Nichts ganz wie anal im Bad

Nichts ganz wie anal im Bad
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This is the sequel to "Jock and Gene" I assume that you have read that story first. "The weather looks great for sailing. What should I wear?", Gene asked me as we sat naked at the kitchen table finishing breakfast. "I wish that you could go as you are.

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All Sue ever wears is a bikini. Rob and I just wear shorts. We are barefoot on the boat." "Do you want to help me bring some of my stuff in from my car?" "Of course. You can put it in the empty wardrobe space that used to be my wife's." I put on my shorts, Gene slipped into her sun dress without any undies and we went down to her car and lugged a load of her stuff up to my flat.

When I saw how much stuff she had in her car I realised that it would take us a few trips to get it all. Gene chose the things that she felt that she needed most, clothes mostly, and we just made the one trip. "We'll leave the rest for now. I don't want to waste this beautiful day, when we could be out on the water.", Gene said. "It is Rob and Sue's turn to supply the food,", I explained to Gene, "and mine to supply the grog and drinking water. Apart from champagne, I still don't know what you like to drink.

We usually drink beer, but we can stop and buy you some champagne if that's the only drink that you like, or soft drink or any thing else that you prefer." "Don't be silly. On a warm day like today beer is an ideal thirst quencher.

And I do enjoy other drinks too, for instance I have a weak spot for a French wine called Sancerre." "You have expensive tastes for a girl who slept in her car the night before last." "I know. I guess that I was brought up badly. Blame my mum." "Hey. I think that I should thank your mum for bringing you up so well. How come you didn't stay with her the other night, instead of in your car?" "Because I didn't fancy spending the night in the cemetery." "Oops!

Sorry! We really do need to get to know each other better." "No need to apologise. I feel that I already know you, even though there are so many details that I don't yet know." When we got to the marina, Rob and Sue were already loading supplies into our dingy.

"Sue, Rob, this is my new friend, Gene. Gene, my brother, Rob, and his beautiful wife, Sue." Gene stepped up to Sue and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, then she turned to Rob and gave him a hug and a kiss, on the lips this time. "Wow, Jock, she's beautiful. Where did you find her?", Sue wanted to know. "Yesterday, she was lying next to me on Obelisk beach. She seemed to like the way that I rubbed block out into her skin … all over.

The next thing I know is that we have gone back to my place and I'm fucking her. Is that how you remember it, Gene?" "Well you left out a few, unimportant details, but basically that's how it happened." Sue and Rob both laughed. On board the yacht Sue, Rob and I got busy, hoisting the sails and casting off from our mooring. The wind was steady from the south-west which meant an easy run down the harbour to Manly.

Sue pulled Gene out of the cockpit. "Come on Gene. Let's sun bake on the forward deck. Rob and Jock can handle this without us." When we reached Manly I went forward to drop the anchor and discovered that the girls were sun bathing naked.

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That did not surprise me because, lying on the deck, they were invisible to people on other boats, but what did surprise me is that they now came back to the cockpit to organise lunch, still naked.

They were both giggling about something like two friends who were very comfortable with each other. "Shouldn't you two put your bikinis back on?", Rob asked. "No. Gene tells me that she likes to be naked as often as possible, and I've decided that I do too.

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Are you complaining?" "No. Not at all.", Rob and I chorused. Just then we all turned to see where loud wolf whistles were coming from. We saw a small power boat passing a few metres from our yacht. There were two young men, in speedos, and two young women, in bikinis, on board. The girls were grinning while the blokes were showing their appreciation by their whistles. Gene and Sue both blew them kisses and smiled.

Gene stood up and wiggled her tits at them which drew more wolf whistles. "Gene says,", Sue continued, "that one of the many things that she likes about you, Jock, is that you make no move to cover yourself when you are at home together." "Well. We met on a nudist beach and I really enjoy looking at Gene's naked body, so I stay naked in the hope that she will too." "So you don't like looking at my naked body?", Sue was pouting.

