European nympho enjoys speculum and stuffs big fuck toy in snatch

European nympho enjoys speculum and stuffs big fuck toy in snatch
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Since he was 14 Kyle knew he was Bi because although he had girlfriends, he use to masturbate to the thoughts of both guys and girls going down on him at the same time and even a few times he even looked up Gay porn on the internet after looking up abit of Straight porn or Lesbian porn that is, and he even toyed with his ass a few times with his fingers but what happened the very first time(which was followed up by more encounters), when he was 16 was somewhat shocking to him but in the end it was pretty pleasing.

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At nights, the norm in the house was to eat dinner together as a family which was him, his mom, his lil sister and his older brother(by 3 years), at 7, watch alil TV in the den then do whatever you want and that's just what Kyle did before going to his room around 9. He watched TV until he heard his mom shuffling past his room to go to bed around 10 after putting his little sister to bed then he got up to get his nightly dose of porn to masturbate to before lying down on his bed to watch more TV.

Ten minutes pretty much didn't pass until he had his pants off along with his boxers and his 7 inch cock in his hand jacking himself off slowly so not to reach his release too quickly but he was getting alil tired of straight porn and went straight to the Gay porn.

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Now the way Kyle liked to get off is with his window open with breeze blowing through against his bare skin as he masturbated. But tonight was different because as he was doing so Zack, his best friend, came through his window.


Kyle of course didn't hear him because his hand was moving quickly on his shaft while his eyes were closed and his own moans filling his ears, he felt himself close to release and he automatically brought his feet up with his heels being on the edge of the chair so his legs were bent and spread just in time before he was coming with soft but harsh moans, his eyes opened as he spilled himself on his stomach and what he didn't know was Zack was standing there quietly watching him with an erection growing in his pants which soon enough squirted precum in his boxers from the next thing Kyle did.

Kyle scooped up the cum with two fingers and lowered them to his ass and began to finger himself slowly making his cock grow hard again as it laid against his stomach, "Mmmmm." Zacks eyes were taking in everything as he now had his pants down and his cock through the slit in his boxers was starting to jack himself off furiously holding his moans back so not to disturb the show that was going on infront him.

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Kyle had added another finger now and he was moaning abit harder his cock dribbling precum from the head to his stomach but as good as it felt he pulled his fingers out and started jacking himself off again.

Zack leaned against the wall by the window as he came in his other hand, he licked it clean before putting his cock away, after his climax he stayed there for a while to catch himself and to make it seem like he wasn't affected by what his friend was doing."Yo, Kyle." Kyle froze his every action as he heard his name call and he looked up to the window seeing Zack standing there a smirk on his face, looked back to the computer screen which showed two men, one on his knees infront the other giving head and he shut down the computer quickly and got up.

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Zack was now laughing while Kyle was on the verge of panic, he reached for his boxers but just then Zack came over to him and went down on his knees, Kyle's eyes widen while was stepping away but Zack grabbed him and pulled him back towards him and engulfed almost his whole cock in his mouth, his legs weakened abit and he dropped back down in the chair moaning as they looked down and up at each other.

His best friend was now holding the base of his cock and was bobbing his head up and down.


It was the first blowjob Kyle had ever gotten from a guy and it was mind blowing and he felt his climax quickly approaching, he felt cool air touch his cock after Zack pulled off and felt his balls licked "mmmmm." his head dropped back abit while he was moaning abit harder from being jacked off and sucked again, he was pulsing in Zack's mouth and he knew Zack could feel it too because he could feel his friend's mouth and hand withdrawing from his shaft but before her could he grabbed his head and pushed it down emptying his balls down his throat in a low groan, he squirted 3 more times after that before releasing Zack's head.

He looked down at him as Zack pulled back to suck on the head to get a taste of the cum remaining there, for a few seconds it seemed like he was accessing the taste then he commented, "hmm, not as bad as I thought it would be" he laughed and Kyle merely smiled as he sat there with a now limp cock between his legs.

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That same night, after he got dressed they looked at more porn and Kyle went down on Zack and got a taste of another guy's cum for the first time and his words were, "Yours isn't so bad either" they both laughed and lied around watching TV until Zack left later. After that night, they gave each other head whenever they were horny, whether it was the result of looking at porn or not.

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