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Xxx sex df porn big hole in
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Oriental Master By [email protected] Notice: This story contains adult ideas and language. If you are not at least eighteen years old.


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Susan was a short chubby girl who had built her window treatment business from the ground floor up. She was a tough business woman and had not had time for romance in her busy life of contractors and blind companies and mad customers, in a hurry.

"So why had his voice almost flipped my sexual switch when he called," she kept asking herself as she drove down the last leg of the drive to his house through the beautiful fall countryside.

She remembered the conversation well from last Friday. She had answered the phone and his deep and resonant voice had her clit standing at attention almost before he could get out a civil greeting. He said he wanted to change the decor of his house and wanted her to bring some samples and come to his house to measure for blinds and draperies. So here she was, driving up a long circular drive to this elegant Cape Cod house in the country worrying about the spillage from her sopping cunt staining the back of her short, sexy dress.

She didn't know what made her take extra special care with choosing her clothes so as to be extra revealing, but she felt very sexy and knew, somehow that it was going to be just right. It had been awfully hot the day before and she had not bothered with panty hose today.

Her legs were bare, but tanned nicely. Her job kept her outside a lot working on construction job sites and she had a nice set of tanned legs. Her legs were her best asset and she knew it and she enjoyed showing them off whenever she needed to feel real feminine. Today she felt a deep need to be feminine. She was a bit worried about her thicker than desired middle, but figured that since she wasn't looking for a mate yet, she could diet later.

When she had parked her car and got out to look at the house, her impression of Mr. Song Chuan Jiang had to be raised quite a few notches. The wide expanse of the house from left to right belied the depth of it as she looked unabashedly through the untreated windows and could see plenty of house before exiting onto a patio with swimming pool, in back and a beautiful flower garden beside and beyond the pool.

The outdoor area behind the house was completely surrounded by the house and garage. It must have been a hundred yards to the two story garage!

She rang the doorbell and Mr. Jiang came to the door dressed rather casually. As part of the introductions, he told her to just call him "Master Jiang." She studied this tall, ramrod straight, oriental carefully and noticed that he had on a tee shirt and gym shorts and tennis shoes. He appeared to have been sweating and held a hand towel to his face to clear it out of his eyes. The much smaller waist he displayed did not match the expanse of his chest. This man's body screamed "IN SHAPE" out of every pore.

His demeanor was that he was not one with whom to be trifled. It reminded her of a very strict teacher she had studied under in her high school days. "Oh! I'm so sorry to have come at a bad time, do you wish to re-schedule our appointment for another time?" she asked, referring to his sweating brow. "No, that's quite all right, you may come in and proceed with your tour of the house and I shall finish my exercises and get cleaned up. Then we will talk.

Kayuki will show you around." He said as he clapped his hands and an oriental, Gheshia girl in a kimono from out of the old films came out of what turned out to be the kitchen to smile and bow and escort her, in a very subservient manner around the house.

Kay was her name, she said, in accented English, turned out to be a delightful little girl maid who had not quite mastered the English language yet. She typically had trouble with her rrrr's but you could understand her fairly well if you listened carefully and got used to her accent.

Susan determined that simple subjects were answered with short quips or nods. The few in depth questions Susan tried to get her to answer were answered with an enigmatic smile only.

After the tour, Kay escorted her into a bedroom at the end of a hall. This was outfitted with weight lifting equipment and had many implements of Chinese warrior weapons hung on the walls. It was open on one side with windows and French doors that exited into the pool and courtyard behind the house. Master Jiang was reclined on a small bench resting. When they came in, he sat up. They discussed what he wanted on the windows and she showed him some samples from which he quickly and decisively chose.

She wrote up an order.

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He signed it without ever asking the price. She was startled that the total for this job was going to equal or break her all time single family home record for the price of the job. When she asked him how he'd like to pay, without blinking an eye, he said "Cash." "Well, sir, do you want to pay me now?" she asked. "Of course, as soon as you have a final figure. You may measure all you like, but be warned that I expect the job to be done on time and for no more than you tell me now.

No matter what happens.

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Am I clear on this?" he asked in a somewhat stern tone. "Yes, sir, I'll just get started on those measurements now." She said as she rose from her chair and started walking toward the doors to the pool while digging in her handbag, looking for her tape measure.

Her pussy throbbed every time this extremely handsome, oriental man spoke to her and it made her wet between the legs to think of him in other ways than a mere client.

He watched her carefully as she went about her tasks. When she moved from room to room, he followed her with great concentration in his stare. She felt as if he were reading her mind. Finally, he asked her, " I would guess that you are a single girl, dedicated too much to a career and having no boyfriend or husband.

