Classy european pov rides young old teen

Classy european pov rides young old teen
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I sat there and reviewed the day's events. I had found out that my wife Cindy had been searching elsewhere for someone to dominate her, afraid to try it at home with me. After poking around the internet, it turned out that our neighbor across the street had "volunteered", but had only wanted to try to fuck her.

They were caught by his wife and then I found out. I was going to throw her out on her ass, but something about the idea appealed to me; and then there was the fact that I still loved that damn woman!

Instead, partly because I wanted to try it and partly just to get back at her, I spanked her, made her blow me, forced her to help me fuck our neighbor Emily (the one whose husband had volunteered to dominate her), and even had her lick my cum off Emily's body. She had stated that she loved every minute of it. Apparently, it had been one of her secret fantasies that she felt we could not do.


However, once we had been through her punishment, she was looking to continue her temporary "enslavement", and I was willing to try to learn, too. We were still sitting on the sofa and she had admitted her desire to continue, so I asked her who at work she had heard describe it. She admitted that it was a woman named Jennifer who lived a couple of blocks away.

Jennifer did not discuss it with Cindy, but she overheard her telling another woman about it. I considered having her ask Jennifer over, but thought that it would have to wait. For now, it was approaching 3pm and we had 6 guests arriving for a cookout at 6. It was three couples that we had known for a while and used to work with before changing companies. Since they were not current fellow employees and they didn't live right next door, I decided to push Cindy some more. "Are you sure this is what you want?" She looked directly at me for about 30 seconds, and I could see the wheels turning.

"Yes. I am completely enthralled with what just happened and I am going to put myself in your hands for this. I know that you love me, because you didn't immediately throw me out. I also know that what we just did was partly to make me do it just to get back for me fucking with Robert.

I'm okay with that. For some reason, every part of it excited me more than I have ever been before. I want to do whatever you want to do and I hope that we can stay together and enjoy this." I looked at her closely.

I was mulling what to do next and decided that we'd start by seeing how far she would go with some friends. "Do you know that little yellow sundress that you have?" "Yes, sir." She said, returning to the submissive talk. "I want you to wear it tonight for the party… without anything else under it." She looked at me and I could see what she thought of that. It was fairly thin.

Not transparent, but thin enough and tight enough that everyone would know that she had nothing on. However, to her credit, she did not consider it for long.

"Yes, sir." I smiled and got up. "Now come into the shower with me and get me ready for the party." She followed me upstairs, prepared the shower, got in with me, and washed me very thoroughly. I let her wash my ass and dick, but I kept her from spending too much time on it as I wanted to recover from the afternoon and be ready for some evening fun. Finally, at 6:15, a little late, the guests started arriving. Cindy was a vision in the yellow dress. She didn't look slutty, but if you looked closely, you could see her nipples poking against the fabric and tell that when it stretched over her ass that there was nothing underneath.

I couldn't wait to see her backlit by the sun outside. I knew that it would be easy to see a perfect outline of her body. I started the grill and cooking and the guys gathered with me while Cindy discussed work and other things with the women in the kitchen. There was nothing but small talk and finally the food and drinks were all ready and we sat down on the deck to enjoy the meal. I watched Cindy closely to see how she looked. She looked fantastic to me, but then she always had.

In that little sundress you could see that there were no underwear lines and if you looked closely, that her nipples were noticeable. I was watching my guests to see who was checking her out. The guys were just checking her out briefly, but nothing too obvious. However, one of the women, Sam (Samantha), was almost staring every time Cindy was near her. I could see her making sure that she and Cindy touched and rubbed against each other.

This was a very surprising development. I didn't know what to think of it at first. I looked at her husband Bill and he was chatting with the others, not really paying attention to Cindy or his wife. Nobody was paying attention to me, so at one point, when I was standing behind most of the folks retrieving beers, and Sam was ogling Cindy, I stared at her until she noticed it.

She looked at me, knowing she had been caught staring at Cindy, and blushed… deeply. There was definitely something going on there. I went back to the normal banter and every once in a while looked up at Sam. She would glance up at me periodically and then look away quickly. I decided to push it. I noticed when Sam finished her wine and since the wine was in the house, I waited until she went inside to go get more.

I immediately stood up and asked if anyone else needed anything from inside and followed closely on her heels. She turned her back to me and proceeded to pour the wine, trying to ignore me.

For a second I took in her physique. She was tall and thin, with probably A-cup tits. She was above average looking, but she and her husband always seemed to hint of being a little staid. She was wearing a jean skirt that went to her knees and a white buttoned princess blouse that showed a hint of her skin colored bra.

