Teen chick gives a precious blowob

Teen chick gives a precious blowob
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This is a work of fantasy only and is to be read only by those who have similar fetishes as the author. In real life the author would never do the deeds described in this story, (actually he wouldn't harm a fly) but he does bring a certain anount of expertise to the subject matter since he used to be a professional butcher.

Strictly Business By P. Devadis Anna woke up at dawn, from a nearly sleepless night. It was her eighteenth birthday and today would change her life forever. For the last two years she lived in the Cedar City Girl's Detention Center, not because she did much wrong, but mostly because she was alone in the world and had no other place to live.

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She was sentenced; at age sixteen; to an attempted prostitution charge, more to protect her than to punish her. She often wondered why her mother did that to her that cold winter day two years ago but she knew it was the drugs that her mother took, mostly crack."hell, she even tried to sell me, the bitch" Anna thought.

She slowly pulled back the bed covers and stretched her five feet-eleven inch nude body. She was very well developed with long shapely legs, buttocks and full firm breasts. Slowly she got out of bed, being careful not to wake her roommate. She walked over to the bathroom scales, as was her habit each morning. "Damn, still 148 pounds!" she thought. As with most girls her age, weight was always an issue, but she has no reason to feel that way, with her height the weight was perfect.

Quickly she got dressed in black panties and bra along with a tight blue blouse, a tight blue short miniskirt and high heels. Her dress violated all the detention center's dress codes but today she was thinking "I am free of all that bullshit." She was going to go to the big city. With her blue eyes and blonde hair she was a real knock out. Slowing and carefully she applied her make up and brush her shoulder length hair. Carefully she applied lipstick to her full sexy lips. She wanted to thank her roommate, yet again, for arranging her to get the outfit, but decided instead to let the girl sleep.

She tossed her few belongs in the cheap suitcase and headed down the hall to the front office. Knocking on the office door she heard Ms. Andersen yelled. "Come in." As Anna entered the office Ms. Andersen looked at her outfit in shock. "Looks like you are ready to go whoring girl." "No madam." Ms Andersen found the girl to be very attractive, but had to be very careful to not to show her sexy attraction to the girls in her charge. "God, I would love get her in bed, she is so damn sexy." She thought to herself.

"So today is the big day, what are your plans girl?" "I am going to catch a bus at 9:00 a.m." "No shit that I figured." Yelled Ms. Andersen. "Yes Madam." "So where the hell are you going girl?" "Chicago, Madam" "Why?" "Find a job; get on with my life, madam." Ms Andersen reached into her top draw and removed $200 in twenties.

"Here is your "getting out" money girl, good luck." As an after thought she added. "You are going to need it." "Thank you madam." "Hank has decided to drive you to the bus station." she said with a grim. "Damn" she thought, "Guess I will have to suck his cock one last time!" "He will pick you up out front." as she handed the girl the money.


"Yes madam, good-by madam." Anna replied taking the 200 dollars. It was the most money she ever had in her life, but she knew it wouldn't last long. Ms Andersen led her to the front gate and signaled for the guard to open it.

Anna quickly walked to the sidewalk waiting for her ride. After a while she turned and saw Ms Andersen staring at her. "I bet the dike would love some of me." She thought.

Slowly she raised her right arm, smiled and extended her middle finger in the direction of Ms. Andersen, but Ms. Andersen already turned her back and didn't get to see it.

Anna stood on the sideway, enjoying her freedom and waited for Hank. Soon a panel truck with the detention center markings on it pulled up and Anna climbed in. She was greeted by a grinning long hair 22 year old wearing a uniform. "Well, girl you are free, sort of……&hellip."He told her with a smile as he pulled away from the curb. "What the fuck you mean?" she replied. "One last job you have to do before I let you out at the bus station." he told her as he rubbed his hard cock though his pants.

"What if I don't want to shit head?" she replied. "Then I will have to beat the shit out of you." he told her "and that may be fun!" "Okay' she replied weakly. As he pulled into a deserted parking lot he told her to climb in the back and get undressed.

"Do I have to undress?" she pleaded. "Yes bitch, you know I liked to look at you while you suck my cock………&hellip.and you better do a good job at it!" he told her. Hank climbed in the back and took a seat on the bench and watched her undress, enjoying every second. Soon Anna stood naked in front of him. He pulled her closed and ran his hands along the back of her long legs and between her full young thighs.

He marveled at her nipples, they always seem to be standing straight out. Genlely he bites one and ran his wet tongue over it. "Nice…………&hellip.girl I am going to miss you!" he grimed Turn around bitch I want to look at that fine ass of yours just one more time." "Nice" he said as he squeezed the flesh "I love girls like you, you know the ones with a nice tight ass.

"He joked. "You know girl you were kindly of skinny went you came here two years ago, now look at you, I am going to miss looking at you and I sure as hell am going to miss you sexy mouth." he say as he placed a finger on her full lips. "Suck on my finger." he commanded. She obeyed as she always did and he felt his cock getting harder and harder. In a rush Hank took off his pants and underwear and reclined on the bench with his large cock straight up.

"Get to it bitch!" he commanded. Anna knew the routine and kneeled before him and ran her tongue over the tip of his cock. "For such an ugly guy he sure does have a nice cock." she thought. She kind of enjoyed doing him and wished he would stick that cock someplace else in her, but he never did. Guess he doesn't want to knock me up she figured.

But Hank was thinking "I should fuck her sometime but I enjoy the blow job too damn much, besides she enjoys sucking me off I bet." Anna starting sucking on his hard cock, slowing moving up and down as he brushed back her long hair so he could get a good view.

He loved watching her as she did him, with those warm full sexy lips. As she sucked she played with his balls, occasionally taking them in her mouth and gently sucking them. She placed a glob of split on the head of this cock rubbed it in for lubrication and started sucking harder.

It was a game they played many times, he trying to hold off as long as he could and she trying to get him to cum. She always won. A full ten minutes passed "He sure has a load this time." she was thinking as her felt him starting to cum.

Enjoying the power she had over him her applied more pressure with her lips. Sensing he was about to cum she increased the speed of the sucking. Soon she felt his warm cum shot into her mouth. She thought he was not going to stop but she was to shallow all of it and that is what she did.

She pulled away as he shot the rest of his load on her face. He handed a rag it to her. "Wipe you mouth bitch and get dressed or you will miss your bus." he told her. Chapter 2 Business was really slow for Peter. This month was the worst month he had since he opened "PDevadis Fine Meats" ten years ago. The big chains were having an impact on his business and if he didn't find ways to improve the bottom line he would soon be out to business.

