Forced face sit

Forced face sit
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"Bye Kenzie, see you tomorrow." "Bye!" Natasha watched her friend as she walked down the driveway. "So you and Kenzie get along great." Andre looked at his daughter with a big grin.

"I heard you two in the bathroom." "I'm not surprised, we were a little loud. Jealous?" I smiled back at him with a big grin and walked into the living room.

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"Not really. I wish I could have watched or joined in though. I was going to walk in, but you locked the door." He sat down next to me on the couch. I was flipping through the channels and acting as calmly as I could. I wanted so much to tell him my plans for tomorrow, it was driving me crazy and making me really horny - but I also wanted it to be a surprise. "Does thinking about me licking her pussy turn you on?" I looked away from the TV and smiled.

I knew it did, because I could see a bulge in his pants. I put the remote down and straddled him, rubbing my pussy on his cock. I kissed him passionately, but with some force.

"Does it?" I asked again. "What do you think?" He grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. I was in a playful mood so I just smiled. "Oh daddy, what a big cock you have!" "It's just for you, too." "Can your little girl ride it? Will it make daddy proud?" By this time I had unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

All he could say is "uh-huh" as I stroked his cock in my hand. I pulled my hand away and kissed him again. I didn't want to just ride him; there are things that need to be done before that.

He knew what I was thinking. He slipped off my shirt and squeezed my right breast with his left hand and nibbled my left breast while sliding his right hand to my crotch, rubbing my pussy through my shorts. "Mm Daddy. Play with your little girls pussy." I could feel his cock harden another inch beneath me as I said that. He knew what I wanted and moved his hand up the leg opening of my shorts; rubbing my pussy lips and spreading my juices over my clit.

The sensation of my breasts being fondled and licked while he played with my pussy was too much, but I couldn't cum yet, he hadn't licked my pussy yet. With that, I moved up so I was standing on the couch. I pushed my shorts to the side, and he instinctively put his lips to my cunt. As he lapped up my juices I held onto his head so I wouldn't fall forward off the back of the couch.


I was moaning and grinding my pussy on his face. I screamed out loud and came, my juices dripping down his face and onto his neck. I came back down to his level and kissed my juices off his face.

His cock had to be in my mouth and upon deciding this; I moved down and took his cock into my mouth. He stroked my hair and praised my work, but I didn't want to hear him praise me like I was doing him a favor.

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I got off the couch and stripped off my shorts. He must have been unsure what I was doing, because he just looked at me blankly. I hadn't sucked him for long, just long enough to satisfy my needs, so he may have thought I was done. As I climbed back onto him, he smiled again, knowing then that I wasn't done yet. I eased my pussy onto his cock, sliding it in slowly and then taking it out again, just to tease him a bit.

Finally, I couldn't resist it any longer and let his cock slip in all the way, easing it down carefully. When it was all in, I moved myself up and down, slowly at first so I could feel every movement and enjoy it fully. I reached down to my clit and rubbed it side to side as I increased speed. I was now bouncing up and down at an incredible speed. Before long, I screamed out in a massive orgasm, tightening my grip on my dad's cock.

Seconds later my dad grunted and blew his load into my pussy. We both slept peacefully that night. "Are you coming straight home after work today?" "I planned on it. Why, are you inviting some people home for an orgy and you don't want me here?" He smiled. I laughed at the idea that that could someday be true. "No, but it gives me the idea for another day." I kissed him good-bye and saw him off.

I spent the day watching TV and relaxing at the pool. My mind was neither on the summer re-runs I was watching or whether or not the sun was hitting the right spots for the right amount of time.

I was constantly thinking of what was going to take place that night. I thought of my dad licking Kenzie's clit and fucking me until I came.

The thoughts were making my pussy wet and without thought, I reached down into my bathing suit and fingered myself at the side of the pool.

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I was moaning and in a trance as I came. I don't remember if I made any noise when I came, but if I did, I hope the neighbors heard! Five o'clock came around finally and I started to prepare dinner. As I was setting the table, my dad came in as I expected. "Your 15 minutes late." I was being facetious, but part of me was serious.

I smiled to show him that there was no real harm done.

"Sorry, does that mean I miss dinner?" he kissed my forehead. "No, if you missed dinner, you can't have desert and I want you to have desert." I giggled to myself knowing that he didn't know the meaning of what I had just said. The next 45 minutes seemed to go on forever. As I was clearing the table the doorbell rang, about time.

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She was wearing a cute tank top and jean shorts that were quite short. I invited Kenzie in. She looked nervous, but I didn't care, this was going to be fun, even she would think so at the end of the day. We went up to my room first, just to make sure everything was okay still. "Nat, I don't know if I can do this; what if your dad expects me to be perfect in everything I do?

