Cute beautiful teen rides his cock with her juicy pussy

Cute beautiful teen rides his cock with her juicy pussy
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Ashley couldn't believe her eyes when she stepped inside her husband Don's office. He was lying down on the floor, naked from the waist down, and his 20 year old Latino secretary Maria, entirely naked, was riding him like there was no tomorrow.

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At first, she was too shocked to say anything. She saw Maria's big round ass rapidly move back and forth on her husband's dick. His hands were on her ass, pulling her cheeks apart. They were both moaning with abandon clearly, they didn't care about hiding this all that well.

Ashley was trying to process this when her train of thought was broken by the sound of Dan slapping Maria's ass. "DAN WHAT THE FUCK!" Maria jumped off his cock and meekly tried to cover herself with her hands.

That was a futile enterprise, though. Her breasts were solid double Ds. Plus, Ashley had seen whatever she had to see. "Baby, what are you doing here?", Dan stammered as he got up, not bothering to hide his erection. The clear picture of guilt on his face confirmed what Ashley hoped for: he hadn't seen the images Jane sent him yet. He was just screwing his secretary not taking revenge.

This meant he had been doing this for quite some time now. She felt deeply betrayed, in spite of the fact that she too had slept with Michael. At the present moment, she was determined to not lose control of the situation.

Her hysteria transformed into an icy, stern rage. "Dan.

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I'm going to leave right now. When you're home, we're going to have a little talk. Got it?" He nodded nervously. "For now, I'll be needing your phone." He handed it to her, no questions asked. She unlocked it and found the images. She felt relief flood through her veins. These images were unambiguously incriminating. She deleted them all before throwing it back to him and leaving his office. As she went down in the elevator, she wasn't sure what to feel. On one hand, she was relieved that she wasn't caught.

On the other, she was livid with Dan and that slut Maria. How could he? Once she was in the car, she started sobbing. The guilt of cheating on Dan, the humiliation on finding him cheating on her, and the thought about this would affect her son Jake it was all too much. She was feeling overwhelmed. She started weeping. ************************************************************************************************************************************** As Michael pulled up outside Jane's house, he grinned, thinking about that teachers' picnic he wanted to share a cab with her but she had chosen Mark.

Life was good. "Well, this is me", she said, smiling back at him. "I guess so." "Michael, I have to say, I had a really great time today. I mean it started off as a horrible day. But then you came along and, well it was just amazing.

And not just the sex, which was crazy. Thank you for listening to me too. And I promise I'll break up with Mark first thing at school." Michael touched her cheek, and replied, "Any time, Jane.

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And I had a wonderful, wonderful time today too. And I mostly mean the sex. I had no idea you were such a wild animal!" They both laughed and Jane punched his arm playfully. Right then, Michael's phone rang. It was Ashley Kennedy. Michael looked up at Jane. "Well, answer it." "Hey, Ashley, what's up?", Michael asked, trying to sound as casual as he could. His expression changed almost immediately when he heard Ashley crying her eyes out over the phone.

"Mike-Michael, where are you?", she asked between hiccups. "I'm, um, I'm on my way home, why, what's wrong?" "I just found Dan cheating on me with his secretary. And also, Jane knows about us. She threatened to send pictures to him, but he hasn't seen it yet. Because the fucking cheating fucking asshole was banging his Latino slut all morning!" "Fuck.

Alright, calm down, don't worry. Just wait a minute I'll call you back", he said and hung up on her. Michael told Jane everything he knew, and asked her what they should do. Jane wasn't sure what he meant, so he clarified things for her. He was willing and eager to help Jane exact her revenge on Ashley Kennedy if that's what she wanted.

If not, that was fine too. "Michael, that's. really sweet of you", she said. "Fuck that quickly tell me what to say. I need to call her back now." ************************************************************************************************************************************** As Ashley sped past traffic to reach her home, her mood was remarkably different. As lachrymose as she was after seeing Maria riding Dan's cock, she felt a sick sense of joy now.

