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The following story is a work of fiction and fantasy only. Descriptions of sexual encounters between adults and minors may be contained, so those who are offended in any way by such situations are strongly encouraged to read no further. The author in no way encourages the practice of sexual relations with members of either gender who are under the minimum age prescribed by law in there locality. Regardless if you do or do not have respect for such regulations that state that a person must wait until a particular birthday to engage in behavior that nature has prepared them for many years earlier, these laws, like any others, must be obeyed.

In addition, actual names of any persons living or dead which may be used is completely coincidental The Rest Stop BY A.T.Driver While I am not one of those guys who spends every waking minute searching for young girls to have my way with, or my sleeping moments dreaming of it, I have always had a passion for girls in what has come to be called there tween years, with the ages of eleven and twelve falling into that category.

Occasionally a girl a little younger than that will catch my eye, but not much younger. While I have no respect for the laws of man, where some arbitrary age establishing when a girl has rights over her body was pulled out of the hat, I do respect the laws of nature. I do not force myself on girls who's own bodies have not yet developed to the point that they themselves already have sexual urges. While I don't actually go out looking for young girls, I never pass up an opportunity to spend some quality time with one of them if such an opportunity is presented to me.

The encounter I am going to share with you was just one of those opportunities. I drive a truck over the road in what is referred to as a forty eight state irregular operation. That simply means I go everywhere with no established regular run. I had stopped one afternoon at one of those interstate highway rest areas you all have seen hundreds of times. Even if I was the type to search out young girls, a highway rest area would probably be one of the least productive places to search since although you will see many cute girls there, they are traveling with parents or other adult guardians.

That is why it was a surprise when such an opportunity presented itself at one of them. I had parked my truck and was entering the main building to answer the call, holding the door for a very attractive woman and her daughter who where exiting the structure. I knew the girl had to be her daughter because she was carbon copy of her mom.

I judged her to be somewhere between eleven from her facial features and possible as old as thirteen by her height. I was leaning towards the younger side though since the mother didn't look like she could be past thirty.

Of course I once knew a thirty year old woman who had a seventeen year old daughter so who knows. As I said before, the mother was very attractive and the daughter looked just like her so she caught my eye immediately. Of course I knew in such a situation the best I could hope for was a quick glimpse of her sexy little rump as she departed.

Both where brunettes with brilliant blue eyes and bodies that would give a monk a hard on. The only difference between the two was breast size, and not a lot of difference there since the mother was somewhat small breasted herself, which is what I prefer. No sag boobs. The daughter had none at all that I could perceive behind a loose fitting tee shirt.

Booth had nice trim waist and hips that tapered into very long legs, the mother being about five foot ten inches tall and the daughter not much shorter. Both where wearing those terry cloth shorts that fit a little on the loose side but could not conceal there very nice round firm butts. They both smiled, the mother saying thank you for my holding the door. The daughter just said hi and smiled sweetly when she noticed I was looking her over as well as her mom.

I guess, even as pretty as she was, she was use to taking a back seat to her beautiful mother when it came to admiring looks from men. I said, you ladies have a nice day, and I thought that was the end of it. Once I had completed my chores in the men's room and was heading back to my truck, I noticed the pretty pair leaning against the hood of an older car that was directly in my path. The mother appeared to be counting some money and as I approached I heard her say, I'm sorry Rachael but I'm going to have to.

After that break down we don't even have enough left to fill the car with gas. About time I was passing within ten feet or so from them the mother directed her voice towards me. Sir, she asked, I hate to ask you this but is there any way you could help us, just enough to get some gas and maybe enough for some dinner? Now this is something that those of us on the road hear almost every day.

Sometimes when you pull in to a rest area or truck stop, they are chasing you down with there hands out before you can even set your parking brake. Many may think drivers are heartless when they walk right on by and ignore them, but when you are hit up so often, well, a driver only has so much money too. Normally I too just ignore these people, but on many occasions, when there is a family involved, I will follow them to the nearest station and pay for there gas directly or pay for them a meal.

What I do not do though is hand them cash. I was about to make such an offer when she continued, we don't take handouts or charity though, but if you have a bunk in your truck, I'm willing to earn it. This is not an unusual thing to happen in such places either, but the proposition normally comes from some strung out junkie who last saw better days a long time before. That was not the case here. Not only was this woman gorgeous, she also had that clean scrubbed sweet heart look that would bring to mind a camp fire girls leader rather then a hooker.

And she was making such a proposal right in front of her equally clean scrubbed sweet heart looking daughter.

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The surprise must have registered on my face because she added, I don't do this very often, only when we desperately need the money, but our car broke down in Knoxville and it took almost everything we had to fix it. I have never in my life utilized the services of a prostitute and had no intentions of doing so now, and was about to tell her that I would be happy to help them but no such pay back would be required when the daughter chimed in. She had seen me checking her out so she volunteered as well.

If you like younger girls better, she said, I'll earn it too. Rachael no, cried out her mother in alarm. No way, she continued, it's bad enough I have to do this sometimes but you have never been with a guy at all before. Your still a virgin for christ sake. We where having this discussion, although I had said nothing yet, on a sidewalk in a public rest area. Although I knew no one else had heard any of this, I did see a mini van pulling into the space two spots down from us.

