Horny young skinny red head slut rubs wet pussy hard to orgasm

Horny young skinny red head slut rubs wet pussy hard to orgasm
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It was a hot day on the San Diego beach shore when I saw her for the first time since high school.

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She was a tall, blonde with a nice body and now, a nice tan to go with her blonde hair. I, the bros, and their girlfriends went out for the day to the beach. I had always loved the beach. Hot, but easily to cool down at. In the shade with a nice beer watching the horizon of endless water.

But then she walked by. I couldn't stop starring at her as she walks with her friend where the water met the sand. My buddy shoved me and said "Mike? Mike are you listening"? I snapped back to my senses and he said "what were you starring at"? He looked up and saw the blonde walking slowly, her ass wiggling as she moved. Her bikini was showing so much cleavage that I thought she would have a boobslip. He said "damn Mike you're starring at that?

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I have never seen a more perfect babe in my life"! I looked at him and said "I know I went to high school with her".

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He told me to get off my ass and to go say hi and to see if the remembered me. I went and as I was moving closer she turned around and said "Mike, is that you"? I nodded and she ran over to hug me. I hugged back and she said 'long time no see"!

I responded with "yeah I miss those days when we used to hang out with each other".

She said "yeah I miss those times when it was us two that stood up to the teacher and got his ass fired"! I said "well it was fun back then. Would you want to eat with me tonight"? She smiled and nodded. I had no idea what was going to go down tonight. I said "ok I'll come around your place and pick you up". She gave me her address and her number and we parted our ways. When I came back my friend asked me "so what are you guys going to do? Did you guys plan to have real good sex? With all that ass I bet you guys would." I told him that we were only going to go out tonight and he got a disappointed look on his face.

It was around 8:00 when I called her to say I was coming.


I rolled up at her place and I ring the bell. She opens the door and I see a sexy tall blonde with a great body in a silver tight dress and matching silver high heels. I was speechless when she asked me how she looked and didn't say anything for what felt like an hour. I quickly said "you look "beautiful"! She smiled and the I took her to my car. I couldn't get over on how she looked.

She was a perfect 10 blonde. We ate and took a walk. When we got back to my car she said "this has been the best night I had in a long time and I'm glad that I could have spent it with an old friend." she paused and then said "but I have always wanted to be more than friends". I looked at her puzzled ad the managed to speak "I always imagined we would be more". She smiled and hugged me. I took her to her place and she said 'stay for a little while longer, let's crack a bottle of wine to celebrate".

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I accepted and we went inside. She had a big house and it looked well taken care of. She told me "make myself at home and that she will take care of everything". I sat down and when she came in the living room I almost blacked out.

She had taken all her clothes off and she asked me "how may I serve you"? I didn't respond because of all the shock I was in and she just sat on my lap. She started to rub her ass on my lower area an erection had popped up.

She whispered in my ear "I can do anything you tell me to or want me to do". I swallowed hard and looked at her.

She moaned a little and started to take off my pants. She rubbed my dick through my underwear very slowly and then she whipped my dick out.


She gave me a magnificent blowjob and asked if I was ready for "the real deal". She turned around and I put my dick in her warm clit. The felling was so good I almost cam then but I held it in.


We had sex for about 20 minutes before she said to take it to the bed. We went and we tried a bunch of different sex positions and then she wanted to try something to spice up the sex.

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She called her friend and asked her if she was willing to try a threesome. Her friend said that it would be fun and sexy for all of us. While we waited for her friend to come over we did a little more sex and I got another couple of blowjobs. She couldn't make me cum because she wanted her friend to be here when I cum. Her friend finally arrived and she instantly ripped off her clothes.

They did some lesbian like making out and sixtynineing until we got down to business. I laid on the bed and the laid on top of me and both made out with me. They rubbed my cock while doing that to keep me horney. One lay on top of the other and I fucked both of their pussies one after the other. The both turned around and gave me a double blowjob. At that moment I felt the cum building and ready to be released.

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They looked at me and both jerked off my cock until I came on their mouths and faces. Two girls giving you a blowjob, giving a handjob, having sex with you is enough to make you want to cum right away. I'm sure I will keep in touch with both of them just in case.