Older gay man directs young straights in group fuck

Older gay man directs young straights in group fuck
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I tap my foot nervously on the hardwood floor of the apartment I share with my roommate and her boyfriend and my girlfriend. A jingle of keys outside of the door makes me stand up. I smile brightly as my girlfriend stumbles her way across the entrance, cursing at the stumble from her shoe catching on the side of the doorway.

I stifle a laugh but it escapes me and she looks up, blushing and smiling. "Bella, I.you look.damn, babe. I have no words." I smile proudly as she closes the door and looks me up and down.

I had on my tightest red dress, my blonde hair curled softly and my make up done lightly, with heels. "You like? I got it for our surprise date night. If you're up for it?" She smiles and sets down her work bag. She walks over to me and pulls me in closer to her, wrapping her arms around my waist. My arms wrap loosely behind her neck. She looks into my eyes and raises her eyebrows.

"With you, looking like that? I'm up for it babe. I'm so up for it." I smile and she kisses me lightly, but it ends up turning passionate in seconds. I move my hands to caress her neck and tease my tongue across her lips. She parts her lips to accept my tongue, but I suck on her bottom lip lightly. She moans and moves her hands to my ass and squeezes hard. I smile against her lips and reluctantly push her back. "We have reservations at Resoux at 8 which is in an hour.

Go get changed." I say with a smile. She squints her eyes with a smirk. "You're a tease." She says before she kisses me one last time and slaps my ass lightly. I smile as she makes her way to our bedroom. I sit down at our breakfast bar and wait for her to finish getting ready. ---------------------------------------------------------- "Tara Marie Jenkins! We are going to be late. Come on." My jaw drops at the sight of my beautiful girlfriend in a one shoulder black number.

Her straight short brown hair was pulled up into a loose ponytail and her makeup was a little riskier than usual, but it looked so sexy on her. I gulp as she smiles seductively. "Well come on, we have reservations." I shake my head slightly to come back to earth and smile.

"Follow me, Madame." I say respectfully and she giggles at my gesture. I roll my eyes and we walk out of our apartment. ---------------------------------------------------------- "A bottle of champagne please and we will have the chefs choice tonight." I smile sweetly at the young waiter and hand him our menus.

He smiles back with a nod of his head. "Yes, ma'am. I'll send the bottle of champagne to your table right away." I nod my head as he walks off. I had our table set back into a slightly private corner but romantic nonetheless. This was our favorite fancy restaurant which I gladly treat us to at least once every two months for one of our date nights.

I turn my attention to my smiling girlfriend and I tilt my head to the side with a smirk. "What?" She grabs her glass of water. "Nothing." She takes a drink of water and I narrow my eyes at her. "Its not nothing. Tell me Tara." She sets her drink down. "You haven't changed a bit from our first date." I smile nervously. "What do you mean?" She sees my uneasiness and reach across the table and grabs my hand.

She looks into my eyes. "It's not a bad thing Bella. You order for me, every time. And most girls would hate it because some feminism shit but I love it. I love it because even when you didn't know me you took care of me." I smile and raise her hand to my mouth and kiss her knuckles softly.

"I'll always take care of you, Tara." She smiles back and our hands pull apart as the waiter brings our Champaign to the table. He sets the bottle in an ice bucket after he pours us each a glass.

He tells us our food should be ready any minute now. I take a drink of my champagne and make small talk with Tara. It doesn't take long for our food to come and we each take a bite at the same time.

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I smile as I hear her moan of delight at the taste. We eat in silence for a few more minutes until I feel her bare foot touching my right ankle. I look up at her touch and find her sporting a devilish smile. My cheeks turn red and I nervously take another drink of Champagne.

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I had, now regretfully, told Tara my fantasy of public sex. Never in a million years would I think my girlfriend would ever act on it. Maybe it wasn't too surprising, she was pretty devious with her teasing. Yet, with the table cloth on the table being almost down to the floor I know people won't notice her foot traveling up my leg unless they wanted to. Still, the threat of being caught was exhilarating. Her foot moves a little higher and I bite my lip.

