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Zwei mexikanische Männer Amerikanerin verdammt
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A Ghostly Haunting Chapter Eleven by Simon Fear At 8:30 AM, Mr. Reihnholt was in the kitchen eating breakfast, when he heard the front doorbell ring. When he answered it, he was surprised to see Sgt. Lomack and another uniformed Police Officer standing there. "Sergeant, this is an unexpected surprise. Do come in. I take it you're here to check up on Ashley?" Mr. Reihnholt stepped out of the way as the two officers walked in.

When Mr. Reihnholt shut the door, he noticed that the expression on Sgt. Lomack's face was one of somebody who had not gotten much sleep. Mr. Reihnholt offered the officers a seat in the living room; "I take it from the expression on your face, that this is not just a social call. Something happened last night, didn't it?" Sgt. Lomack sat down, removing his hat, "I guess you didn't have your scanner on last night?" Mr.

Reihnholt shook his head, "Was busy working on some papers for the sale I got interrupted in yesterday, plus I figured nothing would happen so soon." Sgt. Lomack looked around, "Before I get down to matters, where is your daughter and Ashley?" "They are out at the barn.

Vicky is showing Ashley around the place this morning, and Ashley is helping Vicky with the morning chores so that they can have some more time to spend together. Should I call them in?" Sgt. Lomack shook his head, "No, I was actually hoping neither of them would be around to hear this. Ashley's parents don't want her getting upset and worrying. There was another attack last night at the Logan's house. Well actually this morning around 2 AM. Worst one yet.

Two of our officers wounded, Mr. Logan himself sustained some injuries, but Mrs. Logan got the worst of it." Mr. Reihnholt looked shocked, "Oh my. How could this.are they all right? Was the son of a bitch caught?" Sgt. Lomack shook his head, "No, no one was caught, and Mr. Logan is ok, some bruising to his ribs and bite marks to his arm. Mrs. Logan is in the hospital right now." Mr. Reihnholt stood up, "How could the guy not be caught, two armed officers in the house, and if I'm not mistaken, that State Investigator, Dermwieler isn't it, he said he was going to leave two of his own officers just down the street." Sgt.

Lomack looked up at his friend, "That's just it John. You would think with all the precautions we took, that the guy would never had tried anything, and if he did, he would have been caught. A living guy, that is." Mr. Reihnholt stopped and looked back at Sgt.

Lomack, letting the last comment sink in, "What are you saying Jeff? That this was done by a ghost? Come on, we're old enough not to believe in children stories." Sgt. Lomack shook his head, "It's true John, the whole legend of the Selmer Property. The officers never caught anyone because they never saw the actual person.

The house is destroyed, not livable for anyone. Furniture was thrown everywhere by unseen hands, Officer Tyler was attacked by a dog that just appeared and then disappeared right in front of his eyes, and witnessed by Trooper Patrick.

Officer Myers was thrown 20 feet by something that wasn't even there. Mr. Logan was attacked by an invisible dog, and Mrs. Logan.well Mrs. Logan was being attacked by an invisible person that could not be seen, witnessed by her husband, and by both State Troopers." Mr.

Reihnholt sat back down, shaking his head in disbelief, "What your saying is just, just impossible," looking back at Sgt.

Lomack, he tried to read Jeff's face and see if he could to see if his friend was pulling his leg, but Sgt. Lomack was very serious, "It's hard to believe Jeff, but your eyes don't show any kind of mischief.

But there is more, I can tell. You didn't just come here to tell me that, there's more isn't there?" Sgt. Lomack nodded, "The news of this attack spread much faster than we thought it would, before we could try to stem it up. Reporters are coming in from everywhere, trying to get interviews with the Logans, and the officers, and trying to get up to the Logan's home to take pictures.

And what's more is that they now know that Ashley was not there when it happened. They are trying to find out where she is so they can get an interview with her. She doesn't need to be bothered by them and hear what has happened to her parents from some stranger before her parents can tell her.

None of them know she is here with you right now and we're trying to keep that way, but I'm afraid that sooner or later someone will let it slip that she is here." Mr. Reihnholt nodded, "I'll see to it that no one bothers her, and I'll just have the girls stay here if I have to go into town." Sgt. Lomack nodded, "I was hoping you would understand.