And it was all because of her newfound sweetheart, Michael. In moments, he had come up with the most brilliant plan to help her exact revenge on Dan and Maria. It was going to be spectacular, if indeed it did work out. The very thought of it excited her: Dan tied up naked in a chair while Michael fucked Ashley and Maria in front of him. Ashley knew Michael's cock was bigger than Dan's so the humiliation would be really hurtful. She wanted to make Dan cry.

Plus, she was more than happy to keep fucking Michael while Dan paid her shopping bills. She was going to make him a bitch. A sissy, cuckold bitch. All she was worried about was convincing Maria. How on earth was Michael so sure he'd get her to agree to this?

She hoped he wasn't planning on raping her. As much as she enjoyed this sex domination game, rape was going too far.

Well, she thought, she better leave that up to Michael. She had to trust him on this one. There was also one other thing she was concerned about, though. Jane. What if Jane used those images after all? What if she found out that she didn't stop fucking Michael?

She'd just have to take that risk, she supposed. When she reached her apartment, she found the door was already open. Fuck, she remembered, she had just left Jane here when she left to meet her husband. She pushed open the door and, for the second time that day, was greeted by a horrible surprise. That bitch Jane had trashed her place and, from the looks of it, used her shower too. She would have to get Michael to deal with her later.

************************************************************************************************************************************** "Jane, are you sure you're okay with this?", Michael asked her as soon as he kept the phone down. Jane, however, was too busy blowing him in the car to answer. Her hands were playing with his balls while her mouth bobbed up and down on his dick.

He pushed his seat back and enjoyed her handiwork. After a few minutes, when she felt him shiver and moan, she took his cock out of her mouth and began stroking it on her face. While she did that, she said to him, "Look, honey. All I want is to punish that bitch.

If that means gaining her trust just so that you can exploit it, well, that just makes it more delicious for me. But now, won't you cum for Mommy?" At the last sentence, Michael shot his third massive load of the day and it was all over the place.

Most of it fell on Jane's cheek but some of it was on the windows and dashboard too. She squeezed the last few drops out of his cock and sucked it out.

Then she ate the cum off her face before kissing Michael goodbye. "Oh, and one last thing, Michael. Make sure you hydrate before it all goes down." ************************************************************************************************************************************** Dan slept on the couch that night. And when Ashley woke up, she saw the empty space beside her on the bed and was confused for a few moments before it all came screaming back to her.

Jane and the threat of sending pictures. Walking in on her husband fucking his secretary. That asshole. As she got up and went about her morning business, she thought about the plan. It was all going to go down today. The poor bastard had no idea. He was going to be duly punished for his philandering. She decided to tease him even more that morning because she knew he wouldn't dare touch her. To that end, she slipped on just a large T shirt and a thong, let her blonde hair fall down her back, and left the bedroom to make some breakfast.

Dan, however, was already sitting at the table with plates of pancakes and eggs in front of him. "You think you can make breakfast one morning and I'll forgive you?", she asked him, her volume rising. "No and please, Jake still hasn't left for tennis lessons.

So don't yell, for his sake, and please put some clothes on." She couldn't believe him. After all he had done, he had the audacity to boss her around like that. To act holier-than-thou. It was so typical of him: telling her to suppress her feelings and act rationally. It infuriated her. However, knowing that she would get her revenge later, she said nothing and went back into the bedroom. She couldn't wait for Michael to come. Michael, though, was in no apparent hurry.

He had just woken up with a gorgeous brunette sucking on his balls and stroking his cock. Grinning, Michael took a few pictures of her smiling up into the camera while she pleasured him and texted them to Jane, adding, "Part one is done." Tossing his phone aside, he enjoyed the rest of the blowjob till he came all over her beautiful face.

After about an hour, Ashley heard someone knocking on her door. Excited that Michael had finally arrived, she gave herself a quick final check in the mirror. She was happy with what she saw. She was wearing the most dominant and sexy outfit she had. While she didn't have a latex bodysuit or anything like that, she did have a strapless little black dress.

