Mi puta en el hotel

Mi puta en el hotel
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I don't consider myself gay at all. I was in 9th grade when this happened. I was average size height for my age.

I have blond hair brown eyes and I think a cute face. I had a average dick. Between 61/2 to 7 in. It was the fourth week of summer and my friend invited me to go with him to Pittsburgh. We were going to stay up there for a week and then drive back down after paintball the last day.

The first and second day we went to the lake and chilled out around the neighborhood. The third day we went to a theme park and got home pretty late. His parents both were asleep and we were alone in the basement playing pool. I was shooting and i missed the ball i wanted to hit and he said to me you suck.

I told him to give me a blowjob and he said I might take you up on that. I put my stick down and said are you serious? He said yeah and he looked dead serious.

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So I said if you give me one Ill give you one. He agreed and we went to the bathroom so we didn't disturb anyone. He took off my pants and before i was ready he took my cock in his mouth and started sucking on it.

His tongue twirled around the head of my cock while he played with my balls. A couple minutes past bye and i finally I felt my self about to cum. I told him I was but he didn't stop and when i did he took all of it in his mouth and swallowed. He let my cock go out of his mouth and smiled. He said now its your turn and stood up and took his pants off. Being a man of my word I grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth.

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I did exactly what he did and twirled my tongue around his head and grabbed his balls and played with them. When he said he was going to cum I kept going and he blew his load in my mouth I swallowed all of it.

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We pulled up out pants and walked out of the bathroom declaring that we weren't gay and we were doing it because we were curious. The next day we went to a party at one of his friends house that lived up there. I didn't have to much to drink alcohol wise. I talked to this girl I met halfway through the party and she asked if I wanted to go upstairs in the guest room. I followed her upstairs and sat down on the bed like she told me to.

She stood in front of me and started to strip. Her name was Jessica. She had brown hair, some freckles on her cheek, light brown eyes a hour glass frame, and an average size breasts. She took off her tank top first and unbuttoned her bra revealing her boobs. Her nipples were pointy and she played with them in front of me before bending down in front of me and unbuttoning my pants.

She brought my dick out and started to play with it. It was already hard but she wanted to play with it before she started to suck it.


She licked the sides of my shaft very slowly. She kissed both of my balls before she started sucking me. she brought my hands to her nipples and i started to play with those while she sucked me. I told her I was about to cum and she swallowed all of it.

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She smiled as some of the cum was still on the side of her lips and said my turn. she took off her shorts and revealed that she wasn't wearing any panties. She laid down on the bed and opened her legs revealing a fresh shaved pussy.

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I started off by teasing her. I kissed up her thigh and blowing on her pussy. She moaned and told me to do eat her out but i decided to play with her more. I kissed both pussy lips and then I flicked my tongue into her pussy she squealed and again told me to eat her out.

I was determined to make her wait longer while I used two fingers to spread her lips apart and stuck my finger in her pussy. She moaned and kept squirming her hips. After a minute of that I finally began to eat her out. She smelled great down there and tasted great too.

I licked her clit and she moaned. As time went on she moaned louder and louder until she said she was cumming and squirted on my face. She looked embarrassed that she squirted on me and i told her it was no big deal. Since we didn't have a condom we didn't go any further but we did kiss for a while until I walked back to the house around midnight.

The next day i went paintballing and we drove back home. Later that summer I saw the girl again but she had found a boy she really liked so we didn't hook up. As for my friend and i we never again gave each other blowjobs except one other time that summer. We were really horny and he challenged me and a game of truth or dare. We eventually lead to each other taking off each others close and we did the sixty nine. That same day we also tried anal. It felt so good going inside him as I got to bang him fist.


After I did him he did me and he told me it will hurt at first but don't worry it will feel so good after a while. When he stuck it in I screamed and pain but eventually the pain turned to pleasure and he rode me for a while. He kept thrusting faster and faster making me moan as he reached to where he was about to cum.

When he finished we again agreed that we weren't gay and that we were doing it because it felt good. After that moment we never did it again.