Recalling the passion natural tits and cunnilingus

Recalling the passion natural tits and cunnilingus
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WARNING! This is a true story please keep that in mind when commenting. My First Time. With A Girl I was 17 when I first had sex with a girl. Not just any girl, one of my best friends in the world.

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I had known a few years before that I was bi sexual. Seeing both women and men and having them both turn me on was a confusing place to be. I was confused because I had heard of Bi curious girls and this was not the same. It insulted me to hear people call bisexuals indescisive. No I knew from the age of 15 that I liked girls too, however I never once told a soul.

It had just turned to the year 2008. My friend Cassie had graduated the year previously from the same high school as me but was back for the Christmas break to visit. Her father wasnt in the country and her and I had the apartment to ourselves. We had been drinking, heavily. I being a very light weight was much more drunk then her.

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Cassie is african american with long black hair, 5"6, brown eyes. She has really small breasts perky breasts, an A cup. We were joking around making some phone calls. We were in the hallway when she pushed me against the wall. She looked me over biting her bottom lip. "Can I feel them?" she asked speaking about my breasts. It had always been a joke amongst my friends, that my DD breasts were big. I laughed drunk. " Sure." I said giggling.

She grabbed them and rubbed them squeezing too.

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" My god they are so big, can you give me half." We both laughed, she didnt move her hands. She leaned her face up to mine and kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth. I sobered up quite a bit then feeling nervous, my heart beating hard in my chest. Cassie then whispered to me, come on. She reached down and grabbed my hand pulling me along with her. Toward the guest bedroom down the hall. My heart was beating hard. Although I knew I was turned on, this was my friend, one of my best friends.

My mind was racing worrying about the morning after about everything. When we got into the room she went to kiss me again, her tongue tasted so good in my mouth and I sucked on it gently. She then took me and pushed me onto the bed, crawling up my body she straddled me.

I was laughing and went to sit up, she pushed me back down. " I think I need another drink." She didnt let me go. " Seriously if I'm going to do this I need more to drink cause I dont want to remember." She let me go this time. " Yeah you're probably right." She said I walked to the living room to her fathers bar alone.

Cassie was in the room, down the hall. I took several deep breaths and my head was going insane with what ifs and what next. Cassandra I knew was drunk, and so was I what to do. I took a shot of whiskey. I had lost count of how many drinks I had had by then. And resolved to sit there on my own, not risk ruining our friendship. However. Cassie entered the room laughing.

" What is taking you so long, come here." Cassie grabbed me and kissed me then pulled me back to the room again. I laughed casually but was still nervous. We were back in the room and I stood there laughing, another shot of some kind of alcohol in my hand, i took.

I stood there giggling as she began to undress me. She pulled my shirt off, fast and threw it to the side. Then once again she pushed me onto the bed. I was flat on my back and she got up and straddled me again kissing me, slipping her tongue into my mouth and moaning, her long black hair brushing against my cheek. She moved down and undressed me. Taking off my bra, slowly unfastening and pulling down my jeans and panties.


She was still fully dressed and I was naked, her hands feeling me all over. I was moaning, my heart racing. "I want to make you cum." She said looking up at me from my mound, grinning almost evily. I looked down at her and her smirk, she crawled up my body to suck once on my already hard nipple, then proceeded to move back down. Sticking out her tongue she took one long lick from the bottom of my pussy to the top.

I moaned loudly and she was happy. She started licking faster, taking out her fingers and pinching my clit a little before moving her tongue on it and sucking it hard. She was ravenous and seemed determined in her mission to make me cum.

She ate me out for a few minutes before she decided she wanted to do more. I gasped as she stretched a finger into my wet pussy. She licked my clit as she began to finger fuck me. I was in shock, enjoying it so badly yet feeling so dirty. My hands were gripping tightly on the bed sheets. I was moaning loudly, and was caught off guard when she shoved another two fingers into my very tight pussy.

It hurt, but also felt good. I had only had sex once before so I tried to contain my screams as she fucked me with three fingers. Every once and a while she would say my name, and tell me how much she wanted me to cum. Her one hand in my pussy, the other grabbing my breasts and her tongue licking me furiously and sucking on my clit, I was panting and came hard.

Cassie licked up all of my juices and then crawled up my naked body. Looking down at me she said. "My turn dont you think?" I nodded. Sitting up I pulled her face into mine and kissed her. Tasting my own cum on her lips. I took off her shirt, she was braless and she took off her pants as we kissed. She laid down on the bed and I bent over her sucking on her nipples. Feeling her perky breast in on hand I sucked hard on the other.

Feeling like a professional despite it was my first time doing any of this. I bit on her nipple gently, which she seemed to like as she asked me to do it again. I obeyed. I continued there for a while enjoying her small tits and grinding against her. She told me she wanted to cum and told me to lick her cunt.

