Nerdy babe pleasures two hard dongers at once

Nerdy babe pleasures two hard dongers at once
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Pool Side Games Matt and Beth (3) John and Karen (2) Sean and Julie (1) Peter and Sonia (4) Joe and Debbie (5) The scene is poolside at the lavish mansion of our new acquaintances who we met at the old movie set (see pony girl Beth series), there are five couples, young and vibrant.

The girls arrived as per instructions, dressed in heels and the swimsuit that came with the invitation, "swim suit" is not exactly what they were, more like three micro mini triangles held together by very weak strings. The overly large breasts on most of the girls developed deep indentations in their soft flesh as the strings strained to hold the small triangular fabric covering the nipples. In most cases the circular edges of areola showed and my large nipple rings clearly show out both sides of the fabric.

I can sense that too much movement and the strings will surely break.

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The G Strings of similar structure did not even fully cover our pussys. In my case the tapering triangular strip of fabric may be covering my clit but then it pulls in between my clean shaven lower lips before it turning into string and disappeared up between my butt cheeks. All the girls are wearing heels and are just stunning. The males on the other hand were dressed in tight fitting lycra type shorts that left nothing to the imagination.

All the males were shirtless. Matt received with his invitation a pill, a Cialis pill, if they all received the same then this is going to be an interesting afternoon. The bar is at the far end of the pool near a table of various implements.

We will come to the contents of the table soon. There is a taught cable stretched beside the length of the pool about eight feet from the edge and maybe eight feet high. It has a stainless steel spreader bar hanging from a set of rollers, the spreader bar can be raised and lowered by a rope and the rollers allow the whole assembly to moved along the full length of the cable. A couple of the boys investigate the contraption easily sliding it a few feet in either direction.

The afternoon has been in swing for about an hour, we have all had a couple of champagnes to loosen the inhibitions, everybody chatting and occasionally touching, finding the excuse to brush past a near naked body. I feel great, sexy, half (almost) naked and on display, the sun is warm but I am hotter between my legs, my nipples are continually erect. I take the opportunity to occasionally run my hand over my bare skin round my tight belly and then up to cup the under curves of my big tits, the clothing I am wearing offers little resistance to my caress and although I am doing it covertly, others in the group do more than just take a chance glance.

Sean in particular is watching closely and gives me a seductive smile. I can see a bulge developing in his shorts. I lick my lips and wink at him.

At a point in time all the women are ushered to the bar and given a new glass of champagne the men gather round to watch the proceedings. Joe the owner describes the rules, 1. All the women will draw a normal playing card, the girls are then numbered in sequence of value of their drawn card and the sequence number is applied to their upper left breast by an indelible water proof marker. 2. The males will from time to time draw an instruction card and follow the instructions on that card applying a little ad-lib now and again as they may think necessary.

3. At any time the female can use the safety word "elephant". At this time their play in the game will be ceased and they will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

Today is 100% voluntary.


We all draw a card, Julie gets the lowest card and she squeals like a teenager. We are all to be numerically labelled according to the ranking of the card we each now hold, I am Number three. Sean, Julie's partner, comes over to mark my number on my left tit and sets about to take a few privileges while doing so.

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He holds my full left globe in one hand and squeezes it under the guise to form a firm platform to write the number. He begins his artwork making sure the number "3" is as big as possible, at the same time letting his fingers slip under the triangle of fabric to flick my nipple ring.

I can see Matt is busy doing similar to Debbie. Sean has his fingers tangled in my nipple ring he leans in and gives me a full kiss on the lips, our tongues interact as I return the kiss. Joe who has labelled Julie as Number "1" ushers her to the edge of the pool where he tells her to quickly finish her drink.

He then raises her wrists to about shoulder height and ties them to the extremities of the spreader bar. Julie is a toned voluptuous blonde, her breasts are among the largest at the party, they are full and stand high on her chest and the flimsy material doesn't hide her overly large nipples.

She is being very saucy rocking her shoulders from side to side to make her breasts jump from left to right in their flimsy string top. She rolls her hips in a circular fashion pouting her nice arse for all to see and she has a big smile on her face. Julie is having a good time displaying herself to the small crowd.

Joe now raises the spreader bar to stretch her to her toes, as she struggles to maintain balance on her six inch heels the bra strings give way, there is just too much pressure on the flimsy structure.

The material now hangs loosely from her neck as her breasts pull tight against her chest, those big nipples get even bigger as they stand erect on the middle of each of her mounds, I would say they are among the longest nipples I have ever seen. Although she has lost the sassy look in her eyes she looks down over her chest with a seemingly proud expression on her face Joe says "let the party begin, guys come and get a drink".

As they guys stand around the bar gathering their drinks Julie continues to struggle standing tall in her heels. Sonia and I go over to her, she looks gorgeous stretched out in the afternoon sun, sweat starting to glisten from her chest. When a woman with a figure like Julies is stretched as she is the body takes on a pure hourglass shape. The shoulder blades protrude on her back complementing her tits on her front and her waist narrows. I take the time to slip the remnants of her string top over her head and then I gently caress from her right elbow following it down over the underside of her arm, I give her arm pit a little kiss as my hand reaches her stretched semi-flattened tit and finally run my fingers around her areola.