I finally spoke. Woe, woe ,woe, I said, while holding up both hands, Let's all go out to my truck, I have a large sleeper with a complete kitchen and plenty of food. We'll sit down, have a sandwich, and discuss all this in private, no strings attached. After having said that I just started walking to the truck without waiting for a reply.

They followed. I could still hear them talking to each other but couldn't make out what they where saying. I assumed it was an argument over the daughters offer. My suspicion was confirmed when I stopped to unlock the door and they closed distance enough for me to hear the mother tell the daughter, I still don't like it but if your sure I wont stop you either.

There was a temporary interlude in any dialogue when they got into the truck as they where in awe at it's size. I have a custom built sleeper that more resembles a luxury motor coach than what most would expect to see in truck. My god, said the mother, you could live in here. I do, I informed her, at least I spend more time here than in my apartment at home. All discussion of there financial problems and suggested remedy was put on the back burner when I ask if they like grilled ham and cheese while getting out the griddle.

A few minutes later I sat the plates on the table with sandwiches, chips, and some sliced tomatoes. I was pleasantly surprised when Rachael slide in beside me, with her mother taking a seat across from us. Girls are very intuitive even if not experienced, and Rachael had already sensed that I was at least attracted to her as much as I was her mother.

I had heard Rachael called by name earlier, and by the time we had finished our meal I had learned that the mothers name was Marie. I was informed, after asking few questions, that Marie was twenty seven years old and Rachael would be twelve in another three weeks. My own calculations told me that Marie had given birth when she only fifteen years old. I also knew now that they where on there way to San Diego with plans of making it a permanent move.

Marie told me that she had saved every nickel she could till she was sure they would be able to get there and have a months living expenses when they arrived. Then the transmission had gone out in there car, which also contained all of there wordily possessions. Between the cost of repairs and two days in a motel, they where now down the thirty eight dollars and less than half a tank of gas. By the way, they where still in Tennessee.

Two thousand miles from San Diego. I thought about it for a few minutes before making my offer.


Finally I said, You strike me as a very honest and sincere person so here is what I will do. It just so happens that I live in San Diego and am on my home with this load. I don't know if you noticed, but there is enough room on my trailer for your car. As you can see, there is plenty of room for all of us in this truck.

It has it's own bathroom and shower, but it is a little to cramped in there to be used as a dressing room.

There is even a clothes washer and dryer. You have already seen the kitchen area, and the table we are sitting at folds up so a queen sized bed can fold down out of the back wall.

There is however, only that one bed so privacy will be almost impossible. They where both so relieved and excited that someone was willing to help them so much that they where almost jumping up and down. Once they calmed down a little, Marie said, the one bed is no problem, at least you have one so I, she paused, or I guess Rachael if you prefer, or both of us have a place to repay you for your generosity. Oh no, I responded to her, my offer to help you is not conditional. You are obligated to do nothing.

Then I smiled and said, don't get me wrong, you are both very attractive and I don't think many men would not be attracted to you, but I don't believe in making women do anything they don't want to. Now should you decide you want to, without thinking you owe it to me, well, I am a man.

Marie looked me straight in the eye and said, I told you earlier that I don't do that very often and it was the truth. Even at that, I have never propositioned any man, that I would not have done the same thing with anyway. So yes, I want to do this. As she had been speaking, Rachael had slide a hand onto my lap under the table and was trying to acquaint herself with what she may find there.

Marie went on, and if my daughters hand is where I think it is, she wants to as well. And we both already know you like the young ones. Rachael blushed at the announcement, but did not move her hand. I put my arm her and she snuggled tight against me as I kissed her forehead. Alright, I admitted, I do like the young girls, but in many cases, I added while looking at Marie, I can be excited just as much by there mothers. Rachael had increased the vigor of her explorations and was now feeling as much of my hardening cock as she could thru my shorts.

How did you know it though, I asked, I hadn't even tried to touch Rachael. The young girl answered for her mom. Because I told her you did.

Mom has taught me since I was a little girl how to spot the guys who like young girls. Marie defended herself by saying, I taught you that though, so you would know which guys to stay away from. Not so you could feel them up under the table. Rachael giggled and said, but I'm not a little girl any more and he's cute.

That he is, agreed Marie, that he is. So your ok with it, I asked looking at Marie, if a grown man makes love to your daughter? I wouldn't be ok with just any man doing it, Marie answered, but I didn't see you trying to make any moves on her. This is something she wants to do. If I hadn't decided to allow it before though, the way you asked that made up my mind. You asked about making love to her rather than just fucking her. That tells me a lot about what kind of man you are.

Then Marie looked right at her daughter and said, and you Rachael, if you are going to do this, your going to learn how to do it right. I am going to be right there, on the bed with you, and teaching you how to treat a man. Talk about a hard on.

