugly two-legged monsters are afraid of him and don't come around here." "The black protector? You mean the creature that. mated with you?" Megan asked. "Yes. He comes here for me and for the gift.

He also drinks water sometimes. His seed is tasty and healthy. It keeps me strong. He comes every day and sometimes he brings friends. They look just like him." Maybe she is being fucked by a different monster every time and she doesn't even know. Megan thought, realizing that the woman was not very smart. What really mattered to Megan was to know about the cave, "There must be a way out of this place," Megan said, "How come you have been here for so long and haven't found a way out?" "There is no way out," Kira said, "One day I woke up and I was already here.

The Gods are punishing me for being bad." It came as a big disappointed to learn that Kira came from an uneducated family and believed in the supernatural above everything else, "That is crazy!" Megan said, "We were dragged in somehow.

Come with me and help me look around. We will find a way." "No. The Gods took pity on me and sent the black protectors. They keep me safe until my punishment is over. These tubes provide water. This is my sanctuary." Megan was frustrated and angry but she decided not to argue. She wasn't getting any answers here.

At least she had found a safe spot within the cave. She decided to move along and followed the same tunnel taken by the dark humanoid. She explored a few more tunnels but all of them were dead ends. One of the wider tunnels had a hole on the ceiling but it was too dark to see beyond a few meters. Megan started to lose hope.

I can't climb up there. Maybe Kira was right.

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Maybe we are trapped in here forever! Megan thought, then she remembered something, Wait! There is one more tunnel left to explore. Megan was thinking about the tunnel beyond the chamber filled with two-legged creatures. That was her last chance and a very risky one. *** She came back to the pod's chamber and found Kira sleep.

This reminded her how tired she was; and thirsty. She was very thirsty.


This tentacle will probably try to go deeper than necessary inside of me but I have to drink some water or I'll die. She approached one of the hanging appendages and as she touched it gently, the image of Kira with the tentacle buried deeply down her throat popped in her mind. She got scared and decided to drink from the shorter tentacle nearby.

She put it in her mouth grabbing it tightly, making sure it didn't go too far. But after a while of suckling hard, nothing was happening, The water is not coming out.

I am afraid it has to go deeper. Megan could feel the tentacle moving in her hand, trying to sink deeper down her throat but she was afraid to let go. She didn't want to accept the fact that she had to do it. As soon as she let go of the tentacle, it pushed and penetrated into her esophagus.

Immediately after, it started to pulsate and water gushed from the hollow tip. The astounded woman could feel the appendage vibrating in her mouth, her throat, all the way down to her belly. She could even feel the vibration in her pussy.

And just like that, without expecting it, she climaxed. Within her blissful spasms, Megan lost her balance and crumbled to the ground. The tentacle was still ejecting fluid when it vacated her body a bathed most of face and hair. Then she did the same thing that Kira did before, she covered her mouth to keep the water in. Megan was astounded by her sudden orgasm but then she acknowledged that had been very aroused since she had her last climax. There was something about doing all these crazy things that excited her more than she wanted to admit.

After gathering her senses, Megan walked back the same tunnel she used when she first arrived. She had some water on her hand and she noticed that it had very small seeds in it. She began to understand everything that was happening in the cave. The pod provided nutritive water for everyone and the recipients served the purpose of spreading its seeds around. The "pregnant" woman that she found earlier, full with eggs, was also used as a carrier to spread them around.

All fauna in the cave used women in their reproductive process. It was still a mystery why they do that. In any case, this was all irrelevant because Megan was resolved to get out of cave one way or the other; and she had a plan.

*** Megan walked back to the same spot where she left the worms and luckily for her, they were still on the rock. She would never admit it but she was actually excited to "use" the worms again. She grabbed one of them and slowly pushed it into her pussy. Her eyes rolled back when it was half way through and she released the creature. Megan let it squirm between her thighs while the worm did the rest of the work by itself.

It felt so good. When she was done with the first one, Megan proceeded to insert the other worm into her ass. Her heart was pounding fast from the anticipation.