There was even talk that the Greyhound Bus Station down the street was going is torn down to make way for yet another supermarket. Still, he had a few customers. One of them was a creepy fat man, Mister Abbas, who lived alone in the neighbor. Abbas, when he wasn't staring at the young women in the neighbor, liked to hang around the shop and watch Peter work at his trade. Abbas also owned the building and Peter leased from him. It has been of late hard to pay the rent so Peter had to put up with Mister Abbas.

Hell, the bastard even insisted that Peter call him Mister. Mister Abbas loved to eat and it shows on him, He was fat and bald. He loved meat best of all. He was Peter's best customer, buying only the best of cuts and ordering cuts that most folks don't these days, such as lamb.

He loved lamb and pork. As of late he got to know Mister Abbas very well, better then he wanted, as a matter of fact. But a man has to do what a man has to do and he was behind in the rent yet again.

Peter poured himself another shot of Wild Turkey, his third of the afternoon, and thought about the help wanted sign. He had second thoughts about this and nearly did not put it in window. So far three people applied for the job, all of whom he found to be unqualified. As he slipped the drink a young girl entered the shop, carrying a cheap cardboard suitcase. Behind the counter she saw the muscular middle age man with a short black beard, wearing a bloody apron who was looking her up and down in a lustful way.

She was starting to get use to that look from men. The men on the bus as well as others gave her such looks ever since she left the detention center yesterday. She was even starting to like it a little. It gave her a sense of power. She had something they wanted. This one looked like he wanted it most of all.

"This may work to my advantage." She thought. As she approached the counter the man smiled at her and said. "Can I help you sweetie?" "Yes, the sign says you are looking for a counter person." "What's your name girl?" "Anna, Sir." "You got any experience Anna?" "No, Sir." "You from around here?" "No sir just got in on the bus not twenty minutes ago." "Oh really." Say Peter as his heart raced.

"You got folks around here Anna?" "No sir, I ain't got no folks anywhere that I know about." "Why are you in Chicago?' "To find work." "If I train you, would you work for less than minimum wage, say $4.00 an hour?" "No sir, I will look someplace else, thank you sir." She said as she turned to leave.

"Wait girl, I was joking with you, the job pays $8.00 an hour after I train you, but minimum wage to start." Said Peter. "Why do you want to hire me?" replied Anna. "I think you need help…………………&hellip.

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so you have a place to stay?' "No sir." "Tell you what girl, there is a cheap hotel half a block down, go get a room for the night." "Do you have money?" "No sir." Lied Anna.

"Okay, here is $25.00 advancement on your pay." He said as he opened his wallet. "Thank you sir!" "Here is the deal. I want you to check out tomorrow and come here with your belongs, be here at 7:00 a.m." "Yes sir." Together we will do some training in the morning and then I find you a more permanent place to stay." "Thank you sir!" replied Anna. She was happy she was wearing the outfit, for sure.

"On, by the way Anna, come to the back door, I am closed tomorrow because it's Sunday and Monday is a holiday as well. "Will you pay me for tomorrow?" "Of course." "Yes sir, what do I wear?" "What you got on is fine girl." "It certainly is." thought Anna as she left the shop.

As Peter watched her walked away he felt his cock getting big. Over the years he enjoyed looking at his young female customers while he talked to them about cuts of meat. He would sometimes image them in that manner, as cuts of meat.

"One thing for sure, Anna was USDA Prime." He thought, as he got a hard on. Chapter 3 Peter woke early Sunday morning and make strong black coffee to treat his usual Wild Turkey hangover. After three cups of black coffee and four Camels he hears a light knock on the back door. Opening the door he found Anna standing there dressed the same as yesterday, carrying her cheap suitcase.

He motioned for her to come in and after looking up and down the alley he closed the door behind her and locked it. "You are exactly on time sweetie." He said. She smiled at him. Anna stood looking around the bright and fully equipped butcher shop. The room had a large butcher's worktable, a band saw, a grinder, a butcher's scale and a set of knives - a large breaking knife, a cutting knife, a sharp boning knife and a cleaver.

Peter always have a "steel on hand" to keep my knives' edges honed. It is crucial for a butcher to work with very sharp knives, so he owned two sets, because one was sent out to be professionally sharpened every week.' A rail with meat hooks ran around the parameter of the room and into the walk-in.

She imaged the rail system was used to transport the meat from the meat cooler to the shop. "I need to get started by asking you some questions sweetie." 'Okay Sir." "Why don't you sit on the table?" "Okay Sir." She walked over to the table and turned around to climb on it. Peter walked over to her and grabbing her around the waist lifted her on the table.

She smiled at him and crossed her shapely long legs. Peter pulled up a chair and sit before her, looking up at her and her shapely thighs. Anna got red in the face from his stares but she was at the same time enjoying the looks of the handsome butcher. "God he is old enough to be my father." She thought. Anna had a thing for older man looking at her with lust and this one certainly was.

She thought, "I am going to like working here." Finally Peter spoke. "Where did you come from sweetie?" "Cedar City, Iowa, Sir." "Oh, a corn fed girl I see." Anna got red in the face and Peter smiled. "Did you graduate from the local high school sweetie?" Peter said as he placed his hand on her right thigh. Anna enjoyed the touch, it been years since she got that kind of attention from a man.

The young flesh feels warm and firm to his touch. Slowly he stroked her legs as he talked. She did not reply. Removing his hand he thought, "I need to get back to business." He looked her in the eyes and asked the same question again.

"No sir, I was in the Cedar City Detention Center for girls until day before yesterday." "Why were you in there?" "I got locked up for attempted prostitution when I was sixteen." Replied Anna in a soft trembling voice. "Attempted?" questioned Peter. "Yes Sir, I was hungry and needed money, I ain't never been with a man before, ever." "Are you a virgin girl?" asked Peter. "Yes Sir." Was her soft reply. "I see, what do your parents think of you being locked up in that place?" "I don have any parents Sir, least wise I don't know where they are." "I see." Replied Peter with a gleam in his eye.

"How was the hotel last night? "Fine Sir." "Anyone know you are here sweetie?" "No, why?" "Well, I need to list the next of kin in my files." "Well guess that would be you for the time beginning sir." "Now true sweetie." Peter said as he got up and walked around the table.

He continued talking to Anna, asking her about what kind of education she received at the detention center as he opened a draw and took out a bottle of chloroform and a rag. Quickly he poured the chemical on the rag and reached around Anna, applying the rag to her mouth. The girl looked wildly around the room, but after a brief struggle she blacked out. Peter grabbed her under her armpits and dragged her completely on the table.

"Piece of cake." He thought to himself. With trembling hands he loosens her skirt. Next he removed her shoes, tossing them in the corner of the room. After running his hands over her inner thighs he moved her skirt and unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her firm breasts encased in a black bra. He stood back and looked at her girl. "God, what a hot number." He thought.