Just so you know though, if they do find out, there'll probably be lots of reporters swarming your property." Mr.

Reihnholt walked with the officers to the door, "I'll lock the gate after you guys leave, in fact." reaching into his pocket he pulled a key out, "I'll give this key to you alone, so that you can come in through the gate if you need to. Anyone else will have to use the call box placed at the gate. I guess it's a good thing I got that thing put in.

Never thought I would be locking Reihnholt Ranch during the daytime." When the officers got in the patrol car Mr. Reihnholt looked through the open window at his friend, "Jeff, you said that the house was destroyed.

What are the Logans going to do?" Sgt. Lomack shook his head, "I don't know just yet. If I were them, I would never set foot back on that place." Mr. Reihnholt nodded, "If you talk to them, let them know that Ashley is welcome to stay here as long as needed." Sgt. Lomack nodded, "I'm sure they'll appreciate that. Have a good day John." With that, Sgt.

Lomack drove back down the drive and then pulled out of sight. Ashley and Vicky were inside the barn filling the horse troughs with grain. Both girls were just wearing skimpy bikinis. Vicky had on a light blue bikini top that just barely covered her nipples, and her matching bottoms was just a g-string, leaving her smooth ass completely exposed, and in the front a small patch of light blue cloth barely covered her pussy.

Ashley was wearing a pink bikini top that also barely covered her nipples, and her matching bottoms were thong style showing off most of her cute bare ass, with just a small triangle patch of cloth at the top of her ass cheeks. The front was just as small as Vicky's was. If either girl's fronts shifted just a little bit, down or up their pussy lips would show.

Ashley's bottoms were already soaking wet from her juices dripping out, and theyoutline of her slit showed through the wet fabric.


Vicky had a small damp spot in the bottom of her bikini. In a little bit both girls were going to saddle up two of the horses and go riding. Both of their bodies were glistening wet from sweat. Vicky had been surprised when Ashley said she knew how to groom and saddle horses and just how much grain to give them, until Ashley explained that her grandparents, her dad's parents, owned a small ranch up state with about 5 horses.

Ashley straightened up when she finished with the last trough. Vicky stepped up behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist, "MMM, I think you look so sexy all sweaty." Vicky ran her hands up and down Ashley's damp stomach.

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Ashley reached back and felt of Vicky's sweaty thighs, "I was thinking the same thing about you baby." Vicky kissed the back of Ashley's neck as she moved her hands to Ashley's tits, caressing them through the slinky material, "You really think so sweety?" Ashley nodded as Vicky continued to kiss her neck, "MMMM, oh yes, but I think you would look even sexier if you got rid of these." Ashley grabbed the drawstring on either side Vicky's waist and pulled them loose, causing Vicky's bikini bottoms to fall down to her feet.

"Oh you little minx you," Vicky grinned, and reaching underneath Ashley top, she slipped it over her tits and off her head, exposing Ashley's cute b-cup titties. Ashley reached around Vicky's waist as far as she could and squeezed Vicky's butt cheeks. Vicky tweaked each of Ashley's extended nipples, sending a tremble through Ashley's body. Vicky moved her hands to either side of Ashley's waist and very gently turned her around until they were facing each other.

Ashley looked in Vicky's eyes, then leaned in and began kissing her, sliding her tongue past Vicky's lips and into her mouth. Vicky returned the kiss as she lowered her hands down to Ashley's hips, where she untied the drawstring to Ashley's bikini bottoms, letting them fall away from Ashley's body and onto the ground. Vicky pressed her pelvis against Ashley's pelvis, as she felt her bare dripping pussy touch her own.

Ashley rubbed her soaking pussy against her girlfriend's pussy, feeling her juices smear around Vicky's soft skin. Ashley then began kissing Vicky's neck, and slowly trailed down her body with her tongue, around the flimsy material covering Vicky's nipple, then down her stomach. Ashley slid her tongue into Vicky's belly button, and planted kisses all over her belly, then slid down further till she was kneeling in front of Vicky, her pussy only inches away from her face. Vicky ran her hands through Ashley's soft silky red hair, as Ashley leaned forward and began licking around Vicky's nether lips.