I give the brown nipple a firm tweak rolling it between my thumb and index finger, the tip changes to a lighter shade of brown as I use enough force to make her squint her eyes. "Mmmm" this is nice I can feel the wetness building up inside me soon the moisture will bypass the flimsy material of my own Gstring and run down my legs. Sonia has positioned herself on the opposite side of Julie and is licking and sucking on the other nipple, she rubs her near naked body against the helpless Julie's side as Julies body fits snuggly between Sonia's cleavage.

Sonia's fingers find Julies cunt, they slip under the small fabric and intrude her folds, Julie moans. I squeeze Julie's nipple even harder, she groans. Back at the bar the boys have noticed what we are doing and John shouts at us to stop. He comes over and grabs Julie and manhandles her roughly by the shoulders towards the bar, she stumbles but she can't fall, the spreader bar and roller assembly keep her upright although she has difficulty getting her footing and more of her weight must be taken on her shoulders.

John manoeuvres her all the way to the bar and stops her at the table mentioned before. I look back at Sonia as she is licking Julies juices off her fingers I smile seductively, "that was fun" I say, there is no verbal reply as Sonia returns the smile and continues with her endeavour to savour her fingers.

Sonia's nipples are erect they are making big bumps in the inadequate triangle of bikini top, I long to reach over and touch her. Back at the bar, most of the boys begin feeling Julie, playing with her tits, pinching her nipples, running hands over her torso. Now John calls them to order, and they start discussing the cards that they hold.

Each card instructs them to do something and it appears they now are planning the order in which they will use them. It doesn't take long before the decision is made for Matt (may partner) to execute his instructions, he goes to the table and picks out a large red ball gag and then goes to Julie, she sees what is coming and clamps her mount tight to resists any intrusion into her mouth.

Julie's partner, Sean, leans in and grabs her right nipple, (the same one I was torturing) she screams as he twists and pulls hard on the nub. Sean leans into her ear still pulling down on her nipple and says in a firm voice "open your fucking mouth Slut, it's too early for me to go home yet" and without too much more effort Matt forces the ball gag past her teeth stretching her mouth to its limits.

Pulling hard he buckles the strap behind her head. She groans again as Sean takes his time to release the nipple from his punishing grip.

Next Sonia's partner reads his card out loud, "Fit the leg spreader and stretch legs as wide as possible". He picks up the leg spreader from the table, it has a padded cuff at each extremity and is adjustable in length.

He moves in and fits a black studded cuff to each ankle and then slowly extends the bar until Julie legs are stretched so wide that her Gstring is completely engulfed by her pussy. She is now almost completely off the ground, her shoulders show the strain and she makes unintelligible sounds of discomfort as she lifts one manacled leg as high as possible trying to get the opposite foot in contact with the ground.

The boys only laugh, Matt reaches in to her stretched pussy as he playfully folds her labia over each side of the meagre piece of material that is attempting to cover the pink inner flesh.

Eventually he loses interest and digs the material out of her pussy with his index finger and tugs hard ripping the Gstring from her body. Julie, Number 1, is now naked. John takes heart and lowers her enough so she can just get light ground contact with the tips of both her heeled feet.

Sean now goes to the table and picks up a chain. There are four lengths of chain about twelve inches long all connected at one end to a large stainless steel ring.

At the other end of each chain is a vicious looking clamp, spring loaded with heavy serrated teeth. It is easy to guess where these are going. Sean moves in to his suffering wife, working the mechanism on one of the clamps repeatedly open and closed right in front of her face.

He offers her some kind words of comfort about how the clamps won't hurt much but I don't think Julie is buying that, she starts to squirm, backing away as far as her bondage will allow. Sean puts one hand behind her naked back to restrain her and slowly offers up the open jaw to her left nipple, he runs the teeth slowly around the areola lightly scratching the sensitive flesh. Sean then leans in and kisses her distended gagged lips as he traps the nipple in the jaw and relaxes the spring tension.

When equilibrium between the spring loaded jaws and the firmness of the now distorted nipple is reached Sean lets go of clamp and presses himself against her chest, bare skin on bare skin, smothering her mouth with his as she protests behind the gag.

After a few seconds Sean backs off a little and applies the second clamp to her right nipple without any compassion and lets the total weight of the chain assembly hang on the two nipples. Julie is now swearing behind the gag, she has worked out very quickly not to move too much as the weight of the remaining chain swinging increases the pain on her nipples.

As Sean backs away there is a bulge in his shorts, he wastes no time and removes the shorts openly displaying a huge erection. "Slut" he says as he directs her attention to his cock, holding it in his left hand and giving it a rub along it's length "look what you have done" and then chuckles as he picks up his drink.

As we, the girls, look on the boys gather round in a conference like circle and are obviously discussing the next move. Joe is acting barman and brings a full bottle of champagne around to us and tops up our glasses, poor Julie is not only in discomfort but also missing out on the refreshments.