Anxious to see the young girls breasts he managed to work her blouse off and unhook her bra. Slowly he pulled the material away, enjoying the feel of the warm full breasts in his hands.

His excitement grew as he run his hands over the girl's sexy young body. Quickly he undressed and stood over her with a big hard on. He wondered what she would look like with his cock in her mouth so he gently opened her mouth the slowly place his cock in it. After rubbing the head of it over her full sexy lips he continued feeling her with one hand while playing with him with the other.

He worked his hard cock over her firm breasts as he fantasized his dark secret thoughts. Soon he lost control and his warm cum shot from his cock onto her firm full young breasts.

After resting for a while he rolled her on her stomach and tied her hands behind her back. Her round firm ass amazed him and her black panties make her ever sexier. He started to get hard again but he had work to do and an appointment to keep, so instead he dressed himself. Leaving the room, he returned shortly with a digital camera, taking close up pictures of the girl from all angles, turning her on the table as needed.

As he was finishing she suddenly woke and started to scream. He quickly covered her mouth and told him to shut up. "Listen sweetie, be quiet or I will have to hurt you, okay?" Slowly he removed his hand. "Why are you doing this?" she asked fearfully. "All in good time sweetie." Was his reply. Forcing her off the table he tied her securely to the chair and taped her mouth. He turned off the lights in the room and left, locking the door behind him.

Chapter 4 Abbas received Peter's call just a halve an hour ago and rushed to the bar, taking a table in the corner, away from everything. He spends the morning counting his money and planning for tonight's gourmet meal. His source of money was from the rent receipts of the substandard apartments he owned in the neighborhood.

He maximized his profits from the apartments by doing just enough repairs to keep the Chicago housing commissioner off his back. He was happy to learn that the progress of this new goal of accumulating 2 million dollars was proceeding nicely. He was less than $200,000 away! He lived in one of his own apartments and lived modestly. His own vices were gourmet food and triple x-rated movies.

Over the years in developed a great cooking skill and was always anxious to try new dishes. He had a nicely equipped kitchen expanded by having the walls of two of the bedrooms torn out. In lieu of the living room he had a fancy dinning room with a wide screen television he used to watch his x-rated movies while he dined.

He loved the ones that had lots of oral sex the best and he often wondered what such a thing would feel like in real life. He looked at his watch, He ordered another glass of wine as he set in the booth, waiting for his friend Peter to appear. God the waitress was so hot he thought as he fantasized about her. Finally Peter appeared and set down, motioning for the waitress to bring him a beer.

"Well?" asked Abbas "Well what?" asked Peter, teasing him. "Did you get her?" "Yes I did!" "Excellent my friend!" "What is she like?" "Nice, very nice." Replied Peter. "She is young, just turned eighteen." "Tell me more." Said Abbas coarsely. "Better yet I got pictures." He opened the envelope, and after looking around the room to ensure they weren't being observed, and passed the pictures to Abbas.

Abbas stared at the pictures for a long time before speaking. "Fuck me, she is nice!" he finally said, "When can I have her?" "Not so fast my friend, there is a matter of payment." "Of course, say a hundred dollars for your troubles." "Surely you are joking." Replied Peter. " Let us just forgot this whole thing." They sit in silent for a while before Peter spoke.

"What are you going to do with her away?" "I am going cook her and eat her." Abbas replied. "What!" "Oh don't look so shocked, after all you are always the one talking about that stuff in regards to your young female customers Peter." "But I was joking about it………………&hellip.sort of, why do you want to do this?" Peter replied getting red in the face. "I want to get a nice young mature girl to eat for years Peter, have you ever thought about that?" He replied with a gleam in his eye Peter had to admit the idea excited him, matter of fact he was thinking some of the same thoughts just a while ago when he masturbated on Anna.

"She is a virgin." Was his next reply. "Wow, really!" "Yes." "Can you give me a thousand for her?" "Only if you butcher her for me Peter." "You are joking right?" Peter said staring at him. "No" was the reply.

Peter continued to stare at him…………&hellip."shit he is seriously!" he finally determined. "I don't know how to butcher a girl." he replied. "Bullshit, sure you do, you talk about it all the time in the shop." "Tell you what, $1500 for the girl and the butchering. "Well…………………" replied Abbas "And I get some of the meat." "How much?" "Just some, I am curious……………………say five." Peter said hopefully.

"Five what?" said Abbas. "Pounds, pound of her flesh…………&hellip.of course." He replied weakly. Okay, but I will pay you only $1400." "Why?" "It figures at around $19.95 a pound asshole." replied Abbas as if he was talking to a child.

"What you mean?" Replied Peter. "You charge me $19.95 a pound for your prime meat." Peter started to get a headache coming on so he decided to end it. "Okay, it is a deal……………&hellip.can't believe I am paying for what is already mine." Abbas told his friend.

"Also, I get to decide how she is butchered, you know, the cuts of meats." He added staring at the pictures. "Sure, I will do her exactly as you want." Peter replied. "So Peter……&hellip.what do you think of her………as meat I mean?" Abbas asked Peter thought for a while and answered "Well she is young, 18 and she is nicely filled out, I suspect the fat content will be just perfect for cooking, now you going to cook her?" "Mostly roast the meat I think." he answered.

"I still can't believe we are having this conservation." Peter said. But he continued "Another thing, no one is looking for her and no one will miss her." "Also she is going to be nice and tender……&hellip.I meant her meat will be, she is only 18 or so and nearly 6 feet tall, her flesh is firm to the touch, I think it means she doesn't have too much fat on her." he added.

He sits there looking straight ahead, thinking deeply. Finally he said. "Okay, I will do her." "Deal." Said Abbas extending his fat sweaty hand to Peter, "Can we finally go look at her now?" "Yes, of course." Chapter 5 Anna looked at the two men in terror as they entered the room, wondering who the poorly dressed fat greasy middle age man with the dark complexion was. He looked as if he got his clothes from the Salvation Army. Beads of sweat formed on his unshaved face.

Spotting her in the corner to walked over and stared at her as he would a piece of meat. He reached down and ripped the tape from her mouth and she started screaming. Quickly he placed his hand over her mouth and while looking her in her horrified brown eyes he firmly spoke to her. "If you scream one more time bitch, just once … I will kill you, got it?" As best she could, she shook her head up and down. "Good." He said, removing his hand.

Turning to Peter he said. "Let's have a better look at the young bitch, tie her somewhere with her hands above her head." "What about my $1400 first asshole?" Replied Peter. "Not until I am satisfied with her." Replied Abbas. Peter did as he was told, anything to get the fat bastard to pay me he thought.

