Flawless playgirl loves to ride dick

Flawless playgirl loves to ride dick
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###This is my first story, so go easy on me.### Athena - 1 "Look at that stream! We should stop and go swimming!" Athena exclaimed as we barreled over a small bridge in the work van. I stop the van and put it in reverse and stop again, this time on top of the small bridge.

I peer out of the window and gaze upon the stream. The water was crystal clear and as still as glass. I could see an almost perfect reflection of the trees on it's surface. "but we don't have bathing suits." I responded. My response was flirty in that Athena and I have been flirting with each other all week.

"so what?" she replied with a playful wink, which happens to be the reply I was looking for. "I would be all for it, except this customer is expecting us in about twenty minutes." There were actually two reasons I resisted jumping out of the van, stripping and jumping in the water. For one, We DID have an appointment in twenty minutes, and two, I am a married man and am trying to stay faithful. Although my wife is beautiful in her own right, Athena is a woman who makes my blood boil.

She has amazing long brown hair, with gentle waves that frame her beautiful face perfectly. Her cheeks have a natural blush color with a complexion so clean, she has no need of makeup. Even her lips are full and glistening red. Her deep green eyes are wide and alert. She can communicate to me using only her eyes. They are the kind of eyes that are so gentle and inviting, a man cannot help but stare into them, becoming lost and forgetting about any anxieties or frustrations.

except for the sexual kind. Athena's body is just as hypnotic and enticing. When scanning her from top to bottom, there are no imperfections.

Her slender neck and clavicle form an arrow pointing to her bulging cleavage that she proudly displays in the v-neck shirts she often wears. (Today a slightly see thru, white v-neck.) Her body shape still leads the eyes further down to her thin waist before expanding again into her lusciously wide hips.

Her legs are finely shaped and slightly muscular in her short jean shorts. All of this graciously standing in work boots, of all things.


"awww." Athena whimpered. I look her right in the eyes and respond. "Seriously, trust me. I really wish we could." I work for a cable company installing cable in homes and businesses.

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Our clients mostly live out in the country. Athena, however does not usually work with me. Normally she works as a secretary at the office.

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Everett, the other installer, has been out on vacation this week and Athena was asked to help me do installations. The company's owner preferred that she learn what we do, that way if either Everett or I left the company, he would at least have someone who has worked in the field to take over.

If this is sounding like a very small company, well, it is. To this day, I regret not swimming with her that day. What was I thinking? What would have been wrong with an innocent little swim?

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Would that be cheating? Even if we let in to our carnal desires and fucked like animals right there in the water, would that really make me a bad person? The temptation was almost uncontrollable. I was so incredibly turned on, that all I wanted to do was to have an orgasm. The tension was that high.

Even if we had gotten naked, there would have been no way to hide my erection. The sight of her nude would have been enough for me to explode in orgasm without any physical contact to my erection. But alas, I had somehow succeeded in talking my penis out of anything rash (bad choice of words?) and was able to finish out the day. Athena and I did not speak of the situation the rest of that day. The next day I arrived at work and checked the installation schedule for the day.

We had two installs before lunch but the schedule was empty after that.

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Athena and I do our routine paperwork from the last day's installations and proceed to head out on the work van. After the two installs were completed, it was time for lunch. Typically, Everett and I would pull in to a fast food joint and eat inside. The day before, Athena had brought her own lunch. This was not the case today. "Where would you like to eat?" I asked. "Hardee's sounds good, what do you think?" "Sounds good to me." I replied.

I took the work van through drive thru, got the food and started driving out of town. "Where are we going?" Athena asked.

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"I'm not into eating in the van, so I thought I'd pull into an awesome place I know." "Where is that?" She asked. "It's a surprise." I hinted. About five minutes outside of town, I pulled over into a roadside park. The park has a small parking lot with a couple of picnic tables and outdoor park grills.

There is a small creek bed surrounding the small park on all sides except for the road we pulled off of. Beyond the creek was dense forest that made the area quite beautiful and intimate. Luckily, the place was completely empty. After clearing a picnic table of leaves, Athena and I chit chatted for a bit while we ate. It was fall, with green, orange, yellow and red everywhere. There was a slight breeze, and the air was crisp. Suddenly, a minivan pulled in and drove past the parking spots and back towards the road it pulled in from.