Rachael was getting plenty to feel through my shorts with me setting there listening to that. To know that for a least the next few days I was going to have not one but two gorgeous girls in my bed. And yes even though it was a mother and daughter, since the mother was only twenty seven and just as fine as the daughter, I was about to pinch myself to see if this was real or a wet dream. Marie then looked around and asked, where are the switches?


The switches, I returned her question in confusion. To turn this table into a bed, she laughed. It was extremely hard for me to think with reason since Rachael was still giving my raging hard on a good going over thru my shorts, but I did. Actually I wanted to get out of there for a few minutes to let them have any further discussion they may need to have before making a final commitment, particularly in regards to the lovely Rachael's virginity.

It's going to be dark soon, I said, maybe I should get your car loaded before we get to involved here. Marie agreed and handed me her keys. If you show me how to work all of the stuff in here, we'll get the dishes cleaned up and be all ready for you when you come back. I wasn't sure what she meant by ready, but I was anxious to find out.

It only took a few minutes to pull out the ramps and drive Marie's car on to the trailer and a few more to secured it. Rather than head right back into the truck, I decided to allow them a few more minutes and went to wash up in the rest area building rather than using my own sink. By the time I did enter the sleeper I was greeted by a sight to behold. The place was neat as a pen and the pretty mother and daughter where sitting indian style on the bed.

Both naked as the day they where born. Both of them crooked a finger motioning me to come to them. I needed no further invitation. As I was heading towards the bed Marie said, with Rachael you'll have to stick to oral only tonight.

I hope you don't mind, but I looked in some of your drawers and couldn't find any condoms. I'm on the pill but I don't want to be a grandma by the time I'm twenty eight either.

No worries, I told here, vasectomy several years ago. Marie grinned real big and looked at her daughter teasing, I just heard something, and it was a cherry popping. She then dived on Rachael while a tickling match ensued. Once the serious conversation had ended and the decisions made, it seemed these two visions of beauty where more like sisters than mother and daughter.

Of course with a mother only fifteen years older than the daughter, I can see how this could easily be the case. Having two sexy naked females wrestling around in front of you will get any mans libido going fast. It took me less than a minute to be as naked as they where and join in there tickling. I wasn't particularly trying to cope feels, there would be plenty of time for that later, but I didn't try to avoid sensitive areas either. Even though she was still a virgin, Rachael seemed completely comfortable being nude in my presence and only giggled when my tickling fingers passed over her pussy.

Eventually the girls where becoming winded and just lay back on the bed to catch there breath. What a sight. These two looked enough alike to be twin sisters.

The only thing that set them apart was Rachael's more youthful appearance and total lack of breast in comparison to her mothers small but firm perky tits. Below the waist there was no perceivable difference in them at all.

Both where tall with Rachael being almost as tall as her mom. There long shapely legs flared into well rounded but trim hips and between both of there legs, totally bald pussy mounds. Marie saw my gaze moving back and forth between the two delectable hairless pussies and laughed. She pointed at Rachael's sex and said, complements of mother nature, and then at her own saying compliments of lady schick. I was standing on my knees and Rachael was starring wide eyed at my rock hard cock standing straight out from my belly.

Are they all that big, she asked her mom. Hum, deliberated Marie as if having to really think about her answer before telling Rachael, I would say it's about average sized. Some are bigger and some are smaller, but Jim's is just about right. It'll be a nice snug fit without killing you. Rachael was doubtful and asked, but it will fit right? Yes baby girl, it will fit, her mom assured her.

Us girls have a lot more inside than it looks like from the outside. Now let mommy show her little girl what to do with one of those. Marie had me lay down on my back between them as she told Rachael that she would demonstrate and then the younger girl was to do what her mom had shown her.

Just lay back and enjoy Jim, we are going to do all the work, Marie told me. Enjoy? I had a feeling that was not even going to adequately describe what was about to take place. I had been with several virgins over the years, but never one who brought along her own coach.

Both girls started sliding down in the bed so that there heads would be at my waist, Marie already giving verbal instruction on the way. Ok baby girl, if you are really wanting to have a good time with a man, you want to get him off once before he fucks you. If a guy hasn't got off in a while he may come pretty fast the first time and you want him to be able to last longer than that in your cunny.

Marie began demonstrating how to accomplish this by running a hand up and down my stiff cock a few times before replacing it with her tongue. She delicately licked all over my erect member, swirling her tongue around the rubbery head, and then slowly with just the tip of her tongue traced her way all the up the sensitive underside of my dick from the ball sack to the head and then sucked my cock into her mouth.

She didn't take it into her throat but just mouth fucked me about a half dozen full strokes of about four inches of my length before withdrawing her mouth and instructing Rachael to now do what she had just witnessed.

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Rachael was a very good student and did everything her mom had just demonstrating with almost as much skill as Marie had shown. When Rachael did take me into her mouth she went down a little to far at first and her gag reflex taught her not to do that, but she caught on quickly. Marie having noticed her daughter gagging a little on her initial attempt to mouth fuck me said, don't try to take to much this time baby girl, I'll teach you how to get it all down your throat later.