I'm still a beginner and he's…well he's in his forties and has had lots of experience." "Trust me, from what you did last night, you have skills. Besides, he'll get off just to know you want to suck his cock. Relax, everything will be fine" "Dad, can you come up here for a minute!" I yelled down to him before she could object any more to the idea. If I give her too much time to think it over, the good stuff won't happen. I've been waiting patiently all day; I didn't want it to be ruined now just because she's having second thoughts.

"You yelled?" My dad smirked. He didn't like it when I yelled at him, but sometimes it's the only thing that works. "Can you help us with something?" "Sure, what do you need?" "We need to cum." He looked at me for a second, as though he wasn't sure he heard what he thought he heard, then he grinned and walked over. He was about to kiss me, but I moved my head out of the way. "No, kiss Kenzie, she thinks you're hot and wants to fuck you." "Nat!" She couldn't believe what I had just said.

I think she thought I wasn't going to that forward. "Is that true Kenzie?" He reached over and stroked her breast. She looked so scared, but I knew that deep down she liked it. It was just new to her. "Well, you're very attractive" she managed to mutter. He leaned down and kissed her forehead and her nose and finally her lips.

He might as well have been kissing air; she didn't take to it. Luckily, that didn't stop my dad. He continued to kiss her lips. After a couple times, she relaxed a bit and kissed him back. He pushed his lips into hers and held her close with his arms around her.

He probed her mouth with his tongue, she opened her eyes and shut them again, accepting his tongue. They kissed for awhile, now she no longer needed to be held up, she was pushing back against him. His hands explored her body, caressing her ass and her breasts. He lifted her shirt over her head to admire more of her body.

As he was taking off her shirt, I took off his shirt from behind.


I began to strip off all my clothing, I didn't want to rush things, but we had to start from somewhere. As they kissed passionately, I caressed her breasts and slipped a nipple into my mouth. I made Kenzie lie down on the bed and take off what clothing remained. My dad followed by stripping off his pants. My dad kneeled beside her head and, as if it were second nature, she licked the head of his cock gently, spread her saliva over the first couple inches of his cock, and slipped it in fairly easily.

Even I was surprised at how easily she took it. She looked like a pro to me, not the amateur she thought she was. I got in between her legs and played with her pussy as I watched her suck on my dad's cock. They were both moaning and groaning from the pleasure. My dad turned and looked at me, I somehow knew it was to thank me, because he looked as though he was going to cum any minute.


I smiled and moved my lips to Kenzie's pussy, I wanted them to cum at the same time, but I was going to make sure it was not the last! As I was sucking on her clit, she began to buck her hips into my face, so to bring her to ecstasy, I shoved two fingers into her cunt hard and fast. She moved her head and shoulders up off the bed from the impact of the orgasm, causing my dad's cock to go further down her throat.

My dad grunted and came so hard, I could hear Kenzie gag and chock on his cum. I moved up so I was face to face with Kenzie and licked my dad's cum that had dribbled down her chin.

When I had licked all the cum off of her face, I positioned myself over her head so my pussy was inches from her lips. I was the only one who hadn't cummed yet and this get-together was my doing.

Her hand was rubbing my juices around my pussy, making me very horny. She stuck a finger inside me and led me down closer to her face.

She flicked my clit with her tongue and then sucked the little nub eagerly. Meanwhile my dad had moved to my old position between Kenzie's legs.

I don't know what he was doing because I was faced away from him, but I could hear him shifting around to that area. When Kenzie gasped and then moaned, I knew he had started playing with her. I looked around and saw that he had his hard cock inside her soaking pussy. As he rammed his cock into her pussy, I was grinding my pussy onto her face. I knew I wouldn't last long and from what I could tell, neither would Kenzie, she was losing focus on my pussy and focusing more on moaning and screaming out in delight.

"Stop moaning and lick my cunt bitch!" I yelled. With that, I drove my pussy into her face harder, grinding with such intensity that within seconds, I came onto her face. I wasn't paying attention to whether or not she was breathing, I was just concentrating on cumming.

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As I lifted myself off of her face, she resumed screaming and moaning, yelling out "OH YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!" My dad listened like a good boy and fucked her pussy harder. She screamed out and grabbed one of my pillows, once she bit into it, I knew she had came.

My dad was not a minute later and blew his load into her still throbbing pussy. After a couple minutes, we had finally caught our breaths. "Glad I suggested this?" I looked over at Kenzie and grinned. "Yes!" "Good, because I don't want it to end here. We're gonna fuck until I say we're done, I haven't gotten enough yet." "Well I'm an old man, so you have to give me a little time before we start up again." My dad joked.

We all came several times that night, each taking turns fucking my dad. By 3am my dad was exhausted so I decided on being nice and called it a night.