Latino teen gay twinks gallery and smooth young small asses xxx I saw

Latino teen gay twinks gallery and smooth young small asses xxx I saw
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He was the one who wasn't trying to jump every woman in the Grownup Fun Finder New England chatroom. He didn't say much but when he did it was to the point and from the heart. It was clear from his handle, blknsweet, that he was a black man. For some reason I'd been thinking about black men. A lot. It kind of put me off, though, that he'd say he tasted sweet.

How did he know? Had he tasted himself? But on a whim I clicked on his handle to look at his profile. I quickly realized that he was talking about his personality and not something else when he said he was sweet.

And he did seem to be. His profile gave me the same feeling I had about him in the chatroom.

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Okay. I'll admit it. The next thing I checked was his "male endowment". So sue me. He said he was of average length but "extra thick".

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I felt myself tingle down there. So where does he live? Oh shit. My heart started beating fast. He lives in Albany. I sat back in my chair and exhaled nervously. The palms of my hands were damp. I knew I was going to do something that, if I thought about it too long, would scare me to death. "Hey blknsweet, we're neighbors," I typed. "Is that so," he replied. "I live in Albany too." "Cool.

Would you like to meet sometime?" "Maybe. Let's get to know each other a little first." "That's cool. Do you have Yahoo Messenger?" "Yes." "Contact me. The handle's the same." And I did. Even though it took me a couple of minutes to type in his handle because my hands were shaking so much. He responded right away and we began to chat. With a gentle calmness he steered the conversation, asking me questions and offering information about himself.

And he seemed to want to know me as a person. The subject of sex was only touched on briefly. The more we chatted the more I felt myself relaxing.

He told me his name was Royal. I told him mine. We chatted often over the next several weeks. The subject of sex was coming up more and more and we were both enjoying the flirtation. He asked if I'd like to see a nude photo of him. I said, "But of course." God, he was beautiful. Rich dark brown skin and the build of an athlete. He told me that he'd been a wrestler in college and had made a point of keeping in shape afterwards.

It made me feel very insecure; I mean, why would he want to be with me? I'm 45 and time has done some damage. And I could lose a few pounds. But a girl can dream. The only disappointment was that he was soft. When I said so he replied by saying that he wanted to keep some secrets for when we met. He asked for a photo of me and I kept putting him off. But he kept asking. So one Saturday when everyone was out of the house I figured out how to use my husband's digital camera and started taking some pictures of myself using the timer feature the camera had.


I started out full clothed. I knew, however, that he wanted more than that. I slipped out of my dress and took one of myself in my bra and panties. I felt like some kind of pervert. But I was having fun. I took off my bra and cupped my breasts in my hands, thinking of him seeing me like this.

I could feel the familiar ache of excitement in my pussy. The last photo was of me on the bed, wide open, showing him everything I had. I had to use my vibrator. A couple of times. The photo I sent him only showed my face. He said he thought I was beautiful. I didn't really believe him but there was a little spark of hope that seemed to grow stronger every day.

I'd look at the photo of him lying on his side on a bed, smiling into the camera as if looking into my eyes, his penis and balls dangling against his thigh, and try to imagine what it would be like to be with him. He asked me if I had any special fantasies.

After sharing a couple of rather tame ideas, and with some prodding from him, I confessed that I'd never been with a black man. He asked if there was anything else. It took me a couple of days to work up the courage to tell him I had fantasies of being with two men at once. He revealed that he'd been in quite a few threesomes with a woman and another guy and had enjoyed them.

Immensely. I very shyly told him he was sending me to my bed to use my vibrator on myself after every chat session. He said he liked thinking about that.

He kept asking me if I was ready to meet and each time I told him I wasn't. But the flames of hope and desire were burning brighter. He would sign off by saying he was a patient man. And he was. "Lena," he wrote, finally. "How about getting together for a cup of coffee? No expectations.

No pressure." I took a deep breath. "Okay." I could feel myself trembling as we made the plans. We agreed to meet at a Starbucks in a mall not far from my house in three days, in the evening; I figured I'd say I needed to do some grocery shopping. As the time of our meeting drew near I became more and more nervous. By the morning of the fateful day I was a wreck.

What am I doing? I thought to myself. Meeting a strange man for sex. A gorgeous younger black man. With a well upholstered middle-aged body like mine. I'm insane. I almost didn't go. I got myself there in stages. I'll just go to the mall, I told myself. I won't meet him. Once I was at the mall I decided I'd walk past Starbucks, I wouldn't go in. Maybe I'd catch a glimpse of him. My knees were shaking so hard I could barely walk.