In case you have never had the privilege of watching a beautiful woman teach her equally gorgeous daughter how to give head using your cock as an instructional aid, let me tell you, it was going to prove the point Marie had tried to make to her daughter and I was going to pumping cream into one of there mouths very soon. The two had switched off on sucking my dick several times, with occasional stops for Marie to give Rachael a few tips, including showing her how to fold her lips back a bit so she would avoid scraping my cock with her teeth.

I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and Marie had sensed it as well. The last time Rachael had taken over the mouth fucking duties Marie told me, let me know when your about to cum so I can get it in my mouth.

I don't know if she is going to like that yet she added while gesturing towards the head presently bobbing up and down on my dick. Then you better take over now I answered her while gritting my teeth to hold back my climax. Marie had just got her mouth back on me when the first stream sprayed against the sensitive tissues there in.

Even the experienced Marie wrinkled her brow a bit at the sudden increase in temperature the discharged caused in her mouth. Marie pulled her mouth off my cock before I was completely finished cumming and with precise timing caught the last couple of streams in cupped hands.

Marie then turned to Rachael and opened her mouth enough to show her daughter the mouth full of the thick white substance then made sure Rachael saw her swallow it down. She then told her daughter, I love this stuff but you might not like it.

Marie held out her cupped hands to Rachael and said, I saved a little so you can try it. Rachael, seeming to trust her mother totally, did not hesitate to stick her tongue into the small pool of my cum Marie had offered. Rachael brought her tongue back into her mouth sampling the flavor and then without a word hungrily licked her mothers hands clean.

Marie smiled at me and said, I think she likes. Marie crawled up and snuggled next to me as Rachael said with excitement, that stuff is great. I had no idea it would be so good she added and then asked, when can I have more? Marie pointed to my softening cock and told her, you can probably find a little more there. Rachael was back on my dick in a flash, cleaning every bit of flavor she could find with her tongue and trying to suck a drop or two more from the now limp appendage.

Marie asked, you think by the time we get to San Diego she will be a pretty good cock sucked on her own? By then, I repeated to her in return, I thought she was doing a top notch job just now. Of course she had a very good instructor too. Well, Marie actually blushed against my side. I have had a lot of practice.

I told you I don't trick very often but that has only been true since I got pregnant with Rachael. Up till then I made a lot of soda and candy money sucking men off. She would later tell me that what had got her started as a child prostitute when a neighbor man raped her at the age of eight.

He had fucked her virgin little pussy rawdoing nothing first to even try to stimulate any lubrication in her before plowing thru her hymen and burying himself deeply into her, and then pulled out at the last minute and forced his cock into her mouth, pumping it full of his cum.

She said when he was done, the ass hole had actually tossed a dollar bill on her chest and said, go buy some mints to get the taste back out of your mouth slut. What he didn't know was that the taste of his cum was the only part of the ordeal that I enjoyed, she had related. Another thing he had taught her, was that men would pay a little girl to suck there dicks, and sometimes pay more if she would let them do a little more. She had also learned that they would pay a premium to do it in her tight little butt.

It had also been one of these men who had fathered Rachael although she had no idea of who he was. She had added that even though Rachael had obviously inherited her mothers sex drive, and that she had never lied to her about what she did, she was determined her daughter would never have to sell herself just to be able to eat. Rachael was still just playing with my now limp member, sucking on it some and actually rubbing it all over her face. Finally she asked, how will it ever get in my cunny now that it isn't all stiff any more?

I chuckled and said don't worry sweetie, if you just keep doing what you are, it wont stay soft much longer. She giggled as I added, but there may be something I can do that you will like very much while we wait for that thing to recover. I whispered in Marie's ear, there is nothing I love more than the taste of a girl while she's still a virgin. Oh she's gonna love that, Marie whispered back to me with excitement.

I didn't even know men did that for a year after my first time. We had Rachael lay down, Marie telling her to spread her legs wide.

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I stopped her and said, lets take our time and make sure this precious girl really enjoys this. I had Rachael roll over on her stomach and started kissing, licking and nibbling my way down her back. starting from the hairline on her neck, trying to be sure not one spot of flesh was missed. I skipped completely over her perfectly formed tight firm butt, wanting to make it my final destination on her backside, and worked my way from her feet up in the same manor as I had her back.

By the time I reached her ass, Rachael was moaning and purring like a content kitten. I began massaging her delectable rump with both hands while paying tribute to it with my mouth as well. Marie took notice that I was spending a great deal of time munching on her daughters ass and said to the younger girl, you pick em good honey, he's a butt man for sure.

Evidently Marie herself would appreciate some rear attention and I fully intended to let her have some before the night was over. Eventually I reluctantly had Rachael turn over and hide from me her delicious ass for a while as I began giving the front of her body the same treatment the rear had received. I spent extra time on her nipples which had her add some dialogue to her moaning and purring. Oh yeah, she kept murmering softly as I sucked and nibbled lightly on her hard nubbins.

Many guys make the mistake of ignoring the nipples of a totally flat chested girl, not realizing they are just as sensitive, if not more so, as those of a woman with fully mature breast.