Using one or the meat hooks hanging from the overhead trolley he forced her under it. After a struggle he got her hands tie above her head such that her toes barely touched the floor. Satisfied he stood back in look at the girl. The position certainly enchanted her already sexy appearance. It showed off her full breasts and her firm young ass encased in the fancy black panties.

Abbas walked around the girl, taking time to stare at each body part for a few minutes. Soon she felt his sweaty hands in her rib cage and then on her ass, squeezing the firm young flesh.

She felt her panties being pulled down to her knees. Staring at the flesh Abbas squeezed the young ass as he felt his cock getting larger. Suddenly he leaned over and took a bit of the flesh into his mouth.

Anna felt his teeth gently biting into her and the hairs on his unshaved face. He rolled the flesh in his mouth, testing the texture before biting down harder. Anna yelled her felt a small tickle of her blood run down her ass on to her leg. Abbas laughed and ran his wet tongue up the back of her thigh, licking up the warm blood with his tongue, enjoying the salty taste.

He stood up, revealing the huge bugle in the front of his pants. Slapping her on the ass, he turned to Peter. "She will do very nicely." "Okay, give me 1400 big ones." "Well………………………" "Well hell, no money, no girl you greedy asshole." Peter angrily replied Slowly Abbas opened his wallet and counted out 1400 dollars in hundred dollar bills.

"What the hell is going on?" cried Anna with terror in her voice. Abbas walked over to her and looked deeply into her eyes. "Why I just bought you bitch that is what is going on." He spoke in a steady voice. "What!!……………………… you can't buy me, you bastard," yelled Anna. "Well I just did sugar," Abbas replied. "Please, I want to go, what are you going to do with me?" she cried. "I am going to have Peter butcher you for me, like a side of beef." "Next I am going to cook your succulent meat in my oven and eat you all up sugar girl." He said while smiling at her react to his words.

"What!" she cried as here big brown eyes stared at him. "He isn't joking!" she decided. He reached over and touched her cheek, pinching her lightly. "You hear me sugar girl, I am going to eat you!" Turning to Peter he asked. "When can we slaughter her?" "Now……………&hellip. if you want." Was the answer. "Excellent, now are you going to do it." "Don't know, I suppose the best way it to stick her like a hog." "Don't they use a sledgehammer in the slaughter houses?" asked Abbas.

"Yes but sticking is best, gives good bleed out." Said Peter. "Can I do it while you hold her?" Abbas asked. "No, sticking requires skill, you may screw it up." "What if we just cut her throat, I should be able to do that." "Okay it not he best way, but it will work, you really want to do her yourself?" questioned Peter. "Hell yes." He replied. Turning his attention to the fearful girl he run his sweaty hands over her thighs and ass, squeezing and pinching the young tender meat.

"I want two nice rump roast, Okay?" "Sure." Turning his attention to the girls ass he told Peter, "keep this succulent ass in one piece, it will look great, nicely roasted on my table; the texture is nice and firm, leave about half the thighs attached, can you do that? "What about my meat?' asked Peter. "Would you settle to be my guest when I get the rump roast ready?" Hell you don't know a thing about cooking my friend." Replied Abbas. "Sure!" beamed Peter.

"One more thing Peter, before we get started." Abbas spoke. "Yes?" "I need to fuck her." "Of course you do." "I want to fuck her in your meat locker, surrounded by the sides of beef, okay?" "Sure Abbas, whatever floats you boat." "Let us get the bitch in there, tape her mouth, okay." He replied as he rubbed his hard cock through his pants.

Anna felt the cold air as she was led into the locker, with one of them in each side of her. The cold caused her nipples to stand straight out. "You are going to spend a week in here, starting real soon, except you won't know it." Peter told her.

"What?" Abbas questioned. "We got the age her meat." "Yes, of course, I didn't think about that……………………… you are so right." Abbas replied.

They led her to a side of beef that was placed on a table in the middle of the room. It was Peter's habit to do much of his initial butchering here, making the meat easier to transport into the next room. Anna felt the cold meat against her breasts and stomach as they tossed her on top of it. Quickly they tied her hands, leaving her shapely legs hanging over the table.

The floor felt cold on her feet. "Okay, leave us." Commanded Abbas as he started to undress. "Of course, now long you need?" "I hope for a long time." Was his reply.

Abbas walked towards the girl with his hard cock sticking straight out. "I have dreamed of this moment for years, having a young succulent piece of meat like you." He spoke.

"Your ass looks delicious, nice and meaty, firm, yet tender." He spoke as he ran his hands over her. The cold air of the locker was causing his erection to get bigger than usually. He wished be darned to have her suck him off, but was afraid she would bite him.

Instead he fingered the lips of her pussy with one hand while caressing her with the other. "Can't wait to get you butchered sugar girl, just like the side of beef you are laying on." He said as drool ran down his fat chin. With that he trusted his cock into the girl as she tried to scream. Slowly he pumped away, while imaging things to come and now her ass meat would taste.

He would roast it in the oven he decided. "Nice girl, all nice and tight and fatten for my table." He spoke softy to her. The thought of her ass coming out of his oven all nice and golden brown caused him to explode, shooting his cum into her.

My first piece of virgin ass he thought to himself as he rested on her.


As he kept thinking of things about the feast to be he felt his hard come back. Soon he was fucking her again. This time he lasted for twenty minutes as he felt and talked to the girl, giving her, to her horror, the details of now she was going to be slaughtered, butchered and cooked. After resting for a few minutes he decided the cold was getting to him so is got up, dressed and called for Peter.

Chapter 6 Peter appeared with a smile on his face. "You were sure noisy about it, I know exactly now to butcher her now." He said. "Well, let's get in done." Abbas replied with excitement in his voice.

Peter untied the girl's hands and she stood up and tried to run to the door. Abbas grabbed her and together forced her towards the ceiling rail-mounted meat hooks. She put up a hell of a fight. Peter found that her struggling excited him. It was similar to fighting a fish in the line except her flesh felt so good to his touch. She fought, kicking and trying to scream as Peter kneed and tied ropes to her ankles, looping the other end to the rail cart's eyelets.

Together they pulled on the ropes and she swing upwards with her shapely legs far apart and her hands almost touching the floor. She felt hands squeezing her inner thighs and commenting on her meat. She realized that this was the end for her, that she would soon be just meat, nothing more. Still she tied to fight them off with her hands until Peter tied them behind her back.

Adjusting the rope they placed her head at butcher's eye level. Satisfied, Peter pushed the shoulder of the girl and the cart moved along the rail into the warm butcher shop. He stopped just short of the worktable and stood back to look at her. Abbas walked over to the girl and started playing with her tits.

