Skinny girl loves stripping while on camera homemade and brunette

Skinny girl loves stripping while on camera homemade and brunette
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Working late one Friday night in the office for a small trucking company, I was the only one there. I had some more work to get done and didn't want to work on Saturday. I like to wear sexy clothing, but its not allowed during business hours, so I bring a change of clothes to work with me. That night I was wearing a real tight mini skirt that was quite thin and a little transparent and sat low on the hip.


I was wearing a black thong underneath. I had on a light skimpy spaghetti string top that was also transparent and fit high enough to show my belly.

I wasn't wearing a bra and my tits showed through the material. The material was light and cool and my nipples were visible. My nipples were always hard because the office was air conditioned. I didn't mind though, because I really enjoyed the tingly feeling they gave me.

Sometimes I'd play with them and make them even harder which also made my pussy hot and start throbbing, so sometimes I'd masturbate and made myself cum.

Sometimes I'd watch myself in a mirror and that made me even hotter. That night was no different. I completed my work and just had some filing to do. I thought I was alone.

I did not hear the trucks pull up outside the warehouse or the drivers come into the office.

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When I finished the work I needed to do on the computer, I filed the copies in the filing cabinet. Since my skirt was so short when I bent over, my thong was showing with my ass and pussy.


I thought, since I was alone it really didn't matter. But the thought that someone was watching made my pussy wet and start throbbing. Just as I was finished filing, and I was going to sit on one of the couches in the reception area and start playing with myself, I felt hands gently take my hips, keeping me slightly bent over.

I felt a leg gently spread my legs and then felt the rubbing of the hot groin going up and down my ass and pussy.

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I could feel his cock was already hard and as he was rubbing it against me it turned rock hard and hot. I could feel it throbbing as it strained against the tight fit of his jeans.

This made me real horny and I realized my fantasy of someone watching was real after all. While he was doing that another man appeared in front of me and started squeezing, sucking and biting my tits and nipples.

I had fantasized about hot office fucking, but this was beyond my wildest fantasies. After a few minutes, the three of us went to the couch and I let them slowly undress me as they licked and nibbled all over my body. I was throbbing so hard, I knew I was going to cum any minute.

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I pushed them both away and rubbed my wet, hot, pulsating pussy and pink, hard clit until I came like I've never cum before. They both had their clothes off and were stroking their, long, hard cocks and watched me.

I came several times, but I wasn't finished by no means. Watching them stroking their cocks and making them so big and hard kept me horny and wanting them to do whatever they wanted to me. They both came over to me on either side and I took their cocks in my hands, shocked at how hot and throbbing they were.

I licked and sucked on both their cocks one after another. I sucked and stroked them until they were both ready to cum. Although, I enjoyed the feel and taste of their rock hard cocks in my mouth, I wanted them to cum in my pussy and ass. They helped me up and one laid on the couch and I got on top of him, straddling him letting his cock slide into my tight wet pussy.

Being rock hard and throbbing, he couldn't hold his load and his cock exploded inside me. I kept riding his cock letting it ram me over and over, it felt so good.

I like a good hard fuck after I cum. He was not close to being finished either as I felt his cock swelling up inside me.

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While this was going on the other driver was fingering my ass making it ready for him to slide his cock in. When he finally slid his cock up my ass, he was also so rock hard and throbbing that he couldn't hold his load either and exploded inside me filling my ass with his hot cum. He kept ramming my ass and the other one kept ramming my pussy.

I had never tried double fucking before and didn't know it would feel so good. I came over and over while they were ramming me from both ends. They held their load as long as they could and then we all came at the same time. I felt my pussy throb harder and faster as their hard cocks started pulsating hard and fast as they filed my pussy and ass with their hot, sticky cum.

Minutes later our orgasms subsided I felt their hot sticky cum run down my ass and pussy as they pulled their still hard cocks out of me.

They licked my pussy and ass clean of our juices and I licked their cocks clean. I decided I would work late hours more often after that.

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And they said next time they were in town, they'd be happy to pay me a visit for another round. I couldn't help but think how horny truck drivers must get after being on the road so long. I was very happy to ablige them.