Joe produces a small plastic funnel I guess one you would use in a kitchen. He passes to Debbie and tells her to put it in the corner of Julie's mouth beside the ball gag and then pour some wine in so she can have a drink. This is a good excuse to get close to Julie again so both Debbie and I go over and together we are able to pour some of the drink into the corner of her mouth. While there I take the opportunity to play with her tits, cupping the heavy stretched underswell of the left breast in my palm I flick the nipple clamp with my thumb and she jumps, a bit harder and she yells, even harder again and she yelps so hard some of the wine we poured in sprays out the corner of her mouth.

"Ha, this is fun" I think to myself, I lean in and nibble her neck rubbing my near naked tits against hers, "mmmm" feels real good.

My hands again roam over her taught midriff and around her waist to her rump pulling her close to me as I continue to leave little bite marks on her neck. "NUMBER 5", "NUMBER 5" is the call coming from the boys, that's Debbie, "NUMBER 5 come here". Debbie is Joes wife, her tits are heavily tattooed with the common spider web spreading out from her areola to encircle the compete the base of her gorgeous mounds, an image of a black widow spider adorns the upper right with the long fore-legs resting either side of the nipple.

Debbie realises they mean her so she waltzes over to the group sashaying her arse, holding her finger to her lips as she does. As she nears the group, Joe takes her hand holding her finger tips as though he is about to kiss the back of her hand he warmly invites her into the circle.

I can see she has a trepidatious smile on her lips which is duly justified as he turns her drawing the hand he is holding and grabbing the other firmly locating both in the centre of her back.

John read the card, "NUMBER 5 must be handcuffed and give head to all the boys, she may need to be gagged using the larger ring gag and whipped with the crop if she resists".

Joe has been passed a set of handcuffs from the table, he locks her wrists together. A second larger set is used to restrain her ankles and then a short joining chain is used to connect the two sets together forcing Debbie to her knees.

On her knees with her hands pulled back her 36dd's are pushing hard on the string top but that is short lived as Joe tears the top away and reaches down, heavily massaging her tits. He picks up a crop from the table and leans over her and swats her arse, "Better get to work or more will follow" he says as he slides his shorts down revealing a semi erect manhood. Debbie is no stranger to his cock so she accommodates him sliding her lips down the length of the shaft, Alan grabs the back of her head and pushes it all the way down, now she is obviously struggling, he turns to the others and says "this is how you do it".

As he lets go she backs off and gasps for air, he pushes her down again and again but after about thirty seconds of this he backs away and motions to Sean to have a go.

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Both Sean and Peter drop their shorts and stand one on front and one behind Debbie, Sean roughly shoves his cock in her mouth while Peter grabs a handful of hair and wraps it around his cock and then begins to push her head down on Sean's shaft. Every few seconds her head is sandwiched hard between the two naked men and she has no control. I hear the occasional gagging sound and witness excess saliva drooling uncontrollably from her lips as it drops in long strands onto her tits.

I am still standing close to the helpless Julie caressing her naked body, my fingers have found her slit and with very little effort they invade the naked opening. Julie is still groaning from the discomfort she is suffering from the tight bondage and nipple clamps but her pussy is damp, as much pain she is in she is still getting a little pleasure from the activity. I am also getting wet, very wet playing with her she has superb skin, soft and smooth under my touch.

I reach a hand down to my own slit and push the small piece of fabric to one side so I can get access. I hear a male exclaiming an orgasm and note that Sean is holding Debbie by the ears jamming her hard on his cock as he explodes deep in her throat.

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There is so much cum she is now coughing and some the cum is squirting out the corners of her mouth some out her nose. Peter is still behind her not offering much support in fact helping Sean hold her while he fills her with cum.

As Sean pulls away dripping cum from his cock. Peter moves around her body and takes up the same position forcing his cock into her mouth.


She is trapped on her knees, cum running down her chin onto her tits and now she has another cock stuffed in her mouth. It is at this time that John comes over to me, he is naked, I think he was next at the "Debbie" show.

He shows me his card. It says "NUMBER 3" and that's the number displayed on my tit, I am Number 3. He reads the card, "Cuff her hands behind her back, remove all her clothes and attach the remaining chains from Number 1's nipple clamps to Number 3's nipples. Then make her dance with the whip" Within seconds I am cuffed and all but helpless, with my hands behind my back John runs his hands over my tits flipping the minute triangles off my nipples, he bends down and takes the left one in his mouth and nips it's with his teeth, pulling at the overly large nipple ring that Matt had Joe fitted to me at the Ponygirl weekend.

I can see his cock rising to the occasion, "Ummmm this I could take all day". As has happened with the other girls he simply tears away the top of my Bikini, my breasts haven't moved a bit for this I am so proud, they stand out from my chest like sturdy mountains.

