Gorgeous shemale Natalie Mars tight ass gets pounded

Gorgeous shemale Natalie Mars tight ass gets pounded
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My patron, Mrs. Brenda Rogers, and I were lying on her bed, naked. My limp cock was lolling across my thigh. I had just used it to fuck Brenda's brains out and her cunt was oozing cum juices. She rolled over and put her head on my bare shoulder and cuddled up to me letting one naked tit rest on my exposed chest.

"Tom, I want to raise some money for a charity." She said. "Do you have any ideas?" 'I don't know." I joked. "You could always raffle off my pecker." We giggled at that for a moment. "Yea and make sure the mayor's wife wins." She chuckled.

"Trouble is, I would probably have to fuck her on the spot." I continued. "You know, that might not be such a bad thought." Brenda said after a few minutes. "I could select a few women that I know, and explain it to them. I know just who to talk to about this. I could sell them a ticket for a hundred dollars and they could all come to a private party and we could make a drawing. I could give the proceeds to my favorite charity." "For that charity I would donate my services." I joined in.

I was always ready to help out kids. ---------------------------------------------------------- The day of the party I was acting as the 'butler' greeting people at thee door, and taking their wraps. The women were all well dressed and you wouldn't know to see them that they were all headed for a sex party.

There were among them some of the most privileged and catered to women of the area. Among those who bought the limited tickets were two wives of prominent politicians, and a well-known professional woman. Yes the mayor's wife was there. One of the women was the gossip columnist for the local paper. You could count on her to be discreet in her reporting of the event.

There would be no names and any references to the party would be so vague that only the 'in crowd' would understand. Then there were the women I had already fucked.

Including Ruth and Sylvia. There were also a few I hadn't met yet like Dale, Susan, Renée, and Rachel.

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All in all there were ten potential winners and Brenda and myself. I was the only man in the room among all those hungry man eating pussies. You could almost smell the excitement radiating from their cunts. The women were all dressed in various attire, light dresses were the most popular but there were some nice blouses and skirts as well.

No one wore slacks or the like. You would not know to look at them that they were going to anything but afternoon tea at Mrs. Rogers' house.


The well-known professional woman wore a smart no nonsense suit with a crisp white blouse. She soon abandoned the jacket and I could tell that there was no bra to encumber her vibrant breasts. As the doorman I wore only a thong to hold my member in place but leaving my backside virtually bare.

A butler's collar and bowtie completed the lewd costume. Naturally as they entered the house each woman would peck me on the cheek and quickly (and most often not so discreetly) fondle my lower extremities. Believe me the term 'ladies' was left at the front door. By the arrival of the third guest my hardon was aching to be released. And later, as I passed out the refreshments, my almost naked buns were audaciously publicly caressed.

One or two women even aggressively tried to insert a finger in my all but exposed backdoor. Even though this was billed as a tea party no one was consuming tea, and it didn't take long before the alcohol was encouraging the guests to really let their hair down.

The conversations that one could overhear would make a sailor go red in the face. "What do you think Muriel, is that a good sized cock on that stud or what?" "It sure is. My cunt has been drooling for days just thinking about it. I can hardly wait to see him take off that thong." For my part I was enjoying myself. I was the undisputed center of attention. Whenever they could the women would cop a feel. My thong-covered hardon was caressed at every opportunity.

I was invited to return the favour several times. "Do you like my tits, Tom? Go ahead and play with them." They were soft and warm. "Tom, I bet you can't guess what colour panties I'm wearing?" they turned out to be blue. "Are you carrying a gun Tom, or are just glad to see me?" At last one of the women found the break away clasp on my thong and undid it. There was a collective gasp as my hefty hardon sprang into view.

The dragon was out of his cage, and was ready for action. He pointed his angry head in every direction looking for trouble. For a few moments there was silence as all eyes gaped at my exposed manhood. The one woman whom everyone in town would acknowledge as one of the most genteel, ladylike, reached out and cupped my balls in her left hand whilst stuffing my cock into her mouth with the other.