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It stopped about twenty feet or so from the road. I looked at Athena and just shrugged and we continued to chit chat. "Jeffery." she said quietly while looking curiously over my shoulder. I turned around and looked at the minivan. It was rocking back and forth. We could hear muffled moaning from inside and it was obvious the woman was nearing orgasm. After a few minutes the moaning got louder and louder until finally the woman was screaming at the top of her lungs.

The minivan stopped rocking and after a few minutes, drove off. I looked back at Athena with a shocked expression and then we both busted out laughing. We must have laughed for a good five minutes until we could hardly breathe. "Were you expecting ANYTHING like that?" I asked.

"No, but it did get me a little wet." she replied with a half-cocked smile. I admit, I was incredibly turned on as well. We sat in silence for a few minutes, occasionally glancing at each other and smiling. During those minutes my mind was racing. I thought about just leaning across the table and kissing her right now, but I was reluctant because I am a married man.

I know I could have her right here, right now. The risk of it all only made the situation worse. I realized that I should explain myself to Athena, and ask her if we could mutually cease flirting since I am a married man.

"Listen Athena, I really like you and I know we seem to have an amazing chemistry together, but I." "Jeffery!!!" she exclaimed, cutting me off. At that moment, I knew for sure that I had overstepped my bounds, and now she was going to tell me off. After a few moments of a concerned look from her, she suddenly leans over the picnic table, grabs the back of my head and forces her lips onto mine.

My mouth immediately opens, inviting her tongue into my mouth. With my eyes closed, I feel her tongue circle mine, then flicks the tip with hers. This sort of kissing continues for a few minutes until I feel the need to take a few deep breathes. I break the kiss and look at her. Her eyes are closed.

Slowly she opens her eyes and for just a few moments we stare into each others eyes. My body is tingly, like pins and needles all over. I get the butterflies for the first time since 8th grade.

Athena leans in to kiss again, except at the same time she is crawling up onto the picnic table on her knees. I have to stand slightly so I can meet her lips with mine. While we kiss for the second time, I slowly lean Athena back so that she is laying on the picnic table. At the same time I position myself over her and to the side so that my body weight is not on her, but the kiss isn't broken.

My hands cradle her head under her hair, and at the same time, her hands circle around my waist.

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Her hands slowly inch downward and gently squeeze my buttocks. I keep my left hand under her head while my right hand slowly moves down her side and gently brushing her right breast. I move my hand further down and inward to her belly. She squeezes my butt even harder. I take this as a signal and move my hand further down yet, skipping over her mound and squeeze her inner thigh. "Unnngggghhhhh" she moans as her hands move away from my butt and towards the front of my pants.

I prop myself up slightly to allow her to undue the button and unzip my pants.

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Her hand finds my erection immediately and rubs it slightly with the palm of her hand. I hastily pull off my shirt and kick off my shoes. Athena lies there looking up at me and I can't help but smile.

She smiles back up at me and starts to pull up her shirt while I pull down her jean shorts. Although not my intention, her panties slide down with her shorts, revealing her smooth, hairless slit underneath.

"Sixty-nine me NOW!" she demands. I position myself over her so that my face is over her slit and slowly bring my crotch closer to her awaiting mouth. She pulls out my cock and gently puts her mouth over it, slowly taking an inch or so of me into it.

While she does this, I start kissing the area around her slit, paying special attention to her mound, and the area directly above her clit. Athena spreads her legs to reveal her va-jay-jay in all of it's beautiful glory. I breathe softly on her clit and start kissing around it, but not directly except for the occasional tongue flick. All the while she is making muffled moaning sounds as she starts to focus the back of her tongue on the sweet spot on my cock, slowly increasing in speed and pressure.

I start to lick her clit directly but gently now and insert two fingers into her moist entrance. Athena stops licking me and I stop, turn my body around so that I am facing her, with my cock at her entrance missionary style.

She places her hands on my hips and slowly pulls me to her. Even without a hand to guide me into her, my erection finds it's way.All without breaking the smoldering eye contact.


To be continued.