He doesn't waste any time and simply tears away the bottom and now except for the heels I am also totally naked. I apprehensively await the immediate future. John moves me to face the strung up Julie, he stands behind me I can feel his erect nakedness pushing against my arse, he has reached around me roughly manhandling both my tits while chewing away at the nape of my neck, "Matt are you watching this" I think, I know Matt doesn't normally mind other men touching me but I haven't heard much from him yet.

I am getting very wet, the stirring between my legs is building, I close my eyes and tilt my head back to give John a kiss. He responds with a passionate deep tongue kiss and just as I am beginning to really enjoy myself I feel my left tit is on fire, he has clamped on one of the loose ends of the chain that Julie is wearing. As the clamps' teeth bite in hard to my nipple, crushing he skin against the nipple ring, he restrains my head keeping me locked into the kiss, I am wailing into his mount in pain but only he knows.

Finally he breaks the kiss off and I let out a few swear words, "fuck you, fuck you argh my tit". John only laughs and moves to my side where he picks up the last piece of chain and teases me with it the same way Sean did with Julie.

I am unable to pull away without even more pain so I resign myself to the inevitable and wait for the abuse of my right nipple. John then takes a different approach as he traces down my chest over my midriff and eventually closes the clamp's jaws onto my clit. Now I am really screaming, the jaws are just too sharp, I cannot see but they must be drawing blood and the chain is barely long enough to cover the distance between my nipple and clit so both these body parts are stretched which adds to my discomfort.

John runs his hands up and down my body seemingly pleased with himself, he is sporting a huge erection but doing nothing with it…&hellip."strange" I think to myself. The boys all gather around to examine Julie and me, Julie has been quite during all of this she has found a relatively comfortable position and is trying not to move.

This strategy is not really working now that I am also linked to her via these dam chains and clamps, as soon as either of us move even a little the chain pulls on our clamped nipples and my clit.

I have tried to move as close as possible so close out tits are touching. The boys are feeling up our bodies fingers probing past the clamp on my clit into my pussy, there are hands pushing a gap between Julie and I and this adds to the pain, however through the pain I am still getting wet. I think Julie is getting some enjoyment as well, I can hear her moan behind the gag she is wearing.

Matt comes up behind me and grabs the back of my hair and pulls my head back until I am looking up at the sky, as hard as I try to avoid moving my body I still move enough to put excess tension on the chain, my left nipple extends under the strain and I let out a "Fuck".

He looks into my eyes and holds the stare with a devilish grin, "Hello My Girl, hope you are enjoying yourself" he says not expecting an answer.

At this time I can hear Julie complaining behind her gag as her two nipples stretch, the teeth of the clamps obviously bitting in deeper but the sounds of discomfort are as usual muffled, I feel our upper thighs come in contact. I hear Johns voice, "OK best move away guys" and within seconds Julie and I are left to our own devices but then I feel it, my arse is on fire and I have jumped, pulling at the chain.

John has a small multi tailed whip which he has laid on my arse, I felt the pain at the same time I heard the clash of braided leather on soft tender flesh, my flesh.

I get another, again I buck, as hard as I try to stay still I just cannot, I have no other words than "FUCK, FUCK YOU" and I can hear Julie complaining as well but she is so garbled the actual words are only known to her in her personal agony. The whip continues to fall on my arse and each time I jump I am scared that in my six inch heels and the fact I have my hands cuffed behind my back I may lose balance and fall.

If that happens both Julie and I may be missing nipples, I do not think the jaws will slip. I get to the point that I have pushed my body against Julies, our tits are firmly mashed together and I have managed to wrap my right calf around her left leg. The whip hits again this time higher and on my side around my waist, then another strike hits the tender side of my left tit just a strand or two close to my nipple, I scream.

I think a strand has also hit Julie's tit as well, she jerks almost coming apart from me. John doesn't let up we both feel at least a dozen strokes but we have managed to remain in contact with each other screaming abuse at the assailant who is whipping us.

Eventually it stops and Matt moves in again, pulls my head back, my mouth is wet from the spittle of swearing, he kisses me full on, tongue deep in my throat, I do return the kiss.

In my naked, painful and flustered state I still get pleasure from male domination. After about a minute he breaks the kiss and says, "you enjoyed that didn't you, you slutty whore" and then grabs a handful of both our hair and pushes Julies and my head together making our lips clash.

Then he licks both our faces demonstrating he has total control. Releasing my head I feel him run a hand down my spine stopping only when he reaches the cleft of my arse, I can feel his fingers probing my anal cavity. I am enjoying this attention I just wish I could get my hands free from the cuffs so I could return the caress.

He reaches in front of me and flicks the clamp that is cutting into my clit this brings me back to reality reminding me of the pain I am suffering. Finally he moves away to re-join the group of boys. I am able to look around and see Debbie still on her knees servicing the group with her mouth, she is covered in cum, her hair is matted, her face is sticky and tits are lathered from cum that has dripped from her mouth.

Matt gets another drink and draws a new card from the pack. I hear him call "Number 4", that's Sonia, she and Karen have been quietly sipping their drink in the background watching what is going on. Matt calls her over and says, "Karen you can come as well". He reads the card to the group, "Number 4 must be stripped by any other girl, tied to the post and the other girl can be cropped as required".