There was an immediate roar from the others as the ice was broken. "Ladies…ladies…lets get a hold of ourselves here." Brenda called out trying to restore order. She stepped in front of me and rescued my cock from the mouth of its assailant. My cock didn't really want to be rescued, but still holding it in her hand she continued.

"As everyone knows this is a charity event and I am holding the first prize in my hand. There will be a winner drawn a little later, but for now, if you want any part of this, it is up for auction." She bent down and retrieved my abandoned thong from where it was on the carpet.

"For instance, what am I bid for this slightly used garment?" There were shouted bids from all over the room. In less than a minute my little twenty-dollar piece of underwear sold for well over a hundred. Money exchanged hands and my thong disappeared into a rather fashionable leather handbag.

In spite of Brenda's attempts at control, my ass was still defenseless against the groping hands of the high-class patrons of the charity.

Every so often an errant finger would trace its way along the crack. When Brenda caught the miscreant, she was fined fifty dollars.

In seconds money was proffered forward it seemed they all wanted a piece of that action. Instead, my patron still leading me by the cock took me into the middle of the room. "As you know one of you is holding the winning ticket for the grand prize. But what good is a good fucking without a little foreplay? This pecker needs to be sucked. What am I bid for the blow job?" The voices immediately began to rise again, as the bids grew higher and more anxious.

"Remember ladies you may only suck my cock if you are totally naked." I added. That statement caused a momentary silence in the room. "And I get to undress the highest bidder." Suddenly the last bid was doubled. Soon 'sold' was declared and money once again changed hands. I stepped over to the well-known professional woman whom we will call Shauna and started to undo the buttons on her crisp white blouse, sliding it off her shoulders and down her arms to the floor.

As I suspected earlier there was no bra to encumber her swaying breasts and they bounced freely as her blouse fell away. Her dark nipples betrayed her growing excitement as they hardened into rigid peaks. I couldn't resist bending over and sucking on them as I worked the snaps of her skirt and it easily floated down to her ankles, leaving her standing before me in only her tiny bikini panties. There were a few comments on how firm and perky her tits were, as I slipped my fingers into the sides of her flimsy panties to pulled them down to her knees and let them slip down to join the rest of her discarded clothing.

When Shauna stepped out of them I put the little garment to my nose and was captivated by the aroma of her hot cunt.


I declared that I was going to keep them as a memento of the occasion and passed them to Brenda. Standing up I took the undressed professional woman in my arms, kissed her on the lips. We probed each other's mouths with our tongues for a short time while she wrapped her fingers around my aching hardon. Then she broke the kiss and growled, "Sit in this chair so I can claim my purchase." In eager submission to her command I sat down and spread my legs open allowing her easy access.

As the naked woman began to noisily suck on my cock I glanced around the room. Several of the so-called 'ladies' had their hands up their skirts and were vulgarly fingering their sweltering cunts.

In one corner, two socialites were locked in a deep embrace while lewdly fondling each other's exposed pussy, their skirts crudely bunched up around the waists and panties down around their ankles. Others were trying to get a better view of the public blowjob in session.

Except for the moans coming from some of the 'ladies', by and large the room was silent as my dork slid in and out of my cocksucker's mouth. I put my head back and allowed myself to drift in the dream world of the ribald sensations coursing through my body radiating from my pleasured dick.

As Shauna continued to work on my cock I closed my eyes. I could feel my first orgasm slowly building deep in my balls with each stroke of her talented mouth and tongue. Higher and higher the sensation rose. I made no attempt arrest its advancement. "I'm cumming!" I managed to wheeze. That didn't deter Shauna as she continued to expertly suck my cock and fondle my testicles. Losing any shred of control, I jammed my dick as deep as I could into her mouth and released my seed.

On her part she tried to contain everything in her mouth, but it was too much. Telltale dribblings of sperm appeared at the corners of her lips.


My dick sprang free and my last spasm sprayed her face. She sat her exposed bum back on her heels causing her bare legs to split open revealing her sodden fur framed pussy to the other guests in the room. There was a combination of my sperm and perspiration on her satisfied face. And you could see her trying to swallow my juices as some of it dripped from her chin down onto her naked breasts.