When finally reaching Rachael's vaginal area, I still avoided her slit even though her legs where spread wide open by now and had exposed her folds to my eyes, including the tiny entrance into her virginal depths. I kissed all around it though, nibbling on the sensitive flesh of her mound until she was thrusting her hips in an attempt to push her pussy towards the mouth she was receiving so much pleasure from.

Finally I pushed my tongue into the bottom of her slit, pushing my tongue hard against her entrance and then slowly drug my tongue up through her slit towards her clit. I was moving my tongue very slowly and as I did so, the pitch and volume of Rachael's moaning's increased at the same pace, and her hips also began to arch up trying to increase the pressure of my tongue against her sensitive tissues. Finally upon reaching her clit, I sucked the tiny knob into my mouth and began quickly flicking my tongue over the tip of it.

The effect was as if I had flipped on a light switch.

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Rachael instantly exploded with the first orgasm of her young life. For a first orgasm, Rachael was experiencing a powerful one too, as she cried out in sexual fulfillment. I wasn't worried if she could be heard by passers by. We where in the truck parking area, and I knew any other driver walking by would simple get a chuckle out of it without the knowledge that the voice he heard was coming from an eleven year old girl.

I was reluctant to let her clit depart from my sucking lips as I wanted to prolong her orgasm as much as possible, but I knew that the delicate flavored nectar I loved so much would be pouring from her cunt at that very moment.

I replaced my mouth on her clit with a thumb to continue manipulating her trigger and brought my mouth to her opening. God she was delicious. There is nothing in the world that taste as good as the juices that come from a never before fucked pussy, and she was gushing. This girl was a squirter and I wanted every drop in my mouth. Before her orgasm began to die off I decided to save her the pain of losing her cherry and pushed a finger into her vise like opening.

I knew the pleasures of her intense climax would over ride any pain she might endure from the rupturing of her hymen. She was so tight I had to use considerable pressure but I pushed in all the way to the hilt, with no resistance from a non existent hymen to slow the progress. I knew though that a lack of an intact hymen did not mean she was not still a virgin. Many girls lose there cherries in a variety of ways, from a hard fall on there rumps as a toddler, to a fall from a bike later, sometimes not even knowing themselves that they no longer have one.

Marie would later confess to me that it had been her, who had intentionally relieved Rachael of her hymen. She explained that it had not been a sexual thing, but that as soon as Rachael had been potty trained and no longer had accidents during the night, the hymen no longer having it's true medical purpose for being there to begin with, she had let the girl have a glass of sweet wine one night.

the little girl thinking she was enjoying grape juice. Once the sedative effect had the girl sleeping soundly, Marie had ruptured her hymen with a finger. I just didn't want to take a chance that she would ever experience the excruciating pain I did when that ass hole busted my cherry. I didn't actually finger fuck Rachael though, as I just withdrew my finger from her after discovering the lack of a hymen.

Her orgasm seemed it was going to continue as long as I kept eating her cunt so I slowly started to slow my stimulations so she wouldn't be to exhausted to experience the final event.

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I had been so intent in my attentions to Rachael I hadn't noticed Marie had been masturbating herself to her own climax while watching me munch on her pre teen daughters treasures. As both of there orgasms began to subside, Rachael just lay back with her eyes closed, trying to catch her breath, and Marie said to me, I hope you like doing that with a grown women as much as you do little virgin girls. Not to worry my sweet, I assured her, my mouth waters when I look at you too.

Marie grinned and said, it's going to be a long night, and four more nights of it, I hope you have plenty of those little blue pills. None needed I informed her, just seeing both of you naked in my bed is all the viagra I'll need. Of course I doubted any man could hold up to the sex drives of these two forever, I knew though, with the miles we had to cover during those days, my equipment would get plenty of recovery time between rounds in the sleeper.

Of course at the time, I didn't know that both Rachael and her mom where going to decide it was particularly exciting to suck me off while going down the road. Rachael had recovered by now from her orgasm and was in awe. That was incredible she said, make it happen again she added, looking at my now recovered and once again rock hard cock. You going to put it in my cunny now, she asked with enthusiasm?

I looked at Marie for one last assurance that she was ok with a grown man putting his cock into her young daughters virgin body. I would rather she waited a few more years, Marie said, but if it is what she wants, then go ahead.

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I know her body is ready. I then looked Rachael straight in the eyes and asked, are you sure this is what you want to do sweetie? You know that once you have gone there you can't take it back. You only get your first time once. I've wanted to for a while already, she answered, every since I learned about it. I wanted you to do it as soon as my mom started talking to you by the car. The decision being final, Marie took charge again, having me lay on my back once more and showing Rachael how to get on her knees straddle me and lower herself onto my cock.

When I say she showed her, I mean she showed her, impaling her own surprisingly tight pussy onto my cock till her mound was pressed tightly against my pubic hair. Wow, I would have never though that a woman of twenty seven, although still young, would still have such a tight cunt considering her prior sexual experiences and having given birth.