" He stated it like it was a fact. She did not verbally respond, but stood like a frightened deer in the headlights waiting for his commanding voice to take over her emotions again. "You are a bit overweight and under exercised, but you think it can easily be corrected at some later date," he continued.

"I can see a very passionate woman in you, but you will not let her loose. You want to, but you cannot get away from reality long enough to enjoy yourself.

You will not leave the premises until I return," he commanded. Then, he abruptly left the room.

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She could move now. He had released her from his gaze and his presence. His words burned themselves into her memory as they had been spoken as the truth and she wondered how he had known so much about her after observing her for only a few minutes. She noticed a throbbing that had begun in her cunt. Somehow, he had really turned her on and he hadn't even touched her yet! She thought he was incredible! When she got to the main living room with the large doors and windows onto the courtyard, she noticed a step ladder leaning against the wall.

She pulled it along the wall to the place she wanted to measure and opened it up. It was just four or five feet tall, but it was old and wobbly. As she reached for the top of the window frame, while standing on the top rung and leaning over, a crack was heard and the ladder began collapsing. Mr. Jiang, who was just coming back into the room with a towel around his waist after a shower, rushed to catch her.

They both ended up on the floor amid pieces of broken ladder.

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Fortunately, his intervention had saved her from serious injury, but her legs had become entwined with his and the towel he had wrapped himself in had slipped off and his hand was under her bottom when she sat up.

Slowly, they each took inventory of their hurts, and finding them to be not serious, they asked the same of each other. He didn't move his hand and she couldn't take her eyes off his prick as it swelled into a raging hardon in front of her very eyes!

He began massaging her butt and rubbing up and down her ass crack while gently stroking her breasts through her blouse and bra. As she got hotter and wetter, he began to smell the liquid goo slipping out of her cunt and soaking her panties. She could not resist the feelings this oriental man was bringing to her body. Feelings she had never felt before. For she had been so busy with school and then her business that she had never had sex with a man before.

He pulled her up, silently, led her to a bedroom just off this room, and began slowly dancing with her to a tune only he could hear. His nude body swayed against her fully clothed one and she was enjoying it so much, she dared not stop.

Finally, his busy hand had played with her nipples and the buttons on her blouse so that he had freed her upper torso from it's confines.

Goose bumps arose, not from the cold air rushing over her naked back and belly, but from the feel of his fingertips as they grazed across every part of her skin setting fire to the idea that he might go further.

Indeed, he did go further. Her bra was next to be adroitly un-clasped and her nipples were exquisitely sucked and lightly bitten and elongated by his pulling mouth. A charge of electricity went off deep in her cunt and she felt her panties getting much wetter than before.

It threatened to run down her leg. The full skirt fell a moment later, and his hands roamed across her ass just like they had across her back and belly. He gripped her buns with some ferocity and savagely humped his naked body against her panty clad pubic mound. He began kissing her neck and nipping her everywhere he could reach with his mouth. Once again her breasts were engulfed in a high pressure suctioning that had her aching with blood sores around the aureoles.

The scratchy rub of his tongue across her nips set her teeth on edge and she almost lost her balance and fell as he whirled her round the room. With his help, her panties slithered to the floor and she stepped out of them. Then he laid her gently down on the bed and went around to the head and grabbed her right wrist and slipped it through the loop in the rope he found tied to the headboard.

Then, quick as an eel, he slipped down to grab the opposite ankle and do the same, stretching her very tightly in a diagonal line across the bed. Before she could react, he had her other ankle captured and was stretching her to the fullest extent of her body in the face up position.

Then he captured her left wrist and stretched her body into a tight spread-eagle across the bed. He produced a blindfold out of the drawer next to the bed and placed it on her. She could hear the door close as if he had left her.

She struggled with her bonds to test them. They stretched quite a bit as if some sort of elastic band was interposed between the wrist and ankle straps and the solid head and foot posts of the bed. Those bonds were tight around her limbs, but gave a good bit when she tried to bend an arm or a leg.

Just before she had been blindfolded, she had looked up and seen the reflection of herself, totally naked and stretched to the limit in her bed bondage. The thought of what he might do to her had her really turned on.

As she started to get bored, she felt a very light touch on her right nipple. It was so light that she thought it may have been her imagination.

Then the left nipple was lightly touched and she knew he was still with her. Next, he brushed her cunt lips, careful to avoid her clit. She moaned and begged, " Please put something in me! I've just got to cum!" He pushed a finger up into her sloppy cunt and began to stir and scratch up behind her pubic bone in the "G" spot.