I decided not to let her ignore me. I walked up directly beside her, put my arm around her shoulders and said, "Cindy really does look ravishing tonight, doesn't she?" Sam almost dropped the bottle of wine. "Sorry. I didn't mean to stare. I was trying to figure out if she was wearing anything under it, and I guess I stared too long." Push, push. "I thought maybe you were checking out her assets." I said it with a chuckle like I was kidding; but of course I wasn't.

"And just to verify it for you, yes, that dress is the only thing she is wearing. Anything else you'd like to know?" She just looked at me, apprehension on her face. I continued on. "She sure does look good in it, doesn't she? You can see her nipples all the time… and her ass is just too perfect." Sam blushed and looked up at me.

"She always has been a beautiful woman. I would never have the nerve to go without a bra or panties in front of a bunch of people." "It wasn't her choice or decision." Now Sam looked at me closely.

"You made her do it?" "Yes. I ordered her to and her submissive side agreed." Sam's eyes widened a little and she looked at me with her eyes downcast a little.

"Are you guys doing a dom/sub thing now? "Yes." I answered. I looked at her and she suddenly was extremely attractive to me. I think it was the way she had lowered her eyes; like she wanted me to dominate her as well. I decided at this point I had nothing to lose. "And while we are on the subject, I want you to remove your panties, too. Right now. Right here. Give me your panties." "Wait a minute.

I don't know what you think&hellip." She started talking but I interrupted her. "You know you want it. I could see it in your eyes when you asked about me and Cindy. Yes, we are doing the dom/sub 'thing'. So please remove your panties before I punish you for disobeying." Sam stared at me. I could see her hesitation, but this was a good thing. She wasn't screaming at me or pissed off at me making such an assumption.

She just looked a little unsure about it, and I gave her a second and then snapped my fingers. "C'mon. Get on with it." Without another word, Sam looked around to make sure she was out of sight of the others, and then raised her skirt up to reach her panties.

I was standing next to her and could see her tight little ass and the hint of her sex as she reached for the sides of her panties. She instantly pulled them down to the floor, letting her skirt slide back down before I saw very much, and stepped out of them. She stooped down, picked them upand handed them to me. They were just a bit damp. I didn't know if that was sweat or she was getting turned on, so I slowly raised them to my face to smell them. Sam watched, enraptured by this. When I got them to my nose I took a good whiff and said "Hmmm.

Your pussy smells very good. I think you are getting turned on by this, aren't you?" "No!" Sam answered me quickly. I raised my eyebrows at her questioningly and held her panties up to my nose.

She lowered her gaze and said quietly. "Yes." "Are you turned on by the fact that you gave your panties to me? That someone ordered you to do it? Or were you already turned on by my wife's predicament?" "Yes… to everything." She whispered, her eyes still downcast. Outstanding! I was going to push this to the limit, but first I wanted more drinks to flow.

She watched me closely as I put her panties into my pocket and grinned. "I see you poured yourself another glass of wine. Drink it all right now and pour yourself another." She obeyed and I knew I was going to get her drunk to push her.

I also had to work on her husband.

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We went back outside and the party continued; nobody else even aware of my exchange with Sam. I noticed that she was drinking pretty heavily and getting drunk. I also noticed that Bill was drinking heavily. Finally, as the party was winding down and folks started to leave, I made sure that Bill and Sam were the last two left by keeping Bill busy discussing baseball.

We went inside and I asked them to sit when we got to the den and also asked if they wanted anything else to drink. Everyone said yes, including Cindy, who I also noticed was a little drunk. I came back in with the drinks and handed them out.

Bill was sitting in the easy chair, leaning back, and the two women were sitting on either end of the couch. I sat between them, Cindy on my left, and put my hand on Cindy's leg. She looked at me, smiling and blushing a little. She already had an idea of what I was going to do. I slowly pulled her upper leg off the lower one because she had sat with them crossed.

She put it down next to the other one, but I pulled them open a little. Not much, but enough so that there was some room there. Bill didn't seem to notice. He was jabbering on about something with his favorite team. When I turned to Sam, however, she looked right at me and then looked down at my hand, which I had left on Cindy's leg.

I moved Cindy's legs a little further apart without taking my eyes off Sam. She watched intently. I then looked down at Sam's legs and smiled at her. She knew what I wanted and she did the same as Cindy; she opened her legs to about the same width… and blushed.

I didn't hear anything from Bill, so I looked over and I could see that he was a little more interested now in Cindy's legs. He couldn't see up between them, but I knew that he was aware of her lack of panties. I'm sure everyone had been all night. Now, as I slowly opened her legs a little more, her dress started riding up. All that was hidden now was her pussy because it was still in shadow. Bill had completely stopped talking.

