Meti a un desconocido a la cama con mi esposa dormida

Meti a un desconocido a la cama con mi esposa dormida
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I grew up in a small city in the Midwest. I finished school and found a couple jobs while I lived at home. I contributed little to things at home with my dad and step-mother. I was falling quickly out of favor. It was becoming time to leave the nest, I was given the impression that my step mom thought I was taking resources away from my blooming step sister. Now compounded with my age and the number of hours I worked, well it hurt the relationship with them.

It was when I began working the graveyard shift that things fell apart. They didn't understand that I needed to sleep during the day. However they felt about my moving out, I am unsure. They were both at work when I did.

I moved out with actually very little. It took only one trip with my beater sedan to relocate to a larger city a half-hour away. I had a friend help me haul a super single waterbed with his pickup. I had rented an unfurnished one bed room apartment near the downtown area. I spent most of my money on rent, insurance, food, gas and utilities.

I held onto two jobs for awhile so I could pick up some extra furnishings. I was now free to pick up after myself. Sometime later I landed a promotion at my second job as the gas station weekend Manager. I gradually left my first job despite wanting to save up money for further schooling.

I decided that I wanted a break from working and wasn't yet ready for higher education. Although my money situation wasn't what I would have wanted. I was making enough to fuel an inexpensive indoor hobby since it was winter. I had an older computer; I inherited from my folks.

I started to spend more time on the Internet and several weeks disappeared. I had developed an interest in erotic animae and nude pictures.

I even obtained a slave drive at little expense to hold my library. What I really yearned for was a relationship with a nice girl. Of course an attractive and sexually active girl. But seeing how I was not experienced with girls by any means. The overall pursuit bore no fruit. I struggled with talking with them and meeting them. Compound that with being insecure and intimidated easily by attractive women.

Well it spells virgin. Needless to say I had always enjoyed an active sex life with myself. I had developed intricate sexual fantasies to satisfy myself. The Internet and tasty nude pictures fueled these fantasies. I spent days in bed with myself or at the computer searching for new material. The romance scene was still in a state of stagnation after a few months.

I was afraid to initiate any relationship with the girls that worked for me. For fear of losing my good job that now encompassed being responsible for two gas stations on the weekends.

I had several girls working for me that I drooled over, but I towed the line and kept things all business. My constant masturbation was probably my salvation in many retrospects. I found myself getting nervously excited about the prospects of slipping into one of the several porno shops I frequently drove past.

The same old sites on the Internet were beginning to fail my growing appetite. That is when I was presented with an odd opportunity that changed things. I had gone down the back way from my apartment to get the mail from my box when I spied some huge black bags near the trash dumpster. I noticed female under garments poking through one of them as people jumped in a truck. I paused and watched the truck pull away. I went to the next landing and looked down the hall and observed it was empty.

I immediately concluded that someone was in the process of moving into the ground floor. I walked into the back parking lot over to the dumpster. I knew that I would hear anyone coming down the alley or approach from down the hallway. I didn't believe the bags were meant to be thrown away, but I could be wrong. But they hadn't been hauled in yet by someone still inside the building or were missed somehow.

All three bags were stuffed with clothes, but only one was packed with undergarments. I don't know why I did it. But I quickly tossed through that bag until I found several pairs of panties that caught my eye. My heart was pounding as I stuffed them under my arm and went straight back to my room.

I was delighted in my trophies and spent a great deal of time examining each as I sat on the floor in my apartment. Each filled me with a certain dangerous excitement and I was lost for sometime scrutinizing them. The materials were all different and I learned what I liked quickly. The polyester one felt slick and I did initially lie on them during masturbation.

But it was only a matter of time until I tried them on. So I guess I was curious. This left me wondering if my sexual desires were not already obsessive or compulsive. I got a good look at myself in the mirror with each one on. I had unwittingly grabbed different styles to my enjoyment. I had taken a blue cotton bikini cut pair, pink patterned silk string bikini cut pair, red cotton bikini thong, greenish flannel thong and a flower patterned polyester string bikini thong.

Needless to say they entertained me for months into the spring thaw. The cotton pairs stretched out and became ruined while the silk tore at the stitching.

The flannel pair began to look rough as the polyester pair held up well. This pleased me as I found it the most erotic. My sexual fantasies had evolved to bondage in nature with the stimulus I was getting from the erotic animae. Now it was focused on the female form. I caressed the panty strings and delighted in the feel of the material while wearing them.

This was heightened by the visual stimuli of good porn. Before long the spring melt was almost done and the rains were swelling riverbanks and causing flash flood warnings. The ground may have still been frozen but my bed was hot. I was starting to use props in my jerking and looked forward to the good sessions after I worked a few 16-hour days. My responsibilities kept my weekends a flurry of hurried madness.

By Sunday night I was a real randy boy. I even tried to jerk a couple times at work in the bathroom to relieve myself. All I really managed was to tease myself into near mania. Late Sunday nights after work, I took long soothing baths to ease my groin ache if I had broken down and frustrated myself at work.

A shower after I was already in a frustrated state would lead only to doubling me over in pain. I would suffer blue balls and a lackluster orgasm later after my pipes started to work right again. I couldn't shower because I lacked the willpower to not lather my crotch and massage my own over excited member.

While my left hand kneaded my shaft slowly upward while the right hand would caress my ass cheeks before slathering foamy soap throughout my crack.

Eventually my right index finger would begin teasing my anal opening. This is usually about the time I would open my left hand and move the open palm in circular fashion against my very tip. Couple that overwhelming sensation with my right index finger plunging back and forth into my anal cavity and I would tremble along my legs. I never was able to cum in the shower like that but it was definitely a delight. I would grab some prop be it some panties, rope or ribbon. Then I could cook off a powerful spew in five minutes that would pulse out in a few healthy bursts and continue to dribble for a good minute or so.

Although if I did manage to have a bath. I could get out and arrange a nice little jerk party with multiple props. I would lay on my back and begin with light caresses. I would immerse my mind into my latest sexual fantasy that was tripping my trigger. These fantasies evolved with time and even during my acts of self-indulgence. The caressing would work slowly into the more sensitive areas and provided a controllable slow building of pressure.

I could bring myself to the brink two to four times before I lost my cum.

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This lazy jerk method lasted a half-hour to an hour and a half. The only draw back to this method is it usually meant my tip wetted with constant pre-cum.

Which sometimes made a small mess. Regardless how I started in bed on Sunday night, I had three to seven orgasms. I would sleep in on Mondays and get a pleasant jerk before getting up to piss foam.

I frequently enjoyed another orgasm or two before lunch. Monday nights would be my most productive time while my satisfied sex drive recovered. I had no doubts that my masturbation comprised my main hobby. I did rent occasional movies and read a few books.


I had started renting the animae movies and the limited sexual content burst my nuts. I could easily force a jerk long after I was shooting blanks. The prospects of watching an animae could arouse me days in advance. I came by an erotic animae catalog and began to crave any Erotic Horror film. All the best animae pictures off the Internet came from such films. I came by the idea to visit a porn shop in search of just such a video. Well that idea excited me and caused me a great deal of arousal.

But it would be several months before building up the nerve to follow through with it. It was a rainy Sunday night. I was working the front at one of the stations and I had to do transactions for numerous well-endowed girls wearing wet tops. I needed something to help me find some calm in a seething rage of frustration. I stopped at a porn shop with a rear access.

I strolled across the back lot through puddles of water and my heart was thumping the whole way. I almost lost my nerve at the back door, but entered. The interior was dark and without windows. The strangest assortment of literature and movies flooded my senses. I felt frantic to be out of there and I could hear my heart beating in my chest. I was pleased there was only three other patrons in the place. I realized the cashier was giving me a close eye because of my age.

I looked away from the sex toy displays and was not at all comfortable with them. I found the lesbian literature tantalizing to my eyes. I had to just study the selections to spot a few quality items to my standards. I selected one before moving on to my ultimate goal of an Erotic Animae Horror film.

I scanned the narrow aisles of racks as if I was on a holy quest. I encountered another patron as he pulled a movie from the rack. I couldn't help but notice it was a gay bondage film. I felt like I was going to die as our eyes met and we had to move around each other in the narrow aisle. I looked back at him as he turned and walked away. He was in his forties with ruddy skin.

He was probably a couple inches short of six feet. He was definitely a little overweight and might have weighed about 210 lbs. He was dressed as if he were a construction worker complete with heavy boots. He looked back at me and I thought I was going to gag with revulsion. This man was truly creepy and ugly looking, he sent shivers down my back. I turned away quickly and almost fled down the aisle. I continued my exhaustive but fruitless search.

I wandered the store a little more. I was forced to face the fact this little sleazy hole of a shop didn't have what I truly wanted. I scanned the animae section over again for about the fourth time. I found none of the extreme hard core I wanted. I suddenly felt odd and for some strange reason looked to my right to see another man staring at me.

This guy seemed to be in his early twenties with greased up hair. He had a swishy way about him that screamed fag. I swore he looked up from my ass to smile at me. I lost my nerve and couldn't stand the place anymore. I approached the counter and paid for my magazine. The clerk asked for my identification and just smiled before asking, "Find everything alright?" I mentioned one of the tittles I sought and he regretted that those particular films never stayed in stock.

I very happily left with the brown paper bagged magazine. That night I really enjoyed my new magazine and fantasized I was one of the lesbians in the pictures. The new magazine entertained me for weeks. I felt robbed being born the wrong sex and not being able to enjoy fucking a woman's body with a woman's body. Women could always find someone to satisfy their needs and it was an unmistakable trick of fate.

My whole attention then focused on a frequent female client, who I liked. It took a couple weeks but I asked her out on a whim that even surprised me. She turned me down very awkwardly. I felt devastated. That's when I found myself a few weekends later taking a break in the back office reading the personals. I was desperate and without hope. Spring was beginning and I was suffering spring fever. I was definitely feeling squirrely. The personals were not helping. I found only a few ads interested in a single white male in my age group.

I knew I lacked the initiative or guts to answer an ad and risk rejection. It seemed that only gays were really interested in young men for, "Boy toy," as one ad put it. My sexual fantasies had grown old and stale. I needed some other stimulus to fill the void. I found myself jerking just to jerk. My eyes began to linger on older woman but my mouth interfered. I couldn't fathom a woman with kids almost my own age.

Fat chicks were a considered possibility, but I couldn't jerk to the prospects of one. I had truly found my own mental saltpeter by just imagining a 300-lb sow slathering herself on my face. I had also concluded that fat woman always wore excessive perfume to cover up the stench of their inability to exercise proper hygiene. Despite all this I was still tempted. One weekend I was helping up front at the registers.

My counterpart at work accepted a check from someone I could not place. I felt I had met the person before. I took down the guy's plate number, pump and total sale on a separate sheet of paper. I placed this in my pocket after writing the transaction time down also. I racked my brain for about five minutes before my full attention was needed elsewhere. Later I was straightening up an aisle when I remembered from where I knew the guy.

He was the ugly guy from the porn shop. My heart caught in my chest and I laughed. I was eager to cash out the drawers and do receipts. That night I put a name, address, and date of birth to the face. I wrote all that information down on a scrap piece of paper and left it in my desk drawer at work. About midweek I considered sneaking into the porn shop and I recalled that particular guy. I think his name was John Aimes the ugly guy I encountered in the shop last time.

I doubted I would encounter him in the shop again, but I was sure there would be someone in there like that. I found that prospect revolting. Later when I didn't go to the porn shop and was in the process of bedding down for the night. I regretted it. I really wish I had just gone and gotten anything.

I couldn't jerk because I kept thinking of John Aimes and other guys who might be at that porn shop. I finally managed a jerk by fantasizing myself to be a beautiful woman that is compromised by an ugly beast like John.

This fueled my sexual fantasies for the rest of the week. I returned to work on Friday. I was completing paper work at my desk when I noticed John's information on that piece of scrap paper. I was wrong John's last name was spelled Aames. He lived at 213 Jefferson Ave. in apartment #5. God what a real unsavory part of town.

I threw the piece of paper away. The next day I was straightening up an aisle and I started thinking about a visit to the porn shop. I also started thinking about John again. I wondered why he was into gay bondage. Did he lack any sexual partners like me? No, I concluded that wasn't the cause alone.

I realized I had done certain unspeakable things to satisfy myself. His sexual desires had probably evolved into a twisted and decadent form in order to attain his needed gratification. I further realized I couldn't sustain my own personal gratification on the same old sexual fantasy.

He also probably required gradually increased degrees of stimulus to attain his present form of sexual release. I was wondering what level of unspeakable decadence he had arrived at when I was required up front. I drove to the other station and was left numb by the mystery of what it was that John craved. I realized John would probably fuck me.

I further realized John would probably like to do other unthinkable things to me. I couldn't comprehend his appeal to the male form. I lacked any insight to why women liked men at all. I was curious and didn't know what I expected to learn.

I decided to retrieve his information out of the wastebasket when I got to the other store. I found it with no difficulty and placed it back into the desk drawer. I was soon somewhere else addressing an invoice with a delivery. Sunday night came and I was enjoying the warm summer air with the car windows down.

People were everywhere and I saw several joggers on my way home. I decided to drive by the porn shop and see how many cars were in the back parking lot. I really doubted I would stop since it was day light yet. But so many people seemed to be enjoying the good weather that I hoped.

My eye caught a street sign for Jefferson Avenue. I drove another block before I got spun around and found my way onto Jefferson. Then I didn't realize it until it was too late. I was going the wrong way. I turned left at the next intersection toward the odd side. I then doubled back down the back alley and saw "345" next to a door on one building. I waited for a car to get out of my way before proceeding on to the next block. I finally crossed the next street and entered the back alley for the two hundred block.

I was almost at the end of the block when I saw "213" spray painted on a trash-dumpster. I noticed a couple empty parking spots marked "3,5 and 6." I parked in six. All the cars were pretty beat up except for a brand new sub-compact. A couple cars were missing license plates and a few others looked like they had been sitting there a while.

I hid everything lying in my car and locked it up. I quickly walked for the back door of the building. I almost expected to see rats when I opened the door.

When I did open the door all the doors in the hallway rattled in their doorframes and did so again when I closed it. The hallway was dark and it was very warm inside. One of the doors in the hallway opened only to be shut again right away.

Another door was half-open in the middle of the hallway. I found it was a bathroom. I reached in and flipped the light switch. The old yellow and white tiles reflected the light from about four light bulbs or more.

The fixtures, wash basin and shower were very old and worn. The room lacked windows and a vent fan in the ceiling rattled to life. I noticed it was very clean like the hallway. I flipped the switch again and the fan died slowly and painfully. The hall appeared to be freshly vacuumed. Sure the paint was pealing and the carpet was frayed, but there wasn't any trash lying about. I noticed that just rooms one through four were on the ground floor. I walked up front into a foyer.

A heavy security door was ahead of me flanked by large windows. Nine mailboxes with windows were to my right. All were numbered two through eight except a large one on the bottom marked "Superintendent." Most had names taped to the doors and number #5 was marked, "Aames." Through the windows I could see mail in several of the boxes but number #5 was pretty full.

I tried several of my keys but none would open it. I kept my back to the windows and popped the door by using a key to jimmy it open. I pulled out the mail and quickly shoved the local flyers back into the box. I scanned the contents; couple letters from a trucking company, letter from a probation officer, monthly bank statement judging by the thickness and a real nasty bondage flyer.

I returned everything and used my key to get the locked mailbox door back into place. I exited the foyer into the hallway and looked up the stairs to my left. The staircase was a deeply worn hardwood that twisted upwards to the right. The door behind me was not marked and closed.

I decided it was the stairs going down. I found the door locked and the lock seemed to be an old skeleton key style. I walked up the stairs and decided they were more treacherous than they looked. The steps creaked and the assent was very steep. The railing looked to have been replaced several times in the past.

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I found room #5 at the top of the stairs looking down the hallway. The hallway was clean but peeling paint and frayed carpeting was evident in the darkness. The only light seemed to be coming from the bathroom halfway down the hall.