As her cunt widened to accommodate first one finger, then two and finally, three full fingers, she felt herself rising on that wave of pleasure that was going to lead to orgasm. She could feel his fingers stopped by her dreaded hymen that had been so stubborn to break in high school.

She worried at the pain of full penetration, but yearned for it at the same time. She wiggled hoping to have his hand strike her clit, but he carefully avoided this.

She was now bucking and begging him to let her cum and still he held her back.

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Then his hand was removed and she felt him twisting and pinching her right nipple lightly. As he gradually increased the force of the nipple vise that his hand had become, he smacked across her protruding clitty with the palm of his hand and she burst into one of the most intense orgasms of her entire life! His titty torturing hand slipped across her chest and began slowly building up to the same kind of vise it had been before on her other nipple.

When his other hand slapped across her clitty again, it sent another burst of pleasure-pain through her body and rocked her world again. When she came down from the plateau of her orgasms, she noticed that all stimulus had been removed and she was still horny as hell!

How could she have two of the quickest and gloriously hot orgasms of her life and still be wanting for more? She felt like a sexual pig, but she had to admit she wanted. needed. more. She moaned and asked out loud for more. "Oh, Master Jiang, please do me again. I want and need to feel those feelings again. Please help me! Your Slave is begging you for some more release." "OK, slave, but you must first satisfy me." He said as he untied her from the stringent position he had tied her in.

Then he flipped her over onto her stomach and took the pillows off the bed and stuffed them under her belly and re-tied her so that she was spread-eagle with her arms and feet up off the bed and her weight on the pillows.

Her head just hung down in front of her. Her reddened and angry looking titties were pointing straight down, but weren't quite touching the bed sheets.

Her ass was stuck up in the air and she knew he was going to extract a price from her for her pleasure.

It was all just so much stimulus to her now. She jerked as his hand swatted stingingly down across both cheeks of her ass and her whole body jerked as another and another and eight more was delivered in measured meter across the entire face of her bulbous ass cheeks.

Then he kneeled between her outstretched legs and gently began kissing her red and stinging ass all over. First he started with the outer edged around her leg and gradually, so sloooowwwwlllllyyyyy, kissed and licked his way up to the top of the crack in her ass in the small of her back. Then it was down to the other leg and a slow journey up and across her swollen butt to the top of the crack from the other side. Anticipation was killing her as he carefully avoided her ass crack to heighten her arousal.

He then started down one side of her ass crack, licking chewing, nipping and kissing down until he got even with her little red wrinkled ass hole. Again he went back up to the top and started down the other side, taking his time, making sure she was sufficiently stimulated all over her ass crack.

Then she felt him licking around and over her ass hole. His hand, had, meanwhile begun to tease and pull and dip into her cunt. The other hand was busy strumming her clitty.

When she felt the intrusion of what must have been his entire tongue into her spasming ass hole, she came, gangbusters! Her face flushed down to her breasts and her vulva reddened and swelled even more. The pleasure just seemed to shoot through her and she pulled on all of her elastic bonds at once. He paused to let her come down again and dipped his face and tongue down to her cunt for a few welcome licks across her cunt lips, hole and clitty. He felt him coming around the bed to her head.

"Lick me" he said in a guttural sounding voice. "Lubricate me so that I may take your virginity with this weapon. That is what you want isn't it?" he asked. "Yes Master," she groaned, "Please take my virginity in any hole you care to. But, please Master. Oh Please hurry and do it soon. I need to cum again, soooooo Baaaaaddd!" She exclaimed.

He shoved his prick under her dangling head and she went to work by swallowing as much of his incredibly large hardon into her mouth and moving her head up and back as quickly as possible. She wished her hands had been free so that she could have run a couple of fingers into his ass and massaged his prostrate as she had learned to do in high school. This technique had saved her virginity many a time from an overly amorous date.

Finally, when he had little resistance left to keep from cumming in her mouth, he jerked her head up and slid out from under her. She felt him climb on to the bed again between her legs and he climbed atop her ass and crudely shoved his lubricated cock into her pussy as far as it would go without breaking her hymen.

Then he got up on his knees and pushed them both toward the head of the bed, relying on the elastic bands to pull her back onto his prick.

As he bent over her and slipped a finger into her cunt and across her clit, her hymen burst with an audible tear and a hot knife of pain shot through her cunt. She screamed a sound that ended with a groan as his big prick slid all the way in to the end of her virgin quim. Then he began to move rapidly back and forth. His hands kept up a steady slapping on her buns that stung her without bruising her.