As expected, the limber creature wiggled inexorably into Megan's body and she relished every second of it. Then, Megan headed back to the chamber harboring the tentacle-creatures and, having both her holes occupied, she confidently crossed the room. The creatures grabbed her but seeing her condition, released her very quickly. Megan secretly enjoyed the thrill of doing it again. "That's right.

Get off me. I came prepared." She stopped for a moment near the captured woman and observed her bulging belly. It had been pure luck that Megan was not in the same situation. If I hadn't seen the woman with the worms before stepping into the room, I might be just like her. The other woman with greenish skin was nowhere to be seen. Megan removed the worms and headed directly to the chamber with the fungus. She found Susan still sitting on the tentacles and apparently she was in the middle of an orgasm.

Megan's plan was to use the fluid expelled by the fungus to scare away the monsters while she crossed the must dangerous chamber; the one occupied by two-legged creatures. Her goal was to reach the only tunnel left to explore at the other side. I guess the only way to get my body impregnated with the fluid, inside and out, is by sitting on it. The idea of letting the tentacles penetrate her body sounded a lot less crazy than before, when she first saw Susan sitting on them.

She even felt a little excited to do it. Megan stepped forward and straddled the tentacle. She had no idea how the fungus managed to possess Susan's mind but she had to risk it.

There was no other way. I'll have to make sure this creature doesn't fry my brain like it did with hers. The tentacle sensed her presence and waved slowly between her thighs, always aiming at her crotch.

Then, a second tentacle emerged. Megan saw it and gasped, then her pussy twitched. She knew this one was going to penetrate her ass. Fighting her fear, Megan lowered her body, letting the tentacle enter her pussy. She was ready to jump away the moment she felt something altering her mind.

But she felt nothing other than pleasure. Oh God! It is so thick. but it feels good.

Megan tightened her sphincter when she felt the other tentacle poking at her ass but this didn't stop the penetration. This time Megan felt a little discomfort and seriously considered aborting the plan, but she knew that she had to do this.

She would have to endure it. "God! It is entering my ass! It feels harder and thicker than the worm!" After the initial shock, Megan's body adjusted to the massive penetration. The tentacles gently squirmed inside of her, providing a subtle pleasure. Megan enjoyed it, but always aware that this could be a trap.

She waited in the same position for ten minutes and nothing strange happened with her brain. This was good news. Now she needed to provoke the tentacles to fill her with the monster-repellent fluid. Ok, this is starting to feel way too pleasurable. I better move on with the plan. Following her idea, Megan screamed loudly trying to get the monster's attention. This was a bold, crazy action but not crazier than the things she had experienced so far.

"Hey! Monster! Over here!" Not even one minute later, she heard footstep approaching the chamber. The monsters had not yet arrived at the chamber when Megan heard something very scary.

An ominous voice began to speak to her. At first, Megan thought that someone else was in the room. Then Megan realized that instead of a voice, it was a feeling, a sensation that she could translate into words and images. "You are safe here. You belong with us," said the voice. Oh God! It is speaking to me!

Megan thought, realizing that the voice was in her head. It reverberated inside of her mind and ignited an incredible warmth in her crotch. It was so soothing and reassuring.

Megan didn't even notice when the tentacle traveled up her body, reaching for her throat. A moment later, Megan's eyes rolled back while the tentacle emerged from her open mouth.

She was barely aware of her surroundings and her pussy was twitching frantically. Megan was climaxing. Susan was in the same situation, except her brain was already a mushy mass of bliss, always on the verge of orgasm.

Within all this, Megan saw a gray blur moving beside her. The. here. A couple of two-legged monsters arrived, attracted by Megan's call. The fungus' repellent fluid already saturated the women's bodies and started dripping onto their chests. Megan was vaguely aware that the horrible creature was approaching but this didn't worry her at all. She was safe and she was certain of it. The fungus was protecting her while it made her cum.

Megan's pussy twitched even harder while her mind slipped a little further into oblivion. The monsters inspected the women closely. The prey was not moving and the unbearable smell quickly filled their senses. Both girls were discarded immediately. The two-legged creatures walked away as fast as they arrived, leaving both women shivering. But Megan didn't tremble from fear. She had been climaxing for two minutes and her spasms were not slowing down.