The floor creaked as I walked toward the open bathroom and passed room six. A small window within provided the only light for the hall. The fixtures were in better shape than downstairs and the shower looked larger. I looked back down the hall at door #5. I noticed none of the rooms had door peepholes to see into the hall. I knew these were just rooms without separate bathrooms and no on site laundry.

The rooms probably came furnished just with a bed and dresser. I was sure the rent was very cheap. I turned and walked down the hall past rooms seven and eight. I got to the door at the end of the hall and opened it into an outdoor stairwell. All the doors in the hallway rattled in their doorframes and did so again when I closed it behind me. I walked toward my car in the back lot and wondered how far it was to the Porn Shop from here. I paused before unlocking the car. I decided to walk down the alley toward the nearest street.

I then turned and walked toward Jefferson. When I reached the corner, I then turned up Jefferson toward the front of #213. The store front of #209 next door was an engraving shop.

I entered and noticed the place was dead for customers. I promptly asked the clerk, "Who owns the building next door." He promptly said, "Concord Rentals, anything else I can help you with?" I replied, "No, but thank you." I almost regretted the fact I was leaving him to his interrupted boredom.

I walked to the Porn Shop and the streets were busy. A block and a half later, I was walking across an empty back lot. I was apprehensive about entering the store but I didn't want to turn around and leave empty handed after walking all this way.

The store only held two other patrons during this visit. The interior remained dark without any windows and the lighting was poor. The strange assortment of literature and movies flooded my senses but didn't overwhelm them like it did on my last visit. I felt excited to be there and I could not help but feel a little nervous. I realized the cashier was paying a little attention to me because of my age. I looked away from the sex toy displays and was still not at all comfortable with them.

I found the lesbian literature where I knew it would be. I took little time making my selection. I then moved on to my ultimate goal of an Erotic Animae Horror film. I couldn't help but notice the gay bondage films as I passed. I looked about and noticing no one watching I picked up a couple and examined the sleeves. The descriptions on the sleeves didn't provide much insight. I continued on to the Animae and was disappointed again. I went up front to tender cash for my purchase.

The clerk asked for my identification and just smiled before asking, "Find everything alright?" I felt his attitude was an effort to unsettle me.

I asked when they would get any Erotic Animae in stock. The clerk shrugged and said the manager handled ordering. I very happily took the brown paper bagged magazine and left.

I felt frustrated as I walked back to the car. I wondered if the Animae catalog accepted money orders or checks. I remember seeing the VISA logo on the bottom of the order form.

I drove home and climbed in the shower as soon as I got there. I hadn't frustrated myself so I slipped into my routine of release. I was thinking of showering in the upstairs shower at #213 Jefferson Avenue as I lathered my crotch and massaged my own aroused member. While my left hand kneaded my shaft slowly upward the right hand caressed my ass cheeks before slathering foamy soap throughout my crack. Eventually my right index finger began teasing my anal opening.

As I was doing this, my hips were moving back and forth. I told myself, "This is where I see John watching me through the clear shower curtain.

His robe drops to the floor and he steps into the shower behind me. He says, "Let me help." He bats my hands away and grabs my shaft with his right hand and my ass crack with his left hand. My hands press flat against the tiled walls." That is when I opened my left hand and moved the open palm in circular fashion against my very tip.

Then I told myself that John would say, "I like your little ass and I think it likes me. Lets find out how tight it is." I moved my right index finger into my ass. I plunged it back and forth into my anal cavity and I trembled along my legs. I thought I would cum but my legs grew weak. I enjoyed several hearty jerks to my new budding fantasies of John fucking my ass.

I dismissed the fantasies as just fantasies. Tuesday night, I was enjoying jerks to my new lesbian magazine. Wednesday night I jerked so much, I ripped a couple blanks to animae pictures on my computer. Come Thursday, I was playing an old computer game and finishing the laundry before work on Friday. I found myself reading the personals again on Sunday.

I did not find anything new but many more "Heavy women" advertising for older men. I drifted to the rentals and found an advertisement for Concord Rentals. I called for shits and giggles. I was even more amazed to get a hold of a living person on the other end of the line, "Beaumont Hotel, Brian speaking how may I help you?" I surprisingly stammered, "Who handles the Concord Rentals." Brian replied, "One moment please." The line rang several times before the line picked up; "This is Stacy." "Yes Stacy do you handle the Concord Rentals?" I heard papers being shuffled, "I have last Friday's list of availability's right here.

Was they're anything in any certain price range you were looking at?" asked Stacy. "Um…well how about any openings at 213 Jefferson Avenue?" I asked.

"Oh," she responded as she shuffled her papers. "Yes there is currently three rooms open and available. Rooms #2, #6 and #7 are open. They have rooms #2 and #7 marked down for minor repairs this upcoming week but no viewing scheduled as of yet on any of the rooms. Would you like me to schedule you for a viewing?" asked Stacy. "Yes how about Monday afternoon?" "Monday morning around 9 AM would be better," replied Stacy.

I agreed and was told the superintendent should show up within ten minutes of the appointment. Stacy took my name and phone number in case of a last minute cancellation. I had to stay very late that night as two employees didn't make it in to one of the stations. I had to take an employee from the other station for coverage. I left a lengthy note to what happened for the weekday manager and also the owner.

I figured one of the associates would get fired for not calling in. I knew the other associate was sick on Saturday, so it wasn't any surprise when she called in sick for Sunday. I dropped from exhaustion on my couch. I woke up quite early and very hungry. I got undressed and poured myself a bowl of cereal.

I ate and remembered my 9 AM appointment. It was 4:34 AM according to the microwave when I finished eating. I know I didn't get out of the station until after 11:30 PM last night. I was so happy to be going back to bed.

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I normally work 5 AM to 9 PM on Friday and Saturday. Sunday I come in at 6AM and leave between 5 and 6 PM. I was tired. I turned the light back on and set my alarm for 8:30 AM. I laid the clock on its side so I would remember to reset the alarm time for this weekend later. The alarm went off and I got up and turned it off. If it weren't for me really needing to use the bathroom, I would have gone back to bed.

I took a quick shower and washed my hair. I got dressed and left. I don't think I was awake yet when I parked the car and put money in the meter. I approached the security door in front of 213 Jefferson Ave.

I found it locked. I glanced down at my watch and was surprised that I was 4 minutes early. I never considered that I would be on time. I stood out front and watched traffic. I glanced down at my watch again and noticed it was now 9 minutes after the hour. I was starting to grow impatient. I sighed and went back to watching traffic. I heard a noise behind me and turned. A thin man with a large nose had opened the security door and said, "Are you the 9 AM appointment?" "Yes," I replied.

He ushered me in and closed the security door behind me. All the closed doors down the hallway rattled in their doorframes. A glance at my watch showed it to be 9:13 AM. "I have rooms #2, #6 and #7 open. Room #2 is on the ground floor and has a little higher rent. We rent by the week but provide a discount for a month in advance. This sheet of paper shows our rates and if you will follow me, I will show you room #2," spoke the superintendent as he turned to walk away.

Looking at the sheet I said, "I would like to see room #7." He stopped suddenly and looked back toward me, "Oh, Room #2 is much nicer than #7. Room #7 is in need of some minor repair and isn't ready yet. The ground floor is much easier to move into," he continued. "Yeah but there is always more foot traffic on the ground floor," I replied. He reluctantly led me out of the foyer and up the stairs.

I didn't like this guy. He seemed pushy and he looked like a creep. He was about six feet tall but very thin boned. His hair was graying and he was in his fifties or approaching them. I felt my visit was a great inconvenience to him. He led me down the hall just past the bathroom door on the right to room #7 on the left.

He unlocked the door, "You will notice a couple holes in the wall." The other doors in the hallway rattled slightly as he pushed the door open. He stood just inside the doorway as I entered the room.

I was surprised that the room had a closet and was larger than I envisioned. There was a full-sized bed, night stand, dresser, TV/VCR stand, desk and wooden chair. There was room for a small refrigerator and microwave in one corner. I noticed that there were enough outlets for everything I wanted. The holes were large and revealed just how thin the walls actually were.

"I like it but what about phone lines," I asked? "Each room has a phone jack behind the headboard. It is each tenants responsibility to make arrangements for service," he answered.

When I turned to leave I noticed his eyes moved up to meet mine, which I felt was odd. "Would you care to see rooms #2 now," he asked? I replied, "No." He hastily added, "My room is #1 and I assure you that things remain very quite down there." I took a moment to glance at the rental rates on the sheet and was stunned by what I saw.

The monthly discount rate was almost as low as a third of what I was paying for my present apartment. "I will take this room when it is ready or hmm. Let me see #6." "Are you sure you wouldn't want to see the other room? The occupant of room #5 is really rude and can be an asshole at times," he persisted.

I ignored him when I asked, "When will this room be ready?" "It may be two weeks," he responded with a sigh. I replied, "Let me see #6." He opened the door to #6 and said, "Little smaller than seven but so is the bed." I nodded to him as I stepped into the room.

I turned and asked, "Would cash be alright?" He smiled and purred, "Yes follow me and I will get you a receipt." I stepped past him into the hall. He followed and pulled the door closed causing all the other doors to rattle in their doorframes. I noticed the open bathroom door moved ever so slightly as I walked past it.

He stepped past me in the hall and led me down the creaky stairs. I followed him down the hall past the front foyer to his room. He opened his door and once again all the doors in the hall rattled softly in their doorframes.

He stepped into his illuminated room holding the door open and gestured with his other hand for me to enter. I timidly stepped across the threshold and found myself standing in his room. He turned and closed his door with the ever-present sound of rattling doors. I looked about his room and found everything seemed to have a certain place as if he were anal.

I stood on a large area rug that softened the floor's creaking as he stepped past me to the desk. The room had mirrored closet doors and a large mirror over the dresser.

There was a much nicer full-sized bed, night stand, dresser, TV/VCR stand, desk and two cushioned office chairs. There was a small refrigerator and microwave in a corner. The walls were wallpapered in an intricate white and blue pattern with hints of gold and brown. The wallpaper was complete with borders.

The room lacked windows. He interrupted my wandering eye as he sat down and spoke, "Want a seat?" I sat in the other office style chair that he had gestured too. He coughed, "Oh, I would be very eager to help if you decide to change your mind on room #2.

I would hate to see you offended by the tenant in room #5." I wondered what had changed his attitude toward me during my tour. He asked while pulling out a receipt book, "Where do you live now?" I told him. He promptly asked, "Where do you work?" I told him and added that I had been fortunate to have received sort of a few promotions lately.

He quizzed me on my employer and current position as he filled a receipt. He asked for my driver's license in order to complete the receipt. I set out three months rent in front of him. He asked, "You live in a very nice place, please explain why you would move?" I laughed, "An opportunity to save up some cash." He replied, "Oh!" I took the receipt and stood.

He smiled broadly, "Please feel free to move in anytime, I took the liberty to date your receipt for next Monday. That gives you a week to move in and it is greatly appreciated that you paid so far in advance." I replied with a smile, "Why thank you very much." He added with cough and a grin, "Oh, I actually enjoy my room rent free since I manage this building and another nearby.

I have entertained the idea of a room mate for awhile now, since the room is so large. Think about it and let me know if it interests you." I felt blind sided and muttered, "Why thank you for generous offer." He seemed to offer up my room key with some hesitation.

I turned and he quickly rose and said, "Oh, I look forward to seeing more of you Jay." I turned back and apologized, "I am sorry, I never caught your name." He replied, "Oh, Dennis," with an awkward grin.

I shook his hand goodbye. As I walked away, he cheerfully called after me, "I will let you know if there is any interest in room #2 and remember you just need to speak to me about any changes." When I reached the foyer door I turned to give a smile and wave goodbye.

It dawned on me he was looking at my ass. I felt confused with that realization. Once on the sidewalk outside moving toward my car, certain things he said seemed to make more sense. I was still somewhat confused when pulling away from the curb though, my imagination getting the better of me?

I easily found a rental space and paid 3 months in advance. I rented a moving van and started to work on moving. I went the next two days with hardly any sleep. I purchased a portable washer and dryer that could be easily hid in a closet. They were the only two items, I needed the moving van for to move to my new room.

But I used the van to move my few chosen items to keep out of storage. I was surprised that the move turned out to be so inexpensive besides the washer and dryer. It was Thursday morning, I had fallen asleep on my new unmade bed fully clothed. My new room was a shambles with boxes strewn everywhere. I was very aware that I awoke extremely aroused. It occurred to me that I had not tended to my sexual needs at all this week.

I was being very neglectful to myself. When I rose from bed, I felt a dull ache in my sides. I knew it was a back pressure on my sexual plumbing. I must have been aroused for quite sometime. I went to the bathroom across the hall and pissed a heady foam. I was overwhelmed with pressure to get everything done before I needed to be back at work Friday. I left to walk through my old apartment, one last time, before dropping off the key.

I needed to complete a change of address and change the address on my driver's license. I needed to have my phone service changed and I called from the old apartment before throwing the phone in a box.

I only wanted a phone for internet access, but decided that I would go with radio frequency internet access instead. I concluded that if work wanted to contact me they would email me. After all why should I pay for a phone if I am never going to use it. I was very eager to set up my new room and was overjoyed when the errand running was over.

So far during my moving, I had encountered none of my new fellow tenants. I was starting to have the feeling that I was living there alone. I was very surprised to encounter the tenant from room #8 while hauling up my last box. He glared at me and disappeared into his room before I could speak a greetings. He was caring a towel and had wet hair, I can only assume he had just taken a shower. He appeared to be Hispanic with dark hair and a stout frame.

I laughed to myself, setting up my room really just entailed setting up electronic appliances. The computer and DVD cables were the worst. I found myself moved in 2 hours easily. I hauled out the boxes to the car. I would just drop them off at the storage space after work tomorrow. I turned on the computer and was dumbfounded that the radio frequency modem worked already. It was an entirely painless or effortless setup.

I found myself browsing panties and thongs on ebay. I was quickly aroused and thought this the easiest way to replenish my diminished pantie collection. I was very stimulated by new surroundings and found that no stimulus was required for an orgasm at all. After several pleasant and spontaneous releases, I set up the washer and washed the bedclothes left for the super single bed. I had run the water lines to the bathroom and was enjoying the experience of doing my first load of laundry when Dennis showed up.

He asked gravely, "What's this?" I knew he was displeased by his tone and that surprised me. I made eye contact with him and smiled, "Hi Dennis." He replied, "Oh, hi. I am not certain that I can allow you to use this device." I asked, "Ever see one before?" he paused and said, "No!" I said, "Well guess I am surprised, but they actually quite pricey and doubt few would pay so much for one when a full sized one is so much cheaper." He was deep in thought and I knew he still was of a mind to flex his authority over me.

I interrupted him as he appeared to be about to speak, "Its water and electric usage is so trivial, besides it is fairly quiet.

I actually do not need to run the hoses into the bathroom, I could just run it out of some five gallon pails. I did not expect that you would have disapproved or I would have spoken with you beforehand. I thought from our meeting Monday that if there was any friend here it would be you." He smiled awkwardly at what I said sunk in, "Oh, I never said I disapproved, its not a problem at all. Please do not misunderstand me." I laughed, "Awesome, thank you, knew I could count on you." He asked, "You have the dryer as well?" I replied happily, "Yes, right over here." I showed him the dryer in the closet.

He was surveying my room, I noted and taking stock of my other things. It occurred to me than that I had left the computer on and a pantie was displayed on the monitor. I reached over and turned off the monitor as he glanced over my closet contents.

I felt the heat rise in my cheeks, I must be blushing as sweat beaded on my face. I doubt he missed it, but unless he said something, I could only hope. He stepped out of my closet and asked, "Use the computer much?" I stuttered, "Ah yeah, can not live without them." He smiled coyly, "I do not have one, care to show me anything on yours?" I said reluctantly, "No not right now, running an application at the moment and doubt it would be done for few hours.

Its really quite an old machine." He said, "Ohwhat you use it for?" "Surfing, entertainment," and I finished with a shrug. He frowned, "Thought you would have more stuff." I laughed nervously relieved with the change in conversations direction, "Yes I do, I put it all away in storage. I put a lot furniture away, about enough for house." He replied, "Really?" I said, "Ah yeah, a couch, stove, frig, queen sized bed, dressers, kitchen table and chairs." I realized I was saying too much but yet I feared that he would just reach over and turn on the monitor.