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"My, my, my this position shows her off nicely doesn't it?" He said. "I want you to butcher off those nipples for me Peter, okay?" "Right now, or after?" questioned the butcher.


"Now please." Abbas replied. "Not a good idea." Replied Peter. "And why not?" Demanded Abbas "It will stress her meat even more than we already have……&hellip. you don't want that do you?" "No course not, let's get this thing done, you ready girl?" He said looking Anna in the eyes. He laughed at her horror and told her not to worry it was going to be easy and she didn't have to do anything other than bleed. "Be a nice girl for us sweetie, it will only take a few minutes." He told her.

Peter handed Abbas a long sharp knife and place a large stainless steel vessel beneath Anna's head. Next he grabbed her long hair and pulled back her head sharply. "Okay Abbas, it is time for you to do her the way I told you earlier." Peter said. Abbas started at the right corner of her jaw and make a deep cut ear-ear, cutting though the neck and larynx, neatly severing Anna's carotid arteries. After the initial rush of blood that shot across the room, Peter was able to control the flow of into the vessel.

Peter started to massage her arms and legs and stomach to assist the bleed out. In a few seconds Anna blacked out. "Excellent!" replied Peter. "Good work." Peter only smiled and started to cut off the girl's left nipple." "Give me the fucking knife Abbas, I am the butcher here asshole." After seeing that Peter was serious he handed the knife over.

"Her tongue, Peter, save her tongue for me." He decided to have a meal of girl tongue some night while watching one of his triple X-rated suck and fuck movies. "What do you think of her meat so far?" Abbas asked.

"I wouldn't be able to tell until I am future along in the process, but I think she is going be a nice grade of meat, she appears to be nicely fatten and she is young, a perfect age really, I can tell more after I cut into her." he answered. "What is next?" Asked Abbas breathlessly.

Picking up a sharp knife Peter replied '"I need to get her beheaded and gutted, get her ready to hang in the meat locker." After Peter was happy with the progress of the bleeding he continued the cut to the throat around the Anna's neck slicing the ligament. Gripping her head he twisted it off. Sitting the head on the workbench he plied open her mouth and pulled her tongue out, expertly cutting it out.

Handing it to Abbas he said, "Here is your dinner tonight." Next Peter ran is knife making a cut from the solar plexus to the anus, taking care not to cut into the intestines. Using a meat saw he cut through the pubic bone. Next he opened the lower body and pulled the organs out while cutting them away from the back wall of the body tossing them in the waste vessels.

Next he sliced through her diaphragm, cutting straight down the middle the breastbone, and cutting straight through the middle. He remove removed the heart, lungs, larynx and trachea. With much interest he studied the meat on her ribs. Calling Abbas over him noted the layer of fat surrounding the lean. "I think she is going to provide you some excellent meat, just fat enough to add flavor, especially if you oven roast the meat." Said Peter. "Very good, I am getting hungry already!" Abbas replied, wishing he didn't have to wait for the meat to age.

"So I get to dine with you at least one night?" Peter asked. "Yeah like we agreed to, what's next?" "I need to wash her and get her in the locker; I will butcher her in about ten days" After completing the clean up tasks the two men pushed the caresses into the meat locker where she came to rest touching a side of beef on each side.

"That is sure an erotic sight isn't it, I mean she is just meat now, that's all?" Abbas said. Continuing he said. "I think this was always meant to be, after all girls were placed here to pleasure us, and now I have the ultimate pleasure, to be able to fuck her and then eat her." "I just know her flesh will be so succulent." He said while reaching over and feeling her still warm thighs and her young firm ass.

"Don't forget how I want her butchered, a nice rump roast leaving about half the thigh meat, say to mid thigh" Abbas requested and added. "Now much meat would that figure out to?" "Hell, good twenty or thirty pounds I would think, too much for one meal." Peter replied.

"That's okay, I don't need to eat it all at once, and after it is cooked it will keep. Abbas continued, "I want steaks from the rest of her thighs and her calves as well and of course butcher the ribs for barbecuing.

With the rest of the meat, ground is fine." "You got it." Replied Peter. "Oh one more thing………………I want her hair, I know a wig maker that will give me a 100 bucks for such nice long hair………&hellip.and did she have any jewelry, if is it belongs to me to sell, along with her clothes of course." demanded Abbas.

"Cheap Bastard." Peter muttered under his breath. Chapter 7 Abbas woke early on the big day; he was barely able to sleep anyway. He got dressed in a rush and headed to Peter's shop.

"Today we get to butcher her!" he thought "finally the meat is properly aged." He when around back and knocked on the door. He was greeted by Peter who was holding a butcher knife. Letting him in Peter led him into the shop where Anna was laying on her stomach. "Well now that are here we can get started." He told him.

He approached the girl and places his knife on the left thigh about 3 inches below the buttocks. "This the cut you want?" he asked Abbas "Yes, go for it." was the answer. Peter cut though the flesh until he reached the bone then picking up his saw he cut thorough the bone, then using the knife the finished the cut. Abbas was amazed at the speed and the skill of the operation. Peter pulled the leg back and examined the end. "Very nice!" He said "Just look at the nice specks of girl fat and the nice layer, not too little, not too much." "Nice and tender and perfect for roasting, the fat will favor the meat." he continued.

Abbas beamed at the news "Would you say she is prime meat?" he asked. "Oh yes!" Peter answer. Peter worked quickly and makes another cut above the knee. He took the thigh over the meat band saw and converted it to inch thick steaks. Soon he had his rump roast and lay it aside. Next he turned her over and marvel again at the full and shapely breasts. Abbas touch them and asked "Can you get me a couple of roasts out of them?" "Sorry" was the reply, "As nice as they look the inside is just fat tissue, not suitable for eating." Abbas thought for a while, finally he said "What about stuff breasts, you could clean them out, leaving the skin in tack and maybe get some ground meat off of her and sort of shape the skin over it and it would make a sexy roast." "Let try it" Peter said as he quicken debreasted her.

The idea gave both men a hard on. Next he split the remains and butchered off two sets of ribs. He butchered off the rest of the lesser meat and ran some of it thorough the grinder. Next he loaded the meat in a Styrofoam containers and told Abbas it was all his. Chapter 8 Abbas removed the roast from the cold water after checking the time and placed it in a very large pot, adding various vegetables, onions, celery, carrots, turnips, parsnips, parsley, granulated sugar and a half-pint of cider vinegar.

Next he covered it with cold water and starting heating it. He allowed 15 minutes per pound at low heat, skimming off the brown froth as it rose to the surface.

After the cooking time was up he turned off the heat and poured in a cup of cold water to arrest the cooking, and left the meat to cool in the water. After cooling, he lifted the meat out of the water.

