India Summer bends over her fine ass and Scarlett Sage start licking her holes

India Summer bends over her fine ass and Scarlett Sage start licking her holes
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Most stories about losing one's virginity are pretty much the same; an awkward hump after the prom, a clumsy fuck during summer vacation. You've probably heard many stories like it and most likely experienced one yourself. I am happy to say that the story of my first time is a little different and counts as one of my favorite memories in my life. I grew up in an affluent area. We weren't rich, per se, but money was rarely an issue. My best friend, Kyle, lived in a beautiful home, nearly a mansion really.

And on their property they had a pool and a pool house. It is in that pool house that I left my virginity. The pool house was not just a cabana to change clothes in, it was a fully furnished house complete with plumbing and appliances and a full bar which also doubled as a guest house.


One fine summer afternoon I was in the pool house getting ready to take a swim. I was surprised to find I wasn't alone when Kyle's sister Mindy emerged from one of the bedrooms. Mindy, at 21, was three years older than me and gorgeous. 5'4" with auburn hair that cascaded down her shoulders. She was wearing a simple white bikini which highlighted how evenly tanned her slender body was.

She was always my vision of the hot "older girl". Her full, firm breasts sat high and proud on her chest and the bikini bottom only accentuated the sheer perfection of her flawless ass. I caught a whiff of the cocoanut oil she was wearing and my 18 year old dick leapt to life.

My baggy swim trunks only drew attention to my erection. Mindy raised her eyebrows and her lips curled in a smirking smile. "See something you like?" she teased. I was embarrassed, mortified.

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I tried to talk but could only manage to stammer like an idiot. Mindy was amused by my discomfort and stepped closer to me. "I must have done something to get you in this .condition".

she continued teasingly as her fingertips grazed the front of my trunks. "What was it?" "You have the most perfect ass I've ever seen!" I blurted out. I didn't intend to say that, the words exploded out of my face of their own accord.

An awkward silence hung in the air. "So you like my butt, do you?" she cooed. "Would you like to touch it?" I was scared to death. A girl I had masturbated to countless times was offering her body to me and I didn't know what to do!

I froze.

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She continued her teasing game. "Don't be shy. Go ahead. you may never get another chance to touch as fine an ass as this." She took me by the wrist and placed my hand on her smooth, firm ass cheek.

She stepped forward into my arms and I had two handfuls of her perfect backside. "is it as nice as you thought it would be?" My mouth was dry and my heart was beating out of my chest but I managed to croak out "Oh, my god!

It is so much better than I imagined." Mindy chuckled softly and stepped away. Turning her back to me she said "Why don't you give it a little kiss?" She placed her hands on the bar and arched her back offering her sweet ass to me. I sank to my knees and softly kissed her behind, first one cheek, then the other.

She giggled. "You're a good boy!" she gasped. I continued caressing and kissing her buttcheeks. I could feel the pre-cum running down my leg like I had wet myself.

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I had no idea how I ended up in this position but I didn't want it to end. "Don't be shy, baby." she encouraged. "Use your tongue. Get your tongue in there." What had started out as playful teasing on her part had become genuine arousal. I didn't know what Mindy wanted but I was determined to please her.

She groaned when licked the inside of her butt cheek, grazing her ass crack. Mindy reached back and pull her bikini aside exposing more of her ass to me. Almost desperately she implored me "Don't stop there, baby! Spread me open! Lick my hole!" Spreading her cheeks with my thumbs I buried my face in her ass. Without a second thought I began kissing, licking and sucking her exposed pucker. Mindy gasped and moaned continuously while I ate out her butt.

She reached behind her and grabbed my hand. She placed it on her pussy. "Rub it like this." she gasped, putting her hand on mine to demonstrate how she wanted to be touched. "And don't stop licking my asshole!" For the next several minutes I massaged her cunt and ate her asshole.

Mindy hissed and grunted, wriggling her butt against my face. Suddenly inspired, I stiffened my tongue and tried to slide up her rectum. Mindy went nuts. "OH MY GOD!" she shouted. You fucking pervert! You made it happen!" Mindy came and came hard. I had to wrap my arms around her hips to maintain contact with her asshole. Finally she squirmed from my grasp, breathing hard and spent.

I sat back on the couch, my body trembling with excitement. Mindy looked at me like she was seeing me for the first time. "You dirty little fucker! When did you learn how to do that?" "I think you just taught me." Mindy shook her head wonderingly. "Let me see it." "See what?" "Your cock, silly." I didn't need to be told twice. I shucked my trunks and revealed my hard dick. It was a sticky mess from all the pre-cum and I may have ejaculated when I was eating her fine ass. Still I was as hard as I'd ever been.

Mindy straddled me on the couch, her bikini covered pussy rubbing my naked cock. She popped her tits from her top and offered them to me.


"Suck my titties, baby." she cooed. "Show me how much you like my tits." Applying the lessons I learned eating her ass I sucked on her nipples and massaged her aereola with my tongue while she ground her pussy against my dick. Soon I became aware of a warm, wet sensation engulfing my cock.

Shocked, I looked up at her.

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"You're in my pussy, baby." Mindy explained. "You're fucking me." Then she kissed me long and sweet. I don't know how I didn't lose my load right then but I'm glad I didn't. Mindy rode me slowly while I tried to memorize her body with my hands. Her pace quickened and I thrust up into her willing body. "Put your finger up my ass!" she demanded.

"Finger fuck my asshole, you fucking pervert." I slid my middle finger up her ass and she ground against it.

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She seemed to like it so I slid a second in, too. Whimpering and grunting she worked towards another cum and my ball were about to explode inside of her. Slipping a third finger up her ass I finger fucked her asshole hard and fast while I pounded my prick as deep as I could.

"Oh, Fuck! You sick bastard!" she cried as her orgasm blasted through her. Feeling her pussy spasm around my cock was more than I could take and blasted my load deep in her horny cunt. We sat coupled on the couch for a few moments. Mindy kissed me. "Did you just shoot a baby into me, little boy?" Mindy teased. "Don't tell anyone about this. Not that anyone would believe you." "Go clean yourself up." she continued. "Be a good boy and maybe I'll tell my friends about you." Now that's how you lose your virginity.