He nodded his head, "Nice, I would think that would be hard to give up." I shrugged, "Hopefully I will save up enough for a house or something soon, no matter." He seemed uncomfortable with that comment, but forced a smile, "Say care to join me in my room for a cold beer?" I laughed, "I am very sorry, but I am not the drinking age, thank you for the generous offer." He purred, "It would be cool as long as you stay with me in my room, no one would know?" I chuckled, "Nah, I am sorry I do not drink anyways." That seemed to get him excited, "Really?

Damn it would be fun. Have you ever had a beer?" I meekly replied, "I tasted one as a kid, did not like the taste I guess." He laughed with disbelief, "Oh, you got to be shitting me? You never been drunk?" I laughed with shock, "No." He purred, "We have to have a toast to your new room, come on down and have a beer with me." I sighed, "It's a very generous offer but I am afraid I have to decline. I do have to go to work very early in the morning." He looked disappointed but I doubted it would be his last effort.

He said with a sneer, "Oh okay, but you will have a beer with me sometime, I insist. Do you have any bad habits or are you boring." I laughed, "Sorry, no bad habits really." He asked out of the blue, "Any girlfriends?" I shrugged, "Nah they seldom take interest in me." He smirked, "Consider yourself lucky." I could not place my finger on his motives but suspected I was telling him too much.

He added, "Well trust me you will not like it up here with the bastard living in room #5. That fuck is a really mean asshole." I realized that I had actually been getting eager to end my conversation with him until now, "Please explain?" He chuckled, "Oh well that ornery mother is just evil.

Kick your ass for no reason. He is always angry. Stay clear or you are liable to get hurt. Oh, I had a few renters move out all of a sudden, I suspect that is the cause. Oh, Jesus Christ the cops fear him and come sneaking around once in awhile for a quick peak in on him. Oh, they usually come talk to me to see if anything is new." I was trying to absorb everything he was saying and knew it was getting a dramatic spin, "Really?" "Oh, you would be so much better off where I could keep an eye out for you and an eye on your room's door when you are gone.

You have some nice stuff, I am not saying or suggesting anyone would take it. But things are so much better downstairs." I replied, "You might be right, but I spent a great effort just setting everything up. I am not interested in moving again anytime soon." He purred, "Oh that goes without saying, but just so you know you can bunk with me if you need." "Why thank you," I replied.

It felt a little awkward that he was being so friendly and helpful. He wanted to lead me with any excuse down to his room. The washer finished and I moved the laundry to the dryer and began packing up the washer. He grabbed his forehead, "Oh, you forgot to ask for your mailbox key. I will go find it for you." "Ah yeah, I might want that, " I answered. He smiled, "Come to my room, I need you to sign for it." I meekly replied, "Okay." I next heard him descending the creaky stairs.

I was dazed, he just said that it was my fault that I did not get my key and now he would help me fix it. That was twisted and he also made it so I had to go to his room.

I started the dryer and sighed. I really did not want to go to his room, I was getting a sense of foreboding. I locked my door and slowly went down the stairs, the events with him were moving way too fast all of a sudden. His door was wide open with new release music playing low.

That seemed odd as I did not figure him to listen to current releases. He was rummaging through his little frig when I arrived.

I asked, "Find it?" He said way too cheerfully, "Give me a sec." He crossed the room and handed me an open beer. I knew my mouth had fallen open. He raised his beer, "A toast." I protested, "Thank you but I do not like beer, it is very kind of you, but no thank you."He frowned, "Oh do not be rude, come on at least share a toast with me." I shook my head no and set the beer down, "I am very sorry but I do thank you for your generosity." He was not happy with me despite his smile.

He asked, "Is there something else I can get you? You like soda pop, ice cream or candy?" I laughed, "You are really too kind, that will not be necessary, but I will take that key." He chuckled weakly, "Oh please tell me what you like." I shrugged, "Cherry ice cream with chocolate chips but I seldom eat sweets. I like fruit like apples and berries. I am picky, I use to drink a lot of soda but not too much anymore.

I hate to be a party pooper, I can see you want to entertain company, but I have a big day starting before dawn." He sighed, "Oh I won't take no for an answer. You will share a toast with me soon, maybe wine?" I shrugged and yawned. He gave me the key and I said, "Thank you." I turned and said, "Goodnight." He gave me a gentle pat on the back, "Oh sleep well." he replied.

Not until I was back in my room getting dressed for bed did I realize that he had not had me sign a receipt. I sighed. I climbed into bed just wearing my favorite thong. I was aroused but the usual fantasies did not trip my trigger. I thought of Dennis and realized he disgusted me maybe not just physically but also by his underhanded methods. He seemed to be a slithering creature and reminded me of sneaky snake character in a cartoon that I had seen once years ago. I could not recall the movie or snake characters name, but the snake had hypnotic eyes that would entrance its victims before it tried to eat them whole.

I giggled and whispered, "Dennis the Snake says look into my eyes, hissss." I decided to try a new sexual fantasy, lets see. His door was wide open with music coming from his room to soothe his unsuspecting prey - ME. I approached his room and found him digging in his frig. I asked, "Find the key?" He purred, "Hold on a sec." He crossed the room and handed me an open beer. I knew my mouth had fallen open. He raised his beer, "A toast." I protested, "Thank you but I do not like beer, it is very kind of you, but no thank you."He frowned, "Oh do not be rude, I will not take no for an answer.

Besides I will not look for the key until you respect my charity with a toast." I gasped, "I do not like beer." He laughed, "Don't be rude, just have a sip, it will not kill you." He stepped closer and put his left arm around my shoulders in a hug and whispered, "Do not be rude." I took a sip and he laughed, "Wait for the toast." I swallowed and we clinked bottles.

He said, "To new friends." I took another swallow. He asked, "Now that was not so bad, was it?" I replied, "Guess not." I attempted to set the bottle on the desk but he gave my shoulders a squeeze and led me toward his night stand. He muttered, "I wonder if its in here?" He opened a drawer and said, "Oh where is my manners, its your turn to make a toast." I muttered, "I really shouldn't." He burst out in laughter, "That is great." He clinked my bottle before I could form a clear thought.

He drank in a deep draught and motioned for me to do also. I started to lift the beer to my lips but stopped.

He said, "Oh don't be rude, take a drink to your own toast." I gave in and did. He cheered me on and when I was done, he said "Now was that so bad?" I replied, "No." He laughed,"Might as well finish it." I looked at the bottle and only a third was left, I worked at it and finished it. He wrote something at his desk. He asked, "That was your first beer?" I replied, "Ah yeah." He laughed, "Better have you sit down here at the desk and sign this receipt." While I did that he disposed of the beer bottles.

I heard him open a couple more bottles. I asked, "Any idea where the key is?" He replied, "I will find it" He set another beer before me. I said, "I can't." He closed his door. He said, "I know you will or I will call the cops on you for underage drinking.

I have had just about enough of your rudeness." I swallowed involuntarily. He then broke a smile at me and said, "Bottoms up." He reached over and clinked my bottle.

I was dazed as I picked up the bottle and took a drink. He said, "You will sleep so good tonight. You will thank me." He spent the next ten minutes looking for the key. Before I realized it, he had gotten me to just about finish the beer. He spoke, "I found it, finish up your beer and I will give it to you, it's a crime to waste good beer." He held the key toward me as he sat on his bed.

I finished the beer and stood up. I was surprised that I was off balance, the beer was taking affect. He reached over and grabbed me, "Looks like someone is a little drunk." He appeared to be overjoyed. He guided me to his bed and undid my belt. I asked, "What are you doing?" He said, "Getting you ready for bed.

You can not go to bed fully clothed." I said, "I will go to my room." He laughed, "Doubt you make it before the cops catch you. Likely you'll fall and get hurt. Stay here I will set an alarm and get you up." I stuttered a protest but had trouble standing. He asked, "What time you getting up?" I replied,"4." He said, "Oh my, best get you to bed its late" as he set an alarm.

The light went out and his hands were on me taking off my clothes, "Be careful, let me help with that."I was just in my thong before I knew it and he was guiding me under the covers. I heard him disrobe and slide in next to me. His hands quickly found me and I was being frisked. I was very excited. His hands were feeling out my thong. He asked, "What is this?" I replied meekly, "My underwear." He purred, "I like it." He was squeezing my cock through my thong.

He said, "You like it too." I asked, "What's going on." He laughed, "You are getting your first fuck buddie." He kissed me and I was shocked that I was kissing him back. I asked dumbly, "Does this mean I get free rent bunking with you now?" He slid his naked body on top of me, "Yes and full refund of your deposit." His hands grabbed at my ass, he laughed, "Oh I plan on giving this little ass lots of deposits." I whispered, "Thank you very much." I came and the fantasy ended.

I cleaned up and slipped off to sleep. I awoke and was promptly off to work. It was a nice day except for heavy rains in the evening hours. I was thoroughly soaked, when I had to pick up an exterior product display blown over by high winds. My feet were soaked and despite the extremely warm weather the water was freezing cold. One of the attendants actually attempted to help me, but I directed him to go back inside.

Between trips of hauling in merchandise, I told him, "No point in you getting soaked too, especially when you have to stay for a few more hours yet." I actually left work early so I could get into dry clothes. Once I got to my new home, it felt so good to have on dry socks. I slid into my favorite thong and decided I would wear a jersey top that was a few sizes too big.

I actually really liked the clothes combination and decided it would be my new lounge wear while in my room. I checked a full length mirror on the backside of my room door. I concluded the jersey top was perfect. It came down past my crotch and it even appeared to help conceal my hard on with the extra material in the front from for the pockets.

I sat down in my computer chair and there was enough material to protect my thong from view. I spent twenty minutes testing the jersey top in the mirror in various positions.

I was very pleased and decided that the jersey top would be sufficient to cross the hall to use the bathroom. If anyone saw me, my thong would be well protected from view. I enjoyed the cold feeling I got from the metal zipper against my exposed groin tip. The thong pulled my erect shaft straight up toward my navel while letting my nuts hang to each side. The zipper usually touched my tip but once in awhile I would feel the cool metal elsewhere.

It was a pleasant sensation and gratefully the zipper did pinch at my skin. I expected it had been machined with the intent to not snag other garments. I scanned the pantie(s) and thong auctions on ebay. I placed bids on a half dozen different ones. I saved several other auctions to bid on later. I actually won two right away and did a buyout on a third. That made me excited as I completed the transactions with online payments. I was mostly interested in thongs of other than cotton material.

A few silk ones would be nice, but I wanted polyester or spandex with a low cut. I had been at the auctions for hours when I heard heavy boots coming down the hall. I stopped and listened. I looked at the time. I realized I would have been home for a little over an hour now.

The heavy boots passed by my door. I heard a voice, "Oh, hi there." I thought maybe it was Dennis. A much deeper voice replied back with a snarl, "WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT?" That was followed by muttering. The deep voice resonated off the walls again, "GET LOST DIP-SHIT, TALK TO ME TOMORROW." I heard keys and what I thought a deadbolt moved and more rattling keys. The doors rattled as what had to be door #5 opened.

I smiled so John is home. John must have closed his door with force as doors danced in the doorframes with much noise. I heard creaking from the stairs as Dennis must be descending to his room. While I was skimming the g-string search on ebay about ten minutes later, I heard John emerge from his room.

Heavy boots passed my room and seemed to enter the bathroom. The doors rattled yet again when he closed the bathroom door. A few minutes later I heard a faint groan from the pipes, he must be taking a shower. I continued paging through the auctions, but after noting the time. About a half hour later the doors rattled as John emerged from the bathroom. The heavy boots again passed by my room, but it was accompanied with a swishing like sound.

I thought maybe it was untied bootlaces striking the worn carpet. I waited for the doors to rattle two more times, which should mean that he had opened and closed his door. I rose and went to my door and slowly opened it. I caused little disturbance with the other doors in the hall before peering into the hall and finding empty. I cautiously made my way to the ajar bathroom door. I flipped on the light and found the room hot and misty.

Water was condensed on the mirror and the shower curtain was wet from recent use. I observed some standing water on the floor outside the tub as well.

I closed the door and used the bathroom. I returned to my room and spent another twenty minutes checking out more auctions. I then turned off the computer and went to bed. I slipped quickly off to sleep despite my desires to play with myself. I did not encounter another soul, either Saturday morning or night at the rooming house.

I did notice that John's pick up was parked in the space marked for room #5. All I accomplished was checking my saved auctions and bidding on one. I had lost two of my previous nights auctions, but did win another. I made online payment arrangements. Before I knew it, I was getting up for work. Funny I did not recall setting my alarms. I always rose tired on Sunday. It was my hardest day to get going, but the day always flew by after 1 PM. When I pulled out, John's pickup was there, but it was gone when I returned.

I was slightly disappointed to see it gone. I had anticipated it would be here after work. Well at least the workday went faster than usual. So back up the back steps to the second floor, I climbed. I was tired but I was eager for a shower, I thought a bath in the public shower likely not a good idea, but my shower routine should be fine. I realized time still seemed to be moving fast as I arrived at my door. I entered and off with old and on with my jersey top and thong.

Now to gather shower gear and hit the shower. It was not many minutes later and I was doing just that. Now in the shower my left hand kneaded my shaft slowly upward while my right hand would caress my ass cheeks before slathering foamy soap throughout my ass crack. My right index finger would begin teasing my anal opening.

This is when I opened my left hand and moved the open palm in circular fashion against my very tip. That overwhelming sensation with my right index finger plunging back and forth into my anal cavity and I trembled along my legs. My legs grew weak and I dropped to my knees. I stopped and had trouble rising, but I toweled off vigorously and dressed into the jersey top and thong.

I then slid into flip flop sandals before rushing to my room, I really needed to cum. I closed and locked my door behind me. I unzipped my jersey top. I lay on top of my bed and wadded up a sheet against my crouch. I came in but a few thrusts against it. I sighed relief, now that was cuming for the sake of cuming.

Die Familie Feuerstein Staffel 3 Episode 14

No fantasy just sheer release of pent up spew. I had mostly captured most the load in my left hand. I would have washed it down the bathroom sink at my old apartment, but I did not want to chance meet some one in the hall with a handful of sperm. I shoved my hand in a dirty sock and wiped it off in there for now.

I would have to figure a procedure for this new little problem later. I grinned. It was time for a sexual fantasy. I pondered my new settings. I considered John in the shower encounter and realized that he likely did not even know I even existed. But Dennis certainly knew I existed. Dennis was repulsive. I laughed, He was more repulsive than the troll from the story of the three billy goats. I thought the story was called, "The Three Billy Goats Gruf," or "The Billy Goats Gruf." No matter it was something like that.

I also recalled that when I was much younger, I had a few sexual fantasies related to the troll and walking trees. Yes I would have to enjoy those again this week, yes indeed. But for now I thought maybe I should be caught with a hand full of cum on my way to the bathroom, by Dennis. The awkwardness of the potential situation stiffened my cock.

Hmm, I would be in a rush to destroy the incriminating sexual DISCHARGE. I would be concealing it as best I could as well from view. He would have little success of an interdiction unless he was actually stepping from where I was going. So it begins with me dashing for the bathroom while balancing a hand full of spew. He steps from the bathroom and we almost collide. I clasp my other hand over the spew to hide it from view.

I would say, "Pardon me, I need to get by please." I should be clear of him and free as he moves aside but the spew begins to leak between my fingers as it changes consistency with the passing of time. He sees it and realizes I am cupping something in my palms. He says, "What's this?" I meekly mutter, "Just some lotion." He easily senses a lie, while I pass him to get into the bathroom. I move behind the door to push it close with a foot. He re-enters the bathroom and says, "You are leaking lotion all over let me help you clean it up." I am taken off guard and pause, because I was heading for the sink to wash my hands and he has stepped in my way.

The bathroom door closes because I had pushed against it. He pulls some toilet paper from the spool and reaches for some drip spots on the tile floor.