Another of the half clothed women joined Shauna on the floor and kissed her fully on the lips, no doubt tasting the pungent remnants of my ejaculations. For my part, I lay sprawled in the chair with my fading erection waving in the air. I was bathed in sweat and gasping for air. My body was on cloud nine in the warmth of my orgasm. For the time being I was not the centre of attention. It seemed I was to be left on my own to gather my strength for the big event.

It was my friend the partially unclothed Ruth who observed me sitting alone. Quietly she sat beside me and kissed me on the lips while fondling my spent cock, her naked tit pressing into my shoulder. "That was quite an exhibition." She said. "I'll bet you could use a glass of wine to help refresh you for the main event." "You do know how to look after me, Ruth." I said wearily. "Maybe a couple of those three cornered sandwiches as well." As she scurried off I enjoyed watching her breasts bouncing across her bare chest.

I had a quick vision of the first time I fucked her. How I put my arms under her knees and raised her legs up over her heaving chest exposing her drooling cunt to my will. My rigid cock caressed its way along her very soggy slit. Telling her that she was going to receive her first man. Then I leaned foreword and kissed her, letting the head of my cock enter between her nether lips.

I sank my spear deeper and deeper into her quivering body until I was in as far as I could go. That normally shy woman has sure come a long way since that first time I fucked her. Sylvia, my first customer since turning pro, came to me and kissed me as well. "Mmmmmm Tom that was sure something to see." She said. "I can still feel a tingle in my pussy from the time you took me on that table over there. Then you made me suck your cock like that." I remembered standing on the floor while she lay on the table where I had just finished screwing her.

I had told her to clean my cock. She eagerly opened her mouth and with a lustful moan sucked it in. With her head tilted back I fucked her face.

What an erotic sight she made lying naked on the table. Her breasts were rolling up and down as I shoved my dick in her willing mouth. Her pubic hair was dishevelled and wet with beads of sweat and cum, her legs were lewdly spread wide open. I rubbed her naked pussy and kissed her back.

"The pleasure was all mine. You can call me anytime." You can bet I will. Brenda calling for everyone's attention brought me out of my reverie. "It is time for the drawing for the main prize." She held up a fish bowl full of the ticket stubs. "I think it is only fitting that our resident stud should pick the next woman to be impaled on his fat cock. Don't you?" There was a murmur of approval as I nakedly walked over to our hostess.

My flaccid cock began to revive as I reached into the bowl and retrieved a ticket. You could hear a pin drop as I laboriously opened the paper and read the name. "Why, this is my ticket." I joked. There was laughter all around and somebody said I should go fuck myself.

"No, no it isn't." I continued. "The name on this piece of paper is none other than… Rachel." There were some groans around the room as I looked over at the winner sitting discreetly in a chair with a glass of wine. She looked so petite and the perfect lady. She wore a tasteful black dress and an understated string of pearls.

Polishing off her wine she slowly rose and quietly came up to me and without a word, grasped my rising boner. We looked into each other's eyes for a moment. I put my hands on her waist and gently drew her to me. "Would you like to step into the bedroom?" "No." She said quietly, and then added. "Men are always so gentle with me.

They always 'make love' to me. This time it is going to be different. I want to be used. I want to be fucked, and fucked hard. You are not going to make love to me; you are going to fuck me. Fuck me anywhere, on the floor, on the couch, on the kitchen table, anywhere.

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Use me as if I am slut… a skank whore… just use me! It took me a couple of seconds for that thought to sink in.

I stood back and looked at her for a second. "You want to be a slut? You are a slut. Get naked and do it now!" I ordered in a harsh commanding voice. Her eyebrows shot up. "What?" she said in surprise.

"You are not worthy of the title slut." I answered. "You will be my fuck slave. Why have you not yet obeyed my order?" I reached out and slapped her face. Then in an even angry voice I again commanded her, "Get your fucking dress off!" She staggered backwards one pace and instinctively put a hand to her reddening cheek.

I stepped closer. "I said…" she quickly removed the dress from her shoulders and pushed it down over her hips. Except for a pair of bikini panties she was naked.