She clears her throat and smiles at the effect she has on me. "So, honey, what do you want for dessert?" My eyebrows raise in surprise, that was not the question I thought she would ask. Her foot moving higher. "I don't know. I can ask the waiter for the dessert menu if you want to look at-" She interrupts me and moves her foot higher, reaching my knee now.

"No need darling. No need." I shiver from her touching and gulp as she shoots me the most lustful, dirty look I've ever seen. "I know exactly what I want for dessert." She says huskily, her voice laced with innuendo and desire.

She licks her lips and my arousal coats the inside of my lacy thong. I gulp hard and grab my glass. "Oh god." I whisper before finishing off my champagne. She smiles and extends her leg to its full length, the tip of her toes reaching the end of my dress. I quite moan escapes me as I take a bite of food, ending my main course. "Scoot your chair closer." I look up with wide eyes at her words and almost choke on my food. She tilts her head slightly.

"I wasn't asking Bella." I shiver at her demand, it no doubt was a demand, and shakily scoot my chair closer and closer until her foot is under my dress and pressed against my inner thigh, rubbing small circles against my skin. I was now certain that I was soaked through my thong.

She smiles and does exactly what I was hoping she wouldn't; calls the waiter over. I stare at incredulously. "Tara, what are you doing?" I whisper harshly.

She smirks as the waiter arrives at our table. Suddenly her foot presses against my pussy through my wet panties and I nearly scream in pleasure but hold it back by raising my hand and biting down on my fist. The waiter gives me a questioning look, but Tara quickly averts his attention. "We would like to see the dessert menu, please." He nods his head with a smile.

"Of course ma'am. Let me go get that for you." She smiles, almost innocently if I didn't know any better. She looks back to me with a smile as she runs her toes up and down my slit. I moan softly into my hand and shudder at her teasing. "Mmm, so wet." She says just loud enough for me to hear her. I close my eyes at her words and try to gain some will power before the waiter comes back. My focus quickly fading as her manicured toe flicks my clit through my panties.

I gasp and jump, opening my eyes wide at the surprised pleasure. She smirks and the waiter comes back, handing the menu to Tara before leaving again. She hums softly as she looks over the menu, her toes still torturing me slowly.

"I was thinking the chocolate múse?" I reach over and grab the menu from her hands. She looks at me surprised, but I ignore her and scan the menu. I look up and motion for the waiter, he comes over and I hand him the menu with my credit card. "Two chocolate raspberry cakes to go along with our check, both of those waiting for us at the bar in about ten minutes.

ASAP. Understood?" He nods his head quickly and runs off to take care of our order and check.

I look back to Tara with a hard look, which I can tell surprises her. "I'm going to the restroom. Meet me by the bar ready to leave. Okay?" She smiles and chuckles. "Yes, ma'am." She says with a small groan. I reach down and grab her by the ankle, removing her foot from under my dress.

With a quick look around us, certain that no one was watching I dip my head down and suck lightly on the toe that was teasing me so much tonight.

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I put on a show and moan softly as my tongue wraps around her toe. She gasps and lets out a small moan. "God, Bella." She says suddenly breathless as I lift my head again. I smile and release her foot. She lowers it to the ground with wide eyes. "I was going to tell you some great news at dinner but you so graciously took my mind away from the whole point of the surprise date night. But I'll settle for telling you back at home." She nods her head and I stand up.

I move to her and tilt her chin up to me with one finger and lower my head to kiss her softly. She moans and I slide my tongue across her lips. I pull away just as she parts her lips. I turn and walk away without a word.

---------------------------------------------------------- I walk out of the bathroom and towards the bar. I smile as I see Tara looking around for me impatiently at the bar. She finally sees me walking towards her and smiles, holding up our take out bag. I smile back and since the restaurant was getting crowded, I motion for her to meet me outside. I push through the crowd of people and find that I'm the first one outside out of the two of us.