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He Says, "Rub your hands together and spread it out so it stops dripping." I say, "I actually want to wash it off so please let me get to the sink." He steps aside and says, "Let me turn on the water for you, so you do not get any lotion on the faucet handles." I reply gratefully, "Thank you." He turns on the water and as I spread open my hands to immerse them in the water, he drags a finger through my exposed spew.

My mouth drops open as he rubs my spew between two fingers and lifts it to his nose. I swallow involuntarily as he, fixes a look onto me. He asks sternly "This is not lotion is it?" I instantly blush and just want to die.

He turns off the water quickly and grabs my wrists and looks at my hands that are still half covered in spew. He demands, "What's this?" I whispered, "My spew." He smiles with apparent disgust, "Jay's special lotion? Looks like it is everywhere. Get out of your clothes and in the shower," I whisper, "Please leave and I will." He laughed, "Shut up and do it or I will turn you into the health department.

Its my job as the superintendent to enforce the health code." I shed my jersey top and thong and stepped into the shower. He snarls, "Turn on the water." I do so and notice he is taking off his clothes. He turns off the light. I hear him move the curtain aside as he enters the shower. He sternly says, "Stand still so I can wash you." He lathers my body and my excited member. He says, "You're a real little pervert, good thing I caught you.

Rest assured I will fix it so you do not drip spew all over again." I asked meekly, "How?" He grabbed my cock firmly and started tugging on it, "I will personally keep an eye on you from now on." His other hand dug at my asshole roughly, "I will see to you getting properly fucked. I think that should fix any problems, don't you?" Oh my god that was feeling good, I replied shaking, "No but it should be a start." He laughed and I came.

My latest fantasy was over. I laughed. I decided that Dennis was too kind to fuel me with material for my latest fantasies. I actually enjoyed the attention he directed my way but not him. He was not to be trusted at all. Now it was time to consider John. What did I know, that I was stalking him. I had moved in next door so I could observe him closer.

He gets home an hour after me on Friday and is not in a good mood at all. He promptly showers for about half hour. He appears to be gone mostly from home for some reason. He spends the weekend at home. He leaves again sometime Sunday.

I suspect he speaks with Dennis but its on his terms. They have some type of relationship, but it is not really close. Than it occurred to me that birds of a feather flock together. I became interested in John because he was perverse enough to be browsing the gay bondage movies. Dennis actually was very most likely gay and not far from John's world. Than there was matter of John getting a letter from a probation officer. His mail also had a couple letters from some trucking company. A suspected bank statement and a real nasty bondage flyer.

I lay back on the bed and thought about it all. I could check the state court site online for his criminal record. If Dennis were not around, I could pop John's mailbox again later in the week. I could gather the trucking companies name, because I do not remember.

I wondered if he was an over the road truck driver. Made sense he would be gone so much of the week. The bank was Citizen's something and they had local branches nearby.

I could stay hidden right beneath his nose and he would never know unless Dennis told him. Dennis does not want me near him or is he protecting me from him. I than decided that Dennis would not say anything to him about me at all. I also decided that Dennis does not protect anyone, he is just looking out for himself. If I fell in the shower and had a terrible bloody nose.

Dennis would help me by telling me to hold my head over the sink. He would than hold onto my bare bottom for moral support. However, John was not going to encounter me unless we happened to be in the hallway at the same time.

That would likely happen Friday or Saturday night. I know where he parks and what he drives so that helps me know if he was here on either day unless we were pulling in and parking at the same time. Eventually that chance meeting would happen but not likely anytime soon. I laughed to myself, imagine the look on his face if I knocked on his door.

Especially on a Friday night when he is all pissed off and expecting to see Dennis. He throws open the door expecting to see Dennis and is ready to yell at him, "GET LOST DIP-SHIT!" Instead its me in my jersey top and concealed thong.

I say with a big smile, "Hi, this was in my mailbox." I hand him that real nasty bondage flyer with his address stamped on it. He takes it and while he is staring at it, I say, "Figured I better drop it off, never know you might need it or want it."Yep that would be priceless but any normal person would be ready to climb under a rock and die from shame.

Hmm, I would have to provide him a quick excuse. I would cough and hold my hand to shake hello, "Lucky you landing on an interesting mailing list. I am your new neighbor Jay. I am the happy tenant from room #6."He would be obligated to say, "Hi, I am John." I would laugh, "Yes that is what the flyer said. Forgive me, I really enjoyed the flyer, my mail is not so interesting." He would likely invite me in to sample some bondage gear at that point. No that would be all wrong, that approach is way to eager and sluttish.

So, I decided that I will eventually encounter him here at the rooming house. I would prefer it to be a more pre-planned event likely after another week of observation. I also decided that I was going to be wearing my jersey top and concealed thong.

That idea made me a real randy boy. However, I needed some sexual release and what is an eager little slut to do? Hmm, lets see. I would giggle, "Yes that is what the flyer said. Forgive me, I really enjoyed your flyer, my mail is not so interesting." He laughed, "Maybe next time that I get one I will slip it under your door?" I purred, "Or maybe next time you get in an order, you will invite me over for a demonstration?

I am clueless about those toys." He smiled broadly, "I have some toys care to see them?" I replied, "Really? Sure!" While stepping back he said, "Come on in." I entered his room looking about and stepped past him. He closed the door and turned the dead bolt. He was wearing a tank top and sweat pants. I was having trouble not staring at the tent he was pitching in the sweat pants.

He pulled a cardboard box out from beneath his bed and dropped all kinds of black leather things on it. I stepped closer, "Wow look at all the rings and buckles.

Leather smells nice don't you think?" He sorted through them and scattered them out, making the pile less gambled up. He was breathing heavier. I cheerfully said, "Well I thank you for showing me, but I do not know what anything is. Oh, is this leather cuffs?" He was standing on my left side and facing toward me.

He said very raspily, "Yes." I asked, "Wrist or ankle and why not use handcuffs?" He picked them up and said, "Actually could be used for both, it has advantages over handcuffs." I was touching another piece of leather cautiously when he began to put the cuff on my left wrist.

He asked, "How does that feel?" I smiled, "Comfy and snug." He moved my left arm behind my back. He reached his right hand behind my back and gently grabbed my right elbow. He started to pull it back. I said with challenging laugh, "No I bet you can not make me." I pulled my right arm away from his grasp, "I did not think so." I laughed at him, "That all you got?" The struggle was on.

Our feet moved about as he flailed to get my right arm behind my back. I was laughing as we both were breathing heavily. I ground my left hip into his groin and I did not think he was wearing underwear. He finally managed to get his right hand on my forearm and pull it behind my back. I made him work to do it. He was out of breath, "Showed you!" I laughed back at him, "I will just unbuckle it." I started twisting against the cuffs to get at a buckle.

He laughed while catching his breath. He pulled two locks off the bed and snapped one on each cuff. I said with a laugh, "Oh that was cold." He laughed with me and gave me a firm swat on my bottom, cushioned only by the jersey top. I asked, "So I see these work, I hope you have the keys somewhere?" He laughed, "Maybe." I sighed, "Well what else do you have on the bed?" He chuckled wickedly as held up something with a chain.

I asked, "What is that?" He snickered, "Let me show you." I replied laughing, "Oh my." He slipped it around my neck. I started laughing, "Oh okay it's a collar and leash, doh." He replied, "Yes, you collar the bitch. The leash is to reel in the bitch." I laughed, "Oh so I am the bitch now, what is to keep me from howling?" He held up something leather with rubber.

I shrugged, "Okay I guess I will be the dumb bitch and ask what is it? Than you will say?" He chuckled, "I will show you." I laughed, "I kinda expected something like that". He said with a laugh, "Open up your mouth." I did.

He strapped on the gag. He took off his tank top and sweat pants. He was naked. He gave my leash a tug, "You like being tied up bitch?" I nodded my head yes. He laughed, "Lets see what we got here." He pulled down my zipper. He revealed my thong and arousement. He laughed, "So you came over here hoping to get laid?" I nodded my head yes. He smiled, "I think I can help you out." He pulled down my thong, "I will keep these as a trophy." Turn around and bend over." I did.

He pushed my jersey top up to reveal my ass, "Its nice when a piece of ass drops into your lap." He started rubbing his cock between my cheeks. "It will be nice having an easy slut around for a quickie now and than," he chuckled. I came and yet another fantasy was over. After I cleaned up my new mess, I pondered what would entail a quickie for him. I found myself sliding into yet a new fantasy. Hmm, lets see, he would get home Friday and tromp off for a shower. He would stop and knock on my door on his way back to his room.

I would open my door in just my thong and peer out from behind it. I would say happily. "Hi." He would push his way in. I would close the door behind him. He would mutter, "Quickie time." His towel and other items would land on the floor. I would quickly pull off my newest thong before he ripped them. I would bend over and offer myself to his rough hands. He would come after some rough sex. Pick up his stuff and leave. I would be left to clean up and jerk myself off.

Eventually he would take me in the shower to suck his cock or fuck. He might even take me to his room for quickies. He would brag it up to Dennis. Dennis would be sniffing hard after me and not get anywhere.

He might tie me up and have his fun. Than call Dennis on the phone and ask him if he wanted sloppy seconds on me. Dennis would materialize in moments. My fantasy was over, it was to depressing with the complete loss of value as a person. For whatever reason, it just struck a sour cord in me. It appeared risque and tantalizing at first but this fantasy line was completely dehumanizing. I would be better off to just have a relationship with Dennis, yuckie. He at least did not seem to regard me as disposable.

I arose with a mission in mind despite a growing sense of weariness from the days trials. Yes it was time to access the internet. State court record search here I come. Why had I not done this before? So the search began, "Aames, John." Oh my, seemed to be a little bit here, but nothing listed for the last 8 years.

I opened up the last entry. It read, "940.225(3) 3rd Degree Sexual Assault." That seemed interesting and it showed that the case was closed. I found a link to the court's final findings, so I clicked it. It read, "940.225(3) 3rd Degree Sexual Assault - Guilty. 940.225(2)(a) 2nd Degree Sexual Assault/Use of Force Felony BC - GUILTY. Charge Modifier 939.62 Habitual Criminality. Forfeiture - State Prison 5 years." Well that would explain 5 of the last 8 years. I recorded the date for sentencing and when the case was opened.

I found no description of the actual offense or case details, I would have to look for stories about it written in the paper. The next entry was from another state. It read, "5.0/12-14 Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault - Dismissed." The next two links were both to Assault and Batteries, which he was found guilty of with minor penalties.

But one also read, "940.30 False Imprisonment Felony H - Dismissed." I opened another link and it was also from out of state.

It read, "609.345 1 (c) Fourth Degree CRIM SEX - Dismissed." The next link was also from out of state. It read, "12.1-20-03 (2A: GROSS SEXUAL IMPOSITION) - Dismissed." The last link was for a Disorderly Conduct which he was found guilty with a minor penalty.

His criminal record had a history across 4 states with most of his case dismissals happening out of state. I found the local paper and subscribed to it online. I found the search for articles and entered in John Aames. Seven articles came up and I went to the earliest. He was listed under Court Proceedings for his Disorderly Conduct.

The next one was very similar but was for one of his Assault and Batteries. I thought one the batteries was in another county, so I suspected it may not come up. The remaining articles were all about his sentencing and the charges brought against him for raping a 24 year old man.

The story did not land on the front page probably because it was a couple counties to the east. I laughed so they sent him to prison, so he could have more sex? I canceled my online subscription with the news paper. I had 30 days yet to use it but the automatic payment was terminated. I doubt I would use it again. I laughed why had I not looked him up yet? I laid back down and fell asleep with my head churning around all this new information.

That night I had a weird dream about the rooming house and work, but could remember little of it when I awoke. Those little bits that I did remember vanished like wisps of smoke when I rose from bed. I had really slept in. I wanted to use the bathroom and realized I was naked. I found my jersey top on the floor. The thong was balled up under my pillow.

I jumped in my sandals and was making my first out of room journey for the day. It turned out be event less. However, I returned to my room and I had some cereal for breakfast. I sat in front of the computer, surfing. I visited Victoria Secret, Fredericks of Hollywood and a few other lingerie vendors. I ended up on ebay. I made several bids. It was a fairly uneventful day. Actually it was well into the evening before I decided to take a break for another meal.

After the meal, I laid back on my bed. My sex was aroused for no apparent reason, so I sighed. I would need release just to release. The first thing in my head was that John had gone to prison for rapping a 24 year old. I was still a teenager. I was certain for whatever reason that I was way above his standards. I suspect he wasted no time getting a bitch in prison. The thought occurred to me that he could be in a relationship with someone and I quickly decided no.

However, I started caressing myself. I wondered what sort of reaction I would get out of John when we met finally in the rooming house. He was a dangerous troll. I suspect he was very unpredictable with a nasty disposition. A true sexual predator with a very perverted appetite. I was very aroused at the thought of being on his menu.

That thought did little to fuel my sexual releases, but did give ne food for thought. Instead I enjoyed my lesbian porno and a few scenes from an animae dvd. I was dropping into my old routine at the rooming house and by Wednesday, I was shooting blanks.

That felt great to be sore and spent. I could think more clearly and my thoughts were much less depraved. I was venturing out of my room more since there was less to do in my room. I encountered Miguel from room #8 while coming back from getting my mail. He was very cordial and polite. I promptly introduced myself and he did as well. He looked very Mexican and appeared rather stout and seemed to be in his 40s.

He warned me about the guy in room #5. I said, "The superintendent was saying the same thing, but I have not even seen the gentleman in room #5 about." Miguel replied, "Friday nights are the worst. When that guy arrives the jerk acts as if owns everything. I was carrying down some boxes once and we met in the hall. Not only did that jerk knock me over but kicked my boxes out of the way when I dropped them. Than cursed me out and warned me that next time I got in the way it would be the last.

That guy is very angry and people like that always find trouble." I was quiet surprised, "I usually do not have trouble with anyone, but guess there is always the first." He added, "I do not work on Saturdays, so on Friday nights, I go out and do not come in until after midnight.

Since than, I have not had a problem. I heard that jerk once chased someone out the bathroom on a Friday night after getting home." The thought occurred to me that he was the king of this cell block. Miguel was very familiar with John's hours and just confirmed my suspicions.

I thanked him for his advice. I noted afterward that he paid no attention to how I was dressed. The rest of the day was spent on ebay and surfing lingerie websites. I was hopeful that the auctions I had been winning would start arriving soon. I had already expected that a few would have arrived already. I took a shower before turning in for the night.

I found myself Thursday morning after breakfast doing laundry with hoses running from the upstairs bathroom. I was delighted that I knew everyone's schedule on my floor. I literally had the floor to myself at the moment. I made myself a nice lunch and decided to browse through some auctions that I was watching.

Impatience got the better of me, I decided to wait until at least 2 PM to check the mail. But it was 1 PM and I couldn't wait any longer. I just did not want to be traipsing downstairs repeatedly and draw the attention of Dennis. So I found myself moments later descending the creaky steps in the front of the building. When I reached the bottom, I spied Dennis's door ajar. I quickly darted into the front foyer. When my eyes fell upon my box, I could see shipping envelopes through the little window.

I was eager to get the box open and fumbled with the key. I was anxious and very happy, but that gave way to overwhelming joy as I realized there was three packets with four panties.

I couldn't wait to get them back to my room, so I could exam them. I slammed my box shut and turned to flee to my room, but was stopped in my tracks. Dennis was standing in the foyer behind me. I stepped past him which was not hard since he was standing there wide eyed. It occurred to me than that I was just wearing my jersey top, flip flops and concealed thong. I just reached the bottom the steps about to begin my assent when Dennis stammered, "Oh, need you to sign a receipt." I sighed and turned around.

Dennis was running his eyes up and down me repeatedly. He motioned toward his open door and I walked past him. I knew he was checking me out from behind. However, when I entered his room, I stood near his desk and turned to face him.

He entered and asked, "You get cold wearing that?" I replied, "No, its summer time and its warmer in this building than outside." He replied, "Oh, I meant don't you get to warm in that heavy top?" I replied, "Yeah sometimes." I knew he wanted to suggest I take it off, but he lacked the courage.

He finally got the receipt made up for me to sign for the key. While I signed it, he asked, "Oh what is in the packages?" I laughed, "Just something I bought on line." He handed me, my copy of the receipt.

