Selena gomez nackt unzensiert

Selena gomez nackt unzensiert
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We were both camp counselers at a summer camp for kids. You were in the cabin right next to mine. From the first time I saw you, I knew I wanted to get involved with you in anyway possible.

One day when all the campers and counslers were down in the dining hall, I ran back up to my cabin to grab my cell phone. As I was walking out of my cabin, I noticed there was singing coming from your cabin.

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As I got closer I realized you were singing so I went into the cabin and saw you were in the shower. Chills instantly went through my body. You were completely naked only a mere five feet away from me. You didn't hear me come in because of your singing. I didn't know what to do. This may be my only chance to see you. All of you.

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So I decided to stay but how was I going to get you to fuck me? I barely got through this thought when the water turned off and you stopped singing. Paniced, I went just outside your cabin, waited a few seconds, and walked in on you completely naked, making it look like a complete accident.

I apologized and you said it was fine but now that I got to see you naked, you got to see me. It was only fair. Yes! This is all working out perfectly I thought. So I slowly took off my shorts and t-shirt so I was just wearing my bra and panties.

I walked toawrds you and started kissing you. You slid my panties down my legs until they fell onto the floor, I kicked them off. Then your hands found their way behind my back and undid my bra which promptly fell to the floor.

We were both completely naked and getting more aroused every moment we were touching. Your cock was still fully exposed, and getting harder and harder. So I reached down and began stroking it looking you in the eyes. "I want you to fuck me," is all I said, looking me dead in the eye without blinking. We kissed again, and You picked me up and threw me to the bed. I layed there and spread open my legs then just looked at I as she rubbed my clit.

You slowly made your way over to me. You got between my legs, lowered yourself down, holding yourself up with your arms. My legs were flat on the bed. I grabbed my cock and slowly guided it towards her pussy.


"Just fucking put it in." I yelled. I couldn't wait any longer to have you inside me. So you finally just rammed your cock into my pussy. "Deeper,harder.

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Fuck me, Steven! Harder Faster!" I said. You thrusted your hips, faster and faster. I lied there, taking it, enjoying every inch. I was so close to cumming, it ws unbelievable.You pushed every inch of my cock inside of me again, and that was it I grabbed the sheets and tilted ,y head back. I let out a moan. "Oh, fuck," I said. You continued to fuck me with every inch, faster, Harder. "Okay," I said, somewhat unable to control my breathing.

You pulled out, and I sat up, pushing You over so that you were now on your back. I mounted you, straddling you at your waist, my warm, wet pussy resting against your stomach. I bent down and kissed you.

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Sitting back up, I slid back, lifting Myself up slightly. I hovered over your cock for a moment, and then took it in my hand. I held it and slowly lowered myself, guiding it in.

I lowered myself onto your huge cock, inch by inch. I got it all in.


My pussy lips were now right up against your pubic bone. I pushed myself up again, then lowered down. Up, down. Up, down. You was now clenching the sheets, closing your eyes, and tilting your head back. It felt amazing.

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There was nothing in the world like it. my tight pussy, clasping down as it massaged your shaft and tickled your head. Up, down. Up down. I did this slowly about ten times, before starting to pick up speed. I went faster and faster, soon making a clapping sound as I went down. "You're gonna make me cum," You said again. I lowered herself one more time, then stopped. But I didn't get off. Instead, I just grinded my pussy against your pubic bone, your cock buried deep inside me.

I could feel your cock moving around inside my pussy, pushing on the smooth, silky walls. I went in circles, then back and forth. Then in circles, then back and forth, all the while your cock balls deep inside my pussy. You were going to cum in a few seconds. I hopped off your dick and Ididn't say anything.

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I just bent over and put your giant cock in my mouth. IIn no time at all, I had your whole cock in my mouth. I deep throated you. You could feel the back of my throat.

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But it felt incredible. I sucked and sucked, harder and faster, stroking you at the same time.

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You were getting close. I sucked and stroked, sucked and stroked. "I'm gonna cum!" You said.

At that, I took your entire cock and went balls deep. You grabbed my hair as you exploded in my mouth. You could feel the pressure from your cum hitting the back of my throat. When tyou stopped cumming, I pulled your cock out of my mouth and licked it clean. I swallowed every last drop of your cum and wanted to make sure I didn't miss any. After I made sure I didn't miss a spot I collapsed from being fucked so wonderfully and all the excitement.

I just lied there, you snuggled up against me, and put your arm around me. Then my watch went off. Lunch was over and the campers would be back in ten minutes. We got up, got dressed and went on our day as usual. But from time to time for the rest of the summer, I would "accidently" walk in on you in the shower.