I wait for her to come outside and when she finally does I grab her hand. "You're so hot." I pull her into a kiss. She smiles and wraps the arm that isn't carrying the bag around my shoulders to pull me in closer. I moan and kiss her harder. We hear a few wolf whistles come from our right. We break the kiss and look to our right and see a group of guys smiling at us. I roll my eyes and grunt in disgust. Tara smiles back and raises her hand and flips off the group of men.

I laugh and we start walking towards my car. A few of them call after us to come back so they can "show us a good time". Only I get to show my girlfriend a good time, they can't do to her what I can do to her. ---------------------------------------------------------- We drive in silence and sexual tension on the way back to the apartment. She was driving because I had a lot more champagne than her so my leg was bouncing nervously on the car floor, desperately wanting to get home and get her to bed.

Also, there was a plan in action that might be running behind. She sees this and smiles, reaching over and putting her hand on my knee. I turn my head to her and she smiles.

"I don't know what has you so jittery, but you're going to put a hole through the car floor by the time we get home if you don't stop." I laugh and stop my leg. She keeps her hand on my leg, mindlessly drawing circles across my skin and turning me on more than she already has.

We reach the house and I grab her hand and pull her up to our apartment. I can't help but pin her against the door and kiss her softly. She moans and smiles. "Open the door." She says against my lips. I break the kiss and look down into my purse. I try desperately to find my keys but her lips traveling up and down my neck were distracting. "Open the door, Bella." She husks into my ear.

I groan in frustration and finally find my keys. "Maybe I could if you stopped kissing my neck for a second." I say angrily. She simply smiles and licks the arch of my ear. I shiver and put the key into the door and quickly turn the handle.

I drag her inside and let my purse fall to the ground as I slam the door shut with my foot. I turn back to her, but she was already in the kitchen putting the cakes away. I make my way over to her and shut the fridge door. I spin her around and immediately kiss her hard on the lips. She moans and starts to lead us to the bedroom, but I press her against the fridge. She lets out a surprised moan and tries to pull away from the kiss, but I hold her close with a hand on the back of her neck.

She whimpers softly and my knees go weak. She barely whimpers because she was definitely the more dominant one. She runs her hands up my side's slowly and I smile. She takes the chance to mumble something to me. "Jen and George are home, B-Bella." I take her lip between my teeth and relish in the moan that comes from her. I pull back from the kiss and reach behind her to unzip her dress. "They are at George's.

Now shut up so I can fuck you." I pull her dress down to her ankles and she kicks it across the floor. I stand up and smile. She narrows her eyes at me and quickly flips us so I am pressed against the fridge, hard. I gasp softly and a flush of arousal coats my thong again. She grabs the zipper of my dress and pulls down hard and takes my dress off of me. She tosses it to the side and grabs my hips and pulls me against her.

She attacks my lips with her own and slams me against the wall. I gasp, breaking the kiss as the air briefly knocks out of me. She is on me again in a second and brings her hands to the back of my neck and uses her thumbs on my jaw to press and tilt my head upwards. She kisses me tenderly and I moan. I wrap my arms around her waist and press her body into mine, loving the feel of her soft breasts against mine.

She slides her tongue into my accepting mouth and our tongues wrestle for dominance as she kisses me harder. My hands drift down to her ass and I squeeze hard, eliciting an appreciative moan from her.

Her hands move down and cup my breasts through my lacy bra, my nipples already pushing against my bra. I moan deeply into her mouth and thrust my breasts into her hands. She smiles and against my lips and gropes my breasts harder. I whimper and move my legs until I am straddling her thigh, I use her ass as leverage to grind against her hip. We moan in unison and she breaks the kiss for air. She leans down and nudges my head until it falls to the side and her lips burn a path down my neck.

I moan and let my head fall back against the wall. "Do you know what I want to do with you?" She whispers against my skin.

I lick my lips as my breath hitches when she licks her way back up my neck to my ear. "I want to take you with the new toy we got, hard and fast just like you like it, baby.

But before I do that I'm going to suck your clit so hard but so slowly that you writhe underneath me until I want you to cum for me." I cry out as her teeth sink into the flesh of my ear lobe and her fingers pinch my nipples through my bra. I arch my back against the wall and bite my lip hard.