I felt as if I was losing the sensation in my legs. The first time I cruised by my heart sank. He wasn't there. Two black guys were sitting at one of the tables but all the single men were white. Several stores past Starbucks I sank down onto a bench, my hands clasped between my thighs, biting my lip. I must have looked odd but I was past caring.

After sort of pulling myself together I made a pact with myself that I'd give it one more shot and then go home. There still weren't any single black men. But when I was almost past, almost free, one of the two black men seated together caught my eye.

I realized it was Royal. I stopped, frozen. He smiled and beckoned me over. "This is Nathan," Royal said, once I'd managed to cross the distance between the entry way and their table. He stood up to pull out a chair and help me get seated.

I needed help. "I hope I wasn't out of line to invite him. I was thinking of your fantasy. He's a nice guy too." I looked at Nathan.

Thinking he must know I had fantasies about being fucked by two men. I knew I was blushing. I was probably the color of a firetruck. He looked into my eyes and smiled, as if a woman wanting to be with two men was the most natural thing in the world. He wasn't leering at me at all. He was a good looking man, darker than Royal, and much slimmer. Not skinny, by any means, but not as built up. While Royal went to the counter to get me a Caffe Latte, Nathan and I began to talk.

He asked me some general questions and I struggled to answer coherently. But Royal was right, he was a nice guy. After Royal returned the three of us chatted.

I began to relax. And then I started having fun. They were both warm and funny. Nathan was quieter and in some ways I felt closer to him. But Royal had a sexual aura that made my body hum.

The sound of Royal's voice, deep and resonate, caused a vibration deep inside me. The reason for our meeting wasn't brought up until almost the end. "Well, as far as I'm concerned you're a beautiful woman, as I've mentioned. I'd love to be with you," Royal said. "I think Nathan will agree." "Oh yeah," Nathan said. I was stunned by the sincere appreciation in his voice.

I took a deep breath. "If you want me you can have me," I said. I couldn't believe I was saying this. But I'd never meant anything more in my life. "Great," Royal said, standing up. "I promised not to pressure you so let's leave it at that for now. If you still feel the same way in a couple of days we'll set something up. Come on, we'll walk you to your car." Nathan stood and I did too. It felt strange to be escorted by two lovely men who I knew desired me. Part of me hoped that no one I knew would see me and another part wanted the whole world to notice.

We walked through the parking lot and I realized they were both wearing Lagerfeld cologne. One more thing to stoke my fires. As if I needed anything. "This was fun," Royal said when we got to my soccer mom SUV. "You're exactly the person I thought you'd be." I was staggered by his compliment. And I was beginning to believe him.

I offered no resistance when he pulled me close, his full lips melting over mine. His tongue teased.


I opened my mouth and sucked him in. He pressed his hips against my tummy and I could feel him hardening. I slid my hands around his waist and pulled him closer. I could feel him chuckling into my mouth. Sliding my right hand down I felt the bulge between us. He hadn't been kidding about how thick he was. It almost felt as big around as a soda can.

I grasped him in my fingers and he pressed against me. I was moaning. And then he stepped back. I felt bereft. The car door was cold against my bottom. Royal took hold of my elbow and gently guided me towards Nathan. I knew he wasn't forcing me, that if I hadn't wanted to he would have stopped. But God did I want to. A moment later it was Nathan's arms and Nathan's lips.

This man, having just watched me with Royal, was already hard. I could tell he wasn't as thick but he seemed longer. By the time he let me go I knew my panties were drenched. This was like a dream. "Goodnight Lena," Royal said. I shakily got into my car. "Goodnight Lena," Nathan said, just before I closed the door.

I watched them walk away. I thought about feeling their cocks. And their kisses. I pulled up my dress and got myself off. I had to stop again before I got home and do it again. This lady was going to get fucked. Oh boy, was she going to get fucked. By two beautiful black men. I had to stop once more. I chatted with Royal the next day and we began to make plans.

He said he could meet with me alone or with Nathan. I said I wanted both of them. "Yeah, I kinda thought you would," he wrote. "I could tell how turned on you were." "I had to masturbate three times before I got home and then lock myself in the bathroom." Sharing this kind of thing was getting easier all the time. "Lol, lol, lol. You're a very sensual woman, Lena. That's what I like about you. Nathan likes that too. We're gonna love getting you all hot and juicy and fucking you until none of us can fuck anymore." Oh God, talk about hot and juicy.