She was further stimulated by the stretched out position of her body.

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It gave him room to swing his balls back and forth hitting her clitty square every time he crashed into her. He grunted and released a load of hot man seed up into her drooling love flower and she came with him. Then, he left her. She could hear his steps off to the side of her and then felt his weight as it climbed back on to the bed, between her legs.

"Now hold still, my pudgy little slave girl, while I rid you of the unsightly mess on your pussy. I am using a straight razor and my cum will lubricate the blade, so be real still, OK?" He asked in a soothing tone. "OK she replied," and tried to become one rigid mass that could not move unless he directed her.

She actually found this position even more exciting. After lubricating her ass crack and hole with his expended cum combined with hers, a scrape, scrape, and a few more strokes had the insides of her ass cheeks free of any hair. Then came the really tough part around her pussy opening and clitty. He seemed sure of himself as he stuck two fingers into her sloshy slit and stretched out the outer lip, spreading cum and clit juices around the hairy opening of her cunt.

A stroke or two over the sensitive skin and she was bald on that side. The other side came next, and before she knew it, he had bared her whole cuntal and ass areas of any hair at all. Of course, she still had her pubic hair about an inch above her clitty, but he could get rid of that when he rolled her over again, if he wished. "I have a nice present for you my little slave girl," he said as he observed Kay peeking in from the outer courtyard.

He decided to make an example of her to Kay who had only been with him a few months as his servant. "It's called a butt plug. Guess where you plug it?" He asked rhetorically.

She felt her ass hole widen as a finger with something cold and gooey slipped up into her ass. He worked it in and out and around quite vigorously. Then a second finger was inserted and he worked the two of them in her ass hole until he felt her ass muscles loosen. Then she felt the cold smooth end of a very large butt plug pushing it's way up in to her. It really stretched her ass to the point where she was screaming for mercy before he stopped it's advance up into her shit chute.

He held it steady, constantly pushing into her, but not advancing for the time being. Then he turned it on, and the feelings it produced in her ass and the entire lower part of her body began to juice her cunt up and relax her sphincter muscles.


She had pulled on the elastic bonds with her arms in order to get her ass some relief from the ever widening plug he held to her. He had simply moved with her to keep the same pressure on her stretching hole. With the pull of the bonds trying to straighten her arms and the insistent buzzing of the vibrating butt plug putting her sphincter muscle to sleep, she relaxed enough to slide the large butt plug all the way into her and she felt relief as the ring of muscles at her tiny hole opening contracted around the narrow base of the vibrating machine in her butt.

As she began to sway back and forth in time to the softly buzzing machine, she felt something cold and large also widening the entrance to her cunt. The rounded egg shaped vibrator slipped past the opening in her cunt and he pushed it high up into the back of her vagina.

Then it too began to beat a counter rhythm to the butt plug's insistent buzzing. She began to cum. She twisted and jerked and screamed and came so hard she thought she might tear off her arms and legs. Kay, observing all of this from outside the window, at the pool, was busy with a hand under her long, wrap around kimono and her eyes were fixed on the plug in Susan's ass.


Master Jiang was watching her from the corner of his eye and her, unnoticed reflection in a mirror that she could not see. She was digging hard at her clitty and slop was running warmly down her wrist to puddle on the concrete patio beneath her pussy. Just as Susan would be coming down from the butt plug, she'd catch a harder buzz and another feel of the egg up high in her cunt vibrating harder than it had before.

That took her over the edge again. Then her butt plug began jumping and buzzing more insistently in her ass. Back and forth without him ever touching her. Multiple orgasms ran up and down her body like bees stinging and buzzing her entire body. Then Kay, outside on the patio, began to cum also and could hardly stifle her moans and cries of delight. Just when Susan was beginning to feel tired and ready to quit, she felt Master Jiang's hands moving the end of another vibrating machine to touch lightly across her clitty.

Then a sharp pinch on her nipples that made her want to scream for mercy, and another touch of the clit massager, and her other nipple turned hot from a twisting pull that enlarged it and made her jerk.

The clitty massage after each sharp pain was her reward for withstanding such treatment and actually enjoying it. She began to cum again.

About now it merged and became all stimuli that just pushed her higher and higher in her orgasmic bliss. She knew nothing and felt everything through her pussy tits, clitty and ass hole. She was having trouble catching her breathe as orgasm after orgasm seemed to merge into one long, mind bending stream of pleasure beyond ever her vivid imagination. Her brain, finally overloaded with too many and too strong sensory inputs, shut down and she passed out.