Vicky let out a moan as Ashley's tongue flashed across her wet lips. Ashley looked up at Vicky's face as she ran her hand up through Vicky's thighs. Ashley's left hand continued on around Vicky's waist to her ass cheeks, as her right hand came to right under Vicky's pussy. Ashley grinned, then slowly inserted her forefinger into Vicky's hot wet hole.

Vicky moaned out, "OOOhhhh yesss baby." Ashley slid her tongue back out and flicked the tip of Vicky's clit, causing Vicky to let out a small squeal. While Ashley slowly slid her finger in and out of Vicky's pussy, she took Vicky's clit between her lips and pressed down on it, then began sucking on it.

Vicky shuddered as the pleasurable sensations flowed through her body. Ashley then slid her tongue through the folds of Vicky's pussy lips as she picked up the pace with her finger. Ashley continued running her tongue through Vicky's pussy, then resumed sucking on her clit. Vicky closed her eyes as she felt her orgasm starting to build, "OOOhh God baby I'm gonna cum." Ashley began fucking Vicky's pussy faster with her finger, as she sucked hungrily on her clit.

Vicky pressed her hips hard into Ashley's face as her body started to tremble. Ashley sensing that Vicky was near to cumming inserted another finger into her wet tight hole, and began lapping eagerly at her clit. Vicky started bucking her hips against Ashley's face, "OOOHHh, OOHHHH, yes, yes, yes, yes, harder baby, harder, mmm, ohhhhh, yeah, yeah, yeah, ugggghhhhhh!" Vicky reached up with of her hands and squeezed her tits through her bikini top as Ashley fucked her pussy hard and fast.

Ashley clamped down on Vicky's clit with her lips and sucked hard on it.

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Vicky thrusted her hips hard against Ashley's face and reaching down with one of her hands pulled Ashley's face hard against her pussy, "UUGGGHHh, UUGGGHHh, I'm.I'mm cummmminnnngggg, AAAHHHHHHHHHH, UUGGGGHHHH." Ashley shoved her two fingers deep into Vicky's pussy and sucked harder on her clit, as Vicky's sweet nectar flowed from her pussy and onto Ashley's face. Ashley held tightly onto Vicky's body as her orgasm rocked and shook her, her screams filling the barn. Finally Vicky began to relax as her orgasm subsided, leaving small trembles that would slightly jolt her body.

Ashley leaned in and planted kisses on Vicky's now drenched pussy lips, each time causing Vicky to tremble and juices to flow forth from her pussy. Ashley licked all around Vicky's pussy and inner thighs, lapping up all the juices that had come from Vicky's pussy. Ashley finally relinquished her assault on Vicky's pussy and stood up. Vicky opened her eyes, her breathing still ragged from her orgasm. Vicky smiled at Ashley and leaned in, kissing Ashley and tasting her own juices from Ashley's mouth.

Ashley wrapped her arms around Vicky's waist, placing her hands on Vicky's bare ass, as she pressed her own bare tits against Vicky's bikini covered tits. All the while, from a distance back, the ghost girl Samantha had been watching the two young lovers. She had tried last night to go into the Reihnholt Mansion and talk with the two girls, but the moment she had tried going through the backdoor, she had found her way blocked, unable to pass through the threshold.

Try and try as she would, she could not enter the Reihnholt's residence, and this perplexed her. She had finally decided that maybe her dead father's property had not been as far as she had thought and it had actually ended right where the mansion was built. So she had waited. Now the two girls were alone and she moved toward them. Ashley gazed into Vicky's eyes, "I think maybe it's time you lost the rest of your bikini, wouldn't you agree?" Vicky grinned, "I was thinking the same thing." Then to both of their amazement they shivered from an extreme drop in the temperature, even though it was at least 95 degrees outside.