I went to leave and said, "Later, thank you." He urgently said, "Oh, wait!" I stopped in his doorway and looked back at him. He cleared his throat, "You give that offer of mine to share a room with me anymore thought?" I replied, "Yes and it's a generous offer but I fail to see any advantages for you. It looks like you do not have enough room now. Sure I get over on any rent but what would you get?" I was really wondering how he was going to sidestep his answer, because I doubted he would be brave enough about saying that he wanted me for sex.

He smirked, "Oh, company and maybe you would compensate me a little on the rent you are saving." I thought the answer was nicely done and had to admit my surprise. I was half convinced to his offer but I doubt he knew it, "I will consider it some more perhaps, thank you again." When I reached the bottom of the creaky steps and glanced back, Dennis was in his doorway watching.

I knew I could have him easily. I decided that I would need to fantasize about what would happen if I moved in with him. I also knew his interest in me was only going to increase. I was encouraging him because I liked the attention. I finally reached my room and closed and locked the door. I ripped open my packages and spread out my new panties on the bed. I was very excited and was quickly naked. I tried on each in a full length mirror. I threw the empty packages and shipping invoices in the garbage.

I also threw away the tags. I was playing how I wanted my sex within one pantie when there came a knock at the door. I asked while checking out my ass in the mirror, "Who is it?" A muffled voice responded, "Oh, its Dennis." I was and wasn't surprised at the same time.

I replied, "Sorry, I can not come to the door right now." I smiled as I knew he would love it if I did and opened the door wide. I could ask him how I should wear these new panties. I wonder what he thought was keeping me from the door, I doubt it would be as raunchy as it truly was.

However, he called again, "I was wondering if you would like to join me for dinner?" I smirked, he just asked me out on a date, I bet I knew what he wanted for desert.

I slipped out of the panty and answered, "That is awfully kind of you, but I already have decided to stay in tonight." I realized that I was to horned up with the arrival of my new panties and would be tempted at the moment by the attention he was giving me. He persisted, "I was going to grill some hamburgers and hotdogs.

But it is not worth while to pull out the old charcoal grill to make food just for one." I laid back on my bed while pulling up my favorite thong and started caressing myself. I asked, "Ah, just hamburgers and hotdogs?" He stuttered, "Oh, maybe some buttered corn and ice cream." I saw me doing the grilling for him and answered, "Ah, well, I really should stay in and I do appreciate your invitation ." He purred in response, "Oh, I have cherry ice cream with chocolate chips." I laughed, "Very temptingI really do thank you.

But I am staying in, need to get to bed early tonight." He replied, "That is too bad, I was really looking for some company while I grilled." I smiled broadly and knew I was right, he would wander off leaving me to tend the grill. He was so transparent sometimes. I said, "No very tempting but I am staying in, maybe some other time." He did not reply and walked away. I put away my new panties and realized that as anal as Dennis was he would be actually delightful to live with.

He would micro mange me. That could be fun. The sexual tension would be broken not after I was moving in but while I was moving in. He would supervise where my stuff went and likely some of my things would go to storage. The frig and microwave would go to storage for sure. I bet he already decided where my things would go, no I knew he had. He looked forward to using my washer and dryer compared to doing laundry elsewhere.

He would have plans on getting to use my computer but he really wanted me to do his bidding. The true breaking point between us would be when my pantie collection was revealed. He would take interest in my porn but the pantie collection would overwhelm him. I see him re-arranging his dresser to make me a drawer. Yes putting my clothes away would be the last thing he would do.

I would already have my clothes hanging up in my side of the closet with the washer and dryer slid in beneath them. I would hide my pantie collection at the bottom of my clothes box. He would forcefully go about arranging my drawer the way he wanted it. After all it was in his dresser and it would have to be neat. I can picture him kneeling on the floor putting my things in the bottom most drawer. He reaches the bottom of the box and slows down because its my socks and underwear.

I can hear him drooling, "Oh, my you have such small underwear." I would know its moments from when my pantie collection is revealed. I would ask about sleeping arrangements, "Where am I going to sleep tonight?

There is only one bed." He would answer, "Oh, we are both adults, I am sure we can get by one night in just one bed." I would answer, "Well I am going to go get changed." He would watch me as I retrieve my jersey top and concealed thong within a pocket from wear it hung in the closet. He would smile, "Oh, make yourself comfortable, go ahead." I would want to turn and walk toward the door but would be entranced watching as he puts my underwear away in the drawer.

I would know that with his next look into the box my pantie collection would be revealed to him. I can just hear him as he looks down with widening eyes, "Oh hello, what's this?" I can just feel the heat rising in my cheeks as I blush. He would pull out a dainty pink panty just to reveal more. He would glance at me as he rises with the box and dumps it out on the bed. He would pull the rolled up socks out of the panty collection and throw them back in the box before dropping it on the floor.

He would start sorting through all the vibrantly colored panties. He would look a me and ask, "What is this?" I would reply with a gulp, "My secret panty collection." He would smile, "You wear these under the heavy top?" I would swallow, "Yes, sometimes but mostly I wear my favorite. Will this be a problem?" He would smirk, "Oh, no your secret is safe with me as long as you do not make me angry." He would be smoothing out the panties on the bed as I watched, "Very pretty panties, you have." I would ask, "What makes you angry?" He would laugh, "Oh!

Oh, not doing what I say for one and if you decided to move out that would make me angry also." He looked up at me and gave me a wink, "Go ahead and change in here, I will pick out a panty for you to wear to bed." I undressed and he kept glancing up from the panties that he was sorting through. I was just in my underwear and slid on the jersey top. I knew he could see my sex was swollen beneath my undies. He asked, "Which is your favorite?" I said, "Its here in my pocket." I zipped up the top and slid off my undies.

He said, "Toss your favorite here." I asked, "If I do not?" He said sternly, "Than I will be angry." I tossed him my favorite thong. He spread it out between his hands and whistled with appreciation. He purred, "Unzip and spread your top." I did and revealed my sex to him, he whistled again. He threw my favorite thong at my feet, "Put it on, I want to see how you like to wear that little thing." I stepped into the thong and slid it up my legs.

The thong slid up between my nuts and my cock tip was not contained within it. It poked out the top and was damp with pre-cum. He gathered up my panties off the bed and shoved them in his top dresser drawer. He smoothed them out before gently closing the drawer. He said, "You should hang up your heavy top, I will put away your socks." I slid off the jersey top and hung it up.

I glanced back at him and he was staring at my ass as he closed my drawer. He said without taking his gaze from my ass, "Get a tissue from the desk and wipe off your little cock. I do not want you dribbling all over my sheets." I did so and when I turned around he was standing behind me. He had been staring at my ass and never lifted up his gaze, "I see your little cock is still leaking, you better stay out from under the covers." I crossed to the bed and sat down on it.

He asked, "What's wrong?" I answered as I laid back, "I am leaking more because, I feel like an offering on an alter." The light went out. He was taking off his clothes. I felt him put pressure on the bed. I asked meekly, "Are you still okay with bunking with me?" He sneered, "Oh, yeah," as his hand found me and traced along my legs to my crotch. He added caressing my aroused groin, "Time for you to compensate me for the free rent." I asked, "But how? I do not want to make you angry." He laughed as he rolled over on top of me.

Our bodies were naked except for my thong, I purred, "That feels nice." I began to squirm beneath him and my hands were caressing his sides down to his ass. My fantasy was brought to a sudden halt with a knock at the door. I asked, "Who is there?" The muffled response came, "Dennis. I have a plate of food for you." I was filled with terror and knew I was too aroused for company and God only knows what was lying out that needed to be put away.

I sighed, "I am really sorry, you really should not have done that. I will be down to your room in a little bit." I figured it would be easier to get out of his room than to get him out of mine. He replied, "Okay!" I knew he was pleased, but doubted he would try anything. My choice was to take several minutes to force an orgasm or keep my intrusive host waiting. I rose and dressed in my jersey top, flip flops and concealed thong. Before I knew it I knocked gently on his open door.

He sat in his office chair in front of a TV tray. He beckoned me in and motioned to a TV tray set before the edge of his bed. I realized my ass was going to be on his bed rather to being within where he wanted it. I had to be careful to not give him a look up inside my jersey top as he was sitting much lower than me. I noticed that he was watching me sit intently. I began to eat and said, "Its very good, but you should not have done it." He laughed, "Oh, I am sure you will make it up to me sometime." I could only imagine what he wanted to well.

We both had finished and he was serving up ice cream, I thanked him. He was done with his ice cream way before me.

He rose and cleaned his dishes promptly in a concealed little kitchenette. I brought over my bowl and said, "Wow was not aware that you had this in your room, that is nice." He laughed, "Bunking with me to get free rent has its perks." I did not have to wonder what other perk he really intended for me.

He said, "Lets have a beer." I laughed, "No its time for bed for me and I doubt the alcohol would leave my system before I get to work. Perhaps another time when I am of age." I wandered toward the door and looked back, "Thank you for the nice meal it was completely way to nice." He chuckled, "Oh, we have to do it again soon." I left with a wave.

I returned to bed and really needed release. I was seldom this worked up before beginning my work week and feared disaster. But I had too much going through my head and fell asleep before getting any release. I arose frustrated and I was surprised that I had remembered to set an alarm.

I was just too restless to work in a quickie before work, it was a long day at work. The work day was so long, I did not get out until late. I pulled in and parked and was relieved that I beat John home. I was happy that his truck was not here.

I without thinking went down the first floor hall, I wanted to check my mail. It occurred to me too late that late that I might attract the attention of Dennis. But I found his door closed oddly. I also seen Miguel going out the front foyer as I walked up. I checked my mail and was happy to see another panty had arrived. I rushed upstairs as I thought the conditions were right to get myself introduced to John. I entered my room and stripped and changed promptly into my jersey top and flip flops.

I did not put on my thong but kept it in my jersey's front pocket. I grabbed my shampoo, soap, towel, tooth paste, toothbrush and floss. I folded up everything into my towel. I exited my room and closed the door. I decided not to lock it and left my keys in my room. I had the floor to myself as strolled down the hall toward the exterior closed staircase.

I was really horny and wanted to take a shower, but opted to wait a moment as I strode past the vacant bathroom. I entered the back staircase and gazed out the window on the top landing overlooking the tenant parking spaces. It was about eight or so minutes before John pulled in and parked his pick-up. I noted that he did not have anyone traveling with him. I turned away from the window and made my way towards the bathroom.

I took a deep breath and decided it was time to see if I could get him angry. I closed the bathroom door behind me and locked it.

I began to brush my teeth and floss. I heard heavy boots travel down the hall and I became jittery. I realized I was going to not only be getting the attention of a sexual predator, but invoke his violent temper. The doors in the hall rattled as I finished with my teeth. They rattled again as I undressed. I was very aroused from need as well as fear. I started the water and entered the shower with my soap and shampoo.

I set the water temperature and quickly went about shampooing my hair. I began to rinse my hair and realized I was physically shaking and very aroused. I settled into lathering my body. It did not take long for me to rinse off and begin lathering my crotch area as I slipped into my routine. I realized that I was calming and the shaking was subsiding with the attention to my groin.

It occurred to me that exactly nothing might happen as nothing had taken place yet. I knew that I would be disappointed if nothing happened, but I suspected I would also be very relieved since I had done this so impulsively.

I had not really considered the outcome of evoking his wraith. What would he do when we come face to face while he is angry? Would he assault me? If he started knocking me about or manhandling me, I figured he would sexually assault me.

I was startled from my building sexual fantasy by the reality of thuds on the bathroom door. I frantically rinsed away the lathered soap as battering thuds were accompanied with the profane threats, "GET THE FUCK OUT!" I was bewildered why I had not heard the doors rattle with his re-emergence into the hall.

I was gripped in fear as I quickly turned off the water and slid clumsily out of the shower. The beating on the door persisted. I toweled off and took several deep breaths.

I slid on my thong and put on the jersey top. I looked about for my shower items and wrapped them in my damp towel. I put up my hood while my heart raced in my chest. His behavior was also invoking feelings of unexpected anger. The pounding on the door increased with more intense threats, "GET YOUR FUCKING ASS OUT OF THERE, BEFORE I COME IN THERE." I turned off the light with a loud audible click after his last vocal remark.

I stepped to the side of the door and gently undid the weakening lock. The pounding on the door continued and I turned the knob enough to let his next blow against the door to throw it open.

He was taken off balance with the doors sudden movement from his blow. I had not planned it, but I stepped forward from the shadows of the unlit bathroom. His head scanned me up and down several times as his mouth fell open. I coughed and motioned for him to move aside. He moved aside with hesitation. I looked him square in the eye, "You have quite a temper, I doubt that you intended it all toward me." He looked down and I stepped past him.

I went to my unlocked door and opened it. I looked back at him and he just stood there quietly watching me retreat into my room. I slowly closed my door behind me. I put away my shower stuff and took off my jersey top. So I could better towel off. I realized that I had forgotten my flip flops in the bathroom. The doors in the hallway rattled in their doorframes.

It suspected that he had just closed the bathroom door behind himself. Well in retrospect I guess my first meeting with him did not go as I expected but I guess I did not really know what I expected. I had gotten his attention and had taken him by surprise. I suspected that I was his type and with a certain vanity envisioned that I exceeded what he desired. I was actually desperate for sexual release and the recent excitement of parading myself beneath a sexual predators nose only added to my need.

I was quite happy that I had actually stalked him and brought myself to his attention. I chuckled to myself, my door was unlocked and I was laying back on my bed only in a thong. I was caressing myself as well and my tip was wet with excitement.

He was likely in the shower thinking of me, no he was thinking of me because I had blind sided him. I wondered what would be his reaction to my sudden appearance. Perhaps he would corner Dennis about me and I am certain that would have some affect on Dennis. I will most likely see signs of his sudden questions about me in Dennis.

History repeats itself and a tiger can not change its stripes, he would start to stalk his new prey, me. I wondered how he would make his next approach to me since he mis-stepped already fairly badly with me.

I wondered what would keep him from just stepping in and having his way with me? The answer was easy, he wouldn't because he had kept his nose clean since prison, unless he covered his tracks better.

In reality I realized that I needed to start thinking about John more, Dennis had ben distracting me lately. I was playing with someone very dangerous now and with that thought I had an orgasm. I was shocked as I tried to contain my unexpected spew. I cleaned up quickly but found myself just moments later bursting another unexpected spew. I was becoming disgruntled, I usually played with my mounting climax and dragged it out in a delicious savoring.

However I heard a swishing in the hall and a gentle knock came at the door. I knew it was John and my heart stopped, my left palm was full of cum and I had a mess to clean up. I called out meekly, "Just a moment." I frantically cleaned up and put on the jersey top.

I tried very hard to muffle the zipper. I opened the door and John offered up my flip flops. He was dressed in blue sweat pants and a white T-shirt.

He had on untied heavy work boots and carried a small duffel bag with a towel tied about the carry straps. I let out a genuine, "Thank you," as I took my flip flops. He replied, "I am sorry for being an asshole." I smiled cheerfully, "I accept your apology.

Perhaps you can make it up to me sometime." He returned my smile, "I could do that." I replied, "Thank you." He said, "Well, good bye then." I stopped him from turning away, "Might I ask your name?" He answered back, "John." I held out my right hand, "I am Jay." We shook hands and I said, "It would be nice to chat to you some more but I must get to bed, I work in the morning." He nodded and we exchanged good nights and I closed the door.

I heard all the doors rattle a few times in the hall as I turned in. I fell asleep before I was able to enjoy myself like I had wanted. Before I knew it I was stumbling through my early morning routine. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when I heard the hall doors rattle. They no sooner fell quiet than they rattled again. This was followed by someone's descent down the front stairs by the very audible creaking. It took me a few moments and I realized it was John.

I cleaned the sleep from my eyes and took off my jersey top and sadly my thong. I put on grey socks and boxers. I than dressed in a blue polo shirt and grey docker pants. I slipped on black sneakers. I touched up my short hair before returning to my room.

I dropped my jersey top on the end of my bed as I remade it. I than stuffed my favorite thong beneath my pillow in wadded up ball. I slipped on a black belt before grabbing my checkbook and keys.