He was mesmerized by Cindy's display. I looked at Sam and she was watching the display and looking up at her husband. She said nothing. I then took my right hand and put it on Sam's leg, just above the knee where there was bare skin. She flinched, but didn't say anything or move. I started pulling on her leg, too, and after some initial resistance, she started opening her legs as well.

Soon, I had hers as wide as Cindy's and her pussy was just out of sight. I looked over at Bill and he was staring at what I was doing. "So, Bill." I said. He looked up at me.

"Did you know that both our wives are without panties?" He stared at me for a second. Then he licked his lips and looked from one to the other. "Sam?" He turned his eyes toward his wife. "Do you have any panties on?" "No." Sam answered, lowering her eyes. "John ordered me to remove them earlier." "Oh." That was all Bill said for a while.

I let the tension build a little longer, trying to see how far they would let me push it. "Why? Did you tell him about us?" "Bill!" Sam blurted out. I jerked my head toward her and looked at her stricken expression. This was obviously something that was not supposed to be known. I turned back toward Bill and eyed him closely. He wouldn't meet my eyes. I turned back toward Sam and said "Tell me now what you are talking about or I'll punish you right here and now." Sam lowered her eyes for a moment and then looked up at me with her head still tilted down.

She spoke so softly, I could barely make out what she was saying. "Bill and I wanted to try what you and Cindy are doing, but we both found out that we like to be dominated and neither of us is very good at dominating the other." I was shocked for a second and then I smiled.

"Well, Sam, Bill, I'm not very good at it either. Cindy and I just started today." They both looked at me a little surprised. "For me right now, it's purely a voyeuristic and sexual thing.

I haven't gotten too far into it, but I think we will try a little something tonight." I looked at the three of them. Bill looked stricken, Sam looked resigned and had lowered her eyes, but Cindy was smiling and almost glowing. "Cindy and Sam, bring over one of the dining room arm chairs. Then undress Bill and put him in it." I saw them get started and I went out to the garage to get my duct tape and some clean rags.

I was going to tape Bill up, but the duct tape would be tough on the skin without some padding. When I came back the two girls were just finishing getting his boxers off. He was not very big, but he was hard already, apparently enjoying the attention. Once they sat him down in the chair, I ordered them to get undressed.

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Cindy only had to raise her dress over her head, but Sam took her time, seemingly a little embarrassed. With Bill I wrapped a small rag around his left wrist and duct taped it to the arm of the chair.

I did the same with this right wrist, and both ankles.

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He didn't even try to move or say anything as I did it. As I undressed I had the women sit on the couch and told them not to touch anything. Once undressed, I decided that we should tease Bill a little. "Sam, Cindy, come over here." I stood a couple of feet in front of Bill.

"Take turns sucking my dick." Cindy immediately dropped to her knees on my left, but Sam hesitated. She was now naked in front of a friend and her husband and had been ordered to suck the friend's dick. I could tell that she was trying to look to Bill for approval.

"Don't look at your husband. I'm your master and you will do what I say, when I say to do it!" I smacked her on the ass with my hand, the flat slap resounding loudly. She whimpered a little and kneeled in front of me on the right.

I loved it! Cindy, after having sucked my dick a few times, pulled it out and turned it toward Sam. Again she hesitated. I grabbed her head and pushed it onto my dick. She opened her mouth and took it in. Once she started, she seemed to try to do a good job, but was still a little tense. I could see Bill staring, watching closely, but he still had an erection sticking straight up. I was ready for the next step soon. "Sam, stand up in front of me, facing Bill." She obeyed very quickly that time.

Cindy tried to grab my dick and start sucking again. "Just a second Cindy." I said as I pulled my dick back. I was going to have to pace myself if I was going to last very long.


"Sam, bend over from the waist, putting your hands on Bill's arms." She did so, and seemed to be looking more at his dick than his face. I took my right hand and ran my fingers down her ass, across her asshole, and onto her pussy. I let them glide through her swollen pink slit and found that she was as excited as the rest of us.

She moaned her approval. It was time to fuck! "Cindy, guide my dick into Sam." She did the same as before, holding Sam's lips open as she guided my dick to Sam's personal oven. Sam jumped a little at Cindy's touch, but stayed in place.

I slowly eased my dick forward and Sam moaned. "Sam, I want you to describe exactly what is happening and what you are feeling to your husband." She moaned again. "He's fucking me!" she said to her husband. "No, describe it like an erotic novel." I prompted. She got better real fast. "His big, hard dick is slowly sliding into my soaking wet pussy. Oh, it feels so good." She was going to make me cum as well, because this talk was really turning me on.