"Yes Sue, your body is beautiful too, as you know from the number of times that you have caught me staring at you. When I look at either of you, I don't just see your physical beauty, I also remember the sexual joy that you have given me." I handed out beers for everyone while Sue and Gene served the food out. We ate and drank in silence for a bit. "Talking of sex, Gene and I have been discussing how best to have a foursome. Gene says that we should start by swapping partners, but all together in the same bed.

I said that we girls should take turns being DPed by you two. I really love how you two DP me. What do you guys say?" "Er, er,", Rob stammered, "maybe Jock and Gene want … to be faithful to each other?" "Do you, Jock?", Sue asked. I didn't know how to answer her. I didn't want to lose Gene, and if that meant that I had to be faithful to her, then so be it. On the other hand I had loved the fuck sessions with Sue and Rob; if we could continue those, somehow including Gene, then that would be my ideal.

Gene saw how I was hesitating and came to my rescue. "Jock, last night, when you told me about your having sex with Sue and Rob, I told you that I didn't want to spoil your fun, and I meant it. Now that I've met Sue and Rob, I think that I'd like to be part of that fun. That's why Sue and I have been discussing how best to have a foursome." The strain that I had been feeling vanished. "Thank you, Gene.

I was afraid that, if I said the wrong thing, I might lose you. But if you and every one else is keen to have a foursome, then I am too." "That still leaves the question of how best to have a foursome?", Sue persisted.

"Well,", I replied, "I think that we should experiment. We should try any combination that anyone suggests and decide afterwards what we like best.

We may not be able to try every possibility today, but there can be many more Sundays." Sue was rather excited by now. "Let's get going then." Sue Rob and I got the boat under way again, then Sue and Gene resumed their sun baking, leaving Rob and me to sail the boat.

We had to tack back and forth across the harbour, but we still made good time and were soon back at our mooring. As we were sailing back it had occurred to me that four people trying to have sex with each other in the tiny cabin of our yacht would be rather cramped.

"Listen guys. Why don't we take this party back to my place, rather than trying to do it in that little cabin?" :I agree,", said Sue, "it's really too crowded for three, let alone four." I was surprised that when I got in my car to drive home, Sue got in with me, and I saw Gene getting into Rob's car. "It was Gene's idea, Jock. She's going to play with Rob's cock on the way to your place and she says that I should do the same to you.

She reckons that it'll help break down any inhibitions we may have." "You and I have never had any inhibitions, at least not since you took pity on me after my ex left me." "I've never done anything sexual with you when Rob wasn't part of the action." "I wouldn't want to go behind Rob's back." "Of course not.


Neither would I. But now that Gene's on the scene, it opens up new possibilities." "Oh?" "Well, everyone knows what everyone else is doing, so no one is cheating.

Everyone is having fun, so there should be no jealousy. It's just about everyone enjoying themselves. What do you think?" Then she pushed her hand down the inside of my shorts and grabbed my cock which sprang immediately to attention.

I was not game to drive while Sue was stimulating me so we sat in the car park as Sue worked on my cock. Thinking about what we were doing, and what Sue had said that Gene and Rob were doing I was highly aroused, so aroused that I was soon cumming in my shorts.

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When I had cum I looked across the parking lot and saw that Rob's car was still there also. Would he have a wet patch in his shorts to match mine? "I think it's safe for me to drive home now.

I hope that you can wait till we get home for the orgasm that I owe you?" "Yes, Of course. You do realise that there is a wet patch in the front of your shorts?" "If what you told me is accurate, Reg should have a similar wet patch. I hope that you are right." Inside my flat Rob and I looked at each other and burst out laughing; we had matching wet patches in the fronts of our shorts.

Gene heaved a big sigh. "I'm so glad my naughty plan didn't upset you, Jock." "Gene! We're here, all four of us together, because you said that you didn't own me.

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That means that I don't own you either, so really you can play sex games with anyone that you want. I just love waking up in the morning with your naked body pressed against mine." "We've only done that once, so far, you know?" "I know. But I'm hoping that there will be many many more times. Now, how are we going to fuck?" "Well", said Sue, "I want Gene to experience a DP, so I propose that you two men fuck her first, because I've already experienced it.

