Tiffany Mynx fucked by BBC

Tiffany Mynx fucked by BBC
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My first time having any kind of sexual experience happened between my cousin Lisa and I when we were in our early teens! Lisa was the one to engage it by asking if I wanted her to suck my dick! Before I get into the details let me describe for you the players in this incestuous tale!

Lisa is about 37 years old now and stands about 5'8"deep dark hazel eyes, with soft straight hair to the middle of her back! My cousin was a cheerleader, danced numerous different dances, and participated in countless beauty pageants from birth up to placing 2nd in Miss Teen NC competition!

She is about 3 years older then me,but even as a pre-teen she had developed nice looking big tits that you just wanna dive in to! Im 34 years old with a short faux hawk I think its called. Im tall and lanky standing at 6'4" and weighing about 165 pounds with like Lisa hazel eyes! Her mom and mine were really close all through my mom's life, and Lisa and I were raised more as brother and sister then cousins!

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I remember her and I taking baths together, and her " washing" my dick when we were little! To this day were still close, but no longer kissing cousins. The night she asked if I wanted her to suck my dick was like most Fridays I spent there. Her mom and dad talked with my mom for a little while. Just catching up ya know? Meanwhile Lisa and I were usually in her room! Usually I was having to play Ken to her barbies! After a little while my mom came in and gave me a hug and kiss bye, and the obligatory " behave," and love you.

My Aunt is a retired OR nurse having worked 30+ years in the hospital,and she worked 3rd shift. My Uncle was a cop at the time, and worked either first or second shift(I cant remember which,but he was always in bed before us!)because of him needing to sleep and my aunt going to work. We were usually left to our own devices to amuse ourselves! This night in question Started out perfectly normal. Her mom left for work, and her dad laid down for bed right before she left!

Around 10-11 o'clock she told me it was time for my bath!

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I didn't mind doing this until Lisa came in and said she needed to help me because my Mom told her too( mom didn't!) I was a little embarrassed being a just barely teenager,but she said she would get in with me. Meaning she would be naked also!!!! She did her usual thorough job of washing me! Paying special attention to my dick! This of course caused me to get a raging hard-on,but Li never said anything,so I didn't!

I do remember it feeling really good when she washed my cock though, and told her so!

She just smiled and kissed me on the cheek telling me we were done! She put her nite gown and panties on, and I just put on my tightie whities! Before we got in the bed she dared me to sleep with no undies on I told her I would if she did!

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Much to my surprise she skinned those light blue panties right off! So I had to hurriedly take mine off, and jump under covers to hide the erection I had! After a little while of us talking and laughing she asked the question.did I want her to suck my dick! At first I didn't know what to say!

I knew what a blow job was having by that time snuck several nudie magazines, and even watching a VHS porn once! Before I could answer she reached over and grabbed my little boner, and started stroking it!

Asking if that felt good! I of course said yes, and that YES I wanted her to suck my cock! She said good excitedly,and told me to sit up with my legs straight out! Not wanting this to end I quickly complied with her instructions!

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She moved down the bed and straddled my legs! The whole time keeping her hand wrapped around my little shaft! Before she started sucking me off. She scooted up my legs, so that we were face to face,and asked if I knew what a french kiss was? I told her yes but I had never kissed a girl on the lips before. She said just to let her take the lead to which I said ok! She leaned in and pressed her full red lips on mine and we slowly started kissing.

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After a few seconds I felt her lips part and her tongue begin to slide along my lips. So I opened my mouth a little bit causing her to dart her tongue in my mouth.

It wasn't long until I got the hang of it, and we were having a tongue tussle that lasted for 10 minutes at least! While we were kissing I automatically ran my hands up her night shirt/night gown.whatever.

All the way up to her teenage double or triple b cup sized puffy tits! ( do they make double and triple b cup bras? I dont know.) I instinctively started rubbing, squeezing, and kneading her firm perky teenage mammary glands paying special attention to her nipples as I had noticed she would moan some when I touched them!

After a long time of this kissing and caressing! Lisa breaks our lips apart much to my despair ,and slides her self down my legs again until she leans forward with her soft hair tickling my stomach and gently kisses the head of dick!

I let out a little sigh when she does this. My sigh quickly turned into a moan when I felt the hot, wet heat of her mouth go all the way down on my member! I instantly got a funny tingly feeling in my belly as she was bobbing up and down on my rock hard penis! Not knowing what to do with my hands,but needing to do something with them,and remembering the magazines I had seen.

