Gagged japanese playgirl surrenders her succulent pussy

Gagged japanese playgirl surrenders her succulent pussy
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Fbailey story number 227 Official Pussy Inspector I have always been in love with pussy. My wife and every girlfriend that I have ever had knew that. Even my sister and my mother know that too. Hell I have a diploma hanging in my den that was made up special, certifying me as the "Official Pussy Inspector." I have a T-shirt and a baseball cap that have FBI on it, which stands for "Female Body Inspector." As much as I like the female body I really like pussy.

Like they say, "You spend nine months getting out of it and a lifetime trying to get back in." My wife plays into my fantasy too.

It was her that bought me an examination table for my den along with a Vaginal Speculum, which is a device for opening up the pussy during a gynecological examination. It isn't one of those plastic disposable ones either. My wife got it from her gynecologist and gave it to me as an anniversary present one year. He told her that it had literally been in a thousand vaginas. It even came with the little light and power supply too. Over the years I have gathered up a blood pressure cuff, a stethoscope, a small rubber hammer, and a white coat.

I have rubber gloves, surgical masks, booties, and even those paper gowns for the girls to wear. My wife has a cute little nurse's uniform too. All is not lost because I actually get to use it on occasion. Every three months we schedule my wife for a checkup. I check her up, down, and sideways. I check her inside and outside.

I give her a breast exam, an anal probe, and then I take extra care with her vaginal examination. My wife and my sister were pregnant at the same time about fourteen years ago. Her husband, my wife, and I talked Cindy into letting me give her an exam during her pregnancy. She finally agreed because her husband could examine my wife too.

So every Friday evening her husband and I would get to inspect the two growing women and take pictures of them nude. I was okay during the first two exams but after that I just had to fuck my wife while she had her feet up in those stirrups and with my sister and her husband watching us.

Not to be outdone my brother-in-law fucked my sister on the table too while we watched them. It was fantastic and it went on for several weeks. After the babies were born we continued to inspect the women weekly. Eventually it stopped however I still keep trying to get my sister to let me examine her pussy. About once a year my wife gets my sister drunk and brings her home to me. I look forward to those nights. With my sister drunk and her husband not there to protect her, I get to fuck her after the exam.

My wife is always there because a nurse is always supposed to be present during those exams. Not only do I inspect every inch of my sister's body but I also photograph every inch of it too from close-ups of her nipples to her cervix up inside of her pussy.

I told you that my mother knew of my hobby too. Well she and dad have been in my den and seen the examination table and of course I have shown off my equipment but one time mom actually let me examine her.

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She said that she was scared that there was something wrong with her. I told her to go to a real doctor but she told me that she couldn't. She also knew that my wife was out of town for the weekend. This all took place on a Saturday. It seemed that mom had gone out with the girls on that Friday to "Sow her wild oats" so to speak.

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Well she let a strange man pick her up, take her back to his motel room, and fuck her. She was feeling no pain but when he called two of his buddies to come over and fuck her too she tried to leave. Well he over powered her and held her there until his friends arrived.

The three of them raped her several times that night. She said that she had cocks in her mouth, in her pussy, and even in her ass all night long. Then before they sent her home they stuffed an eight ball into her pussy.

She said that it had really hurt going in even though she had been drunk and well used by then too. Anyway mom wanted me to remove the eight ball before dad found it. Apparently he was aware of mom's extra martial affairs but he chose not to confront her about them.

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In return mom didn't flaunt them at him. That was where I came in. My wife had often told my mother about our quarterly exams so she was confident that I would find a way to remove the pool ball from her pussy. Mom got completely undressed and did not even pretend to wear the paper gown, or to pretend modesty.

Mom just got up on the table, placed her feet in the stirrups, and scootched to the edge of the table for me. When I looked inside her pussy and saw that big black ball with the "eight" looking right at me I just knew that I needed to take a picture of it.

I grabbed my digital camera and started taking pictures. Mom scowled at me but she did not try to stop me. However she did tell me not to show the pictures to anybody. Okay! So I took some close-up pictures and then I backed up for some full body shots too. Mom knew exactly what I was doing and just lay there until I was finished. Well I tried to get that eight ball out of her vagina with two kitchen spoons and a lot of K-Y Jelly but it didn't work.

