Long strong cock Curtis Mitchell jacking it hard for jizz

Long strong cock Curtis Mitchell jacking it hard for jizz
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The house is glowing with candles, no lights are on. Summer is dressed in a tight leather outfit. Danielle is wearing a black corset with garter and thigh highs. I walk in. The two of them kneel before me, presenting themselves. I hold up 5 fingers. They undress, folding their clothes neatly and placing them on the chair. The two of them, kneel before me, legs spread wide, heads back, chests out, hands on their knees, palms up.

I slowly walk all around them. Inspecting them carefully. I reach between Summer's legs, very nice, very smooth, and wet. I put my fingers into Danielle's mouth. "Taste her.", I say. She eagerly licks my fingers. Then I reach between Danielle's legs, hot, wet and slippery.

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I put my fingers into Summer's mouth, and tell her to taste Danielle. She obeys my command. "Stand", I say. They stand. "I know that you two have been naughty while I was not here." "You will be punished, do you understand?", I ask. "my Lord, yes my Lord, thank You, my Lord", they reply in unison. "Summer, for tonight, you will be referred to as my sub-servant, Danielle is my maidservant, understand?" I ask. "my Lord, yes my Lord, thank You, my Lord." Summer replies.

"My maidservant, take my sub-servant to the chair." "my Lord, yes my Lord, thank You my Lord." Danielle leads Summer to the chair, and they stand, presenting themselves. "Sit down my maidservant." Danielle sits, facing the back of the chair.

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"my sub-servant, tie her ankles to the chair" "Now stand in front of her." "my maidservant, taste her pussy" "Spread your legs apart my sub-servant." "my Lord, but.". "I said, taste her pussy.", crack goes the whip across Danielle's ass. "Are you blatantly disobeying your Lord, my maidservant." Danielle quickly licks Summer's pussy.

She is so wet. I can see the juices running down her leg. I walk over and ask, "my maidservant, are You here to serve me?" "my Lord, yes my Lord, thank You my Lord", "Do you want to be my maidservant?" "my Lord, yes my Lord, thank You my Lord." "Then I give you this collar as a sign of your commitment to me, my maidservant." I place the collar on Danielle. "my sub-servant, get that leash over there, and remember you may not touch it except with your mouth, and I want you to crawl to get it." "my Lord, what do You mean, my Lord?" Summer asks.

THWWWAAACK goes the whip across Summer's ass. She crawls to the table and gets the leash with her mouth and crawls to me. I take it from her mouth and attach it to Danielle's collar. I untie her legs. "GET ON YOUR KNEES BITCH", I say to Danielle. "my Lord, yes my Lord, thank You my Lord." "my sub-servant, get behind my maidservant and lick her pussy and ass." Summer's tongue is darting in and out of Danielle's pussy.

It is so hot. I lead Danielle to the table and spread her out across it. Summer is kneeled at my side. I pull out my flogger, cat o nine tails, slapper, single lash whip. Summer's eyes get bigger and bigger. "my maidservant, are you ready to receive the discipline you deserve?" "my Lord, yes my Lord, thank You, my Lord".

"Tell me, what are you receiving this punishment for?" "my Lord, because Summer and this one have been naughty when You weren't here, my Lord" "And what exactly did the two of you do?" I ask. "ummmm", Danielle says. SMACK SMACK SMACK goes the cat. "my Lord, we made out, my Lord", Danielle says. WHIP WHIP, the single lash leaves red welts on Danielle's ass. She is whimpering. "I don't think that you are telling me the truth, my maidservant." "my Lord, we just touched each other, my Lord".

WHIP WHIP, SMACK SMACK. Over and over I whip her.

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She is crying. Summer is cowering beside me. "my maidservant, would you like to tell me the truth now?" "my Lord, this one licked and sucked Summer's tits, and her pussy, this one fingered her and made her cum all over this ones face, my Lord." "Ah, my little slutty girls, playing without their Master. Do you see what happens when you disobey?" SMACK, WHIP. "my sub-servant, get up." Summer rises beside me. "I want you to whip her, I want to hear her scream. Do not stop until I say." "my Lord, but she is so small." I grab Summer by the back of her hair.

"Do I need to tell you again?" I demand. "my Lord, that is not necessary, my Lord, this one understands." Summer says.


She takes the whip, she is trembling. I reach down and touch Danielle's pussy, it is dripping, right onto the table. "WHIP HER YOU LITTLE WHORE, YOU BROUGHT HER PLEASURE, NOW YOU GET TO SEE WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BRING HER PAIN." WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK, Summer is whipping Danielle over and over and over, she is trembling, shaking, sobbing.

Danielle is screaming, "NO STOP, NO MORE, PLEASE NO MORE, I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE." "STOP" I say. Summer falls to the floor and sobs uncontrollably.


I sit next to Danielle, I gently wipe her tears away. "I am right here, my pet, I am right here." I lean over to Summer, "my sub-servant, are you okay?" "my Lord, yes my Lord, thank You my Lord." She says through her sobs.

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I gently move her hair from her face. I have both of their faces in my hands, caressing them. Summer moves closer to Danielle. She begins to gently rub her hands across the red welts on Danielle's ass. "my pet, do you need something to drink?" "my Lord, yes my Lord, thank You, my Lord." I go to get a drink. When I return, Summer is gently massaging Danielle.

"This is not over, you are both still under my command, do you understand?" "my Lord, yes my Lord, thank You my Lord" they reply. I allow them to rest a bit. "my Lord, would You like a cigarette, my Lord?" Danielle asks. "Yes, my pet." "my Lord, and Your maidservant, my Lord?" "By all means my pet." When we are finished smoking, I say, "my maidservant, present yourself." Danielle kneels and presents herself. "Stand", I say. She does. "my sub-servant, lie on the floor." Summer lies on the floor.

"Kneel over her." I say to Danielle. She does as she is told. "my sub-servant, I am going to make Danielle squirt all over your tits" I massage Danielle G-spot. She is shaking and trembling. "OH GOD, YES, PLEASE YES.

MAKE ME CUM ALL OVER HER." It is getting intense, Summer leans up just as Danielle starts squirting all over her. Summer rubs her tits together, all the while Danielle's juice is flowing all over her tits. I throw Danielle to the side, straddle Summer and start fucking her tits. Danielle leans over and starts licking Summer's tits, tasting herself, also licking my cock.

Then she leans down and kisses Summer. I back off a little and rub my cock on Summer's clit. Danielle climbs up on top of Summer and starts rubbing her pussy against Summer's.

"FUCK ME", she says, "FUCK US BOTH". I slowly slide my cock deep inside of Danielle, pull it out and slowly slide it into Summer. Then I pull it out and RAM IT FULL FORCE into Danielle.

"This is what you like isn't it you little whore, you like me to fuck your cunt, don't you." Back to Summer. "Summer likes it hard too, don't you, you little slut." "my Lord, yes my Lord, thank You my Lord" Summer says. I fuck them both, hard, and good, they cum over and over.


"SIT UP", I command. They sit up. "SUCK MY COCK, BOTH OF YOU". They start sucking and licking. Summer licks my balls while Danielle has the head in her mouth. They kiss with my cock in between their mouths. I grab their heads and yank them back. Then I spray my hot cum all over their faces.

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"LICK IT OFF OF EACH OTHER." I demand. There they are the two of them licking my cum off of each others faces. I shove them to the floor, " YOU LITTLE FUCKING WHORES" I walk out and leave them lying on the floor in a big heap, sweat, cum, pussy juice dripping from their bodies.