Romantic sex wiyh neck kissing

Romantic sex wiyh neck kissing
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I rolled over and slammed my hand down onto the alarm, ending the annoying ringing that had woke me up.


It was the first day of summer, and I had forgotten to turn my alarm off so now I was awake way earlier than I had wanted. I decided to get up instead of trying to regain sleep. I went down to the kitchen and fixed myself a decent breakfast of cereal. After I proceeded to the shower and preparing for the rest of the day. I finally looked at the clock again and saw that it was 8:30.

I suppose I should take time to say who I am.

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My name is Nick Hunter, I am 16 years old, and live in California. I'm about 6'1", 155 pounds, short dark blonde hair. I had an athletic body due to the amount of soccer I played usually daily for either my school's varsity team and now since that ended it was usually just personal training at a local park with an IPod or something like that.

I lived with my mom, older brother Jake who was 21, and younger brother David who was 13 in a good house. After killing time on the computer and other various activities like watching TV or just listening to music I got a text on my cell phone asking if I wanted to go to a beach bonfire later tonight from the girl I had been chasing after for the better part of half a year, Jayne Spindler. I had known Jayne since I had started high school two years ago, and we had been good friends throughout those two years.

Jayne was one year older than me and going to be a senior in high school, about 5'4", she had shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes that reminded me of a tropical ocean, about 34B tits, a wonderful tight firm ass, and a great body since she was a soccer player as well.

It wasn't until I had broken up with my last girlfriend, Katey, that I realized how much I liked Jayne.

The only problem was that I knew Jayne had no interest in me, or so her friends had told me after I had asked them to see if she had any feelings for me. Jayne's best friend was a very close family friend of mine named Amy, who I had known for the better part of 12 years.

It was to her I went when I wanted to know if Jayne had any feelings for me, I was heartbroken when she had told me did not. The bonfire wasn't supposed to start for another 30 minutes, so I sat down to watch some random TV show with my younger brother.

I woke up an hour later and quickly jumped up and grabbed my car keys and hopped into my Nissan Altima and started driving towards the beach. When I arrived there I found Amy sitting with some other girls from school, "Hey Nick, deciding to show up fashionably late as usual?" she said in her usual sarcastic tone.

"No I fell asleep on the couch and David forgot to wake me up" I said "Do you know were Jayne is? She said she would be here" I asked. "Yea I saw her go for a walk down the beach towards the peer. I saw Kevin get up and go the same way about 5 minutes later just to let you know" she said. I sighed in frustration. "Ok thanks Amy" I said with my anger clearly audible from my tone. Kevin was Jayne's ex-boyfriend, She had broken up with him last month after she walked in on him cheating on her with one of the slutty cheerleaders from our school.

"She told me to tell you to go find her when you get here she wants to talk to you, be careful if you find Kevin though" she informed me. Almost everyone knew how much I hated Kevin after finding about him cheating on Jayne. Not just that, it was the fact that he kept trying to get her back was the most annoying part of it. "K thanks Amy" I said.

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I started off in the direction of the peer, really hoping that I wouldn't run into Kevin trying to convince Jayne to go back to him. After about 5 or 6 minutes of walking I heard a voice above me on the peer itself and connected it to Kevin.

"I don't know why you keep ignoring me like this Jayne." "How can you be so stupid Kevin?! You cheated on me and you still keep trying to get back with me, take the clue and leave me alone!" Jayne said harshly.

"Why can't you just accept my apology Jayne?! I made a stupid mistake" he pleaded "You didn't make a mistake, I know exactly what you wanted. Since I wouldn't have sex with you, you found someone who would.

You cheated on me and to me that was basically saying I meant nothing to you. Now just leave me you pathetic piece of shit!" Jayne replied fiercely. "You fucking bitch" Kevin shouted. Then I heard the slap of a palm onto a face, and then I heard Jayne exhale in pain. This sent me over the boiling point as rage filled my body and I took off at a sprint up to the entrance of the peer.

In the distance I could see the outline figure of Kevin leaning over Jayne's crying body. I reached them in what seemed like no time.