She last wore it when she went to prom. It was easily too small for her. Her already big breasts were pushed up putting her cleavage on full display and leaving little to the imagination. It also ended right below her pussy meaning that her privates were fully revealed if she even slightly bent over or lifted her leg.

She loved the way it tightly wrapped around her butt, which was looking extra curvy and firm because of her high heels. Underneath, she wore a black thong which she wanted to shove down Dan's mouth but no bra. Her golden blond hair she carefully arranged to look messy and disheveled. Her blood red lipstick was slutty. Yes, she was very happy with what she saw in the mirror. Ignoring Dan's open mouth as she walked past him on the couch, she opened the door.

Yep, there he was, her hero, Michael Scott. He instantly pulled her into a hug and grabbed her butt, making her moan into his mouth. She pulled him inside and he pushed her against the wall. It was all happening so quickly she had had no time to think. He turned her around and began kissing her neck and groping her ass. He pulled both her arms behind her back, pushing her breasts into the wall, and handcuffed her. "Wait, Michael? What is this? We're going to -" "Shut up, slut", he cut her off brusquely, pulling her along as he marched into the living room.

"Hey Dan, could you gag her while I tie her feet?", Michael said as he threw Ashley on to the couch like she was a rag doll. Dan reached between her legs and yanked down her thong before she could register what's happening and shoved it into her mouth. As Ashley lay there, confused, hurt, and helpless, she looked pleadingly up at Michael. What was going on? Why was she tied up? "Look, Ashley, we had a great time that day. But the thing is. You've hurt some people very close to me in the past.

Jane?" Ashley's nervous gaze went to two women who just walked in. One of them was, alarmingly, Dan's secretary slut Maria. She was wearing a pair of white hot pants and a baby pink crop top that was too tight. The other woman, a pale gal with shoulder length reddish brown hair, must be Jane. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a T shirt and was carrying a bag.

She looked familiar, though. Ashley was sure she had seen Jane somewhere. That's right, she taught at Jake's school too. But what on Earth was Ashley accused of having done?


"Confused, aren't you?", Jane asked her, smiling, "well, Ashley Kennedy, maybe this will jog your memory. I'm Jane Abbott. Ring a bell? High school, when you and your crew of bitches would bully me? Call me names like Jane Fat-butt?" Realization soon began to dawn on Ashley. Jane went on. "Remember sleeping with my boyfriend George just to ruin my relationship?

Yes. Of course you do. I can see it in your pleading eyes. For years, I've waited for this opportunity you bitch. And now I have it. Michael, let's get started. Take out her gag, Dan. I don't mind hearing her beg. I'd like it, actually." As soon as Dan took her panties out of her mouth, she asked him, "Why?" Before he could answer though, Michael answered for him. "Well, when I told Dan about your plan to make him your bitch, he was upset enough. Sure, he was guilty about cheating on you but your plan was fucking twisted.

So he was mad at you already but he still wasn't ready to do this. So I did what I do I fucked his sister and threatened to post pictures online unless he agrees to do this. She was so good, too. Woke me up this morning with a blowjob, no kidding." Ashley was too shocked to say anything. While she tried, in vain, to process this, the others had started stripping. Jane had already pulled her tight jeans down her pale, curvy butt and was stepping out of her panties.

She pulled her T shirt off her head and threw it aside. Ashley couldn't believe this was the same Jane Abbott she knew in high school. That girl was fat, pasty, and smelly. This Jane Abbott was divine. Her tits were big, firm, and perky. Her tummy was flat and her waist was slim. Her butt was probably her best attribute firm and begging to be smacked. While Ashley admiring Jane's body, though, Jane pulled out something from the bag.