I intertwined my fingers in her thick hair, and gently pushed her head up and down on my dick! This my first blow job only lasted about 3 minutes, but it felt like hours until that feeling in my belly became so unbelievably good I had to make her stop!

Not knowing I was about to have my first orgasm I just couldn't handle Li's wet mouth on my dick anymore.


Thankfully she knew what was up, and continued stroking with her hand until I squirted out a small amount of cum onto her hand! After this release I leaned back against the head board with heavy lids and breathing heavy.

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All the While my cousin is licking my jizz off her hand! She leaned back into me and we started kissing again! This time I was a little more confident and figured since I was naked she needed to be naked as well. Without saying anything to her or asking permission I whipped her shirt up and over her head and threw it in the corner.

This made both us laugh hysterically for a few minutes! this time I initiated the kissing. I also started to massage with my left hand her right titty paying special attention to her nipple,and even though I didn't know what I was doing!

I stuck my right hand between her legs and started rubbing my fingers up and down like I had seen in that VHS porn! I could feel her heat, and how moist she was and noticed every time I would hit this hard little round spot above her pussy she would moan some, and grind my hand harder.

I began focusing my attention on this little spot,and on occasion stick my middle finger in her pussy causing her to lift up each time! I also broke our kiss and began just sucking her nipples thus making them rock hard! After a little while she made me stop, and asked if I would lick her hairless pink pussy The way she had done my cock.

Well of course I couldn't refuse to return the favor for fear that she wouldn't suck my dick ever again! I told her yes, but I had never done it before. She said that was ok, and that all I had to do was lie down with my head at her pussy, and start licking up and down her pussy slit, and she would tell me what to do from there! I climbed down in front of her already hot, wet pussy inhaling deep her sex.

I gingerly stuck my tongue on her pussy lips feeling her shake a little as I ran my tongue up her slit and back down. On one of the trips up and nose deep in her pussy now! She stopped me at the top and asked me to lick there until I felt a hard nub! I did as she asked, and the second my tongue hit her clit she arched her back and sucked in a deep breath like she had been electrocuted! I jumped back thinking I had done something wrong or hurt her!

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Only to have her grab my head and push me back in her snatch with the instructions to just lick and suck on that hard spot! I went back down on her clit and it wasn't too long she was grinding and pushing my face into her pussy.

After just a few minutes of this I felt her body shake and she covered her face with a pillow to muffle her scream as a flood of her sweet tasting love juices flooded over my tongue into my mouth! I kept licking until she pushed my head away telling me to stop! I sat up while she laid there glowing from her orgasm! This whole time my young cock never lost its erection!


Even with my blow job nut! I climbed up on top of her with my dick between her pussy lips, and started sucking on her tits and nipples once again. After a little bit of this she pulled my head up so we could kiss!

Because at this age she was taller then me. I had to move my entire body up to kiss her lips. This of course caused my cock to slide up her pussy lips. This felt really good to us both because as we were kissing we were both humping our privates together making us more and more horny. After a few minutes of this Lisa asked if I wanted to have sex, and well.of course I did!

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She said ok, but she would be on top! I said ok and rolled on my back. She immediately straddled my pelvis and grabbed my dick. She slowly stuck the head of my dick into her pussy, and inch by inch at a snails pace! My beautiful cousin impaled herself on my little dick! As soon as I was buried to the hilt in her she started lifting her pussy off me. Lifting herself all the way to the head of cock she once again slid her love canal down my rod.

She stayed at this speed and depth until we were both grunting and I was thrusting up to meet her down strokes. After a while we developed a rhythm and it wasn't long until I felt her pussy tighten around my dick and Lisa started shaking again falling down on my chest with my cock still in her!

We started kissing again and soon she was rocking her hips back and forth on my cock! I tell her I wanna be on top for a while, and she says ok climbing off my wet, hard dick and lying on her back with her legs spread! I climb between her legs and guide my dick in between her pussy lips! After a few missed pokes,and with encouragement from my new and first lover I hit the spot. Sinking all the way down into her hot tight pussy! I couldn't help but moan as I thrust in and out of her tightness until I was slamming harder and faster into her!

She started digging her nails into my back and I felt that familiar tightening of her pussy around my cock along with that feeling in my belly again. As soon as she started shaking and thrusting in the throes of her orgasm my nuts tightened up as I unloaded a wad of cum deep in her pussy! Both of us laid there with my dick still inside her softening, and our juices intermingling as they dripped out her tired pussy!


This was the start of many sexual adventures and first between her and I that continued until I moved out of state! I cant help but wonder if under the right circumstances her and I could recreate that first time together?