Dissolute girlie and agile fuckmate

Dissolute girlie and agile fuckmate
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PLEASE NOTE: Since English is not my native language, there might be some spelling or grammar errors in texts. I'm making sure to correct as much of the errors as I can.


Thank you. .Few days later. Nighttime came. We got in our bed and played games on our xbox360. We played long and I started getting sleepy.


"Uh. I'm getting sleepy. I can't play anymore." I said yawning. "I don't feel very sleepy." Ben said. "OK then. Good night." I said and went to sleep. .Maybe 10 minutes later. "Dude, wake up. Aky. Wake up." He started waking me up. "What, what now ??" I said. "Dude, what were you dreaming about ?? You've got a massive boner." He said laughing. "I don't know. I don't remember." I said. "You're stil awake ??" I asked him. "Yeah.

I'm watching this movie." He told me. "OK. Good night." I said and went back to sleep. "Night." .Seconds later. I felt his hand touching and grasping my buddy.

He pulled my crotch out and slowly started jerking me off. I wasn't fully asleep and I started moaning. "Yeah, you like it." He said. I slowly got my hand in his boxers and got his buddy out and started jerking him off.

"Oooh. That's nice." He said and then he started sucking me. I was moaning and twitching because he was licking the tip of my penis and it tickled like crazy. "Oooh, yeaah, you like it, don't you ??" He said with a lusty voice.


"Y-yes." I moaned out loud. I was about to cum, when. The door opened and I saw my mom standing there.

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I pushed Ben off. "Oh, hi, mom." He said. "Hello." She said and went out of the room. "Well, we're dead now." I said. "Yeah." He said nervously. I've never heared him saying anything with a nervous voice, I've never, actually, seen him be nervous.

Mine and his boners were dead. "OK. Good night." He said and covered himself. "Y-yeah. Good night to you too. " Is said. Next morning we had a breakfast and nobody spoke a word. We went back to our room. .Noon. We were still in our room and we were browsing the internet. *knock* *knock* Door opened it was our parents. "H-hello." My mom said said nervously. "Hi." I said.

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"We need to talk. Me and dad were going to talk about it but we kept puting it off to the side." She started. "And we are going to talk about what now ??" Ben said. "Well. About sex." Dad said. I remember my jaw dropped because I never thought what they were going to talk about that with us. Yeah, I know about the talking about sex with your parents and stuff like that. But I never thought that they would talk to us about it.

Ben got red and he just looked at them. "You know. It's really normal for boys your age to explore and to try out different things." Dad said "Yeah, and yesterday night, when I saw you. I wasn't anygry or anything. It's normal for boys and girls to explore eachother." She said. "Yup. So, yeah. We just wanted to tell you that it's normal." "O-ok." I mumbled. They were at the door and my dad added "Oh, and don't give up on women just yet.

Haha." "Jeff, stop it." My mom told my dad. "OK, OK." He said and closed the door. "Wow." I just managed to say.

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"Yeah. It couldn't get any more awkward." "Mhm." I replied and we went back to browsing the internet. My parents organised a dinner party and their friends were there and they were joking and laughing. We were still in our room. Door opened. And Donna came in.

"Hey, I heard mom and dad talked to you about sex." Donna said. "Yeah, kind of." I said.

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"Yeah. It was awkward." Ben said. "Haha. Why did they talk to you ??" She asked. "Well we got caught." Ben said. "Oh. Well, be more careful nex time." She teased. Then we joked around and had dinner and watched movies.

.1am. Finally, guesty hot home and everything went quiet. "OK, guys. I'm going to bed. Goodnight." Donna said and left." "I'm going to sleep too." Ben said and changed. "OK. Night." I said. I changed too and I couldn't sleep.

I was laying in bed and thinking about what mom and dad said and stuff like that. Then I went to sleep too. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading part 8 of my story.

Part 9 is coming out next week because I'm very busy and I can't get time to write another part. Thank you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry for the lack of stories in the past week or two.


I was out of town and I didn't hav internet connection at my grandma's house. I hope you enjoyed reading this part. Thank you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------