Can't. stop. coming. This is. heaven. Maybe the fungus was right. Maybe she belonged here with Him. She was safe. And more than that, He would make her cum endlessly. With the danger gone, the tentacle began to retract back inside Megan's body. Her orgasm finally receded and this gave her the chance to gather her thoughts. The fungus was still "talking" to her and she was listening. If she payed attention, he would make her cum again very soon. But deep in the back of Megan's mind, she knew that she was still in danger.

She had to do something but she couldn't remember what it was. Suddenly, it came to her! She had to move away. She was losing her mind. Soon she would become a drooling zombie like Susan. When great effort, Megan convinced herself to lean forward and started pulling her body away from the fungus. Every centimeter of the tentacle that slipped out of her body, allowed her to think a little more clearly.

It took her a while but Megan succeeded and was able to free herself from the fungus' alluring control. "I did it. This freaking fungus almost had me but I got away." Megan's plan was going well.

Her body was now saturated with the monster-repellent fluid and now she could cross the last chamber. Ten minutes later, Megan was hiding behind a rock, peeking towards the chamber. It was completely filled with two-legged monsters. I'll move slowly.

My sweet new smell should repel all those creatures away. There was no use of waiting any longer. Confident that her plan was going to work, Megan took a deep breath and started crawling forward. But things didn't go as expected! Just a couple of steps into the chamber, the monsters saw Megan and charged at her. She did her best to remain immobile.

At first, the creatures behaved the same way they did before and left her alone, but when she moved just a little, the monsters approached her again and this time they stayed longer, smelling her entire body, checking for "non-rotten" parts. Megan was scared out of her mind and this time she thought she was dead for sure. She realized that there was no way she could cross the entire chamber. The monsters would know she was alive, therefore, suitable for eating.

She had to go back into the darkness of the tunnel. Moving almost imperceptibly, Megan was able to retrace her steps and get out of view. It took her almost two hours but she made it. She felt tired and defeated. Megan considered going back to the fungus and stay there with Susan.

Let it take her mind and erase all her troubles away. What am I going to do? Megan thought, truly sad and disappointed, but then Megan remembered something that Kira said a few hours ago. There was another solution! She walked decisively to put her new plan in motion. Megan inserted the worms into her pussy and ass and crossed the chamber with the tentacle-monsters. Then she removed the worms and walked into the room where she had found the woman bloated with eggs.

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The creature was still there; the woman was not. "There is one egg on the floor but it is definitely not enough." With some vacillation, Megan opened the creature's mouth and placed herself in the same that the "pregnant" woman had been. She was luring the monster to do the same to her. For a moment, she was afraid that the creature would close her mouth and crush her, but then she saw the tentacle coming from within and she gasped, both from relief and excitement.

"Yes! It is working!" The hollowed tube moved slowly between her thighs until it reached her pussy. Megan jerked with the cold touch but spread her legs wider.

The lubricated appendage pushed her vaginal lips apart and penetrated her deeply. "Shit! It's appendage is so fat!" Megan said out loud, while a hint of pleasure was already replacing the initial discomfort. It didn't take long before the first egg traveled the length of the ovipositor, passed between Megan's pussy lips and entered her womb.

Megan let out a soft gasp while an image of the other woman's belly, saturated with eggs, popped into her mind. She was going to look like that very soon. A couple more eggs entered Megan's body, forcing her belly to expand. She knew she should carry as many eggs as possible and there was still had room for more.

This made her pussy twitch from a debauched excitement. Megan had placed herself in this situation and she barely hesitated to do it. The idea of letting all these creatures abuse her was becoming less hideous by the minute. When the third egg was pushed inside of her, Megan climaxed. Two hours later, Megan lay limply on the ground with a belly that resembled an advanced pregnancy. The tentacle was still embedded in her pussy but it was not pushing eggs any more.

The creature had detected that the "carrier" was full. Uff. I came like ten times. I need to move away and take a break. Megan's belly was indeed stuffed with eggs to full capacity.

Now she was ready to continue with her new plan. I lost count of how many eggs this creature pushed inside of me but it should be enough. With much effort, Megan lifted her body and dragged herself backwards until the fat tentacle vacated her pussy. Her body shuddered from this delightful sensation and Megan moaned openly. She had to constantly remind herself that she was doing this because she had no choice, yet was not ashamed anymore of enjoying sex with all these weird creatures.

