Jamie Valentine Shares Her BF With Kelsi Monroe

Jamie Valentine Shares Her BF With Kelsi Monroe
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Again, thanks for all the feedback.

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I really apreciate it! Just a heads up: These next few chapters are relatively mild compared to the previous update. I most likely wont be able to update soon, at the soonest probably in august. I would like to ask any interested readers: What would you like to see happening in the 'scene' in the upcoming chapter 17? Let me know in the anonymous and register free comments at the bottom!

Thanks for reading, Enjoy! Chapter 14) Cleaning up I knew I had gone too far. But I couldn't help it. I had gone into a hypnotic 'Domspace'.

I would need to be careful and control myself next time. Even as I was looking at my slaves, delirious from the wasabi treatment, I felt calm, happy, elated and also slightly horny again. But I knew I would have to fix things.

It was too much too quickly. They were in no state to go home. I had to clean up the mess I created. I called their home. Their father took the call: "With Roger Graham." "Hey mister Graham, you're speaking with Peter van Dyke" I answered.

"Yeah?" He asked, not sounding particularly interested. "The employer of your daughters." Suddenly he became very interested: "Ohh yeah!

Hi, nice to meet you! I hope they aren't being too lazy!" "No, no. Not at all! But, they are a little bit less quick than I had hoped, which is why I'm calling actually." "Oh, you want me to have a word with them?


Just you wait till tomorrow, I'll show you how fast they can get the job done!" It sounded like he wanted to whip them, luckily I had already taken care of that. "Oh, thank you. But that won't be necessary I think. They offered to stay and work some overtime.


I thought that would be a good idea and offered them a room if they wanted to stay the night. And I was wondering if that would be alright with you." "Hmmm." He didn't sound very convinced, but I knew what would convince him.

"I'd pay them extra overtime of course." I said nonchalantly. He replied quickly and sounded very eager: "How much?" "Double, of course." "Eh eh" He stammered.

"That would be ok." "Excellent! Thanks so much mr. Graham!" "You can call me Roger. Tell you what, Peter, you seem like an ok guy. I trust you. If you need them for anymore 'overtime' its fine in my book.

Just let me know, alright?" I didn't think he suspected what was going on, but the way he said 'overtime' sounded like he wouldn't care anyway. "Ok, will do!

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Thank you very much Roger!" "You're welcome!" That was one hurdle out of the way, I thought as I took a relieved breath. It was good to know he would would agree to another overnight session. As long as he got his money, I thought to myself. Back to the slaves! When I came back in the dining room I saw both of them as I left them. They were in a trance-like state as they tried to ignore the pain radiating from their most sensitive of body parts.

I released Tessa from the pillary and leg spreaders and took her to the toilet. She walked very stiffly as if her whole body hurt, but I guess that was kind of true. The session had taken such a toll that she didn't barely responded when I talked to her. After she had done her business on the toilet I injected her with a powerful sedative which would knock her out cold for at least 10 hours.

I laid her in the large bath and repeated the process with Danielle. I started cleaning them. I took the gloves out of their asses and gave them a milk enema. Giving an enema to an unconscious person is quite messy, but I managed. I took special care to thoroughly flush their crotches with milk and yoghurt to neutralize the wasabi. Once they were all clean I took them to my bedroom.

I gave them some ointments which would speed up the healing process in their skin and laid them in my bed. The bed was more than large enough for me to fit in too. I used some leather cuffs with soft fur insides to chain them to my bed. Even unconscious slaves looked better in bondage. Chapter 14) Good morning, Slaves! I woke up the next day with a slave on either side, a great way to wake up. I checked their bodies if their bruises and marks were healing up.

They looked fine although bruises were appearing on the places I put the clothespins. Their vagina's were still a little inflamated from the wasabi treatment. I rubbed some more healing ointment on their bodies. This time I also added a painkiller cream, they would feel fine when they woke up. I continued to feel them up as I got myself more and more excited. Too bad they were still knocked out cold, I thought.

Although. I was their master and I could do whatever I wanted, unconscious or not. I quickly grabbed a dental mouth spreader and decided which slave to mouth fuck. Hmm, I already focussed much of my abuse on Tessa, so Danielle it was.