"Oh baby, please. Please take me, Tara, just take me." I plead with her in my most innocent voice because I know it gets her all heated and she can't help but take me the way I beg her to. She groans in lust and moves her hands quickly down my body, grabbing my thighs and lifting me up to her waist. I gasp and smile at the gesture as she walks us into our bedroom. I grind shamelessly into her taut stomach and whisper in her ear.

"I'm so wet for you baby." She moans and lays me down on the bed with her body hovering over top of me. She quickly reaches under me and takes off my bra and pulls it down my arms, carelessly flinging it to the side.

I cup her cheeks and bring her into a hard, needy kiss. I roll my hips up to meet my soaked through thong covered pussy against hers. She lets out the most erotic moan I've only heard on rare occasions and I whimper. "Do that again." She whispers against my lips.

I do as she asks and suck softly on her lip. She moans deeply and breaks the kiss. She sits back on her heels and pulls my panties down my legs, they are also flung carelessly to the side.

I sit up before she moves back over the top of me and reach behind her and unsnap her bra. I moan and lick my lips as the breasts I love come into view. I drop my head and plant soft kisses all over her breasts, avoiding her erect nipples.

She groans and threads her fingers into my hair, guiding my mouth against her nipple. I moan and take her nipple between my lips. She moans and throws her head back.

I flick her nipple with my tongue and nibble on the sensitive nub. She lets out a growl and tilts my head up to hers and wastes no time in leaning down and kissing me roughly. I moan into her mouth and tease my tongue across her lips. She parts her lips and our tongues meet in the middle. She lays me back on the bed and runs her hands down my side's slowly. I buck my hips up and we moan as our centers rub against each other.

She breaks the kiss and plants her hands on either side of my head. She stares into my eyes as she thrusts down. I moan and move my hands up and down her back. She bites her lip and thrusts again but harder. I whimper and my blunt nails scratch down her back, she shivers and thrusts faster. I moan and grab her hips. I pull her harder into me on the next thrust and keep her there.

She groans and breathes faster, her eyes fluttering closed. I move one hand to her chin and make her focus on me and her eyes open, completely dark with lust. I know she wants to fuck me hard with the strap on by the way she was grinding on me right now and I want to give her that.

"Go get it, baby. Now." I whisper to her. She licks her lips and kisses me softly. I moan and she moves off the bed to our dresser. She goes straight to our hidden stash in the bottom drawer and pulls out our new 7-inch strap on. She steps into it and buckles it around her waist and thighs. I moan at the appendage and she smiles at me mischievously. She starts to stroke the fake cock and I bite my lip in anticipation.

"Fuck, you're hot baby." She says huskily. I spread my legs for her and she licks her lips slowly and seductively. I smile nervously as she looks at me intimidatingly. "Sh-Should I be scared?" I stumble my words slightly with a joking chuckle at the end. She smiles and shakes her head, walking to the bed and putting one knee up on the bed.

"No baby, you should be wet." She lays on her stomach between my legs and licks the full length of my slit tantalizingly slow.

I moan and arch my back. "Oh my god." She licks me again but pays attention to my budding clit, gently flicking it with her tongue. My back arches higher and I know I need her inside of me. "I n-need you inside me. Now." She looks up at me and pulls back. She licks her lips of my juices and moves up my body. She plants one hand on the bed by my head and uses the other hand to rub my wet pussy lips.

I moan and look into her eyes. She uses her wet hand to stroke the fake cock until the whole shaft was lubricated. I nod my head when she silently asks if I'm ready by raising her eyebrows.

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She looks down and positions the cock at my entrance. She pushes inside of me about a half an inch then moves the hand that was holding the strap on up to the other side of my head. She pushes inside me slowly and my mouth forms into an 'o' until the cock is buried to the hilt in my cunt. I move my hands to her shoulders.

