Brunette stepsisters fuck on the couch

Brunette stepsisters fuck on the couch
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Ok just a warning it takes a bit to get to the sex as this is mostly the setup. tell me what you think. Addicted Part 1 I cackled with joy as I got home and dumped the paper sack onto my bed.

"this is the best idea ever" I said to me self as I spread my new purchases out on my bed. Hundreds of nicotine patches, dozens of bottles of liquid nicotine that is applied orally and wont soak through the skin, its designed to replace smoking with nail biting but I had a better plan for it. I picked up and examined a small pouch that held a few ounces of a super concentrated nicotine/Prozac solution it is as illegal as it is addictive.

Why did I buy all of these highly addictive chemicals? Samantha, the girl I have been after for years just broke up with her boyfriend and she is coming to my house to spend the night until she finds her own place.

To be clear I do not want to be her little boyfriend and date her and all that sweet bullshit. I want to OWN her, I want her to be my bitch, to do what I say, and never ask why. What that has to do with this dangerous paper sack will be clear soon, I locked it in the bottom drawer of my night stand and got ready for tonight.

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I cleaned the house some and set some wine in the fridge, thawed some ice cream so it would be soft when the inevitable "cry over ice cream" part of this shit came to be, I set out chick flicks and blankets for her.after all I am Jack, the perfect friend who would never ever hurt poor Sam in her time of far as she knows. Sam is a girl I have known for 7 years, we met when we were 15 and been friends ever since. She has always been something of a goth, she has always been pale and had a nice little ass.

Ever scene she was 15 she has had it, nice a round, tight but small. It's the exact kind of ass I enjoy, she grew tits late, not until she was 17 and even then they were small, even now at 22 she still has a b cup.

Ive always been a friend to Sam never trying to make a move on her always just being there for her. Now that does not mean I never wanted to or never got my kicks. When I was 15 I used a camera hidden in my bathroom to take 10 pictures of her showering. When I was 17 I offered to tune up her computer and installed a worm that let me take over her webcam any time I wanted and broadcast it to my computer with no way for her to tell.

Before I up graded a few years ago I had at lease 6 hours of her masturbating recording.


I got to watch her bloom into a woman this way. She is still skinny, still has a nice little ass, and still has those tiny tits.

And soon she will be mine. At about 5pm Sam (I like calling her by her nickname, even though she hates it) showed up at the door a mess, eyes running with too much makeup worn runny by tears and wearing a shitty looking T shirt sweat pants. Just disgusting, a woman like that should dress her best at all times.

Ill save you the dreary and long period of grief of her douchey "bro" of a boyfriend dumping her. At about 10pm the wine had the best of her (I gave her damn near all of the bottle) and passed out in the guest room.

I gave her an hour before making my move, I crept into the room nicotine patch in hand and applied it to the inside of her left thigh.

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I woke up at 5 am with an alarm and snuck in to take it off. The around 9 when she woke up I asked how she felt. She told me "Just fucking amazing Jack thanks for last night, I dont know why but I just feel so.good!" I smiled to my self upon hearing this.

It worked, she got a buzz from the patch! Now to hope she got nice and addicted, "Samantha" I asked "would you like me to make you some pancakes while you shower?" she stretched and nodded "pancakes sounds great" and headed to the shower. I went back to my room and grabbed a small pinch of the nicotine/Prozac combo that's so incredibly addictive.

I sprinkled it into just her pancakes, which I made up with a whipped creme smile with cherries because after all I am the most perfect friend ever. She ate them up, every bite she moaned and ate with a small orgasmic pleasure while I smiled and watched my magic at work. "ohmigod Jack how did you make these!" I was pleased that she enjoyed my chemical concoction as much as she did but her speech would have to be something we would fix.

I put on my best smile and told her sweetly "that is my own special recipe Samantha, just eat and enjoy". She left shortly after that to spend the day with her mom who had offered to take her in for a few weeks while she recovered.

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I nodded and told her good bye and how she could stay anytime and hoped she found someone new, it was some grade A convincing bullshit if I do say so myself. As you have probably guessed fine reader I am not "normal" and you are right. I am a sociopath, I feel no empathy for others and feel no wrong for my actions. I should be on medication to fix it but I would rather just fake it and enjoy a life of freedom. It allows me to do shit like what I am pulling with Sam that no human who feels guilt could.

What is going to happen dear reader is that when she wakes up tomorrow morning she will go through withdraw, she does not smoke and does not know about the patches I slipped on her in her sleep.

When she wakes up tomorrow she will feel like shit and not know why, she will spend the day miserable and asking "Why? Why am I feeling so fucked up?" she will feel cold, she will get the shakes, she will cry. Then she will think "its Jack.Jack made me feel so good, with out Jack I feel like shit" she will ask to come over and I will keep dosing her until she is my slave, My name is Jack and I am evil. Late the next day I was sitting in my living room drinking coffee and reading a collection of Poe short stories when sure enough I heard a knock on the door.