My fingers were too big and I couldn't get anything behind it. As a last resort I told mom that I could drill a hole in the ball, put in an eye screw, and then pull the ball out. She said that I could use dynamite to blast it out if I had too. She remained right there, while I got the things that I needed. When I got back mom was sitting up on the table drinking shots of whiskey. She said that she needed to be drunk first so I sat down and we talked for a while.

Mom was quite the girl. She talked about letting the entire basketball team fuck her when she was a cheerleader in high school. She talked about joining a sorority in college and letting their fraternity brothers gangbang her for admission. The twenty-two girls that pledged that year were told that there were only three openings and that the three girls that could take the most cock would win.

Mom came in at the top of the list and a full dozen ahead of second place. That "pledge weekend" mom got fucked ninety-nine times by sixty-six different boys. She said that she still had the sign-in book to prove it. She always was partial to sixes and nines. Personal I am too, I love to sixty-nine with my wife. The more that mom drank the more she talked. I just listened and looked at her nude body. Mom's tits were big and heavy and gravity was taking its toll.

She had a few extra pounds around the middle and she was sporting a round belly but she was still a knockout. She said that she liked hair on her pussy too and that was why she rarely shaved it off.

Of course she trims it and even shaves around the edges for summer but almost never shaves it completely off. Mom said that she isn't opposed to anal sex but that she doesn't get any real pleasure from it unless she masturbates at the same time. She said that my father is a real "fudge packer" and that he likes to get her before she can poop in the morning. Mom was funny and she was telling me way more than I needed to know but it was exciting me too.

Mom told me about her lesbian experiences over the years too. Mom likes women just as much as she likes men. She started out in high school with her fellow cheerleaders and had many encounters with her fellow sorority sisters too. She said that their thing was to gross one another out. For instance they would sit on mom's face after getting fucked the night before or they would not douche for a week and then have mom eat them out.

Mom laughed because she used to do the same thing to them. Mom said that she had sex with some of my schoolteachers, some of my girlfriends, and even with my wife. Wow! How come my wife had never told me about that? Oh, because she was passed out at the time. Mom told me about letting my father's bosses fuck her to get him promotions. About her fucking some of his more important customers so that he could make a big sale.

She even told me about letting our priest fuck her so that he would leave my little sister along. That bastard! Finally mom was completely wasted and slurring her speech.

I got her in position, got her pussy opened up wide, and then started drilling a hole in the eight ball. Once I was in deep enough I tried to screw the eye into it but it only spun around. So I drilled two more holes in that ball and put a weird fork thing in the holes to keep it from spinning around.

Then I screwed the eye into it. Next I tied a thin rope into the eye and pulled gently. Nothing! I put in more K-Y in her pussy and spun the eight ball around to coat her interior walls better.

That wasn't the problem…it was her pelvic bone. That damn ball was lodged behind her pelvic bone and I was afraid to pull so hard that I would break it. But how else could I get it out? I remembered a puller that I had to use once on an old car. With that in mind I rigged up a ridicules device. It consisted of a two by four piece of wood across the stirrup posts, an eyebolt hooked into the eye screw that was in the eight ball, and a big hex nut.

I had a wrench and I started tightening down on that hex nut. At first nothing happened but then mom started to moan as the pressure caused her pain.

I gritted my teeth and kept turning that nut. Millimeter by millimeter that ball inched its way out of mom's pussy. She moaned in pain and I kept turning.

Something was going to give one way or the other. Finally the ball popped free. I still have that eight ball as a souvenir of the occasion. The holes are still there and the eye screw is still in it. It still has mom's juice and K-Y all over it too because I never washed it. I just put it in a display case and hid it in a locked drawer to look at occasionally.

Mom was drunk and almost out of it but she told me to fuck her ass as my payment. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I did butt fuck my mother as she slipped into unconsciousness. That was a few years ago but we still laugh about it occasionally. I often ask mom if she needs an exam and she always says that if she did that I would be the first one that she would ask.

