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Hentai Pferde ficken Hardcore
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Amanda was the love of my life.it all started when she asked me if we could buy some razors that were small enough to shave her pussy.I was blown away by the fact that she trusted me enough to know that she DID shave her private areas and want me to know about it.I loved her so much that we had a blast everytime we went out or went to go shopping.

Let me set the stage for all of you.Amanda was and still is a fantastic girl.she is 18 now and has a brown complex that would drive most men wild.Amanda always gave her all into whatever she would do.I always wanted Amanda to give me all of her, but I think her Mom always made her feel as if she wasn't all that we Men really wanted.although she was.Her Mom was always wrong.

One afternoon, while her Mom took Amanda's two brothers to the skate park, Amanda laid out in the sun on a beach chair and lowered her bottoms to show off the crack of her ass.I was blown away.I was working in the garage on my new car, and looked outside to see Amanda rolling down her NEW Bikini bottom. Amanda always had a sexy ass, but this day she looked even more sexy than ever.I couldn't help myself, so I stood at the garage side door, and watched as she slid the bottoms of her swimming suit to the ground and laid on the beach chair face down and stuck her sexy ass up in the air.


Amanda always made me hot, so as she proceded to get sexy with herself, and maybe for me, I watched and couldn't help myself but to pull out my 8 inch cock and started to stroke it while she sunned herself.Amanda laid on her front, and proceded to arch her back and push her butt up into the sky.I was in heaven.I couldn't believe my little stepdaughter was showing me everything that I wanted to see.I stood in the garage and watched Amanda tease me and I kept stoking my cock like I couldn't believe.I was just about to cum when she got up and walked towards the door.I was caught.I'm dead.she's going to tell her Mom and I'm dead, so I thought.

The next thing I know.Amanda caught me, but didn't want to tell her Mom.she wanted to WATCH me.She said she was too young to know what it was like to watch a man masterbate, and always wanted to watch a man do it."Would you do it for me?" Amanda asked me???

How could I say no? . I thought of the day Amanda asked me to buy razors for her pussy, and I got hard with excitement just thinking of the opportunity. I said to her."would you show me your shaved pussy, and I'll masterbate for you?" She said she'd love to as long as her Mom didn't find out.How could I argue with that???

Amanda took her bikini bottoms off and her shaved pussy looked better than I thought it would.I had my cock in my hand and asked her if she liked watching me stroke it.she wanted to touch it herself, but was scared.she was afraid that she would " do it wrong ", but I assured her she could "never do it wrong". With that Amanda made me feel like the man that I always wanted to feel like and she got on her knees.

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Amanda was always sexy, and showed it that afternoon, and she guided my cock into her mouth, and began to experiment with my love tool.Amanda had no idea what she was doing, but guided my cock so deep into her mouth that I swore she was an expert at cock sucking.I still can feel her giving her all to my penis.

She kept asking me."Am I doing this right?" How could I say no?

She was awesome. She went back to the sunbathing and asked me to come out with her,but this time I had to "jack off" in front of her.I wanted to and asked her if it was ok if I came while she watched???

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She said that she was dying to watch me cum, and that I would only do it if I came in her hair, and on her face. I said "What?"I couldn't believe what I was hearing.My little goddess wanted me to cum all over her, her face, her hair.How could I say no?.I started to stroke my cock as Amanda groaned and gyrated in the lawn chair.I was hoping for her to pull her bikini bottoms down when all of a sudden, she did.She asked me if I wanted to see her shaved pussy, "if that would help?" and I nearly exploded all over her."Hell yea, I said" and she tugged at her bottoms and just showed me enough to tease me.God, her pussy was like looking at a piece of heaven, and I kept jacking off my cock until I lowered my body towards hers.Amanda grabbed my waist, and took all of my cock in her mouth.for a novice, she was incredible.

Amanda told me not to stop and to keep jacking off in her face and to give "her what she wanted." God, she was incredible.


I kept stroking my tool, and looking at her shaved pussy, and wanted to get more from her, but I had a feeling that would come later.

Amanda kept telling me."We can't tell Mom, we can't tell Mom!" I assured her we wouldn't and that we had to do more to please each other.

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So my goddess told me, "Hey I got an idea." I said" whats that?" Amanda told me."why don't you go outside and mow the lawn, and I'll take a shower with the window open.you can watch" Wow, she was so sexy.once again how could I say no???? Off to mow the lawn I went, and before i got out there Amanda had herself infront of the bathroom window shaving her armpits, and looking down at her pussy and then at me with anticipation.How could I say NO.

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