I could feel myself starting to flow. It took almost two weeks before we could make any definite plans. And then it just seemed to work out. The girls wanted to go to a concert in Buffalo and my husband insisted on taking them because he didn't trust their friends.

Because the concert would end late in the evening he decided that they'd stay in a motel before coming back the next day. It was easy enough for me to say I had too much to do at home to spend two days away.

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It turned out that both Royal and Nathan could make it at the same time. I was very excited and more than a little scared. I kept hopping around like a demented rabbit. And couldn't keep my hands off my pussy. It was kind of embarrassing to have to go out at 10:30 at night to get batteries for my vibrator.

My husband and kids noticed my agitation but I told them I was worried about something at work. None of them seemed to question my answer. A minute after I waved goodbye to my family, late in the afternoon, I was in the shower. I primped and pampered myself. Put on makeup. Did my nails, on my toes as well as my fingers.

Sprayed on perfume. And then I put on lingerie.

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And took off lingerie. And tried on one dress. Then tried on another. And tried not to think that in a very short time I was going to be doing unspeakable things with two men in my very own bedroom. I was in my short robe, with nothing on underneath, when I heard the sound of two car doors slamming. I ran to the window. Oh God, it was them. The doorbell rang.

I stood in the foyer for what seemed like forever, breathing heavily, and then opened the door. The first thing I saw was Royal's broad smile as he walked inside. Nathan was right behind him. "You ready for us, Baby?" Royal said.

He seemed to know how nervous I was. "As much as I'll ever be," I said, my voice cracking. Royal scooped me up in his arms and kissed me, covering my mouth with those warm full lips.

I could feel Nathan's hand slipping up under the robe and touching my bare bottom. Royal cupped the back of my head, running his fingers into my short brown hair, and eased his tongue between my lips. I could hear myself moaning. Nathan's fingers found my pussy. "This girl is more than ready," Nathan said, stirring his fingers inside me. "I think it's time to adjourn to the bedroom." They each took one of my hands and I led them down the hall and into the bedroom.

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"I think you should undress us," Royal said. "Go ahead, have fun with it." I began by unbuttoning his shirt. When I was finished I pulled his shirt out of his pants and ran my hands over his chest and sides.

He was so solid. I licked his nipples and drew in the familiar scent of his cologne. I pulled the shirt down his arms. My fingers were trembling as I undid his belt, and opened his fly. I pushed his pants down his legs. Now there were only a pair of red boxer shorts. I pushed those down too. "Oh," I breathed as his cock was revealed. It was very thick. And hard. I tried to put my hands around it, my small white hands. I saw a bead of precum on the tip and bent down to lick it up. Royal sighed.

"Do Nathan," he said, his hands on my shoulders, pushing me back. I was aware that Royal was taking off his shoes and stepping out of his pants and shorts while I repeated the undressing process on Nathan.

The moment I was done I felt Royal's hands tugging at my robe. All at once the three of us were as naked as the day we'd been born. "Come on Babe," Royal said, climbing into bed. I followed. Nathan was right behind. There I was, snuggled between these two beautiful men, their hard cocks brushing my thighs. Then they each grabbed a leg and pulled me open. Everything that happened next is kind of a blur in my memory. A blur filled with indescribable physical pleasure.

I'll try to remember it all as clearly as I can. I think it was Royal who had his fingers in my pussy next. And on my clit. Rubbing me. I reached out to take their hard cocks in each of my hands.

At the same moment they each leaned over to suck and lick my nipples. I'd never experienced anything remotely like it. The mere idea of it made me gaga. To have two beautiful men wanting me, the proof was in my hands, was enough to make a girl come right there. And to have them giving my breasts such sweet attention, hearing the moist sounds, seeing their faces and pink tongues, feeling my sensitive titties responding, put me right over the edge.

It seemed as of from then on I was having one orgasm after another. Royal was working two of his fingers, slick with my pussy juice, into my bottom. I'd told him I liked that.

He was gentle and careful and I felt myself relax. They slid right in. He began moving them in and out, twisting them slightly.

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It felt marvelous. Then he pressed his large thumb deep inside my cunt. It didn't feel like a pussy now. It was definitely a cunt, all hot and hungry. He was fingerfucking me in both my holes. "Feel good, Baby?" He said. "Oh God yes." I moaned. "Don't stop." Nathan lifted his head and looked down to watch Royal's busy fingers. Then he looked up to catch my eyes. He seemed to enjoy the expression of pleasure on my face. And then he repositioned himself and began licking my clit.