Then Vicky froze as she felt something tug at the drawstring of her bikini top that was around her back. Ashley's eyes went wide as she saw the string extend outward and untie itself by unseen hands. Vicky felt the knot come undone, and then she felt something begin to tug at the drawstring around her neck. Ashley grabbed Vicky's shoulders and pulled her away from the spot. Vicky felt the material of her bikini top slip from her tits and come off her body as Ashley pulled her away.

Both girls then stopped and stared at the area where Vicky had just been standing. What they saw was a young girl, around 16 years of age, standing there, holding Vicky's bikini top by the drawstring. The young girl was very beautiful, with long curly brown hair down to her waist.

But what was more was that she was very much naked, not a patch of clothing covered her pale body. Her tits looked to be a c-cup size and were full and rounded and firm. Her stomach was looked smooth and firm as well. Her hips were nice and rounded, and a small patch of brown curly pubic hair covered her mound. She smiled at them, a warm friendly smile.

As the two naked teen girls stared at the naked girl in front of them, the new girl extended her hand out that was holding Vicky's bikini top. Finally Vicky slowly reached out and took her bikini top, then spoke up, "You, your Samantha aren't you? Samantha Selmer?" The girl nodded. Vicky stepped forward, "Are you friendly?" The girl nodded again.

"I.I'm Vicky, Vicky Reihnholt." Samantha nodded then spoke, and for the first time the sweet girlish voice actually came from her lips, "I know you Vicky. You have been to my home many times in the past. But you stopped coming after my father tried to rape you. I was truly sorry about that." Then Samantha looked over Vicky's shoulder at Ashley, "And I know you, Ashley Logan, hair as red as a rose and beautiful as well." Ashley stepped up next to Vicky grasping her hand, "You were the one who gave me that orgasm that day I was taking a nap, aren't you?" Samantha nodded, "Was it pleasing for you?" Ashley nodded, "It was, but why did you do it?" Samantha's smile turned to one of sadness, "When my father first started having me and my younger sister Shelly have sex together, I thought it was most wrong indeed.

But after a time, I actually began to enjoy pleasing my sister, as she also took pleasure in pleasing me. When our dad wasn't around, we would actually make love together, and it was most enjoyable when we could do willingly to each other, and not be forced to by our father.

But after my death, Mother took Shelly and Sarah away, not knowing that I was still here, and I grew lonely. Then a new family moved in, with a young pretty daughter, and I wanted to show her the pleasure, that my sister and I had shown each other.

But then to my horror, father came back and began making life miserable for any family who moved in to our home, making it hard for me to pleasure the girls who lived there." Samantha smiled again, "But then you moved in, Ashley, and I wanted so much to pleasure you and make love with you. There was something different about you, something that reminded me of my sister Shelly.

But to my fear, father also felt that difference about you and decided that you were the one he wanted. I have tried hard to protect you, but he is so much stronger than I am, and he grows stronger. Something gives him this strength and drives him.

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I believe something controls him, though I can not see who it is. He will not stop until he has taken from you what is most precious to all girls. Your virginity. Then he will bring you to this side and continue to use you for his own evil pleasure for eternity. That is why I have come to warn you to leave, though it makes me sad to know you must leave for your own protection." Samantha then looked back at Vicky, "You too are also in danger, Vicky, for you remind him of me, as I was in life." Ashley stared at Samantha and for the first time, felt sympathy for the ghost girl.

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Without thinking, Ashley stepped forward and embraced Samantha in a hug. She felt her bare tits press into Samantha's bare breasts, and felt the coldness from her skin, if it was skin at all. Samantha was surprised by this, but realized she loved the feeling of a hug and wrapped her own arms around Ashley. Both girls finally broke the hug and Ashley looked back Vicky and reached out her hand to her.

Vicky stepped forward and took Ashley's hand and stood before Samantha. Samantha looked up into eyes.

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Vicky then leaned forward and began kissing Samantha on the lips. Vicky felt the chill from Samantha's lips, but she also found that she liked it. Both girls kissed as Ashley began running her hands over Samantha's bare body. Vicky then began kissing around Samantha's neck, allowing Ashley to be able to kiss Samantha.