I then grabbed her hips and started taking long, hard strokes. "Oh, Bill, now he's taking his cock and burying it deep into my pussy. He is pounding me!" I loved it. I noticed that Cindy was just watching, so I had her get involved. "Cindy, move under Sam and suck her tits." Cindy immediately crawled under Sam and started sucking on her nipples like a nursing animal. I could hear her slurps. "Oh, Bill!" Sam was really into it now and getting ready to cum. "Oh, fuck, she's sucking my tits, pulling on the nipples and John is hammering my pussy.

My clit is on fire… oh, shit, I'm gonna cum! Oh, fuck, don't stop fucking and sucking. I love it, fuck yes, I love it! FUCK! ARRRGGGHH!" And when Sam came, it was like holding a vibrator on the end of my dick. She shuddered so much and so fast that I thought she was vibrating her whole body. It was too much for me and I exclaimed "I'm cumming, too!" and thrust and shot, thrust and shot, and thrust and shot some more. I came for like a minute, just thrusting in for each spurt. Sam was almost collapsing under me and Cindy and I were holding her up.

I looked over Sam and could see that Bill was watching her closely, his eyes were as big as melons and his dick was wet and leaking pre-cum. I finally pulled out and Cindy came out from under Sam. Sam slowly rolled onto the floor, gasping for breath. I looked at Bill and could see that his dick was hard and leaking pre-cum.

He looked like he needed to cum badly after watching his wife get fucked. I was going to go easy on him this first time. I saw Cindy looking at his dick and decided that she should be able to enjoy some, too. "Cindy, Bill looks like his dick is about to explode, don't you think?" "Yes, sir, I think so." "Do you want to relieve his pressure?" Cindy looked up at me.

"Yes, sir." "Okay. Suck his dick, catch his cum in your mouth and then give it to Sam." Cindy immediately crawled over to Bill to start sucking. Sam looked shocked at what I had asked Cindy to do.

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She didn't say anything, just watched as my wife took only two sucks before her husband groaned and shot his load into Cindy's mouth. I knew Cindy could take a load because she had proven able to hold an entire load in her mouth before and showed it to me. This time she stayed on Bill until he was done and then pulled off, her mouth closed and her cheeks puffed out. Bill looked like he was more relaxed now that he had cum, but he was staring at Cindy, watching her crawl over to Sam.

She pushed Sam flat onto her back and got over her mouth. At first, Sam appeared to not want to participate and wouldn't open her mouth. But I cleared my throat and she knew that she had no choice. She opened her mouth and Cindy opened hers and let the cum pour out into Sam's mouth.

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Sam flinched and closed her eyes. I didn't know if she even regularly tasted cum, but she was now. With her eyes closed, Sam didn't see Cindy lowering her face to hers. Suddenly, Cindy smashed her mouth onto Sam's sharing the cum and kissing her deeply.

Sam's eyes flew open and she seemed shocked by being kissed by Cindy. Bill was staring. He had a great view of Cindy as she kneeled over Sam and I'm sure he could see all of her ass and pussy.

I smiled broadly, seeing that Cindy was really beginning to open up.

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Then Sam reached up and grabbed Cindy by the neck and started really making out with her. My dick started rising at the sight, even though I had just cum.

I loved this turn of events. Finally, the two women came up for air. They looked at each other closely and smiled. Then they looked at me. "Crawl over here." I ordered them. They both turned and crawled over to sit at my feet. I was amazed and enjoying this immensely. I figured, who wouldn't? "How are you two feeling, now?" "Fantastic!" Cindy immediately answered. "Sam, tell me the truth, how do you feel?" She raised her eyes to mine slowly.

"I feel so good, I don't know what to say. I've never had a woman give me cum and kiss me and I loved it. I loved it when you were fucking me. Shit! I loved it all!" I smiled and looked at Bill. "Bill?" "I'm okay. I'm still a little shocked, but I think I liked it." I grinned at him.

"You know you loved it! Don't lie to me!" He looked away. "Okay, ladies, take the duct tape off of Bill and everyone get dressed. Bill and Sam, I want you to go home, but there are two conditions. First, you two cannot have sex or make yourself cum in any way this week. I want you back here on Friday having not cum at all this week.

If I think you have disobeyed me, I'll take a strap to you. Now, go!" Everything was accomplished quickly and after Bill and Sam left I looked at Cindy. "That was fucking amazing!" Cindy smiled. "I'm glad you liked it, Master.

That's the first time I've heard you use that term, and I think it scared Sam a little." "Good! We're going to play with her a little this week, okay?" "Yum! I'd like that, sir." We headed up to bed and I was planning the next event in my mind. Hmmm. Maybe I needed to do some research into this stuff!