After resting for a moment, Megan knelt beside the monster. She felt so heavy. She caressed her belly and then pushed a little, testing if it was easy to expel the eggs.

She had to tighten her pussy to hold the egg inside as it started to slide down her vaginal cavity. Her theory was right; the creature used females to disperse eggs. "I never imagined that these eggs would become useful to get out of this place." After a couple of incorrect turns, Megan found the chamber with the hanging tentacles. Good, Kira is still sleep. I don't want her to see me like this. Now it was just a matter of waiting.

And she didn't have to wait long. One of the black creatures walked silently into the chamber and approached the tentacles to drink some water.

Megan quickly stepped forward and placed one egg on the ground. But then something unexpected happened, "Holy shit! He is looking right at me and not at the egg." The monster watched her menacingly and Megan felt a chill run down her spine. She never considered that this monster might attack her. She took a few steps back, slowly, trying not to provoke him.

The monster walked towards her and then stopped. He reached down, grabbed the egg from the ground and started drinking its contents. Megan sighted with relief, "Yes!! Drink it! I have many more gifts for you." Her plan was working. She walked towards the next chamber, making sure the dark creature could see her and pushed another egg out of her pussy. Her eyes rolled back from the pleasurable feeling but this wasn't a good time to lose her concentration.

She had to stay focused on her plan. She placed the egg on the ground and waited a moment until the humanoid got closer to eat it. Megan reached the tentacle-creatures's chamber and placed another egg at the entrance. Then she grabbed one of the worms that were still squirming around and pushed it into her ass.

She felt the eggs churning within her womb while the flexible creature accommodate in her rectum. Megan thought that she was going to climax right then and there. But she was aware that her orgasmic contractions might unintentionally push all the eggs out, so with great effort, she was able to suppress it. I can't cum. I can't cum. I can't cum.Oh God! The tentacle-creatures grabbed Megan as she walked by but released her quickly. She placed another egg on the other side of the chamber and waited for her dark friend.

When the humanoid crossed the chamber, the other monsters recoiled with obvious fear. Kira was telling the truth. The other creatures are actually afraid of him. By the time she reached the fungus chamber, Megan's belly was nearly empty, which was a good thing because she was almost at her destination. Susan was lying limply on the ground with a tentacle in her pussy.

Megan looked at her with pity. At least she knew that Susan was not suffering, in fact, she was living in endless bliss. Finally, Megan arrived at the most dangerous chamber. She expelled the last egg, trying not to moan too loudly and being careful to remain unseen by the two legged-creatures. Ok, this is the last egg. Then she waited for the dark humanoid. This was the moment of truth. I hope he is horny because if he rejects me, I am doomed.

When the dark creature reached for the last egg, Megan stood nearby. She was as scared and nervous as she was aroused. Megan watched him until he was done with the egg, then she turned around and bent forward, the same way Kira had done a while ago.

The creature looked at her attentively and his phallus immediately began to enlarge. Seeing this, Megan gasped with easement and at the same time, her pussy twitched with anticipation.

Regardless of her plans, she really wanted him to fuck her. It was odd but the itch between her legs was unbearable. The creature grabbed her hips and shoved his cock into her pussy. It felt cold, harsh. and delightful. And it was just in time because at that very moment, a couple of two-legged monsters arrived.

The hideous creatures stopped about two meters away and didn't get any closer. They knew that the dark creature could kill them in a second. They would have to wait until Megan was alone to attack her. They are not.ufff. getting close. great!

Megan saw the monsters keeping their distance and her heart jolted with joy. That wonderful humanoid pounding her pussy so pleasurably was going to be her ticket out of the cave. She moaned louder and tightened her pussy around her lover's cock. The humanoid was not grabbing her too tightly so with a sudden move, Megan stepped forward, letting the large cock slide out of her pussy and she knelt one meter ahead. The two-legged monsters also moved forward trying to grab her, but they quickly stepped back as the dark humanoid followed Megan and shove his cock back inside of her.

