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Busty MILF Brandi Love daydreams about big hard cocks
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So this is the first story I've written on here but I've read a lot on here and I think I got the jist of how it works. Any feedback I get is appreciated, as long as its not any hate just because you feel like it.

So here you go with Sudden Lovers. Enjoy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My name is Christian and I'm 17. Living in the hood in the Northeast taught me more than any teenager should have to go through. My dad ran out on me and my mom when I was 5 years old, while she was pregnant with my younger brother. Just before I turned 14 my mom died in a car crash, leaving me to take care of my brother, John.

I had to get a job a few months later just to take care of me and Lil Johnny (what everyone calls him). Luckily I started my freshman year and met my best friend Nalani, but everyone calls her Nani. She introduced me to her dad, who immediately offered me a job at his pizza place down the block from my house, since he saw me there almost all the time. I kept my job at Nani's dad's place, Pompeii, for the three years leading up to my senior year. We were in the same classes for those three years, and her and her parents would check up on me almost every day, just to be sure Lil Johnny and I were alright.

Nani and I did almost everything together. Neither of us had started dating anyone, until she got a boyfriend towards the end of our junior year. Before that we went to homecoming together, so we didn't look stupid, and people always mistook us for a couple.

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We protected each other when we thought something was up with anything that was happening with the other. Our senior year started and everything was fine for the first month and a half. Nani and her boyfriend were doing good and coming up on their 6-month anniversary, but I was still looking. Anyway, on to my story. My alarm blared on a Monday morning, blasting Waiting for The End by Linkin Park, my favorite band.

Instead of smashing my phone like I usually do I actually got up and jumped in the shower, blasting Linkin Park, Eminem, and Metallica the whole time. I hopped out of the shower, threw a towel around my waist, and looked in the mirror. I guess I could be considered hot. I had a slightly-cut 8-pack, my biceps and triceps were pretty big for a soccer goalkeeper/track runner (though the football players were definitely bigger) and I was still working on my chest.

My shaggy brown hair fell just about a half-an-inch above my eyebrows, my gray eyes scanning my features. Stopping my self-admiration, I stepped back into my room and threw on the gay ass uniform that they made us wear at school. If you have ever seen what Nick Carraway wears in the newest The Great Gatsby movie, then it is pretty much like that, just a cardigan instead of a jacket and with the colors black and gold (you thought I was making a Wiz Khalifa reference, didn't you?).

I put on my glasses, threw my bag over my shoulder and walked into the kitchen, where my brother was eating a bowl of cereal, wearing just his jeans. I give the kid credit; he was pretty build for a god damn 12 year old.

I guess we took after out deadbeat dad. "You better get to school, Lil Johnny. Otherwise I'll have to beat ya" I said to him, ruffling his brown hair. He just laughed, almost choking on his food. "Listen, CJ, soon imma be big enough to beat you up" he shot back, standing up and trying to flex. I just quickly flexed, then lunged and put him in a loose headlock. He squealed and slipped out of it, trying to twist my arm behind my back. I decided to humor him and "fell" to my knees, feigning pain.

"Ow it hurts! I give!" I sarcastically groaned.


Lil Johnny chuckled and released me, hugging my waist when I stood up. "Thanks for taking care of me, big bro.

I don't know what I would do without you." He murmured. I hugged him back, then playfully shoved him. "Alright kiddo, I gotta get to school. Ill see you after work, alright?" I told him, grabbed a bagel and my keys, then went outside, tried not to fall into the inch of snow that fell during the night, hopped in my '69 (shut up) Charger, and started it up.

So off to school I went, just barely avoiding the heavy traffic on the boulevard. I was surprised when I got to school because normally it was tough to find a spot, but that day it was almost empty, save for the piles of snow on the edges of the lot.

I pulled into the closest spot to the main building I could find, got out of my car, and walked in. As soon as I stepped through the doors I was greeted by a facefull of curly red hair and arms around my neck, with a body pressed up against my 6'0" frame.

My response? I wrapped my arms around the girl's waist and chuckled. "Hey Nani!" The beauty that is my bestfriend leaned back, kissed my cheek, then let go of me, letting her very nice chest bounce free from being squished against mine. Her Puerto Rican and Dominican background gave her skin a stark contrast to mine, which is only moderately tan, thanks to my Italian ethnicity.

Her brown eyes stared at me for a moment before she reached up and ran her hand through my hair, causing some stray snowflakes to fall.

"Good to see you again! Been SO long!" she half-giggled, the sarcasm in her voice dripping. We started walking to my locker, with me wondering how she always beats me to school when she doesn't even drive. "Come with me real quick, I got someone I want you to meet." She said, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards her locker.

Once we got there I saw a dude leaning against her locker, dressed in just jeans and a t-shirt. Ill just describe him for you quickly.

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Darker than Nani, around 6'4", a hard (but caring) face, and built like a motherfucking truck. So she walked up, hugged him, then kissed him full on the mouth, afterwards turning to me.

