Verhaltene Spex Unter Peitsche

Verhaltene Spex Unter Peitsche
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A little more of a Surprise Note: This is part two of A Little Surprise. Hope you enjoy!! The Sun beamed through a small creak in the curtain. The warmth of the sun kissed my skin ever so softly. I rolled over and found an empty space, also the feel of a blanket of some kind on top of me. I opened my eyes to find Ashlee sitting on the couch naked and knees drawn to her chest. A little confused, I got up and walked toward her.

I enjoy the look in her eyes as she watched my naked body approach her. When I was close enough I could smell her arousal, it was intoxicating. I leaned forward for a kiss only to meet air. A little surprised and a bit hurt I asked "Hey, what's the matter?" I must have had a hurt look on my face because she wouldn't look me in the eye. She softly whispered, "I'm sorry." Now I was truly confused. What did she need to be sorry about?

Is it about last night? Did she regret it?

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The thoughts ran around in my head as I stared at her hoping she would look at me. "Tell me what's wrong?" I spoke with such emotion, I scared myself. She still wouldn't look at me. I couldn't take it anymore, I grabbed her face and made her look at me.

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I saw such sad, sorry eyes that I began to worry all over again. "Tell me?" I asked her again. Her eyes were scaring me; I searched her face for some kind of clue. She finally spoke, "I'm sorry that I did that to you, I…I shouldn't have taken advantage of you… I'm." Tears poured down her face a she tried to pull away, but I reframed her from turning.

I leaned down and softly kissed her tears as they rolled down. I sat on the couch beside her and gentle held her as if she was like sand that would pass through my fingers if I squeezed too tightly.

When she finally calmed down I softly ran a hand down her head and spoke. "There's nothing to be sorry about. Last night was…" I couldn't form the words to describe last night, but the feeling was so powerful it made me think last night was a dream. I came back to reality and continued to speak, "I am happy last night happen. It was amazing." I waited a few minutes to see the reaction I was going to get, and then weighted my next question carefully.

"Did you not want what happen last night to happen?" I sucked in a breath of anticipation when she broke from my embrace to look at me.


"No, I'm glad that it happened." I released the breath I was holding as her revelation reached me. I grabbed her face again only to kiss her lips.


A soft moan came from her or me I couldn't tell. After a few minute of kissing I broke apart, and leaned my head against Ashlee. Her face was flushed and her eyes screamed with lust.

In that moment I could hold Ashlee forever. However, as much as I would enjoy staying just like this with Ashlee, I knew we couldn't. I got up off the couch and pulled her with me. I walked toward the stairs with her in tow and climbed.

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When we reached the second landing, I continued down the hallway and went in to the bathroom. Chapter 6 The bathroom was small but still larger than most bathrooms, I loved this room because of the shower, and it practically covered most of the bathroom. I let go of Ashlee's hand and head to the shower to set the temperature.

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I could feel Ashlee's eyes following my every move, and could feel the heat coming from them. I felt like an animal being hunted by a predator.

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The feeling made me shiver with anticipation and excitement for what is to come. Hopeful me, I thought. When the water was set I turned to Ashlee and motioned for her to come closer. I forcefully grabbed the back of her head and lowered my lips to hers.


I could feel the passion past between us, as I moved us backwards under the spray of the shower, closing the door behind us. Ashlee pushed me up against the wall and pressed her leg in-between mine, grinding her leg into my pussy.

The sensation was unreal as it coursed throughout my body, sending electricity pulsing through my veins. I leaned in more, so our bodies could be pressed closer together. I could her moans as our breast brushed up against one another, causing splendid pleasure to form.

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I moaned as our bodies played with each other's and our tongues twist together, playing a little game of tag. Ashlee was literally taking control of my body, I could no longer think clearly nor did I want too. She moved her way down, kissing my chin and neck. Teasing my earlobes; working her way down until she was at my breast. She kneaded my right mound as she stuck the other in her mouth. Sucking, licking, even biting, I felt so incredibly hot that I could feel my pussy drenching her thigh.

I needed her inside me, I couldn't wait. "I needed you… inside me! Now!!!" I yelled. She smiled against my chest, and lifted only a little to tell me "Well to bad. You're just going to have to wait, and behave so I can take my time enjoying this little body of yours", she smiled, as she continued her attack on my breast alternating between the two.

I was so hot, that the water hitting us was cool.

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After what seemed like hours of teasing, did Ashlee start to move further down. Her face was only an inch away from my pussy that I could feel the heat of her breathe brush the hairs of my mound. Ashlee looked up to meet my eyes as she closed the distance and licked the outer lips of my pussy. I felt a wash of heat pass over my body as my knee became weak and collapsed to the floor.

Ashlee was ready and moved with my body, staying firmly attached to my pussy. She licked, and sucked on the outer lips, and taking two fingers spread them apart and dove in. she was merciless on her attack, while jabbing her tongue in and out of my hot hole. I was close, I could feel the best orgasm in my life approaching, and she must have felt me reaching my climax because she shoved two fingers into me.

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I gasped as she pumped her fingers in and out. The feeling was unreal and mind blowing as I came with such force I lifted myself and Ashlee off the floor as I climaxed. As wave after wave coursed through my body, I could feel my body lose all strength. Once calmed, we stayed like that for a few minutes until the water turned cold and then did we turn it off and got out.

We dried off and left to finish what we started in my room. Epilog Ashlee and I stayed in the house discovering each other and ourselves for the rest of the weekend. And when the time came for us to say our goodbye for now, left me with a new feeling of bliss because I knew that we will be seeing each other real soon for some more fun and this time maybe with a dildo or strap-on.