Next he mixed brown sugar and breadcrumbs to a paste with the mustard and vinegar, smoothing the mixture all over the surface of the roast with a palette knife, pressing well in. Abbas baked for 45 minutes in a 350 degree over basting half-way through with a little extra vinegar. He turned off the heat and left it for 15 minutes in the oven with the heat turned off and the door slightly open. Timing being everything he called Peter and told him to start over, that dinner would be served in 20 minutes.

As Peter entered the room the rich aroma of the freshly cooked meat got his digestive juices flowing. Abbas was just finished setting the table and was opening a bottle of Merlot. In the center of the table was the freshly roasted Anna, or at least the best part of her. Abbas took great effort on the presentation and it showed. The firm young roast was so sexy looking that Peter didn't know if he wanted to fuck it or eat it.

Abbas handed Peter and glass of wine and motioned him to take a seat. "Well, what do you think?" Abbas asked. "Wow!!!" Peter said. "She looks good enough to eat. Both men laugh at the little joke. After taking a slip of wine Abbas spoke "Well, the big moment is finally here, our first taste of the forbidden flesh, if you will." "Yes." Replied Peter with hot excitement in his voice.

Abbas picked up the carving fork and knife, sticking the fork it the side of the roast. Anna's girl juices flowed out and down the side of the roast.

With the carving knife he cut into the meaty thigh. "Look at that girl meat would you!" he said. "Nice and cooked, just a little pink, cooked exactly right I would think!" He craved a generous portion and placed the meat on the carving board.

Next he cut away the outer layer of fat and placed the meat on Peter's plate. After carving a portion for himself he sits down and lifted his wine glass. "Peter. What did you say the girl's name was?' he asked. "Anna." "Here's to Anna." Abbas replied.

Peter cut off a bite size of meat and placed it in his mouth. The flavor was like nothing he ever ate, it was delicious.

He found the texture to be perfect and similar to an extra tender pork roast, except better. Adding to his enjoyment of the meat was the sexy looking roast in the center of the table.

The two men silently eat, dipping the juicy meat in a honey mustard sauce. Abbas had a far away look as he ate, not talking time to eat any of the side dishes he craved more meat for Peter and himself. They ate until they could eat no more.

Abbas passed Peter one of his expensive cigars and the two men slipped wine, picked at the meat and smoked in silent. Finally Abbas spoke. "She was wonderful wasn't she?" He added, "I find girl meat to be even better than I dreamed, it is by far the best meat I ever ate." "Oh, yes, it's wonderful and unlike beef it gives me a hard on to eat it." joked Peter.

"Peter?" "Yes" "Still got the help wanted sign." "Yes." Replied Peter "Would you put it back in the window?" "Let us discuss some business first." Peter answered. "But Peter what is there to talk about, I already have the next girl lined up for you." Mister Abbas said. "Who is she?" Peter asked. "A step daughter of a tenet of mine, about 20 years old, cute thing, only about 5 feet 1 or 2, maybe 110 pounds or less…………&hellip.I want to roast a whole girl and she will fit in my oven&hellip.I already checked." Mister Abbas told him.

"Wow you are really into this!" Peter told him. "How to we get her?" he added. "Easy, the old man is way behind in his rent………I simple offer to forget the rent, much as I hate to and give him a year more free rent." "The bastard drinks and smokes and is very sick, figure he will die in a few weeks away." he added.

"Speaking of rent……………&hellip.I need a similar deal if we are going to continue this pardons." Peter said hopefully. "What do you mean?" asked Mr.

Abbas. I want free rent on the shop for now on, do that and I will butcher any girl you want at no cost." "What, I can't do that!" Mr. Abbas answered. "Then I can't butcher this new girl for you." Peter told him. "Well I guess since I don't have to pay you butchering fees it will be worth it…………&hellip.besides I have no talent in that area" Mr. Abbas answered. He paused for a while before finally answering weakly "Okay." After a while Mister Abbas starting talking again…………&hellip."You know Peter I got contacts&hellip.mostly over the internet some of who has become friends……&hellip.they are of like mind and they would do anything to have a dinner such as we just had." He continued "So I see a possible business opportunity here…&hellip.let us say we invite some for dinner, at a very steep price of course." "Will I get a cut?" Peter asked.

"Well………&hellip.I suppose that would be fair." Mister Abbas answered. "Deal!" replied Peter Chapter 8 At ten o'clock next morning Peter knocked on Luke's door as Mister Abbas yelled "Open up Luke, I am here to discuss the rent money." As the door opened Peter was facing him and Peter towered over Luke with his 6 foot 5 inches, 275 pound frame. Luke looked around Peter at Mister Abbas. "Did you bring this guy to beat the rent money out of me asshole?" as said as he lit another cigarette using the one he just finished to accomplish the task.

Luke looked like hell. He was unshaved, overweight and blood shot eyes. He suffered from "black lung" that he got before moving to Chicago while working the coal miner. He also had a bad case of lung cancer but was not yet aware of it. He had only two months to live. After a coughing fit Luke continued "Well, shit asshole, I don't got the money no how." "Can we come in and talk about it?" Peter asked him. Slowly Luke moved it one side and let them into his dirty little apartment.

Luke was wearing a "wife beater' T-shirt and looked a mess with his blood shot eyes. Sitting on the kitchen table was an open bottle of cheap gin and a half a glass of the same. Luke picked up the glass and in one shallow downed the contents.

"Don't you know it is 10 fucking o'clock in the morning?" Peter asked him. Luke just stared at him as he took a drag off his cigarette. "Fuck me, it is 5 fucking o'clock some place asshole." he grinned. "Is your daughter home…&hellip.what is her name?" Mister Abbas asked. "The whore is my step daughter, and her name is Misty, why the fuck do you want to know for?" Luke asked.

"Well this concerns her and a business deal." Mister Abbas say. "Oh…………&hellip.I see………&hellip. a fucking business deal, tell me more." Luke grinned. "Well it seems she has caught the eye of a pimp in the neighborhood, he wants her to come to work for him." Peter told him.

"So what the fuck does that have to do with me? Luke asked "Simple, you facilitate making this happen and you get free rent for a year." Mister Abbas told him. "And the 3months I owe? Luke asked "I will forget it." Mister Abbas answered. "And she will be out of your hair forever" He added "What I have to do?" Luke asked. "Simple, number one, you tell folks she ran away and next you send her on an errand to buy some meat from Peter, the pimp will be wait there and he has a powerful way of controlling young girls." Mister Abbas replied.

