Anitta gravando clipe novo em Salvador

Anitta gravando clipe novo em Salvador
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Samantha emerged from the ladies toilet and walked slowly across the room towards Steve and I, all the other guys in the bar also watched her as she moved. When she got to the middle of the room she stopped and started to dance very seductively not taking her eyes of me and steve. You could see people were loving the view and were all staring and talking about Samantha and probably all either fucking her in there minds or imagining what was under her tight little dress.

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Steve and I already knew the answer to that and it was probably nothing. Samantha continued dancing but came towards us and placed herself between where we were satstill dancing she put a hand on each of our thighs and she started to gently stroke up and down our thighs getting closer and closer to the obvious bulges in our trousers.

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Everyone was still watching as she leaned in and started to kiss Steve deep and hard as if he was already fucking her. She stopped and moved closer to me as if she was going to kiss me but as she reached my lips with her's she pulled away and kissed Steve again just as hard as before but as she did she positioned her arse so it was between my thighs and just in line with my hard cock.

Still kissing Steve just started to grind to the music gently rubbing her arse against my inner thigh and occasionally against my cock making it jump every time her tight arse grazed against it.

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She stopped kissing Steve and started talking in his ear god knows what she was saying but I guess it was fucking horny by the look on his face. She then turned around and took up the same position but this time her arse was between Steve's thighs and she was grinding against his cock.

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She didn't start to kiss me either but told me to watch Steve's hands and enjoy. Steve was loving the show in front of h and as Samantha danced her dress began to ride up exposing her black lace stockings and just a glimpse of her lovely white arse cheeks, Steve was gently rubbing his hands on her body and moved closer to her arse as she responded by pushing back further so he could get a better feel.

All this time she never broke eye contact with me and was loving both my reaction and the attention she was getting.

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Steve took the hint and lifted the dress up further now her arse was on show for all to see and everyone was watching Sam gave out a little giggle as her arse became public and for the first time looked away from me ,she turned to look around and saw everyone was watching that seemed to encourage her even more and she lifted her dress even higher so her dress was around her waist and now her cunt was also on show. She turned back to me and said " I told you I was going to take my panties off am I a bad girl?" I told her she was a very naughty girl but I love naughty girls!.

Steve's hands were all over her arse and moving slowly out of sight too I guess closer to Samantha's fully exposed cunt. Steve looked at me straight in the eyes and as he did Sam gave out a loud squeel and jumped slightly.

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Steve had started to rub Sam's pussy and work his finger gently up and down the open lips of Sam's wet pussy. Sam started to push back onto Steve's hand to Which he took the hint and pushed first one then two fingers into her open mound.she was loving it and turned and told him she wanted more, Steve was more than keen to oblige and stuck 2more fingers up her very warm and wet pussy.

At this point she looked like a total slagthere she was in a room full of eager voyeur's leant over her husband as a total stranger had four fingers working on her cunt. Samantha started to grind back on him harder and harder as if she was trying to make herself cum she was loving it and started rubbing my cock through my trousers as she got a hard deep penatration with Steve's fingers.


Samantha looked at me and told me that she wanted fucking ! You are already getting a fucking but by Steve's hand I told her.

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Sam started laughing but said she needs to have some cock at that point she unzipped my zip and put her hand inside my trousers grabbing my rock hard cock she somehow managed to release it and grabbing the base gave the tip of my cock a little kiss.

As she kissed my hard cock the pre cum off me made her lips wet and she eagerly rubbed this around her lips and stuck a finger in her mouth so she could taste it.

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She was still getting a thorough fingering from Steve and with one sudden move she took the head of my cock and half the shaft in her mouth and started to work her gorgeous lips up and down me gradually taking more of my cock in her mouth with each downward movement. Eventually she had all of my cock in her mouth and was working her tongue around my base as if she wanted more up and down she moved as she thrust backwards and forwards at the same time like this was totally normal and she was a pro at it !

Steve was still working her wet slit but was also now rubbing her arse cheeks with his spare hand giving her a few cheeky slaps as if she was a naughty schoolgirl that needed punishment.


To be honest she was being very naughty but nobody was complaining they all just wanted a better view. Samantha released my cock and stood up straight she told me that she was going to swap places and that rather than finger her like Steve had just done she wanted me on my knees and wanted her pussy licked as she took care of our new friends cock !

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