As Ashley watching in horror, Jane put on a black strap-on penis that was bigger than any human penis she had known. It was as thick as her wrist and longer than her forearm. And while Jane had been doing all of this, Michael was exploring every inch of Maria's smooth, tan, Latino skin. He turned her around and knelt down his face inches from her booty. His hands slid up her smooth, glossy calves to her thighs, where they gave her a bit of a squeeze, before going higher up to her ass.

He murmured to himself as he kneaded her tight but curvy ass. "Ashley, to be honest, I don't blame Dan for cheating on you. This chica's booty is out of this world." Michael seemed almost hypnotized by her butt. He spanked her lightly a couple of times and watched the ripples across her flesh.

Then he reached his fingers inside the waistband of her hot pants and pulled them down. It wasn't easy they were stretched tight across her hips. Once they were off, though, Michael threw them on Ashley. He asked Maria to bend over as he bit into her white cotton panties and slowly pulled them down her slender legs. He sniffed them deeply and pocketed them, saying, "I just have to hold on to these.

This girl is unbelievable." While Michael was examining her ass, Dan was busying himself with her tits. He had pulled off her crop top and thrown it on Ashley.

Maria's luxurious black hair swayed as it fell down her muscular brown back. Her tits were bigger than either Ashley's or Jane's. They were dying to be let out of that dainty crop top and were bouncing freely. Completely naked, Maria walked up to Ashley and pulled her up to a sitting position on the couch. Then she straddled her and flipped her voluminous, wavy hair all to one side. "Hello, Mrs Kennedy", she said with a kind smile. Ashley wanted to hit her but her hands and legs were tied.

So she spat on the secretary's pretty young face. "Oh, no", Jane interrupted, "that kind of behavior will not be tolerated. Not at all." She pulled some duct tape out of her bag and sealed Ashley's mouth shut. And in front of Ashley's eyes, Dan lovingly licked the spit off Maria's face. Then he stood behind her, pushed Maria up against Ashley, and shoved his dick inside Maria's cunt. With his hands on Ashley's shoulders, he began to fuck Maria.

Maria's big boobs were pressed hard against Ashley's chest. Dan's grunting, moaning, face was millimeters away from Ashley's as he screwed his secretary. Maria was moaning loudly and lasciviously into Ashley's ear. "Oh, papi, that's it, fuck me in front of your wife. si, si!" "Yes, baby, your pussy is way better than my wife's. oh, Ashley, I wish I were sorry but I'm not. You have no idea how good her tight cunt feels wrapped around my cock.

Fuck!" Not wanting to be left out, Jane went behind the couch and grabbed a fistful of Ashley's golden hair. She yanked it back and Ashley tried to yelp (but couldn't because of the tape) as Jane held her head flat on the couch's support, looking upwards, and ripped the tape off her mouth.

Jane then took her strap-on off, turned around and pushed herself up before sitting her curvy white ass down on Ashley's face. "Oh, that hits the spot.", Jane moaned as she felt Ashley's pretty face up against her privates. Her nose was pushing against her pussy and her lips were kissing her taint. Jane gyrated her hips just a bit and told Ashley that she better start using that mouth of hers if she wanted this to end fast.

And so, swallowing her pride and her tears, Ashley pushed her tongue out and began licking with fervor. Jane grabbed Ashley's hair for to balance herself and began riding Ashley's face. The blonde's tongue was rubbing against her clit and she was licking her taint Jane loved that. All this while, Dan continued to fuck Maria up against Ashley. "Oh fuck, Miss Abbott, I love your ass!", Maria said between moans. Jane laughed and replied, "Why don't you kiss it, then?" And so Maria did planting wet kisses on Jane's soft ass.

Michael, meanwhile, walked up to Jane and began sucking on her tits. Jane's hands moved through her red brown hair as she went through the throes of pleasure with Michael slobbering on her tits and Ashley eating her pussy.

Before long, she reached an orgasm. She pushed Michael off her and got off Ashley's face. Ashley hardly got a chance to catch her breath before Jane, furiously rubbing her clit, squirted copiously all over Ashley and Maria.