"Why you need to do all this shit, why doesn't he just take her?" Luke asked. "He is in an illegal business and he like it when no one is looking for the girls working for him." Mister Abbas answered. "After tomorrow she will be working for the pimp, and you never have to support or see her again." Peter added. "Is it a deal?" Mister Abbas asked. "Fuck yes!" was the reply. "Great, sent her over just before closing time tomorrow." Chapter 9 Just a little before 9 pm Misty entered the shop.

She was wearing tight jeans and a halter that showed off her perky young tits and shapely ass. She was greeted by Mister Abbas who was wearing a butcher's apron. "Why Mr. Abbas, Sir are you working here now?" She asked in a puzzled manner.

"No honey, just helping out Peter." he answered. "Strange" she thought "He has never spoken to me this kindly before, mostly he just stares at me, kind of creepy like," "What you want Sugar?" he asked. "Luke all of sudden wants some meat for tomorrow, some pork chops." "Well they are all in the back…………&hellip.come with me and pick them out." he told her.

As they got to the door Mister Abbas opened it and motioned her. "After you." he told her. As she entered the butcher shop she felt an arm around her neck and felt herself being carried to the back wall. She was roughly tossed to the floor and she felt a knee in back and then a hand grabbed her pony tail and her head was sharply pull back, followed the feel of cold steel on her throat.

Swiftly Peter cut the jugular vein and directed the flow of blood into the drain in the floor. She heard Peter say "That is the best way to do it, doesn't; stress the meat if you do it quickly." She heard Mister Abbas say "Fuck what a nice roast she is going to make." Then she passed out. Soon she was hanging by her heels over the drain as they waited for her to bleed out. Peter took a sharp knife and sliced through her jeans, tossing them aside, she was not wearing any panties.

"Damn, just look at the nice young ass she has…………&hellip.she is going to roast up nicely." Mister Abbas said as he massaged his hard on. Peter was getting hard himself as he ran his hands over the still warm young meat." "What do you think she will dress out to?" Mister Abbas asked.

"I would guess about 40 or 45 pounds of meat." he answered as he pulled down her halter and ran his gutting knife along her stomach. Mr Abbas opened his fly and took out his cock as he approached the girl, As he ran his hands over her he rubbed the tip of his swollen penis.

"Please stand back, I need to get her ready for the meat cooler." Peter demanded. However Mr Abbas paid no attention to him, he was too busy cumming.

Chapter 10. Maria spend over an hour talking to Mr. Abbas on the phone. She found him to be as creepy on the phone as he was in the chat rooms and his postings in the cannibal fantasy group that they both belonged to along with some 800 others. In the past she provided Mr.

Abbas with nude photos of her and he always had lucid comments as to how he wanted to have her butchered so he could eat her, even if she was 36 years old. His comments thrilled her. Maria also had a cannibal fantasies that involved young women as well as her being the victim herself sometimes. Maria was very much bi-sexual. She lived in the Chicago area, it the rich part of the city and was the CEO of a major retail company.

She was what is known as a "full figure" woman and Mr. Abbas always commented to her meat. This conservation was differ from the others…………&hellip.it was a dinner invitation with a special main course. Mr. Abbas wanted to put her to work as payment for this special dinner.

She was to use her personality and popularity with some of the other members of the group to sell tickets for this rare dish at 5 thousand dollars a pop.

In the end she agreed to do it but she wanted to visit the butcher shop where the girl was aging in preparation for the oven. She wanted to meet the butcher in person and inspect the girl to ensure herself that this was for real. Secertly she was also turned on by the way Mr. Abbas describled Peter, now big he was and so strong.

"I bet he is hung like a horse." She thought. Suddenly the phone rang again, it was Mr. Abbas to tell her it was all arrange and she was to be at Peter's shop near closing time tomorrow night. Chapter 11 Peter looked at his watch, it was 5 minutes to 9 pm and like clock work Maria entered the shop. "Man look at the jewelry she is wearing.bet she doesn't make it out of this neigborhood in one piece." he thought. "Are you Maria?' He asked.

"Yes and I can see you are Peter." she repied. "You here to inspect the meat?' He asked as he walked over and locked the door. "Yes……………&hellip.I find this quite thrilling to tell the truth." she answered. "So will this be your very first taste of the forbidden flesh?" he asked. "No, it will be my second I had dinner with Mr Abbas before I came here, he grilled a thigh steak from that girl you butchered for him last month." she answered.

"So what do you think?" he asked. "Wonderful……&hellip.it was great meat……best kind of meat I ever ate and he showed me pictures of her, what a find she was!" she replied.

"Well the young bitch we got aging is just as good, except less meat………&hellip.she will be ready for the oven in about a week." he told her. "Follow me, you can have a look at her." he continued. As the entered the meat cooler Maria saw the girl hanging by the heels between two sides of beef.

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A meat hook was driven into both calfs and her legs were widely separated, her arms hung straight down and she was gutted, with her head stilled attached. Maria walked over to the girl and ran her hands over the flesh while thinking "This is for real!" "What do you think?" he asked.

"Nice, very nice…………&hellip.mouthwatering you might say." was her repied. "I am getting horney as hell." she thought. "Did she put up a fight?" she asked.

"A little but she was easy to over power and I did her quickly as to not stress the meat." he answered. The leave the cooler and entered the butcher shop.

"Never been in one of these before." she said as she studied all the knifes, meat saws and other tools of the trade. "Peter?" "Yes?" "Can I ask you a question?" "Sure." Getting red in the face she asked "Now do you think I would be………&hellip.I mean if you were to butcher me, just pretend of course?" "Well, what do you mean?" asked Peter as he smiled.

"Well I mean would my meat be good do you think?" She answered while getting redder and redder. "Guess I need to see more of you." he told her. Slowly Maria lifted her dress, exposing her long shapely legs. "Turn around?" commanded Peter. She did as told and he walked over and asked "May I?" and he pulled on her lace panties.

"If you must…&hellip.of course." she answered. He pull the panties over her shapey ass and squezzled the flesh. "Well?" she asked. "USDA Prime Meat" I would have to say Peter told her as his cock got hard. "Am I too old to butcher?" she asked. "No." Peter lied because in he had a theory that girls would be at their prime between 18 and 22, yet he wanted to taste her meat……&hellip.she was a real knock out and he knew that at 37 she was sexually at her peak.

"Peter?" "Yes" "Want to fuck me? "Yes!" he shouted. "Let play a game, can we pretend I am here to be butchered by you&hellip.can we???" "Sure" Peter answered. "Okay Maria, get undressed for me, I can't butcher you until you do that." Slowly Maria undressed and stood before him naked. As he walked around her inspecting her he told her "You are going to butcher up real nice, you got some nice juicy meat on you." He ran his hand up the inside of her thigh and felt her wettiness.