I walked over to Danielle's side of the bed and inserted the mouth spreader. I set it to a comfortable size for easy fucking. I got out my cock and inserted it in her mouth and started pushing in.

I pushed in as far as I could without suffocating her and started jacking off. It was a different feeling rubbing my cock against her unresponsive tongue, but I became very excited thinking about how this lovely little school girl would wake up with cum in her mouth.

I climaxed in her mouth and filled it up with a surprising large amount of cum. I held her head up to avoid leaking cum, removed the mouth spreader and closed her mouth with some ducktape. My lovely slave twins still hadn't woken up and I had things to do, but with everything that happened yesterday I didn't really want to leave them alone. I decided the other things could wait. If you have two pet slaves, you'd better take care of them!

I laid myself down between them and tried to catch some more sleep. Tessa was the first to wake up.

As she opened her eyes she forgot where she was and let out a scream: "Where the fuck am I? What the fuck is this?" Then she noticed that her hands were tied and realized where she was. "Oh god." She sighed. "Yes?" I joked. Surprised she turned herself to look at me. "Good morning, slave" I said. "Good morning, master" she mumbled.

"How are you feeling?" I asked. "Good I guess, master" She started thinking about how she got here and slowly the memories of yesterday flooded back. "Really? It doesn't hurt anywhere?" "Well a little, my right nipple" "My right nipple, Master" I corrected her. "My right nipple, Master" she repeated.

I inspected her nipple and found it was indeed still very tender, even with the painkilling salve her face contorted whenever I touched it. I went up and got a large band-aid. I put on some more of the healing and pain killing concoction and covered her hurt nipple with the band-aid.

While I was doing this Tessa gave me a few surprised looks. I think she didn't expect me to help her. "And how does your vagina feel?" "Ehm." She blushed at the word vagina. "It's ok I guess. It doesn't feel normal, but it doesn't hurt either, master. Even after." She couldn't finish the sentence as she started remembering the whole wasabi deal.

"After what slave?" "After you put the stinging stuff in our vaginas, Master" "You didn't like the wasabi?" I asked.

"No, master. It was the worst feeling I ever felt." "What if I would want to do it again?" "I would rather go to prison." she said a little depressed.

I smiled "Don't worry. I prefer my slaves responsive. I won't be doing that again anytime soon." She looked relieved at my answer. "Good. Would you like some water? And maybe go to the toilet?" "Yes, master.

Both, master" "Give me a kiss." I leaned over and kissed her. She was more responsive and eager than I thought she would be after yesterday. It really felt like kissing with a lover.

Apparently she thought the same because she quickly tried to stop. I stopped kissing and said: "The beginning was good, keep on doing that." and kissed her again. She did a better job now, but it wasn't anywhere as nice as the beginning. I released her from the bed and helped her up. She noticed her sister lying on the bed and looked concerned. I explained that she was fine and still sleeping. We walked to the master bathroom.

I held her to make sure she wouldn't fall and sat her down on the toilet. I filled up a cup of water and gave it to her. I wanted to look into her green eyes as she was peeing and kneeled in front of her.

"Master?" She asked. "Yes, Slave?" "Uhm, master, I can't go in front of other people." "You can go in front of me. I can prove it. We'll stay here until you peed. Spread your legs, show me." It took about 5 minutes before she went and then she turned bright red.

I took her back to the bed and locked her to the bed again. I checked up on Danielle and noticed she too had just woken up. I carefully pried loose the ducktape. A satisfied sense of achievement settled over me when she started opening her mouth as if she had a strange taste and wanted to get rid of it. I repeated with her what I did with Tessa. I skipped the kissing part though, thinking my seed was for slaves only.

"Slaves, I know it was hard, but I want to congratulate you with your excellent performance. You really outdid yourself. The movie is going to be incredibly hot. I think you have deserved a reward! Now, have either of you ever had an orgasm before?" They shook their heads. "Really, never? Not even you Danielle?" She blushed, but knew what I was talking about: "No, master, but I was close once." "Do you mean yesterday?" "yyyes, master" she said as her head grew redder and redder.