Now Sonia and Karen are old friends of mine and know each other well, this wouldn't be the first time they have touched each other's bodies in one fashion or another. Matt hands Karen some rough hemp rope and tells her to tie Sonia's hands high on the post near the bar.

The post had a ring bolted about 8 feet from the ground, Karen ties Sonia's wrists together at waist level but must now thread the lose end of the rope through the ring. At first she pushes Sonia against the post and then attempts to reach the ring while standing in front of Sonia, the ring is just out of reach. As Karen tries to get to the ring the two girls bodies are mashed together, her crutch rubs Sonia's thigh as she stretches on one set of toes, her tits on her tits.

The boys think it is funny they stop Karen from moving to the side then Joe grabs the crop and hits Karen hard on the arse, "Jump, you bitch" he says and he strikes her again. Two red welts are already starting to appear on her tender rump. Karen is jumping up trying to get the rope end through the ring, each time she jumps she slides down Sonia's front, her tits starting in Sonia's face and rubbing in full contact until they meet her own tits.

After a couple of jumps Karen's top is dislodged and her tits are free, bare nipples now rub against Sonia. Each time she misses Joe crops her arse again. Even Sonia is beginning to giggle. Finally on one of the jumps Karen succeeds in getting the rope through the ring and keeping it there until she is standing on level ground in front of Sonia.

Then she pulls hard on the rope watching Sonia's wrists follow until they are stretched high above her head. Karen gives it a good hard tug with all her weight and says to Sonia, "this is for laughing". She ties the rope off to a cleat located behind the post.

Karen rubs her red arse, complaining as she does, she then attempts to pull down her bikini top over her nipples but is quickly stopped by John, "Sonia can take that off and you will get a whip for every 30 seconds it is still on you." John gives her the first swat with the crop. Karen moves in to Sonia asking her to grab it with her teeth.

This is not an easy task considering how Sonia is stretched and she can't stop laughing. After a bit of body mashing she manages to get a bite on the string going around Karen's neck and then Karen backs away and ducks her head and shoulders and gives a few wriggles so the top can slide off.

WHACK, John has swatted her arse again saying "sorry but 30 seconds had passed before it was fully off" (he wasn't really sorry) John now says, "Number 2, you must now strip Sonia and make it good or you will get more stripes".

Karen with her bra less tits moves in to Sonia and begins by kissing her full on the lips, it is obvious the tongues are deep in each other mouth. Karen's hands are all over Sonia's body running from her hips to her tits they gently massage her tender skin, Karen rubs her crutch on Sonia's left thigh, dry humping her leg with her wet cunt, so to speak, then she turns to the boys and says "you men like this?" The boys cheer……&hellip.

they are all naked now and three of them are showing obvious excitement displaying erections and as is normal with males playing with them. Joe's crutch is out of view, obstructed by the back of Debbie's head as he pushes her hard down on his cock. Matts cock is half limp, he must have been the last one serviced by Debbie. Karen continues enacting a lesbian scene with the bound Sonia, both girls are giving it their all, moaning and groaning like the actors is a cheap porno.

I am also enjoying the show albeit a little painful still chained to Julie by my tits and clit, if only she would stay still and Debbie is still on her knees giving continual head to whoever stands in front of her. Karen has slipped her hands under the flimsy top that is attempting to cover Sonia's nipples and slowly lifts the merge triangles away exposing two very erect nubs, she leans in and takes the right one in her mouth and sucks hard.

Sonia lets out another moan as Karen simply tears the strings on the top until it is lying on the ground in pieces. With two hands she grabs the fullness of Sonia's tits, squeezes hard and buries her face in the cleavage while making exaggerated kissing sounds.

John cracks the whip on her arse again and says," hurry up, get her naked now". Karen quickly tears the Gstring from Sonia's hips and runs her hand up and down her slit. CRACK goes the whip again laying another red welt on Karen's cheeks, "now tears yours off" John says to Karen and she immediately tears her Gstring off as well. Now all the girls are totally naked except for the heels, torn pieces of string bikinis lay scattered over the ground. Naked bodies some in bondage and some in varying sex positions.

Matt comes over to Karen and leads her away from the bound victim towards Debbie who is still bound on her knees, she is covered in cum from her hair to her tits, smothered in the white slime. Joe has just pulled out and sprayed the last of his load over her face. Matt now positions Karen in front of Debbie so her crutch is right in front of Debbie's face, he then pushes Karen forward until her movement bends the kneeling girls head back until her face is horizontal looking up into the cleft between Karen's legs.

Karen's legs straddle Debbie's bent torso, she rubs her pussy back and forth over Debbie's nose until it is exactly positioned directly over the bent girl's mouth with her clit resting on the tip of her nose. "Now suck", Matt demands of Debbie, "and don't you move number 2, play with your tits". He seals his instruction with a few whip strokes on Karen's arse, each stroke slides off onto Debbie's upturned tits.