As Ashley kissed Samantha, Vicky ran her tongue down to Samantha's bare tit and took her cold nipple into her mouth and began sucking on it. Samantha let out a moan into Ashley's mouth. Samantha's hand ran down Ashley's back till it came to her ass, where Samantha began caressing it.

Vicky then trailed her tongue across Samantha's chest to her other tit, where she licked around it, then began sucking on that nipple. Ashley moved around till she was behind Samantha, as she began kissing the back Samantha's neck and ears. Samantha ran her hands through Vicky's hair as Vicky lowered herself down Samantha's body, kissing her belly.

Samantha moaned out, as Ashley began caressing her ass cheeks. Ashley slowly kissed her way down Samantha's back, till she was also on her knees like Vicky, and began kissing and licking all over Samantha's ass. Vicky reached her hands up and taking hold of Samantha's hands, gently pulled her down as well.

Vicky had Samantha lay down on her back as she got between her spread legs, and began kissing her inner thighs. Ashley leaned over Samantha's head and began kissing around Samantha's firm boobs.

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Ashley own tits were now over Samantha's face and she raised her head and began kissing Ashley's breasts as well. Samantha's cold mouth sent a chill through Ashley's tit and made her nipple very hard. Vicky ran her hands up the outside of Samantha's thighs and then back down.

Vicky kissed her way up Samantha's inner thighs until she was right below her hairy pussy. On previous girlfriends that Vicky had, hairy pussies usually turned her off, but for some reason, she found it sexy on this ghostly girl. Vicky began kissing at Samantha's wet pussy lips as she slipped her forefinger deep into her soaking pussy.

Samantha's insides was just as cold to the touch as her skin, but it did not bother Vicky. Vicky slid her tongue across Samantha's hardened clit which sent a trembled through Samantha's body. Ashley was still sucking on Samantha's nipples when Samantha reached up with her hands and pulled Ashley forward. Samantha motioned for Ashley to straighten up and then turn around. Ashley did so until she was straddling Samantha face, with her ass pointing towards Vicky. Samantha gazed up at Ashley's bare pussy, wondering why the girls of this time shaved their pussies, but then realized that she found it much more sexier.

Ashley gazed downward into Samantha's eyes and nodded her head. Samantha raised her head and slid her tongue through Ashley's moist slit. The coldness of Samantha's tongue sent a strange, but very pleasurable chilling sensation through her pussy. Samantha reached around Ashley and grabbed her butt cheeks with her hands as she began to caress her ass.

Ashley moaned out. Vicky continued to slide her finger in and out of Samantha's dripping pussy as she licked and sucked on her clit.

Samantha began to slowly thrust her hips against Vicky's face as her own orgasm began to build. The feeling was strange to her as she had not had an orgasm in over 200 years. Samantha moaned out against Ashley's pussy.

Ashley began to hump Samantha's face, as the ghost girl slid her tongue deep into her hot dripping pussy. Samantha spread Ashley's ass cheeks apart, allowing the air to flow against her exposed anus. Ashley's body trembled from the sensations flowing through her. Vicky slid another finger deep into Samantha's pussy as she pick up her pace of finger fucking this girl's pussy. Vicky reached between her own thighs with her free hand, and slipped two fingers into her soaking pussy as she began shoving her finger hard into her pussy.

Samantha's orgasm was drawing nearer as her hips began bucking furiously against Vicky's face. Vicky slipped a third finger into Samantha's pussy as her sweet juices began to flow out of her pussy. Vicky drank Samantha's nectar, loving the sweet taste that filled her mouth.

Samantha screamed out, "OOOHHHH, OOOOHHHHH, UGGGHHHH, YEESSSSS, UGGGGGHHHH, I'm.I.I'mmm CUMMMMIINNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!" Samantha's 200 year pent up orgasm exploded violently from her pussy, juices flowing freely out, as she screamed into Ashley's pussy. Ashley was suddenly thrown into her own orgasm, as she clamped her knees around Samantha's head, "AAAAHHAHHHHHHHH, UUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!" Ashley's juices squirted hard from her pussy, splashing against Samantha's face, surprising her.