I exited my room and locked the door. I glanced at John's closed door before turning to head toward the back stairs. I found myself descending to the lot below and walking up to my car to unlock it moments later. I noted that John's truck was still parked next to my car.

I glanced about but did not see John anywhere, I was wondering where he had gone. I backed up and drove down the alley. When I went to turn onto the street from the alley, I spotted him leaning against a building.

I did not look at him, but just proceeded to work. I felt very satisfied that I had captured his interest. I arrived at work aroused, because I knew John wanted to fuck me. I also knew that Dennis wanted to fuck me. I had to wait a few minutes to get settled down before starting my work day.

I doubted this day would pass quickly. The day had been just that never ending. Every time I had a moment to think, I became aroused. So I had been a mad man of productivity and I had earned several complaints from my station attendants about it. I accomplished all the display projects that had been planned for the next few weeks at all the stations. I was physically sore when I parked my car in stall #6. I noted John's truck was present. However, I decided to not go up to my room, but walk to the porno shop.

Where this came from, I had no clue. It was the twilight of dusk as I strode across the busy street. I was weary from my days work as I pushed the back door to the porn shop open and a low buzzer ran with my arrival. The cashier paid me little attention or was I paying him little attention. I found myself browsing through the lesbian section. It occurred to me that I had not even bothered with surveying the establishment for the other patrons.

I glanced about and saw a few heads tucked between the different merchandise racks. I was tired and paid little heed to the low buzzer emitting announcement of arrivals or departures.

I made my selections and wandered to the cashier to pay. I placed my selections on the counter. The clerk asked for my identification and just smiled before asking, "Find everything alright?" I had cash in my hand and not my identification. I really should have expected the condescending question.

Before I could react an ominous voice said from behind me, "Shithead, I am paying for the mags. Get out my package." The cashier turned white and fumbled below the counter for a large manilla envelope. I turned to see John standing behind me. He threw some cash on the counter. He took the envelope from the shaking cashier. The cashier hurriedly made his change and handed me the lesbian magazines in a brown bag. The cashier stepped slowly back and away from the counter.

Despite being tired I turned toward John and thanked him. He nodded back with a slight smile as he surveyed the contents to his envelope.

I asked with a gesture toward the retreating cashier, "How did you come to have such an affect on someone so coyly condescending?" He smirked, "Is that what its called? I thought it was being a rude SMART-ASS!" He laughed and looked at the cashier, "Me and Curt have real special understanding from way back. He gives you any grief, just let me know," he finished with a wink. However we both started moving toward the back door.

I suspected that he did not chance upon me here, but gave it little concern. He asked, "So what are you up to for the rest of evening?" I laughed as we approached the back door, "I am really tired, I doubt I will be up long, I have to work again in the morning." He replied, "Want a ride home, I drove over." Without any real thought I replied, "Yes please, I should not have walked over here." John opened the back door for me and it was raining with some force.

I sighed, "Good thing you drove over." We both ran through the puddles to his truck. The doors creaked and we were both damp from the rain when he started it up. While he pulled out of the parking lot he asked, "Your boss always such a slave driver, you are starting to appear pretty tired?" I chuckled, "Ah, I am sorta the boss," which was followed by my stumbling words of what I did.

He nodded, "Yeah, I think I have seen you in one those gas stations before." The truck parked in the stall #5. I said as he turned it off, "I thank you very much again for the magazines and I am truly grateful for the ride." He smiled awkwardly, "I hope you enjoy your girlie porn." I could feel heat in my cheeks and suspected I was blushing slightly. I stammered, "Ah, I doubt I will do much tonight but sleep." He nodded back as I exited the truck. We both ran to the rear stairs. He followed me up the stairs and it occurred to me that he was likely looking at my ass.

He followed me down the hall. I said when I neared my door without looking back, "Thank you, thank you, thank you John." John gave me gentle pat on the back, "Good night." I replied, "Good night, see you later," while stepping into my room. I heard him say, "Oh Yeah." I closed my door and after setting the alarm collapsed onto my bed. I awoke to the alarm.

I was really tired, it was Sunday morning. I was very horny. I got up and gathered up what I was going to wear than stumbled off to the bathroom. I changed out of yesterday's clothes. I brushed my teeth.

I gathered up my dirty clothes and put them in my closet hamper. I locked my door and was off to work. The day passed quickly, much to my surprise. I went from station to station so fast my attendants were taken off guard. I caught two attendants screwing off. I was very unpredictable and the attendants could not keep track of me. I did all the cigarette and alcohol inventories.

I noted one station was missing some stuff. I suspected the night attendant. I concluded the day writing a pass-on email to the owner and other managers. There I was pulling into stall #6 yet again. John's truck was gone as I suspected it would be. I climbed the back stairs to the second floor with heavy feet.

I dragged my feet down the hall and I really felt sore. When I got to my door, something seemed odd with John's door. I paused and still holding my key walked toward it. I noted wood shavings on the floor before his door. I looked up and than I realized that he had put a peephole on his door so he could see down the hall. I had not noticed it this morning, but regardless it was there now. The peephole made me feel smug.

I knew he did it to watch me. I suspected my new friend would keep looking for opportunities to get chummier with me. I turned to go to my room. I smiled as I walked over and unlocked my door. So, John wanted my ass! I wanted him to want my ass.

Hell, I wanted him to have it. I decided that I better go clean it real nice for him. I was very aroused. I retrieved my jersey top and balled up thong from beneath the pillow. I stuffed the thong in one of the jersey top's front pockets.

I made my ever too familiar Sunday night visit to the shower. It ended as usual with my legs growing weak beneath me. I ended up in the usual kneeling position under the shower head. That signaled it was time to get out and get dried off for bed. While I toweled off, it occurred to me that John may soon ask me to go do something with him like a date. I should make a point to not say no. I pondered what he would ask me to do. I knew that I would have to wait until next Friday night.

I suspected that he would not be his usual belligerent self. He would be thinking about me all week. The longer it takes him to get my ass the more he will want to keep it. I left the bathroom and locked my door behind me. I wanted sexual release and laid back onto my bed. I had not even looked at my new magazines yet. I started to fantasize about John. Lets see if he asked me to go out for dinner or a movie, I would say sure but that I actually would prefer to stay in and do it. That brought a smile to my face.

I would be delighted watching a movie in his room and ordering a pizza. I doubt he would show me one of his gay bondage films. But I doubt that it would be too many evenings before something with sexual content was played in his room. Maybe I should buy a little propane grill and grill up some steaks, I bet he would love it.

Yes, I can just see him with a shortage of tittles that are not triple x. Eventually he will show one and I imagine he will be watching me very closely. I am certain that he would ask me what I think and I would be very aroused. I should reply that it was disturbing and confusing but strangely interesting like a car accident. Lets say its about bondage, I should say it was uniquely structured but the potential pain seemed distracting.

I can just picture the look on his face when I ask to see a bizarre film if he has one. He would be startled and likely ask if I was sure. I would reply that I am in a mood for something freakish. I doubt that he would not put something based on hardcore gay bondage in the player.

I can see myself saying, "So that is what that looks like!" I can hear him asking, "So what do you think?" I would reply, "Ah, yeah this is bizarre." Eventually, I would turn and look at him and look away and cough. I would start laughing. He would say, "What's funny?" I would look back at him and point at his groin with a smile, "You are sporting some serious wood." He would look at me a little confused and shocked.

I imagine he would try a little to try and conceal his swollen sex. I would laugh and apologize, "I am very sorry, this is suddenly awkward. I am aroused also but I lack your impressive endowment." I would start fanning myself, "I am really embarrassed and getting pretty warm. I hope that I have not made you angry at me, it just seemed to be an odd response from this film." I see him stammering, "Well take off your top if you are getting that warm." I would reply shyly, "But than you would see that I am aroused and I would just be in my undies." He would ponder a moment, "Well you have nothing that I have not seen already, we are both guys.

Besides the movie is more graphic." I asked softly, "You would not mind?" He replied, "No, not at all." I than asked, "Could I turn off the light." He shrugged, "That is okay." I rose and turned off the light.

Just the sporadic flickering light from the TV illuminated the room. I sat back down on the bed and began to unzip my zipper. He started to take off his sweat pants. I said, "Thank you, that will make it less awkward for me, if you take that off." He laughed, "I am getting warm too." I apologized again, "I am sorry for making it so awkward and heating us both up." He replied while watching me intently, "That is okay." I watched him toss his sweat pants to the side and lean back on the bed.

He was showing off his erect member that was barely hidden within the thin cotton boxers. I would unzip my zipper and stand up. I would let the jersey top slide off my shoulders and drop to the floor.

It was too late now, I had revealed my thong. I feared to look back at him. I would lay back on his bed. His hand would be spread out waiting for my ass. I would be shocked for a second before, I realized it was his hand beneath my ass.

His other hand would reach across my body and grab my opposite hip. He would roll me toward him with both hands. I would hold my arms in tight to my chest as I would be laying on my side facing him.

His hand would let go of my hip and rub my groin while his other hand explored my thong and ass, "Your wet and in a thong." He would smile at me and tell me, "Lets have some fun." He reached over and turned off the TV with the remote. That is when he would slide off his clothes before pulling off my thong.

He would lay on top of me and kiss me. He would whisper, "Lets get under the covers." While he pulled down the covers I lifted up my body, so they could pass beneath me. I tucked my feet beneath the covers. His feet followed mine. Our erect cocks bumped against one another as he lay back on top of me.

He than drew the covers over us both. I asked shyly, "Have you ever done anything like this before?" He would chuckle, "Yes, I will tell you what to do, do not worry" I replied, "Thank you." He whispered, "Does it feel nice?" I whispered back, "Yes." He began rubbing his body against mine and his longer shaft was leaving streaks of pre-cum on my mid-section. He lifted himself off me and instructed, "Roll over onto your stomach and pull the pillow beneath your hips." He lifted himself off me and I rolled over beneath him.

I could feel his eager shaft and sack hovering just above me. He rose to a kneeling position over me which pulled away the covers.

I than pulled the pillow beneath my hips which lifted my ass. His hands groped my ass and teased my anus. He rose from the bed and said, "Stay just like that." He flipped the light back on and opened up something. He came back into view and was frantically rubbing some kind of lubricant onto his shaft. The sound of him putting on the lubricant was loud and sloppy. He was staring at my ass and wiped off the lubricant from his hands onto his discarded clothes. He resumed his position above me and it really felt nice as the bed moved beneath his weight.

His shaft slipped along the crack of my ass and I could feel his hands squeeze my hips as his thumbs dug into my ass cheeks. I said with great hesitation, "Ah maybe this is not such a good idea." He sneered with pleasure, "Little late for that, don't you think?

My cock touched your ass, you gave it up fair and square." After I did not reply he started pushing his cock's tip against my anus. He asked, "This feels nice, right?" After I did not answer, he barked, "ANSWER ME!

Does this feel nice?" I replied meekly, "Yes." He said, "Push against me with your asshole now or I will hurt it." I did and he slid into me with some difficulty.

I gasped and came, the fantasy ended. I went about cleaning up before laying back down. I than imagined waking up in his bed after a night of sex. He would awaken me by fondling me. I would glance about as the morning light filled the room.

I was surprised to be in his bed. I would say in shock, "Oh my God, what did I do?" He would laugh, "You gave up your ass." He continued to massage my aroused cock. I replied, "I really should go, I am sorry about what happened between us." He would snarl, "You and your ass are not going anywhere." I gulped, "But I need to go to work." He laughed, "You are already late and besides I called you in sick." I paused than mumbled, "You will need to go to work later." He sneered, "I will take the week off so I can enjoy my new tight piece of ass.

Besides I need to prod around and loosen it up a bit." I stammered, "But I am sorry I do not know why I did it and I do not think we should do it again." He threw the covers off suddenly exposing our naked bodies. Our engorged cocks were both visibly throbbing. He rose up onto his knees and smiled down at me, "We will do it again. My cum is in your ass. I own it. ITS MINE!" I swallowed deep and started to tremble, "I thought we were friends?" He purred, "Real special friends.

Now you show me how much you like me by rolling over like you do." He rose from the bed and walked away. I rolled over onto my stomach and slid the pillow down below my hips again. I heard him making the loud sloppy noise again. I looked toward the noise and seen him walking into view as he frantically lubricated up his cock.

He chuckled and asked, "What is in your ass?" I responded quietly, "Your cum." He replied, "Yes, its my milky white sperm that I shoved up in there with my cock." He slid his knees onto the bed and moved above me. He teasingly asked, "What are you offering up to me?" I whispered, "My ass." He sneered, "Why would you do that?" I answered in a defeated tone, "Because we are special friends." He grabbed my hips roughly.

His shaft made a long slow slide between my ass cheeks, he moaned. His crotch came against my butt cheeks. He said, "We are such special friends that we are now room mates." I gasped. He asked sharply, "Do you have a problem with that?" I stammered, "No, we are special friends." He started thrusting his cock along my crack between my cheeks.

His large sack was slapping the back of my little nuts. I started to moan. He moved his hairy calves and ankles down along my legs as he pulled his cock back to prod against my anus.

His thumbs moved and now dug into my ass cheeks. He purred, "I love to see that ass wrapped around my cock." I responded while pushing back on my anus, "Go for it, room mate." I gasped and I came again.

Another fantasy was over. I rose and cleaned up again. I slid right back onto my bed and started another fantasy. What would he do if I fell asleep on his bed while watching a movie.

He would wait for me to fall into deep sleep before peering up beneath my jersey top. He would smile at what he found. He might likely spread my legs for a better look, before attempting to slowly unzip my top. Once he unzipped me and opened up the front of my top, he would take digital photos of me in my girlish thong.

He than would gently massage my sex through the thong. I would be very responsive and my little cock tip would soon be poking out above the thong. He would pause for a few more photos of me and my semi-exposed sex. He would get undressed before playing with me some more. He then would position my hands to make it look like I was masturbating. He would take a few more photos. He would then shake me awake, while he snapped a few more photos. I would awake to the flashes and spots in my eyes. He would say, "Oh my god you are a sic perv." I would babble with disorientation, "What?" He would laugh, "I got some great pics of you playing with yourself!" I would sit up and it would sink in where I was and that I was exposed.

He would turn the digital camera so I could see the display screen, "Hey, check out this pic of you jerking yourself." My mouth would fall open and I would be stunned. He added, "That thong looks so good on you, I can't wait to show these pictures around." I gasped, "Please don't, I must have been sleeping when that happened." I would start trembling in terror. Now that the trap was sprung, he would pull the camera away and lay back on his bed while spreading his legs.

I would now realize that he was naked. He would chuckle, "Well I suppose I could keep these photos to myself if I had a reason." I asked very meekly, "What reason?" He ordered, "Suck my cock!" I very softly whimpered, "Please do not make me do it, I have never done anything like that." He smugly commanded, "You WILL lick my dick!

Otherwise, I WILL show this picture to Dennis! I definitely WILL leave printed copies lying about your places of work!" Being overwhelmed, I stuttered and stammered as my mind raced for a way out.

He barked, "Shut up! Its simple leave or suck, NOW!" I pulled my shaking legs beneath me before turning my knees until they pointed between his legs. My top remained open and unzipped as I crouched before him. I began to move up between his legs toward his eagerly awaiting sex.

The grin on his face was of cruel satisfaction. However, I paused before reaching out for his engorged sex. I meekly asked, "What guarantee do I have that you will not show the pictures anyway?" He laughed, "Well guess once the pictures are out there is no point in you giving me blow jobs anymore." The look on my face must have been priceless as he was consumed in uncontrollable laughter.

I was shaking violently when he purred, "Come on put it in your mouth. Don't worry, I'll give you lots of time to get good at it." I reached out for his bobbing sex and caught it in my right hand. It was soft and hard. The head of it was glistening from excitement as a clear liquid beaded along the opening. I opened my mouth and lowered my head slowly. I was trying hard to steady myself. The tip met my lips and I could immediately taste the salty pre-cum.

