Pornpros petite blonde sammie daniels breaks out her sex toys hardcore blowjob

Pornpros petite blonde sammie daniels breaks out her sex toys hardcore blowjob
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The phone rings early with our wake up call. You hang the receiver back up and snuggle closer. The fire has gone out and it's chilly! I jump up and flip the heat on and quickly crawl back under the covers, settling back against your warmth.You kiss the back of my neck, sending shivers down my back, your hands slide over my breasts, I feel your hardness against my ass and I push against it, putting both hands on your thighs, pulling your legs around me, I run my hands over your knees and down the backs of your thighs to your firm asscheeks.

You move your hands over my stomach and reach toward my pussy. The phone rings again! "Okay, Jewelz, we really have to get up now! I told them to call a second time, I knew we'd be tempted to stay in bed!!" I laugh, "Oh, you think of everything!!

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LOL!!!" You slap my ass as I hesitate a moment too long! "Time to get up!" We are required to attend a short orientation meeting this morning before we can tour the park on snowmobiles. We can only snowmobile in the park as part of a tour group, which we plan to do later this morning, then we will explore some of the trails outside the park on our own.We have put off getting out of bed as long as we can.

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The room has warmed and we dress quickly and head over to the meeting room at the lodge. They have coffee, fruit and pastries set up for breakfast. There are a few couples already seated and more arrive as we help ourselves to coffee, we chat a bit with some of the other couples before we find our seats. The meeting goes quickly and we assemble outside to prepare for the tour.

The snowmobile we rented is waiting for us, you climb on and I get on behind you. "Hold on tight!" you say over your shoulder, the machine leaps forward and I grab you tightly! We enjoy the guided tour, seeing lots of wildlife and breath taking scenery, it is gorgeous!!


The trip is over before we know it and we arrive back at the lodge in time for lunch. After lunch we head out on our own with a full gas tank and a trail map. You choose a route and we head off exploring.

We take turns driving, (I take advantage of my time behind you by running my hands all over your body! Not to distract you from your driving or anything, I just can't seem to keep my hands to myself!

The vibrations from the snow machine are making me extremely horny! ) at one of the exchanges I reach under the seat and pull out a bottle of cranberry liquer that I made myself, just for your birthday.

We try a little (just to warm us up!) It's tart and tangy!! We have a little more!

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It's my turn to drive and we head off, (your hands doing the roaming this time!) we travel for a while before we come to a rest station, a little cabin with a gas fireplace that the lodge maintains for it's guests, our room key unlocks it, and we go in, bringing the bottle with us. It's small but there's a couch and a couple chairs. You start the fire and we stand in front of it, with our hands warming over the flames, I pull off my jacket and unzip yours, running my warm hands under your shirt, your skin feels so cold!

We settle on the couch, it's warming up quickly, I take a sip from the bottle and kiss you, slowly at first, sharing the tanginess, then with more passion as I move onto your lap and pull my sweater off over my head and put the lip of the bottle over my nipple and raise it up so the red liquid stains my nipple a pretty ruby red, I start to lick it off, and our tongues meet as you have the same thought, each dancing around the nipple, licking the sweet, stickiness.

You take the bottle and let a little trickle out over the top of my other breast and it leaves a trail of red as it streams downward, your tongue traces the path, licking, sucking, tasting, and biting (that feels so nice!!) I let out a sigh of pure contentment! I unbutton your shirt and spread a little of the liquer over your tight hard nipples and eagerly lick and suck with determination to get every drop, you add a little more and I redouble my efforts, nibbling and biting a bit harder than I meant to and I hear the sharp intake of breath and know I've gotten carried away--but I don't stop!

Instead I catch your nipple between my teeth and flick my tongue over the tip of it as I bite down even a little harder as I pinch hard on the other one, you moan loudly and I feel the solid response of your cock against my asscheeks as I sit astride your lap.