Matt is getting two for the price of one. Debbie has no choice but to get to work on Karen's cunt, probing her inner folds with her tongue lapping up the mixture of boy juices that have transferred from her own face from the outer lips of the girl she is pleasuring.

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Karen hands move to her own tits as instructed, she cups the underside of the heavy mounds and with thumb and index finger of each hand she gently rolls and tweaks both nipples. She is moaning in pleasure when the whip strikes her high on her buttocks across the small of her back, "Arrrugh" she screams between moans, the whip strikes again lower this time and again rolls on to inflict pain on Debbie's upturned tits.

I can hear a muffled grunt appearing to come from Karen's pussy, the next hit is more targeted at Debbie's tits, the 36DD's, and is a direct hit down across her nipples. This time she screams so loud into Karen's cunt that a mixture of sex juices is squeezed out between the two bodies as she jerks is an upward arc only stopped by the restriction of the binding chain between her wrists and ankle cuffs and the downward pressure of Karen's crutch.

The boys all laugh……&hellip. Peter breaks the moment "my card says Zipper your partner so let's get Beth to do it". I hear my name mentioned but I am stuck in a close embrace with Julie, our bodies connected by the jaws of the infernal nipple clamps, the one on my clit is the worst the pain shotting up through my loins is stopping me from fully enjoying the nakedness.

Peter grabs me by the hair and pulls me away from Julie, I yell at him "FUCKING STOP, you will tear my nipple off" as I try to resist his pull. He holds the tension on my hair and reaches for the distended nipple and opens the clamp. "FAAAARK" I yell as the nipple slips through the partially open serrated jaws of the clamp.

The pain shoots from my nipple straight to my brain but now the clit clamp is taking the strain and again the sensitive skin slips through the jaws as he begins to open that clamp. I am broken, tears well in my eyes as the restoring blood flow to both nipple and clit causes more pain than when they were clamped. With my hands cuffed behind my back I can do nothing, I just want to massage them better. Julie is also groaning behind her gag as the tension on her nipples from my pulling is released, only now her nubs must support the full weight of the chain.

Peter moves me towards the group of males, John reaches out to touch my sore nipple the others run their hands over my body in a seemingly loving gesture of kindness, soothing my tortured flesh, tracing the red welts from the whip on the side of my tit, my back and all the way down to my arse. Matt holds a bottle of champagne to my lips and says "Drink" as he tips it up. I do my best trying not to spill any but after a few good gulps I cough some out the corners of my mouth.

Matt says "let me give you a little rest" as he takes the bottle away but then proceeds to push it up my cunt. "well if you can't drink it then maybe I can find another way" he comments as he begins to fuck me with the bottle. He pulls it out and holds his thumb over the opening then gives it a little shake, I can see the pressure leaking out under his thumb. He sprays me from my face over my chest and down to my cunt, he shakes again and then inserts it into my cunt while it is exploding.

I can feel the cold foam deep in my pussy as he continues to fuck me hard with the bottle pushing it as far as he can get it, backing it out and then pushing it in again and again, the froth is spraying out everywhere. Eventually he pulls it out and forces it back into my mouth, he makes me drink the remnants of the now flat wine. My body is covered in the sticky liquid, the guys are rubbing it into my tits, fingers probing deep in my soppy cunt, sex juices also building deep within. I love Matt……&hellip.

Peter breaks the moment "hey guys, ZIPPER, remember Zipper" as he hold up a string line of pegs, maybe 20 or so. He holds them to me looping them around my neck while he releases my handcuffs from behind my back. Once the cuffs are off I stretch my shoulders working the cramped muscles and bring my hands to the front rubbing the red marks where the cuffs sat.

Peter instructs me "young lady" he says, "take this string of pegs and attach every individual peg to Sonia's body, this red one goes on her nipple first then the remaining are to be attached from her neck to her pussy lips". I note the red one is about six or seven from the top of the string. I look Sonia in the eyes with an apologetic stare as I apply pressure to open the red peg, I notice the pressure required to hold it open, these are not just cheap clothes pegs the quality ensures they have a frim closing force, Sonia is not going to be happy.

I move in lifting her right breast with my left hand gently massaging the flesh with fingers and thumb until I hold it still and push the peg way down over the nipple to clamp on the circle of darkened skin behind the nipple.

As I gently let it go Sonia takes a deep breath and then with her mouth biting her in-turned lips she returns my stare with a serious frown of pain.

Peter (Sonia's husband), says "NO, NO, she can handle more than that" as he takes the peg off and reapplies to the tip of her nipple she lets out a little scream and is obviously in a lot more pain, she is squirming within her bondage. "Continue" Peter says to me. I carefully pinch a little skin of her upper breast and apply the next peg and using this simple method I apply six pegs working my way along her breast up the tender skin of her upstretched underarm applying the final peg on a pinch of skin on the side of her neck.

While these pegs may be uncomfortable I do not think there is much pain associated with them certainly not like the red peg. Once the upper pegs are fitted I kneel down on one knee and begin the process below her chest. I am close to her nakedness, I can smell her arousal, she glistens between her legs. I run a hand down to my own pussy brushing against my clit on the way down, yes this is fun, yes. I have applied all but three pegs to her lower breast and belly when eventually I reach her pussy lips.

