Hot figure desi girl riding lovers cock

Hot figure desi girl riding lovers cock
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Gina continued the manipulations on her dads cock, keeping it in her mouth and running her tongue along the underside. She loved the feel of it in her mouth and though it was her first effort at giving a blowjob, she thought she had done well judging by her dads reaction and the sperm he had shot down her throat.

Being an industrious and avid learner, she experimented with her technique while noting that the cock was again stiffening as she sucked and licked. Gina slowly moved her mouth back down the length of her dads now quickly hardening cock as he emitted a "mmmmmm".

She let her tongue trail along the underside feeling the veins and ridges until her mouth reached the mushroom head. Gina wiped her tongue quickly over the opening at the tip and then sucked the very tip of his cock to get the last of the sperm. When she no longer tasted cumm, she slowly ran her full lips along the entire shaft, sucking as she advanced her wet, warm mouth down the entire shaft until she buried her face in her fathers public hair.

She then sucked quickly and was amazed that she had been able to take the entire length. Gina's dad, the successful small business owner and pillar of the community, who had always lived his life aware of his image and propriety lay sprawled across his daughters bed with his cock firmly buried in her sucking and licking warm mouth and staring in the dim light at her wet virginal pussy he had just licked. The smell of her wetness, the enlarged clit and the folds of her young pussy lay exposed before his face.

The man who had prided himself on never having had an affair in 25 years of marriage, who employed plain looking women in his business to avoid any idea of temptation or scandal, who worried about his standing in the community and who carefully appraised situations was now hopelessly confused as his young daughter continued to administer masterfully to his hard member.

"DAMN" he thought as she slowly licked his cock all the way to the end, her warm mouth encircling it and then plunging her lips down the shaft to take it all in. He loved blowjobs and his wife, unless drunk or on special occasions, rarely provided him the pleasure as their years together increased.

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Their sex in fact had become rather boring, quick and infrequent. As his daughter became more skilled and adept at her ministrations and he gazed at the pussy he had once diapered, his mind made his decision for him.

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"I'm gonna blow your mind, little girl" he said aloud, oblivious to the circumstances, and pulled Gina over onto his face. His movement caused Gina to have to adjust and adjust she did, sucking his dick fully into her mouth and billowing her jaws outward to take the fullness. He took his hands and spread the pink lips of her pussy exposing the inner sanctum and with a forward move, plunged his tongue into his daughters pussy. "AHHHHHH", Gina groaned aloud, also now unconcerned about the situation, as her pussy felt its first tongue.

Gina's legs actually cramped from the sensation of her dads tongue plunging into her pussy and he lapped at her juices and sucked as her clit rubbed across his chin with his movements. Sensations she had never felt coursed through her body and she climaxed in a spasm of thrills and shot juices into her dads waiting mouth which sucked them up.

His face made slurping noises as he greedily licked and sucked in his daughters juices and she in turn due to the sensation and the "AHHHH" had temporarily removed her mouth from his turgid cock.

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Gina was now cramped in her legs and arms but her mouth still worked and she sucked at the head of her dads cock as he turned his attention to her engorged clit. He was now totally lost to any thought except her fullfillment and he sucked her clit, lightly flicking his tongue across it as it was pulled into his mouth in a french kiss.

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Gina, likewise taking a clue from his approach, sucked the head of his dick into her mouth and let her tongue lightly trail across the tip in a french kiss movement. Her dad pushed his hips up off the bed and she responded by pressing down as she worked skillfully now, the blowjob which resulted in his bucking her head and she in turn bobbing back down.


It only took a few such movements for her dad to again explode in a spasm and spurt his hot jism deep into his daughters willing mouth. Gina readily gulped down the entire load and rotated her hips across her dads face as she again came in wave after wave of release. they licked each others juices as their breathing returned to normal. Gina was still all cramped up and this caused her some concern but she moved off her dad and the feeling began to return to normal and stiffness left her legs.

Her dad lightly kissed her pussy and then got up, placed his now totally sucked and spent dick into his pjs and without another word left her room and went to the bathroom.

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As Gina released her dads cock from her mouth and pulled back when he rolled her off, she thought she had caught a glimpse of a shadow in the hallway. Her first thought was of her mom and then her brother whose bedroom was down the hall. Her dad had said nothing when he left but went straight to the bathroom and surely if her mom had caught their indecent and incestous sex act, she would now be killing them both.

Gina returned her blanket up over her body and then decided to wait to see if indeed her brother had caught sight of them.


Her dad had left her bedroom door open when he entered her room and though only a hall light was on, it provided sufficient light that if he had been in the hall he might have seen. Gina could handle her younger brother she thought, as she had noticed his interest in her breasts and attempts to try and spy on her taking a shower.


She knew now that her breasts could be utilized and if she played it right, she could discover another cock she thought as she smiled. Her father was in the bathroom, his mind becoming more coherent now.

"God" he thought, how had he gotten in this fix. He realized his daughters juices were all over his face and so he washed his face but since he had earlier fucked his wife while remembering the earlier encounter with his daughter (see part 1) he decided to not wash his dick though in the enclosed space of the bathroom, he could clearly smell his daughters scent all over him.

"Damn" he said as the water ran, this was so wrong and could ruin him but Jesus her pussy tasted so sweet and she had just given him one of the best blowjobs he could recall. The man who was so adept at business decisions and planning was not sure what he should do or even if he really wanted to because he wanted to fuck her now. Just the thought of it stirred a suddenly youthful cock which had been masturbated, fucked his wife and then gottten blown twice by his daughter.

He was sure his wife had remained asleep and Gina would go to sleep now so thoroughly spent sexually, he would ponder what to do tomorrow he thought as he exited the bathroom and turned off the light.