Marie worked her hips to move my cock in and out of her pussy a few times. She included a few rotations of her hips showing Rachael how to receive the most pleasure from a stiff rod inside her. Marie was starting to get pretty worked up herself and eventually stopped moving while she just sat with my dick completely buried in her and leaned over supporting herself with hands on either side of me.

She grinned sheepishly at her daughter and said, I know you have never actually seen me doing this, but I think I better stop now or you will end up having to wait for Jim to get hard again. Marie was lifting herself off my cock when Rachael said, that's ok, he can just do the same thing with you he did with me while I wait. Marie just thanked her for the offer and then informed the young girl, most guys don't like to do that after they have put there cum in there.

I then quickly informed them both, that I was not one of those guys. I am not particularly into eating my own excretions, but have no objections to it either after they have mixed with the delicious juices contained in a woman's pussy. Marie still gave up her position reluctantly saying, no honey this is your night, and there will be other nights for both of us. As far as I was concerned, both of these beauties where going to have a load of my cum in them before this night was over, and I would have no problem eating Rachael's cum filled cunt once more if need be to be sure my dick brewed up another shot for her mother.

Rachael got into the same position her mother had been a few minutes before and did not hesitate to reach between her legs and guide the head of my cock to her entrance. She had even already put some downward pressure on it, lodging just the tip of it tightly into her little hole before I could stop her. I saw no signs of fear on her face but wanted to caution her anyway.

I did not explain that I already knew she had no hymen. I didn't know if she where aware of the fact or not and considering the remark Marie had made earlier about hearing the sound of a popping cherry, I did not know at the time that her mother was aware of it either.

Even without a physical cherry, I knew that Rachael could still experience some discomfort while trying to get something the size of an average cucumber into her tight sheath. This may hurt a little at first honey. It wont hurt for long but just go very slowly at first. Go only as far as you can and then stop and let your body get use to it before you put any more of it into you. Ok, was all she said before letting her weight go and taking my entire cock into her in one stroke. Her face had wrinkled considerably and she had cried out a little during own merciless introduction to intercourse.

Rachael had her elbows bent and her hands balled into tight fist. Her eyes where clinched closed so tightly it was obvious she was trying desperately to fight back tears. Marie jumped up instantly and hugged her daughter tightly from the side trying to comfort her. It's ok honey, it's ok, your going to be alright, just don't move at all for a couple of minutes. It wont hurt anymore if you let your insides adjust to it slowly.

I could tell the initial shock was passing from her when Rachael squeaked out, I guess I should have listened to you. A few seconds later she let out a breath and said, I didn't know it was going to get bigger when it went in. Knowing she was past the initial pain, Marie and I both laughed a little and I told her, it didn't get any bigger sweetie, you just put it in a place a lot smaller than it is way to fast.

You didn't give your insides time to stretch a little at a time. Well, she responded, you might say it didn't get bigger but it feels like I have a softball bat in me. Her mother and I both laughed again and the movement caused my cock to shift in her cunt a little. This having not caused her any discomfort, Rachael began moving her hips a little to explore the new feelings as my cock moved around inside her. Before long a sweet smile appeared on her face and she said, it still feels a hundred times bigger than it looked, but it feels good too.

Rachael's pussy was extremely tight, but not that much more so than her mothers incredibly tight cunt. Her mother told her to start moving up and down on my cock like she seen her doing but to just go a little at time slowly till she was use to it.

Plus she said, it's your first time so take your time and get to know how it feels as it slides across all of your inside walls. Ok, Rachael responded and then reinforced that she had learned her lesson by adding, don't worry, I'm going real slow this time. Marie lay back and snuggled close to me as if she though it would be neat for as both to watch my cock slide in and out of her little girls body. It soon became evident that her intentions where not so voyeuristic. She whispered to me, I think I was more scared than she was.

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I always knew this day would come, I'm just so glad she found a man as patient and gentle as you to do it with. Marie was not a bad mother for allowing what was happening with her daughter.

It was obvious she loved the little girl with all of heart. She was just a realist too, and was happy she had been able to help her daughter learn the joys of her body in a safe environment. I had put my arm around Marie while she was talked and had starting massaging a barely B cup tit that was almost as firm as the cock in her daughters pussy.

We actually ended up having a pretty intense make out session while Rachael was getting use to my cock. Rachael had worked herself up to actually fucking herself in full length strokes on my cock and seemed to be doing so with relative ease. Her attention left her own pussy for a moment though and she saw what was happening between her mom and I.

Hey she called out, your suppose to be fucking me, not sucking face with my mom. Marie and I separated as we burst out in laughter. This got Rachael to laughing to and she just sat there, impaled on my cock as we all laughed so hard my side hurt for at least three minutes. When we finally settled down Rachael just put her hands on her hips and said, well I guess you two can smooch if you want to, I'll just do this by myself. This caused another round of laughter and then I said, no your right sweetie, a girl as sweet as you deserves my undivided attention.

I put my hands on Rachael's hips and she leaned over supporting herself with hands on my chest. can I go faster now, she asked? Your in charge my sweet little angel, I told her. You go as fast or slow, and as gently or hard as you want. I'll just keep up with you sweetie. Rachael got a sinister look on her face and said, you'll try. She didn't even start out slow. It was if she had somehow sensed that she was going to want her fucking fast and furious.