I pull away long enough to strip my jeans off and undo yours, pulling your jeans down, as I settle back in your lap. I still have on my black thong panties with the scarlet rose over the pussy area (I found them on the internet!!) and you can see the rose is quite soaked already as you push them aside and thrust your fingers deep into my silky cunt, using your thumb to tease my clit at the same time.

I am squirming, and grinding against your hand and you use the other hand to grab my ass and push me against your rigid shaft. My movements bring my pussy closer and closer to your rock hard cock, your thumb is moving quickly against my throbbing clit and I am completely caught up in a huge orgasm as you quickly pull your fingers free and shove your cock deeply all the way into my still oragasming cunt.

"Oh, yes, fuck me! Fuck me harder!!" You grab my asscheeks hard and move me quickly up and down, you're thrusting faster and harder and I am overwhelmed by another huge orgasm, I scream out "Oh God, I'm cumming!! Oh Yes!!

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OH MY GOD!! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!" just as you explode with your own, sending jets of hot cum up inside me. I collapse against you and rest there for a while, catching my breath!!

"That was awesome, Baby!" I whisper in your ear. You can still feel the lasting vibrations of my orgasm and know how much I enjoyed it!!


I move a little to get up and our combined cum gushes out in a flood. You push me back on the couch and bury your tongue in the sweet wetness, licking and sucking the juices. I can't control myself, my pussy mashes itself against your face, you respond by sucking my clit in between yiour lips and using your your tongue to flick hard against it, I am totally out of control, crying out "More!!

Oh God! Yes! I'm cumming all over your face! Oh my God!!

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YES!! I'm cumming!!!" Your face is covered with the results of our previous pleasure and my newest gratification! I kiss your mouth, tasting our combined tanginess. I want more, I push you back on the edge of the couch, I move around and take your cock in my mouth, licking, sucking you clean, using just my lips over the tip and moving your cock slightly from side to side, with my lips barely parted, the tip of my tongue flicking the tip of your dick as it passes between my lips, while my hands stroke up and down, lubricated by my saliva, your shaft hardens even more.

I pull you even closer to the edge of the couch and I move my head down as far as I can, following a trail straight to your hot tight asshole with the tip of my tongue, I can taste our cum there and I want more so I straddle your hips at this point, putting my own ass in your face, I push my tongue even deeper into your tightness, I jerk in surprise as your hand slaps my ass HARD, I moan deeply with pleasure and I push my tongue even deeper into your asshole, your hand slaps amy ass again and again and again (I can feel the stinging heat spreading quickly!) you grab my burning asscheeks with both hands and pull them apart so you can also tongue my asshole.

The pleasure I feel from the spanking prods me on to give you even more pleasure and I push my tongue in and out faster. You are having your own way with my ass and I am beginning to move as if you were fucking my ass with your tongue, you replace your tongue with a finger, it slides right in with all the saliva you supplied, so you push a second finger in and I push back against them, you use your other hand and thrust two fingers deep into my inflammed cunt, then a third, both hands are thrusting deep and I scream out as I cum hard "OH MY GOD!!


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FUCK ME!! FUCK ME IN THE ASS!!!" You of course want to please me (nevermind your own pleasure!!

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LOL!!!) so you grab me around the waist and pull me up a little then push me over the arm of the couch and push your rock hard cock against the ring of my tightness, your fingers have stretched it some already so you thrust deep, half way in on the first stroke, you reach around and grab my tits, pinching my nipples as you continue thrusting, I am pushing back against you in a frenzy "Yes! YES! YES!!! FUCK ME!! FUCK MY ASS!! OH MY GOD!!! I thrust my own fingers deep inside my molten pussy, I can feel your cock thru the thin separation and you can feel my fingers on your cock as you thrust even deeper into my ass.


We are both frenzied, my pleasure explodes thru me like never before, I cry out over and over "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!" You bite my shoulders and the back of my neck, nibbling none too gently and I can feel the heat of your cum spurting deep into my ass as I cum again and again!!

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We collapse in a heap on the couch.