I'll wait my turn." "Oh! My god! I feel so full.

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Fuck me both of you. Fuck me. I can feel Jock cumming in my arse. Rob's cumming in my cunt. Oh! I'm cummmming!" For the next few minutes Rob Gene and I lay on top of each other enjoying that beautiful, post coital bliss.

"Thank you, Sue for convincing me to experience a DP and for lending me your husband to make it possible." "I told you that you would love it. Didn't I?" "You were right. Thank you, and thank you Jock and Rob. I look forward to doing that again, often." I went away to wash my cock. When I got back I was carrying fresh beers for everyone.

I was surprised to find Rob sitting on a chair with Gene sitting in his lap. He was playing with her nipples while she was stroking his half-erect cock. Sue was standing beside an other chair, watching them and squeezing her own nipples. I handed everyone their beers and opened mine and took a first swig of the cold fluid. "Come here and sit down, Jock.", Sue invited. As soon as I sat down Sue straddled my legs, facing me and sat down.

"Jock, you don't mind, I hope, if we swap partners sometimes, do you?" "Of course not. We established that after the drive here, when Rob and I ended up with matching wet patches in our shorts." "So, you two,", Rob wanted to know, "what exactly is your relationship?" "Well," Gene replied, "Jock invited me to live here with him, I sleep with him, and we both like to be naked when we are here, but other than that we haven't really formalised our relationship.

I just feel very comfortable with Jock and he seems comfortable with me, too." "And,", I added, "we're both OK with sharing with you two. However, Gene told me yesterday that she might want to have my children. We might have to think about getting married before that happens.

What do you say Gene?" "I don't think that I ever want to be married. Not even to someone with whom I am as comfortable as I am with you Jock. I think that I will always stay with you. I think that fucking you very often and partying with Rob and Sue regularly will probably be enough for me, but even so I want to reserve the option to fuck someone else occasionally.

I'll never go behind your back but I won't promise to be always faithful to you, nor do I want you to promise to be faithful to me." "How will Jock know if the kids that you bear are his?", Sue asked. "I'll be faithful while I'm trying to get pregnant. Is that good enough for you, Jock?" "Wow! When Sue asked me earlier if I wanted us to be faithful to each other, I was worried that answering 'no' might drive you away.

Now I realise that 'no' was the best answer. And yes, I do want your assurance that I'm the father of our kids." "OK.", Sue said, "Enough talking.


Jock, in the car earlier you promised me the orgasm that you owe me. I'm calling in that debt." With me fucking her arse and Rob in her cunt she was soon screaming as we indeed gave her the orgasm that she craved. After that, Gene asked Sue to help her in the kitchen. We could hear them chattering together like old mates, but could not distinguish what they were saying to each other.

When they started giggling together, I wondered what they could be up to. Eventually they came back carrying four plates of food and wearing huge grins on their faces. "Jock," Gene asked, "are you going to serve us with some wine, please?" As I went to get a bottle and some glasses I heard Rob ask. "By the grins on your faces I can tell that you two have been cooking something up.

What is it?" "We'll tell you when Jock comes back.", Sue replied. I served the wine then sat down to eat my dinner. "What are you two up to?", Rob insisted. "Well,", Sue started, "one night this week you'll come home and instead of me, in your home and, later, in your bed, you'll find Gene. When that happens, you'll know that I am here, in Jock's home and, later, in his bed." "Oh! Which night?" "We're not telling you. We want it to be a surprise. Gene wanted it to be a complete surprise, but I was worried that one or both of you would freak when he found the 'wrong' woman in his home, unless he knew that this was something that we had both planned.

How do you like our idea?" Since we were all still naked there was nowhere to hide our sudden erections. "The evidence,", Sue concluded, "suggests that you two like the idea as much as we do." To be continued in "Jock and Gene 3" Please vote and comment