Hollywood xnxx movies in ebony

Hollywood xnxx movies in ebony
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Hi my name is Bill. Im 47, Tall, lightbrown hair and blue eyes. I own a small trailer Park all by my self. My wife Demi died of a car accident 7 yers ago.

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we have 3 children. Tim and Tahla who are identicle TWins and are 18. And my Gourgeos angel Grace who is 12.


I Rarely see tim and Tahla becuase they are both in London doing god knows what. And Grace Lives with me.

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My Trailer park had 15 Trailers and only 5 in use. and i Live in a 2 story house with 3 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms (Has reciption down stairs) on premisis.

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Grace had just turned 12 and asked if her friends could stay over for the weekend. I agreed aslong as the didnt leave the Trailer Park. Grace was playing with her friends outside and i was on my ccomputer.

I despretly wanted a person to love again so i went on a dating website. i put in '47 years old, Bi-sexual' becuase i wanted to experience guy love aswell. Me and a guy was trading pics and chatting to eachother. Grace came in the room and i quickly closed the site. "Daddy we are bored. What can we do?' "Well why don't you all go for a swim?' "Great idea thanks daddy!" Grace went of skipping.

I saw out the window Grace and her 3 mates walk to the swimming pool in their bikinis and 1-peices. it turned me on a little. i rushed back to the comp and re-opened the site.

The man asked for a picture of me naked. I Said 'why not' and showed him. He complemented me, gave me his number and left. it was 6pm and Grace came in my room and asked yet again "What can we do?" "why not Monopoly or Truth or Dare, girls your age like that game." Grace rushed off and shuted the door behind her. I Waited 5 seconds and went on the Internet and searched up some Porn.

it was 7pm and i heard crying coming from the Bathroom down the hall. I Went to Investigate. "Hey Tammy, whats wrong?" i said.

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Tammy was 11 and had long dark brown hair and green eyes, nice small body, and was wearing a tank top and mini shorts. "The other want let me play with them so i caame her." "well what can i do for you?" "Can i email my mum and dad?" The only computer in the house was in my room so i let her in my room to use it.

I sat on my bed at the edge and twidelled my fingers. Then Tammy came and sat on my lap facing me. "Its not working." she said with a pout on her face. She then put her arms around me and looked deep in my eyes.

I was nervouse and didnt know what to do. Suddenly Tammy took of her Tank top to reveal her flat chest.

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I Looked straight at her with my mouth open. This was the only women i seen naked beside Demi. I felt my cock twich. "This is what people do when they like someone right?" she said. "T-T-Tammy i could get arrested if some one sees this!" "Dont worry ill take the blame." Tammy crept towards me and kissed me lightly and i followed suit. I layed her on the bed and kissed her again. I took of her pants and panties and saw a young hairless pussy.

i rubbed it a bit and kissed Tammy again. I Pulled down my pants and revealed my 7 inch cock and it was thicker then most mens. I rubbed her pussy with the head of my cock.i inserted it in carefully cause i didnt want to wreck her nice soft pussy. i pushed it in and brock her hymen and she was crying and screaming from the pain. I started of slow and then casually went faster. About 10 minutes later my cock was fully in and my balls were slapping her.

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Tammy had her legs up on my shoulders and was moaning in motion with my thrusting. After a good 5 minutes a came inside of her. i couldnt stop and so i pulled my cock out and straight in her ass.


I Fucked her all night until i came in her again. IWhen i did. Tammy said "So i Guess we are going out." "WHAT!!" i yelled "Yer my dare was to make you go out with me and i did." "No this cant happen becuase people would think im a pedophile if they saw us together." "Well i would tell everyone you raped me." "Fine Then i will go out with you." Tammy went of skipping to the group.

Grace came into the room "So is Tammy my new mummy." "No becuase i am going to end it soon becuase i dont want to go to jail for being a pedo." "Well she is my best friend and you to make a good couple." "SHE IS FUCKING 11 AND I AM fourty bloody seven!" Grace went off and i went staright for bed. In the morning i felt something touching me.

At first i thought it was a dog. But i relised i didnt have a dog. I Turned over and just opened my eyes.

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It was Tammy. I Was still fraustrated and should of done something, but instead i made sure she was asleep and pulled the covers down. I took off her pants and panties yet again.i seen i much i streatched her and felt really bad.i Inserted 2 of my fingers and fingered her.

I Did that untill she woke up said "Morning Babe." She was surprised and said it back. She said "Today im going to hang with my friends and when i get back i want you to ride me again." I looked at her and said "Ride you haha i will do more then that." i was going to Fuck her brains out.