"Fuck." I grunt out. She smiles down on me devilishly. "Does that feel good baby?" I nod my head and lick my lips. "Your cock feels so good in me baby. Please, fuck me, Tara." I roll my hips just the way we like so the cock moves inside of me and the strap on presses against her clit.

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She moans and her hips jerk, sending the fake cock slightly deeper into my pussy and making me moan in pleasure. She starts to rock her hips slowly and my fingers drag down her back. I rock with her and soon our thrusts were faster and harder. Her breathing was ragged and her thrusts were hard and rough. I love it when she takes me roughly. I moan at the feel of the fake cock deep inside of me.

Wanting to feel more of her I pull her down on top of me and we both moan at the feel of our breasts pressed together. Her thrusts slow as she takes the time to kiss me slowly and tenderly.

I moan and move my hands down her sweat touched back to her ass and squeeze hard. She moans and breaks the kiss. "Tell me what you need, hon. Tell me what will make you cum for me." She whispers softly. She knows exactly what I need, but she wants me to say it out loud. I stop her thrusts and wrap my arms around her neck. I smile. "I want to ride you, I want you to grab my ass and fuck my pussy with your big cock while you talk dirty to me." I can see her actually shiver at my words.

If it was even possible her eyes turn another shade darker with lust and the feral growl she lets out shakes me to my core. She flips us over so I am on top with her arms wrapped around my waist. I moan and smile, but it quickly fades with another moan as her hands grope my ass. She lifts my ass and lifts her hips as she moves my ass back down onto her cock. I scream and arch my back in pleasure. "Ah! Oh my god, Tara!" She groans at the friction on her clit and does it again but harder.

My hands plant themselves on either side of her head and grip our bed sheets tightly, our room now filled with constant moans from both of us. Her nails dig into my ass as she slams me down harder onto her dick. "That's right baby. Take my cock. Do you like it, Bella? Huh? Do you like my cock in your wet cunt?" She husks deeply from underneath me.

I was nearing close to the edge and I could barely make words. "Y-Yes. Oh.faster. P-Please-ah! Fuck!" Right after I say please she does as I ask and speeds up her hands and thrusts. My ass now bouncing rapidly against her thighs and cock. I groan in pleasure and let out a squeak. She recognizes the sound and knows I am close. "That's it Bella, cum for me. Cum on my cock. Come on." My orgasm is coaxed out of me with her words as my thighs squeeze her hips and my world comes crashing down.

"Tara!" I scream her name and tug on the bed sheets as I collapse on top of her. My walls tighten around the plastic rod sending waves of pleasure through my body. She whispers sweet nothings in my ear as she holds me down on her cock and my back arches against her body.

Every muscle tightens in my body and my mouth is dropped open, but I hold my breath. I shake and tremble as my orgasm washes through me, now panting desperately for breath.

She releases her grip on my ass and runs her hands soothingly up my slick back. My body relaxes on top of her and I bury my face in her neck. We lay there in a sweaty mess for a few more minutes. When she thinks I have calmed down she moves her hands back to my ass. "Are you ready babe?" I nod my head slightly and she kisses my shoulder lightly.

"Relax Bella, your still clenching." I was unconsciously still gripping the slick toy inside of me and I will my muscles to relax. When they do she gingerly raises my ass until the toy pulls out with a slick plop. A small groan of protest escapes my lips and I feel her smile against my skin. I sigh and hold her close. "Thank you, thank you, thank you." I say softly and start to kiss her neck and shoulder. She moans softly and tilts her head to the side.

I know she was close from fucking me like that, the strap on never gives her an orgasm, only brings her tortuously close to the edge. Which she said she liked because she knows she will cum fast and hard when I touch her or suck her or lick her.

I run my hands down her arms. "Give me a couple of seconds." I breathe out against her neck. She nods her head and kisses my shoulder lovingly. "Take your time babe." I lean up and capture her lips in a soft kiss.

She moans and I break the kiss, rolling off of her. I look down and bite my lip at the shiny appendage covered in my juices. I move onto my knees and start to take the harness off of her. Her hand drifts to my back thigh and rubs softly. I finally get the harness off and move between her legs. I move up her body and kiss her softly. She moans and immediately grabs my hand. "Touch me." She says against my lips as she leads my hand down to her pussy.