Recently my thirteen-year-old daughter Gretchen told me that she wanted to see what the inside of her pussy looked like. She said that her mother had told her to ask me. Gretchen said that she and her cousin Millicent had been looking at each other's pussies during their last sleepover and that they were both curious.

I told her that I would have talk to her mother about it first. When I talked to my wife she was laughing hysterically. She and my sister Cindy were the ones that put the idea in their daughter's heads.

Gretchen had spent the last weekend at Cindy's house and they had plenty of time to check things out. Cindy even gave them a flashlight and a mirror to play with. Millicent is just a week older than Gretchen is. Like I already told you my wife and my sister were pregnant together.

Since then my sister has given birth to two more boys. I got to examine my sister during all three of her pregnancies as long as her husband was present. Hell it was a family tradition now. My wife and I stopped at just the one child. When my wife finally stopped laughing and calmed down she said that Cindy and she had discussed it and that I should examine the girls first and then let them examine each other.

They really should look inside the other one's pussy to see just what it is like. Besides soon the girls would be going in for their first internal exam and they didn't want them to be scared. Both mothers would be there and in skimpy little nurses uniforms too. I would be the doctor and the girls would be my patients.

Photos would be permitted and sex was out of the question until the girls got on birth control even though I had a vasectomy, years ago. I couldn't figure out why I had to wait but I guess it was the girls that really had to wait. So an appointment was scheduled with Doctor Feelgood, that would be me. I was known for my Russian hands and my Roman fingers. The girls arrived for their appointment on time. My two nurses had them both undress and then they took their vitals. A new patient form was filled out too, which included their height, their weight, and their measurements.

The girls were asked about any sexual encounters. Surprisingly Millicent said that her father fingers her pussy every night after she goes to bed and that he likes to play with her titties too. Gretchen said that he does the same thing to her whenever she stays over.

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My sister Cindy had no idea that anything like that was going on. I told her to stay calm, after all it wasn't anything that I wasn't going to do to them myself. The girls told us about them masturbating and eating the other's pussy many times.

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They told us of fooling around with their other girlfriends too. They told us that they had both sucked a girlfriend's little brother's cock too. Millicent said that she had sucked her father's cock a few times and her grandfather's cock too.

Not my father, but Cindy's father-in-law. Millicent said that she had to undress for them too and get examined. Things were going a little too far all of a sudden and I suggested that we stop. Gretchen insisted that she and Millicent still wanted to look inside the other's pussy.

As my wife and my sister coaxed me, I gave in. I started with my daughter Gretchen first. I applied some K-Y Jelly to the inside of her pussy and to the Vaginal Speculum to open her up wide. As I inserted the Vaginal Speculum my wife, the nurse, took a picture.

Gretchen turned her head quickly and looked at her mother. My wife apologized and said that it was just for our personal records. Millicent told Gretchen that it was okay because her father and grandfather had taken tons of pictures of her during her first exam too.

First exam! Apparently Millicent had been examined five or six times more, about every month or two. She said that they needed to keep an eye on her breasts as they grew to make sure that they came in right.

Yeah! Right! Those perverts were worse than I was. So anyway I opened Gretchen up and let Millicent look at her piss hole, her clit, and even her cervix. She admired the soft pink inner folds and the moistness. I had her finger Gretchen to an orgasm and then look at the secretions that her pussy produced. My two nurses wanted to look too. Then Millicent got up on my table and took Gretchen's place. Again I lubricated her and let Gretchen look inside.

Gretchen gave her cousin an orgasm and admired the secretion too. Just to be fair Cindy got naked and got on the table so that the girls could check out her pussy too.


My wife was last to get inspected. Then just to switch things up my sister told me that it was my turn. I got naked and even put my feet in the stirrups. The women pointed out my cock, my balls, and my asshole. They held my cock and stroked it to watch it grow. Then they kept stroking it to watch me cum and go soft again. They each got to taste my cum too. Then came the anal probes to check my prostrate gland. They had a little more fun than I had but then again I had fingered their butts a good many times during my exams.