He used one of his hands to play with my breasts. I thought I was going to die. I'd never been so excited in my life. I think I came at least twice before Royal pulled out his fingers and stretched out beside me.

Nathan was still eating me. "Would you like to ride me, Baby?" Royal said, holding his thick hard cock straight up. I didn't need a second invitation. I straddled Royal, facing him. I looked down to watch the big, chocolate colored, head swallowed by the pink lips of my cunt.

I slid down a bit and then lifted up. He felt so good inside me. I could see my juices gleaming on his shaft. I pushed down again, taking more this time.

I felt so full. Royal was playing with my swinging breasts while Nathan, behind me, was running his hands over my body. Over my bottom and back, caressing me. "You're so soft, Lena," Nathan said. "I love the feel of your skin." "And I love the way you're touching me," I said, turning to look at him.

Royal was starting to thrust up into me, groaning a little. His sounds excited me. Nathan was fingering my butthole. "Put it in, Nathan," I said. I meant his finger. He moved up behind me and I felt his cock pushing at my behind. "Wait. Wait." I yelped. "I'm not sure I'm ready for that." He backed away slightly. Royal stopped moving. "I'm not going to hurt you, Lena," Nathan said.

"If it hurts I'll stop." I did want him to do it. "Okay," I said. "Hang on, I brought some lube," Nathan said.

He got off the bed and went to his pants. Royal and I resumed fucking. I closed my eyes and moved on him. I was thinking about how it was going to feel to have them both inside me. In no time at all, it seemed, Nathan was back.

He drizzled the lube on my bottom and began working on my hole with his fingers. He was as gentle as Royal had been and soon I was relaxed again.


And then it was his cock slowly pushing its way in. "Oh. Oh. That feels so good," I said. It was very exciting to feel them both moving inside me. My moans spurred them on and they both began thrusting powerfully. It was kind of awkward but satisfying in a way I'd never known. "I'm coming, Lena," Nathan said with a groan, sliding deep inside me and going rigid. And then I could feel him pulsing.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah," Royal said. "Me too, here it comes Baby." And I could feel him too. I shuddered with my own orgasm. I sank onto Royal's chest, squashing my breasts against him. Nathan remained inside me but supported himself on his arms so his full weight wouldn't be on me.

Then he withdrew. "Well, now you can say you've been royally fucked," Royal said. He gently eased me over onto my back. "Oh Jesus Royal," Nathan said.

He got off the bed and headed for the bathroom, "I think it's about time you put that one on the shelf and left it there." "But it's true," I said.

Royal put his hand on my belly, sliding up to my breast. We could hear Nathan urinating, the toilet flushing, and then the water faucet came on.

When it was quiet I said, "but I got Nathanly fucked too." We heard him laugh, the sound booming against the tiles. "It doesn't have quite the same ring," he said, emerging from the bathroom, his cock and balls damp. He climbed into bed with us. His hand was soon on my other breast. Royal got up to make his own trip to the bathroom, quickly returning. We cuddled, stroking and caressing each other. The guys didn't try to touch but they didn't seem to mind if their hands made contact from time to time.

It was almost non-sexual. More the human comfort of skin against skin. I felt very relaxed and cared for.

"How long have you known each other?" I asked. "Since we were kids," Royal said. "I take it I'm not the first woman you've both done this with?" I wasn't sure why I asked this. A part of me knew I didn't want to know the answer. "No, you're not," Royal said, turning to look me in the eyes.

"Does that bother you?" "A little," I said. It was a lot more than a little but I wasn't going to say so. Nathan picked up on my feelings. "We don't team up on every woman who crosses our path," he said. "There've been three over the years. You're the fourth." "And you're special, as they were. I had that sense about you when we chatted and Nathan agreed when we met at the mall," Royal said.

During this conversation they were running their hands over my body and I was running mine over both of theirs. Gently exploring. "The last one was five years ago," Nathan said. "White?" I asked. "Black," Royal said. "We're equal opportunity fuckers." We all laughed.

"What happened?" I asked. "Her life changed. She wanted to find something more traditional. We see her sometimes at church," Nathan said. "At church?" I said.

I had difficulty envisioning the two of them in a church. Any church I'd been in, anyway. "Yeah," Nathan said, smiling. "She sings in the choir.