Within less than a minute our pelvic bones where slamming into each other with bone vibrating intensity. Rachael was getting into it vocally as well. Oh fuck yea she was crying out. Fuck my pussy, Fuck it harder. I only knew of one way to fuck her any harder than I already was so I rolled us over without my cock ever leaving her canal.

I pushed her legs back till she was bent almost double and began jack hammering into her as hard and fast as I could. She loved it. The harder I fucked her the louder she got. I knew that any drivers walking buy right now where probably stopping to listen for more. As long as they where not aware of the age of the one making all the racket I could care less what they heard.

I had never before experienced a young virgin who wanted to be fucked so hard her very first time. At this pace though, I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and I wanted her to experience an orgasm on a cock. If I couldn't hold out for her though, I was prepared to quickly get my mouth on the trigger in her clit as soon as I had cum.

Finally when I though the dam was surely to break at any second, Rachael cried out, it's happening again, I'm cuuuming. I released my hold on her ankles which where up beside her head by know and slammed deep into her for the last time as I felt a very powerful blast of cum leave me.

By the time I felt the second stream coming I also felt Rachael's long legs wrap around and try to pull me deeper into her as her pussy vibrated around my cock. I couldn't believe I was cumming so much since it had been little more than an hour since I had emptied myself into Marie's mouth. By the time Rachael's orgasmic tremors where slowing and the last of my cum left me, I was so drained I couldn't hold myself up off of her anymore.

I collapsed unto the bed, barely able to direct myself to the side to avoid crushing the young girl. Rachael's hips where still jerking a little as the last waves of her orgasm continued while I lay there trying to catch my breath.

When I was able to raise my head off the pillow, I saw Marie sitting by her daughters side looking intently at her sex. I had cum way to much for Rachael's pussy to be able to absorb it all and some of it was making it's way back out of her.

Every time more cum oozed out of her cunt, her mom would scope it up on a finger and bring it to her own mouth. When she saw she was being observed, Marie blushed and said, I'm really not into girls, I just love the taste of your cum. She would later tell me that only once in her life she had gone down on another female. It had been when she was ten and a guy she propositioned had offered her two hundred dollars if she would eat his wife's pussy while he watched.

I really didn't want to and I didn't like it either, she told me, but this guy was offering two hundred bucks and then he threw in another hundred to fuck me in the butt while she watched. I was use to getting twenty for a blow job. I told her I thought the guys where getting quite a bargain to get a blow job from a girl as pretty as she must have already been by then for only twenty dollars.

She just shrugged her shoulders and said, I didn't know, twenty dollars seemed like a lot to me at the time. Then she added, when I do have a turn a trick today though, I guy isn't even getting a hand job for less than fifty.

I didn't tell her so, but this woman could have easily brought in a grand a night in Vegas, and been home early enough to tuck Rachael into bed, even after giving the house there cut for turning a blind eye. This was obviously not the life she wanted though, so why mention it. Rachael was barely recovering from her orgasm when she asked, can we do it again? Marie spoke up and said, hey hold on there little one. He's got you off like gangbusters twice and I haven't had a turn yet.

Rachael laughed, and said, ok mom, I guess you should have some fun too. Then Rachael looked at me and asked, you said this truck has a shower, is it ok if I use it? Sure I told her, let me show you how it works though. It's not like one in a house. Marie got up too so she could see what I was showing her daughter.

Both where very impressed when I showed them a computer panel that controlled all of the sleepers functions. They where even more impressed to learn that you could punch in the exact temperature and water pressure you wanted for your shower leaving only one mechanical valve to turn once in the shower itself. If you give it a couple of minutes. I told them, it will even adjust the water temp in the pipe itself so you don't get that initial blast of cold water when you first turn it on.

Very cool said Rachael as she headed into the bathroom forgetting to ask about towels. It was going to be sweet seeing that body come out of there glistening wet. Marie went over and stretched out on the bed stomach down. She said, I'm already boiling hot so you can just go straight for the butt if you want.

That was like giving a fat man a free pass to the all you can eat buffet. Within seconds I had my face buried in her glorious ass. I was just rubbing my face up and down her butt with my nose buried in her crack. Uhm she moaned, you really are a butt man aren't you. To answer her question I extended my tongue to her puckered little rosebud and pushed it into her as far as I could.

Oh yea, that'll get this bitch in a heat real fast, she groaned. I continued eating her ass hole while reaching between her legs to push a finger into her hot sopping wet pussy.

Owe, she moaned, you can start there if you want, she moaned to me, but if you want to finish off where your tongue is I love it there too.

God this woman was so sexy and loved sex to boot. What more could a man want. A beautiful woman who loved sex, and had a young daughter who was just as beautiful as she was, and she was willing to allow me to enjoy making love to her as well.

I was already trying to figure out a way to take a little longer getting to San Diego. I knew I would never run across this kind of situation again. Marie was as hot as she was going to get. After watching the activities between her daughter and I for the last few hours she would have been ready to fuck with no preliminarily at all. I am one of those men though, who enjoy the preliminaries as much as most women do.