My fingers probe her inner folds, maybe a little further than is necessary, she is wet, she is enjoying the attention, my thumb slips over the outer skin and I grip the lip firmly, I hold its shape and fit the last two of the three final pegs. Then I go on the easy search for her clit, gently pushing back the hood I apply this final peg to her tender nub being sure to just catch the tip with the peg.

She lets out another scream and then settles down.

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The long remaining length of string hangs to the floor. Sean approaches me and hands me another set of pegs on a string and says "here ya go, you know where to put these". I grab the red peg and prepare to put it Sonia's right nipple again laying the weight of her full mound in my hand and pinching her nipple to shape when Sean say "NO NO NO, this one's for you".

He strikes my right nipple HARD with the crop he is holding and says "start here". Sean is proving to be a real nipple torture man. So I get it, I have to do to myself what I have just done to Sonia only now my nipple is already throbbing from the crop strike.

This is going to hurt, Sean warns me to hurry up or I will get another cropping. I again open the jaws on the red peg and with my other hand I prepare my right nipple for the torment.

I position the peg carefully over the nipple as far down the shaft as I dare to go and slowly release the tension, "urghhhh" I groan as the sore nipple is crushed by the peg "arughhhh". I feel the pain now deep within my tit similar to before when Sean clamped Julies chain to my other tit. Once the pain has settled a bit I continue placing the remaining pegs in a similar way to Sonia's.

All is well until I get to my clit, I know this is going to hurt but the threat of the crop convinces me to finish the task asap. Again I open that final peg and position it over my clit and carefully let it go. What can I say, I would only be repeating the obvious if I explained the pain but at least the job is done. Now Matt comes over with the hand cuffs and locks my hands behind my back again.

Then he reaches down and ties the loose end of my zipper to the loose end of Sonia's zipper. "What the Fuck are they thinking" Julie is still dangling by her upstretched arms and struggling with the nipple clamps, the gag stops her complaining too much but you can see the anguish in her eyes as she frowns closing her eyelids with force.

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Karen is straddling Debbie's face, rocking her cunt back and forth with careful movements of her hips as Debbie continues to pleasure her inner folds and here I am attached to Sonia's body by my zipper. I think Karen has it the easiest she is in ecstasy I can see it on her face and her moans of pleasure fill the air her nipples stand proud and erect. Now in my own predicament I fear the next few minutes. Sean and Peter have gone to Sonia and are caressing her body, Peter has pulled the rope holding her wrists so high she is now standing on her tip toes, they run their hands over her body occasionally flicking the red peg on her right nipple.

Peter has several fingers pushed up her pussy. John and Joe are attending to me in much the same way, the feelings are mixed, one second I feel an intense pleasure building from their massaging and probing and then one of them will pull on the peg attached to my nipple and all I feel is the pain.

But in all honesty I am enjoying the attention, I love the roaming hands, the probing fingers the occasional swat on my butt.

Matt comes over and grabs the tied strings, I predict things are about to get worse. Joe bends my head back and forces a deep open mouth kiss on my lips, both Joe and John, are holding me locked in their strong hold, there is one hand in my cunt and another firmly mashed into my free tit. I cannot move but I do return the tongue action that Joe is dishing out. Then it happens my world is torn apart, I think the event is over before I feel it but to me that is irrelevant.

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What I feel starts at my cunt lips, surely someone has cut the lips with a knife, my clit must have been torn from my body, I feel the pinching of the skin up my side as the pegs are forced to slide off.

Then the nipple, OH the nipple, the pain is unbearable, I scream, muffled, Joe's hand holding my head to his mouth. I try to kick and get away but the two men are way to strong they have absolute control over my naked body, as I struggle both tits are held in masculine hands, I am easily lifted off the ground by the hand in my cunt, this only allows me to kick more.

The two men now have me almost horizontal as I squirm in their control. This sounds like a lot of time has passed but it was only about 15 to 20 seconds and although in pain the effect of the zipper does begin to wear off, "how did Sonia handle it" I think.

I am able to look over and see Sonia in much the same predicament as I am, I didn't hear her scream before but she is writhing in the left over pain of the zipper that Matt has stripped from both our bodies.

Maybe I didn't hear her because I was preoccupied with my own pain. Sean and Peter are massaging her with heavy hands, flattening her tits, rubbing her pussy mound, while her own hands are stretched high above her head, she is trying to get a good foothold but the boys take turns kicking her feet from under her when her toes reach the ground.

I can see the red marks where the pegs were and, although her nipple is not so red, it is deformed, slowly but slowly returning to its original shape, she has tears in her eyes. "Ok boys" says Joe, "Let's get these girls more comfortable" as he and John help me to my feet, hands still cuffed behind my back. At this time I witness Sonia being released from her bondage and Debbie, Karen also assisted to their feet while Matt releases Julie from the contraption that had been holding her stretched tall for the last hour.