Ashley's face and hair were drenched completely by the time Jane was done. Everyone in the room except Michael and Jane were shocked.

Dan actually stopped fucking Maria. "Did that just happen?", Maria asked, excitedly. "Yeah, she's wonderful, isn't she?", Michael remarked before taking advantage of this pause to pull Dan off Maria. He was about to take his place.


He asked Maria to turn around he wanted to see her front while he fucked her. She happily complied turning around to sit her round ass down on Ashley's lap with her hair in Ashley's face. Ashley could smell the sweaty, heady smell of sex on her skin and it made her want to cry. "Wow, papi, your dick is huge!" Michael grinned. He was indeed much bigger than Dan longer and thicker.

His ball sack was bigger and heavier too. So he pinned Maria's body against Ashley's and pushed his thick cock against her tight but wet, warm, pussy opening. Maria moaned as Michael's dick penetrated her stretching her beyond what she was used to. Once completely inside her, Michael grabbed Ashley's hands to pull both the girls' bodies closer to him and then started banging Maria hard.

He moaned as he felt her pussy cast a vice-like grip on his cock and her big breasts pushed up between them. The fact that he was using Ashley to thrust harder into Maria just made it hotter. Dan watched in awe as Michael reamed his secretary's pussy. "He's a machine.", he said. "How does it feel, Ashley", Jane asked, putting her strap-on back on, "how does it feel that both your husband and the guy you last slept with would much rather prefer this younger, hotter Latino to you?" Ashley was helpless under the force of Michael and Maria's sweaty, grunting bodies pushing against her, especially with Michael tightly holding on to her arms.

She'd been listening to Maria moan into her ears constantly first while Dan was fucking her and now with Michael. "Well, it's far from over, you bitch", Jane continued, "we've only just reverse cuckolded you with Maria.

I'm yet to make you my bitch." After Michael was done having his share of Maria's pussy, during which the Latino girl orgasmed three times, Jane pushed Maria off Ashley and stripped Ashley of her slutty little black dress.

Then, making her sit up, Jane held her massive cock in front of Ashley's lips. Grabbing the blonde girl's disheveled hair, she pushed her massive black cock inside her mouth, saying, "That's it, take it in, you slut." Ashley tried her best but started gagging after just a couple of inches of that monster. Jane pulled out and slapped her, reprimanding, "Look, I know you took more cock than that even back in high school.

So don't act like a prude now. Open up and relax your jaw." Jane was able to push a few more inches down the blonde's throat this time, but still she wasn't even half-way through. Jane grabbed Ashley's ears and pushed even harder. A tear formed in Ashley's eye and coursed down her reddening cheek. Jane pushed even harder till Ashley began pushing Jane away (even though her hands were still cuffed) and then she pulled out, leaving Ashley coughing and gasping for breath.

Barely giving Ashley a moment to collect herself, Jane, in a surprising show of strength, picked the blonde up and carried her to the dining table. Laying her down on the glass, she then spread Ashley's legs and, without warning, shoved her dildo up her cunt.

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Ashley shrieked and sat up as she felt the dick stretch her out but Jane pushed her down and wrapped a hand across her mouth, commanding her to take it like the slut she was. Looking into her eyes, Jane started fucking her with her big, black cock. Ashley wanted to scream out but her screams were muffled. Back in front of the couch, Maria was on her knees enthusiastically servicing Dan and Michael with her hands and mouth.

As Jane continued to fuck Ashley on the glass table, she pulled Ashley close and put her lips to her ear to say, "This is for high school, you bitch. This is for what you did to me, and every other girl and guy you tortured.

And you know what's the funny part? I actually wanted to be a part of your silly group before you started picking on me. I thought you guys were cool. And you treated me like a joke. Well, who's laughing now? I'm going to break you and your husband." Jane pulled out of Ashley and pushed the blonde down on the table. Leaving her there, she walked over to the guys and pushed Dan on to the sofa.