Kevin heard my pounding footsteps and looked up just in time to see me lunge at him and tackle him to the wooden plank floor of the peer. I threw my fist into the side of his head over and over again. Somehow Kevin managed to get a hard blow into my stomach which sent me backwards and then he started slamming fists into my stomach and head.

I kicked out hard into him and as I got up I saw him running at me, just before he got to me I dropped onto one knee and flipped him over my back onto the floor of the peer. As he was getting up on his hand and knees I sprinted over to him and threw my knee into his face and I felt and heard the satisfying crack of his nose breaking as he passed out.

I stood over his unconscious body breathing heavily. It wasn't until I heard Jayne's sobs that I came back to reality. I rushed to her side and found her arms and face badly bruised from Kevin's attacks. I reached out to touch her, but as soon as I made contact with her arm she panicked and let out a sob.

"It's ok Jayne it's me, Nick" I whispered comfortingly to her. "Oh thank you so much Nick, I wasn't sure what he was going to do" she cried fearfully.

"It's going to be ok Jayne, he won't hurt you anymore. I'll protect you from him" I said reassuringly. All she could do was cry into my arms as I held her. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up." I carried her back to my car, and sat her down in the driver's seat as I fetched one of the first aid kits I had from the trunk. I turned the light on in the car and began cleaning up some of the dried blood from her nose. I handed her an icepack and told her it was for the swelling.

She held it over her left eye as she looked down at the seats. She suddenly dropped the icepack and inhaled in shock. I looked up and saw her staring at my face.

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"OH MY GOD, are you ok Nick?!"She asked as she saw the extent of my injuries on my face. I could still feel a little blood flowing from my nose and a cut above my right eye.

I'll be fine, I'm more worried about you though" I told her. Let me clean you up a little at least, it's the least I could do." She pleaded. I refused her at first telling her I was fine. "Nick, I will NOT take no for an answer" she said forcefully. "Fine if you have to." I said. She then proceeded to get another first aid kit from the trunk (I had quite a number of these due to soccer injuries). "This will sting…A lot" she warned as she picked up the anti-septic spray.

"Fine, do what you have to" I told her. "Close your eyes" She warned. I did as she told, as soon as the spray hit the gash above my eye I muffled a cry. I won't lie, that hurt like a bitch. After she had put a bandage over the gash, she kissed the top of it." There you go, all better" she said. I looked up and smiled at her and was rewarded with a smile that melt my heart. "Oh yea, I just remembered. When I got here Amy said you wanted to talk to me about something." I said curiously.

"Oh…yea I did. I completely forgot." She said. "If you want to wait to talk about it that's fine, you've had a rough night." I said. "No, I want to talk to you still" she informed me. "Ok whatsup Jayne?" I asked. "Well, Amy told me earlier today about how much you care for me" she told me. My heart started beating a lot faster. "Oh, what did she say exactly?" I enquired. "She said that you broke up with Katey because of how much you liked me, I just want to know if that's true." She asked me this in a tone I couldn't make out.

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Was it anticipation? No it couldn't be, Amy had already told me Jayne didn't care for me like that. "Yes, it's true. I love you Jayne, I have since I met you two years ago my first day of high school when Amy introduced us. If you don't feel the same way about me, I understand.

It will hurt me a lot, but I still hope we could be friends. I don't want to lose what we hav…" she cut me off there as she kissed me enthusiastically on the lips. I returned her kiss with the same amount of enthusiasm, we both opened our mouths and our tongues danced with one another.

She broke off then.

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"Take me to my house, my parents and little brother are out for the weekend." She informed me. "How did you get here?" "Amy drove me here, I assume when she realizes both of us are gone were we are." She said lustily. "Then what are we doing here still?" I asked her sarcastically. With that she moved over to the passenger seat as I put the keys in the ignition and took off out of the beach parking lot. We must have made it to her house in a record time, or so it seemed to me.

Jayne unlocked the front door and opened it. As soon as I walked in after her, the door closed behind me and I was pushed onto her couch. Her lips were planted forcefully onto mine and she tugged my shirt off.

She ran her hand down my chest and abs, it was like firecrackers exploding under my skin every time she touched my skin. I pulled her shirt off her and exposed her black lace bra covered tits. I reached behind her as we were still kissing and unclasped her bra, exposing her perfect tits. I felt her hand fumbling with my belt buckle, I helped her take my pants off so that I was laying on her couch in just my boxers. I flipped her off from on top of me to underneath me, and I started pulling her pants off exposing her shaved pussy.