I looked down at the floor and she quickly stepped out of her expensive shoes. I grabbed her by the hair and pulling her up on her toes walked her over to the end of the couch, "No, no, I'll be good!" She pleaded. Without a further word I pushed her naked torso over the armrest.

"You will call me master!" I demanded and slapped her inverted backside. "Owww! Yes… master! Please don't fuck me." With that I grabbed a handful of material and ripped her flimsy panties from her quivering ass.

There was a moan from the spectators as I slapped my new slave several more times. "Owe… owe… no master, owe… no more pleeese." I walked around to her face and again grabbed her hair and pulled her face up so her mouth was even with my hardon.

You could see she was in pain. "SUCK!" I commanded. She submissively opened her mouth and I shoved my stiff dick inside oblivious to her feelings. She gagged for a second but soon recouvred. I began sawing back and forth fucking, her mouth. There were gasps and moans around the room as I treated the usually refined lady like dirt.

I saw tears welling up in her eyes, but I pitilessly continued. I grasped my prick and shook it back and forth as I shoved it deep in her throat causing wet gurgling sounds to escape her open mouth.

There were tears sliding down her cheeks when I pulled my cock out. I bent over and asked quietly. "Do you want me to stop?" "Oh god no." she whispered.

"Don't you dare." With that statement of consent, I walked behind her again and grabbing a handful of hair and pulling her head back I shoved my spit slickened cock into Rachel's exposed fur lined cunt and began to brutally fuck her doggy style. She wailed a long carnal lament as I rammed into her again and again showing her no compassion. Her hands gripped the cushions on the couch and her lament turned into a series of vulgar grunts that matched my inward thrusts.

her free hanging tits swung back and forth and slapped together. I continued to fuck her like this for a few minutes and she began to push back into my thrusts. Around the room women in various stages of undress were fingering their own exposed pussies matching my cruel thrusts, while they stared wide-eyed at my brutal fucking of the society woman. Some of them even had thick didoes that they used on themselves to alleviate their uncontrolled desires.

Suddenly Rachel stiffened. With a long earthy moan she reached her first orgasm. Her whole body shuddered and her tight cunt grasped my thick cock like a vice.

I looked down and could see her anus opening and closing as she worked her vaginal muscles. I reached under her and felt the warm fluids flowing from her hole like a tidal wave. I scooped some of it up and lubricated her back door with it.

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As her orgasm began to subside I pushed a finger in her ass. Her head snapped back. "No Master, no… not there!" She pleaded. "Pleeeese, not there!" Not listening to her fake plea I pulled my cock from her drooling pussy and placed it at her other entrance. Still protesting, she attempted to squirm away but I once again grabbed a handful of hair and rammed my dick up her ass in one brutal movement.

She screamed a deep, guttural, sound like a wounded animal as I sank deeper and deeper into her forbidden hole, going as deep as it could go and slapping my balls on her slobbering cunt. "Ohmygod…ohgod…ohshit…" She moaned, her tight anal muscles opening and closing on my shaft. "No Master… no more… pleeese! Don't fuck my ass, oh god pleeese Master… no!" slowly I began to move in the depths of her bowels. I released her hair and grasping her hips, I picked up the tempo finally settling into a crude rhythm of fucking her ass.

Her moans tailed off into a series of primitive grunts. Around the room the spectators were still relieving their sexual itches in various ways. Some were moaning as they reached their own carnal peaks. Others were licking the snatches of their friends or manipulating huge dildos.

The genteel charity tea had become a raunchy fuck assembly. Rachel's moans were intensifying, as she seemed to be reaching her second orgasm her head was tossing about. If it were possible for her to make her hole any tighter she did it and began to wail as her orgasm took control over her out of control body.

I rammed my cock in to the hilt and began to fill her up with my seed. My cock twitched again and again emptying my balls of their life giving elixir. Others in the room seeing what was happening matched our excitement and moaned their own releases. The room filled with the pungent aroma of hot pussies all erupting at the same time.

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The next day there was a short article in the gossip page of the local newspaper saying: " There was an invitation only charity afternoon tea held yesterday to raise money for a children's assistance organization. This reporter was in attendance while several thousand dollars was raised. By all reports everyone had a most pleasant afternoon."

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