I dip my head to her chest and tease her nipple with my tongue. She moans and arches her back into my touch. My hand cups her pussy and we both moan, I love how wet she gets after fucking me. "Fuck, your so wet." I mumble against her chest. She moves her hands to my back and moves them up and down encouragingly. I run my fingers up and down her pussy lips, avoiding her clit, and kiss down her stomach. "How many do you want baby?" I ask her vaguely, but she knows exactly what I mean as I move down between her legs.

Her breathing increases. "Two." I smile and use my tongue to flick her clit. She gasps and her hips jerk in pleasure. I suck her clit lightly and push two fingers deep into her wet pussy. She lets out a high pitched moan and bucks her pussy further onto my fingers, her hands find their way into my hair and hold me close. I moan and suck harder. Her walls clench around my fingers, but I push through the tightness and continue to fuck her.

She arches her back and tightens her grip in my hair. Her jaw drops in a silent scream and her eyes shut tightly. I ease up on my motions and let her ride out her orgasm. She trembles slightly and I pull my mouth away from her pussy. She swallows hard and tries to control her breathing as I slide me fingers out of her pussy. She moans softly and I move back up her body, settling on her side with my leg in between hers and an arm across her stomach.

She sighs and links her fingers in mine. "You're amazing." She whispers. I smile and I prop myself up on my elbow. I couldn't keep it in any longer.

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"Jen and George are moving out." I say excitedly. Her eyes open wide in surprise but a smile spreads across her face.

"We get the whole place to ourselves?" I nod my head and she moves her hand to tuck behind my neck and pull me into a kiss. I moan softly and pull back. I grab her hand. "Come on." I get up and pull her out of our bedroom after me. "What are we doing?" She asks curiously.

I smile and spin her around and push her against the fridge. She smiles and raises her eyebrows. I press against her and kiss her lightly, my hands running up her sides.

"I'm fucking you in every single room of this house. They moved out the rest of their stuff while we were at dinner. I want to fuck you so hard." I lean forward and kiss my girlfriend hard. She moans and rakes her nails down my back making me shiver. She moves her hands to my ass and squeezes hard. I moan and slide my tongue into her mouth. She pushes us back until I'm pressed against the breakfast bar.

She grabs my hands and pins them to the counter behind me. I moan as she spreads my legs with her knee. She breaks the kiss and looks me in the eyes. "These hands don't move. Not even an inch, do you hear me?" I gulp and nod my head. She smiles and drops to her knees in front of me. My eyes follow her down and she immediately leans forward and takes my clit into her mouth. I throw my head back and moan loudly.

She moans and grabs my leg and pulls the back of my knee onto her shoulder. She teases my entrance with two fingers and my legs tense up. She stops sucking my clit and looks up at me as she pushes two fingers into my pussy. "Fuck, Tara." I pant out. She starts thrusting inside of me hard and fast. I gasp and her lips find my clit again. My knees threaten to buckle at the pleasure. I grasp at the edge of the counter, breathless with my head thrown back and panting furiously.

She releases my clit and rubs her thumb hard on my clit. I gasp and everything in my body tells me to move my hand to her wrist and thrust her fingers deeper into me. She notices my slight struggle to keep my hands where they are and she smiles. Though smug, she thrusts deep into me, giving me what I want. I scream out in pleasure and find myself right on the edge of my climax.

She replaces her thumb with those delicious lips and I feel myself unravel. My hand flies down to her head and I hold her against my pussy as I buck myself on her face. She moans and continues to suck my clit and finger me until I lean back against the counter.

I pant for breath as my hand releases my grip on her head and I hold onto the counter for support. She pulls out of me slowly and I let out a small whimper.