I sat next to her and started massaging some aloe vera gel in and on her slit. And asked "Tell me, what was it that made you come so close to orgasm." She started to have a difficult time breathing now.

Her snatch was becoming increasingly wet. "Uhm, master, I enjoyed the movements and sensations. I guess I also enjoyed the freedom." "The freedom?" I inquired curiously. "Ehm, I didn't have to care about what anybody thought and could just let whatever feeling I had go free." I smiled and intensified her vaginal massage by adding some tongue.

It didn't take long before I had her on the tip of an orgasm. I quickly stopped and watched her as she looked very disappointed trying to push her crotch against anything that could stimulate her. Once she calmed down I continued my massage.

I kept denying her orgasm until I had her raving and begging me to let her come. When I finally let her come she screamed like a banshee, her whole body lifted from the bed and went going for at least another two minutes. Once the orgasm was over she started crying softly. I asked her what was wrong and she answered that everything was fine. I gave her a hug and comforted her: "There there, my little slave. Don't you worry. That was one of the best feelings ever, wasn't it?" She nodded and buried her face in my arms.

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It didn't take long before she was sleeping again and I turned my attention to her sister. Tessa had, obviously, heard everything. She had her fists clenched in anger and was crying in frustration.


I took her to another bedroom to make sure we wouldn't disturb Danielle's sleep. I bound her wrists to the bed again. "Tell me what's wrong." I ordered Tessa.

"I don't really know exactly, master. Everything" "Explain?" "You're doing such horrible things to us, master. And Danielle is even enjoying parts of it. It makes me very angry!" "You're angry that she's betrayed you by giving in to me giving her an orgasm? Or are you angry that you're curious for one too?" "Nooo, master" She said sulking, clearly being divided on the issue. I decided I would force out an orgasm and to gag any complaints or moans she had with my mouth.

I started kissing her and massaging her clit. She tried to squirm out of my grasp so I warned her: "Look, you can resist getting excited all you want, but you belong to me and I can damn well touch you wherever, whenever I please." She stopped resisting and allowed me to kiss and touch her.

I made full use of her surrender and had a long and gratuitous, yet one sided, make out session with her. I could notice she was really doing her best to keep her body under control, but it was no use.

I could slowly feel her getting wetter and wetter. I whispered in her ear: "Just give up and accept it.". She shivered and started to tense. I was quite surprised, she was coming because of my whispers. I decided to help her a little more: "Yes, come for me my slave. Show me how good my fingers make you feel.". This pushed her over the edge as she had one of the most violent and angry orgasms I'd ever seen. "Good girl". Chapter 15) Cherry dinner The girls were doing their best to try and ignore eachother.

This was more difficult than it would normally be, as I had tied them together at one side. Whenever Tessa would want to do something with her left hand or foot Danielle would have to do the same. We were driving towards a fancy restaurant for a brunch. I'm sure the girls would be very impressed, they had probably never been to anything but a fast food chain. Once we arrived I explained the girls predicament with a dare.

The waiters didn't seem very amused, but accepted it, customer is always right, right? We had some lovely food at the restaurant. I was right, the girls were very nervous as it was their first time at such a place. Right after the starter I told them what I wanted them to think about the rest of the meal. "Today I will take one of your virginities.

I want you to make a unanimous decision who it will be." The twins sat there stunned and they didn't eat much of the rest of the meal. I continued: "I have decided to give you a rest day today, to let your bodies heal and rest, but I will take one of your virginities.

If you have not decided who it will be by the end of dinner I will cancel rest day." The rest of the dinner the girls bickered and fought with each other. Their linked arms making the scene quite humorous.

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In the end Danielle finally caved, I would take her cherry today. The convincing arguments were that Tessa's right nipple hurted a lot and that Danielle seemed to like her orgasm. On the way back I had decided that my slaves weren't friendly enough with each other and linked their other leg and arm together too. They were now lying in a very uncomfortable lovers embrace on the back seat of the car.

"Tessa, I want to make another movie tonight.

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I want you to make a story in which each of us has a role. The subject will be how I will deflower your sister. You have complete artistic freedom. Don't forget it's rest day."