We're the ones who don't show up that often. But Royal and I were raised in the church. She's always friendly but it's obvious she wants to leave those times we had behind." "The other two were white," Royal said. "But that was way back when. They're long gone." The conversation continued, jumping from topic to topic as conversations do. Then, slowly, the gentle exploration became more heated. Nathan began playing with my pussy, slipping two of his large fingers deep into my cunt.

Royal shifted around so that I could take his half hard cock in my mouth. I enjoyed feeling it swell between my lips. But soon the size of it made my jaws ache so I contented myself with licking the shaft and kissing and sucking the head. Nathan moved into position between my legs and began teasing the lips of my pussy with the head of his cock. Sometimes entering me an inch or so and then pulling out. He was beginning to drive me crazy. "Fuck me Nathan," I moaned.

"I need you inside me." He pushed himself all the way in and then started fucking me with long gentle strokes. Our conversation had created an intimate bond among the three of us and now it felt more like making love.

Royal moved so that I could rest my head on his thigh, playing with my hair. I continued to stroke his cock. The physical sensations were delicious but having this sense of glowing intimacy amplified my pleasure ten-fold.

I could look into Nathan's eyes, reading the desire he felt for me, and then turn my head and look into Royal's. Nathan was moving faster now. He and I were beginning to express the intensity of our feelings with moans and sighs. "Oh God, Nathan, you're going to make me come," I said.

"Yeah, Baby, come for me. Tell me how it feels," he grunted.

"Oh God, it feels fantastic," I said, "I love the way you fuck me." "Shit you two look beautiful," Royal said. "Get that sweet cunt all warmed up for me, Nate." "Oh, yeah, I want your big cock in me next," I moaned.

"That big black dick filling me up. Oh shit. Fuck me Nathan. Oh sweetheart." And I was gone. Warm flowing waves of orgasm washed over my body.

The power of it made me quiver and shake. Then Nathan was coming too. We all rested there for awhile, quiet and relaxed. Royal kept running his fingers through my hair, touching me, caressing my skin. And then at last Nathan pushed himself up and lay down next to me. Royal shifted his thigh out from under my head, replacing it with a pillow, and moved over the other side. He guided me so that my bottom was towards him.

"My pussy's kind of sore," I said. "It doesn't often get this much attention." "Okay, I'd love to fuck you but I don't need to," Royal said. "Oh no, I want you. Just go easy." "Mmmmm. A greedy girl," Royal said. "Yeah, that's me. God I'm loving this." Royal eased himself into me, stretching the walls of my cunt. There was a little stinging pain but as the song says, it hurt so good. Nathan moved closer and began kissing me while his hand played with my breasts, teasing the nipples.

Royal was so gentle and sweet. I felt as if I was swimming in a warm pool of sensuality. This went on and on. For what seemed like hours. A slow liquid flow like honey in the sun. Then I felt Royal getting tense. He kept the same pace but it was obvious he was close. And then he was pulsing into me. Groaning with pleasure. I didn't come again but I didn't need to. And once again we were all resting, spent and relaxed. Drifting into sleep. I woke up to find that the first signs of daylight were showing in the windows.

Nathan's sleeping face was right in front of me. And I could feel Royal's body pressed against my backside. I was cradled between them. I lay there trying to absorb all that had happened in the last ten hours. I became aware of Royal's hand sliding over my hip. And then his cock swelling against my thigh. "I'm sorry, Honey," I whispered. "My cunt's way too sore." "That's cool," he whispered back, "I like touching you." We lay in a half doze and the light grew stronger.

I wanted to purr as his hands explored me.

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I reached out and touched Nathan, smiling. His eyes opened sleepily. "Morning," Nathan said. And then he was touching me too. "I suppose we'd better get going," Royal said, after awhile. He got out of bed and started dressing. Then Nathan did too. I lay in bed, watching them. When they were ready to go I got up and they each took one of my hands. We walked down the hallway to the door. "Think you'd like to do this again sometime?" Royal asked.

I snorted. Not a very feminine sound, I know, but that's what it was. "Are you kidding? If you guys want me I sure as hell want you." "Oh, we want you," Nathan said, pulling me into his arms and giving me a long sweet kiss.

"And if you decide you like one of us better than the other, that's okay too," Royal said, taking his turn. "No, I think I could get addicted to being with two guys at once," I said, as soon as he'd released me. "We'll be in touch then," Royal said. I hid behind the door as they departed and then closed it behind them.

I walked back to the bedroom, feeling the aching soreness in my crotch. It felt so good. I snuggled into the sheets, smelling the powerful scent of my two beautiful men. Rubbed my naked body against the soft texture. And fell asleep