I heard a click with a flash and knew he had just snapped a picture. I had forgotten about the camera. I lifted my head from his cock and cried. "I thought we were friends?" He smugly reassured me, "I wouldn't offer this deal to someone if I did not want them sucking my cock. I really like you!" After a pause he barked, "Suck!" I wrapped my mouth around his cock and began to apply suction.

I was trying to apply friction to his shaft while moving my mouth about it. The camera flashed a few more times. I was clueless as to what I was doing. He smirked, "You are a natural, just try using your tongue more." His shaft was too big for me to take it completely in without choking for certain.

I had kept my eyes open and was entranced by the wild tangle of hair that shrouded his pubic area. My left hand had eventually come to rest on his shaft near the base, but now I had taken it down to explore the contours of his much bigger sack.

He slid the camera down into my face and snapped off a few cock in mouth close-ups. "I just love these display screens. Here let me show you some of the new pics," he smirked. He played with the camera a little bit as I continued to suck. The display screen was thrust into my face.

The picture was clearly my face with my mouth around the tip of a cock. He triumphantly said, "That picture is of your first taste of cock. Nice picture of you, don't you think?" I reluctantly nodded my head yes. He asked, "I wonder what you will trade to keep these new pictures private." I was overcome with a terror and swallowed involuntarily and he felt it, "I doubt swallowing me would be enough." He flipped the camera through the latest pictures so I could preview them while I sucked his cock.

I realized that I was being slowly entangled deeper into a trap that was too well designed to escape from. He was just going to demand something more depraved from me to prevent the current thing from being made public.

It was potentially a never ending cycle of torment. He instructed me to stretch out my legs while he sat up near the headboard. He instructed me to take off my top without taking my mouth from his cock. I did as I was told and threw the top over the side of the bed onto the floor while he used the camera. He said, "I am about to come and I do not want you sucking up all my cum. I have to mark my territory so I am going to cum on your face." I nodded my head yes.

He asked, "You like this don't you?" I neither shook or nodded my head but was shocked by his question. He firmly repeated, "You like this don't you?" I swallowed again involuntarily before meekly nodding yes. His face twisted with cruel pleasure, "I hoped you would." A few moments passed and he barked, "Lick my shaft with your tongue while spreading your mouth wide.

HOLD MY COCK SO IT SPRAYS ON YOUR FACE!" I did as I was told. He spat spew in and on my nose as well as across my cheek. The whole time the flash was going. He instructed, "Lick off my cock." Which I promptly did with a few flashes from him. He instructed me, "Stand up on your knees and hold your head back some so the cum does not run off your face.

Yes like that, now caress your excited little cock while trying to lick the cum off your own face. Yes that is really good." The flashes followed as I caressed my exposed tip with my right pointing finger.

He sneered, "I like how your pre-cum twinkles from the flashes." He rose from the bed and a ripped a paper towel from a roll. He came over and wiped off my face and chest. He took my hand and pulled me off the bed so I was standing in front of him. He asked, "Now that was not so bad?" I replied meekly, "My mouth is sore." He chuckled, "You will get used to it, besides I have another nut to get off.

Any idea what we could do to give your mouth a break?" I began to shake again. He purred, "You were really getting into it, check out all these pics." He chuckled as he moved close to my left side and flipped through pictures on the display screen for us both with his left hand. He smirked, "Well these early pictures, you agreed to be my personal cock sucker to keep them private.

These others I would demand nothing less than you being my personal bitch." He gently patted my ass with his right hand. I swallowed hard, "What is a personal bitch?" His right hand began to caress my right ass cheek, "Clean my room, do my laundry and tend to my sexual needs." I numbly looked about his room, "Does not sound too terrible." His mouth opened slightly as he held his breath.

He moved his right hand to the T of the thong above my ass and slid a finger beneath it. He asked, "You would become my slave until I discard you? I would keep your pictures secret until then. So I would guess you would not want me to discard you?" I murmured, "Slave? No, I would not want you to discard me!" He asked for me, "Why would I discard you?" I was still shaking, "Yes?" He answered, "You make me unhappy, do not do as you are told.

You would not want that?" I shook my head no. He slid his right hand down my ass crack with one finger still beneath my thong. I looked up at him as he was doing this. He broadened his smile as our eyes met.

His finger stopped over my anus. He asked, "Looks like your agreeing to be my personal bitch?" I was lost without hope, so I whispered, "Yes." He chuckled while taping and prodding at my anus with the finger. I looked away and asked shaking, "You want to get off your other nut in my ass?" He purred, "That is the idea! Whenever I want." I let out a deep breath, "I do not know how that is done." He purred, "You will like it.

You have enjoyed yourself so far?" I meekly nodded my head yes. He cleared his throat, "Take off your thong." I pulled my thong off with both hands after he withdrew his right hand. He took my thong from me. (FLASH) He instructed, "Get the jar of Vaseline out of the top desk drawer." I stepped over to the desk and retrieved it.

(FLASH) He said, "Bring it here and scoop out a gob, coat my cock with it." I brought it over to him next to the bed.

I opened it and set the lid on the TV while scooping out a gob. (FLASH) He said, "Twice as much is needed to cover a big cock like mine." I scooped out more as the camera went flash. He said, "Good now, make sure to get the lid on the jar good.

We will be needing the rest later." I set the closed jar on the TV and turned back toward him. He ordered, "Get down on your knees, you want to get a good eyeball on my cock and make sure you get a good coat on it.

Yes like that. Now put a thick coat of butt lube on it." I kneaded his shaft with both hands as I smeared the lubricant along its length. He was taking pictures and ordered, "Smile! I like it when you smile, you want me happy right?" So I smiled as the flashes continued. He purred, "That not only feels good but looks great." After another minute of massaging his cock with my hands, he ordered, "Wipe off your hands." He handed me a paper towel. He took another picture.

He said real soothingly, "I want you to slowly stand up while turning away from me. I want you to keep looking at me the whole time while giving me a big thumbs up. I want you to do this with the biggest smile of joy you can manage." He stopped me as I began. He said, "Try again. Remember you are so happy that no ones knows about this, yes now that is better." I did as he directed with the flash going. He ordered, "Now bend over. Yes, nice little ass. I agree with you thumbs up.

Very nice pictures, no one will ever believe you were anything but willing." He placed his left hand on the left side of my ass. He was taking pictures as he slowly positioned his cock against my anus. He sneered, "I will have plenty of pictures to show you. You will get to see what I am. Its really ni.ce" I asked, "What will I have to do to keep these pictures private?" He laughed, "Please Dennis, so I get free rent." I came and another fantasy was ended.

I could not believe my excitement. I had really built the last climax up before spilling it. My head was spinning and I was beginning yet another fantasy before I knew it. I sat on a chair in John's room. I was wearing my thong and top.

The top was zipped up. I was damp from just taking a shower as my work week had just ended. My shower stuff sat on the floor next to the chair. John was packing a travel bag before departing for his work week. He said, "That was really good of you to finish your work week early to be here like I asked." I suspected he wanted to have sex with me before his departure, but that did not appear to be so.

I had taken a shower like he directed, but was clueless why he wanted me here if not for sex. He went on as he zipped his bag up, "I understand you were busy and were expecting me to play with you. But I know you will not disappointment me will you?" He held up the digital camera. I promptly said, "No I will not disappoint you." He grinned, "I knew we had an understanding." He pulled out a manilla envelop and handed it to me. I opened it and it was filled with printed out pictures of me.

I was shaking when a knock came at his door. He gathered up the pictures from me and slid them back within the envelope. He said, "I will keep these." He opened the door and it was Dennis. I glanced down at the floor, I knew what he had in mind.

Dennis cheerfully said, "Oh, hi." John replied with a nod, "Dipshit." Dennis was off balance, "Oh, so what do you need from me?" John scratched his chin as if in thought, "You have been offering Jay free rent?" Dennis looked alarmed, "Oh well.

Yes, if he were to bunk with me in my room of course. I was just trying to help him out." John asked, "As a friend?" Dennis said, "Yes, of course only as a friend." John said, "I am certain that I could convince Jay to take up your offer but on a few conditions." Dennis looked puzzled and glanced at me a few times. Dennis asked eagerly, "What conditions?" John smiled, "I get my rent free and Jay will continue to pay his rent for his vacant room." Dennis thought for a moment, "But your rent is more than Jay's.

Actually a bit more." John responded, "You will have to make up the difference, plus Jay will stay with me when I am home." Dennis asked hesitantly, "Oh, Jay knows what is required of him?" John snapped, "Tell Dennis that you will not disappoint me." I murmured, "I will not disappoint John." John asked impatiently, "Well?" Dennis licked his lips, "Deal." They shook hands and John threatened, "I can end this deal at any time." Dennis nodded.

John said, "Time to go, everybody out." I picked up my shower stuff and headed for my room. John locked his room behind him. He gave me a swat on my ass as he passed me. I than unlocked my door. His heavy boots carried him swiftly down the hall. I went to close my door behind me, but Dennis was in the doorway.

He entered my room. I moved aside. He said, "We will clean out your room tomorrow." I was dumbfounded and just standing there.

He motioned for me to close the door. I did. He asked, "Oh uh, you been sleeping in John's room?" I started shaking, "Yes." He licked his lips and walked toward me. He placed his hands on my arms just below the shoulder. He said, "While John is gone we will be bunk buddies." His hands moved to my waist and he asked, "Do you want to disappoint John?" I swallowed and whispered, "No." His face was twisted with a sinister grin, "Oh, so I guess I am not going to have any problems with you?

Oh, I can after all just piss off John and blame you." I gulped and pleaded, "I will not give you any problems." With that comment he slid his hands back and groped my ass through the top. He laughed, "Oh, how I wanted to do that!" He forcefully kissed me.

I resisted and he gave my ass a sudden squeeze. He stopped kissing me briefly to ask, "Oh, disappointing John?" I began kissing him back. He suddenly broke off our passionate kiss. He stepped back and lay on my bed.

He ordered, "Take that off," pointing at my top. I was trembling while I unzipped it. I let it drop to the floor. He promptly asked, "You always been wearing just that underneath?" I looked away in shame and meekly nodded my head. He ordered, "Turn around real slow." I complied. He whistled at me and laughed. He stood and frantically took off his clothes. He asked, "Have you anything that I can use to lube your ass?" I replied meekly, "No." He laughed, "Your shampoo will get us by for now.

I will just squirt some in your hole before I start, maybe also as I slide in." I handed him my shampoo. He pointed at my thong, "Drape that over the doorknob, I do not want to forget it when I take you down stairs later. I want a couple photos of you in that." I did as he directed and realized that I was also at his mercy. Then I stood in front of him and turned around, before bending over. He was laughing, "John got you all trained in, all I have to do is poke you." I felt the shampoo bottle at my anus.

He was pulling my anus apart. He burst into laughter, "Oh my, sloppy seconds are not going to be all that sloppy with that tight hole.' He jeeringly asked, "You too tight for John's meat?" He squirted the cold shampoo in my anus, "Don't you worry! I will loosen it up for Johnie. Oh you bet, I will." He began probing at my anus with his cock tip.

He had a firm grip on each of my hips. I pushed back against him and he purred, "Are you inviting me in?" I replied, "Yes." He slid in, "Oh, very nice." I came again and so ended yet another fantasy. I began yet another fantasy. I slipped down to the front foyer to get my mail. I was hoping that my latest pantie purchase from Ebay had arrived. I suspected it was running a few days late. My mailbox was empty except for a note written on postal stationary, "See Superintendent for damaged article." I was filled with a sudden terror.

I closed my mailbox and carried the note to Dennis's closed door. I thought it odd that his door was closed. I gently knocked with fear. I heard Dennis ask, "Oh, who is there?" That seemed even more odd, it seemed that he was anticipating someone by his tone. I became more nervous, "Its Jay." I heard him clearing his throat before opening the door.

He was wearing a black silk robe. It was apparent that he was not wearing any pants or shirt. He asked me in and then quickly closed the door.

It was odd seeing his thin and hairy legs. He never went without pants or socks. He turned and stated, "Oh, I am not working today.

What can I do for you?" I held up the note. He purred with a smile, "Oh uh, yes!" He very causally stepped over to his desk and pulled out a torn tan envelope from a drawer.

The envelope was flat and I knew immediately it was empty. He handed it to me, "Oh, I hope it was not valuable?" I took the envelope and it was indeed empty but it was labeled to me and had an Ebay logo on the printed out address label. One end of the package had been torn off. I replied, "No, just bad luck." He asked, "Oh, what was it?" I stumbled to find words, "Just something, I bought on Ebay." He persisted with a grin, "What?" I was not prepared to give a lie and did not know how to answer.

He asked again, "What was it?" I answered truthfully, "It was something personal for myself." His eyes became wide, "Oh!" His mouth spread into the biggest grin, I ever seen him show. My heart sank, he knew something. I meekly asked, "Why are you grinning like that at me?" He turned back to his desk and opened another drawer.

He pulled out the pink and black panties. He used both hands to spread them out between us. I felt very small and wanted to hide beneath a rock. His words were almost broken, "Very lacy." I was so embarrassed that I wanted to die.

He laughed, "Oh my, your face is so red." He ran his right thumb over the embroidered front panel. He asked a dumb question, "What is the purpose of this black material?" I gullibly answered, "It's mesh that makes a waistband ruffle. It is a pantie skirt." He read aloud the sales tags, "Sophie b., Pink, small." I watched as he picked up a scissors and snipped off each tag. He threw them in the trash. I noticed that the tag with the bar-code landed on the missing end of the envelope.

However, he coughed and my eyes returned to him. I felt emboldened and asked him, "What do you want?" He replied, "I want to see you in your new thong." I swallowed hard, "You can not proof that it is mine." He smirked, "Oh, I have the invoice tucked away." I glanced about while recalling that others had been shipped with invoices. He added, "Oh, I bet you are wearing another cute pantie beneath that top of yours." I took a step back.

He asked triumphantly, "What you offering to keep your little pantie secret?" I was confused and cornered. I also noted that his sex was swollen and very noticeable through the silk robe. I was stalling when I asked again, "What do you want?" He repeated, "I want to see you in this little pantie. I assume its just your size?" I stammered, "Its my size." He replied, "Oh it would be a real shame not to share it with someone, like me, who would enjoy it." I swallowed very hard and reached out for it.

He handed it to me. I looked long at it and read the content label in the back, "BODY: 97% POLYESTER, 3% SPANDEX, MESH: 100% POLYESTER." He purred, "Its very pretty." I had a frog in my throat when I asked, "I get the invoice if you see me in these?" He cooly replied, "Oh, no I will not say anything for a peek.

The invoice I am not sure what I would want for that." I started to shake. He reassured cooly, "Oh, certain that we could come to a very discreet arrangement." I swallowed very hard again before whispering, "I'll be right back." I tucked the thong into one the front pockets on the jersey top.

I opened the door and left his room. I entered the first floor bathroom and locked the door. I took off my thong and wadded it up into a ball before stuffing it in the other front jersey pocket.

I than put on the new lacy thong. It fit quite snugly. I wore it in the same fashion as my favorite thong.

I noted that it had a cotton liner that went right between my little nuts. I pulled the jersey top down to conceal my new compromised toy. I suspected that he raided my mailbox and had scored a major discovery.

The invoice was too incriminating if he knew how to make it public. I reasoned that I needed to appease him at all costs as long as he had it. I opened the bathroom door and he was standing there waiting in the hall. I looked down in shame. He was still just wearing that black silk robe. He coughed, "Oh since you are getting more comfortable." He winked while handing me a t-shirt, "Put this on under your top. No use wearing your top in my room.

We have no secrets." I took the t-shirt and closed the door. I locked it again and took off my top. The cotton t-shirt was a matching pink to the thong. Written on the front and back of the t-shirt was, "Cock Sucker." It fit perfectly and I suspected that the trap he had snared me in was just as perfect. He had obviously had time to plan this out. I opened the door again and he was still standing there patiently.

He reached out and touched the pink t-shirt that was visible above the jersey top's zipper. I looked down again in shame. He cooed, "Oh, I have the receipt for that too with your name on it." I just nodded my head yes. He motioned me down the hall toward his room, "Sissies first." I stepped past him and he slapped my ass. I jumped suddenly from the slap, it occurred to me that I was being corralled.