The five of us are lined up and Matt and John go along with more cuffs and locks Julie, Karen and Sonia's hands behind their backs.


Joe has a handful of studded leather collars with about three foot of stainless chain attached to the central rings of each collar, he fits one to each of us allowing the chain to drop between our breasts. We are all now naked hands behind our backs and at the mercy of the boys. Joe reads the final card "all the males are now able to play with one or more of the girls with the only rule being they cannot touch their own partner".

Matt comes to me and says, "good luck girl" as he kisses me full on the lips and then moves along the line of bound beauties high fiving all their tits very hard on the way past. Peter comes over to me with a raging erection and pulls me by the chain to my knees, he then proceeds to force his manhood into my mouth.

I like being forced to give head, I can taste the dried cum from his session with Debbie as the head of his cock passes my tongue finally reaching the back of my throat. He grabs my hair and pulls my head hard into his crotch, his cock pushes past the back of my tongue, deeper and deeper down my throat.

As he begins to pump I can feel his knees hitting my tits. "Bring her over here" Sean says "and I will fuck her up the arse". Peter doesn't take his cock fully out but manhandles me on my knees to the poolside lounge chair walking backwards himself dragging me by the head with him. He backs himself up the long lounge and I have no choice but to follow finally ending up on the end of the lounge on my knees, face buried into Peter and arse high in the air. Sean positions himself behind me, he grabs my handcuffed wrists with both hands then I feel the head of his cock at the entrance of my arse.

He is gentle to start, pushing in and out in small strokes his cock going deeper with each pump. Peter is again fucking my throat deeper and deeper with each pump, he still has me by the hair keeping complete control. I hear Sean say "let's get the rhythm right, ready pump" and with that they both push hard together. My lips are now at the base of Peters cock the tip so far down my throat I cannot breath, Sean's cock feels so far up my anal passage I am sure it could almost touch the tip of Peters cock.

I am enjoying this, I love anal and deep throat, combine them and I love it even more and then apply my submissive trait and I am going to come if they don't stop. Again and again they push against each other, I am in heaven.

"don't stop guys, urghhhhh, don't stop" I manage to get out as Peter pulls out of my mouth, I can feel an orgasm building, it is close. Peter pulls my head back as far as he can so now I am looking slightly up and a his cock, he gives it a few last tugs with his hand and it starts spewing his white creamy liquid all over my face, my hair and in my eyes.

He doesn't let up until I am completely covered from forehead to chin. Sean is still pumping my arse but pulls out quickly and rolls me over and then spews his load on my stomach shooting over my breasts and the odd little bit hitting my face and mixing with peters cum. Why was I not allowed to cum ???? I look over at the other girls, they are receiving much the same treatment that I got, Peter brings Julie over and tells her to clean me up, remembering we all have our hands cuffed behind our backs she has little option then to use her mouth.

"here" Peter says "this should help" as he pours some champagne over my body. Fuck its cold but then Julie starts licking my wet skin so she gets as much of the wine as possible and I forget the cold and enjoy the tongue of another woman. She starts at my belly button where some of the wine is pooled and then follows the trail of wine to my pussy where she laps up the taste of wine and pussy juices. Her tongue dives deep into my cunt and around my inner labia and ending up flicking my clit.

Now I am close to cumming, this is just the best feeling, I can feel her tits on my left leg, her hair has completely covered my crotch her tongue is driving me crazy. Then she moves her focus up my body towards my chest, her task is to clean me up and that she is doing well. She is at my nipples licking Sean's cum from them, she gently tugs at my oversized nipple ring and then moves to my face. Our tongues meet as soon as she nears my lips, her knee is now grinding into my pussy and she licks the rest of my face.

Peter pours more champagne on her back and she yelps with the cold, "make her cum" he instructs, "you have 30 seconds" as he strikes her arse with the crop. I really don't need 30 seconds I just need attention back at my clit and this Julie understands, she quickly pays the appropriate attention to my sex bud and I am in heaven.

She grabs it gently between her teeth and gives it a little tug flicking the tip with her tongue and that is enough for me. I go over the top, letting out an "OH my god I'm cumming", I feel the juices freely running out of my cunt, the surge in by stomach is fantastic, my hips involuntarily raise off the lounge, my tits are now pointing back over my head as I arch my back and push Julies face harder into my mound.

Fuck it feels good as she continues to push her tongue deeper and deeper into my cunt, "argh&hellip.argh, Fuck" are some of the sounds I let out as the crescendo hits and then I slowly and peacefully begin to settle and try to get away from Julies tongue which is now a little annoying as it plays with my overly sensitive clit.

AS I relax back on the lounge I look around, Debbie is getting fucked by Matt while Sonia sits on her face. With her back to Matt he reaches around and grabs hold of her tits with both hands. John is standing up on their lounge and has positioned himself in front of Sonia's mouth she is getting one serious mouth fuck. I can't see her but I hear Karen moaning loudly so obviously she is enjoying something and I doubt it is just a drink.

To be continued………………