I opened it and there was Sam standing there tears in her eyes and duffel bag in hand "Jack I feel awful, I left here feeling great but now.can I stay here, Please?" she looked down and rubbed her arm when she said please, she was already turning submissive for me. "of course you can, stay as long as you like" I took her bag to the guest room and made use home made pizza. Once again during her sleep I put on the patch and took it off before she woke up. I kept this up all next week (she moved in the rest of her shit on Wednesday) until Friday when I did not give her the patch in her sleep.

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She woke up the next morning early for her around 8 and gave me a big hug "i didn't sleep well last night Jack, could I take a nap with you?.in your bed?" once again she looked away. I smiled, this was it, she has officially become addicted to me she now feels she cant even sleep without me.

"of course Sam here sleep right next to me" she closed her eyes and relaxed, she fell into a light sleep quickly and I slipped a high dosage patch onto her arm.

The reaction was near instant, within 45 seconds she relaxed and shortly after she fell into a much deeper sleep. I took this time to drip some of the oral solution into her mouth.

It's a far too concentrated solution for this to be safe to do often but I don't care,i slip off her patch a hour later and she woke up around 11 am. I had slipped under her and placed her arms around me like she had done it. When she woke up she had the biggest smile on her face, just like a junkie who got her fix. She looked at me and kissed me, I kissed her back and cuddled with her.

Perfect, she was now mine. "Sam I need you to clean while im gone shopping today" this statement was the test, I called her by her nickname that she hates and told her to clean which she hates more. She looked offend for a second before she thought about it and nodded "yes Jack, anything else?" ha! It worked like a charm! She was now my bitch and there was nothing she could do about it!

"no Sam nothing else for now" I left for the store and when I came back 3 hours later the house was spotless, all of my laundry was clean and folded, the dishes were done and the carpet was vacuumed, Sam was cleaning my shower when I got home, it was the only thing left in my entire apartment. I gave her time as I put up the food I bought before calling her into the room "Sam, come here". She rushed into the room and stood before me "yes Jack?" she sounded eager and nervous "you did good, you may relax now" her shoulders visibly sagged "thank you Jack, may I shower?" she looked hopeful and I allowed it.

While she showed I cooked our dinner and once again I laced her food with me nicotine/prozac powder. I gave her a much heavier dose this time. She wolfed it down again, and seconds after finishing her meal she was all over me "Jack can we.can we Please?" she was practically begging for it and whispering in my ear, convinced 100% that it was me that she was so addicted to and not a chemical cocktail I had slipped into her blood.

I took her into my room and ordered her to strip, she was at first offended then I gave her a stern look and she quickly striped nude and sat on the edge of my bed, arms crossed looking down. She was the picture of submission.

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"bend over Sam, now" she quickly stood up and bent over at the waist away from me, exposing her per little pale ass. I grabbed her sides and shoved her face into the bed as I rammed into her in one movement, no foreplay, no checking if my bitch was ready, just pure fucking my bitch. Her hot cunt enveloped me as she moaned "Please Jack be gentle" I grabbed her tits and twisted them nice and hard.

"WHAT the FUCK did you just say? Did you just ask me how to fuck you after YOU came and BEGGED me to fuck you like a whore?!" she was crying at this point, not sobbing just tears "N-no Jack, i-Im sorry I will never do it again. i-ill be a good girl I s-s-swear" I gave her a good spank before I kept fucking her "that's what I thought" I rammed her harder and harder.

I pushed her onto the bed, her knees tucked up to her chest her ass still hanging in the air. I kept fucking her like a good little submissive whore. I gripped her by her hips and pulled her back into my as I pushed in.

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Every time I forced my self deeper into that tight little cunt I pulled her back into me. Her tight fuckhole wrapped around me stretching to try to accommodate me. I could tell my new bitch had never been fucked quite like this, she gasped in surprise every time I shifted position slightly and moaned every time I my cock reached deep into her nearly reaching her womb from her first hard submissive fuck.


I gasped with sweat rolling off my face as I kept my pace up. God this whore hadn't been fucked in months, her cunt was tight and only getting tighter as she got closer and closer. She arched her back and pushed into me while gasping "oh oh o-o-o-oh!" she was close, I could feel her cunt twitching and pulsing around my cock more and more quickly and losing all rhythm of its pulses. "i l=l=loooove you Jaccccck!" she cried out as she came onto my cock, I could feel her hot wet juices squirt onto me as I pushed deeper into her and felt my balls tense up.

I pushed her deeper into the bed as I came into her, shooting my hot load into her as deep as I could. "TAKE IT WHORE!!!" there was a pause as she was offended, I gave her ass a hard spank to remind her who she was addicted to.

She shamefully mumbled "im your.cum whore" before falling forward into bed cum oozing out of her cunt. I reached into my night stand and slapped my biggest dosage patch onto her right ass cheek before falling into bed next to my whore. END OF PART ONE Thats it for now, i would like to get feedback to this before i get too much into Part 2.

(yes there is a part to.or there will be if this does well enough)