Samantha opened her mouth and drank as much of Ashley's nectar as she could. Both Ashley and Samantha's bodies tensed up as their orgasms racked their bodies. They shook and trembled as they screamed out. Vicky pounded away at her own pussy as she felt her orgasm getting close. As both Samantha and Ashley began to calm down, they heard Vicky let out a grunt. Ashley looked down at Samantha and grinned. As if reading her thoughts, Samantha pulled away from Vicky, as Ashley got off.

Both Ashley and Samantha quickly moved toward Vicky and using their hands they made Vicky lay down on her back. Samantha reached down and grasped Vicky's hand that was furiously fucking her own pussy. Vicky let out a squeal of protest as Samantha pulled her hand away, "No, don't stop me, I need to cum!" Ashley looked down at Vicky with lust in her eyes, "Oh you will cum baby, we're gonna make you cum." Both Samantha and Ashley moved between Vicky's spread legs, as they lowered their faces down to Vicky's bare wet pussy.

When Samantha's cold ghostly tongue and Ashley's warm tongue touched Vicky's pussy, she let out a loud squeal. Both girls began licking feverishly at Vicky's pussy. Vicky's hips began thrusting madly upward against their faces as she began to squeeze and rub her own tits.

Samantha and Ashley each slid their forefingers into Vicky's hot drenched pussy and they began to finger fuck her. With both girls licking and fingering Vicky's pussy, it did not take long before Vicky let out a scream, as her orgasm burst from her pussy, "AAAAHHHHH, YES, YES, YES, UGGGHHHH!!!" Vicky thrusted her hips as high as she could and held still, as her body shook from her powerful orgasm, "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, UUUGGGHHHH, AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" Vicky dug her fingers deep into the dirt as her body tensed up.

Both Samantha and Ashley gave one final lick to Vicky's pussy before pulling back. Ashley leaned over Vicky's body and began kissing her mouth, as she caressed her tit. Vicky finally began to relax, as she lowered her ass back down to the ground, she returned her girlfriend's kiss. Finally both girls sat back up and looked at Samantha. Samantha's face was beaming happily.

Vicky leaned forward and kissed Samantha on the lips. They kissed for a few seconds, then Vicky pulled back and Ashley leaned forward and also kissed Samantha, this time sliding her tongue into Samantha's mouth. Samantha had never french kissed before, but to her amazement, she found she loved it. Finally Ashley broke the kiss and settled down next to Vicky.

Vicky wrapped her arms around Ashley and kissed her neck. Then both girls looked back at Samantha. Samantha smiled, "Thank you so much. I have never been pleasured before, since my death. I have only tried to pleasure others. I have missed it so much." Vicky grinned, "Well if you ever want to do it again with either of us, we will be more than willing." Ashley nodded, "It was so awesome." Samantha smiled back at them, when both Vicky and Ashley heard Mr. Reihnholt call out to them.

Both girls turned their heads to the entrance where they saw Vicky's dad standing there smiling at them, "Well when both of you girls are done having your fun together, I need you to come inside for a moment. Oh by the way Vick, is there another girl out here, cause I could have sworn I heard three different girlish screams come from in here." Both Vicky and Ashley glanced back to where Samantha had been, but she was no longer there.

They also noticed that the air was warm again. Samantha was gone for now. "No Daddy, it's just the two of us. Give us a second and we'll be in." Mr. Reihnholt scratched his head, "Ok, but don't take to long." Mr.

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Reihnholt then turned around and walked away. Vicky and Ashley looked into each other eyes and giggled. Both girls kissed each other for a few moments, then broke apart. As they stood up, Ashley turned around to put her bikini back on, when Vicky stopped her, "Nah just leave it here, we don't need to get dressed right now. It's just daddy and us." Ashley smiled and looked at Vicky, "I was just curious, Is it considered cheating on you, by me having sex with a ghost, because I would never do this with anyone else." Vicky shook her head, "I would never do it with anyone else, as long as your mine to have.

And I don't think it cheating if it's done with Samantha. I hope she comes back for more." Ashley grinned, "I hope so too. And I am yours to keep, as long as you are mine." Both girls smiled and then kissed again.

Then holding each other's hands, the two girls walked out of the horse barn, naked, to the mansion. To Be Continued.