Squezzing the flesh he told her that he was going to butcher that meat into steaks. Maria signed with pleasure. "You know gal I don't want to get your blood on my clothes, mind if I undress." Peter asked. "Please do." she answered with lust in the voice. Soon Peter stood before her naked. She admired his strong body thinking "This guy doesn't have an inch of fat on him." But most of all she was most impressed by his big hard penis.

"I bet that is a good 9 or 10 inches." she thought. She kneel before him and ran her wet tongue over the tip of his cock. "I want to taste your beef." she told him as she took it in her mouth and started sucking. After a while he told her it was time for him to butcher her. He climbed up on the work table and and picked up a knife and layed on his back. He command her to mount him which her eaglely did, feeling his hot cock enter her wet pussy. As he fucked her he talked to her providing details as to now he was going to butcher her and cook her.

She yelled "I think I am cumming!" as she felt him grab her hair and pull her head back and the sharp edge of the knife on her thoart. Together they loudly came. She rested on top of him catching her breath. "God, for a minute I really thought you were going to do me for real." she say. "How did that make you feel?" he asked. "Make me cum like I never cum before." was her answer. "Peter?' "Yes" "Can we play this game again from time to time?" "You bet!" was the answer.

"Peter, you are still hard." she said. "Oh, I know, this is the most erotic thing I ever did…………&hellip.I imaged you in the oven all nice and roasted as I shot my wad." he told her. "I can't leave you like this stud……………&hellip.want a full buy blow job?" she told him and quickly added "I like to shallow." "Fuck yes!" was the answer.

They were to play "Butcher Shop" as she called it, many more times. About once a week she would call him and ask if he wanted to play. He always did. It was to become a part of their life and they even charged others to watch once in a while and pretend she was their property they took to Peter for butchering.

That revenue along with free rent kept Peter in business. Chapter 12 Maria arrived at Mr. Abbas early to prepare for the paying dinner guest. The aroma of the roasting girl was wonderful and Mr. Abbas had the oven open, he was applying honey mustard sauce. "So what is the final count?" he asked. "Six………&hellip.five men and a woman………&hellip.$30,000 total, paid in advance." she told him.

"No bad for the first roast………………&hellip.hopeful word will get around that cannibal website." he smiled. Peter entered the room and immediately hugged Maria, giving her a kiss. Raising an eyebow Mr. Abbas asked "Are you two an item?" "No, just friends." Maria replied winking at Peter. Peter walked over and inspected the roasting girl.

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"She looks great with her cute ass up like that, how is she doing?' asked Peter. "She will be ready by 6:00 pm, I and looking for medium rare and she is almost there." Mr. Abbas answer.

"Very good, but we will have meat left over…&hellip.what is you plans for it." Peter asked. Maria told him that it was part of the package deal, that left over meat would be divided between the paying guest.

"We don't get any of the left over?" he asked. "No, sorry." she told him. "Guess I will have to butcher you then…………………in order to eat later." he joked.

She winked at him again and whisked in his ear "Meet me at your place after dinner and let us see if you can't take care of that…………………but this time I am going to put up a fight!" Peter smiled boardly.

Soon the customers appeared and was greeted by the sexy Maria. One of the men joked "Hope you are the main course." Maria smiled and said "sorry." "Damn&hellip.too bad…………you look delicious." He replied. Maria told them not it worry, the chef was just finishing up a nice juicy girl and she would be placed on the table soon.

Maria open a few bottle of wine and place glasses on the table. "It is happy hour." she told them. Each poured a glass wine and each downed it in on glup and poured another. Soon the group stated to to be more talkative.

Maria asked them, "This this the first time for you……………&hellip.I mean to taste the food of the gods." All raised their hands.

"Well, you are in for a treat." she told them as she picked up a deck of playing cards and place one in each of their hands. "What this for?' one of them asked. "See you gets first pick of the cut of meat they want to start with, Ace is high." "I have a King!" said the man who introduced himself as Mr.

Smith, "Anyone beat me?" There was no reply. "Okay Mr. Smith, you pick first." said Maria while thinking "Right, Mr. Smith my ass." "I always fantasized a nice filet cut from the upper inner thigh…&hellip.is that possible?" he coarsely answered. "Sure, our butcher Peter who is doing the craving and is highly skilled can do that, I am sure." Maria told him. The woman got the next choice and she picked the other filet on the upper inner thigh.

The each make their picks and soon was interrupted by the door to the dining room opening and Peter and Mr. Abbas was carrying in a large platter with the girl laying on it on the stomach with her legs apart.

She was roasted to a golden brown. Her uncooked head was next to the body and it looked life like. Maria did an out standing job applying make-up and doing her hair. She looked as cute in death as she did in life. As Peter craved the meat the customers fell silent and started eating, paying no attention to the many side dishes on the table………&hellip.they all wanted the meat. Mr. Smith was the first to talk "this meat is even better than I fantasized…very tender and juicy, you can cut it with a fork." he said as he took another piece in his mouth, slowly enjoying the texture and the unigue favor.

After the meal Peter divided the remaining meat and gave it to each of the guest. Chapter 13 After the guest left Mr. Abbas requested the Peter and Maria stay, he wanted to discuss the next move. Maria stated that the meal was a great success and that she was sure their would be more coustomers next time once word got out on the Dolcett Girls website.

Peter looked puzzled by this and ask Maria what she was talking about. "It is a place on the internet for those who fanasize about such things………&hellip.I forgot, you don't even have a computer." Maria told him adding "It is now I met Mr. Abbas and the reason why we were able to pull this thing off." she told him. "Oh, I see." Peter said. "Any way" Maria continued there is a guy on there who has a girlfriend………&hellip.it seems she is willing even…………who he is offering up to us." "Willing?, how can that be?" Peter asked.

"Apparently she is like me&hellip.she fantasies being meat…………she really wants it and she wants an audience even." Maria told them. "An audience?????" Mr. Abbas asked. "Yes, you know to watch her get butchered by Peter." Maria told him. "Wow………………&hellip.think we can charge extra for that?" Mr. Abbas asked. "Oh, yes……&hellip.lots extra." smiled Maria. "Two problems…&hellip.first she needs to be fatten up some for the oven and she is 5 feet 11 inches so you will need a bigger oven." Maria told them.

After soon thought Peter asked "do we fatten her up or will the boyfriend do it?" The boyfriend I think………………&hellip.he also wants to participle in the dinner." she told them. "I would like to hold her in the spare back room while she gets fatten up." Peter added. "Hold your horses." said Mr. Abbas……&hellip."I need to inspect her first to see if she even needs any fattening………&hellip.too much girl fat is not a good thing." he said.

"I also want a recent picture of her before I decide." he added. Chapter 14 To be continued. The End