I obeyed again crawling down her body, My breasts rubbing against her on my way down. Getting there I was so curious, and afraid, not knowing if I would like the taste, or if I would do it right. But my heart was pounding and I wasnt going to stop now. She grabbed her own breasts pinching her nipples, as I slowly licked her clit. She began moaning loudly, saying my name repeatadly, which i LOVED.

I began to lick her more and faster. Pausing only to suck on her clit, remembering her liking me biting I bit down on her clit gently and she went wild.

She screamed *FUCK YES* and reached a hand down that played with my hair and would push me back in her lips if I paused to breathe. I wanted to fully recipricate and knowing she had had sex several times before I shoved to fingers in her pussy fucking her slowly with my hand.

It didnt take long of stroking her, finding her G-spot that she was cumming all over my hand. I reached up with my hand feeling victorious and liberated. I held the cum stained hand up to her, and she slowly licked each finger. I Lay myself against her. feeling amazing. " If I were a lesbian you would so be my girlfriend." she said to me.

I deflated then knowing that this would happen. bi curious. oh well. . where are you going? The story isnt over yet! Oh no this is where the night goes fucking insane! No sooner then she said that but her phone rang. It was Amir, a guy that she had been fucking all week and we had been drunk calling, joking about if he wanted to come over, or if he wanted to fuck me. She answered the phone. " Hello. You're on your way?. me and ----- have been bad.

mhm we are so drunk. come here and find out. you want to fuck -----?. Alright see you soon." She hung up the phone. And the nerves had come back as I sobered up a little more. I stayed light hearted and laughed, trying to hide my stress from her as I got dressed. She asked me why bother getting dressed. I lied and told her the best part was having someone take it off. She laughed and agreed putting her clothes back on too.

We waited in the living room making out on and off between drinks she kept pouring me. I knew at that moment she was completely using me. Then the doorbell rang. Amir entered completely sober, although a little high from smoking pot which stained his clothes with a smell I didnt particularily enjoy.

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Amir was the same height as Cassie and was a little muscular. He came into the living room where I was on the couch. Cassie immediately starts kissing him, he seems embarressed by the fact I am there.

I am re drunk now and we both spill the beans to him that we had sex together before he came (no pun intended). He laughed and made a joke about being drunk. He sat at the other end from me of a long U-shaped couch.

Cassie came and sat next to me. I was feeling a bit shy and nervous but Cassie was horny as hell and it was written on her face. She pulled my face to hers and started making out with me. Although we had an audience I could help but kiss her back. We made out for a while before I noticed from my peripherals Amir was rubbing himself from outside his jeans. Cassie broke the kiss and went to the bar to get herself even MORE alcohol.


I sat there across from Amir my eyes darting from his back to my lap. Cassie called out from the bar "Isnt ----- hot Amir?".

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My mouth dropped open at her statement knowing that my best friend had been replaced tonight by a horny 19 year old girl. " She is indeed." He said, and then he stood up and walked next to me sitting down.

My immediate thought is this was not what I bargained for. Cassie was at the bar, I wasnt looking at him. He brushed my hair away from my neck and kissed my neck. I shivered a little. He then turned my head so that I was facing him and kissed me on the lips.

I was somehow unable to say no, he started making out with me his tongue in my mouth as his hand reached up and fondled my breasts, grabbing hard. "You have huge breasts he said" all I could say was "I know". Not making out like that for too long Cassie plunked back down on the couch next me.

She pulled my face to hers and started makng out with me. Amir still fondling my breasts. Cassie kissing me felt way more comfortable was nicer. I wasnt nervous or scared when she was kissing me. I didnt notice when Amir had gotten up standing in front of us when I opened my eyes there was his erect cock. Thats when I got even more nervous, still hiding it from them of course. Cassie laughed "Oh look a cock she said." Then she went to him and starting sucking him off.

I sat back on the couch and watched but it was less then a minute before he said " I want you to suck it" I looked up at him.

Then I looked at Cassie who said "awww shes shy, common ------ suck it." She then took my hand putting on his dick, I was looking away. "Here." he said and pulling my face forward he ran his cock across my lips.

Reluctantly I opened my mouth and took him in, sucking only a little moving up and down him. He was reaching down grabbing my breasts pinching my nipples hard while Cassie was kissing my neck. I pulled off him and sat on the other side of the couch, not liking where this was headed.

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Cassie said " It's okay you can watch." Amir seemed disappointed that I wasnt going to part take, but went back to Cassandra as she started to blow him. I watched a little but mostly looked away. It wasnt long before I left, maybe five minutes. They were too busy to notice. I was very drunk and finding it hard to walk when I went to the street to hail a taxi at 3:00 am. Glad I had managed to escape the situation.

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I made it home eventually after walking halfway a taxi picked me up. Opening the door to my apartment I was quiet as to not wake my parents. I collapsed on a heap in my own bed and didnt wake up until the evening. That's the story folks, the story of the best/worst night of my life.

Although I have spoken to Cassie, I never saw her again after that night. She jokes about the night and about how drunk we were. Its not a joke to me. It was the first time I had sex with a woman, great sex that I loved with a person I love.