Total throat destruction of Sedusa

Total throat destruction of Sedusa
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It was a very cold tonight, being it winter in New York City. Although it was cold and late, I had decided to take a walk at around 8:34 P.M. I suited up in my leather jacket and black gloves, as a precaution I took my .45 M1911 pistol. I bought it to be careful with what living in New York and what not.

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Anyway, I figured I would loop around and stop by the liquor store before they close, and along the way something happened that would change my life forever. I heard the sounds of what sounded like a woman yelling and crying, I thought I could leave and not worry about it, but knew I could never live with myself.

As I took the corner and headed to the alley where the sounds were originating from, there was a woman that was trying to get away from a man that held her strongly and had a knife in one hand.

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With the other he was trying to hold her and strip her clothes from her at the same time. "What the fuck is going on here?!?" I shouted "You just bugger the fuck off man, this shit aint none of your business!" he shouted back, waving the knife my way. "You don't want to play this game with me fucktard!" I shouted, slowly undoing my .45 from my shoulder holster. "Alright little man, I've had enough of this bullshit.

Your dumbass should have just left when I gave you the chance!" He yelled coming at me with the knife. "Alright fuckhead, if this is what you want!" slinging my .45 from my holster and steadied the sights on the asshole.

"Oh shit, look man I didn't mean, just let me leave and you don't have to worry about anything from me ever again!" He pleaded, I thought I saw tears in his pathetic eyes, I let him go. Partly because hollow points are expensive and I didn't want to do paperwork at the police station.

"Ma'am are you ok?" I asked, holstering my weapon. "Please&hellip.


Please don't come any closer!" She shouted, tears and fear in her eyes. "It's ok, I promise I'm not going to hurt, are you ok?" I asked, moving closer to her. "How&hellip. Can I trust you?" She cried. "I guess that's fair, can I call someone for you, maybe a boyfriend, parent?" I asked her. "That piece of shit was my boyfriend, he went fucking nuts after I told him I wanted to see other people and that's why he pulled the knife." She replied, calming down a little bit.

"What about parents?

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Or the police?" I asked, three feet from her now. "My parents live in Oregon, there is no use calling them, as for police, I'd prefer not to because I really don't want this in the news. "Ok then, can I walk you to your house, to make sure he doesn't try anything?" I inquired, next her now.

"I'd like that thank you, but I don't even know your name." She said, looking distrusting. "My name is Frank, I'll take you home, just tell me where you live ok?" I said. "Ok I just live two blocks down and one to the left, my name is Serena by the way." She replied, getting to her feet.

"Ok come on, take my arm." I replied, helping her steady herself, as she got up slowly. "Thank you for all your help Frank, you don't even know me and you're helping, but all I can't help wonder why are you helping me?" She asked looking at me.

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"Because I believe that are still some decent people in the world that are willing to help other people in their time of need." I replied smoothly. When we got to her house, I had assumed that I was going to leave when she got in the door, but to my surprise she invited me in.


When we got in the house, she said she need a drink and asked if I needed anything. "Scotch if you have any." I said. As she set off to get the drinks she asked me to sit, not being rude I did. She came back in a few moments with two glasses and a bottle scotch. As she set it down she began pouring the glasses. She handed me a drink, and sipped her own. "Do you mind if I change? I feel I look terrible." She said looking shyly away.

"Not at all, even if you don't mind me saying, you look stunning the way you are." I said with a smile. She walked off to another room and I heard the shuffling of drawers, but to my surprise she came back in nothing but a robe.

As she sat down she gave me a weird smile. "I thought you wanted to put other close on?" I stammered. "Oh I think that this is much more fitting for what I have planned." She replied with a sexy smile, as she slowly reached over and began to rub my cock through my jeans.

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"Whoa what are you doing, don't you think that with what happened to you tonight is enough for one night?" I stammered, liking the feeling of her hand massaging my increasingly harder cock.

"It made me realize that I need a man to protect me, and maybe that man is you, but I give you the choice. You can leave and never think about me again, or you can grow some balls and fuck me like I know you want to." She replied, removing her hand from my now pulsing cock. So many thoughts raced through my head, I just went with my dick and undid my pants, revealing my 8 inch shaft, hard as a rock.

"Thought so." She said winking as she wrapped her soft lips around the head of my cock. She slowly took me centimeter at a time in her soft, moist mouth. I let out a soft moan. The pleaser was so unbelievably amazing.

I was getting ready to release the bullet in the chamber. "Oh fuck I'm going to cum!" I screamed, trying to move her away, but she stayed. Then the first shot went through my cock so hard I heard her gag a little, finally after I stopped juicing her mouth, she got up and sat on the couch, my cum still dripping from her lips.