"No panties?" I asked. She only blushed and nodded. "You naughty girl." "How naughty? Show me" she said seductively. With that, I moved my kisses slowly down her body from her lips, to her neck, to her breasts, spending time sucking each nipple.

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I then continued my kisses down her stomach till I was kissing the inside of her thighs. "STOP TEASING ME ALREADY NICK!" she moaned. "What you don't like it?" I asked sarcastically. "NO!" she practically shouted it at me. "Fine ruin my fun then" I sarcastically. I pulled her pussy lips apart with my fingers and licked her slit. I slid my tongue inside of her and started sucking on her pussy lips. I moved my tongue out till I was licking her clit, I then slid two fingers inside of her pussy and proceeded to finger her and lick her clit at the same time.

Her breathing became labored and her head lolled back with her eyes closed in pleasure. "Nick, I'm gonna cum." She breathed out as a whisper. "Do it Jayne, cum for me baby" I encouraged her. She then let out a long moan and her juices flowed over my chin as she came. She was breathing hard still as she got onto her knees on the floor in front of me as I sat on the couch. "What are you doing" I asked "Returning the favor" she told me as she licked the bottom of my rock hard cock from my balls up to the head.

Once she reached the head, she engulfed half of my shaft in one go and continued to bob her head up and down on my dick and fondle my balls at the same time.

She continued this for what felt like an eternity to me in my world of pleasure until I felt that familiar pressure build up in my balls.

"I'm gonna cum Jayne." I warned her. "Do it, cum in my mouth Nick" she commanded me. That was all the encouragement I needed before I blew my load into her mouth. As each spurt of cum sprayed into her mouth she swallowed the previous one. We both sat there breathing deeply for a minute and then she said "now put that fucking dick inside of me.

I want you to take my virginity tonight Nick." "Are you sure?

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I don't want to you to do something you don't want to do" I asked. "Yes I'm sure, I love you to Nick. I want you to be the one to take my cherry." She told me. My heart filled with joy as I heard this. "Then it will be a night of firsts for the both of us." I informed her. "Really? I thought you…with Katy" she asked confused. "No I didn't, now let's do this beautiful" I told her as I guided the head of the cock to her pussy. It wasn't until I got here till it dawned on me.

"Jayne, I don't have condom with me." I told her. "It's ok. I've been on the pill for a year now." She informed me "Now put that big dick inside of me Nick" With that, I slowly pushed the head of my dick inside of her. One the head was in, I could feel the resistance that is her hymen. I looked up into her eyes once more.

"Go ahead Nick, I trust you to be gentle" she said. We both took a deep breath, then I pushed past her hymen and I heard her whimper in pain.

I sat like that for about a minute till she said "go ahead, I'm fine now." "Are you sure?" I asked her "Yes, it hurt at first, but now it feels really good.

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Go slow at first though baby" she told me. I did as she asked and started to push all the way in and then pull back out slowly. I slowly started to increase my pace, but apparently it was too slow for her, "Come on Nick, Fuck me HARD" she told me. I complied and started to thrust as deep as I could into her, and then pull almost all the way out till it was only the head of my dick still in her before I shoved it back into her hot, tight pussy.

I rubbed her clit as I fucked her. "Oh yea baby, fuck me. Does my tight little pussy feel good wrapped around your big dick?" her dirty talk was driving me crazy, and I knew I wouldn't last much longer. Jayne started breathing harder and faster, "I'm Gonna cum soon Nick. Want me to cum on the big dick of yours?" "Yea baby, do it.

Cum on my dick as I fuck you" I told her. It wasn't much longer until I felt her pussy spasm and clamp down on my dick.

This was enough to send me over the edge. "I'm gonna cum Jayne." I informed her. "Do it Nick, Fill my pussy up with your hot cum" she said. With that, I came hard inside her pussy.


I rolled off from on top of her and laid next to her on the large couch. "I'm tired" She said as she yawned. I picked her up and carried her to her room.

We both laid down on her bed and fell asleep almost immediately. Part 2?