"CJ, this is my boyfriend Carlos. Carlos, this is my bestfriend CJ." She said. I just held out my hand, which he took in a very firm handshake. He's the one that started the conversation first. "Whats up. Nani's told me a lot about you. I just wanted to make sure your not stealing my girl or anything." He winked at me, and we both laughed while Nani just playfully slapped his arm.

"Don't worry, man. She's my best friend, I wouldn't wanna fuck that up. Especially now that I met you. Id be in a coma with one shot." We shared a laugh again, and I started thinking that I could like this guy. Before anything else could be said the first bell rang, giving us a whopping five minutes to get across campus. "Shit," Nani hissed, then gave Carlos a peck on the lips. "Bye babe! Ill text you in class!" As soon as she said that we both broke out into a jog.

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She was the fastest runner in track, second only to me. We got to class with 30 seconds to spare and sat down where we usually do in our boring ass Financial Algebra class. Around 20 minutes into the period a little piece of paper was slipped onto the left side of my desk. I looked over and saw Nani smiling at me innocently.

Shaking my head I opened it up and read it. Parents out of town. Pompeii closed today.


Can you come to my place after school? I need to talk to you about something really important. Her parents are out of town and I wasn't told?

And she wants to talk to me at her place after school about something important? This oughtta be good. Of course, you know I got your back. We'll head to your crib right after school. Ill just call Lil Johnny and make sure he knows I might not be there when he gets home.

I jotted that down and then slipped the paper back to her. The rest of the day dragged on, and the 2:30 bell finally ended the torture of the day. As soon as Nani and I were out the door I started the conversation while we walked to my car. "Isn't a note a little cliché nowadays?" She chuckled, but she seemed a bit more conservative than her usual, outgoing-self.

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"You okay, girl? You seem a little, off right now." I asked, tossing my arm around my shoulder as we walked outside the main building and towards my car. "I don't wanna talk about it here…" she whispered. "…ill tell you when we get to my place." I just rolled with it, starting my car and playing A Place For My Head by Linkin Park.

We pulled out of the lot onto an almost deserted Broadway, another inch or two of snow slowly falling to the concrete. It wasn't that long before we got to her place, and I pulled into the spot in front. We both got out and headed inside, walking through her very lovely living room to get to the stairs, heading up them and into her room.

It was a very cozy room; big enough for a teenager to have all of her stuff. Her bed by the window, the closet across the room by the door, her dresser next to the closet, and her TV mounted on the dresser. I normally don't shut the door since her parents have known me for a while, but when she asked me to close it while her parents were out of town, I was confused enough to comply.

I sat down on the bed next to her and waited until she started the conversation. She was being unusually shy, compared to her usually loud, outgoing, lovable self. It took a few minutes, but she finally opened up. "So, I know that I'm being really quiet and closed, but im pretty embarrassed about this. I know you haven't had any girlfriends, seeing as you had to take care of Johnny, but…… you know about sex and shit, right?" Damn, an outright question about sex?

This has to be good. "I guess. I mean, I went to a party once and made a pretty stupid mistake with some whore, but I guess I would know. Why do you ask?" Let me explain.

I went to a party last year, while Nani and her family had to go to Cleveland for a family emergency, and I got caught in a trap and forced to do something stupid with a slut from our school. I almost got The Clap because of it. "Well, you know that my 6 month anniversary with Carlos is coming up and that I really like this guy, and I was thinking about…… well, having sex with him for it, but ive got no idea what to do.

I mean, ive watched a bit of porn but I still don't know what im doing. So I was wondering&hellip. if you could&hellip." She stopped there, coughing and then looking away. Holy shit! My bestfriend, with beauty like a goddess, wants me to teach her how to fuck!? Jesus Christ!!! I tried to answer, but I choked a bit, then started talking. "Well, um… I mean, I don't want this to hurt our friendship, but&hellip. Um, well… if you really want to then of course I will.

You're my bestriend, Nani. Id kill someone for you." She immediately lit up when I finished talking. Now, I could say that we both stripped and fucked right there, but we didn't. We were both really shy about it, and seeing as I was the one that was going to be "teaching" then I figured I should start it off.

I stood up and took my shirt off, then said that she should do the same. She stood up and grabbed the hem of her shirt, but the hesitated. "Its okay." I chuckled. "Im nervous too.


Lets just roll with it, okay?" She giggled as well, and then peeled her shirt off, revealing what I later learned to be 38C breasts. Her dark skin contrasted heavily with the white lace bra she was wearing. I slowly walked over and hugged her, feeling her chest pressed against mine once again. "Listen, Nani, I always tell you how beautiful and amazing you are, but you are just the most perfect person ive ever met.

If there was someone else out there like you, I wanna know who they are so I can call them. Your everything a guy could want in a woman." I whispered in her ear, making her lips quiver and a tear come to her eye. We stared each other in the eye, then we leaned forward and kissed.