"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me across the whole chamber," Megan whispered jubilant. This new plan was working perfectly. Megan used the same tactic over and over, taking every chance she got to move bit by bit across the chamber, making sure that her lover was always on top of her, protecting her. The other monsters were always around, searching for a way to grab her, but they never dared getting close enough.

Despite the stressful situation, Megan was feeling more and more excited by the harsh pounding from the humanoid. His fat cock filled her so utterly and he moved so fast.

Her orgasm rushed over almost without warning. Her entire body buckled beneath the creature, making her lose control for a moment. But Megan knew that she should recover quickly from this momentary explosion of bliss.

Her life depended on it. The humanoid felt Megan's pussy twitching around his cock and it stimulated him to cum as well. His sperm erupted inside the woman's tight cavity and escaped between both shuddering bodies, spilling to the ground. Still recovering from her climax, Megan dragged herself a little further and turned around, offering herself to the creature again.

Despite his orgasm, she knew that the creature would want to fuck her one more time, the same way he did with Kira. The creature did just that, plunging his still hard cock back inside of her.

The two-legged monsters circled menacingly around the couple. They were anxious to grab Megan and make a good meal out of her. The frantic ravishing continued for a while until Megan was almost at the other side of the chamber. She couldn't see any monsters further down the unexplored tunnel. But she was not there yet. Suddenly, the dark humanoid grabbed her hips, lifted her from the ground and shoved his cock as deep as possible one last time. They both came simultaneously.

At last, the humanoid was done and let Megan slip to the ground. She kept shaking from her orgasm and didn't realize that she was still inside the chamber. She was still in danger! One of the two-legged monsters saw this as an opportunity and attacked! In his desperation to get Megan, the monster was careless and got close to the humanoid; too close. The humanoid turned his body with a swift move, grabbed the monster's head and flip it over, breaking its neck with a loud crack.

The other creatures not only stepped back but most of them started to run the other way. The humanoid had saved Megan's life. Megan, still shuddering, looked at the whole scene and quickly stood up, Crap! I better get out of here now! Megan ran into the only tunnel she hadn't explore. The passage turned to the right, then to the left and suddenly there was light!

Sunlight! "Yes!!! There is the exit! I am free!!" Megan had found the way out! She got out of the cave and the sunlight blinded her for a moment. But this didn't erase the smile from her face. She had to climb down a steep, rocky pathway but she finally made it to the woods below. She recognized the surrounding mountains. Megan was not far from home. After one hour of walking, Megan reached a familiar path and followed it until she saw a huge flower.

She suddenly began to remember. I remember this flower. In fact, this is the last thing I saw before waking up in the cave. Megan got a bad feeling about it.

At that moment, she heard a buzzing nearby and a chill ran down her back. She jumped to the side just in time to avoid the sharp stinger in the flying bug's tail.

The last time she heard the same buzzing, she blacked out completely right after. The bug was huge. Almost twice her size. It didn't care that she wasn't unconscious this time. It grabbed her anyway and carried her through the air. "Hey!! Put me down! Let go of me!!" Megan's questions about how she got into the labyrinth were suddenly answered.

This bug had carried her into the cave and now it was taking her back! At least now I know how to get out of the cave.Wait, this creature is poking my pussy! The surprised woman felt something thrusting between her legs and looked down to see an ovipositor protruding from the bug's main bulk.

The appendage parted her pussy lips and penetrated deep into her pussy. Megan moaned and immediately felt her nipples hardening. This bug is fucking me in mid air! Megan couldn't explain it but she was becoming addicted to having sex with weird creatures. They provided such a perverse pleasure. This time was no exception. The ovipositor began to pulsate and Megan felt small bumps passing through her tight cavity and accumulating in her womb.

"I guess this explains the maggots," Megan said out loud. Not even ten minutes later, Megan could see the mountain and the cave's entrance ahead. As the bug pushed more and more eggs inside of her body, Megan was thinking about all the things she would have to do again to get out of the cave.

She would have to shove giant worms inside of her; let creatures stuff her with eggs; fuck big, strong humanoid; swallow tentacles.

With these thoughts in her mind and one last egg entering her womb, Megan reached another climax. The end. Note from the author: There is a graphic version fo this story.