At Cindy's request I examined all of their breasts for possible lumps. Before we got dressed Millicent wanted me to demonstrate how to make love to a woman for them using her mother as my sex partner. I wondered why I was to use her mother and not my own wife? So at my suggestion we all went up to my bedroom where the bed was much more comfortable. Cindy got on her back and opened up her legs for me.

I smiled at her as I got between her legs and placed the head of my cock at her moist entrance. Then I simply pushed my hard cock into my own sister's pussy as our daughters watched us. The girls watched intently too and even asked some questions that my wife answered for them. When Cindy started her orgasm I let go of a flood of cum that I had been holding back for a couple of minutes. Millicent brought out the Vaginal Speculum and the girls took another look into Cindy's freshly used pussy.

All they saw was a huge puddle of our combined secretions. Then Millicent finally told us what was up. It seems that her next exam with her father and grandfather was going to involve her oldest brother too. He was only eleven but he could certainly get erections. Millicent's father had already told her that she would have to suck her brother's cock and then let him fuck her while her grandfather made a video of them.

It seems that her grandfather had made a lot of movies of her in the last few months. He took video of her peeing several times, taking a bubble bath, and even letting her father hose her down in the backyard while she was naked.

Then it dawned on us all that he had been using Millicent as a child porn star. She said that he had done it with other girls too and that once she and another girl had to make love for him and daddy while her grandfather filmed them doing it. While the girls played in the bathtub Cindy asked my wife and I what we should do about her husband and her father-in-law.

I told her that we needed proof before we could really do anything. After all it was one girls story against two grown men. Besides we had just done the very same thing to Millicent and to Gretchen that they had already done. The only difference was that we were not going to show the pictures, tell anyone, or make a profit off them.

Over the next two weeks I set up a post office box in the next state, started a new bank account there, with a friend's driver license, and then made contact with Cindy's father-in-law over the Internet. He then gave me the password to a private web site and charged my debit card for a month's membership. The women and I were amazed at what we found.

There was Millicent naked in lots of pictures, there were video clips to tease me into purchasing the full DVDs, and there were other children on his site too. Cindy recognized a couple of the girls from family get-togethers. Her father-in-law had been doing this for a few years and with his own granddaughters, nieces, and nephews. I placed an order for every DVD that stared Millicent and downloaded every picture that was on his web site including all of the video clips too.

Once the DVDs arrived in the mail we had him, not only for child porn but also for transporting child porn through the mail across state lines.


He was in deep shit. A couple of days later we set a trap for Cindy's husband. She promised him sex but cuffed his hands behind his back first. My wife and I were right there. We confronted him with what we knew. It only took a little threat to make him spill his guts for the camera.

He even took us to their warehouse. It was very well organized. I took three copies of every DVD that they had on the shelves and put them in my trunk. When we were finished we left him naked and handcuffed to a pole. Then Cindy called the police. The very next day her father-in-law was arrested and I was taken in for questioning. My house was searched but nothing was found. I had moved everything that might be incriminating even my examining table and my eight ball.

I gave them my testimony about hearing Millicent tell her mother about her grandfather, about setting up the phony address, and ordering the DVDs. Those DVDs were all that they found and they were still in the original unopened wrapper.

My story matched Cindy's story and the one that my wife had told them too. Millicent did not have to testify because the police had thousands of DVDs with her picture on the front of them. They confiscated computers, cell phones, and even his bank accounts.

Cindy's marriage was over and she knew it. She was totally devastated but there is always a silver lining as they say. Just before he was sentenced to prison Cindy's husband told her where he had hid his share of the money. It was in their basement in an old trunk with a false bottom.

In the bottom of the trunk there were stacks of hundred dollar bills. Her husband had had a bad feeling about selling his daughter into the porn business and he hadn't spent a single penny of his share of the money. There was a small fortune. It was more than enough to cover Cindy's expenses for the rest of her life and to allow Millicent and her two brothers to attend college.

So something good did come of all of that. The End Official Pussy Inspector 227

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