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Michael saw down beside him and told Maria to get Ashley. While Maria pulled the blonde to her feet and helped her walk across the room, Jane asked Dan to spread his legs.

He looked pleadingly at her but she was cold as ice. She knew he would relent unless he wanted his sister's life to be ruined. So he spread his legs. Jane pulled him down lower on the couch so that his asshole was more accessible. She spat on his puckered hole and used her dick to spread it around. Meanwhile, Maria and Ashley were on their knees between Michael's legs, slobbering all over his cock and balls. Jane grabbed Dan's legs and held them apart as she pushed her plastic cock deeper inside his anus.

He stifled a yelp of pain as he was violated. He found it hard to believe how deep she had managed to push her dildo. He felt like someone was tearing his ass apart and yet, he was harder than ever. Jane gradually started pulling out until just the tip was inside, and then slid deep inside him again. She began fucking his ass as Michael made Maria deepthroat him while Ashley gave him a rimjob.

"You like it, don't you, Dan? A big black cock in your ass?" "It hurts so bad", he said painfully. "But you like it look at your cock. It's hard as a rock. Why don't you look at this, Ashley? Dan loves pegging. He loves being my little bitch. Maybe Michael didn't need to fuck his sister after all", Jane said as she spanked Dan. "Oh, hey, I would've done it even if I didn't need to, honestly. She was one hot piece of ass", Michael replied, still enjoying his double blowjob.

"You think she liked anal as much as her brother? He's going to fucking cum!", Jane laughed wickedly as Dan's hips bucked and he moaned as his cock shot ropes of cum up in the air only to land on Dan's own face and chest. Once he was done, he was flush with shame. He looked like he was going to cry.

Jane pulled out and Michael stood up too. He started jerking off furiously as Ashley and Maria knelt in front of him, cheeks touching and tongues hanging out. With a loud moan, Michael shot an incredibly massive load over both their faces.

It caught their tongues, hair, and tits too. Before they started cleaning up, Michael told them to stop. "Don't fucking move", he said, concentrating hard, "just stay where you are." After a few seconds, Michael breathed a sigh of relief as a strong stream of piss shot out from his softening cock, washing all over the girls' faces, hair, and tits.

Once he was done, he exchanged a high-five and kiss with Jane who took enough pictures of Dan, Ashley, and Maria to blackmail them into doing whatever she wanted.

"Hey, Ash", Jane said cheerily. Ashley, however, was lying on the floor in a pool of cum, squirt, and piss. Her eyes were dead and lifeless. Her hands were still cuffed. She couldn't really hear Jane now, or at least didn't have the will to reply. "Michael and I are just going to hop in the shower for a bit, okay? Need to wash off quite a lot", Jane said anyway, taking Michael's hand and happily walking to the bedroom shower where they had fucked very recently.

As the shower started and Michael and Jane washed each other, the living room descended into silence. Dan lay on the sofa, quietly sobbing after being pegged and having enjoyed it.

Ashley was too traumatized to think straight. She was expecting Michael help her take revenge on Dan. Instead, he teamed up with Jane and used Dan and Maria to dominate, humiliate, and wreck her.

Maria, unfortunately collateral damage in this scenario, was still fine. She enjoyed the sex, to be honest. She was busy putting her clothes on and worrying about how to go home smelling of piss and sex. In the shower, Michael was fucking Jane missionary style against the glass. She held him close and told him how much she loved him. She couldn't believe he had helped her exact her twisted revenge fantasy on her school bully.

Michael was happier than he had ever been. In less than a week, he'd had more sex than he'd had before in his life. He kept thinking about how else he could use Predatrix.

There was nothing that could stop him now. His elation, though, was founded on ignorance. What Michael and Jane, and no one in the room that day, didn't know was that for the past hour or so someone was sitting right outside the Kennedys' living room listening intently to what was happening.

Jake Kennedy heard it all. And he was furious. No one demolishes his parents' lives and walks away. No one.