A few steps later and I was in his room with him locking it behind us. I turned to face him. He ordered, "Get that top off, you are not allowed to wear that in my room." I protested, "But you are only entitled to a peak." He cocked an eyebrow, "Oh, certain sissy better get with the program." I gasped, I had lost all power to negotiate. It occurred to me that I had accepted his brand when I put on the t-shirt. I grabbed the zipper and shook as I unzipped it.

He watched in admiration as I discarded the top onto the floor. I was feeling extremely horny in the snug thong and t-shirt with suggestive label. He pointed at my little cock peeking out above the thong, "Your really liking this." I shook my head vigorously yes. He seized my crotch in one hand while grabbing my ass in his other. I pressed my mouth savagely against his. I came again and was overjoyed at the new bounty of fantasies.

I cleaned up yet again before slipping off to a satisfied sleep. The morning came with no haste. I was content to just lay in bed for sometime without thought. Eventually a thought formed that was neither welcome or anything less than evil. I gasped as it took shape. The thought was simply, what would be the chain of events be if I visited Dennis right now?

The answer was that I was now unreasonably aroused. I understood that I would never want to be around Dennis after the completion of my work week, much less seek him out. I was always way to pent up to not address my need for sexual release. But the morning after, I am not without some kinks to work out yet. I certainly might be squirrely enough to go play a prick tease on him. The thought of me being a prick tease was intoxicating. Although I had sometimes found the unattractive arousing.

The gross factor was something to ponder, how does that stimulate. Dennis was clearly a monster. He was without any equal in certain respects. He was likely one of the more potentially dishonest people I knew. Oddly he had not really done anything to earn that label from me. I would have to think on how I arrived at that conclusion sometime. My mind was being whisked away by the original questioned chain of events.

I daydreamed. Lets see, I am wearing my usual staying in clothes. I knock on his door. I might hear some commotion, because he would still be in bed. He would not get up, he would say something. He would want to say go away, but I suspect that he say something like, "Come back at 9 AM." It would be muffled because of the closed door. I would have to say, "Its Jay." I suspect that I would hear some bumbling about as he got dressed and rushed to the door. Well after awhile he would open the door and be a disheveled mess.

He would likely say something sultry like, "Oh uh, hi what can I do for you? Yes, gaze deeper into my eyes." Okay maybe not the part about gazing into my eyes. I would reply, "I thought you were up already for the day. I just felt like visiting. I am sorry, it appears that you just got up or that I woke you. I am very sorry, I will leave you be. My apologies for my untimely visit." Oh my the thought occurred to me that if I just drop in on him, that it would mean he could do likewise.

Despite that I realized that I should get up and use the bathroom. I was concerned that my erection was preventing the feeling of the usual morning urgency. Besides I could not for the moment guess his response to my apologies. I arose and put on my jersey top and thong. When I entered the hallway, I stopped after closing my door. I asked myself faintly, "What are you doing?" I was too aroused to pee.

I was weirdly restless and unfocused.


I decided to go check my mail and I should be able to walk off my arousement. But I was just wrong. I was becoming harder as I walked down the stairs.

The mere sight of his door made my hands tremble. I took several deep breaths as I entered the front foyer. I tried to focus on the junk mail flyers in my mail box. I could not concentrate on them, no matter how many times I read them. Another unsolicited crazy idea entered my head. I let out a sigh, where did that foolish thought come from? I knew it was total folly to consider it, but I would. So how correct was I in my surmised projection of events with a knock at his door?

Could I see into the future and predict events before they happened? It seemed like a gamble. I was anxious, did I have guts to knock on his door? So, I walked very slowly toward his door. It was slightly ajar. My heart pounded in my chest. But I was already wrong, I thought his door would have been closed.

I raised my hand as if to knock and stopped myself. Seriously what was I doing? It occurred to me that I was horny and putting myself in a situation that I really did not want to be in. Okay, yeah, it would seem I talked myself out of this at the last moment. My heart rate started to slow and I began to lower my arm.

I was startled and gasped as he threw open his door. I took a moment to catch my breath and laughed, "You startled me." Dennis replied, "Hello, oh well it looks like it was good for you." I responded, "What?" He chuckled, "Wait right here, I've got to drain a vein." He walked towards the bathroom, "Oh say, you know anybody that would hold it for me?" He was already in the bathroom before I responded again, "What?" I heard him flush just before he reappeared in the hallway.

I asked him, "You are going to wash your hands?" He paused in the hallway, "Oh, I did." I raised an eyebrow and shook my head no. He coughed, "Oh uh, why did come to see me?" Damn he wasted no time in changing the subject. I threw my junk mail in his trash can just inside his room. I smirked, "Just wanted to throw my junk mail away, since someone removed the trash can in the foyer." He frowned, "Really?" I responded, "No, I thought I would visit with you a little this morning, but I changed my mind." He appeared surprised, "Why?" I sighed, "Because there is no soap in the downstairs bathroom and I doubt your room has been disinfected recently." He replied, "Oh, I was going to get some soap to put in there." I strolled past him toward the bathroom.

He followed me. I handed him the dry bar of soap that had been lying near the faucet. I had burned him twice about lying in as many minutes. He was a perpetual liar. He blurted, "Oh, I did not see it." I laughed, "No, you did not look and that is half of a lie.

That must be the start of an honest streak for you today." He set about washing his hands. I slipped away to my room. I started to reflect on the recent encounter with him. If I had stayed and washed his hands, he would've asked, "Oh uh, want to wash my dick?" There was no way with my frame of mind that I could have stayed and visited with him. It occurred to me that I was neither in a frame of mind to release my remaining pent up juices.

I began to laugh as I lay back on my bed. Eventually I calmed as I stared up at the bland ceiling. I would have drifted off on a nap if it had been later in the day, but I had awoke within the last hour.

What an odd day. I must have overdone it last night with my overactive imagination. I determined that I was restless and horny. I could not settle my brain into any sexual fantasy to entertain myself. I was taken by deja vue when a thought formed that was neither welcome or anything less than evil. I gasped as it took shape. The thought was simply, what would be the chain of events be if I visited Dennis right now? Cold chills wracked my back. Okay, my-my, well lets see?

Facts; his door would now be ajar, also he is awake. The encounter opener would be, my gentle knock on his door. The door would sway beneath light raps. Now that simple act on my behalf would be like throwing meat to starved wolf. Lets see, he would open the door and say, "Oh!" I think he would cough while smiling uncontrollably, "Oh, please come in." He would move aside and motion me toward a chair. After I entered, he would close his door.

I would sit down, while pulling down on my top to ensure that it does not accidently reveal me. He would beam with smugness, "Oh uh, is there anything at all I can do for you." I would reply, "Yes, I just wanted to chit-chat with someone." He would sit in his chair, "Oh, my door is always open to you.

Lets spend the day together, I would love the company." My day dreaming ceased when I wondered how close my prediction might be. I knew that there really was only one way to find out. That is when I gasped, I must tempt another visit. I rose from my bed and just stood still within my room for a few long minutes. Despite my wisdom, I opened my door and descended the stairs slowly. I could hear him whistling from within his room. His door was ajar as it came into view.

I paused at the bottom of the stairs and just listened to his random tuneless whistle. It occurred to me that this was not what I envisioned. I suddenly felt like a deer caught in the headlights as he threw open his door and spied me standing there. He was surprised and I knew that he saw me jump as well.

A few awkward moments passed with neither of us moving. I knew that I was caught flat footed but this really felt embarrassing. He covered a cough and than with wicked smile motioned me to enter his room as he held the door open. I walked slowly toward his room. As I passed him in the doorway, he said, "Oh um, nice that changed YOUR mind." I felt my face burn slightly as I walked towards his extra chair. I asked, "You do not want visitors this morning?" He replied smugly, "Only if I get to disinfect them later after I cover them in my germs." I surprised myself as I laughed.

He closed the door sauntered over to his chair. He plopped himself down, "I understand you are all pent up. Oh, I can easily see that you are bored and lonely. My door is always open when you feel this way." I swallowed hard, he had just assumed an awful lot to be fact with way too much confidence.

Fear gripped me as I realized that he may be right. He asked, "Want something to drink?" I nodded my head yes. He rose and went to his frig, "If you want, I have an extra sleeping bag, we could have a late night pizza party, my treat." I responded, "Ah?" I was dazed where did that question come from?

He asked with a chuckle, "Beer or soda?" I responded, "Soda, please." I took the soda from him and opened it. He sat down in his chair and eyed me up and down as I took a sip. I felt suddenly uncomfortable and double checked that I had not revealed myself. He asked, "Ever heard of the expression?" He paused a moment, "Friends with benefits!" I replied, "No." He smiled, "Oh its quite harmless and a win-win arrangement." I shrugged.

He cleared his throat, "I would like to offer you such an arrangement. I think it is pretty clear that I could offer you several benefits in exchange for your company." I asked, "You only want my company?" He responded with a smirk, "Oh yes, I would require full access to you whenever your not at work." I reflected upon what he said, "You mean that you want someone to hang out with?" He laughed, "Yes, but more like a very close friend that you would confide in.

Oh, I would be like a special mentor to you. I could make things very easy for you. Think about the opportunity that I am offering you." I asked, "Well, yes you have made mention of some things you would like to do for me, but I doubt that I see why you would want to do so." He answered, "Oh, I would like to give you way more than I have offered.

I just find that I really like you and fear that something bad might happen to you. You are living in a bad spot next to an evil person.

I feel its my job to watch out for you." I responded, "Ah." He opened his arms in an inviting gesture, "Be my guest for tonight and I am certain that you will agree." I asked, "Agree?" He smiled, "Agree to the arrangement." I asked, "Agreement to exclusive friendship where I am unburdened with a need of privacy from you?" He coughed, "Oh, I do not think its exactly like that, but yes kinda." So I asked between sips, "No secret that I have would offend you or make you uncomfortable?" He licked his lips, "That is the beauty of it." I commented, "You are making this sound like that there is no boundaries on the privacy." He was nodding his head.

I asked, "Do you intend that for mental only or also physical?" He purred, "Oh as your mentor, I would be delighted with the agreement that included both." I was shocked, but that was being replaced by excitement. There was a long pause. It occurred to me that I had unwittingly entered into negotiations regarding a special relationship.

The prospects that this hinted at had made me suddenly very aroused. With each passing moment, I was becoming increasingly aroused as the realization of what was just said sunk in. He coughed which halted my downward spiral into fantasized depravity. He was about to speak but I spoke, "You offer much, considering your meager resources.

I regret that my company is not worth so much." He chuckled, "Oh, than it is settled, we have an agreement." That took me off guard, but I was also relieved for the moment as he made the decision for me.

I had wanted to say yes, but I knew that I would never do so. But now I did not have to say either and by not saying anything, it would be my submission to what I really wanted.

I looked at him, he had stopped breathing. I looked down at my soda, his intense gaze was overwhelming. Long moments passed, I was consenting, submitting to something unmentioned. I dared not look up from my soda. I thought of running but my sex was engorged and I feared that I might reveal its excitement if I rose. I heard him start to breath. He whispered, "Oh, I will look after you in all ways possible. I will ask so little of you." He placed his right hand upon my left knee, "Oh, I suspect that you will enjoy doing little things for me to show your appreciation." I asked with occasional glances toward him, "So you need someone to give too?" He smiled very broadly, "Oh yes, I need to give a lot to someone.

I am glad it will be you." I started to speak but he said, "Sh." He gave my knee a gentle squeeze while pulling his chair closer. His left hand pulled up my chin so I would look at him. He had his head cocked to one side and a reassuring grin on his face, "Oh, I am going to make you so happy." I replied, "What will you ask of me?" I was certain that I had startled him with that question.

He struggled with the answer, "Oh um, just minor little comfort things that would actually bring you great pleasure." I had not expected him to answer that so very well, but neither did I expect him to come right out and say what he wanted either. I asked, "What would give me great pleasure?" He was speechless.

I watched as his hand dropped from my chin. Minutes passed as he fought for words. I knew that no answer was coming and struggled to subdue my arousement. I thought of dead puppies. Eventually I rose from the chair and his right hand fell from my knee. I mumbled, "Thank you for the soda." I returned to my room without a glance back.

I locked my door and shed my top. I slid into my bed and slid easily into a fantasy. I asked, "What would give me great pleasure?" He laughed, "Me!" I replied, "How?" He would pat the side of my face, "You need a nap, slip into our bed." My heart would jump, his confidence and command of the situation had dissolved my resistance.

As he rose from his chair, his left hand lifted me slowly from my seat by my chin. His right hand came to rest on my left hip. He began to gently push me back toward his bed. I swallowed hard and spoke, "I just got up a little bit ago, not sure I could sleep." He replied, "Oh, you do not need sleep, you need a special penial massage.

Only I can do that for you." I gasped, "Ah." He said, "Sh. slide under the covers and we will explore what you can do for me." I was smitten with lust. I was grinning broadly and blushing as I looked down to avoid his eyes. He responded quickly to my sudden uncontrolled response, he kissed me on the cheek. I stepped back away from him and put my butt up onto his bed. He watched as I pulled my feet under my bottom and unzipped my top. His mouth was gaping as I discarded my top revealing my swollen sex and skimpy thong.

I purred as I slipped beneath the covers, "Our agreement isn't binding until we define my duties to you." He turned off the light and discarded his clothes in a frenzy. He plunged under the covers and we fought to grope each other. I released a healthy load of spew and sighed that I had overcome the days frustrations. Maybe one day I would thank Dennis for his help in my latest fantasy, probably like actually never. Regardless I was happy it was over.

Well being pent up that is. However I cleaned up. Then I decided to lay back down and stretched. That is when a thought crept in that was not welcome at all. I sighed, how could that thought persist.

I knew I would not stop thinking about that thought until I answered the question that I mumbled aloud, "What would Dennis do if I knocked on his door right now?" I swallowed hard, I simply had no idea but I suspected it would not be good for me.

He would say, "Oh." That would be followed with a lot of something. I sighed again, what demon was tormenting me with these freakish obsessive thoughts? The topic was gnawing at me, I attempted several times to think of something else.

I rose from my bed and straightened it. I slid on my top and made sure it was on just right. I sighed and walked out of my room. I slowly descended the steps until his wide open door came into view. He stepped out of the main foyer with his mail.

He glanced over and seen me and almost fell over. I muttered, "Your invitation still open for an all-night pizza party?" He stuttered, "Uh, Oh yeah." I had even startled myself and was bursting with my unexpected stirring of arousement. I spoke with uncertainty, "Good I am still considering it.

I have not done anything at all lately." It occurred to me that I was just being stupid and if truth be told he was getting the impression that I was cruising for cock or something. I said, "Talk with you later maybe." He spoke as I turned to retreat, "Oh please, come and join me in my room.

I know you are lonely. Oh I know, I really could use your company." I paused and looked back at him. He beckoned me toward his room, "Oh, come on do not be shy." I wanted to retreat quickly to my room, but I also wanted to follow him. I did neither. He saw this, "Lets discuss what I kind of pizza that I will order." He paused at his door and looked back at me, "I will let you pick the toppings." He entered his room and laughed while quietly muttering, "I would rather love talking about topping a certain bottom." I did not believe what I heard him say, "What was that?" I started walking toward his room when he peeked out and said, "Oh nothing." I entered his room yet again today.

He motioned for me to sit in one of his chairs. He frantically offered me anything in his frig as he rummaged through it. He was talking way too fast. It occurred to me, that he thought he had a good chance to get laid.

He was eager to please me anyway possible. I smirked as the thought materialized to ask him, "Please, would you suck my cock?" I doubt that I would be able to get his lips off it.

I felt empowered knowing that I could have him whenever I wanted. I just would never be able to get rid of him, which was horrifying. I dwelled on that thought of horror and was turned on beyond reason. However his rummaging through the frig had to stop, he was becoming frantic. I said, "Please, would you." I gasped as I almost had a Freudian slip. It occurred to me that I was starting to perspire along my forehead. He asked quite anxiously, "Yes?" I attempted again, this time picking my words very carefully, "Please, would you stop rummaging through your frig."