It wasn't long though before she came up on her knees, hoisting her butt into the air and said, fuck me, fuck me now.

My cock had attained hardness again as soon as I had started tonguing her ass so I was able and willing to comply. As I was just starting to push into her cunt from the rear Marie added, you know how Rachael liked it, I guess it's just in the genes so fuck the shit out of me. I rammed into her as hard as I could on my initial entrance. Marie cried out, yes, oh god yes, a man who knows how to fuck.

Now I was actually hoping other drivers where gathered outside. I had been pounding into Marie's tight pussy for about fifteen minutes, her slamming herself back onto me as hard as I was fucking her.

Suddenly she cried out, fuck my ass, put it in butt, fuck my ass hole, please, fuck it hard. I pulled out of her cunt and pointed my cock barely and inch higher and began to push into her rectum. Marie knew how to control her sphincter muscle and allowed it to open as my cock, well lubricated from her cunt, slide easily into her. Don't go easy Marie begged, just fuck me, fuck my ass hard. I immediately began pounding in and out of her tight ass as hard as I had her cunt.

She was ramming herself back unto my cock encouraging me to fuck her even harder yet. At first I had assumed that her early experience with men who had no regards for her mutual enjoyment may have led her to think hard and fast was just the way it should be done.

That would not account though for Rachael's instant desire for be fucked fast and furious as well. Maybe Marie was right, and it was just in there genes.

I had pounded into Marie's butt for another ten minutes when she started bucking and crying out loudly in orgasm. I wasn't going to let all of that wonderful liquid spilling out of her empty pussy to be wasted. I pulled out of her as fast as I could and began lapping her cum up as fast as she could expel it.

And I thought Rachael could put out some juice. Her mother was releasing it in torrents. As soon as her orgasm began to diminish, she realized that I had not come yet. She turned, shoving me onto my back, and literally dove onto my dick, sucking it into her mouth without regards to where it had just been. This time she swallowed me completely down her throat and began making a humming sound. The vibrations of her vocal chords set me off in a flash. Marie just pulled back enough to catch all of my cum in her mouth rather than letting it spray directly into her throat where there are no taste buds.

As her mouth filled with my cum, Marie actually experienced another orgasm. Not nearly as intense as her previous one, but her body still shuddered as she let my cum slide slowly down her throat. In all of the excitement neither of us had realized that Rachael had come out of the shower and had been standing there dripping wet watching my dick pound in and out of her mothers rear entrance. She had also observed that her mother had been enjoying this genuinely. I want to try that she informed us.

We both just laughed and I said, maybe tomorrow sweetie, maybe tomorrow. Rachael crawled back onto the bed with us, still wet and cuddled to me.

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We where soon all fast asleep with me in the middle and a beautiful well satisfied girl snuggled to either side of me. Sometime during the middle of the night, I woke to find Rachael once again sucking my cock. It must have disturbed her mom as well, as Marie just said, Rach, when it comes out of his cock it will be very hot in your mouth so don't let it scare you.

With that, Marie just rolled over and went back to sleep. I woke the next morning to find Rachael still sucking on my now limp cock in her sleep as if it where a pacifier. I could continue this story into full book form but I am going to wrap it in a few more paragraphs. By the time we reached San Diego it had been decided that Marie and Rachael would stay at my apartment till Marie could find a job and save up a little money.

Six months later we decided to make the arrangement permanent and where married with Rachael as her maid of honor.

I suggested that we look for a larger apartment since mine only had one bedroom. The immediate reaction from both of them was, why, the bed is big enough for all of us? As would be expected, as Rachael entered her teens she had to try experiencing relationship with boys her own age.

It seemed though, that after any date, she could hardly wait to get home so she could be, as she put it, properly fucked.

When she was nineteen however, she met a young man only two years her senior who captured her heart. She had let her guy, who's name was Jason know about her home living situation and he had no problem with it, even though she made it perfectly clear that she would always still want to occasionally sleep with her step daddy regardless of how far there relationship progressed.

Only a year after they had met, Jason and Rachael where married in a small ceremony on the beach at sunrise. It had been decided that Jason would move in with us.

We did then actually find a bigger place but actually it was just a house with a bedroom large enough that two queen sized beds could be pushed together and we special ordered bedding to cover it all. We sleep every night with Jason and me on opposite sides of the bed, and the women we love between us.

Rachael was not the only one to benefit from having two men she loved to share her life and body with. Marie has come to love Jason just as much as her daughter does. No one ever wears clothes of any kind in the house and many nights we sleep with Rachael in my arms and Marie in Jason's. Even now in her early twenties, Rachael still likes to sleep with my cock in her mouth as a pacifier.

While my sweet wife enjoys her slumber with Jason's cock buried in her butt. You may think this sounds like a ridicules life style, but it works for us. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. We are now five and both Jason and I can hardly wait for my beautiful four year old step grand daughter to get a little older. After all, her grandmother has already taken care of her cherry.