And not one of lust. It was one of passion. Neither one of us broke the kiss as we lost our shyness, both of us slowly removing our pants, leaving me in my boxers an her in her matching white lace panties and bra. Slowly I removed her bra, exposing her dark, penny sized areolas. She seemed to have lost all traces of nervousness, for she broke our kiss and removed her panties, revealing her cleanly shaved mound.

She must have been shy after that, though, for she crossed her legs and looked down, the slightest shade of crimson showing on her cheeks. "I know, my body isn't that good." I just smiled and kissed her again as I ran my hands down her sides, her hands slowly pulling down my boxers, exposing my now rock-solid 7 ½ inch penis to the open air.

She glanced down at my pole and gasped, seemingly surprised at the size of it. "CJ… how have you hid this fucking monster in your pants these past three years?

Its fucking huge!!" She almost moaned, kneeling down and taking it in her hands, almost as if she was inspecting my membrane. Chuckling and lacing my fingers in her hair, I popped what was perhaps the most important question of my "lesson".

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"So…" I started, causing her to glance up at me. "Do you just wanna have sex with him? Or do you wanna do some foreplay with him to spice up the moment?" Without missing a beat, she responded with a breathless "Everything. Teach me everything you can." Taking a breath to steady my nerves, I stood her up and kissed her softly once more before leading her to the bed, with me sitting on the edge and her on her knees.

"We'll start with the age-old art of the blowjob, my young Padawan…" I joked, chuckling at my intentional Star Wars reference.

"Now, what you're gonna wanna do is take it in your mouth. Not a lot, but slowly bring more into your mouth, and once you get as far as you can then start to bob your head." She nodded and complied, taking the first inch of my dick into her mouth, engulfing me in warmth.

Slowly but surely she took more and more of me into her mouth while I gave her moan-filled-pointers. "Good job, Nani… Ugh, run your tongue along the underside of my dick… Shit, you learn fast, girl.

Use your index and thumb to jerk me off too&hellip. Fuuckk, you sure you haven't done this before?" She learned a lot faster than I expected her to, using my pointers to make it better than when she started.

She was like a pro by the time I felt my climax coming. "Nani, girl, im gonna cum. Either&hellip.

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Fuck, pull back or swallow it, I don't give two shits… ugh, its up to you&hellip. FUCK!!" I groaned, and she didn't pull off me as I felt my semen flow through my membrane and fire out harder and faster than a cannon into her mouth, around 7-8 thick shots. Once she felt me stop the onslaught she pulled off, then swallowed. "Damn girl, did you just swallow that whole fucking load?" She giggled and licked her lips seductively.

"That was a little salty, but it was SO cool! So, what next?" She asked. I just smiled and shook my head, then motioned for her to lay down on the bed. Moving between her legs, I glanced up to see what expression was showing on her face, and it was one of excitement what I could see past her amazing breasts, that is.

"What now, Master?" she asked, low, soft, and seductive. I chuckled at her attempt to contact the Star Wars nerd inside me. "Now, youngling, we test how well you handle me eating you out." From there I slowly kissed from the middle of her thigh down to her perfect pussy. I could not believe I was gonna eat out my bestfriend. I briefly stopped to inhale her aroma; her scent always intoxicated me, now that I think about it. She always smelled so sweet, but it had an edge to it that made it impossible to ignore.

Moving on from that, I planted a quick kiss on her clit, causing her to moan and shudder with excitement. Smiling, I stuck my tongue out and slowly but softly ran it up her slit, tasting her wetness for the first time. I was sweet and salty at the same time. After a minute of teasing her, I started getting bolder, delving my tongue deeper into her pussy and causing her to moan louder.

I brought my hand to her opening and slowly pushed my middle finger inside, making sure my tongue was focused on her clit. She was humping at my finger and my tongue by the time I started curling my finger to hit her G-Spot. "FUUUUUCKKK" she screeched, arching her back and squirting her juices on my face.

Holy fuck, she squirts?!?! I picked my shirt up off the floor and wiped Nani's cum off my face, gave her clit a quick kiss, then crawled up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. "How was that?" I asked, kissing her neck sweetly. For a minute she just purred, almost like a cat, and pressed herself back into me.

"Wow, CJ. Baby&hellip. that was&hellip. Amazing. Where'd you learn how to do that?" She eventually responded. So I came up with a funny yet simple answer. "Porn." She giggled in that adorable way that some girls do.

She fell asleep pretty quickly, and I almost did too until I noticed how cold it got. I pulled the covers up over the both of us, wrapped my arms around her tighter, and quickly fell asleep, cuddling naked with my bestfriend. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AN: So if you made it this far and read the entire thing, then thank you so much!!!

This is my first story ive written on here and im hoping it gets good reviews and ratings. Any kind of feedback is appreciated, and if this does good then ill write a sequel for any fans of this story. Thanks for reading, ladies and gentlemen, and I may type to you again. Later!