She stands up and grabs my chin harshly, making my eyes snap open to meet her dark, angry ones. Shit, I had moved my hand. The rules with her in the bedroom was 'do what I say', 'when I say', 'because I say it' when we were having dominant/submissive sex. I gulp and she glares at me. "Stay here." I nod my head obediently. She leaves the kitchen and walks into our bedroom. I wait patiently and curiously until she makes an appearance again. I gasp softy and bite my lip. She was standing at the entrance of out bedroom with the strap on erect between her legs.

She strokes the cock and jerks her head towards our living room. "Get on the couch, on your knees facing the door." I lower my eyes to the floor and make my way to the couch, quickly getting in her demanded position. I grip the backrest of the couch and hear her walk up behind me. I close my eyes and lick my lips in anticipation. She steps in closer behind me and the appendage rubs against my inner thigh.

I gasp softly and she places her hands on my hips, leaning over my body. "You've been a bad girl, disobeying my demands. What am I going to do with you?" She whispers into my ear.

I shiver at her words and her hands slide up to the front of my body, cupping my breasts softly. I moan and moan louder when she tugs on my nipples. I arch my back and press my ass against her stomach.

She smiles against my shoulder and nips at the sensitive skin of my shoulder blade, the spot that makes me whimper every time. My breathing increases and she kisses down my spine.

"What do you think darling? Do you think you deserve to be punished for disobeying me?" She whispers against my ass before she sinks her teeth into my skin. I gasp at the mix of pain and pleasure.

I moan and press my lips in a tight line, nodding my head. "Mmhmm. Yes, baby. Punish me. I deserve it, I was a bad girl. Set me straight Tara." I give into her teasing. Suddenly her hand is smacking down on my ass.

I gasp and moan in pleasure. She grabs the cock and stands up behind me. She slowly rubs the cock in between my pussy lips. "Are you ready for me, slut?" I moan at the use of her foul mouth. One hand grips my hip tightly as she kneels on the couch behind me, spreading my legs wider. "Give it to me baby." With my last word, she thrusts deep into me. I let out a squeal and claw at the back of the couch, her thrust pushing my front against the couch.

She groans and kisses my shoulder, silently telling me she loves me. I acknowledge it with a moan and try to move back against her cock. She hums against my skin in appreciation. "Mmm, you like that, do you? When I enter you real hard." She emphasizes the word with a hard, rough thrust that makes us both grunt.

".like that? Huh?" I nod my head furiously. "Again. Please, again." I beg her. She grips my hips harder and thrusts into me over and over again. I moan and grip the top of the couch like a lifeline. I try to thrust back to take her cock deeper into me. She smiles as she sees this and makes short thrusts into my dripping cunt, not going deeper into me.

She suddenly leans farther over my back with a moan, stilling her motions. I whimper. She stopped! "No, no, no. Don't stop. Baby, please, Tara don't stop. I'm begging you." I plead oh so desperately with her. She moans at my begging and kisses my neck.

"Oh baby, I'm just getting started." I shiver and she thrusts deep into me. I let out a loud, erotic moan. She moans and does it again and again. Pounding me closer and closer to orgasm.

I claw desperately at the couch and moan constantly as she fucks me deep and hard.

I let out the familiar squeak and she moans deeply. "Are you ready to cum for me, Bella?" My muscles start to tighten around her shaft and I whimper and press my head into the couch. She reaches in front of me and starts to rub my clit as she buries her cock deeper than ever on her last thrust. I gasp at the combined pleasure. "I'll take that as a yes." She whispers into my ear. I moan and tremble as my orgasm crashes down on me.

She continues to rub my clit. My legs shake and I let out a last cry of submission and slump over the couch. She releases my clit from her relentless fingers and kisses my shoulders and back as she lets me ride out my orgasm. I pant and move my hand into her hair as she kisses my neck. She runs her hands up and down my thighs. "Relax honey." I relax and she gently pulls out with a soft moan coming from me. She moves off of the couch and takes off the strap-on.

I feel her hands on my hips and the next thing I know we are laying under the throw blanket on the couch cuddled up to each other. My head was on her chest and my arms around her waist. She kisses my forehead and pulls me in closer. I drift into sleep with her heartbeat against my ear.